Fantastical 2 - Calendar and Reminders Productivity App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Flexibits Inc.

- Tapping and holding any back button now jumps back to the top view
- Typing "task" or "todo" when creating a new item now keeps auto-capitalization enabled
- Added support for Bold Text accessibility option
- Improved reliability of App Icon Badge
- Various fixes and improvements

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162 Ratings
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1020 Ratings



The award-winning, best-selling calendar app has been redesigned and reimagined for iOS 7, including new features such as reminders, a new week view, and much more!

"Great iOS 7 update to my favorite iPhone calendar app. Looks great, works great, and now integrates iOS reminders." - John Gruber (Daring Fireball)
“...if you need a pure replacement for the iPhone's stock calendar-app, Fantastical 2 is your best bet.” - The Verge
"Fantastical is one of those apps that just works. Love it." - Jim Dalrymple (The Loop)
"Fantastical is my new favorite iPhone app. It looks great, it works reliably, and, more importantly, it made managing my schedule better." - MacStories
“Fantastical 2 is not only the absolute best calendar app on iOS, but the best reminders app as well.” - iMore

Just enter "Lunch with Elon in Palo Alto on Friday" and Fantastical 2 will schedule it! Or type in "todo buy milk at 5pm" and a reminder will alert you at 5PM! If your device supports dictation* you can speak the details for your event or reminder and Fantastical 2 will handle the rest.

• Reminders!
   - See your events and dated reminders together in the main list
   - Add reminders directly from the Reminders list or new event screen - just flip the switch to toggle between events and reminders
   - Set dates, times, and geofences (when I arrive/when I leave)

• Significant new parser features, including:
   - Create reminders by starting your sentence with "reminder", "todo", "task", or "remind me to"
   - Expanded, expressive repeating events such as third Thursday of every month, every weekend, last weekday of the month, and more
   - Create alerts with phrases such as "remind me tomorrow at 3PM", "alert 1 hour before", or "alarm 3PM"

• All-new event details, including a map to show your event’s locations and better repeating event options
• An elegant week view when you rotate your iPhone to landscape
• Background app updating allows events, reminders, and alerts to be pushed to Fantastical 2 even if you don't launch the app very often
• An extended keyboard when creating new events or reminders, providing instant access to numbers and symbols for dates and times (only for 4" screens)
• Birthday options - tap on a birthday to see contact information or send a quick greeting
• TextExpander support
• Many other refinements and improvements

• The easiest and fastest way to add new events or reminders
• Just type in your details or use dictation* and watch your words magically turn into an actual event or reminder!

• Fantastical 2's DayTicker is the efficient and enjoyable way to see your schedule
• The expansive and beautiful event list makes it easy to find your events
• Tap an event or reminder to show and edit its details
• Tap and hold an event to duplicate, move, or share
• Use search to instantly locate specific events or reminders
• View and manage your Facebook events

• Supports the same calendar services as the built-in Calendar app, including iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and more!
• Fantastical 2 is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
• Just type or speak* your event or reminder in any of these languages and Fantastical will automatically understand

With its powerful natural language event and reminder creation, DayTicker, calendar, and week view, Fantastical 2 is the fastest and friendliest scheduling app you'll ever use!

* Dictation requires an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPod touch (5th generation or later) and Internet access.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfection !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    I have tried many applications without being 100% satisfied. I am a professional managing a corporation and I am taking the time to praise this application. On my iphone 5S it functions like a charm ! Perfection in thoughtful utilities , perfect UI. The developer is a genius and understands perfectly the needs of the user. I warmly recommend that you use this application that will make your planning easy and clear ! Congratulations to the team ! I am looking forward to the iPad version !:-) I want to add with an apology that any critic of this app is totally unfounded ! Someone saids it doesn't integrate reminders perfectly ?? I have several folders in reminders native app and trust me there are never one single error ! Everything shows ! I say also BRAVO on the ethical side as whatever you add or modify in fantastical2 is updated in the calendar and reminder native apps

  • This is the best app for Cal and reminders.

    by ROARbah

    I don't normally write reviews but this app deserves 5 stars!! Perfect app for all my calendar and reminder needs. LOVE it!!

  • Just amazing!!!

    by Hogaxhydgh

    I hate all the fill in fields in iphone calendar. This calendar so simple luv luv luv it!

  • Subtle Sophisticated Simplicity

    by omaco

    This is a Mac design philosophy. Funtastical has just the right mix of simplicity and sophistication. First of all, you just use it. When you want more features, voila! They are easy to find. Great app.

  • Great app, helpful people

    by Camilou92

    I love this calendar. So easy to use! But I was having some trouble syncing with Outlook. Fantastical support was so helpful, even though it was an Outlook problem. Highly recommend.

  • Makes actually useful!

    by donotfearnature

    The integration with the system Reminders is super useful. I could never use the standalone app but everything about the Reminders integration is perfect. Also: no setup required! Love that it just pulls it all from the calendars/reminders setup on the phone already.

  • Lovely

    by Daniel Levy

    Much better than the built in calendar app.

  • Perfection !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    Great app, read the Q&A to discover amazing tricks. When you want an appointment or task or todo typing it the application understands immediately what type of event. Example : lunch February 17th at 3 PM fantastical set everything correctly without a mistake. Though CSR needs learn some better manners ... need to take a course on communication and have better empathy

  • Fantastic App

    by Michie22

    I could nitpick about a couple of minor options I would like, but I won't. I am simply amazed by this app, and how much better it is than the native calendar app.

  • Yep

    by metllicamilitia

    Fantastical knows how to calendar, and well. It's really the only calendar I use anymore. I'm not a big calendar user so having a very user friendly one like Fantastical helps a lot.

  • Excellent App, Highly Recommend

    by Klward

    I downloaded the desktop version as a trial. It was advertised for half off regular price. I was so impressed with Mac version I also downloaded the iPhone version. This app puts both calendar and To Do together in one app. The initiative input makes adding information a breeze. I've moved the calendar and To Do apps to another page and fantastical has replaced them both on my front page. With 7 days left on my trial for the desktop, I decided to purchase the app. However, when I tried to download it the price had increased to its regular price. I contacted fantastical and explained the situation. They responded quickly and cheerfully allowed me to purchase the desktop version for the amount it was advertised for when I began the trial period. I'm impressed with the product and the service. Highly recommend.

  • Best calendar app for iPhone

    by SizS1ck

    Awesome interface, pleasing to the eye and has great speech translation to quickly and accurately add events.

  • This has replaced Calendar

    by deverman

    This is a very well done app that has replaced my calendar.

  • Excellent

    by DavisEngeler

    This is possibly my favorite and most used app on my phone. It basically brings the calendar features from OS X (natural language parsing, default alerts, etc) to iOS. Much better than the calendar built into iOS. If you're a heavy calendar user, there's no question: buy it.

  • Perfection !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    Great app Though CSR needs learn some better manners ... need to take a course on communication and have better empathy

  • Home page calendar app!

    by mjcostajr

    Been using Fantastical since it came out and it's by far the BEST calendar app for iOS. If you haven't tried it you're missing you. Download it now and you won't regret it. If you use a Mac, don't forget to get the desktop app as well. It will make your life so much easier!

  • I talk, it fills out the info

    by vectorbabe

    Launch the app. Click +. Speak human words. "Go to Dr. Smith this Friday at 11 am." Hit done. The app fills in all the details and saves it as an event. Which is then automatically entered in the main iCal calendar. I am thrilled with this product!

  • Beautiful app

    by Therealseanism

    Beautiful app and always improving. They've added Waze as a map option which is terrific.

  • Best calendar app

    by Flagrant system error

    Apple should take some cues.

  • Best app of all!!

    by Docthegolfer

    This calendar is the best app I have ever used! Simple but powerful! A real value indeed!

  • Just fabulous.

    by Kevens

    This is how most apps should be, multifunctional and pleasant to use. Highly recommended.

  • Best Calendar App

    by Justin Norman

    It's so full of features, I can't think of anything more I'd want in a calendar app. I use it to manage both my personal appointments and my Facebook events.

  • Best Calendar app ever

    by Camel Handel

    I have used every calendar app ever made. There has been no one app that does everything well until this one. It performs each function without a hitch, never slows down like other apps while they are syncing, and offers simple organized and beautiful functionality. I am a working mom who is so dependent on my calendar to deliver correct and seemless functioning - this one does just that. Thank you thank you

  • Nice alternative

    by Chuckie88

    Very well designed and a great alternative to the Apple calendar app.

  • Still meh

    by drjwr

    Offers no particular advantage that I can see over the native app: iOS 7 shows all reminders; Siri makes calendar appointments; and, it's not as attractive as the gorgeous native app. And why does the app ask to access your contacts since you can't link directly back from a person in the calendar to their contact, the one true improvement the app actually could make over the native app? No calendar app will be run on my phone that asks for access to my contacts but then does not fully and directly open that contact from my iOS 7 contact list. It's a simple user request that no calendar app, except for Tempo, currently meets.

  • Great app!

    by DaveDorn

    This is all an app should be, lots of capability and easy to use! Apple should upgrade its calendar!

  • Viable calendar replacement

    by Tivosity

    I've been using this app for about a month, and I honestly think it's substantially better than the default calendar app. I wish this company would do the same thing with the default email app (can I have ios 6 back pleeeez??)

  • Need an iPad app

    by Jestans

    Works on iPhone. I can't believe it is not available as an iPad app.

  • Best Calendar App

    by rallycar27

    So many features. Easy set up. Way better than the default calendar. LOVE!

  • Fantastic

    by faisalislam

    Fantastical is just fantastic :D Love it.

  • Replaced iOS Calendar AND Reminders

    by brettof86

    Excellent app that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Takes advantage of the existing Reminders and Calendars built into iOS but puts a beautiful interface over it. Love this app

  • Not usable on ipad

    by Pat Z

    Fantastical looks really really bad on an ipad. It becomes non responsive if used in 2x mode. Complete waste of $2!!!!!

  • Doesn't show date

    by naturefaith

    It's a great app but why not put the number of the day on the icon like Apple does?

  • The best calendar ever

    by Dimpleschick

    If you don't like the current calendar in your iPhone, switch to this one. It is easy to add entries by text or voice, much easier to see and use than the original. Check out all the features and download it on your phone. You won't be disappointed and it's worth the price. Excellent tech support too.

  • Excellent calendar

    by User_drrk65

    Love the natural language feature and also the ease with which it integrates with various todo apps. I wish the week view had more flexibility.

  • Superb, best calendar!

    by thesaltygeneral

    Please add weather like Sunrise app. It's one great missing feature that can take this up one notch!

  • Perfection !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    This is an application driven by a mind in search of excellence. Absolutely perfect in all details. And great ethical sort of speaking as the developer does respect the native applications (iCal , reminder and tasks ) in all regards. Congratulations for this very professional product that ease my planning ! Thank you ! I add today that it functions without an error ! A must have for any serious business man taking advantage of the power of the iphone. Just waiting the iPad version as a real must for any professional , today the tablet is slowly replacing the laptop or desktop. Apple is planning a pro tablet and for planning purposes with clarity fantastical2 is mandatory on a full iPad version

  • Love the App Not the Icon...

    by Jordan.Benaderet

    Great interface, just wish they redesigned the logo to go along with iOS 7, which would make it simpler and more bold.

  • Smart calendar

    by itomitch

    Natural language dictation mind blowingly smart. Very efficient. 2 in 1 reminders + calendar.

  • Amazing

    by Sewy

    This replaces both the Calender and Reminders apps. Very high quality. The language parser is the best feature.

  • One star until someone gets back to me

    by orngblue

    I used to love this app, then I updated it. It does the whole tutorial: tap and drag to change from single week to the month- works fine. Then the tutorial takes you from month view back- it has been stuck here for a couple of weeks. I miss this awesome app- please fix so that I can give it the five stars it deserves. I have an updated iPhone 5s

  • Clever

    by Balancedi

    Clever way of entering and browsing appointments and to dos. The user interface is a bit unusual but I quickly grew to love it. Simple & smart.

  • Best Calendar App - Combines Reminders and Events

    by lilasiian8

    This is my first app review, Fantastical 2 is just that great! This app keeps all my reminders and events all in one place. It utilizes the whole screen and is very efficient. Definitely my favorite app!!! This app is priceless, it honestly pays for itself!!

  • Was looking for a better calendar.

    by jerrygerber

    Didn't find it here. I tried. I love how it looks and acts but when you are looking ahead and trying to add an event it does not always show it on the right date after you enter it in. Makes it hard to be a good calendar when it does that.

  • I am obsessed

    by JocelynSutton

    This app has made keeping my schedule and 50million things to do straight. I am way more effective with fantastical - please add an ipad version! Please please please!

  • Best calendar app!

    by kgresko

    When is there going to be an iPad version? Would like to use this app in landscape mode to show what you see in the iPhone version.

  • Everything I wanted in a calendar app

    by upset_shopper

    Love everything about this app!

  • Great Calendar App

    by Techchef

    I love this app and it has become my go to calendar since day 1 of downloading it. Please come out with an ipad app so it can sink back and forth. It's a hassle that I have a great calendar app on my phone but have to use the native app on my ipad.

  • Even better than before!

    by nb8019

    The new Reminders integration along with new looks and slicker interactions make this the best calendar app around. And now, it’s a serious contender to take over my task management as well. Where Apple bungled Reminders, Fliexibits picked up the slack in a big way. This app is amazing.

  • What the stock Calendar app should be

    by theshoney

    Terrific calendar app. Love the month view.

  • Needs iPad Mini Retina version

    by DanMc85

    I love this app on the iPhone, but it looks awful on the iPad Mini Retina since it has no native resolution... please update! then 5 stars will be awarded.

  • Stuck in tutorial.

    by nlcorley

    App won't advance past tutorial. Probably was a great app. Too bad something that costs money doesn't work.

  • Best calendar app on the market

    by VNPMNR

    I tried to think of a suggestion to put in this review, but I can't even think of one. Just a solid, intuitive, and feature-rich app.

  • Ze bestest

    by tomes275

    Better than calvectia which I use to think was ze bestest. Easier and more intuitive to use.

  • No iPad app?

    by Thundercizzle

    I dont understand why there isn't an iPad app. The reasons why there should be one are too many to name. I also dont see birthdays showing up in fantastical. I wish we could also view a full page view of just a particular day and set check list reminders to repeat.

  • Incredible

    by H word

    For real. It's incredible.

  • Couldn't be better

    by jdubois75

    I don't know how they could make this app any better! Great thing about these debs though, is that they will find a way!

  • Really Nice but

    by Henrik_scheel

    ... Could you please remove the name "Fantastical" in every calendar event in the message center. Really annoying to see that like ten times.

  • Really?

    by Jsj22222


  • The Best Calendar and Reminder App

    by Craig Hufffstetler

    I've tried all of the calendar and reminder apps out there. I can say, without a doubt, that Fantastical is the by far the best calendar and reminder app out there. Use and abuse it all you want and it will manage every reminder, every meeting, every event and everything you want to remember or be reminded of. And once you have it, you won't have to remember a thing! Just keep your iDevice charged and let it do its thing. It's well worth its current price tag of only $1.99. Get it now to save time, headaches and the pains of sticking with default, out of the box junk.

  • Same problem as the default calendar

    by magelight5

    Fantastical has no native google integration and gets all the calendar data from the apple default calendar, which means it has the same problem as the apple default: no access to google calendars you are subscribed to but don't manage. Therefore, useless to me. That's 2 bucks wasted...

  • Best available!!

    by Mdbolinsky

    Absolutely the best calendar app on the market. User friendly and integrates seemlessly. Well worth the nominal fee for such a high quality app.

  • Great! But no Facebook RVSP

    by sangyeij

    Great calendar. It might even be the best, but I can't understand why it doesn't allow you to RVSP to Facebook events. This is essential. Please add it!!! That'll get my 5 stars, and a place on my home screen.

  • Love it :)

    by Tapdaht

    I've been using this since the release date and must say it's the best calendar and reminder app. I've ever used. Easy input phrases which makes scheduling appointments seamless :) example "remind me to cancel plans with .... At 2pm today" Bam it's done!

  • Color Import

    by Shereenjohnson

    This does not import the colors of your appointments as pre-set in Outlook. If you want different colors for your appointments you have to change them manually. Double work.

  • iPad version please

    by tbuodon

    Love the customization. Easy to make events. Easy to see your day in list view and to jump to a specific date. Plus integrating reminders is quite nice. Maps integration and choice is a pleasant surprise. So glad this supports iCal invites. Makes me not have to go into iCal for much. Love that! A few features to make it more awesome would be... 1. iPad optimization 2. Ability to hide all day events from the weekly quick view calendar (or even list view) at top so you can see better a reflection of the day.

  • What is everyone excited about?

    by elephantear

    This app is a confusing garbled mess and a waste of money.

  • The best calendar for the iPhone

    by Lion_crazz

    I have tried many calendar apps and this one is by far the best. And it has so many features that make it better than apples calendar as well. Definitely a must have for anyone concerned with getting things done on the iPhone.

  • Doesn't give you day grid

    by TheDAKster

    Unlike most other calendar apps this doesn't give you a grid view option for a single day. For complex schedules this is a must

  • Crashed

    by Magda Creed

    I have had this app for a week and it has totally crashed on me! Can't so anything!

  • You need an iPhone 4S or newer for this app

    by Robert in Silicon Valley

    I was reading through the great reviews and all excited about the great voice recognition. Exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the App Store only mentions compatible with iPhone and optimized for iPhone 5. Wonderful for all of you that own a 5. Tech support helped me (not) quite fast telling me that the iPhone 4 does not support dictation. I guess that google has just done a great job with voice recognition on the 4 as the phone does not support this feature. Thank you Google for giving me voice. Make sure you have a newer version of the iPhone if you want to enjoy Fantastical. I sure do not enjoy it. One star for fooling me, the second star for a decent calendar.

  • Prefer WeekCal, better mapping, calendar views

    by samisite

    This app is ok. Better that default ipad/iPhone app. Thought I would like it because the reminders appear with the calendar so gave it a try. But in the end, went back to WeekCal on my ipad because of the variety of views like week and the monthly with detail instead of dots. Both are very helpful. Also I found the linking to contacts and mapping better in WeekCal than this app. Like the google map linking in WeekCal much better and really use that a lot.

  • bouncy

    by Little Bobby Truth Tables

    Animations make this app a delight to use. Text parsing makes it to turn the information in your head into an event or reminder.

  • Great app

    by d112345

    It's a great replacement for Apples calendar app. It's easy to input dates. Get the desktop version as well for even more goodness.

  • Great calendar

    by LaxRef54

    Best calendar I've tried.

  • Omnifocus integration!

    by melliott79

    Omnifocus is my primary productivity app, and I like that it syncs with my calendar. I am beyond thrilled that it syncs with this app too!!! 5 stars!

  • Exceptional

    by JoeAlbert94

    I was looking for a replacement that was like the iOS 6 calendar. Not only is this app like the old calendar - it is far superior. Excellent product with superior customer service. They answered my question on twitter within the minute and solved my only problem. Couldn't recommend it more.

  • Perfection !

    by iT'sUpToMe Productions

    This is an application driven by a mind in search if excellence. Absolutely perfect in all details. And great ethical sort of speaking as the developer does respect the native application in all regards. Congratulations for this very professional product that ease my planning ! Thank you !

  • Badge does not update - bug?

    by rking05

    A bug? Because this app is temporarily on sale and because of the great reviews, I decided to download it, even though I was fairly happy using Agenda Calendar 4. But, as another user mentioned, the badge count does not always update until I click on the icon to make it reflect the remaining items items due for the day. This is such an extremely important feature that is missing and the reason I'm docking the app 2 stars in this review.

  • So far so good!

    by Peach5757

    Been using fantastical 2 for a few days now and I'm really liking it. I was using calenmob but I didn't like the look very much and it didn't integrate with the home screen that shows what's on your schedule for the day. I was able to sync all of my google calendars. They just have to be synced into your iPhone/iCloud first. I wish I could change the colors of my google calendars in the app bc they show up different in google vs fantastical and that bothers me. But other than that I'm a fan!

  • Simply Awesome. Thank you!

    by meeoch

    Love it!

  • Badges go away

    by iphone84

    I'm surprised no on else is seeing this. I'm very tech savvy and I know it's nothing else but a bug. My badge no. showing number of tasks/calendar appts. goes away sometimes or does not update timely enough. I have to open the app first, then close for it to display.

  • Quirky but amazing

    by arthurpjohnson

    The Siri integration in this app merits 5 stars all by itself. Just say "Murder Caesar on March 15 2pm, duration 30 minutes, at the Forum in Rome, Italy" and watch it do the rest. Just a couple of quirks annoy me: 1. After setting up your new appointment, Fantastical IMMEDIATELY takes you back to today. So you can't review and possibly change the details of the appointment. 2. As a default, Fantastical shows no "empty" days between appointments. You can change this in the defaults and I always do, but it's a pain. 3. Switching from Linear to Monthly view or back again isn't intuitive. They implicitly admit this by making you practice the gesture before leaving you alone when you first set up the app. The gesture should be rethought instead. That said, this probably my favorite of all iOS apps. Hope they eventually get around to creative the iPad version.

  • Great app - replace icon

    by Tesslink

    Great app, but the icon should be replaced to fit in better with the iOS 7 aesthetic.

  • Terrific Calendar

    by Susan Freiberg

    Easy to use and share a calendar w/ your significant other. They keep improving it and will get back to you if you are having a problem. I highly recommend this app.

  • Best calander app for an iPhone

    by Deabi

    Simple easy and creative calander app

  • Superb app!

    by bennykan91

    This app is just perfect! Everything you need in a calendar app. Simple to use! This app is too awesome that I have to write a review. I have it 4 stars because of the icon. If only they can change it to for the iOS theme.

  • Simple is good

    by typo_kign

    I've gotten too tied into various overly complicated apps for calendars and to-do's. Decided to give this app a try and it has convinced me to embrace simplicity. The biggest selling point for me was the integration with iOS Reminders since I've decided to go back to having my to-do's and calendar in one app. iOS reminders have become useful enough that I feel that I can finally ditch my dedicated, overpowered To-Do app and just live with the Apple way. And now I can [largely] manage reminders right in Fantastical. Haven't explored the natural language parsing too much but so far it has understood whatever I have typed/spoken in when adding a new event/item. So, I'm happy with this app. It has forced me to rethink what I really need/want and has made things simpler.

  • Nice app but notifications will not work for me

    by JomadadoDotCom

    I enjoy this calendar app, however, the notifications do not work at all on my iPhone or iPad. I've tried to set the notifications in the app, in Settings, in the app and Settings... nothing works. Besides that, it's an interesting replacement calendar app.

  • Not up to the hype

    by sperry23

    I needed an app that synchs my iPhone 5S (IOS7) with my Mac (Mountain Lion). I bought both the iPhone and Mac apps and found they do not synch at all. The help file provides no useful information, nor does their website. There is no useable User Guide.

  • Almost perfect

    by Yuumoushin

    The functionality is without a doubt, heads above the stock app by Apple. Some general comments and thoughts. 1) It integrates well with reminders, but isn't perfect. I still need to use the default reminders from time-to-time (but it's nice to be able to see them in Fantastical 2). 2) Being able to vocally dictate location based reminders directly from the app would be nice (that may be a limitation from Apple's side). 3) The option to change the app's default color scheme would be nice. 4) I dig the additional row for numbers on the iPhone 5 series - after using he app for a while, I can think of a few instances where I wished other apps offered the same feature. 5) I wish developers were allowed to also integrate a live date tile, like the stock app (rather than via a notification badge).

  • Awesome!!!

    by IIIChrisIII

    I liked the design of the iOS calendar before ios7. Even the new one isn't bad, but it takes way too many taps to do something simple. Fantastical 2 eliminates that completely. I love the month view with the list below it. And best of all, the multiple colored dots under each day to represent events from different calendars; genius! Why doesn't the iOS app offer that? Solid app!

  • Why no iPad version?

    by Snoe125

    I like this on iPhone, but needs a full HD iPad version. I need this to function well on both.

  • Top of the line

    by Anttgod

    This is a great app, I use it every day, would recommend for anybody that uses a calendar app or to do app all the time

  • Awesome

    by CalderH

    Beautiful interface. Easy to use.

  • Calendar app missing calendar items

    by The emusifyer

    This is a decent app. As a calendar app, it is missing one thing that would push it to the top. It desperately needs the ability to turn on/off holidays and other special days. For example; I have to look at different calendar to find out when Mother's/Father's Day or Easter is this year. These days effect our schedules greatly and how we plan our schedules. Also, the reminder needs to allow a repeat reminder on a specific week day, not just a time duration. If i set a reminder for trash or to sign invoices on a Monday and it gets delayed due to a holiday and the reminder gets completed on Tuesday, the next week the reminder is then on Tuesday, not still on Monday like it should be. This seriously needs fixed.

  • Have tried them all

    by ToddPDX

    Fantastical 2 has the best package: useful calendar views, event entry speed, and general coolness. Also, fast and clean. Just rotate it and watch the gorgeous animation. Version 2 is worth it to support great developers and it adds lots of features. All your reminders are inline and easily editable.

  • Love it but...

    by Phillyslix constantly crashes with iPhone 5S. I've restored my iPhone as new and it still crashes. Hope you can fix the issue with an update soon. Other than the crashes, this would be a 5 star app.

  • iPhone 5s on latest iOS

    by neosiri5

    I owned the first version, and reluctantly moved forward with this purchase before the initial sale ended. I have no problem with devs making money and see this newer version as a necessary extension of that need. That said, I docked 'em a couple of stars for lack of options with regard to the color schemes. I'd greatly appreciate a couple of subdued alternatives (and an icon that sheds the last vestige of skeumorphism from prior iterations of iOS, ie, the turning page at its lower right corner).

  • Unbelievable App!

    by jdtemple

    Well done! This app is amazing. My calendars and reminders all in one app, with a fast and easy to use interface. All I can ask for is an iPad version!

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