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Languages: English

Seller: Emoji Apps Limited Liability Company

Several Bug Fixes
-Crash Issues
-Performance Issues

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203 Ratings
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2940 Ratings


The possibilities are endless - GET IT WHILE IT IS FREE!!!!!


SMS PICS & ANIMATED EMOTICONS & EMOJI 2 ART With Text Pictures, Animated Emoticons and Emoji Art you can:

* Easily Decorate your Text Messages and Emails
* Add Emoji art flavor to your Notes
* Submit App Store reviews with cute art and pictures
* Insert smiles in any other text app including Facebook or Twitter.
* Copy to text, email, clip board or add to favorites
* Picture text art has fun filled categories with 1000’s of Cool Pics to choose from
* Endless possibilities symbols, vehicles, sports, people, music, smileys, animals, frames, emoticons and many more!
* Tons of entertaining, crazy, adorable, witty, humorous and lovable animated Emoticons.
* Express your-self with exciting Emoji art!


We’ve now added Emoticon Photo Collage Maker.

Now you can add Custom Clip Art to all your favorite photos and make neat collages for Instagram, Facebook, or just to share with friends through text or email. The Photo Collage is packed with awesome features and FX filters making all your photos something to talk about.

Here is a list of some of the features that Emoticon Photo Collage Maker offers:

* 12fx Photo Effects
* Cool Effects allows you to rotate and or flip pictures
* Add a tint of color
* Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness
* Draw Features
* Add Meme's
* Adjust lighting and balance
* Crop / Adjust picture with 13 preset sizes or use your own custom size
* Redeye reduction
* Touch up Option
* Over 30 unique frame borders,
* 20 different custom photo collage layouts
* Decorate photos with over 100 Clip Art Images for Xmas, Thanksgiving, New Years (More too come)
* Choice of 40 different Artistic Fonts
* Load pictures from device camera or photo album
* Save to Camera Roll, Upload to Instagram or Email to Friends
* Many, Many, More


iPod users: Custom Emotion Clip Art can be used for everything (email, notes etc) except SMS text messaging.

Emoji 2 Art ALSO comes with 1200+ Custom Emotion Clip Art that you can share with your friends over text messages, facebook, twitter and emails.

With Custom Smiley Clip Art you can:

* Easily Decorate your Text Messages and Emails with over 1200+ Custom made Emotion clip arts.
* Add Custom Emotion clip art faces and pictures flavor to your Notes
* Insert custom Emotion clip art faces in any other text app
* Email, text and send over 975 custom Emotion themed clip art: Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and many more!

Check it out now for FREE!

Customer Reviews

  • Oh my g.o.s.h

    by Ocean blue waves

    I love it so much faces and it's so easy to set up get it now

  • Love it!

    by Allim123

    I love all the expressions! So funny and fun! Make a frowny poop!

  • More Emojis

    by Angieeeee$.

    it's a good app but they should add more emojis like superheroes more foods chips more clothes and stuff

  • Smiley

    by Katrena35

    Love this app

  • New Update Didn't Fix Crash Issue

    by CrysClr

    Usually this app works great, but it recently started crashing off & on. So, I updated the app & now it crashes every time I open it :(

  • Amaze beans

    by pointeshoe16

    Emojis are worth thousands of words.

  • Emoticons

    by 3li36

    I love this app

  • Awesome

    by  Mal232

    Great app. Love having the ability to send my friends smileys, but would it be so hard to give me a hug smiley? Also, why can I only use one of the emoji apps when I have all of them?

  • Works if you know how

    by scott_10k_lakes

    Don't run the app. Just add/enable "emoji" as an additional keyboard in your general settings/keyboard and you need not suffer any popups/promotions/ads, etc.

  • Mms

    by MSkol

    I love this app!!!

  • Good Stuff

    by Yahya Ibn Rice

    Love This.*******

  • Great app

    by Duck lips please

    This is such a great app! Theres one thing though. I couldn't help but notice that there isn't a duck face emoji. Please consider this. Thanks ☺️

  • alpaca appeal

    by Amber Jackson

    how do we have TWO camel emojis and not a single alpaca?

  • Great

    by Katelyn j

    It is an awesome app

  • Love it

    by BallerinaGirl101

    I think this is a great app because I have a lot of fun playing around with all the different fonts and emoji's. The only thing is that there are a lot of pop up ads, and they are slightly annoying. But other than that this app is great. I hope this review was helpful.

  • Camboi

    by Camboi tjaye


  • Awesome

    by Emma9900

    Awesome app. But it needs a volleyball emoji

  • Masterpiece

    by MarkSyfy

    Just awesome

  • Haha

    by Aisha Shannon

    It's a great app and s/o to the person below me lol

  • Fan

    by Hillbilly02

    Good app(:

  • Eh

    by  Oldhamer

    It won't work. So I don't like

  • Stopped Working

    by Robert Adams

    Had to restore my iPhone and app stopped working. Restored purchase within app but doesn't do anything.


    by Moose6994

    0 stars if I could. I got this app to get emojis not a whole bunch of junk.

  • Uninstalled within 10 minutes

    by Dustier58

    Constantly ran ads; when I closed the ads the app closed as well. Tried repeatedly just to *look* at contents and app kept closing. No thanks.

  • Warning! Rio off!

    by brownie8521

    Paid for animated emoticons and app won't even open. Don't buy! Also, once an ad pops up the app doesn't allow you to close it!

  • Ads

    by Ronanm777

    Way too many ads and need to purchase things


    by Chloe garchow


  • Piece of Crap

    by Pacomus

    If I could I'd give this zero stars. Crashes repeatedly. Limited number of emojis and continuous bombardment of offers to buy other apps. Stay away.

  • Not part of keyboard!

    by Madonna07

    This would be a great app if it was part of the keyboard. The biggest reason I do not like it is because you have to go into the app copy and the go out to your text and paste. I do not have the time to go back and forth to use it. So it was a waste of money as far as I am concerned.

  • Emoji1

    by Monstergirl127

    I was getting it and now it won't load

  • Can't paste to SMS

    by edrlloyd1015

    This is my favorite emoticon app to use when sending SMS to friends, I use it multiple times daily, but this last update doesn't seem to allow me to paste to SMS anymore. I've closed the app, restarted...same result

  • ...

    by acisseJ :)

    Wasn't as good as I thought since it was missing a lot of the emojis that I wanted

  • Ripoff

    by Bebalilia

    This app is trying to sell you about everything in it

  • by Katie N beth

    Horrible don't get it

  • New emojis

    by Shane Gillies

    Dear emoji creators: My Friend and I were wondering if you could add some more emojis to your collection See, today we were trying to have a SIMBA ceremony where we realized THERE WAS NO LION EMOJI.! We have also tried to be cereal(serious) with each other but unfortunately there is no cereal emoji, only rice And most importantly there is not a turnip emoji. So if we would want to turnip. We cannot. :(( Please take this into consideration. Thank you :)

  • Cess07

    by Cess08

    Love it gotta get friends and family to get the app!

  • Mojo

    by Moji17 1994 may123 2012

    Like stickers I love them

  • One More Emoji

    by Mbear19

    There needs to be a giraffe emoji and this app would be 5 stars

  • :-(

    by Pinkycoco704

    If u ask me the pics r ok but the app should hang its self. X X __

  • Kind of good

    by Iffy piffy

    You have to purchase a lot of things, but I like the stickers and Emoji icons

  • Horrible

    by jimbobwalton

    Tons and tons of ads. Crashes app

  • Never hated an app so much before

    by Oliviaisatstrarbucks

    First it crashes 4 times in a row, than anytime you click something there is an add plus you have to pay to get rid of ads and GET THE EMOJIS the when i paid for them they didnt even show up

  • Update Please !!

    by kmarie801

    great app but defiantly need a new update with some NEW emojis ASAP.... PLEASE

  • Great, but Problems

    by Bobby olkui

    It is one of the BEST apps and super easy to use, but you need to add some more emoticons. You need to add a hockey stick and well the obvious: A NARWHAL!!

  • It Simply Doesn't Work

    by Camilicious_4_real

    I normally don't rate apps, but I wanted you to know this before you buy this app. It doesn't work!!! When you select your emoji to send, if you send it by text message, it completely freezes and doesn't let you send it. I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone. I would give it a 1/2 out of 5 if I could. P.S. Do not uninstall and reinstall because it simply doesn't work!!!

  • Awful

    by Piggylover22334455667788991010

    The stupid adds won't let you exit and it crashes down you device

  • Emojis

    by Bgpresto

    I like what is there but I have NO clue how to use!!!!! Where r the instructions???????? Pls help!!!!

  • Uninstalled Immediately

    by L8DKEW

    TOO MANY ADS to get thru in order to even get to the app.

  • App is royal Pain

    by Looner88997

    The App did not have many good emoticons. Mostly ugly smiley faces. And ads just kept popping up over and over. Lousy! Can I give it a minus 10?


    by pmeares


    by Monsterhigh1fan

    This app is great to show your feelings to other people.

  • by mechixlegs

    Every time I press the last photo I do in photo collage I goes back to my home menu thingy

  • Art

    by Hanklaramie

    Love all the options.

  • omg crap

    by Zusul93

    all 5 star reviews - fake

  • Scam

    by Uvhov

    I wasted 2 dollars buying "emojies" didn't work at all SCAM app don't waste money

  • It does work!!

    by  10oclockbuddy

    I have a 3GS I phone and it works just fine in e mail and text. Ya a couple more steps but it all depends how much you like the icons. I think it'd worth the extra steps So you see it's cute!!

  • How to get emojis

    by -CookieCakeGirl-

    How to get emojis: go to settings, then go to general, then go to keyboard, then search for the keyboard 'emoji' it should be after the D's section!

  • Critical Opinion

    by KKProductionist

    Well, emoji has amazing artwork for sure. But the copy and pasting system is a little off. Rest of it: AMAZING! Helps boost your Instagram posting by a lot!

  • Love it

    by Wormprincess

    It makes messages more fun

  • Do. Not. Get.

    by It gïrł

    You need to buy almost everything listed and there are ads that pop up every 5 seconds. It costs $9.99 just to unlock everything and get rid of ads. There are so many of them, there's a section just on paying to get rid of them!!! Just stick to the ones apple has, they're not half bad

  • Top cute !

    by ann7578888

    GREAT APP & the icons are too cuteeeee :) there's one for everything

  • Cool Pics, Emoji's, & Smiley Faces!!!

    by Fury137

    I love this App it allows me to personalize my messages to Friends & Loved 1's!!! ^.^

  • POOP

    by EldksbsndofndksbBabdlfo


  • Alex ( GREAT APP )

    by Alex 2452

    This is Truly A GREAT APP To send All kinds of nice Stickers with Many Different types. It Adds A lot of Fun to text messages, Email, Facebook messages & Facebook messenger Messages as well. That's why I Give this App 5 Stars.

  • Nice app

    by Shelterdogs4 me

    So fun to use

  • Great emotions

    by BakersCoice

    Nice touch

  • Hate

    by Rarrar2295

    DUMB! It's dumb cause iPod can't use it

  • Need help

    by First time iPhone user!!

    How do I watch the help video?

  • Not the best

    by Dc11234

    When I opened the app ads kept popping up Not worth it

  • keyboard?

    by Bestnickname evar

    good app but is there a way to put on my keyboard?please help

  • my favorte app

    by everydayanapple

    this is so handy when im sending mssges. highschoolers must download list.

  • Don't need this for iPhone 5!

    by jefndi 

    It's already built in. And directions given don't work anyway.

  • Emoji

    by Pocahantaschild2

    Loved it from the start. We need a Texas Flag, please. Penny Haulman, Texas

  • Emoticon

    by Bkgdr


  • Horrible app

    by Raheem

    It did not work it only showed the pic in a big format this app is a waste of my money

  • Emoji

    by Bria514

    Love this App!!!

  • Confused

    by Waffles and pancakes!!!

    I'm trying to download the app but it says I don't have enough space... I don't know what it's talk about can I please have some help??

  • Coo app

    by Coo gir

    I love this app they should add a coo gir

  • Quite useless

    by gokester

    If you like commercials for crap you don't want or tabs that offer nothing except the access to buy others apps, then this is for you! Not for me.

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