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Seller: Microsoft Corporation

- Support for iOS 7
- Activity indicator shown when downloading attachments
- Back gesture support
- Support for iPod touch 5G
- Support for scrolling to top
- Fixed Emoji corruption
- Basic printing of attachments in attachment viewer

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
267 Ratings
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409 Ratings


IMPORTANT: You need to have the latest update of Office 365 for business to use this app. If you’re not sure about your account status, please contact your IT department before installing.

With OWA for iPad you can:
Get work done faster with email
- Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories
- Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites
Manage your schedule with ease
- Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder
- View shared calendars including delegate support
- Use your voice to look up a contact or bring up your schedule
Keep business data secure
- Remote wipe erases only your corporate data in OWA for iPad and leaves your personal data on the device alone
- Separate passcode for OWA for iPad provides an additional layer of security

- The mailbox must be on the latest update of Office 365 for business or Exchange Online
- iPad must be iPad 2 or higher and have iOS 6 or higher

Customer Reviews

  • Simple

    by Carey Hofner

    So simple to use. I rarely use my email on my computer ever anymore, especially since most of the time it does not work. One thing I wish it would do is transfer my contacts from my computer email to this. I have lost a few but not the important ones thankfully. Few of the things that I do not like is that I can just completely empty my deleted folder and have to do it email by email. Takes too long I wish I could just empty everything.

  • A little bit delayed in updated email

    by Teeramet Veeravanich

    When compare to gmail app which is more responsive in updating email

  • They must not use this themselves

    by Socalaaron

    It's always amazing when MS issues such buggy software ... Just one more example of something that needs to be fixed over and over again ... And for some reason only updates itself when you open it. Probably by the same team that did 8.0. No clue how people use this platform either. So 90's.

  • Works like it should

    by Country bookie 03

    We use outlook for school and this app work great for what I need this for.

  • works for me

    by Young Skwyre

    Works for me..


    by Patrick_K*

    -Not all functions work in portrait mode -option to sync iPad contacts must be done one "Office 365 portal" When using Safari to change settings the Web App interface was the same. Must be done on a computer. Thanks Microsoft for making 20 different web pages and logins.

  • Nice App, Missing Integration

    by Ceswala

    The app looks amazing, but some of the integration you would expect from an App isn't there. For instance, the alerting for new email and calendar events just doesn't seem to work (yes the proper permission and banner settings are correct.) You can't really replace the default email and calendar on an iPad with this app as you don't get a basic notification that mail has arrived or you have a meeting in 15 minutes. I love the idea of being able to only wipe the app from BYOD's, it just needs the basic functionality that a user must have. Likewise, the web version of OWA looks just as good, and it includes the SkyDrive and SharePoint on the Tiles screen, so it really makes more since to go online (assuming you have Internet connectivity.) I just really hope they fix this - I would only load this app on user devices if they did.

  • Works as expected

    by Glasslumber

    Works well with Office 365 Enterprise. Would like to see access to public folders in a future release.

  • Nice app!

    by By the shore

    Easy to use, and integrates all calendar, people and e-mail functions. Good job Microsoft! Now I can be productive on my Apple iPad.

  • Very Good, BUT

    by واحد هادي

    This app is very smart... I like it so much, But... I believe there are "still" some ways to improve it much more. History, attachments, & BCC are things need some work

  • Great app

    by Jkevincook

    During this first blizzard of 2014 I worked from home. Used OWA almost entirely it was great. I kept track of my calendar items, my contacts and of course the email. It was just like having my office information but on my iPad at home.

  • Good start

    by p'can

    Compared to no MS Office app, this is a great step forward for Apple products. However, know that it is slow, crashes, hangs up, contains many functional shortcomings that Microsoft should have fixed long ago. But, as I said above, it's better than nothing as it at least reliably syncs with the PC version.

  • Good Product but Issues - Business User

    by AaronMS

    The upside: works way better with Exchange than the Apple email and calendar. It preserves Outlook calendar settings, fonts are clean, beautiful screen. Also is easier to manage mail through this app way better than the Apple mailbox. Downsides: app is slow and even slows down my iPad when it is open. It crashes frequently enough to get really annoying and freezes the entire iPad. Buttons become unresponsive until the app actually shuts down/crashes. I also notice that while I'm typing the keyboard crashes. Summary: I'm not ready to delete the app despite its issues. This is a big step forward for microsoft, but needs a bunch of fixes that I hope will come soon.

  • Fantastic Microsoft app

    by Shanley777

    Works perfect for managing mail on the go.

  • OWA Not Like Exchange

    by PCtoiPadtoW8.1

    First what's great about this app. You make appointments on outlook at work. Then they sync to you iPad and/or phone and you're notified wherever you are. If you start an email on your work computer, you can finish it on your iPad at home. And if you've read 80% of the day's emails in your inbox, your mobile device shows which ones, just like Outlook does. But if you left the app five minutes ago in the "unread" emails view, it will bounce you back to your inbox. Why doesn't it remember where you were? If you want to keep a message marked as unread, even though you already read it, you'll have to tell OWA multiple times before it remembers. OWA needs several improvements. But they're easy fixes that will surely come and the program is such a productivity enhancer that I'd recommend it to anyone trying to work from multiple platforms even in its current version.

  • Great app, easy to use.

    by Leap ahead

    Love it.

  • Worksite

    by Rogram123

    Great for iPad and work emails.

  • Freeze

    by JazzTx

    Only complaint is the software frequently freezes.

  • My favorite Email app

    by ThisGirl10

    This app is my absolute favorite! The interface is slick and looks very professional and is easy to work with. My only complaint is the folders are not readily available and I can't find them :(

  • Great feature set, a little buggy

    by Sina_84

    Well, all those complaining about the app not working with Hotmail and Gmail are simply idiots. Nobody has ever claimed this is going to work with those. In fact, would've sucked if it had to work with all providers, because 1. The built-in native app is there satisfying just that requirement. 2. It would have to cut back on features to only support the common set of features among all those providers, and you would miss all the great stuff that this app was built for. Now the good thing about this app is that it showcases all the great and rich set of features that Exchange provides its consumers. Indeed this is the first app ever in any platform doing that. Even Microsoft Outlook on Windows desktop does not have that, because they again try to accommodate for all different email providers. Plus with Outlook you will not get the frequent updates that you get on this one. The bad: simply put I've encountered occasional bugs, and nothing to serious to cause data loss or things like that, but it does become a little annoying from time to time. If Microsoft fixes that I'd be happy to give this app a 4 or even 5 star review.

  • Poorer Ii and slow

    by Jgoldb1

    This app have few issues. It's too slow It frequently ask you to update the app Too clutter ui which leaves u with very little space to actually see the content. Does not allow you to see content in landscape. Ode.

  • for school?

    by Donatianus

    i have an outlook account for school. i do not have microsoft suite or anything like that. is that why i cannot sign into the app?

  • Not a good replacement for the web version

    by Janisath

    I use this program for work only. The web portal is very similar, except it is STABLE. This app crashes constantly. When is isn't crashing, it's slow and needs to refresh or download an update. The iPhone version is not much better. I'll stick with the web for now!

  • Frustrating

    by WandaKalbach

    I've been using the app for a few months. It's not perfect, but it was slowly improving (a little too slowly). And now, finally, I am about ready to ditch it. For the last week or so, it resets almost every time I open it, and always when I need to send an email.

  • Worst app ever

    by Fixitplease1234

    The app keeps asking it needs to download some updates yet doesn't do it. Also, the app keeps showing an error every time I open an email.

  • Too many bugs

    by kash80

    Was excited for this app, but way too many bugs. Refresh takes forever, crashes very frequently.

  • Worst email app ever

    by Alexandra Frischkorn

    Anytime I go to send an email it crashes and is always slow to get running. It very poorly designed and I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone.

  • sigh

    by NatchRedux

    Another hubris home run from Microsoft. No way to edit forwarded emails? Check No way to attach files? Check No way to change font or hyperlink text? Check

  • Crashing!

    by Kayla55555

    Every time I try to read an email or try to reply/ forward emails my OWA crashes. Any suggestions? Is this happening to anyone else? I am ready to delete the app honestly because it is no use if I can't even read an email!

  • Crashes a LOT

    by 50Val50

    The app worked on my iPad 2 running iOS 7 until recently. Lately it crashes after 3 seconds while checking for new email. 2 stars because it did work at one time, I hope the support team gets on this fast. It was great!

  • Doesn't work

    by freckles_wvp

    Despite the negative reviews, I decided to give this app a shot. Well, I made a mistake. The app simply doesn't work. I reset it about 7 times and it just kept asking me to reset. I deleted it. Don't waste your time.

  • Where are the new mail notifications?

    by Sultan®

    Ehmmm Microsoft, did you forget something? Very useless to have a mail app on my iPad that doesn't notify on new emails received except with a badge icon count. Please fix this and I'll give a 5 star rating! And yes, my notification settings are all correct... App runs smooth on my iPad Air!

  • Pretty much useless

    by Nobody you know 87

    For the longest time, the app warned that my account needed to be on the latest o365 exchange server. After applying to my IT dept to switch servers, some months later I was migrated and the app worked great. The ui is mediocre at best, with cryptic icons, but it worked. The main advantage was the calendar app, which gave me more options for managing appointments than the ios stock calendar. Worked reasonably well until early december, 2013. Then it gave a notification "this app needs to be refreshed," which seems to have downloaded an update. It has not received a single message or calendar item since then. I can easily believe that this is a server-side problem, but the app needs to have at least some microscopic hint of debugging messages to help understand the problem.

  • Major issues

    by Jgrigs88

    All there is to say is: what good is an app that doesn't work??? I gave it 1 star...liberally.

  • Junk

    by the doctor953

    Don't waste time installing. Opens, flashes messages for a second then goes to retrying until you get a "try resetting" message.

  • Buggy. Keeps crashing

    by Ssrd10

    Typical lousy, frustrating Microsoft product. No match for Google's quality. Keeps crashing. Frustrating.

  • Buggy!

    by Cheen Bean

    I would say it crashes all the time, but no, it usually just happens when I'm in the middle of typing an important email.

  • A potentially great app, with issues

    by Cjcarroll

    I enjoy this app. It is similar to office outlook on my computer, which I really like. However, it has two major problems. One being that if you are typing in landscape mode, as I usually do, part of your message can be hidden by your keyboard and there is no way to "scroll" so that you can see where you are typing , until the app automatically does it as you start typing. Not critical, but very annoying. The most annoying issue I found is that it likes to sync itself often, however there is no option to have it do this automatically. Instead, it hits you with a notification that requires your response before you can continue typing. Again, not critical, but extremely annoying as this happened about every two minutes. So if these can be fixed, and I could add my gmail account to it, I would probably use this as the email app on my iPad instead of the default one.

  • this is why msft continues to fail.

    by mandrak

    this is an amazing app - why don't you let all your outlook.com base to use it?!

  • Crashes all the time.

    by Slasher 10102

    The minute you try to log on it crashes. If you do manage to get it working, it crashes again. Needs an update.

  • Doesn't work with Exchange server.

    by pcjr

    Doesn't work with Exchange server. App description says it should work with Exchange online. I guess that's different.

  • Really?!

    by The Dalai Walrus

    So I have a 365 account but neither my husband nor I can log into this app because we have @live and @outlook emails. That's just plain dumb. We are paying to use these products so they really need to make them available to all of their account types. Not doing so is just plain silly!

  • Good idea, bad execution

    by luiscapobianco

    This application is an excellent idea for keeping your work life and your personal life apart and still have access to your work e-mail without messing around with your personal accounts. However, it is awefully slow. I have an iPad 3 and it barely runs. When I try to use it in an iPhone 4S is even worse. It is very like Microsoft, bloated applications that require you to buy new hardware.

  • Terrible

    by Alleri

    I can log in just fine, but then the app goes blank and says "retrying" after a few seconds of me logging in. Can't read a single email. This app needs fixing.

  • Crashing makes it unusable

    by Millsy F.

    This is the most unstable email client I have ever used. It crashes routinely just trying to scroll through my inbox. It is very slow to load and fetch emails even with a strong connection and the UI is clunky. I would use it if it simply didn't force close all the time!

  • 1 star only because 0 is not an option

    by Divots Den

    Total garbage. never connects and yes I have the right version of office 365. safari, chrome, native mail client all work and then this crap comes along and microsoft can't even figure out how to make their app work with their products. I had considered moving from google for other email accounts but at least the google mail client works. Its a pretty sad state when a software company can't write software that works even a little bit. Moving on to something that works, don't waste your time.

  • Not so great

    by Hoosieratheart

    Can not so all the things I want to so. Not liking OWA!

  • Never Again

    by Jazzytay16

    It's sounded like a great idea for me check my school account but the app itself is very slow when it came to updating and ultimately it crash

  • Sometimes connects, and is such a mess when it does

    by Themrron

    I don't know where to start with how cryptic, confusing, and useless this application is. On the rare occasion that it does successfully connect to my server, from home, on wireless, and I manage to use it for a few minutes, I end up quitting out of frustration. Many of the icons are unintelligible, and almost every piece of functionality is hidden by a twist or turn. Why is the mail app for windows phone so good while this thing is so terrible. If you download this app, be prepared to make frequent trips to your phone or computer to get the real story.

  • Nice - when it can connect

    by Benz41

    I had a few days without incident then it stopped connecting / syncing.

  • Can't use on iPad without Office 365

    by Awolphyone

    Office 365 is not available for iPad, but yet this app won't work without it. What a piece of crap!!! You should not have to rely on another app to get this one to work properly...that goes for iPhone version as well.

  • disappointing user interface

    by Zenoj

    Not at all as intuitive as other iOS apps for email.

  • Won't load

    by Snehfjvmrmekc

    It was a great app but won't load my email anymore.

  • Confusing app

    by openh2o

    It's either completely broken or poorly designed. Every email is grouped by conversation with no option to turn it off. The only reason I use this app is because the ipad mail app doesn't sync the deleted folder and it takes forever to sync, this one does it quicker. Other than that its useless.

  • No select all function

    by 70后同学

    How do I delete all the junk mails? I have to delete them one by one,then go to recycle bin, confirm delete one by one,really stupid,Microsoft is idiot!

  • Bad

    by kra

    Slow, clunky choppy UI makes this annoying to use. The UI is also *very* confusing to use. Very unhappy with the app, un-installing right now.

  • Pretty Lame

    by Nvlawyer52

    Crashes too frequently to be considered a good program. A real throw back to the old DOS and Crash days. Stop putting out crap Microsoft! It is a mail program for gosh sakes. What is so hard about that?!

  • Does not integrate smoothly with BCM

    by BoltonBob

    The email portion is just okay...nothing write home about. I like the mail app built into iOS 7 much better. The contacts area is really weak especially when using exchange and BCM (Business Contact Manager) which is surprising given Microsoft is the author of this app, exchange and BCM.

  • Fail

    by Cbessjohan

    App worked for about 1 month and then every time I opened the app it was close whenever I tried to select a new email to read. Super annoying and not useful.

  • Functionality !!!! ????

    by jerry_d_ny

    Good app but why would Microsoft take out return receipts from this app???? It was in a previous version. App runs slow and crashes on occasion. They need to look at adding better features and making this quicker and more user friendly. Calendar needs work too. Overall a fair app but not up to Microsoft standards !!! Probably the reason why we are running it on iPads and iPhones and not their OS !!

  • Decent features, really slow

    by Grumpy iPad 2 user

    Handles intermittent connectivity well. But boy is this app slow and glitchy. It hangs while entering your pin to open the app. Replying to a mail? Let's you type for a little bit, then takes your keyboard away, hangs for a while, and then adds the body of the email you were replying to, and then gives your keyboard back.

  • Come on Microsoft...please fix this app.

    by Dablueflyer

    Very slow to download email and keeps crashing on an Ipad Mini.

  • It don't work with my email

    by Rapidhalfing

    Ok so I typed in my email but it won't work with hotmail,outlook and stuff like that

  • Bad

    by Phoenix Matador

    Doesn't load properly

  • Locked up.

    by Theoriginalstormson

    I really liked this app. It kept work e-mail separate from home. It is simple and easy to use. The initial set-up was very easy. However, my organization requires periodic account password resets. Since then the app is dead; just says "disconnected". No prompt for a new password, nothing. Really bummed.

  • Liars or idiots?

    by Papa Spot

    It says that an Office 365 account is required. I HAVE an Office 365 account. But after the install, it says that an MSN account is not acceptable. Nice. I PAY the same amount for that as any other. Looks like I will be canceling my Office 365 account since my MSN address is, by Microsuck's accounting, substandard .

  • Some problems

    by Fnkxksndna cosmic franc. Dkc

    I cannot write a message on my phone for anything I have no clue why I have to get on my iPad which isn't as accessible as I hoped since I'm using the app for school and it closes out randomly. I can access all my messages which is a plus but if I cannot respond it doesn't do much good,

  • Doesnt work

    by MeeeeeeeeeOryou

    Doesnt work for my work email. They migrated to owa, unfortunately....

  • Looks great. But...

    by Mar8503

    Can't log in

  • Unstable, constant crashes

    by userlame

    This app is crap. I use it only because I have to as the browser version is even worse. It shows me I have emails but when I open it it can't connect or needs me to "refresh" it. When I go to reply to an email it crashes. This just happened literally seven times in a row. This app wastes my time when I have to spend fifteen minutes trying to reply with a single sentence email. Crap.

  • Slow!

    by DrBillC

    Good concept, but poor execution. The native mail app is faster. Overall kludgy, slow, and poorly done.

  • Typical Microsoft junk app

    by fryese

    This app would be pretty good, if it would stay running. The app constantly crashes and then you have to wait for the long restart time. Then sometimes it will crash immediately upon restart! That pretty much makes it useless. Typical buggy Microsoft program that doesn't get much support.

  • Bad

    by jilllybeans1

    Force quits every time I open it. Don't waste your time.

  • Constant updates

    by Not me reviewing again

    It seems like it has to run an update EVERY time I check my mail... Sometimes even after I've ran an update I will still get the "checking for update, you may need to refresh your app to read mail" and have to run the update again.

  • Can't login at all

    by 疯子西西

    I try whole night, still can't login, make me very disappointing!

  • Great App!

    by JVerellen

    A few glitches to work out (loading to web for downloads of attachments?) - All around extremely useful!

  • Works well enough

    by habu99

    If you have an Office365 account, this app does a decent job of being a front end to your online mail. It will sometimes annoyingly (and slowly) download updates independent from the App Store process, and the user interface is pretty lousy (like most MS products), but if you can get past those warts, it does what it is supposed to and I haven't had it terminate unexpectedly, which has been a pleasant surprise.

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