My Wonderful Days : Daily Journal/Diary Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: haha Interactive

- Automatic Background Refresh
: Your device will try to get the latest entries before you open the app. Most of the time, you'll get the entries synced automatically without waiting.

& lots of other improvements

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* My Wonderful Days is a diary you can easily write on. Full of analog features, 2-in-1 iPhone+iPad universal app fully supporting iCloud, searching, photos and a lot more. Get it now on this surprising price and start your wonderful days.

* One day has one face :: When we look back at our days, memories about one certain day normally start with one feeling. Whether it was good or not. Then if it was, how much? My Wonderful Days was made to remember our days by simply swiping how you felt today and putting in how your day was.

Afterwards, focusing on main thoughts, we've crafted it to make it better and better to gain more satisfaction. Some are,

- Notices on time to write a simple note without any load, which makes a great habit.
- Passcode to protect your private words.
- Photos to put in a note, and some stickers.
- Special days can be starred. It can be seen separately on search page. Also sorting by happiness, mostly viewed and more can be done to take out memories easily.
- To make it feel like your own journal, sound has been added and the papers on notes you've seen many times gets old.
- You can see wonderful statistics of your own.
- Air Print your entries and keep your days on your hand.
- Supports both iPhone and iPad by universal app. Automatically syncs data through iCloud.

Many are using it everyday to keep the moments. Every moments, every days of your life are so valuable. Write about small things and big events. Keep your memories and keep on your wonderful life now with My Wonderful Days. :)

* For users before v2.0,
If iCloud is enabled, data might take some time to come back to your app. Please be patient! Your data is all safe and right in place. More your data and photos written before, more time it'll take. But everything will be magically come back! Thanks for your patience and keep on your wonderful days! :D

If you need support, e-mail us at [email protected] We'll get to you right away.

Customer Reviews

  • :)

    by Catooo63

    Love this app

  • Best App EVER!

    by Laura Perez Gavidia

    I love how simple it is to record your thoughts! It's the "to-go" diary i always wanted!

  • Looking back, to look forward

    by Stephendl101

    Seeing all of the good things in life helps me remember to enjoy life and make more memories.

  • Wonderful!

    by Jinhao Chi

    Such a great app. The developers are really considerate and have good taste in design. Love it!

  • The Everyday App

    by Sammylolz323

    I love it. It let's you keep track of what you did, and let's you easily look back upon your life.

  • Love this App.

    by mbonifas

    Use this every day. Love it.

  • Perfect app

    by Wc69

    No other journal app comes close.

  • Great product

    by Stay AWAY!!!!!!

    Love it!!!!!!!.... When they add video attach I will love it more and give it 5 stars UPDATED Feb 10, 2014: Now with video!!!!!.....As promised!!!!...5 stars!

  • Mind readers!

    by Mrbill1509

    Yesterday, I was poking around the app to see if I could load a video into that day's journal entry. Today, the update provides that option! This is the easiest, most intuitive journal app that I have tried. Very happy.

  • Awesome

    by Teresita13

    Tried many, many journal/diary apps and I love this one the best. Three most important features for me are the passcode lock, the backup options, and the search. Also like the PDF export. One thing I would love to be added is built-in tag support, right now I just manually type a hashtag in front of my tags/keywords and search for them that way. Thank you so much!

  • This app helps me focus on my priorities

    by Punkinsnooks

    As a very busy person, I can easily neglect those people that mean most. As I use this app to write short journal entries, I can track both who I'm spending my time with and how I'm feeling while I'm with them. This helps me keep my Life on track with my priorities. The only thing I might suggest is a graphing feature. That would be very helpful if you are tracking changing data, such as your weight

  • Great app

    by Hobby doe

    This app is really good at tracking my previous days

  • Amazing

    by BlessedxB

    Worth the money. A diary that syncs to icloud. I love it. I can add videos and photos to entries; and also set stickers to help me remember my mood for the day.

  • Truly a phenomenal app.

    by SkittlesDressGirl

    This is a really amazing app that just continues to get better every update. It's not only a journal but now I can even add photos and videos to each day. It's probably the best journaling app out there. I love it and I'm sure you will too. Completely worth the $0.99.

  • Great App

    by Mayvis79

    Just started using this app and I love it so far. Minimalist design lets you focus on your writing. Mood and weather stickers are fun to use.

  • Thank you so much

    by DerrrrrrhAi

    It's crazy what a simple app can do for you. Writing in here has helped me by venting and getting thoughts out of my head. I am a 14 year old boy who has social anxiety and depression but this app has eased it up because it feels like I am talking to a person willing to listen to my problems sure it's not a friend or relative but this "person" will not cut you off or make you upset other than I have to pay for it haha... Just kidding no biggie lol kudos to you developers!

  • Good daily journal

    by DragonAggie

    I like this app it's a really good way to keep track of how I'm feeling every day and what is going on in my life. I think that you need to add more stickers because I need to be able to have more ways to describe what my day was like. For now I will add pictures to do this but it would be nice to have a lot more selections to choose from in the stickers! Otherwise this seems to be a great app and perfect for what I need! I'm disabled and sometimes have problems writing. It's nice to be able to speak and my notes appear in the journal.

  • Nice App

    by Stacylynnblack

    I really enjoy this App! I love that I can place a picture with that days journal. Only thing I would suggest is adding a video feature! That would make it complete!

  • Awesome Journal

    by Thepixi

    Great and easy way to allow for daily writing of memories and life to see where you have come from!!

  • Awesome Journal

    by Thepixi

    Great and easy way to allow for daily writing of memories and life to see where you have come from!!

  • Bad upgrade


    I liked the lite version, it was sufficient for what I needed. The UI is a bit confusing, but you somewhat learn to manage it. The main problem was after 10 entires they make you buy the full version. That's fine, I did, but then it didn't transfer over any of my entries or information I had spent a lot of time writing and keeping track of! Defeated the whole purpose of purchasing and downloading the full version.

  • Great app

    by Lynxnysm

    A few glitches but the app is pretty cool. I have been pretty consistent with it and like it so far.

  • Nice app

    by 13ruby

    Very easy to use and conducive to keeping up with it! I could do without the stickers.

  • Day Diary App

    by RynnnCollins

    I absolutely adore this app! I was always looking for a reason and time to write and collect my thoughts on days to look back at my memories and feelings but I always forgot or never had the paper. This is such a simple and adorable way to write down my favorite things about a day and it even has a reminder to make sure I do! Thank you so much and I can't wait to see what kind of updates are in store. ☺

  • Handy Dandy App

    by Vester Mac

    I use this app everyday to record my thoughts and gratitude. I I love the clean, simple interface and the security code feature is great!

  • Great for jotting daily thoughts

    by Ak6742

    I write every night to unwind and think of the good things that have happened. I love that you can add pics.

  • Simply the best

    by Abreeze: )

    Wonderful!!! I love how quick and easy it is. I like that it tracks whether I have mostly good or bad days. I write so much in it!

  • No, no, no, no, no!

    by Buelsian

    That was me screaming this morning when I opened the app only to find the entire month of January entries gone. It was my New Years resolution to journal every day, and to record something that I was/am grateful for. And I have been using this app daily to do just that. But it's gone. It's all gone. Every word that I wrote for 31 days...gone. I'm. Just. Crushed. Sigh. I don't know if I have the heart to start again.

  • Love it but have a wish

    by Do imhave to have a nickname

    This is great. It is easy to use and has encouraged me to write daily. I turned the alert on that reminds when I haven't made an entry that day. That is optional if you don't want it. My wish is to be able to write more than one entry a day. Sometimes I just want to write about a topic that has nothing to do about my day and would like to be able to make a separate entry. Thanks for an easy to use app that works smoothly.

  • Love

    by Sheryl1213

    Simple. Loved it so much I paid for it.

  • Great!

    by Emilymajor

    Really awesome way to journal... I love it!

  • My days are wonderful!

    by Mayo0sh

    I like this app so much. In fact, I use it since the 1st day it hit the AppStore. It's simple, intuitive, and great! I like the design, but it needs something, I don't know. Like revamp the calendar perhaps? Or add some color? Not that i hate the colors, they are the most beautiful thing, they are relaxing & beautiful. But a little color or make changes in UI won't hurt , right?

  • Piece of junk

    by fashionbatmangeek

    Hate it doesn't work

  • Great app

    by Kelly4cat

    Thankful for a secure, easy to use diary. Love that I can add pictures and that it syncs between my iPad and iPhone. I wish the pictures would remain in it if you delete from your camera or photo stream though. I lost two great pictures that I put in here by deleting them from my photo stream.

  • Nice

    by firemedicmick

    I like the app, it suits my needs

  • Great

    by Nickname Taken12345djgfc

    Really good app. Good options. Good layout. No problems so far!

  • Awesome

    by Johnny2Long

    I love this app it's so easy to use

  • Quick and simple

    by Journaling to my babies

    I love how easy it is to journal my thoughts and feelings as I raise 2 beautiful kids. In the past, I endeavored to jot down journal entries in a leather diary for my kids to read later in life. But it was so hard to remember everything at the end of the day, when throughout the day I would think of things I wanted to include. With this app, I can whip out my iPhone or iPad, whichever is closer, and quickly type out an entry in real time. PLUS I can easily snap a photo and attach. PLUS my journal is backed up into the cloud. I'm thrilled!

  • Awesome

    by Teresita13

    Tried many, many journal/diary apps and I love this one the best. Three most important features for me are the passcode lock, the backup options, and the search. Also like the PDF export. One thing I would absolutely LOVE to be added is built-in tag support, right now I just manually type a hashtag in front of my tags/keywords and search for them that way. Thank you!

  • Good

    by candygirl561

    I really like it. I couldn't keep up with a journal but this makes it so much easier. I would just add more stickers.

  • four star app

    by xshat

    great app. it helps me a lot in my day-by-day routine. it may be with different design, you know, like ios 7.

  • Easy

    by Inafern

    Quick and easy way to track each day. I enter my blood pressure and weight.

  • Great simple interface

    by Samaresh

    Love this tool. Best journaling app for me so far.

  • My Days

    by California BondoB

    Simple, easy to use. Has the look and feel of pen/pencil and paper journal.

  • Could be improved in a few areas, beware automatic backups

    by Cal-AL

    I use this app all the time. It does a good job replacing a diary and it's nice how I can track how happy I am every day. But it has a few problems. The first is the automatic backups. If you don't know how to use it, it could end up eating up the space on your device. You have to go to Settings > Backup > Start! to see the old backups, erase old ones taking up space, or control automatic backup. The second is security. Notes are stored in iCloud in, essentially, plain text (provided you use it to sync) which could, for example, result in it showing up unexpectedly in a Spotlight search on your Mac. And then there are a couple little bugs. Like the stats screen shows all the numbers upside down. But otherwise it's a pretty good app.

  • Love the layout

    by mandaliene

    I had downloaded and tried several journal apps prior to my finding this one a year ago. It's visually appealing; I love the font, the coke scheme. It's incredibly easy to begin a new entry or access an old one. I cannot think of a downside to this app. Definitely recommended.

  • Great app

    by jinxy97

    This is my first journal app. It is simple to use and I like that there's a security feature. Wish I can upload more than one photo though. I have nothing to compare this to but so far I'm good with this.

  • I love it!

    by ADD ME: 075 801 5162


  • Simple and works

    by jogaun

    I like to use this app as a daily gratitude recorder!

  • Cool app

    by Antonio Santos

    I just wish they made it more interactive..? Or hope it had more features

  • Cool app

    by Antonio Santos

    I just wish they made it more interactive..? Or hope it had more features

  • Cool app

    by Antonio Santos

    I just wish they made it more interactive..? Or hope it had more features

  • Crap!


    Hard to write on bcus the front page won't come down,it looks very boring...wish I could get a refund:/

  • Nice App

    by Fedje

    I just downloaded this to keep a journal of events in my life. Seems very easy to use, like password protection. Like others I would like more choices on some things. I would also like a choice of themes to change the color! At 64, with failing eyesight, I hate all this white this new OS has and like to choose other colors when I can.

  • Reflection

    by Tracy Erdelyi

    Great app to jot down ideas, funny moments and life

  • Great app


    I like this app, it helps me write down a few main points of my day and helps me remember important details that I would otherwise forget. I love that I can add pictures as well.

  • Great app!

    by WonderfuldayLover

    FINALLY I can keep a journal and it's right at my finger tips. I adore this app. Simple yet gorgeous and perfect for writing all about my day. Easy 5 stars!

  • Great!

    by AmeliaTorres88

    Easy to use and just what I needed!

  • Love it!

    by MindieKaye

    Works great! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  • I'm finally able to journal!

    by Iluvmynewiphone

    I've been trying to journal for years. Always starting and a few days into it...stopping. This app is easy and I love that it works on my iPhone and iPad so no matter where I am when I have a few minutes I can journal. Thank you for a great app.

  • Really cool app :)

    by Ms too cool 4 u

    super easy to use, i write something everyday :D

  • My Wonderful life

    by Ringer44

    Great app. I live the simplicity. The scale holds me accountable for my own emotions. I'd like to see a couple of different backgrounds and a few more emoticons to polish it up a bit.

  • Simplistic and enjoyable

    by RobbieOutkast

    Love how easy to use this is, no extra complicated stuff just a entry log, a mood bar and some stickers pure and simple.

  • جميل جداً

    by Rana Nasser

    أجمل ما فيه انه مدعوم باللغة العربية .. لكن لما أستخدم التطبيق بالعرض يكون يبقى طولي بشكل سيء :(

  • My Wonderful Days

    by SSaulter1

    This is a handy little app for keeping my private thoughts in. Would really love more stickers and expressions.

  • This app just gives me what I want

    by Anne Kinzel

    This app allows me to express myself to me just as I want to and need to. no muss, no fuss, just me and my PAD

  • Great App!

    by Gamerluv75

    I love it, so simple and easy to use!

  • Good app

    by Cybersco

    Continues to be very useful for my purposes.

  • Saving pictures!

    by Jktgator

    When I save pictures, but delete them on my phone memory the disappear from my journal! YIKES! Maybe I'm doing this incorrectly!!

  • Awesome

    by Frustrated in HI

    Impressive little app

  • Great app

    by Tcandy321

    I would like to see a wider variety of emoticons and picture icons like on Facebook. That would make this app perfect.

  • Writers love

    by Thesethreekings

    Loving this app! Perfect for those who love to write and reflect! Great job!

  • Update for daily template

    by Suvo G.

    Using this for 8 months ... really like it. Both the design and features are very well done. Request: Can you add an option for using a customizable "daily template" ... an extension of the Initial Text Customizatiin. Thanks.

  • Enjoying this app

    by Cozyette & Anthony Reich

    I'm a guy and wanted an app that was easy to use. I'm married and have 4 kids. My life is crazy busy and wanted an app to jot down my daily experiences with my family. It's great and easy to use

  • Great App!

    by @VWD_Webhead

    I wasn't much of a writer to say the least, but I look forward to using this app everyday.

  • cookie

    by Bling bling#1

    really great app. wish more colors and emotes or stickers

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by cam1096

    I LOVE that my iPhone and my iPad are synced together with this app. A wonderful app that you can add photos to each day's events!

  • Simple but Great

    by amtpls

    I like the look: minimalist but it is a great app to write down a personal daily notes.

  • Use it daily!

    by mhutchinson007

    Easy with useful bells and whistles. Not just gimmicks. Well worth the low price.

  • It's ok

    by Mrshunts28

    Wish I could write multiple entries on the same day...

  • Excellent app

    by isits

    I really love this app. It is simple and easy to use.

  • Review

    by Sir Chopsalot

    Great app other then it keeps asking for another review each time I open it. Since this this is the fourth review, I will give it four stars..

  • Love it

    by Armymomx3

    Great app

  • 잡스럽지않아 굿!!

    by Redmnn

    복잡하지 않아 굿~~!!!

  • Great App!

    by Freedom Guy

    Love this app!

  • Insecure, way too much storage usage, and poor support.

    by Cal-AL

    I used to love this app, and even still I'm using it at least tentatively. However it really has some serious flaws. Firstly, it's not secure. If you sync on iCloud, then someone with access to your device can bypass any passcode you have just by re-installing the app. Worse, if they have access to your Mac, all the notes are stored in more or less plain text in the (hidden) iCloud storage folder (and it can show up in Spotlight and get into backups too). Lastly, possibly associated with the new "Automatic Backup" feature (which apparently doesn't back it up to any particular or useful place anyway), I've noticed that the app uses more and more storage on my iPhone. I know it only uses about 300 MB of storage in iCloud, however the app is using 1.2 GB of storage! All of these problems might be manageable if only support would be responsive like they used to be only a few months ago.

  • Such a cute, simple, fun app!

    by Shannonbagel9

    This app is super useful and I love how it reminds you to make entries daily because otherwise I would forget! I love how you can add the feeling of the day along with stickers and pictures. My only improvement suggestion is to add more sticker options! Otherwise I wouldn't have paid the $1.99 for it.

  • It's good.

    by wwwgabby

    It's a simple and easy to use app. Pen and paper are the closest comparison for easy and simplicity of this app for journaling.

  • Good so far

    by Deborah Schauer

    Able to journal each day and also paste items from other readings easily.

  • Good App


    Good App, but I hope the developer will feel some obligation to keep it running. I change my journal app fairly often because the app becomes stale.

  • Great so far

    by Runwithendurance

    Have just recently downloaded this app...working great for me so far...really enjoying my daily writings and being able to access them easily

  • Great App

    by Word2eighty8

    I was just looking for an app to lay out my thoughts. This does just that and more. Excellent app

  • Easy to use!

    by Chidd b.

    I enjoy this app a lot. My only thing is that you can only make one post a day? Like for instance if you write something at 12 am on a Tuesday that is meant for Monday, then you have to wait til Wednesday to write a new entry. Besides that it's awesome I love it. Convenient and easy to use.

  • OMG!!

    by SerangA

    Where is my diary before 2013.07.10? Over 6 months time writings was disappear!! I HATE THIS APP!!

  • I use it EVERYDAY!

    by Not sure..!

    I've tried many other apps that are supposed to share the same purpose, but this one is BY FAR the best. I use it everyday, it's wonderful for writing down your thoughts of the day, it even lets you save photos that you might have taken that day. Ah-mazing.

  • The Perfect Journal!

    by Blueotter9511

    Great layout, easy to use. I love the smiley rating you can give each day! I also love the stickers! I wish there were more stickers. My favorite journal in the App Store! It's also private so I have no worries and can be completely candid :D!!!

  • My go to diary app. Clean and simple.

    by EU in DC

    The has a very clean minimalist design. It is perfect as a Daily Diary. The iCloud synch works but does have a slight delay. I use it on my iPhone, iPad Mini and MacBook Air. I love that it has a Mac version since that is where I do most of my entries.

  • Awesome but bugs

    by Mm2real

    I love this app, one of the few I actually decided to pay for. However, all of my notes were just deleted. Months just gone... For some reason I know not what. I think it might have been the update :/

  • good stuff

    by OreoEmpire

    used the lite version, liked it enough to buy the full version. I was using Day One, but this app just seems a little more personable.

  • Pure Excellence

    by Manning, T

    Short and simple, this is a great app for anyone who likes to keep a daily journal or diary of just have a bunch of notes or pictures. Also the ability to export the notes is a great resource which i like very much. Everything about this app is just perfect, there is too much to review on.

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