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Seller: Microsoft Corporation

- Support for iOS 7
- Activity indicator shown when downloading attachments
- Back gesture support
- Support for iPod touch 5G
- Support for scrolling to top
- Fixed Emoji corruption
- Basic printing of attachments in attachment viewer

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
274 Ratings
All Versions:
440 Ratings


IMPORTANT: You need to have the latest update of Office 365 for business to use this app. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department before installing.

With OWA for iPhone you can:
Get work done faster with email
- Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories
- Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites
Manage your schedule with ease
- Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder
- View shared calendars including delegate support
- Use your voice to look up a contact or bring up your schedule
Keep business data secure
- Remote wipe erases only your corporate data in OWA for iPhone and leaves your personal data on the device alone
- Separate passcode for OWA for iPhone provides an additional layer of security

- The mailbox must be on the latest update of Office 365 for business or Exchange Online
- iPhone must be iPhone 4S or higher and have iOS 6 or higher

Customer Reviews

  • Almost a perfect app

    by Ugdgcx

    I use this app all throughout the day. It's a solid program but you can't receive live alerts on your status bar or lockscreen when you get a new email, it only shows the badge on the app icon. Please add an ability for the app to show up an alert on the lockscreen similar to the default email app, it would make this app perfect.

  • The one I've been waiting for

    by Bagged Lettuce

    Good stuff.

  • Love it

    by RJKinsman

    I've been using OWA For about a month now and I love it. Setup was very simple. All I had to enter was my email address and password. It figured out the server name. The first thing I noticed was how nice to have email and calendar in one app. It's OK to have contacts there, too. I find emails much easier to read than iOS app. It's nice that OWA formats replies in normal outlook format. Other pluses: It displays assigned categories. It allows me to mark messages as read or unread. Opportunities for improvement: - Landscape views - Hyperlink support. For example, if there is a phone number in a message or calendar notes, launch the phone app. As another example, if there is a location, allow me to launch my preferred map app.

  • Good app, works well,no issues.

    by Hole&one

    I dont understand why a camera is needed for this app to install on iphone 3? What does a camera have to do with my email... Good app for office365 solution.

  • Frankly better than I expected

    by Michael-man

    The metro interface is quite clean. In fact, in some ways it gives the iOS mail app a run for its money. Yes, I understand it's not necessarily a full-featured Outlook client, but very nice interface with Office 365. I will be monitoring battery usage carefully.

  • Nice app

    by anupam128

    I really like this app.

  • Finally

    by Colinisballin35736

    Been waiting on an app like this for awhile. The email app that comes standard doesn't work with my office 365 email. I used to have a bookmark of the email on safari and it was pretty annoying because it would log me out constantly. My college uses office 365 for all the student emails and it's just nice to finally see this app. Works great!

  • Great for Office 365

    by YarkoDC

    I use it now instead of Apple mail and calendar. Much better for searching old emails and for seeing colleague's calendars. Only improvement would be to find email addresses from people who have sent me an email but aren't in my contacts. I have to search for their email and then copy and paste which is a pain. Also, should support landscape view for reading emails.

  • Great replacement for iPhone mail app.

    by Western Carolina University

    My work doesn't allow email setups on smartphones, unless you travel. This app allows for a great bypass to that system.

  • Nice

    by UAE1999

    Nice and fixable to used

  • Fantastic for a college student!

    by Kiuubi

    The App works perfectly! The major selling point for me is that it works with my college email so checking that is so much easier now!

  • Big password glitch

    by DrNiecy

    I logged in this morning and, for the first time, got a message that my password expired and that I have to change it (should have gotten earlier warnings). The password must be a minimum of 6 characters/letters but the app only gives you the option of entering 4 numbers. After attempting to use the keypad, you get an error stating that the 4 digits do meet the password criteria. I had to uninstall the app and am reluctant to reinstall it since I can use it via the web, anyway.

  • Ok

    by Sigouta

    There are some glitches but over its good. I use it for my work email and it does that fine. Only thing is the sound seems to not work with push notifications. Would be 5 stars if that worked.

  • Nothing to complain about

    by Jedi Finnegan

    Does its job for me!

  • Great App

    by Smberr79

    Excellent app. My only complaint is that you cannot access your task.

  • Great for Office 365

    by YarkoDC

    I use it now instead of Apple mail and calendar. Much better for searching old emails and for seeing colleague's calendars. Only improvement would be to find email addresses from people who have sent me an email but aren't in my contacts. I have to search for their email and then copy and paste which is a pain.

  • Good but not great

    by aced411

    Works well for email/calendar and has a polished presentation. Major downside: notifications not working for email (works for event reminders).

  • OWA

    by Chief-Oso

    It's great for keeping me up to date with what's going on! Don't know what I would do without it.

  • Difficult to see emails

    by UCF student annoyed

    I must use an outlook account as a UCF student. This app is not that easy to use. When I open the individual emails on my iPhone 5 they are large and I have to scroll back and forth to read them. They will not minimize for easier reading and when I turn my phone to see them in landscape, the screen does not rotate.

  • Haters

    by SirSpud

    Not sure what the complaints are but the current version is pretty darn slick. Performance can be improved but this is my goto mail app for work. I like the voice controls and calendaring notifications as well as the clutter feature if they can make it less intrusive.

  • Needs more work

    by RaceH2O

    Each version gets better. But... - Needs to support Exchange Service. Poor form only supporting Office 365. I have an office 365 account, so fine with me. But feeling it for others. - no support for multiple accounts (so can't use as single mail client), which is fine for me now. - can't seem to add a photo to a contact - many UI glitches (doesn't draw properly, especially navigation buttons, or laggy) - No task support Many of these features makes this application unusable. Will wait for next major version to review again.

  • Horrible app

    by oinkoink23

    I had previously written a 5 star review, and wondered why this app had such a low rating. After using it for a month, these are the issues: Updates itself, sometimes stuck in an endless loop. So if you need to quickly get to your email/calendar, you're screwed. The refresh mechanism is flawed: hitting refresh won't necessarily make a network request. Recently started getting a "Needs to reset" which is also stuck in an endless loop. Good UI, mediocre UX because of awkward gestures (swipe to reveal a menu of options). Poor reliability overall. Note to the management team: if there's an update, please deliver those through the App Store. Don't ask to update the app internally and don't ask to reset the app. This isn't windows.

  • Better off using another email app

    by harrymfa

    This app is very, very bad. To login your account is a crapshoot. Once you login, the interface is bad. I don't understand why an app of this kind can't run in an iPhone 4. If this is the productivity software Windows Phone users have to deal with, I'm keeping my iPhone for a long time. Don't bother with this stinker.

  • Worst app experience ever.

    by MrsIrby

    Terrible app. There is no iPhone compatibility whatsoever. Claims to be compatible with the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 or above and my phone meets every requirement and yet I can't even read an entire email. The whole right half of very single email is cut off and the app take five minutes to update before checking for new mail every single time it opens. Worst app I've ever used. Save yourself the frustration.

  • Terrible, crashes and resets constantly

    by Remus768

    This app is terrible, crashes and gets stuck in reset loops. When it's not crashing, it's reasonably usable.

  • Consider this a warning!

    by The Doyenne

    OWA is the Leatherface that will murder your battery!! I had over 30% battery left (no apps running in the background) and when I opened OWA my power dropped to 3%. I’m not even kidding. It’s happened three times in the past two weeks.

  • Frustrating!

    by KrystiAnaStrawberry

    After use for a couple months, this app crashes almost every time it opens. It constantly says it's updating, but obviously the updates don't work. When I delete the emails on the app, I'll open outlook on a computer and all my "deleted" emails are still there. Not reliable. Sometimes it won't even open. However, I can always send an email when I need too.

  • Notifications dont work

    by Dafuentes

    Push up notifications dont work... Its frustrating... Not a reliable app

  • Use the web portal instead

    by Janisath

    I use this program for work only. The web portal is very similar, except it is STABLE. This app crashes constantly. When is isn't crashing, it's slow and needs to refresh or download an update. The iPad version is not much better. I'll stick with the web for now!

  • doesn't work with my O365 Server

    by arostad

    My company uses o365 servers hosted by Microsoft and this app USED to work but now it will no longer let me set a 6 digit pin upon app setup. It will only let me enter a 4 digit pin when it is clearly telling me to use a 6 digit pin.

  • Absolutely worthless

    by Jeff kees

    I have never came across a mail client that is so terrible the servers are always down and even when it does connect the function is worthless I can't believe my school relies on this garbage...Microsoft give it up it's garbage!

  • Horrible app

    by Jvarineau

    I have to use this app because my work uses Outlook. The app has to refresh quite often, and about every two weeks it simply stops working. I have to remove it from my iPhone and reinstall. I'm wondering whether it just isn't easier to go to the web app on Safari.

  • Always "updating"

    by Lydia,L.P.N.

    Can never fully see my email. Says to hold a few minutes for an update to load and nothing happens.

  • Crash and burn

    by c yo

    Crashes when it opens. I cant do anything. Used to be good but now wont do anything due to crashing every time it opens.

  • Unable to reply to msgs

    by TexasGirl512

    I've only been using this app for a week and today it started to freeze every time I tried to reply to a message. I tried looking for support but there doesn't seem to be one for OWA, only Microsoft Windows for desktops. VERY ANNOYING!

  • Kills battery

    by Jack_ANSI

    Normally my commute to work and back consumed 1-2 % of my battery. Since installing OWA I sacrifice up to 20% in one hour with an average of 15%. Only app that has changed is this one. Makes you wonder if those windows phone users can make it half a day without a recharge.

  • Failed support

    by sp440

    App ask for password that is 8 characters but only allows four and only numbers. Won't go past the password screen.

  • Can't get past pass code

    by thenerdywiz

    I had high hopes for this app but when I try and install it, it asks for a pass code with letters and then it only shows a keyboard with numbers! There's no way around this bug! Please fix this !

  • Bug Fix Needed

    by Mattc867

    My organization just switched to office365. However, my IT department requires the use of a 'strong' password, yet this app will only present the screen for simple 4 digit pass codes. Seems like this issue has been brought to MSFTs attention almost a month ago. Get on it guys!

  • Can't create passcode on iPhone

    by Lynnie870

    You're required to set a passcode that is at least 8 characters, but it only gives you 4 spaces and numbers. Need to fix Microsoft!!

  • Awful app

    by Kj51622

    It crashes and takes forever to load my inbox. I cannot send an email from the app as it is apparently incapable of doing so.

  • Horrible

    by Katmandu111511

    The app keep refreshing and I can't use it. Please fix this Microsoft.

  • Awful!!!!

    by 6 roro 6

    Downloaded this app for easier access to my college e-mails, but doesn't show all my mails and doesn't refresh!!! In a simple word works fine the first week but after that it just stops working!

  • Awful!!!!

    by 6 roro 6

    Downloaded this app for easier access to my college e-mails, but doesn't show all my mails and doesn't refresh!!! In a simple word works fine the first week but after that it just stops working!

  • Awful!!!!

    by 6 roro 6

    Downloaded this app for easier access to my college e-mails, but doesn't show all my mails and doesn't refresh!!! In a simple word works fine the first week but after that it just stops working!

  • Not working

    by Jase2001ny

    I am trying to connect to my organizations 365 exchange yet I have to set a pass ode based on requirements. It has to be 8 or more char and this darn thing doesn't even give you the option or the keyboard. Just the keypad. The iPad version did and it worked fine. Can we get that updated please?

  • Like the web apps

    by CSA68

    This app needs work: 1. Major battery drain when the app is left open in the background. 2. The top button/menu bar vanishes for no apparent reason when editing items. 3. Like the Office 365 web app, there is no support for custom Outlook forms when they are assigned as the default form for a particular folder. 4. The categories picker needs a redesign as it doesn't scroll well and is too sensitive to scrolling gestures. It is very easy to pick the wrong category when you are trying to scroll. The app is not polished enough to get me off the stock IOS apps and the lack of custom form support eliminates any competitive advantage.

  • Don't Download

    by DreamTeam27

    This app is so bad that I actually took the time to get on here and write this. My university uses outlook and I've been using this app for about 3 months now. It never loads properly, no notifications, it's a hassle to get an email marked as read. That's just the tip of the iceberg. You're better off accessing the mobile version on your browser or just getting on a computer.

  • Must have a O365 to use... What?

    by kmorban

    The fact that one has to have a paid office 365 account to be able to acces your email just makes me want to stop using Microsoft services alltogether.

  • Disappointing

    by UGAstudent

    It worked well at first but then it stopped receiving emails. I had such high hopes!

  • So stupid

    by Daisy mazy

    Piece of crap. Always crashes. Don't waste your time.

  • Password setup in iPhone

    by Navymom430

    App states that you need at least an 8 character password, which I was able to do on my iPad, but the iPhone app only brings up the numeric keypad and only allows for a 4 digit pin so you cannot even enter to view your mail, needs to be fixed

  • The worst email app i've used!

    by YI CAO

    Since our university start use office 365 as webmail system, everything getting harder!!! For web on iphone, total cannot back to inbox from any email i opened! Then i download this app, guess what!? It cannot connect to my student e- account. Everyone around me hate this outlook office 365, it totally foolish!

  • Couldn't even get into app

    by Naffy_Taffy

    Every time I tried to open the app it kept saying "retrying" and "trying again" never once actually opened my inbox. PLEASE FIX!

  • JUNK!!

    by Roberts55

    Don't waste your time. Ditto with all the rest of the below comments. Deserves less than one star.

  • Waste

    by Unhappy IOS

    This app would make my life with school so much easier if it actually worked. Won't let me into email and keeps making me reset.

  • Works perfectly fine if you meet the requirements

    by TexJones

    Like many of the apps in the store this one suffers from bad reviews by folks who didn't bother to read the app description before loading. The app works if you meet the requirements. In fact, it is very much like using email on a Windows phone. I prefer it over the iPhone native mail client. I especially like that the calendar is built in to the app, though it needs a week view. Minus one star for not supporting landscape mode.

  • Works really well!

    by Beavdog34

    I think this app works really well! I work on email from my work computer and appointments in my calendar notify me on my phone. This app sends and receives emails emails quickly. I recommend it!

  • Still "Beta"

    by dziga vertov

    Still very unstable and GUI needs lots of refinement.

  • Slow and eye straining...

    by death2lois

    This app takes a long time to load. Once it's loaded the appearance is straining. The button icons are somewhat confusing. I wouldn't use this app at all, but it's the only way I can view my school email on my phone.

  • Horrible

    by Cheater10190239

    Constantly resets the app and never stays open for more than 15 seconds. In need of a serious update !!

  • Doesn't work

    by Sweet tea93

    Every time my mail gets pulled up it stops and has to retry. I can't read or open any messages

  • Beautiful. Just works.

    by jackbox

    Installed it and signin went flawlessly. Everything loaded correctly and my mail looks great.

  • Just got crappy

    by QuinnPM

    At first this app was awesome. But after dec.19th I could no longer receive any emails! It's always disconnected! What a pain...

  • Happy

    by Jametta44

    I am extremely happy with this app. I would recommend it to friends.

  • Update please.

    by justinDchang

    This a really needs update. The reason why I use this only is because the search is pretty good. But that's it.

  • Works perfectly for me!!

    by teenyxdoodlez

    Currently a college student and use this app for my school emails. Opens without flaw! Not a huge fan of overly complicated mail apps which is why I love the simplicity of this one!! It's VERY easy to use &, most importantly, hasn't crashed or force closed on me thus far..

  • Can I give it 0 stars?

    by jamesmc70

    App won't even connect to the server and all "requirements" are met.

  • Happy so far

    by AmeriKenny

    I am thrilled that there is an app for Office 365 email in the App Store. It seems to work well, and I get notifications as well.

  • Needs to get fixed!!!

    by J3wl5

    Keeps crashing and wont even let me sign in. Needs fixing asap!

  • Crash, start again. Crash, start again

    by Edub122

    Horrible. Nice concept. Too bad one of the worlds biggest software creators can't make a simple iPhone app.


    by IamCOOL...

    I cannot get it to work at all. Super buggy and hard to deal with.

  • FAIL!!!

    by KabirJ

    I don't understand the purpose of this app. It doesn't support hotmail or outlook. Where's the official hotmail/outlook app?

  • 4 digit passcode screen when 8 digit required

    by sanipod

    while during setup, the requirement listed 8 digit passcode, but after clicking continue i was only able to enter 4 digits and fails due to 8 digit requirement. Need an urgent update to this app!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Weird

    by Bennyyaj

    Why can't I login to my live account?

  • Awful

    by N!kk!A

    The app keeps resetting over and over again...I can't access my email at all.

  • Major Update Needed

    by AlteRocK

    By update I don't mean new features but fix all the bugs. The app is slow, notifications don't appear, no sound is made when emails or calendars appear. Microsoft sure seem to not care about making the app that would be useful for us. I have it installed because we use Office 365 at work, but everyone at work already gave up and used Apple Mail. Sound is just too important for most users, namely our drivers and sales rep.

  • Slick

    by deej1026

    Could become my favorite app for reading new mail.

  • Stupid

    by Mhaiubwi618

    I wish my school didn't switch to this for our email because it is pathetic. It always asks for refreshes, it kicks me out, sometimes it doesn't even show when I have a new email. Fix these things and maybe it'll be an "okay" app.

  • Disappointing

    by 1khart

    Unable to "connect". Actually the worst app I have downloaded.

  • No problems here, but .....

    by Hiccucyf

    Nothing wrong has happened so far, & I like the app a lot, but it would be very helpful to have a sound play when I get a new email. Besides that, everything is great!

  • retry bug work-around

    by OoMikeoOo

    Was working OK until I switched to a different mail account. Then I started getting the multiple reset errors. I deleted the app from the phone and restarted the phone. Downloaded the app again, re-entered my info including a different PIN and all seems to be working OK now.

  • Works fine for me

    by 8ipods

    I wasn't able to login when the app first came out, but after a few updates something changed and I was able to login. The app works great and I like not having my work email in the main iOS email client.

  • Molasses

    by Pete The Chop

    Generally an advantage a native app has over a web app is quick, easy access. Another might be meaningful alerts. This app provides NEITHER.

  • So slow it's unusable

    by Jesse Yarbrough

    Words cannot convey how awful this is.

  • Crash!

    by Jimmybobby81

    Continues to crash. Waste of time until updated.

  • Very disappointed

    by Sunshinepuppy1210

    I was very happy when I found this app. I thought it would be great for getting my school emails, which I get quite often. But this app has proven totally worthless. It constantly crashes and disconnects. It really is completely worthless.

  • A great deterrent to checking email

    by BeatleStonesQueen

    Slow. Choppy. Poorly designed.

  • Good iPhone experience

    by Glasslumber

    Good app. It's likeness to O365 online. Easy access to email, contacts and calendar. Would be nice to be able to see public folders.

  • How to get it to work

    by The kanuck

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, IGNORE reset request. App will eventually get to your inbox and after original setup will never have this problem. I've done this for 2 iPhones with newest updates. Great little app once it works.

  • Wow, this is really bad.

    by mattoasis

    For a business app that duplicates things already available in iOS, this is really pitiful. This is enough reason to cancel my office365 trial before I even get started.

  • Never got to work - kept crashing

    by Adow1

    After an hour of constantly trying to login, the app kept crashing and forcing me to restart app. I was hoping MS would get it right but they can't. Curious if this is a similar experience to their MS phone? If so, I'll stick with Apple. No wonder they are having so much trouble selling their phones.

  • Blah

    by CorkJester

    For some reason the default mail apple provides won't host my hotmail now or I would still be using that. This needs either a landscape mode or to automatically fit the email in the window. Also it needs a way to go between mail quickly and easily instead of going back to the mailbox between each one. I'm going to keep trying the apple mail in the meantime in hopes it starts working..

  • Slow and Lacks Features

    by AZKahl

    I like the design of the app, but I have two major complaints. First, the app is extremely slow and takes forever to load. The native iPhone mail app is much more responsive. Also, the app doesn't allow you to open PDF attachments within the app. Whenever you open a PDF attached to an email in the app, it takes you to the web browser version of OWA and requires you to login. I have the Adobe Reader app on my phone and you would think that OWA would allow you to utilize that app.

  • I have office 365 yet the app doesn't let me to login

    by pezplaya

    I have an outlook.com email address and the app says outlook.com addresses are not allowed. I have an office 365 subscription too.

  • Horrible

    by Franfor

    I can't even log in!!!

  • Keeps on telling me to reset

    by AbielZ

    This needs to work. Keeps on shutting down


    by Beemac94

    Crashes all the time, constantly resets itself. It's user friendly and all but could be a LOT better. I don't recommend this app at all.

  • App doesn't work !!!

    by matthew a chen

    It keeps resetting and it still doesn't crashes too much

  • Microsoft shame...

    by DBravo Trading

    Missing a lot of basic things...also, if you are paying for office 365 you should be able to attach docs from you office share and sky drive pro, what is the purpose then? Really bad

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