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Get the official Gmail app for your iPhone or iPad. The newly redesigned app brings the best of Gmail with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across your entire inbox. With the Gmail app, you can:

● Switch between up to 5 accounts
● Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
● Search through all your mail quickly - now with predictions as you type
● See profile pictures as part of the conversation
● Read your mail with threaded conversations
● Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
● Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
● Read and respond to interactive Google+ posts right from the app
● Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
● Send and receive attachments
● Customize emails with custom scribbles

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by bravokilo85

    No major complaints. Not that much better than the other email client, but works well in its own right.

  • Hi

    by Alshadidi


  • Good app

    by Hassnajoul

    Good app

  • Me

    by Kensdream69

    Not as good as one had before

  • It's Gmail!

    by BlahBlahPooHa

    What more can I say? It's a functional gmail app and it works great.

  • Excellent email app

    by Newbie G girl

    This is user friendly and set up similarly to other apps for email. Wish we could create folders from the apps. If you can it's not easy to find. Overall I'm very satisfied with the app.

  • Great app

    by Breezie33

    I like the improvements

  • Awesome & fast access!

    by Jojo123567

    This allows me to keep track of my multiple gmail accounts and the ability to switch between them! Great app.

  • Great

    by italian88

    Works better than the default email

  • Easy


    Nice app

  • Great App

    by Ketu A

    Very easy to use. Well organized.

  • Switch from Vertical to Horizontal

    by cpevans

    Love the app - so much better than Apple's mail app. However, it drives me crazy that the screen doesn't automatically resize when switching from vertical to horizontal view. I have to press the back button, then reenter an email while holding the phone horizontally in order to have it fill the whole screen. Switching never works.

  • I like it

    by Redneckgal78


  • Great App

    by Sycoactive

    Great App what's next.

  • Wonderful!

    by ShindoThePickle

    A few days ago, I downloaded this just to try it, and I can just say that it is so much better than the stock mail app! And, I haven't noticed any issues so far. Totally recommend it!

  • Amazing app

    by Tarek ABDEL ghany

    Really amazing and emails arrive instantly even before the web browser

  • gmail is fab

    by kittubhai

    i love this app. easy to check mails and reply.. nothing useless. 5 star from now

  • Great app

    by King650

    I enjoy this app very much.

  • Great

    by neovaio74

    Great app

  • Great app

    by Gary Grogan

    Just sorry it took so long for me to try it!

  • Slow and sometimes freezes

    by Ksnwvsidk

    I have been a dedicated user of this app since I entered the smartphone world. But I don't know why... It's SO slow- regardless of my connection. I do enjoy the layout of this app- it seems to function like it would on your computer's web browser, but I have had it freeze on multiple occasions when composing a message and the wait time for new messages to load is simply not competitive in comparison to other mail apps. Google, the time has come- please fix your app.

  • Great App

    by Cardog_2

    I use this for all my personal email and as a backup

  • What an excellent app!

    by OscarUNT

    I have no problems or issues ever!!

  • It's alright.

    by Marin2215

    I like the email sorting but it's missing the banners and alerts that I thought were standard of a real iPhone application.

  • Mark as read needs a shortcut

    by Smithfamily42

    I wish I could move the mark as read option up. I use that feature a lot and don't like to use the drop down menu.

  • Gmails Awesome

    by Coco girly 11

    It's cool how they now categorize emails by subject matter (promotions, etc) plus Google is the bomb so there ya go

  • Missing some features

    by 911 in SC

    Works better than the factory mail server, but definitely missing some features.

  • Could be better

    by tapdefene

    I expect more from you.

  • Good basic app

    by Cmcmahan

    I use this app all the time and for the most part and very pleased with it. I use it for my school email account and it's nice to be able to keep business and work emails separate. One thing I don't like is that you can't turn off the conversation thread like you can on the desktop version. Minor detail, but I don't like that feature. Another thing that is missing is being able to see the contacts. I have a contact list created on-line - why won't it pull from that. We are also using gmail through apps for education so I can't see our district contact list like I can when I'm on-line. I also can't use my groups. If contacts, and groups could be added that would make this an even better app.

  • Good

    by William Angel

    It is a good email program. It's con that is scans your email content, and displays ads related to the content. It sometimes crashes.

  • Gmail

    by Fury239

    Decent app

  • Iove it!!

    by Raffy abramovich

    Good and fast very good!!

  • Hi

    by Mostafa9977

    Very good

  • Thanks

    by Mustapha Elbakai

    Good job it Will be better if we Can attach a file when sending mail

  • IOS blows

    by HateIOS

    Why not just take a perfectly good app and ruin it... More reason to want to shoot iPhone Forced to use it for work!

  • Frustrating

    by murich

    The conversation view is annoying, to say the least, and I have missed important emails because they get lost in the conversation view. It would also be nice if unread emails would pop out more. I love the desktop version of gmail. Unfortunately, for someone who uses gmail app for business there is no real alternative to this gmail app right now, especially not if you depend on labels. I have tried them ALL, and they are ALL missing at least one important component, usually labels, or have bugs.

  • awesome app

    by Jer263825

    This is one of the better Mail apps that I have downloaded and used. Awesome!

  • Great

    by Jayj305

    What a great app

  • Gmail is main in my iPhone

    by Neko San

    Gmail app is used by me as a major

  • Google is as usual stellar

    by Resfl

    I sincerely hope the legal animosities are not spilling over here. Google is a top notch software producer. Stabile, intuitive and cleanly designed UI; all accurately describe Google software. Regardless of platform their work exhibits the highest level of quality, much the same as Apple, they have that in common, at least.

  • its okay.....

    by Andrewduke

    when you are used to the desktop, than the ipad version would obviously be outperformed a bit... but then again.... for on the go it works perfect!!

  • Good email app

    by Anydww

    But I can't figure out the little stuff. How do I create a new folder? How do I import my contacts from other services? The simpler you could make the little things, the better. Think simple, like an old guy with a 12 inch black and white tv for starters.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Shinano15

    I've been using this app for schoolwork and personal as well and it's rlly convenient!! But recently the app has been crashing whenever I open emails. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using a iPod or not but it's been crashing a log recently and I haven't been able to view it. Otherwise it's been good!

  • Perfect App

    by Lolgitta have

    It does exactly what an app needs to do and more!

  • Good but...

    by Every other nickname is taken1

    Everytime i open a search window or compose an email, the bottom half of my screen is left blank and I have to restart app to get full screen again

  • Awesome

    by Ahmed Nabil bauomy

    The greatest

  • What else do i need

    by Sirbek006

    It is an easy to use app. Really user friendly. The only problem i faced so far is when i want to send a photo, i can attach it just by openning the app. It would be better to put a gmail icon when you are at the gallery and selecting the picture

  • Gmail App.

    by Mr. Cruzin.

    Superb App!

  • Great app!!

    by jduran

    I love that I can send from email address that I have forwarded to this account. Makes it very convenient. I like it better than apple's standard mail client.

  • Formatting not available yet // No ability to attach dropbox

    by Richard Haralson

    REally support people when is this app going to get some ability to do some formatting. I get tired of starting something in Evernote and copy/paste it into gmail app. App still better than apple mail but needs work. Hey engineers take a look at the interface of Evernote. It would be nice to be able to have bullets and formatting in typing mail. It doesn't see too hard, If I start something in Evernote and copy/paste it into gmail app, i can continue the bullets but I have to tediously start it in another app. App is still needing some cool features. This app is mile ahead of apple mail. I hate apple mail. Thanks for the ability to attach images. Better than apple mail. Next build a way that I can grab files in my dropbox app. That would then be pretty cool. Thank you

  • Gmail app doesn't refresh and hangs

    by Sanjay_Nambiar

    I don't understand why this app won't refresh to show the latest emails in my inbox. I get the notification on my iPhone 5s lock screen that I've got Gmail. But when I open the app, that mail isn't visible in my Inbox. I have to open some other random email, close it, and then the Inbox refreshes to display the new email. That's kinda poor for Gmail. Also, this app hangs when you select the settings gear and fool around with settings, I couldn't cancel out of the screen. It just hangs on the settings screen and one can't go back to checking one's inbox ever. The app had to be deleted and reinstalled. This is again kinda lame for Gmail. Never had these issues on a desktop.

  • Very organized!

    by IndianGuy1993

    I love the layout design that they have for this app. Let's me prioritize my mails, so I get notifications for my important mails only. Definitely recommend this for any gmail users!

  • It's great

    by Da ted

    Better then polio!

  • Better than native email app

    by TheGatt

    It's really no comparison. Apple's mail app is so awful that literally anything is better. That said, the app has issues that need fixing. It takes too long to initially load and it's difficult to retrieve archived messages. Other than that, it's leaps and bounds better than the stock email app.

  • So far so good

    by MsJaszy

    Just downloaded so we'll see how it goes.

  • App Crashes and Freezes

    by Janky2

    iPhone 4S user. don't know how long but about six months ago Gmail app crashed and freezes now on a regular basis. Also, I can't stand the important filter for google. I have tried to turn it off. It messes up incoming mail when trying to integrate with Mail app on Computer. I appreciate the service, but these things are causing me to look else where for email.

  • Great app!

    by Ire55

    Took a little getting used to after using a laptop for so long, but it's smooth and easy to use after some practice

  • Didn't have iOS 5 edition.

    by Number VII

    I required a iOS 5 edition , but it works great on iOS 7.

  • Meets expectations

    by tk tomp

    No complaints. Does what I was expecting

  • Good

    by Istanbouli


  • Perfect for organizing!

    by BasketofChocolates

    Wish I had downloaded this earlier!

  • Um dos meus melhores Apps

    by Uolsmdhsiso

    Simplesmente o melhor app de email.

  • Great

    by Vblak

    I haven't had any problems

  • Sad

    by Flintejae

    I really want to like this ap, but I can't. The font is horridly small. I'm going to have to delete this, but I sure will miss the folders.

  • Good

    by Cartel809

    This app is great , A++++

  • Nice App

    by ShonCot

    Gets the job done.

  • Great

    by Frfbufvb

    Great app

  • GMail for iphone

    by Jet Bean


  • Crashes constantly

    by Laceyap

    This app is great besides constant freezing and crashing. Don't try to write an email on this app, it will freeze and eventually crash. Thought I could at least read an email, not so anymore! Again, freezing and then crashing.

  • Excellent for the iPad

    by ComputerGuy22

    Finally someone got the threading down. I can look at my gmail and follow a conversation. Thank you!

  • Good job hank

    by Travs-e

    Good job hank

  • So, the hangouts-unread message thing

    by Dominique Devereaux

    Are you ever planning on fixing that weird thing that happens when you get an unread message notification in your inbox for a hangout, but you can't make it go away because there's no way to access your chats in the gmail app? Shouldn't have to log into a desktop computer to make that notification go away...this has been a problem since hangouts was introduced in gmail, which is a while ago.

  • Good addition to mail app

    by cm3282

    I have different emails, so it's a great to compartmentalize them.

  • Good stuff

    by Stevenoctopus

    It works with my school and gmail accounts well!

  • It is awesome

    by Kaykay45678900965125

    I love it

  • Terrible!!

    by Kymani M

    Crashes every time I open it. Please fix!!!

  • Good

    by Freyerf


  • Pretty good app

    by Tonygee478

    No problem with this app

  • Deleted my Gmail app

    by Imshaken

    Gmail was great untiI I grew tired of the crashes, and spam emails targeted with google's assistance. My solution? Delete the app. I'll try hotmail, yahoo or something else. A sincere thank you to Google for your email offering even if it didn't work out. g

  • Pretty good

    by 88problems

    Must-have app on iOS, but unfortunately the UI has been slow/unresponsive lately and freezing a lot

  • Useful, easy to use

    by NehaGupta

    Great app. My day doesn't start without going through my emails and the app makes it soo much easier

  • Great alternative to apple's mail app.

    by paxildanny

    I really enjoy using the gmail app. It feels fast, responsive and clean. I switched over to a dedicated app because I liked the overall design that gmail offers. It feels less cluttered, subject lines appear clearer and easier to read. I do not like the login time (a brief one or two seconds) at times it feels too long. Overall, I highly recommend this app.

  • Great app when not frozen

    by rbell

    It freezes too much. It's glitchy. I have to close it frozen once a day. I expect more from google. The app looks great and is better than the apple mail app but it needs to be fixed; it's embarrassing.

  • Google apps are great for the iphone

    by daveedo

    After using only apple's default apps such as Mail, Maps, and safari, I am amazed i waited so long to download the google equivalent apps. Your google account is tracked through all the google apps making it incredibly easy to use.

  • Excelente

    by e167272

    Muy ligera es intuitiva, la recomiendo ampliamente!

  • Google and its ways of app making

    by J_BOI@11233

    This app really helps a lot. It would be more helpful though if a google calendar app could be made...

  • Far better than the default mail service

    by omerta_184

    Title says it all. Faster, cleaner, more organized.

  • Great

    by Soraroarz

    Amazing app gmail is awesome

  • Another Google Dissapointment

    by Jejohnsr

    Well what can I say - Google use to be user friendly. Now they are just trying to get users.

  • Great mail

    by Rsharde

    It's gmail. What more need be said? Much better interface than the apple mail app that comes packaged with the iPhone. Much happier with my iPhone as a result.

  • Nice app

    by Nicole Bordwell

    I have to keep different emails and this app helps manage them all. I love it!! It separates the Junk and primary. Get it

  • Best Way To Do Email

    by LoveBlackFridays

    All my accounts at the palm of my hand in one app! Never miss an email thanks to Gmail! I love it!

  • Best email program

    by 72DAS

    This Gmail app is far superior to anything that comes with my iPad, iPhone or Mac. It helps to sort the messages into various categories. Plus it starts quickly without the delay experienced on my MacBook Pro.

  • Gmail's smarter than I am

    by Jonadale

    Sorts everything in nanoseconds.

  • Great!!

    by Mich135278030

    It's Gmail what do u expect?!?!

  • Swag.

    by HipsterThompson


  • Great!

    by RossHealea97

    Love it more than the iPhone email app! It's really convenient to have google+ as well as all of the google apps with it. Highly recommend.

  • Amazing

    by Lucky you lucky brand

    The best app ever

  • What happened?

    by Aj0486

    Used to love the app. Something happened to where the labels of notifications and promotions went missing. So I can't even see where my mail is, or if I have any in that category unless I click all mail. I'm confused.

  • It's Gmail

    by WowSoColin

    It's the same quality you expect from Google services. Ditch gmail in the Apple Mail app and use this one for greater good.

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