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NOTE: Major free update exclusively for iOS 7 coming soon.

What's new in v2.8.35:
* Bug fixes and stability improvements

* Dropbox Sync: Faster, smarter and re-written from ground up to work well with iOS 7's background sync feature
* Uses iOS 7 background sync feature to keep data in sync automatically
* iOS 7 compatibility fixes using existing UI and design
* TextExpander support for iOS 7
* URL Scheme for adding quick tasks to support apps like Launch Center Pro
* Fixed case-sensitive search issue for some European languages
* Other bug fixes and stability improvements

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NOTICE: A new iOS7 re-design is coming soon as a free upgrade. We appreciate your patience.

** Featured on BCC's 'Click', App Store Essentials, CultOfMac 5/5, Wired, Gizmodo, Macworld 4/5, BestAppEver Award Winners **

From a simple checklist to full-blown project management, 2Do is an incredibly powerful task manager that lets you focus on what's important. Zero complication. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use.

* One universal app for all your iOS devices

* Sync tasks over-the-air on multiple devices using one of these methods:
- Dropbox
- Reminders (CalDAV)
- Toodledo
- Yahoo! Calendar Tasks (CalDAV)
- Custom iCal Server (CalDAV) such as the OS X Lion Server

* Use Siri to add reminders and then see those magically sync over to 2Do (works when using the CalDAV Reminders sync method)

* Tabbed Lists

* Password Protection: On individual lists or full app

* Drag & Drop tasks from and to lists

* Simple drag & drop due date assignment on the iPad

* Instant Previews: Preview and edit notes, voice notes or attached pictures from the main list with a single tap

* Projects, Checklists or simple Tasks.

* Repeating Tasks with end dates

* Scheduling of tasks using Start Date & Time.

* Create multiple alerts per task.

* Focus: Quick toggle between your tasks and a refined 'focus' list from any view

* Full Text & Soundex Search Search Engine: Search for similar sounding words

* Smart Lists: Dynamic lists based on saved searches with or without date ranges

* Powerful date range searching and filtering

* Tags & People: create keyword tags; search for tags or attach contacts as people tags.

* Nearby (i.e. location aware) Tasks. Supports location based tasks created via Siri (Reminders app).

* Actions: attach contacts or other 'action' information to tasks.

* Starred Tasks.

* Voice Notes.

* Backup & Restore: Not using a sync options? Backup and restore your effortlessly

* Share Tasks by Email, SMS or Twitter. Share and Sync Tasks with friends, family or colleagues using the 'Shared List' feature in Reminders.

* Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share and much more

* TextExpander Support.

* Import Birthdays & Anniversaries with reminders.

* Export Task list view Email or as a CSV file attachment.

* Much, much more.

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent! Well designed app

    by foolishservant

    Excellent but that iOS7 redesign is a taking VERY long. .

  • Elegant/Stylish

    by javash

    Love the interface! 4 stars only coz the Start/Due date/ alarms are kind of redundant and there's no option to change alarm sound.

  • Good app, but needs a facelift

    by theConstructiveCommenter

    When you update the app (which hopefully will be soon), please add an edit option to manually move list items in the order you want them in (just like you already have for "Manage Lists" in settings!) rather than having to use stars and bars. Also, please provide some additional, vibrant themes (the coconut, denim, wood, leather. . . are stale). Thanks.

  • The best

    by Teeeeeeeheeeeeee

    Currently waiting on ios7's update, but so far the best desktop+mobile solution for getting things done.

  • Finally found the best task app

    by Q2Q2

    2Do does it all, and is well worth the cost. I've been a Todo user for a few years, but the syncing problems and lack of updates sent me looking for a better option. Tried Wunderlist, Todoist, and several others on my way to 2Do, and none compares with the ease and many options of this app. Thanks for the great design!

  • This app has made me so much more productive

    by BigThinq

    This is my #1 app. Best task app I've found. I love that I can make checklists and projects. It makes being organized super easy. I love that it syncs with reminders. I love how easy it makes to delay tasks. I recommend this app to

  • Great app... but where's the iOS7 version?

    by sgtowns

    This is a fantastic app. I was using Wunderlist before, which is a beautiful app but very limited functionality and a flaky sync. This 2Do app, on the other hand, is packed full of features but still very easy to use. Sync works very fast with no problems so far. I highly recommend this app for keeping track of your things to do list. I'll be happy to give it 5 stars when a version built for iOS 7 comes out.

  • tried 'em all, this is the best.

    by rgm3

    This to do list has it all: features, ease of use, good colors and graphic layout, and customizability. I let this run my life and don't feel the constant anxiety that there is something I have forgotten or neglected. UPDATE. I had a little glitch in lower priority todos showing up on my starred list so I emailed their support team for help. I got two replies from a real person in two days and the problem was solved. I am so impressed with their service. 2do is still number one for me !

  • Good task app!

    by Fungamegamefun

    It's easy to sync with reminders, but it would be good to have an option to disable syncing the project title. This appears in reminders as just another task without the sub items.

  • Works perfectly for me!

    by Crossroads

    This app works perfectly - it integrates with my Calendar app of choice (Pocket Informant Pro), so the tasks I add here show up in there, which doubles the odds of getting everything done on time. I like the look and feel as well as the functionality.

  • Most useful app I own!!

    by Chrisna35

    2do rocks. I constantly quick entry a 2 do on my iPhone. Remember a chore, taste a great wine, someone recommends a book. Very easy to categorize or add detail later. And with latest update sync includes syncing pics it's awesome between my iPad and iPhone. We are tracking everything in here.

  • Great app!

    by Leeloo001

    Great app! Great functionality and an appeasing look. I have been using this app for close to two months with no issues. Love it

  • Very helpful.

    by Wes918

    Very helpful.

  • Replaced Things and Wunderlist on all my platforms

    by Dr.Bop

    2Do provides several superior features that won me over from Things (as well as Wunderlist, Priority Matrix, and many other task apps I've tried in search of the One): Color coding; Check lists!; Recurring tasks with alarms; Move tasks easily between projects, and projects (or tasks) between Lists; Convert an item from a Task to a Project or a Checklist (or vice versa). It syncs between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You can link files and emails to individual items, add notes... Sure, I'd tweak the interface to some personal preferences (selecting a project for editing can be confusing at first). And I do want subtasks below the task level. But for now, this is the best I've found, and it is very reasonably priced.

  • Powerful & Flexible and Fun to Use to Boot

    by Trikepastor

    Update: Love the Mac version and can't wait for the update to iOS. I love the look and feel of 2Do which makes it a joy to use. The only problem I have had once I figured the program out is that when I import the birthdays and anniversaries as tasks, I get two different names in each task (on the iPhone only). What I mean is that the task title says one name and in the action field where it says "Birthday" or "Anniversary", different names populate the field. Weird. So I don't use the birthday or anniversary calendars. Works fine on the iPad. However, this is a great program and syncs wonderfully for me. Thanks for a great product. Cheers! GLC

  • Great app!

    by MusicTeach987

    I don't normally review apps, especially when they harass you for a review, like this app did. But, this app is so good that I will overlook that fact. This app has greatly helped me organize both my home and work life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to start off the year with some more organization in their life.

  • Great app & even better customer support

    by In Minn

    I have this on my iphone and ipad. There were some issues I could not figure out and the help I received from customer support was top notch. If all support was this customer friendly..... The potential of this app seems endless and it does what I need. ~jmark

  • Very helpful

    by FlyPreach

    Great app for organizing the Getting Thing Done way. Get the book to know what I mean.

  • Very Good "To Do" Task App

    by Dumbsmack

    I would reccomend this App to anyone who uses a TASK software similiar to the Microsoft Outlook Task version...I actually found this 2Do App to be more versatile than the Outlook Task...2Do gives the ability to create categories/folders, attached photos, good search feature, assign "alarm reminders" to each Task using an alert with sound on phone, create sub tasks and Project ToDo's...Syncs with Microsoft Outlook Tasks using a WiFi connection.

  • Wow, I can drag & drop entries for reordering lists! list

    by 123456789pj

    Finally. I've been looking and I'm so dependent on lists and being able to design them to MY style. And it syncs on iCloud. I think it even works with Siri for reminders (Siri also has awesome functionality on its own for other things besides reminders).

  • Promises an update for 3 months now

    by Andrew Decker

    Other task apps a visually easier and beautiful. This app is cumbersome and tired looking. By the time you use all the option settings you could have completed the task.

  • Define "soon"

    by Kenwaite

    This app has been listed as getting an update "very soon" for many months. Time to make good on your word.

  • They keep saying an update is coming...

    by Caddisbug1994

    ... but i have been waiting for a VERY long time and nothing has come. This UI is one of the most dated of any to do app... is it a good to do app? yes, absolutely it is... but the UI is so dated as others have similar performance and a better UI. You have about 30 days or you will start losing customers. please hurry up with the update!

  • Best

    by lumchux

    Love this app but for the love of God please fix the landscape view. I can't see any of my tasks in calendar mode anymore..

  • Still the best todo app!

    by Can't think of a better name

    I've been using this since 2010, I still use it and it's still the best! No other todo app comes close to packing the enormous set of features into one app while remaining clean, simple and quickly accessible as this app does! The layout of this todo app is perfect! They struck gold with the tabs and layout of their interface, everything is quickly within reach without tapping through pages of junk and the app displays lots of info about your tasks/projects without looking cluttered or distracting! I've bought and used so many todo apps both before and after buying 2Do such as Put Things Off, Seize the Day, Swipes, Any Do, Task (from 1 button), Finish, Tassky, Busy (formerly Mighty Tasks), Clear+, Today Todo, Weave, Cheddar, 3Do (yes 3Do, the point was that it had a "3D" interface, but it sucked) as well as OmniFocus 2 (which is absolutely the biggest ripoff of $20 ever, it's so bad, you can't even prioritize nor does it even at least sort by due date or flagged and takes so many taps to do anything!) and so many others over the years many of which are gone, but nothing compares to 2Do! All the other todo apps are too messy, confusing, cumbersome to use, lacking in features, etc. The only other todo app I still use is Clear+! Sometimes I have something on my mind that I just want to jot down for later so I don't forget it, but it isn't important. Clear is perfect in that situation! Anyways, to sum this review up, if you're new to iOS or just looking for a todo app for the first time, my suggestion is to start with 2Do and maybe supplement it with Clear if you wish! Afterwards you can try experimenting with other todo apps too, but start with 2Do first before you go blowing a bunch of money on other subpar apps *cough* $20 for Omnifocus on iPhone and $40 on iPad! *cough*!

  • I have been using this app forever

    by pebz13

    I LOVE this app. Yes it does have auto sync- just go into settings. If you need help, they get back to you right away. I have been very happy with this app. I have tried others after it, but just delete them and keep this one. Plus it integrates with your computer software. EXCELLENT

  • Simply the Best!

    by jread79

    This is the best app out there for lists and reminders. Couldn't live without it.

  • 5 stars

    by lxjordanxl

    This app is BY FAR the best and most valuable app I have. The thing I love about this app is that the developers don't make any major updates but rather keep it simple and extremely efficient. Couldn't be more happy with a product.

  • Great app!

    by Harp75

    I would recommend it for its ease of use. Keeps me organized and productive!

  • I use between two macs, an iPad and an iPhone....syncs perfectly

    by Joeywarcher

    I use the Dropbox sync method and it works perfectly. I highly recommend this app. Works well.

  • Syncing needs serious work

    by BP949

    I wrote a review for the desktop version which is great. The mobile app needs work syncing. I spend every morning deleting duplicates (and sometimes triplicates) of scheduled tasks. It seems the iPhone app just pulls content from dropbox but doesn’t actually sync anything. The developers should look to Wunderlist to learn how an app should sync.

  • Sync issues

    by Strouthion

    I LOVE this app, BUT... the last few days it's been crashing on my iPad & iPhone every time I attempt to open it. I've deleted and reinstalled and it still happens. I use it throughout my workday, so not having it available has been a pain. I'm syncing with Dropbox and it appears to be an issue with that. Help!!!

  • Elegant and functional

    by sloppyjack

    In the GTD/to do list app space, one is usually confronted with two mutually exclusive options. Either you get an app that is elegant OR one that is feature rich. 2Do is the rare app that gives both exceptional functionality and a delightful user experience. I believe the reason is as simple as the folder tabs on the side. These allow you to flip through your various priorities and focus areas with ease and drag-drop actions from one list to another, an action that requires several steps in most other apps. This is also one app that has effectively implemented start dates so you can easily hide tasks that shouldn't be dealt with till a future date, ensuring you are confronted only with your priority. Finally, as with some gtd apps, there isn't a forced treatment of "next actions". You simply define your tasks and then star the ones you want to do next. Not a pure gtd method but one I find to be more logical. All the other stuff you'd want is here too, and flexibly- tags (for contexts or anything else), attachments, icons for visual cues, location sensitivity, integration w toodledo, etc etc). Try it- it is awesome. I am a two year user.

  • Love it

    by Bob and the Owl

    This does exactly what I need it to do, no more, no less

  • Getting Things Done, finally!

    by ejose

    I try out a ton of productivity tools but keep coming back to this app. I'm running 2Do on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. iCloud syncing is fast and has been very reliable. Contexts are great, and the ability to focus lists (hide certain items) keeps my ADHD in check. I was hesitant to take the plunge on all 3 platforms, thinking it was too pricey, but no regrets.

  • Great app -- don't let the appearance fool you

    by eb310

    I ignored this app for a long time because it didn't look designy. But after trying the OSX version, I realized this is much better and more flexible than the approaches I've tried before. Auto sync would be great. And a more attractive, contemporary appearance would be great.

  • Good app for you to do list

    by Ajeudjehxd

    Really like the app and how it keeps me organized.

  • Enjoying

    by TryAgain99

    I am growing to really like this app as I use it more as a replacement for my Palm TX. It does not cover all that a TX does (callander, notes, contacts) but the Task function is superior. Wish it would sync better with my Outlook 2010 and/or have a mirror/user back up for my PC with 7. Good stuff! Would like sync to be easier auto & better i.e. iPad to iPhone.

  • Great App!

    by ShiranC

    Powerful, Flexible, lot's of Sync Options, and Beautiful too!

  • 2Do

    by Mde100

    This is a truly excellent app. It's incredibly flexible, allowing any user to use 2Do to meet his/her needs, and its mostly intuitive (although it does take a bit of time to master the incredible array of options it offers). The system of tabs running along the side is a great idea. The support is quick, and helpful. ONE SMALL BUG I've noticed is that even when I have the landscape option on my phone and on the app, I can't get the program to landscape. And ONE SUGGESTION/REQUEST: add the option of entering start and stop times for each task, and provide a calendar option so that one can schedule tasks on a daily and weekly calendar.

  • Great job

    by Sirarmand

    I've used many task management programs both on the iPhone and the iPad. I couldn't wait to see the 2do for the iPad. Guys you didn't disappoint. Beautifully laid out, almost no learning curve. And so easy to use, almost wants you to open the program just to play with it even if there is nothing to add at that time. I would ask that in future updates you add one thing to an already perfect program. When a task is ongoing for more than one day, it would be nice to have the option of giving the task a starting date with an ending date. This would show the task across multiple days. Other than that I am sooooo pleased. You have the best task management program available on both the iPhone and the iPad. Thank you i would give 5 stars plus when the calendar view for iphone returns

  • Dated UI, poor syncing, search isn't as powerful as claimed

    by Prometheas

    Title says it all. Wanted to like this enough to switch from OmniFocus, but sync weakness doesn't allow it because I use this on iPhone, iPad, and Mac — and frequently use my subway commute time as an opportunity to check in on things. If it's not synced before I go underground, this is impossible. I was also hoping the saved searches had some more juice to them, and allowed for compound searches. Example: Tasks tagged with x AND (y OR z) AND due in the next 7 days ORDER BY due date ASC. Perhaps one day… I'll keep looking. I do think it makes for a solid task manager, though, for most people.

  • I love this app!

    by Bengiomanni

    I have used Things and Omnifocus and I like this better. It's fully customizable so you can use whatever system you like, including GTD, or a modified version of that. And I really like the look and the color coding. I also like being able to use Reminders to enter tasks so I can use Siri when I'm on the go. The ability to drag and drop tasks onto tabs and dates is just plain cool, and I appreciate that I only had to buy one app for iPhone and iPad. Please, oh please, in your update do not whitewash everything like the Mac version or like Apple did in ios7! Or at least give us the option to keep this look!

  • Wish I had not purchased

    by Margaux117

    Will not sync with Dropbox. Just crashes and kicks me off. Too much to do to mess with this ineffective product. I wish I had not purchased.

  • Invaluable!

    by Coco19626

    This app is a daily part of my work. It allows me to stay on top of all to my to do's especially things that happen over time that are easy to forget. Best part is I can time this as far out as necessary and I never forget to get it done. Also, I upgraded my decide. There was an error in the icloud that would not allow me to simply sync to the new machine. But I was able to create a backup file that I transferred my data seamlessly.

  • Excellent

    by Tx DLev

    Not a better task program around. Synching is flawless.

  • 2Do

    by robobertnease

    Have tried several apps for organizing my life, and this is by far the best. I have the Mac version too, and they sync seamlessly with Dropbox. Haven't tried cloud synching, don't think I'll bother. Only had it a few months, but it's made a huge difference in my productivity. Wish I'd discovered it before I retired! :)

  • Great app!

    by Mooncolors

    Love the colors and layout! Syncs with all my devices. Definitely worth getting!

  • Great app!

    by DelanieDarling

    I use this app to keep track of bills, birthdays, and everything in between. I love all of it's features and every update makes it more user friendly.

  • Absolutely a must have

    by mkeok

    this app is incredible. very easy to use and efficient. you will be more productive if you use this app!

  • Excellent Application

    by Moon.shaddoww

    2Do is a better task manager than all others I tried. 2Do functionality has subtleties that are user-adjustable and flexible. A pleasure to work with.

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