Notability Productivity App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Ginger Labs, Inc.

- Added awesome iOS 7 physics
- Fixed an add subject / divider issue
- Fixed a file format auto-backup bug
- Added support for the new Box API. Box users will need this update when Box stops supporting the prior API later in December.
- Other bug fixes

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Apple Editors' Choice & Best of 2013 in Smart Productivity ***ON SALE 40% OFF***
Welcome to Notability, the best-selling note-taking app on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Notability is so powerful that it will transform how you work: sketch ideas, annotate documents, sign contracts, complete worksheets, keep a journal, jot travel notes, teach a class, make a presentation and much more. With iCloud support, your notes stay up to date on all your devices!

Write, illustrate and annotate using gorgeous retina ink. Notability's zoom window helps you quickly and clearly draw every detail, while the palm rest protects your notes from unwanted marks. Choose the right pen and paper for any project.

Import forms, contracts, worksheets, documents, presentations, and even books; then use the same tools that help you take beautiful notes in Notability to mark up PDFs. Do you have files in other formats such as doc or ppt? Notability can import these too thanks to Google Drive.

Type an essay, create an outline, fill out an application, or make a list with Notability's advanced word processor. Choose a font, style, color, and size that enhances your work. Even place text exactly where you want using text boxes.

Record lectures and meetings, your own voice practicing a speech, or help a child learn to read with a recording. Also, audio recordings are an excellent review tool as they are linked to your notes; during playback, tap a word or picture and hear what was said at that moment.

Finding information quickly is an important part of note-taking. Use search to quickly locate notes by title or content. On iPad, bookmark pages of a note, filter a PDF by annotated pages, or search your note for a keyword in the page navigator.

Organize your notes by subject in the library and automatically backup all of your work to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or webDAV. Also, use these services, plus email, Airdrop, and twitter, to share your Notability files with colleagues, classmates, students or teachers. iCloud will ensure that all of your notes are automatically up to date on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Notability gives life to your ideas, stores your notes, and improves your memory and organization. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

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Customer Reviews

  • Almost perfect

    by sdeetz

    Awesome app! I have tried dozens of handwriting note apps and this is by far the easiest to use with the most features. There are just five requests for me: 1) Ability to cut/copy/paste specific pages between documents. 2) Ability to email just selected pages of a document rather than the whole file. 3) Ability to select a page and start a new document with it. 4) Ability to import documents from a FTP server. 5) Sync the audio recording with what you were drawing or typing at that moment. So you could use Notabilty as a tool for teaching, similar to Doodlecast. This would allow us to email a note as a video for someone to watch and follow along with. Also, the iPhone version of the app doesn't seem to have any way of inserting shapes or inserting a new page, bookmarking, moving pages, deleting a page, etc.

  • essential app

    by K33mun

    I use this extensively for class notes. I own pretty much every note-taking program and have settled on this. It is like the swiss army knife of note apps it does most everything very very well. I would like to see synching between pad and phone using a service other than icloud but that is my only complaint. If I only had one app on this pad it would be noteability.

  • Fantastic!

    by Blaw7868

    This app is seriously the best, it has made my life soooo much easier.

  • Great for education

    by your moms0202

    This app would be great for schools going to 1:1 with iPads. This tool is a great way to teach digital organization. Look no further for a better note taking app. I have previewed more expensive apps thinking I would be getting more for the price, but I did not.

  • Amazing

    by Prdreher

    I'm a student in college and this is literally what I use for every class. Works flawlessly

  • Amazing

    by Thecortel

    By far, the best note taking app I have ever had. However, I would like the ability to add graphs. Such as a line graph. However I ask about something useful. I tend to write my words a lot especially in math. Is it possible to have a software that converts drawings to text? Or drawn words into text?

  • Great app for college note taking

    by Statius

    Used it for 3 semesters. Keeps everything well organized into categories. Very easy to find notes to study.

  • Very usefull

    by Toni tr

    I am currently attending university and i use this app every day. Instead of printing off large pdf files for lecture or carrying three or four note books I can just use this app. You can write on pdfs. You can create new notes. You can record sound, insert video etc. hand writing and typing tools available. Overall very useful and worthwhile app to have

  • Colors

    by Baylor girls

    For the next update can you make the colors more bright and fun... But other than that I think that notability is a great app I have to use it for school and it's amazing.

  • Impeccable

    by Airjosh

    I had just sent a problem yesterday about a bug for adding dividers and subjects. Today, it was fixed. Amazing app and feedback response.

  • best app ever

    by Watershake

    Best app ever

  • Best of the BEST

    by Joneillette

    This app will change your "mojo" in school! So organized and very user friendly! I recommend 100%! Do not waste another second wasting paper! You will become an "A" student!

  • School

    by Ethanva

    My school has replaced iPads with everything I'm now failing everything and want this to end please take the app down their now giving iPads to 5th graders.

  • Great app

    by matrimcauth

    Great app overall but PLEASE add support for taking notes in landscape mode! The hand guard and zoom only support portrait mode.

  • Intuitive and compact

    by fjpoblam

    Everything in a small package, which I appreciate—unlike Evernote, which became a slow and elaborate platform instead of a note taker. I hope the developer here keeps it

  • It's pretty good

    by Big Ben Kid

    Need a setting that disables the four/five finger gestures. Few bugs that need to be fixed and some speed increase to take advantage of the 64-bit processing. Also need an option to change the size of the subjects/dividers, don't really need them to take up as much space as the are currently. Could also use a redo button.

  • Amazing.

    by Stefabug

    Notability is the only note taking app that I use. I absolutely adore it. My favorite feature is the easy to use zoom-in feature for writing so my handwriting isn't giant when I write my notes. I use this app every day at school and people are constantly looking at my notes and asking what app I use to take them because they look so great. I love that you can not only type notes, but draw and write in your own handwriting as well. I also love that I can share my notes with my classmates through email. I would recommend this app to students, it has saved me a lot of notebook paper!

  • Best note game ever

    by MS CO 2012

    This app is everything you would ever need to take notes. It doesn't slow down, lagg, glitch, you can change colors of categories, tells you how to do things on the welcome page. It will only take you 2 minutes to learn how to do everything.

  • Not sure.

    by iMasterus

    Second review: yes, google drive back-up issues (in previous version) were annoying that made the app just freeze. Hope developer have fixed that. In general, I still don't know why I bought this app :) First review: I use this app to import my documents (i.e. receipts) and keep them organized by date and automatically backed up to Google Drive.

  • more features

    by Ubopit

    for some reason the new trend of technology is to be bare bones simple, any how if there could be more options in the typing settings to outline the edges of your text as well as options on layering with the color option and typing and highlighting

  • Loved this app at first

    by iHff

    There needs to be an update with some bug fixes because this app is going down hill. Takes quite a while to focus after zooming in and has force-closed a few times recently. Also there should be a way to move notes between subjects.

  • Problems importing

    by Ktjjujjfv

    It's a good tool to use in class and taking notes, but half of the time, YOU CANT EVEN IMPORT THE MATERIALS to the app! It's constantly saying there's an "ERROR" when importing materials. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!

  • Perfect for College Srudent

    by sparkles1317

    I love this app for taking notes in my classes. It combines typing and writing abilities perfectly and has every feature you could want in a not taking app. You can also import PDF files like reading home works for classes and annotate them right on your iPad. The. When you need them you can pull them up on your iPad or even on your computer through one of the many syncing services like Dropbox!


    by Derpy hoovesie

    My BFF is a AMAZING artist! She uses this app for her art, so this is a perfect art app • Other wise I need a smaller eraser • Great app, but 3 bucks was way to high to pay

  • Current version

    by Ah9876

    Love notability but latest version continues to force close. Is completely unusable. Very disappointed.

  • Eraser

    by proovyy

    Yea the eraser seems advanced but need to fix how it erases the whole thing around...what if we need to erase just a little part or something? Other than that a great app!!

  • Awesome

    by Diana Benson

    I have to have an iPad for school this year and I have to have this app and it's so amazing!!!!!!

  • Awesome App!

    by Tsmith47

    Awesome app, always getting better, all I use! I am frequently using this as a notepad to do chemistry work however and a quick calculator addition would be really helpful for math related class calculations! I know this may not be a high demand addition but if added would say a lot about caring about your average customer's whims and may help others as well. Thank you for your time in reading this!

  • recent issues with latest SW version

    by saclark1

    I've used Notability now for a couple of years, for business and personal use. The most recent version (SW upgrade) appears to have a bug which will not let the program open. I have tried it on my Iphone5 and Ipad3 both running the latest SW from Apple. It try's to open and then closes. I have tried safe mode also but at no avail. As I need to take notes, I had to drop back to another note taking program until the problem gets resolved. Then I will give it 5 stars again.

  • Everything I need!

    by Bekbu

    This app does it all. It's great for notes, you can import PDFs, and you can even record audio. Best of all, my notes can be password-protected.

  • Almost there

    by Fischer6892

    This is far and away the best note taking app for the iPad. However there are still two things I would like to see introduced to the app. -Eraser update I would like to see a few updates to the current eraser. I think a second eraser should be introduced that acts like an actual eraser. Rather than erasing the entirety of a circle, only the portion you have gone over erases. Overall, you should be able to select the size of your eraser. -Autoshapes I understand there is a figure function built in, but having the ability to pull outa line while still on the actual note would easily streamline writing notes, and drawings a picture.

  • Year worth of notes lost

    by Kjohnsen

    App worked flawlessly until January 31st. Notes were all there, no problem. Not sure if there was an update or change in the app but every single note is gone and the support at gingerlabs repeatedly asks if the notes were backed up on iCloud or Google drive--which I've never done before and never had a problem with any note info on any app. Support indicated notes are backed up locally but they are nowhere to be found. They keep asking what I was doing when I discovered the notes gone.....I opened the app! I was thrilled with this app until a year worth of critical notes was lost. Now I would not recommend. Incidentally, Penultimate still has all my notes from 3 yrs ago!

  • I'd give it six stars if I could...

    by jhawk2474

    I finally found a note-taking app that works as you would expect it to. I've tried all the others and Notability far exceeds them. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use. The zoom feature is the best. It's very easy to move the zoom area around the page and write incredibly small. It's really easy to take a photo with your iPad and include it in your note, or use an existing photo from your library. I emailed customer service with a couple of questions and suggestions for additional features. They responded quickly and have been very helpful. Worth every penny.

  • Don't Do It!!!

    by Mod firmware

    Do not get this app!!!!!! Twice it's not saved stuff I've written....says that 'load failed' when I tried to open it, gone forever, Horrible!!! Do Not Buy!!!!!

  • Nice app

    by Sq6ra

    It is worth 3 bucks

  • Great for any class

    by Ian Craig

    This app is definitely worth buying if you are a student. I can take notes for any class whether it requires diagrams, hand written formulas for math, or word style note taking options. GENIUS... took way too long for something like this.

  • Best Note Taking App

    by Nick6778

    This app is perfect for notes, but please make it easier to switch between notes. Maybe you should be able to have two notes open at the same time...

  • This app is held to higher standards because it's the best.

    by PlayerofFuBball

    All it needs is support for Bluetooth stylus and ability to edit documents on the Mac as fluidly as you can on iOS synced through iCloud. Do this and Notability is worth 10 out of 5 stars. Students need no more. Notability is becoming Office for iPad.

  • Decent

    by BeastlyBird

    I have both Notability and Upad, and personally I think Upad is much better

  • Improvements

    by Nickname is...

    Could you guys add more colors for when I have to color different sections of the body or something. That would help. Also there is a LOT of lag on large documents. Other than that one of the easiest ways to take notes on my ipad 4

  • Great, but can you add this?

    by msunhuang

    I would like to see two notes at once so when I am copying my PDF notes to another file, it is faster and easier to use.


    by Jeffinner

    Hands down to the best app I have ever use (and I have use A LOT). The easiness, stability and perfection of this app has no comparison. I initially started using pdf-notes but it didn't have ALL the things I needed. I later on switched to good notes and loved. But THIS APP has it ALL. Ability to record audio, very long and heavy power points load fast. I love all the colors available. The papers are beautiful. The ability to add more pages to notes is incredible. It's SO WORTH MY MONEY! I love the fact that there is an iPhone version, just in case I don't have my iPad, I can keep up with my notes on my phone.

  • Great when it worked - now useless

    by Quill69

    Update crashes every time! Ruined my day.

  • Glitchy, but ok.

    by Fghdhvv

    Highlighter is weak, looks ridiculous and hardly visible. Importing word documents from google drive inexplicably changes the format of the document, which renders the app unreliable and useless to me. Fix those issues and I'll give it 5 stars. Until then, iAnnotate does everything I need and is more reliable.

  • A great app, BUT a fundamental flaw


    Firstly this is a terrific app with great functionality. I use it for taking notes in my meetings. The biggest fundamental flaw with this app occurs when a note gets to about 3 or 4 pages in length. The app slows down and becomes horribly sluggish and unusable. It seems ridiculous that it cannot handle 4 pages of plain text. One other improvement needed is an ability for sketched and diagrams to move in line with text when you add additional text later to a note. Until the sluggish issue can be resolved, I'm searching for an alternative app, which is a shame cause I do like notability.

  • Very good

    by Moss323

    I really like this app for class and I use it all the time, but I feel like the typing feature could be improved specifically when typing on a downloaded PDF. Great app. Buy it, worth every cent.

  • Notability on iPad Air

    by Lofa22

    This is a wonderful app for taking notes. It allows you to type,write, and record at the same time, but it has been giving me a hard time lately. Whenever I create a new note there is an unknown error message that constantly pops up. The message pops up multiple times. I'm not sure what the update did, but I'm not a fan of this current issue. I hope they fix this problem soon, because I can no longer use Notability without running into some sort of issue.

  • Great, but keeps crashing

    by Jessiyhfju

    This program is AMAZING for college students. Seriously, every time I use it in lecture, someone next to me asks what app it is. It has not given me a problem yet, except when I try to choose google drive as my auto back-up option. I log into google, select 'confirm', and the program crashes.

  • Just two problems

    by a-good-customer

    A great app, but it recently started to freeze randomly, making it hard to write and scroll. Additionally, it takes a much longer time to load texts that I've downloaded, so it's blocky and blurry at the same time. Otherwise, a great buy.

  • Completely satisfied.

    by HermanEC

    This app does everything it says it does and everything I need it to do very well. I'm finishing up my masters degree and I took all of my class notes and most of my research notes on this app with no problems whatsoever. For $3 I gladly give this app 5 stars.

  • Blows Evernote and it's penultimate app out of the water

    by big foot 94

    I tried Evernote, its penultimate app, and many others. This is by far the best and It's so easy to use in class. By far the best app out there for taking notes.

  • Great

    by Knicks01

    Amazing app it has everything Only thing... They need to make a system to retrieve a subject password


    by thadichin

    I set notability to back up to iCloud, dropbox AND google drive. I waited for the indicator in the bottom left to show that it was done backing up my notes (it shows a circular progress bar next the the words “backing up”, which I waited to finish) but when I switched iPads, all my notes were gone. Why did I wait thirty minutes for it to backup when it obviously did nothing? The folders in dropbox and google drive were absolutely empty. iCloud had nothing and now I’m left with no notes for a test I’m taking in days. Thanks for the C notability. If you want your notes to be backed up, pick anything else.

  • loved it

    by ghas92

    the best

  • Good app for college

    by icentsn

    It is a good app for taking note and there is a voice recorder to record your instructor's lecture .... But it needs more feature to make this app more interesting

  • Notability is a Great App, but ....

    by Firestar_Merlin

    I love Notability; it's incredibly easy to use and to switch between typing, highlighting, and handwriting. All it takes is a tap on the toolbar. Yet, I haven't been able to use it for all my needs, I tend to just use it when I'm reading/annotating PDFs. I still use Pages for note-taking primarily, even though it's not nearly as useful for notes. My problem with Notability is that there isn't a Mac version of the app where I can access all my notes and organize them better and view them from my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook and/or the fact there isn't Evernote integration. Ideally, Notability would become like Skitch or Penultimate and have its own set of Noteboks within the Evernote platform, but Notability would probably have to be bought by Evernote for that to happen. At bare minimum what I would like is being able to directly export a Notability document into Evernote, similar to how you can export a document to Google Drive or Drop Box. In conclusion, Notability is a fantastic application, especially for notes and annotating PDFs, but I would just like better access and back-up capability with either a Mac version of the app, or some sort of Evernote integration.


    by Lectrons

    Had for 3 mo. I think and design. Used to use a LOT of graph paper. Not any more. I hope the developer does not change the basic usability of this app by updating or changing a feature just to please a very few, like so many other apps end up doing. This is the best right now. Keep up the good work. If you take finger written notes or think on paper get this. Every time I use it I discover something else this app can do. I think I will also send this to the developer. SUPER! Lectrons

  • Not as great for iPad mini

    by Studman615

    Bought this app because it worked great for my friend, but when I paste the problem of a picture, it's very grainy. Please provide better quality support for iPad minis.

  • Recent Glitch

    by Plm143

    Love the app and use it every single day but there was been a glitch recently preventing me from opening certain notes. Getting really frustrated! I have to delete the note and redo whatever it was.

  • OK, but...

    by AAIGH

    Synch with iPhone is a serious bummer. The font size is either tiny or huge. It just doesn't work well. It's OK between iPads, or iPad mini, but not with iPhone.

  • New feature

    by Edwardotukpeyi

    This app is the best out there. It would be great if photos could be edited right after they are taken and before they are inserted into the note.

  • Great but no tables

    by MelJ975318642

    This app is great for note taking. My only problem is that I can't create and use tables.

  • Misspelling Mark Error

    by jdmcca

    This app marks many of my words as misspelled when they are correct.

  • Almost good but....

    by rramos713

    Wrist protection would make this app a 5 star. Please update this app with that feature being on there and making it easier on us.

  • performance is very slow

    by Caddisbug1994

    great app... but not an effective note taking platform without a mac version. please support mac SOON!!

  • Seriously...

    by Georgy_P@&)$

    Don't waste your money on other note taking apps which cost even more. This app is amazing. Does much more than I expected and with cool animations !

  • Bug fix needed

    by C in Ohio

    Like this app, use it everyday at work. Frustrated that every time I close the app window and then reopen it to resume note taking, the selected function switches arbitrarily from text to highlighting, cutting or erasing, so I try to type and find that I have to undo whatever mark it made in the wrong function and then select text again. Please fix!!

  • Perfect

    by *luke_

    Worth the money

  • Add wrist protection. Add Evernote.

    by Zheng-Yu YANG

    Without wrist protection it is useless

  • A little lag on iPad 3rd

    by Yi Rong

    It is still a little lag when browsing large PDF on iPad 3rd. Hope to improve it.

  • Great App

    by Jon Reese

    Great app overall.. Only thing I would suggest is automatic palm rejection. This would be an awesome feature and would make writing a lot easier.

  • Works great until you try a restore from backup

    by areyoujacked

    I had three existing notes that I renamed. After renaming I received an error saying the note could not be found when trying to open each one. I restored my notes from Dropbox, since I have them synced. It restored cutoff PDF images with unintelligible portions of the full notes. 2 weeks of work wasted. Do not buy.

  • No windows 8

    by El Oaxaquito

    This app is truly amazing!...such great note taking abilities!...but I need to be able to do this on my PC as well!


    by Hugs not drugs12

    This is my go to app for any notes I have to take for any of my classes. It's great! A cheap app that works and is super easy to use, will recommend for all students!

  • Love this, BUT

    by AshleyZM

    A huge problem I have is hitting the undo button and then thinking, oops, I shouldn't have done that. Well, too bad because there is NO REDO (i.e. Undo that undo) button!! This is one of the best apps (or was when I last researched) but that seems like a major flaw. Otherwise, it's my favorite!

  • Was perfect/now crashes consistently

    by #Pragma

    I've had this app since Nov 2013. In terms of features it is the best of breed, so Congrats to GL for such a perceptive product! However, for the last month, the app crashes consistently on my new iPad mini - will simply never open, not even in "Safe" mode. I was keeping backups on GoogleDocs in the native ".note" format and so was able to access all my files via my iPhone, but can't really use the app on my iPhone. I've submitted an email to support, will post what happens.

  • Crash

    by trinadi

    Crashes when I try to open app

  • Bad

    by criko

    Can I get my money back?

  • Best note taking app available

    by Acilius

    This app (in combination with others) has enabled me to go completely paperless in my professional life. Not only does it offer the ability to immediately sync the notes to an online databank (Box, Google, Dropbox [my preference], etc.), but also to add pictures (either from the camera roll or taken ad hoc w/ the camera; all of which can be cropped/edited) and continue working. The only improvement that I can imagine is the addition of the option of archiving notes (old daily notes). This is by and far the most sophisticated note-taking app available

  • The best note app

    by elcastigador

    The more I used it the more it amazes me with what is capable of doing.

  • Awesome app except...

    by Nicdehoyos

    I love this app. It is beautifully made and very easy to use. The only thing that bugs me is a bug when writing notes: it will delete the last drawn mark for no reason... Please fix and I will give a five star rating again!!

  • Awesome App except for shapes....

    by Shhdshjhvvc

    I use this app for school and doodling. It is great, except for one major problem. Shapes and images. When cropping images it leaves extra white space where it once was. I also wish there was an option to use shapes more freely without making it like an image. I want something like they have on Microsoft word with shapes. It would be great to draw in and adjust the shape of it without it being like an image.

  • Bugged

    by Rajang warrior

    I've literally been unable to use this app for 1-3 YEARS because it won't let me do anything on notes.

  • Notability

    by Hi huge

    Honestly, I love Notability. I am a student, and I use it all the time at school. Much quicker and better than paper. The only suggestion I have is that when typing, I wish that you could insert columns!

  • My go to note taking app, but...

    by hcknopp

    There are too many small, yet obnoxious, bugs, that make this app frustrating at points. The one I'm finding frequently with this version is when using number and letter indentation, it will duplicate the last letter or number when I press enter. For example if I was writing "A. Notability is a good app" then pressed enter, it doesn't move to point "B." It will give me another point "A." It happens several times a session and it Shouldn't happen at all!

  • Amazing!

    by Big Dan and rosie

    The reason I chose to buy an ipad over all the other tablets for SCHOOL USE is because of this app. This app is perfect for taking notes in any class. It's intuitive in its design and extremely simple to use. The ability to record the lecture and link the audio to the notes I take, takes this app to the next tier. Thanks for such an awesome, useful app!

  • Great app! Needs more pens

    by Fallen Shuffler

    This is a great app, I recommend it to all my friends that have iPads. But it would be even better if we has multiple pens and high lighters for quick color switching instead of going into the pencil and changing the colors

  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    by The Cragan

    Can't praise it enough for ease of use and flexibility. The features are easily the best implemented and functional of all the apps I have used for taking notes and I have tried MANY! I have finally found my solution for a one stop shop in note taking and this app has changed the way I am able to use my devices and enabled me to be more productive. This thing simply rules the competition!

  • Very good app

    by Kristen

    App works well and everything I just wish you could choose the subject you want to upload a file into such as: PDF instead of uploading the file and then having to move the document to the desired subject after the fact. That's the only complaint.

  • iPad air

    by Whitedovez

    This is useful for any students and myself. Use on my mini iPad then Eventually I change to iPad air n it crash every time I open it!

  • Excellent app for note taking!

    by Headoverhooves

    I got this app expressly because it allows both typed notes and handwritten on the same document. It is perfect for people like me who still want to capability to copy down figures or graphs that an instructor has on the board. I love the highlighting features, plus the erasing and copying and pasting are very intuitive. Lastly, the fact that it was incredibly simple to sync this app with Dropbox so that I will always have a backup copy of my notes is wonderful. It also provides recordings and pictures to be attached to documents. Everything I wanted this app has delivered and more. It is a fantastic tool for students or for jotting notes in meetings. I highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Doesn't work for me anymore?

    by Wolowizard2000

    I'm a college student and this app used to be invaluable for me. But I just recently got a new iPad and Notability won't import documents to take notes on anymore. Instead, it asks me if I want to convert the document in Google Drive, which is dumb because I never had to go through this step before. Then it gets stuck in this step and I can't get it to go further. So the app is pretty much useless to me now. Deleted it.

  • Good but have some minor problems

    by Dkyjc

    The app itself is great, but when I click on share in a newly created subject, which contains no note, the app is force closed.

  • Crashes

    by skarchmit

    Thought it was great until my imported ebook keeps crashing the app. I cant use this for college!

  • Best app for note taking!

    by Zstude

    I recently received a iPad air this past Christmas and was in the search for a good notetaking app. After endless reviews and searching for the best app I decided to go with notability. This was definitely the right decision! I am a college level students and take many different types of notes using notability. it's a very versatile app and I highly recommend it to any student.

  • Great App!

    by Mary21382

    I love, love this app. In class I carry my textbook & my iPad mini and that's it! I take all my note using this app & a stylus. My notes look colorful & cool without carrying all the diff pens and highlighters with me. I love sharing my notes to cause they come out so pretty and cool.

  • Great, some problems

    by jen_93

    I love this app but most of the time when I write with my stylus dots appear on the screen and it messes up my writing! I know it’s not my wrist, as they appear far away from where my palm is. This mostly occurs when creating my own note, but still often enough when annotating PDFs. It’s very annoying to have to write 1 character then stop and erase until I get the stray marks!

  • Palm rest

    by csal80

    Great app, my only complaint is the palm rest. If you have your multi task gestures turned on, using the palm rest can interfere and initiate a screen change or card view. Also the control center often can be initiated too, even when you turn the gestures off. Please make an option within the app to disable multi task gestures and control center when app is open, sort of like how you have the option to keep the screen awake.

  • Well-rounded

    by Mapletheshnippa

    Device used: iPad Mini Let's get some background info in here; I'm a sophomore in high school taking 3 advanced classes, 2 of which require extensive note-taking. One of them is advanced intro to physics. The ability to 1) take pictures of notes on the board, 2) type notes when needed, and 3) write down sample problems with my stylus is insanely helpful. I was struggling big time before in that I had no place to keep all of my pictures, notes and sample problems in one place. Notability has everything nicely organized. The ability to create multiple folders for different subjects is also very helpful. For my other note-savvy AP class, ancient medieval history, there's a ton of stuff that must be written down. Each part of history needs it's own section, but with notability that's not an issue. Within each subject folder you can create multiple pages with infinite space. The hand-writing abilities that come with notability are especially lovely. Even on this iPad mini, handwritten notes are no issue. The app even includes palm rests that block out the bottom of your screen so you don't leave stray marks from resting your palms on the screen (it's adjustable too!). All in all, notability is probably the best app ever created for nite taking. Even on the iPad mini. Hope you guys found this review helpful!

  • Confusing to use

    by Krazybitch20

    It doesn't show me how to do everything but it's really good I haven't used it yet but I'm going to try it out tomorrow

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