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Create and present beautiful presentations with Prezi for iPad. Get started by choosing one of our stunning templates then add your text and images. Pinch to zoom on topics, retouch your prezis and adjust your presentations on the move.

- 15 beautiful templates with different styles and structures.
- Change layouts to fit your content.
- Add new frames to extend your presentation.
- Insert images from the web, your own library, or take a photo.
- Save your prezi from the app, it will be accessible online.
- Present from your iPad (tap on the sides to navigate).
- Retouch your prezis on the move: Prezi for iPad keeps your prezis synced.

Customer Reviews

  • Best!

    by Blake7400

    I hardly ever write a review unless I love it.... And I love it!

  • Weekly Newsletter

    by Success a day

    School student parent. Teacher posts weekly newsletter and grade expectations & rules. Easy to view and creative backgrounds.

  • Angelina

    by Tafffy5

    Best app ever

  • Decent

    by Atari29

    I dont mind it on the ipad but it is hard to edit my presentations on the app if you guys could fix it that would be great

  • Prezi

    by 59gwsdkl

    Works well, but wish it had spelling and grammar corrections.

  • Incredible app

    by jolson7004

    HS principal; use this app for all my presentations. Everyone impressed w/ results.

  • Awesome app

    by Jaz1366

    I use this for school presentations and my iPad doesn't work with google docs so it's awesome their is a prezi app. It's super easy to use and makes fun presentations.

  • More iPad Friendly

    by Blast7676

    I can't delete text boxes or title boxes. Also the frames are overlapping each other so it hard to do work and you can't delete the frame.

  • Prezi

    by Fruity dashey

    Yo u need to fix this picture problem bcuz it cuts off the picture and we don't like it so yah fix ur or I will stop using the app

  • Prezi!

    by IALatino4life

    Love the app. Easy to use and love the look.

  • Love it

    by Msu10

    I made one for my little sister and she loved it it was so beautiful she was nearly crying burting in tears

  • Glitchy but good

    by E-maniseoic

    It is glitchy but it is good otherwise.

  • A Very Helpful and Easy to Use App

    by Golfnut1

    The main reason why I gave this very useful app five stars is because I found it was easy to use, saved all my work, and gave me some options of what to display, though those options are limited, I found I was able to use all the tools in my presentations. I do recommend getting this app whether or not you are presenting some work or not, it is always useful to have a PowerPoint maker on the go.

  • Getting better

    by Mrs. Mackey

    It's great to see that they are making Prezi for iPad more user friendly. A year ago, it was quite difficult to add frames and wrap text on the iPad. However, I was frustrated to find that you can't insert text boxes and/or pictures where you want them- you're restricted to the templates provided. I would love to see more of a blend between the structure of the template and the flexibility to adjust that template and think outside the box. After all, isn't that what Prezi is about?

  • Dis App Wa off of da chaiiinzzzzz

    by Pooper duper super

    Hot daaaam

  • Great App

    by #firstappihaveeverrated

    This app is really great when it comes to making a prezi on-the-go. It is also convenient since it allows you to be able to make a prezi anywhere without a laptop. Very good app. Need to get if you make a lot of prezis.

  • Good app

    by Crazyspaz2234

    It is a good app. But you cannot change the path

  • Great for School

    by sullyrehab

    Prezi is a great app if you are looking for a PowerPoint for iOS devices and can help take notes as well

  • Inspired to Review

    by Zxc640

    I didn't get this app at first because I thought it'd be limited. So far, it seems like a great way to edit on the fly. Of course, you have to use the website for major edits. Over all, so far so good.

  • Super usefull

    by Yafreisy

    I like to work with prezi. It feels like being a designer of a videopresentation! Awesome!

  • Decent service, crappy app

    by AletheiaNyx

    I've built a few Prezis before and they always look pretty good, but this iPad app is pretty much usless at edits. Far too limited in what can and cannot be done. You can upload pictures and move and resize them, that's about it. Can't customize templates, can't add or change slides, which makes work pretty difficult. Not at all a viable replacement for work on a desktop or laptop. I was hoping to get work done on my iPad when don't have access to anything else, but it's hardly worth it.

  • Don't get the app

    by bluehouseben

    There too many problems with it, too many to list

  • Bad APP! Minimum abilities!!!!!!!

    by Master if masterminds


  • You get what you pay for.

    by Alexandov

    Good enough for a quick presentation where you will provide most of the dialogue, due to the limited space in each frame. Skip the pictures, however, as there are way too many glitches in this program when you upload and save a presentation with pictures. Text doubles, pictures go opaque or are fully blocked, text vanishes, and the program can lock into "autorun" and won't let you escape unless you reboot your ipad. Bottom line, it's good for something brief, if you don't have to count on it. Otherwise, skip this and pay for something more reliable.

  • Won't email

    by Claymore brick

    Nice, if I was doing the presentation in person, however I need to email it and it won't let me.

  • Features

    by Speedshiftsumner

    It's cool that I can access my prezi but I can only change my theme and edit text I can't do any thing Else please add more

  • Bad app

    by Ricky squid

    Never saves hard and confusing to use

  • Not very good.

    by 88KeysOfSadism

    This app is very creative when you first use it. However, once you save, it overlaps old slides over new ones. Now I cannot see my slides and cannot delete the slides covering them. Poorly designed. Hopefully this will soon be fixed in an update.

  • Three stars?

    by KarishmaKramer

    No as good as website I can't do as much on my iPad.

  • Very Dissapointed

    by Supa Racer

    This app will allow you to present a prezi just fine. But editing is problematic. I started a prezi on and intended to finish it while traveling with my iPad. Unfortunately I cannot add new slides to my prezi path, I cannot change text size or color and the list goes on. Editing in this app is exceedingly limited.

  • Not worth it

    by Desireebendergirl

    It doesn't let you make an account even if you press the don't Havana an account? Button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Kel and shamu rock

    This app deleted my protect after I hit save

  • Really like this

    by [annabanana]

    It's nice being able to make a presentation on my iPad since I can't make a Microsoft office one on it

  • Doesn't work

    by Disappointedprezifan

    I just got the app and I tried to view a prezi I made online but when I tried to present it turned into a train wreck -most of my slides were skipped over, the ones that were shown were out of order -none of my pictures would load -choppy and kept crashing I was very disappointed

  • Great App, some issues

    by TimeTravelingChinchilla

    This is a great app, especially if you have the Apple TV to present it on. It's defiantly easier to carry around an iPad and talk, instead of sitting at a computer talking from behind a screen. Some issues I have had with the app is that if you create a prezi on the iPad, and want to change the template, there aren't as many templates on the iPad as there are on the computer. Plus the templates aren't as detailed and aren't that interesting to look at as much. In the end I really love this app and recommend it to anyone who gets bored of power points.

  • Stupid

    by Flurry baby

    This app is so stupid. I worked on my prezi on the computer then when I saved it it didn't load onto my ipad. The maker of this app must be super dumb. And this should be fixed. OR ELSE

  • Me gusta

    by tauroni4

    Importante la aplicación de Ipad no dispone de transición automática, eso es un punto bastante negativo para la aplicación por q no se puede dejar pasando de manera automática!!!!!!

  • Perfected prizi

    by Gilliecole

    This app helps with everything school work so on so forth

  • No so Useful

    by ElMazrooei

    I really Love Prezi and How it works and How it zooms into my work but in the ipad it is not so functional ! Thx prezi

  • Awesome

    by Tpt38888

    I just built 3 presentations in 1 hour and they are really cool

  • Like, not luv, but like



  • Its good

    by Pirategovernor

    Its good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!

  • Meh

    by Nuggubler

    My goodness, what a POS

  • Ok for presenting

    by Aeldaw

    For presenting a prezi you have already created, this is fine. However, I do not advise creating with this app due to the following: - very limited selection of layouts/ themes - limited ability to edit (few font features) - does not always accurately sync with online version--has caused me to loose work more than once as prezi does not keep archived versions

  • It's Choppy

    by JBM123760

    The hallmark appeal of Prezi is that it creates fluid presentations. That is not so when running a presentation through your iPad. The transitions are choppy and it takes a second or two to load pictures, which undermines the whole idea of a fluid presentation.

  • MEGA-COOL!!!

    by I

    Best app ever works very good I definitely recommend it!

  • I liked it

    by Mike Arthurs

    It is good and easy to use

  • Whole new world

    by Peacedotnik

    Still being something of a novice in regards to creating Prezi shows, I'm still very impressed with the way the service has been implemented via this app. It's a great way to consume this type of content.

  • Nice Prezi Presenter

    by Skull Man 543

    For all who use Prezi, this app presents them beautifully and allows you to create Prezis. 5 STARS for this app!!!!!

  • Prezi

    by Elisabeth Maggie

    This is the best ever because I use it every day

  • AWESOME program HORRIBLE app

    by Ahronro

    The app freezes up and doesn't play the prezi's. Very frustrating. When you try opening the website to play from there, the app takes over. Then it dies or freezes up. Terrible!! Better from PC.


    by TeacherPLZ

    I love the it but it mixes templates and screws up everything

  • Such a STUPID APP

    by Moon3331

    The app is hard to use and I wish I could rate it 0 stars! Never get it

  • Good Mobile Solution

    by Comedyluvr

    The Prezi for iPad app is a nice option for watching or creating Prezis on the go. I miss having the full options offered with the web app, but it's nice to know I can use the mobile app when I can't get to my computer.

  • School Use

    by Splamey

    Very helpful for school use with Apple TV. Would recommend.

  • Good for editing but not creating

    by Ebopi12

    This is a good app if you are doing edits on the move but not good for creating an actual prezi.

  • Love it

    by Cryslaa

    It's easy and I love it

  • Great!!

    by Kalood

    Easy to use everywhere!

  • Prezi

    by Me=HOT

    I love this but I can't fit all my words on one slide so therefor I don't like it I like to use it on the computer but not on my devices.

  • Fantastic

    by Scottkstall

    I use this app almost daily for presentations and more engaging trainings. It's simple to use and my presentations can be used across platforms easily

  • Horrible

    by Lgurno

    Glitching a lot and hard to control just overall annoying.!


    by The Little Eevee

    I like this app for class, but the close up part where you do the work is pitch black! It's hard to work with, please fix!!

  • Bare minimum app

    by Onetimething123

    I was ecstatic to find this app until I actually used it. You can't resize or add text boxes (only change the premade layouts), no editing, and they have a character cap for each text box. It would be a great app if it was anything close to the real site...

  • Awesome

    by Javierrufus

    Great job

  • Educator's Delight

    by Teacheasy

    This presentation app is easy to use and comes with several ready made templates. Easy for educators to create presentations quickly that look professional and you can easily add/change as needed.

  • Amazing

    by Alyssa Flores1236

    I use prezi on the computer but when I can't take that with me, getting it on the iPad is amazing. The themes are great. This is very easy. In my opinion prezi is amazing

  • Wonderful tool

    by Fastraveler

    Loved how well the frames worked with the photos. Basic themes are attractive, and very easy to use. Wish there were fonts for other languages(Korean) and features to crop the photos along with portrait frames.

  • Impressive

    by Jillraganscully

    This app was surprisingly easy to use! I started playing around with it and I was very impressed. I would like some more options for themes as well as the ability to access more of my pictures on my device would be awesome.

  • Please supoort Arbic Language

    by ماجد متواجد

    Please Please supoort Arbic Language

  • Amazing Program!

    by LLawliet61896

    It was already amazing on the web, but it's even more amazing on an iPad. The ability to touch the presentation is so intuitive and unique I actually have fun making presentations for class! Thanks so much. The only problem I have with it though is the membership cost. I just wish you guys had a special program for students so we can use more features for school. But, I totally understand giving that you guys are new. I would totally pay for something so fluid and that "just works".

  • Excelente

    by Figo Rueda

    Muy útil y fácil de manejar.

  • Not worth the time

    by SapphireKingg

    This app is not efficient when it comes to editing, viewing, or just about anything you can do on the desktop version of preze

  • Dosent Save

    by iEpik Canavi

    Sometimes when I try to save it doesn't work

  • Disappointing

    by Kcoddicicifugv

    In a recent French project, I instituted the use of Prezi, which I have used several times in the past. After working on the presentation for five minutes, I saved the work. When I commenced work on it the next day, I was surprised to find the work gone! As much as an in confidence as this was, I just typed all of it again sense I had the time. When I opens it to present, the whole thing was gone again! This app has a horrific issue with the saving feature. It is my hope that the creators will solve this issues so it doesn't happen to any future users.

  • love prezi...but not the app

    by Capman9

    I love using prezi for school projects and doing lessons classes. It adds a nice touch to any presentation. Keeps the onlookers interested but the app doesn't allow me bring all that to the table. limits the number of characters in boxes. Can't change print size, style or color. needs some work to make it the best app on my Ipad. would like an update to truly allow the power of prezi to be portable

  • is ok

    by Gameroxsrocks

    i had been working on a project and lost all of my unsaved slides because my device turned to a different page. needs auto save but otherwise is pretty good. i would reccomend this app for college, middle, and high schools

  • Needs to be fixed

    by Fszus

    Why won't his app save the prezi without me having to press the save button EVERY TIME?I have to wait a long time for it to save, then I just go to another app for a second and then have to wait for the actual prezi app to load and then have the presentation load so I can actually edit it. You need to make it so everything you do on the prezi, it automatically saves.

  • Awful

    by #1 PvsZ Fan

    It's been a week since I edited my Prezi for a school project on my iPad (which I had originally started on my computer) and the changes I made on my iPad won't transfer online. When I open my Prezi on my computer, all of the work I did on my iPad is gone. I often go from place to place and I need to be able to do my online work somehow. This is ridiculous.

  • I hate this App

    by LuiieVille

    I going to make sure not a single person i know downloads it, I will also have them tell their friends to same. If your are reading this, dont download this app, there's to many problems for me to list

  • Problems with editing...

    by OHScienceTeacher

    When created on the iPad, you can add frames and edit text, but you can't format the text (size, etc.). When created on the computer and opened on the iPad, you have full text editing capabilities, but you can no longer add/edit/delete frames. Makes it very difficult for my students to use on the class set of iPads.

  • Slow but Effective

    by bockpack

    It's great for having projects that I can edit on the go, but even with a strong wifi connection, pictures and backgrounds load incredibly slowly. It makes trying to edit anything offline more of a hassle than helpful. Otherwise everything works very well, and it's a great asset for fine tuning projects started on a desktop or laptop computer. Expecting to go from start to finish on a presentable project, however; might be putting too much confidence in this app.

  • Help


    New update can't make new frames it's so stupid

  • Crashes Consitently

    by AniMich

    This app crashes consistently and the text boxes offer very limited editing capabilities. Is this just the iPad issues or is this program not worth using at all?

  • Won't open online

    by Grn_tgr

    I made a powerpoint on this app and it says its online but I got on my computer and its not there!! Good thing we figured this out before my presentation today...

  • Prezi

    by Gabbi10

    I HATE that Prezi does not save automatically. I lost my whole report!!!!

  • Not So Good

    by bwsrdgthbrsd

    The text boxes are positively awful

  • Such a great app!

    by Tyler leiferman


  • Not Good!!

    by Nathan Vail

    This app is very buggy and erases your progress mysteriously. Plus it has running issues and just plain isn't good, if you need an app get keynote it is better and runs really well, also on prezi you cannot save unless you exit out of your prezi-point and if you don't save and you look at a different app then you will lose your progress

  • Ok

    by Bioboy166

    The app is okay. However, it restricts freedom, by only allowing you to add frames, and not move those frames, pictures, or texts around, at least for a beginner. In addition, this app does not save automatically.

  • Love it!

    by Dlwmusic

    I just put together my first one, and it was easy and fun! I wish it had more options to make the font size bigger and small in the text boxes, but maybe that's a feature I haven't found yet on this iPad app

  • Kind of pointless

    by gingkidd

    You can't edit your prezi. so what's the point of having the app? The point of having an iPad is to be able to be productive when not at a laptop/desktop. I really like the creativity Prezi offers, but the app is pointless

  • Disgusted with the new update.

    by Kwatz:)

    This was such a good app! I used it for school presentations every week, but now with the new update it is completely useless. None of the frames match, the textboxes don't match either, and it's very counterintuitive and difficult to use. Would not recommend. Not user friendly. I will not be using this app again until built in layouts are reinstated.

  • It could be better

    by Gibs2345

    I think that this is a great app! I have used it many times for presenting my projects. But one thing that you should improve is the templates. Yes, they are very nice but they aren't eye catching. Another idea would be giving the choice to make your own template and putting in your own images for the template. If it's possible I he you can do this! It would be very helpful for my new project that I have to do!

  • Pretty Fantastic

    by Slickfish3

    I'm not going to pretend it's perfect but I will say that Prezis are way cooler than Power Points. If you're going to give a presentation, do yourself and your audience a favor and build a Prezi!

  • Really bad app

    by Noah1129

    This is does not save your presentations. This app is really bad. I do not suggest this app to anyone.

  • Don't Buy

    by Leftforlol

    It's very hard to move pictures and text. Also crashed a lot for me. If you ask me, just use the web browser prezi.

  • Outrageous

    by Htbdnfyh

    This app disappointed me. I cannot seem to edit my prezis. All i can do is watch them. Come on, prezi. I expected more out of you. The app has running issues too.

  • Prezi

    by Penguin3576

    Very easy to use and much more appealing style that a boring PowerPoint!

  • Mac !

    by Keniaaaaaaaaaaa

    Why is this app not compatible with MacBooks !?

  • It's terrible now!

    by Km1896

    After the update I can no longer add sounds or videos!?! Very inconvenient. Change it back to the original.

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