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Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Hian Zin Jong

- Fixed UI glitches

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Downloads is a fully featured download manager that allows you to download files to your iPhone or iPod touch, you can then view/play the downloaded files right on your iPhone or iPod touch, or transfer them to your computer.


√ Full portrait & landscape mode support

√ Passcode lock

√ Web browser
- Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
- Tabbed browsing
- Tap and hold on an image to download it
- Tap and hold to force download
- Save web pages with images for offline viewing
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager
- History support
- Address bar auto-completion
- HTTP basic authentication
- Form-based authentication
- Integrated Google or Yahoo! search
- Ability to spoof browser's User-Agent string to display web pages like Firefox

√ Download manager
- Fast downloading speed
- Supports resuming of interrupted downloads reliably
- Live download progress bar and speed indicator
- Active downloads badge number
- Add arbitrary download link
- Always download with correct filename

√ File manager
- Full screen document viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats
- Folders support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Editing of ID3 tags (e.g. change album artwork in MP3 files)
- Search by file name
- Extract RAR archives
- Unzip ZIP files
- Remember document scroll position
- Attempt to open file of unrecognized format
- Import photos from camera roll

√ Dropbox integration
- Upload, download and manage files
- Sync what you want, keep files on your device

√ Advanced PDF viewer
- Huge PDF files work flawlessly
- Text search
- Tap PDF links to jump across the file

√ Photo viewer
- Tap or swipe to move between images in a folder
- Zoom in and out with pinch gesture
- Ability to save images to photo album
- Thumbnails view

√ Audio player
- Music playback of .aac, .wav, .mp3 and .m4a formats
- Ability to play all MP3 files in a folder like a playlist
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Audio playback continues with the screen locked
- Playlist support
- Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

√ Video player
- Video playback of .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats
- Supports TV-Out (pre iOS 4.x)
- Save videos to Camera Rolls
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

√ File sharing
- Supports HTTP and FTP protocols
- Supports iTunes USB File Sharing (iOS 4.x)
- Transfer files to and from computer in Wi-Fi network
- Send files as email attachments (size under 15MB)

√ Mobile Safari Integration
- Bookmarklet for Mobile Safari that lets you open any link in Downloads

√ Multitasking (iOS 4.x)
- Background audio
- Background downloading

√ Inter-app document interchange (iOS 4.x)
- Other apps can save their files to Downloads app (e.g. Email app can save attachments to Downloads app)

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by Flame8kdg

    I rely on this app for all my downloads makes things so simple for non jail broken devices

  • J

    by Reading quiz


  • The best

    by Iilmisscece

    I love this app have it on my apple products. Just wish it could between the devices

  • #1 source to download

    by carlos villanueva

    I recommend this amazing app it's great, the best to download everything from music to videos....


    by Gingey mani

    This app is perfect! And it is totally worth 2.99! It is the best!

  • Good app!

    by Lisa Crain

    Easy to use!

  • Great app

    by Troublesome512

    Great app

  • Perfect for downloads

    by x-X_Teddy-B_X-x

    Perfect for downloads

  • Good Download

    by Sickmo223

    Download any song you want

  • สุดยอดครับ

    by DhiTi-BanK

    แนะนำเลย ดีสุดแล้วที่เคยใช้

  • Please update support for ios 7

    by Agpaise

    I like this app and grate for download for all. Please update for ios 7 and ios 7 UI. Thanks

  • too many ads

    by Nicool.coolness

    great app but way to many ads.

  • Awesome app

    by RN/MASON

    Awesome app, very easy to use, you can download videos and songs as well..easily. Amazing app!!

  • Review

    by TightAF


  • Download

    by Danger boyys

    Best app ever

  • Help!!!

    by Jmoney1000

    When I'm trying to add songs I've downloaded to my iTunes library some of the songs won't transfer and will end up in a folder that says not added

  • Fix glitch

    by Admiralxjzx

    Please fix the glitch for this download keeps popping up random downloads which is killing this app better fix it before people start looking for the next biggest best download app out there!!

  • like it

    by Jarajpong Viriyotai

    this app is good!!!

  • Xbox One SkyDrive

    by Sam Legacy

    I record clips on my xbox one and upload them to skydrive. I then download the vids from skydrive onto this app and am able to share them. Love this app!

  • READ

    by zohebp0w

    Look people say it's not perfect but you have to understand it's the best out there just download the lite version and see for your self. 5/5 for many many reasons thanks a lot


    by CoachDuncan

    I keep getting a pop up that takes me to the App Store and it's pissing me off. I can't download anything because every time I click safari it goes to the App Store for some stupid game. If anyone knows how to stop this, please let me know. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • Urgent

    by The 2minican

    You have to upgrade this app to work with ios7, you have to make a new style. And maybe add an equalizer..

  • Download maker

    by Grilfi

    I like download so much i can download songs i like it a lot

  • Good

    by Meyar1


  • Awesome!!

    by Cash Kyd

    Love the fact that you can transfer songs from this app once connected to iTunes and how easy it is to download songs and what not.

  • Good enought.

    by Darkace8

    Easy to get all the music you want

  • LA845

    by @la845

  • Content

    by NatiiBugatti

    I never buy apps in all honesty. But this app was $2 well spent. I bought it off a friend's recommendation. It's easy to download music, and the player works well. The songs even play louder than on my regular player. I would definitely pass on the recommendation. It's earned all 5 stars.

  • Amazing

    by Laaizureboy11

    This is a great app! Totally worth the money! I love it.

  • El Zorrox05

    by El Zorrox Miranda

    Esta aplicación es genial! Yo no tengo computadora para bajar la biblioteca de iTunes y por lo tanto no podía oír música! Con esta aplicación se resolvieron todos mis problemas! Son unos Genios! Gracias!!!

  • Perfect!!

    by K Swyss

    Downloading music and other files. I wish we could get torrent files but this works jus like iTunes!!

  • Download

    by Brownsugabrown

    It's a ok app.

  • Cool

    by Agron Sinishtaj

    Nice app

  • My Favorite App

    by FerminTM

    Best for music!!!

  • Great

    by The bigbossss

    Best app ever

  • Great but, needs an update

    by Niiinnncccer

    I love this app. It's just want I've been looking for. Could you please update it for ios7 and add an option for choosing the speed of a song or lecture downloaded

  • Great app but

    by Paminamyhorse

    The ads are driving me nuts. It keeps taking me to the App Store for a game. This would be five stars but because of the ad I am hardly able to access the internet

  • Great app

    by Jason Lazo

    Very usefull for music not on itunes!

  • Best app!

    by valba773

    Love it!!

  • Efficient

    by Hector Salceda

    Good app

  • Best app ever

    by Justin Esquivel

    Justin from turlock

  • Bug fix pl3zz

    by From a guy on a ipod ios

    I'm trying to save a video in my gallery but it will not save, please fix, if its not a bug can you change a picture how to the. Thanks.

  • Good

    by PreviousBBUser

    Works good although I've had it crash numerous times on me when using the app switcher. Not sure if having a passcode set has anything to do with it. Also an updated iOS 7 design would be nice. Until then, 4 stars.

  • Yea

    by David Hunter

    Very good

  • Great app

    by NeverLose_Focus

    Like this app

  • good

    by alofoke10


  • Excellent App

    by N. Kardashian

    I love this app , just wish I can download albums without downloading song by song !

  • Old

    by crocodylaaan

    Visual antique, where is updated to ios 7 version???

  • Grate

    by MR.Sam012

    It's a really good app to download files

  • Really Good, but plz send new updates!

    by TrackStar11.0

    Luv the app!! Use it all the time!! Need a new update asap to clean up some cookies and add new functions. Keep It Up

  • I love this

    by MohawkNation

    It's easy to use and lets you download all you need. And I like that I can put a passcode on it (:

  • Excellent

    by Bobbs1981

    I think this app is awesome. I never written a review for an app before but I just had to for this one! A must have!

  • Finally!

    by Ristanarus

    Works great. Easily download any of the mixtapes I love and works flawlessly with sound cloud, $3 is a steal for all the stuff I can access now! Thanks!

  • Best downloader app

    by AppyiTunes

    It's the best downloader app out there in my opinion, but there's a little bug for me now.. When playing a song: when the song is over, it just repeats the song, even when it's not in repeat. You have to automatically skip the song after.

  • This App Is Awesome!

    by Timmy5530

    I love this app so much. It has a really fast download speed. I use it to download maps for MinecraftPE. I also love how the amount of downloaded files is unlimited. This app really deserves the stars that I gave it. :)

  • Adds

    by Kolewhopper

    I love the app. But what really bothers me is the adds. I got the app to have no pop ups and unlimited song. Want adds gone

  • Awesome, much needed, app for you phone!

    by Romey_Yo

    Love this app and I've had this since my iPhone 4! I allows you to download files from site you couldn't do normally(the limits of iOS).

  • good very good

    by rainmanpro


  • Great App

    by Slashq8

    just have to get it!!!

  • GOOD

    by Waddup Insta


  • Awesome

    by Joe and bocker

    Definitely the best app for downloading things. Highly recommend this app!!

  • Awesome app

    by POOP_MA5TER

    I love this app, but I wish you could downloads more stuff. And I wish they updated it for iOS 7.

  • Love it <3

    by Blackwidow0722

    Love this app <3

  • :)

    by Haibsusnsjs

    Love it! Can have all my fav songs with out a problem, n ounce you know how to do it it's easy. The only problem is the repeats of ads/pop ups but other then that it's great :)


    by Jammal Smallwood

    this app used to be good, but now every time i'm in the app it asks me to download to beacon LITERALLY every 5 seconds. I sent an email regarding this, but never got a responce.

  • Please Fix.

    by PinterestLovely

    More pop ups & closings than ever. Wicked annoying! But I love the app. Pleeeease fix the kinks, we need an update!

  • Amazing App

    by HOTwings19

    I Have Enjoyed This App Needs a update for ios 7 theme please

  • Like

    by Doomguy92

    I enjoy this app. I can finally download my favorite songs.

  • Refresh app

    by Mvpplayer25

    Please update!!! iOS 7

  • Crashed

    by birdie 45

    My app has crashed, any help on fixing it?

  • MP3 app

    by Jbriskk

    very good mp3 download

  • New Update

    by alex arriaga

    I Have Been Using This App For 3 years Now Its So Good But I Just Think It needs new Features Like a Big Update For 2014

  • Immensely great

    by The best djmgkxmx

    Good for porn.

  • Perf

    by Epicjfjxjd


  • Lovin This!!!!!!!

    by Abstractionz


  • Love it! But...

    by AmberDawnnxx

    I have all of my music on here. This app is top notch. I totally recommend it. :) BUT, I'm sick and tired of the stupid Jelly Splash ad. It comes up about 5 times in a row.

  • Needs to be fixed ASAP!

    by Gagpro1

    I have used this app for what seems like forever now and it contains all of the music I listen to. It has worked perfectly and seamlessly since the day I got it. Recently however I have been recieving hundreds of pop ups asking me to download items without clicking anything. This happens when the app is opened or closed whether I am browsing or not. It is extremely obnoxious and hard to take. I open the app to change a song and i have to close anywhere from 1 to 20 pop ups asking me to download. Sometimes these pop ups crash the app or I close it to avoid wasting my time so it just downloads all of these items. They are labeled "beacon.exe" and don't take up any space. They are pointless downloads that makes the app look bad. This needs to be fixed, It is getting near impossible for me to use the app.

  • Superb!!!!!

    by Moneyonmind21

    My fav app

  • Super awesome

    by Odofgod

    Prefer this over other competing downloader programs

  • I Love This App!!

    by brebrepp

    Very great app

  • Upgrades soon?!?!?

    by iownurfacelawkz

    Please support other files like .wma, flac, etc. besides that it's a great app.

  • برنامج ولا اروع

    by شملول

    بصراااحه استفدت كثير من هالبرنااامج ولو في اكثر من ٥نجوم كان عطيته انصحكم تنزلونه والله

  • Excellent!

    by C:<

    Love it!

  • Question

    by Ashley1099

    What is the website to Download stuff ???

  • Useful

    by Ileean

    But ipad and iphone versions need to be updated downloaded movies into the app unable to watch because they crash the app everytime please fix as soon as possible!!

  • Does What It Needs To

    by Mand33rz

    It does what I need it to do, but since I paid for it I shouldn't have to deal with the app pop ups taking me to the App Store. It takes to much of my time & it's frustrating.If fixed I would defiantly give it 5 stars.

  • Great app! But I have a question!

    by Bwind09

    Great app. I have used it since the IPad 2 came out. Is there anyway though to block the constant pop up to download items, and do other things? Sometimes I get literally 12 pop ups that I have to close in a row before I can select anything else?

  • All downloads here nice

    by Relntles

    4 stars

  • Annoying

    by Iteebagkids


  • Ra

    by HoesLoveSosa

    Great music app only thing I hate are them annoying popups can u guys fix that but other than that

  • Needs iOS 7 update

    by Kev, write me a song!

    Will not work well on iOS 7.

  • For what it's worth, it's A ok

    by FwAyWaY

    Aside from the adds that pops up the best downloader I have seen. Plus the adds that pops up are probably from the sites I go to download files from.

  • Fix the glitch

    by 300zx guy

    Something has gone wrong with the app. It used to work fine but now every 2 seconds the download screen will pop up to ask you to download something without pressing anything then it boots you to the App Store wanting you to download some game. I've paid for this app so please fix whatever is going on.

  • 5 Starr app all the way

    by Williams2014

    The best

  • No ads

    by Lcfkgk

    Best app of all time the only thing that will make it better NO ADS

  • Terrible

    by Riddle box jello

    Constantly brings me to the App Store and hides the keyboard all the time

  • by Maryjxo

    Such a good app!

  • add this

    by Moe Kash (follow me)

    equalizer and lyrics cause I want to boost the bass or vocals and see lyrics. also when I try to flip through taps the thing won't let me and I can't close out any. if I could send a picture to u I would to show u what I mean

  • Baddd

    by Fragance!!

    Its too old already i use a lot all the time but it gives me a l lot of problems uptade it plz

  • Wonderful

    by Iwanttopostthisreview

    I get my songs. Does what it's meant to :)

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