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- More detailed Pencil troubleshooting guide. 

- Various bug fixes.

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Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web. Try it free—buy additional tools from the in-App Store.

Paper was designed from the ground up for touch and creating on the go. No fussy buttons, settings or other distractions. Paper works the way you think, like a familiar notebook or journal. Have all of your ideas with you in one place.

Productivity meets beauty. No settings. Always beautiful—like great tools should be. Just pick up a tool and instantly begin to Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color. Draw comes free with Paper.

Our custom ink engine reacts to your movements to optimize each tool for the process of creation. Get a range of expressions from a single tool without fussing with settings for great handwriting, beautiful coloring, and sketching that just works.

We love mistakes. Use two fingers to Rewind to any previous point in time without leaving your flow.

Built for the iPad's brilliant display. With a full 2048x1536 canvas, see stunning details in your creations you couldn’t before—like pencil texture and watercolor edge bleed.

Share your ideas instantly. Stream pages to Tumblr, send them over email, or share pages with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs ability to adjust brush sizes

    by Timmay270

    This app really is the best of its kind on the App Store right now. It's interface is the cleanest I've ever seen and the finger touch controls are so intuitive and natural. It really takes advantage other the big iPad screen without cluttering up the screen like a lot of similar art/drawing apps do. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars at the moment is that the only thing it's missing is the ability to change/adjust brush sizes. Now, you could say that's what the zoom feature is for, and although it is a brilliantly designed aspect of the app for adding in those small details, it is just not the same as being able to adjust brush sizes on the fly. In reality I would give 4 1/2 stars for the current version of the app. But since I can't give half stars on here, I'll stick with 4 for now. Really really love the app, I'm eagerly anticipating an update!


    by Drowzbird

    I love this app but, I'm just begging for an undo button because one little miss lick can ruin the entire thing and when you erase and go over it it's ugly

  • Almost great but no iCloud integration

    by Choreilly

    Still no iCloud integration? What gives? -1 star for the delay. Update: They listened and gave us the ability to hide Made With Paper stack. Adding back 1 star. Thanks! Now waiting for iCloud integration. ==== This app has great potential. Beautifully designed and easy to use. -2 stars for two reasons. A stack of other people's drawings can't be deleted. Why? Make it delectable. No iCloud? I lose all content when I reset my iPad. Please add iCloud. Doesn't make sense without it.

  • Great for graphic designers

    by Sergio Arboleda

    I am a graphic designer I used this app all the time to put my ideas in one single place. This is great as a sketchbook

  • this update problem

    by skype yuieehere

    5stars for this update!! after this update , exported images in cameraroll shows exactly. (no changed to black background) thank you.

  • Amazing app but bummed because "Pencil" doesn't work with ipad 2

    by A reader delighted

    I love this app. It is beautiful to work with and the interface allows me to be as creative and expressive as I can be. I was so excited to get the new 53 Pencil but it's expressive functions don't work with older ipads. Bummed! But the app is still awesome.

  • My go to sketchpad

    by !@#$1

    First of all, I like the way it looks and feels. It's very pleasing, just like my real world art supplies. I have two other drawing/painting apps, which are excellent, but I find that I use this one most often. I think, because it's so simple, I'm not afraid to put something down really quickly. The limitations of the tools just means there are fewer decisions to make. It's like having just one pen in your pocket. The more I use it, the better it gets.

  • So much potential!

    by Sparklearmy

    I have downloaded a lot of sketching/doodling/writing apps, and this is among the most aesthetically pleasing. I like the interface alright, and the tool functions are okay. I purchased the Essentials kit and Mixer in hopes to really get a better feel of the program. However, I feel like this is where is stops. This is an amazing app for those who just want to occupy time. If you're a bit more of a serious artist or want to really get those ideas out, this program still has a way to go! Brush sizes and more customization in layout and tools would be nice. Overall, not bad; but for what's being charged, not good.

  • Ok....

    by Greyj2000282

    I wish there was a way to keep your fills from overlapping with the outline of your drawing.

  • Incredible

    by GMan451

    Most amazing app on any platform!

  • Where are my friends?

    by brizzle83

    I came looking for Facebook and found something even better!

  • Not bad but needs more features.

    by Lekfx

    The bottom line, for you in a hurry, is that it is a good and worthwhile app. The shortcomings are numerous though. No brush sizes. Really! Can you imagine an artist with a single blunt watercolor brush? Me neither. How about the fact that to use the pen and gestures properly you must disable the multi touch feature on the iPad! Lame! The undo or rewind gesture often misfires. Guys, I support this app, I paid for it all and bought the nice pen (a joy to use! LOVE it!) and it has a ways to go, but I love it anyway. Fix and add these things and some others, and it will rule the app world!

  • So close to greatness

    by OCBOT

    I am an art teacher in seek or a good app for demo-ing techniques to my students and looking for ways to utilize my ipad in the art classroom. This app is so close to being perfect. I could list a ton of unrealistic features that I would want, unlimited layers, pressure sensitivity blending tool, but then I would be talking about a Wacom tablet and photoshop.... What I'd really like to see is maybe a four step undo function and at least one extra layer. On (real) paper I typically sketch lightly then clean up lines and build up shading and color. Adding a layer to sketch on and then an additional layer to draw,shade and color on would help mimic the real deal a bit more. Hopefully you can add these features soon.

  • Awesome

    by Gvhfuvhh

    Best app ever

  • Cool App but Pencil and app need fixing

    by adayinparis

    I was soooo excited to finally receive my Pencil but after using it for the first time I was underwhelmed. Someone else mentioned that the pencil blends when you try to draw or erase and when you try to draw over a blended area it will not draw. Additionally I don't like when I am trying to draw on the bottom of the page and the tool box continually pops up and gets in the way. I wish here was a way to turn this off until it is needed. I think it is a fun app but would love updates to fix this

  • No more conventional paper !

    by Candyroh

    This app is awesome for art lovers! Love all the tools and how it creates a real professional effect even for an average artist. I know drawing on real paper is the best,but I gotta say, this app can store a lot of drawings and they won't even turn yellow after ages! I do have a bit of a problem with shading using the pencil,but it's pretty good if you know how to do the trick!

  • Love it, but there's room for improvement. :)

    by Chocolate Artiste

    As the title says, I really love this app, but there's some things to discuss on adding in and fixing. What would be totally awesome is an 'undo' button in the drawing menu, therefore one can undo an unwanted mark instead of having to erase it and attempt to poorly fill in the hole the eraser makes. Opacity levels could be added to each of the tools, that would be wonderfully handy. Personally, what I think would make this app a ton better is layers. Yes, layers that you could switch between on your canvas. (For example, you're drawing a person. The line work is on one layer, and you add a second layer to add color. You would keep the line work on the top layer so the color wouldn't cover up your outlines.) It's a bit confusing to explain in text but I would be overjoyed to see these in upcoming updates. :D (P.S. I bought the Essentials package, it's hardly any funds but it might help the 53 Paper team get started!) Thank you!

  • Probably been mentioned BUT

    by SIGELsWay

    We need more control over layer work. As in (yes like Photoshop) let me create layers, place them where I choose, duplicate layers, copy, paste from camera roll, twist and rotate as layers. Just do a ton of basic things I wish this AMAZING app did. ALSO! Let us resize the brushes!

  • My morning drawing

    by A photoshop learner

    I love this app and I enjoy viewing the creative ideas people have. My grandchildren partner using this app. Thanks

  • layers or tracing paper

    by S. Vinnie

    I had this app for a while and I couldn't use it because I didn't have a stylus. I just got one and it works well. But it's time for more features. Layers (or a tracing paper option) will make this app perfect.

  • Send it back to transparent save! :(

    by joesunnyd

    I loved being able to save my drawings and have just the lines I drew come up in my sketch program! Now they save with a background on them, making my art harder to color in; maybe include an option to save it as just the lines you draw and not the paper background?

  • Crash and Crash

    by sonasg

    After update I never open this app successfully

  • Constant Crashing

    by Cforcalvin

    constantly crashes when flipping through a book quickly- iPad air 64

  • Not a fan

    by Snoopy_

    I bought the essential pack, which does not include the color mixer, so I paid extra for that... and I don't think it as good as others I have tried. After being nickeled and dimed for each tool, it ends up costing double of better products like Procreate. I don't even think you can control brush sizes in this product. Many people use combination of apps like paper and procreate so I thought I'd try it, I which I had my money back.

  • So creative

    by rjmrg

    Love this app. Really nice, simple layout. BTW, did Facebook buy you?

  • Disappointed with pencil service

    by Slrandom

    I got my pencil early on and started having problems with it from the start. After numbers of emails(mostly helpful), I accepted the offer of a replacement pencil. Since then no one will respond to my inquiries. How do I get someone to respond to my questions of how to get a replacement pencil? This is very discouraging for a very expensive item. I really want to see this app fully functional.

  • Underwhelmingly OK

    by Motus The Subtle

    I loved this app until I realized how pervasively the developers feign to listen and then repeatedly ignore any requests. The community is strong but unfortunately 53 are their own worst enemy... Wacom and others are already developing apps that get better with every update and listen to the users. Show us you appreciate us for more than $1.99 in-app purchases.

  • Keeps Crashing!!


    I love the app, I'm just getting used to it, but after the latest update the app keeps crashing, and all of the progress I made in a drawing gets erased. It's so annoying because I have to keep restarting. It occurs about every 3 minutes. I'm getting frustrated. All I ask is that you guys fix that as soon as possible because you all are losing brownie points with me. Other than the constant crashing from the update The app is basically perfect, takes a while to get used to but when you do you're in for a treat.

  • Great drawing algorithms - but now another gimmick

    by JustAnotheriPadUser

    53paper is just hit and miss. Now, in order to get a blend feature, I have to buy a $50 'pencil'. I already have a drawing tool I am happy with. Quit messing around and please make the blend feature available as another in-app purchase. Previous review ---------------------- With the recent additions of new color pallets, plus the ability to fill a page with color, this app has earned 5 stars for me. The magic of 53 paper is the ability to quickly and simply layout sketches that accurately mimic the original medium - just like a real sketchbook! Some are asking for zoom or other drawing tool-like features. I personally don't want them. The appeal of this app is the simplicity. Get over it and focus on the drawing tools. Some folks here are complaining about having to pay for the extra cost for a color mixer. I personally haven't purchased that yet, and I may not. But if I decide to get that feature then I would rather pay out the extra couple bucks to show the developers that I am interested in further development, rather than have them stop making enhancements. Previous Review ---------------------- I understand the concept of this program, it's supposed to be simple and behave like a real sketch pad. But the number 1 request from users has been to add more colors or at least new color schemes. It's a pricy app to have some of these limitations. Come on developers lets get some options for different colors. All my sketches use the same colors and you can only mix so many variations. Time to add some more colors.

  • Add backup feature!

    by andrewleohansen

    I love every feature of this app except for the inability to back up my journals. I understand that I can export the images as PDFs but I want to maintain their use within the journals that I love so much. ADD THIS FEATURE!!

  • Used to work so well but now just bugs out.

    by 2urn

    Loved Paper for so long but now I can no longer get a reliable connection with my Pogo Connect—in fact, it's worse than no connection, the app randomly erases what I just drew. Not fun.

  • This app was working pretty fine until...

    by Snowy1364

    ...the latest update. Now, whenever I save my photos and I go to check them, the picture background turns black and the drawing looks hella weird. Nonetheless, a decent app, but it still needs a redo and undo button.

  • Very beautiful app

    by 1234DrDre1234


  • Needs More Features | "Pencil" Stylus a Disappointment

    by jeffNYC

    The app itself needs many more functions (i.e., layers; jpeg import; the ability to change pen and brush sizes; etc.) Regarding the "pencil" stylus that is available for use with the program… I only use the stylus casually and the tips wear out very quickly. I have gone through the two provided in less than a month. The "pencil" charge doesn't last very long either. I love the feel of the stylus and the fact that I can draw with my hand resting on the screen.


    by MDanimate

    Sweet app when it works. It was made to be used with their Pencil Stylus. Both are extremely buggy with many connection glitches. Their support team is trying best to keep up with all the issues but just keep saying “charge the Pencil” or “change the tip” but this clearly is an issue back with development or manufacturing defects. If these problems weren’t so common I would give it 4 stars and then 5 stars when they come out with more features such as selecting draw size or cut/copy/paste.

  • Just love

    by Killingalice

    I haven't had to many problems so far but once I really started playing with it, it has been really wonderful. It's not going to truly replace my canvas and pen but it is awesome for on the go and those last minute ideas.

  • can't undo action

    by Chou Oliver

    Beautiful but not useful. Not worth to pay.

  • cannot do much

    by jkopKo__op

    cannot sync, cannot import, the interface is still iOS 6, ugly

  • Worth It

    by Cartoonguy

    Yes it's a bit of bait and switch, yes it's a bad marketing plan, but for eight bucks this app has pretty great tools for creating some neat stuff. I am an editorial cartoonist, and have every drawing app offered for the iPad. The tools on this, especially the water color are superior to any other program. The one thing I wish it had was an eraser for the pencil tool to erase sketch marks from final drawing. Add this tool and in my opinion it would be a six star app.

  • Please supporting the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus.

    by decill24

    Will you be supporting the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus at any point? It was just released and looks like a great stylus.

  • Bad pricing.

    by HastyMonk

    Charge me 4.99 for the whole app and i'll pay for it but 1.99 for a brush.?

  • Crippled app

    by Frustrated snshdn

    I got my 53 pencil today, and I couldn't draw anything because this s**t stick doesn't recognize half of my stroke and the app tells me pen's battery is out when it's only minute after fully charged... Is it only my pen defective or the app has problem? I'm really frustrated. I won't recommend using this app to anybody.

  • Enjoying it. Except for "rewind"

    by PetsGirl711

    I love the app, I even bought the essentials when I really should have. I like playing around, and I wouldn't really consider myself an artist, so that doesn't affect anything. However I do have one major complaint. I have no problem, unless I make a mistake and want to undo it. The "rewind" feature, is iffy and usually makes more mistakes for me. And you can only go back so far. I cannot figure out the control of it, or make it work right. And it seems to redo my mistakes if I've tried multiple times. This fact really frustrated me. Also related to rewind is the hide feature! I find myself making more mistakes if I don't hit the 'tray' just right. And then trying to undo it just makes more mistakes! Very frustrating when you actually do something you're proud of. Also, the sharing capability keeps telling me I don't have a Facebook acound set up, when I know I've gone through setup.

  • Love the app

    by Jessica5418

    I love the app but the size is controlled by speed an there is no way to Change the occupancy.It would also be better if they had deferent types of paper to chose from but other then that it's great.Sure it seems a bit costly when you get into buying the tools but it is no deferent then it you were being the app strait out.

  • Updates removed features

    by qwerty1234*8

    I set my iPad to automatically update apps. I hadn't used this app for months, and when I started using it again, I noticed that all of the tools (brushes, etc.) that were included before had been removed and required payment to work again. I can understand making a change for new users, but to go back and remove functionality that was there already and request payment to make it work again, isn't very nice.

  • Horrible

    by Shawn Parfitt

    It will piss you off more than it is worth. I was able to use it successfully on several occasions but it never failed to frustrate me as it simply did not recognize my gestures at times. iOS 7 iPad Air Duration of use, 2 months.

  • Need some size of tools

    by Sawsevelatoria

    Please add the size of tools. This is the great app

  • Paper 53

    by Docabuso

    This app is the perfect tablet-based art platform. From sketches to finished paintings to tech support. Paper 53 does it all.

  • Pages, etc - I use 53 pencil too

    by NotAPPLEcable

    I really wish I could draw on just the left or just the right side too in portrait. I'd love some dots or lines. The functionality is finicky & still catches my palm. I also use the 53 pencil & will update the review soon.

  • Paid $50 for the pencil & 90% of the app is crippled until I pay more & more.


    Totally dissatisfied. I though they made $ from the $50 pencil already, & I don't like having to pay for every little feature beyond that. That's not a tech challenge, but a conscious choice by the developer to cripple for more $. Pencil buyers should get all features! Also, it doesn't seem to know the difference between a pencil and the side of your hand resting on it.

  • Time for more

    by zvasdgarg

    This is a fantastic app. It is so fun and so simple to use. It makes art simple and if you're an artist there are so many possibilities. The only problem with this app is that you can't change the size of the tools. You also can't change the opacity. It would also be great if there were a way to draw straight lines or basic shapes. It's a great app, but it's time for more.

  • Meh

    by Smotoy

    Can't complain much because I am not willing to buy the app. But it's annoying and a bit hard to use. Hated the ridiculous amount of pop add though, they would stop my music every time. Why?

  • LOVE IT!!

    by Robo729

    Great application, user friendly and prices are not to bad.

  • Crashes

    by IGcip

    Wanted to love this app, it's got a lot of neat features. But it crashes while I'm the middle of using it. A lot. So I'm still looking for a writing and sketching app. Disappointing. If it weren't for the crashing I'd give it 4 stars (5 if I could use it effectively in portrait or landscape mode--maybe there's a setting I'm missing?).

  • not as good as I thought

    by Miny Melissa

    it's only a great app if you buy the essentials for $6.99! no way!

  • Needs More

    by jj12860

    This has a great, simple lay out anyone can use, but this app really needs layers, and/or brush size/opacity options, but overall this is a great app.

  • In Love

    by Lenahcaococ

    I am in love with Paper by Fifty Three. And I just started yesterday. Uncovering more delightful secrets of art on this app each minute I'm drawing. (Thinking of buying the pencil) At first I didn't know how to use the tools and was confused. At one point I wanted to delete the app. But then I got the hang of it and was amazed at what I could do on this app! I think people should try this. It's pretty cool.

  • Good but...

    by ..mJo..

    You can't change brush sizes??? Please include that.

  • Wish it worked

    by Susan Carey

    Tough to drop $50 and have it not work. Can't get Bluetooth to connect and it can't hold a charge. I want it to work...

  • Favorite App Ever

    by AmyJKR

    This app is the best. I bought all the in-app purchases right away so I'm not sure how much fun it is without them. But the extras are not too expensive and well worth it. I use this every day. It's more fun than stupid monotonous games. And it's easy to save your work to email or text them to people. Definitely the best App I have ever owned.

  • Great potential, but far behind

    by Fastiger

    I found paper and pencil have a lot of potential, but still far behind of top notch. Paper and pencil doesn't work together, so many bugs, crashes, lack of supports from company. System is not stable at all. I still like the concept, but it is just not there yet.... Not even close.

  • Just being real

    by RV kris

    Seriously. To all you guys out there complaining on and on about the prices and giving it bad ratings. Really guys. Sure, its a bit pricey. But the tools they give you are the best and most helpful I've ever seen. If you are actually looking for a great app to draw amazing things, get this. Some of my favorite drawings I did with just the first tool. (which is btw fantastic.) on the public gallery you can see drawings that deserve to go in museums. Those should be enough to make you want the tools. The structure and format is EXTREMELY simple. Get this app. It deserves more than five stars.

  • I want to love this app!

    by Lsloewen

    I am an artist, I love what this app attempts to do. I love it so much in fact that my husband bought me the pencil for christmas. I have done all my sketches on this app and want it to replace all of my real paper pens and chalk. However the bugs and general lack of function for this app and accompanying pencil are frustrating. When I erase it blends, when I try to draw it blends. Even after the new update that I was so excited for, it just let me down. I have despite all the faults, created some wonderful sketches using this app and the pencil tool. But I want more. I want this to make my real paper and pencil obsolete. I have purchased all the tools, and even the pencil stylus (which does not seem to hold a charge for more than 20-30 minutes). This app attempts to do so many wonderful things, and if you can get past the bugs you are able to make some really spectacular images. If this app would work as promised I would shout it's praises from rooftops, but for now I have to quietly bide my time until a new, new update comes along.

  • Why still the UI not support iOS 7??

    by S.till

    Is this simple thing too hard to do? Or are you too lazy! And why should I pay for you team. Will not buy a Pencil

  • Love it so much

    by Marisa Clarkson

    Amazing App for drawing and sketching any ideas. It is defenitely the best app in the market!

  • Great App

    by Orion_0089

    Great app! Some things are difficult (writing text, undoing, switching pages) but they get easier with practice. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Wish it would switch from side view to long view as you move your iPad. Just got my pencil from them and it doesn't work very well with the app. I feel like I wasted my money.

  • Fun and fantastic and intuitive app

    by ernesto247

    Fun, intuitive, and the most realistic feel and interaction with drawing and art tools without all the fuss and hassle of drawing implementations; this app will unleash your inner artist. I've never taken an art class before. I immediately did 4 post worthy drawings on this app. I bought the Essentials package and the watercolor and pencil is essential for art. By the way, I am on the latest A7 ipad air 64gb iOS 7 and this app is memory intensive so be aware of system requirements.

  • Exquisite

    by Heather Listens

    Pure joy.

  • This version crashes a lot

    by BrieChiez

    Before the most recent version, this app was great. Now, it crashes.

  • Greatest app!!!

    by Emanart

    Please add a smudge tool!

  • It could be 5 star worthy

    by evette5635

    I cant really figure out how to use it. I can't get out of drawings. I'm sure its me but I just cant figure it out. I am really trying because I want to know what all the hype is about.

  • Rewind button

    by Gerald Castro

    As long as you don't use the rewind button your safe, it doesn't work and you end up drawing all over your work. Fix this glitch and it will be a decent app

  • Great....but.....

    by Bensoftball2468

    I really love it and it is definitely worth downloading but I think there should be an undo button to erase the last thing you made

  • Lack of other BT stylus compatibility

    by GeniusEAK

    I really love Paper, but not being compatible with the Jot Pro stylus is a real shame. I know you have your own stylus, but it’d be nice if you offered users options rather than strong-arming us into using your stylus. Paper would be a 5* app otherwise though. UPDATE: The palm rejection is virtually non-existent. Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t matter which tool I'm using, my palm keeps leaving marks and not allowing me to draw. It’d also be nice to have an eraser option that lets you erase bigger areas/marks. Maybe a lasso tool of some sort where we can draw a custom shape around the exact area that needs to be erased.

  • One of the best

    by Jmanrob

    I've been using this app for two weeks now and it's very impressive. 53 has done a great job with the innovative design and rich features this app has to offer. I recommend some work is needed on the rewind feature and possibly a bigger canvas scale of some sort... Currently waiting on my pencil;) Thanks 53 team!

  • Crappy

    by jgfernand

    I bought this app a while ago, and all the tools. Haven't used it for some time but realized all the tools are gone. When I try to restore purchases it still doesn't appear. As I remember, the tool combo was about $4.99, now it's not even available. I guess they are trying so hard to plug their stupid pen that they made the other tools obsolete.

  • Money sucking app

    by Must buy!!!!

    I bought this app as it looks like it can do great things, but after spending money on the app, you find out that it only comes with a pen tool and eraser. You would than have to purchase paint brushes, markers, chalk....etc. And they are expensive I get more options for cheaper on kids drawing apps. I would have never bought this had I known it was fairly useless!

  • It's ok but annoying

    by XgamerXiad

    This is a wonderful app I will say that but (you are such penny pinchers) I think it is $6.99 yo get all the brushes but then another $1.99 to get a mixer . It is SUPER ANNOYING on the IPad mini to turn pages or close the book cause them I would ruin my work I wish there was an Undo button to save your work when you ruined it in 1 quick swipe Please read my review and I hope it will help you save or send your money wisely.

  • Not worth

    by 1uvrainucorns

    That app it self if great I love how there finally a really quite professional look to it. But having to purchase every utility is absolutely ridiculous. It take away all the much want fun, make it more about the creators getting money

  • Awesome

    by Ghegrhegdhgdhhdbdjr

    This is the best app I have ever used. I use it everyday for fun or for work. I highly suggest buying all of the tools. I have never had the app shutdown or crash, so this deserves 5 stars! Many people say that they can not access the rewind tool easily, but all you do is put your two fingers on the screen and make a counterclockwise circle. Just simply amazing!

  • I just see this as a cash grab

    by Im Craiggy

    Why do I have to pay to mix colors?!!!!! Brushes,fine I get it, but to make people buy a mixer, just so they can have all the colors? Just seems really low to me. In fact, I feel like unless I buy the in-app add ons, this app is useless, even for a 5 year old . I recommend that users find another drawing app, that doesn't blatantly want you to spend money on it. Very disappointing app, try sketchbook pro/ express.


    by Iluvart22222222222

    I love this app a lot. The one thing that I think could improve the app is if they allowed you to paste pictures inside the "books" on the paper like they have you do for the covers on the books. If FiftyThree, Inc. could do that, I could enjoy this app a lot more! Thanks!

  • I don't like it, I love it!

    by Little morgan

    This is"................bonkers! The most awesome App ever! Get, get, GET!

  • Beautiful App

    by Kaitlyn Paul

    Such a beautiful app! At first I thought buying all of the tools was way to expensive but I finally broke down and got them, and they are so useful! I am a beginner in digital art and this is super simple to use! The only thing I would like a lot is if we could change the sizes of the different pens and makers we use. I also feel like it is kinda weird that all of the pages aren't automatically white. I didn't know about this and the first page I drew on and saved to my camera roll looked messed up because the background was transparent. But other than that, it's a wonderful app, and I may just have to invest in the Pencil stylus!

  • Bravo

    by WALL-E3000

    Paper is a gorgeous and easy to use app for people that want to draw but maybe aren't quite so confident that they can. Spend a few minutes with it and you will awaken your inner artist, I promise. Really like the new 'Pencil' stylus too. Looking forward to a future version with pressure support if that's possible. Had some trouble with palm rejection but finally got a pop-up suggesting to turn off Multitasking Gestures. Works great now.

  • More compatibility

    by Herpaderpster

    It'd be awesome if support for the bamboo creative stylus was enabled.

  • SO close!

    by CMoneyFresh

    So beautiful and simple to use, IF ONLY it had OCR so the text you wrote was searchable :/ it would increase the utility of this app by leaps and bounds if I didn't did need to scroll through all kinds of notebooks to find notes I had taken (and would also allow me to copy paste hand-written text into emails etc.)

  • Fun and easy

    by V550

    Great app, makes it fun and easy to draw and paint

  • Crashes

    by Cwps

    On iPad Air running iOS 7: difficult to turn pages without leaving stray marks ruining my work. Also difficult to close book. Previous comments and reviews about this problem have not been addressed.

  • Favorite art app!

    by Rune450

    This is by far my favorite artistic app on the App Store! Everything about this app runs perfect and the in-app purchases are definitely worth it if you are an aspiring artist! This is also a very elegant feeling app as you will find out while you use it

  • Sorry

    by 1234567890987654321Yay!?!!!!!

    This is a very natural feeling, easy to draw with sketch pad, but I cannot rate it 5 stars. I would but there are some problems. The biggest problem is I ruin my drawings trying to zoom in or turn the page and it's very very hard to do without drawing on the page. There should be a tool to view your drawing and zoom in and not draw all over our awesome drawing. And there should be an undo button. I have seen the rewind feature but it does not mention it in the intro so I ruin all my drawings trying to use it, which I have no idea how to. I love drawing on this though. If anything, the color is the most useful one so what I'm saying is if you get a feature get the color one first. :)

  • Very limited

    by jduyan

    Some nice features but a very limited app. Reading their support forums makes me nauseous.

  • Good app

    by Echosong

    I just got an ipad mini and I wanted this app for the longest time and I really like it but the rewind/undo has a serious problem that annoys me to no end. When I use my two fingers it takes me a long time for the rewind circle to pop up and until it does i have like 20 half circles on my drawing and then I have to undo those too. and slowly but surely it gets more and more obnoxious as the time goes by.

  • Review

    by Emma Thiel

    Wow. I love this app so much.. I can keep track of my things now!

  • nice, but...

    by l259

    A nice app- like the watercolor and calligraphy pens, and that the line thickness changes as you keep the pen in one spot longer .... the rewind button is not easy to use at all- i usually end up drawing all over my picture before i finally get it to rewind. Also sometimes end up drawing a line on a picture when i switch pages, if i'm not careful. Just a bit awkward to get the motions just right. Needs an easier undo button and an easier page turn. at least....

  • My Favorite iPad app

    by goronbjorn

    Paper is the best app for drawing on the iPad by a wide margin, It makes creating so simple, and all of the tools are intuitive and fun to use. I even use it for work for doing presentations instead of PowerPoint or Keynote. Their stylus (Pencil) is also amazing.

  • Palm rejection

    by Bubbly Tea

    Palm rejection accuracy improvements ONLY for pencil?? How about for the pen too?

  • I'm sad

    by scollinsxo

    Won't let me buy different stylus's :(

  • Terrible

    by Bob8842937

    I hate to give it even one star but i had to. Bought the very expensive Pencil and it is impossible to connect. Logged onto their tech support and they constantly blame Apple. You people should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Skip this app until UNDO/REWIND is fixed

    by Metaweb20

    53 knows about this flaw.. Rewind or undo as it is normally called simply does not work in the current version. Please fix this, as I have already started using other apps like Sketches. I feel especially cheated because I purchased ALL of the in-app additional features. *meh*

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