Dropbox Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Dropbox
  • Updated: Sep, 29 2009
  • Version: 3.0.2
  • Size: 17.72 MB

Languages: English, French, German, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Dropbox, Inc.

• Support for viewing PDF annotations
• Support for using “Open In…” with more iWork formats
• Fixed an issue that caused some Office and iWork documents to fail on iPads
• Fixed an issue where Camera Upload could get stuck on some videos
• Assorted bug fixes + polish

What’s New in Version 3.0:

• Beautiful new design for iOS 7
• Streamlined iPad experience: just tap on your files and photos to toggle fullscreen
• Improved sharing and exporting makes it easier than ever to send files to your favorite apps
• AirDrop support lets you send links and files in a snap
• Seamlessly save videos to your library
• Speed! Faster launch, photo loading, and video playback
• Vanquished our most common crashes
• Fixed bug that caused HTML to render as text
• Oodles of PDF viewing updates

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
513 Ratings
All Versions:
42365 Ratings


Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website!

• Access all your photos, docs and videos from any device.
• 2 GB of space when you sign up -- free!
• Automatically save photos and videos to Dropbox and earn up to 3 GB additional free space.
• Share a link to even your biggest files— no more attachments!
• Add files to your "Favorites" for fast, offline viewing.

Use Dropbox to save and share photos and videos in a snap or even take your work on the go. If something happens to your iPhone or iPad, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox!

Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/terms

Customer Reviews

  • Consistent Performance

    by rod.musselman

    Backing up photos each day, I trust this application, but note that oftentimes, it's unaware of new photos. In response to this, I typically launch the Photobucket app, on my 64 GB iPhone 5s, and then Dropbox usually then "sees" my latest photos. If that trick fails, I then launch Google+,as that trick somehow then alerts Dropbox to my new photos. That the order of photos seems unable to now be changed is another development oversight. At least choosing a sort order of the photos: newst-to-oldest, or oldest-to-newst seems to be a next application revision improvement. Nonetheless, thank you for backing up my photos!

  • Thumbs are missing

    by KUBY KUBY

    After this version update, the thumbs are missing in folder with many picture files. Please fix.

  • Needs more storage space

    by Dropbox

    I really like this app but once you meet a certain amount of pictures taken it doesn't save your pictures anymore

  • Update needed!!

    by 76258Girl56396:)

    It keeps crashing, please update

  • Great. But no rename??? WTH?

    by taroliw

    Enjoy the app, but how hard is it to let us rename files??

  • Good app

    by Little app reviewer

    Pretty good but I wish I could upload from the app onto Facebook/Instagram

  • jimmy

    by J76_JB


  • Simple and elegant

    by Mr Alex Y

    They continue to keep it simple and avoid unnecessary features. Super reliable. Love Dropbox!

  • occupies space in cache

    by Fmaldo

    Although an excellent app, I checked online and confirmed the same issue: it stores data in cache. It does not dump the cache properly and although the app is 24mb the app was occupying 2.5Gb of data. best option was to ensure proper uploas of files, detach fron the phone, delete and reinstall. It works but I'm afraid this will be a recurring process.

  • Sweet cakes

    by Mexitween12345

    I love the app

  • Love the app

    by Mellowamor

    However my PDF files are no longer loading or viewable on the mobile app. Is this happening across the board?

  • One of the best apps I have ever downloaded!!

    by Happyhippies

    I had to store all my photos and videos somewhere because there was some issue with my iPad (so we had to reset it). An apple employe suggested I download drop box and store my photos there. I have to admit, the process of downloading the pictures took a long time but it was well worth it. Now I have all my pictures wherever I go and I don't have to worry about them getting erased.

  • Tags

    by Keshia Fowler

    It will be nice if you guys can add tags for this !

  • Good, but

    by Arrecifes

    Please include ability to rename files in next update. Dropbox is my favorite icloud storage.

  • good

    by mahdi_alsalem

    i use it everyday

  • Works great! Not a 1 star at all!

    by Subvertio

    It's a really good app! I could understand 4 stars but not 1. It works great and being able to access files on iOS devices really helps! It's way cheaper than iCloud too for photo storage! What's the matter with the 1 star reviewing people anyway? Sheesh!

  • OK but better options

    by cmhall8

    I was an early Dropbox user and always appreciated the flexibility their application gave me for accessing files over multiple platforms/devices. This part has not changed. However there are a couple of issues that prevent me from going all-in with Dropbox as my go to backup/cloud app. One issue has to do with how they have implemented photo uploads. It is either all or nothing. In other words, from my iPhone I do not have the flexibility to upload only a certain album or group of pictures. Dropbox wants access to my camera roll and then it wants to bring everything into their cloud. I get why this makes sense for them as it will eventually require me to purchase more space. However it does not work for me and how I would otherwise utilize Dropbox as a photo sharing application. Secondly, I do not like the Dropbox "method" for backing up files from your computer. Essentially if you want a particular folder backed up then it moves that folder into the master Dropbox folder. This essentially means that to keep your existing file structure intact then you have to move everything into the Dropbox file (again, makes sense for them but not for me). The other option is to manually copy files/folders into the Dropbox folder, which works fine but of course removes the benefit of automated backup. Other reviewers have noted that Dropbox keeps location services on, thus tracking your location. I don't like this either. In summary, Dropbox is a solid app and works great if you are willing to adhere to their structure. I am not. There are other services/apps (SugarSync, for example) that allow the user to select individual files for automated backup, without requiring changes to your file structure (or pushing you to back up data to the cloud that you may have specific reasons for not wanting to).

  • Faster

    by Dvelez

    Is there a faster way to export pictures other than one by one?

  • Dropbox

    by Mihailzharov

    Great app! Thanks!

  • Keep page open? revisited and NEW incompatibility!

    by kipling71

    Wonderful app, very handy, I've used it for years. But I must echo Student's critique about all of a sudden not being able to switch between apps without having to navigate back to the file I was looking at when I switch back to Drop Box. Most irksome. Also, I can't view certain types of PDF files any more - these are files I was able to do what I needed to just fine until the most recent upgrade. Please fix. Thanks, K

  • Taking up to a 1 Gb of memory in my iphone

    by Randolf de la Mochila Azul

    "To clear the cached memory I have to uninstall and reinstall dropbox" Dropbox is a great app for bringing files on the go. you can store the files on the iphone memory for offline review. However, after you delete the stored files (and even delete the files from dropbox) the memory taken up by dropbox does not get clear. Dropbox can take up to 1 Gb off the phone. Please fix this issue.

  • Not user friendly

    by Gangsta pat

    Once I downloaded it, I didn't have a clue how to get started

  • No support for voice memos

    by C2Marie

    Would benefit from being able to upload audio files from voice memo.

  • No longer works

    by MaratTX

    App use to work flawlessly. After an update, files are there but no longer load making them useless. I've waited two months now for the probes to be fixed but no progress. It's now useless on an iPhone.

  • Won't open app! Where are my pics?!?

    by Dona Blysard

    Since I got a new upgraded phone I have not been able to open my dropbox app. I have valuable pictures of my wedding on my dropbox account and I cannot open my app to view them. I have been trying to share the pictures of my wedding with my family and friends and have not been able to get the app to open. I have tried restarting my phone and re downloading the app still won't open! There are some pictures on my dropbox account that I don't have anywhere else and can never get back.

  • Takes too much memory

    by bm0c

    Great app but it commandeers like 150 megabytes of data on my phone, rendering the app useless. I downloaded this to store things on the cloud and thus save memory on my phone.. Doesn't really save memory.

  • No longer useable

    by Leif98

    With the latest update I can no longer access any of my Dropbox files. *Don't update*

  • Why?

    by Lilybug12345

    I need to upload files to survival craft and when I try to it says it can't. I made sure I was logged in and to see if I'm uploading it right and it will always say "there is no sporting app for this file" I JUST WANT TO UPLOAD MY FILES!

  • 2014

    by Ashleyjimi

    It's 2014 and I cant export in bulk??? Madness!

  • Make a better app

    by Ahfang18

    This app is a shame. It's hard to believe its actually from these guys. No background uploading ... Really ?!? Come on guys.

  • The world's worst customer service

    by Mzhenya

    Files disappear. Dropbox has no explanation for it. Packrat add-on feature doesn't work at all. When I asked for money back just one week into an annual subscription of Packrat, they told me to dispute it with my credit card. I did. And what did Dropbox do? They kept my $99 for 100GB of space and removed the entire storage from my account. It took me weeks and multiple emails to get it back. Not worth any of this hassle. Won't renew storage for next year.

  • Clear cache button needs to come back

    by Hao Wen Fu

    DB can get huge after using for a while. They need to add a clear cache button in order to release all the space occupied by the cache you can't see.

  • Worst cloud solution out there.

    by Noxioux

    I wish I could charge these guys for the time this app has wasted. It does virtually nothing that Skydrive and Google Drive don't already do better. It makes actual collaboration next to impossible without jumping back and forth to email to share files and folders. Don't bother with this piece of garbage.

  • Never uploads

    by samrozzi

    Almost Never uploads camera roll over network. Will be in perfect 3G or lte and will say waiting for wifi. Maybe once a week it'll attempt network upload than crash after 1-2 pics

  • Problems, problems, problems...

    by Sergivs007

    This last version doesn't work at all - it just either hangs with "loading" on the screen or when it lets me open it, then I can't access any of my files. It is completely useless. Please fix it as soon as possible. I paid for the app and I am unable to use it now!

  • Dropbox

    by Gonzalezr

    I used to love drop box now w all the changes it's more difficult to use and find or save my documents I don't use it for pics and wish I had that option to not use my camera roll on it at all I'd love to be able to merge other doc programs to Dropbox as I used to be able to w ease but not not ... Don't think I'm staying w Dropbox to many changes and all not for the good :(

  • Worse every update

    by most original nick

    Have been using DB for several years and have no complaints with desktop version. HATE ipad version more and more with each update. It seems all that each update does nothing but add gloss while removing substance and makes the app increasingly slow, clunky, and annoying. Way too stripped down (can't rename files, for example.) HATE the intrusiveness of the left menu--figured out you have to tap a photo to view full screen, but still wondering why you can't just collapse that effing menu with an "x" or arrow instead of a gesture. Not fond of the initially baffling "..." thing to do two very common tasks (select and upload) while icons I never use (favorites, photos, settings) reside in valuable screen space along the bottom. As for the settings, NOTHING about the interface can be customized..why is this placed so prominently? Cannot express how much I HATE that I must give DB location data to upload photos. Everyone knows this is pure corporate BS and not a technical requirement--together with all else, it is the last straw for me. Bye bye DB ipad!

  • Photos saving

    by Neoccww

    Need a option to save all photos to the phone. There's only one option to share all photos. Ridiculous having to click each photo to export.

  • Can't get PDF to download or preview

    by PaapFly

    PDF rendering was glacial or just didn't render at all (failed to download).

  • Screen is frozen

    by Arsenal Goonners

    Tried restarting the app but still no good

  • All-time bad.

    by Jesse Solorzano

    The app is worse than ever! I've tried to reinstall it and it still get stuck at the "loading" page on my dropbox folder. Can't access anything else and the app isn't uploading anymore of my photos. The problems just don't end.

  • Dropbox

    by Jdmjam

    Would not complete installing on IPAD. I need credit for cost. Jdmjam

  • Can't open photos?

    by McWetty

    Not sure why, but the app just spins when i try to view photos. They aren't big files (280kb or so) and I've tried unlinking and relinking the app from my account. I love Dropbox, but if they don't fix this, I'll have to find and alternative. My business depends on bit.

  • Pics Won't Open On Ipads

    by Liberty4

    We use DropBox heavily in our business and the pictures will not open on any of our 5 iPads. They work fine on the desktops and on the Samsung phones and tablets. PDF's open on the iPads fine. It all worked great until a couple of months ago, not sure if related to updates.

  • Better photo management

    by POLARISpro489

    Would be the perfect app with photo management. Would be a competitor to photo stream. Please add albums too!

  • It keeps crashing?

    by ValiantGamer

    Well I am looking at a lot of PDF files but it seems when I'm scrolling thru the handbook PDF pages my friend sent me the app closes forcing me to relaunch and start from the beginning of the handbook....

  • Trouble

    by Matt Yeagle

    Can not update Dropbox "folder" or add a "folder" to favorites. Have to add every file to favorites for updates. Need to be able to add a single folder with files to favorites.

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Alleybaba92

    I love this app but it crashes after a minute of being open. Please fix!!!!!!!

  • Clock now disappears

    by joelsong

    Since the latest update, the standard iOS clock (top center of screen) is no longer visible when viewing documents in Dropbox. It is the only program I have that behaves this way. Please change it back. I use Dropbox for setlists and song lyrics while performing. Having discreet access to the time is essential. Now, I have to do several steps just to view the time while using Dropbox. Otherwise, I have been loving the service and all related updates. Thank you.

  • Clock now disappears

    by joelsong

    Since the latest update, the standard iOS clock (top center of screen) is no longer visible when viewing documents in Dropbox. It is the only program I have that behaves this way. Please change it back. I use Dropbox for setlists and song lyrics while performing. Having discreet access to the time is essential. Now, I have to do several steps just to view the time while using Dropbox. Otherwise, I have been loving the service and all related updates. Thank you.

  • needs notifications fix

    by eac_cole

    This is one of the most useful apps I own, but the push notifications do not work on iPhone. I've checked and rechecked my settings, but I do not receive push notifications when files are modified/added/etc.

  • Dropbox

    by JarrettMaster

    This is a good app to store photos and get rid of space in your camera roll.

  • Perfect

    by Amen surchi

    Very good!

  • What happened!!

    by Boss4594

    Geez can't load any pictures!!!! No pics open in Dropbox!!

  • Create option to disable auto-lock during upload

    by matthewsoft

    I love Dropbox, but I can't stand how uploads take so long unless I turn off auto-lock, even if I have my iPhone on a charger. Pandora and other apps like maps have the ability to disable auto-lock, why can't Dropbox? Especially when an upload is in progress, but I would even settle for all the time the app is active. Please make this an option in settings! It would make my life so much easier.

  • No funciona

    by furmanmar

    Cargas de cámara no funciona

  • Perfect app!

    by HuskerRed5

    I use this app everywhere! Dropbox is brilliant!

  • Bugs in photo uploading.

    by Cyberey66

    Update: Does not work at all with my Dropbox for buisiness account on IOS 7.04. It hangs when I load it. It's a shame because we use this to share data with our research group, and it would be awesome to be able to access from phone without using the website. So far dropbox works well to view files uploaded through means outside of the iPhone. However, the photo upload from iPhone is very buggy. It's been around a week, and all my photos have not yet uploaded despite being on wifi with background uploading enabled. The application seems to upload 5 images each time you open it and then stop. For ~2000 pictures this is unreasonable. The number of photos left to upload seems to episodically increase and decrease, which is confusing. The uploading seemed to stop completely, while dropbox is awesome on Linux, it current fails on the iPhone. Also doesn't work now unless you have ios7.

  • Needs Pages support

    by SkunkMonkey

    I love Dropbox and use it for all sorts of stuff. The good far outweighs the bad. But please add support for the newest version of Pages.

  • Not waiting for an update

    by 1053ip

    Too long to wait for an update. Switched to Box. 50gb for new customers, and great UI. They actually respond to questions very quickly. Sorry DB. Ya lost me.

  • On iPad, make the left pane slide-able!

    by Texas med student

    I cannot understand why the left pane (containing file tree, etc) is not slide-able to enable full-screen viewing of documents. The default iPad mail app has the pane visble in landscape mode and hidden in portrait mode - this behavior would also be an improvement.

  • A big fan if drop box!!

    by Inspiray

    I am a big fan of drop box, but i am going to give only one star. I realized that my ipad ran out of space even though I deleted all my videos. I ran a diagnosis and found out that ipad was taking 16 giga bytes. I immediately deleted and reinstalled and Dropbox app became 60ish megabytes again. I just could not believe this happened. My best guess on my case would be auto upload.

  • Still problems with new MAC Pages

    by MatthewWh

    Thank you for making it compatible with the new iPad update. Unfortunately, I still I am having trouble opening Pages documents. PDF's work great though.

  • Crash

    by dcgreen97

    Crashes way too much. Good app and good interface but the constant crashing ruins it. Please fix.

  • i love it but sometimes gets a bit slow

    by Noah.j8

    I have dropbox in my iPad and iPhone. I love it surely because of its usability is simple. only thing is it gets slow sometimes :(

  • Handy, but needs work

    by Monlow

    When you tab out of the app and then come back in, it takes you to the beginning of the document you were reading. Very frustrating when you're looking at a 100+ page document--you have to scroll all the way back down. Also, when you flip to view landscape, it loads, and brings you BACK to the beginning of the document. Flip the other way, same thing, back to the beginning. And PLEASE allow a tap on the screen to hide/show the Dropbox options. That used to be so useful in the older versions; the full, unhindered screen view was much better.

  • It doesn't work anymore!

    by Reviewcan

    This app was great but it doesn't work anymore. It keeps saying loading but nothing happens and the camera upload doesn't work!

  • Compatibility with new Pages

    by Revbma

    I really like using Dropbox, but find that it is incompatible with the new version of Pages. Documents appear in Dropbox and are indicated to be of a certain size, but they won't open. Not sure whose fault this is, but I'll need to go back to using Word if this isn't fixed right away.

  • Back to main menu?

    by Bloomsbury57

    I love Dropbox and use it daily, even pay for addition storage, but this app upgrade is slowing my productivity, and increasing my frustration. It used to keep the last folder open and even open the document I was using. But now, EVERY time I close it or switch been apps, it takes me back to the main menu! Please keep the folder and document open, or give me the ability to decide whether I want it open or not, PLEASE.

  • Useful

    by Andrew Talbot

    This is a very useful app.

  • Photo activity is needless

    by Sq6ra

    I mean, drop box is not Instagram . For those who never upload photos to Dropbox , this photo activity is totally needless. At least you guys should add an option to hide it(or edit it)

  • Having problem opening Dropbox

    by Iphomaniac

    Since the last Update Dropbox gets frozen when entering the Passcode in my Ipad. I've tried deleting the App and reinstalling but it doesn't fix the problem. Last version was working fine!

  • Dropinthebucket for iOS is..

    by screenbetween

    Is not Box for iOS that's pretty clear, because recently the Box application was completely redesigned, overhauled from the ground up. Which is now quite fantastic, especially considering the amount of storage space given. For example.. Box ✔️ 50 GB of storage. Yes, 50. ✔️ Redesigned app now closely mirrors desktop experience and functionality while using mobile app. Dropbox ❌ 5 GB of storage. ❌ App severely limited, without options to manage, move, or delete a files. I'm just saying..

  • Great

    by Thomas Wood

    Most useful app ever made.

  • Rename?

    by TV Fortysvn

    Come on, Google Drive can rename files!

  • Works great!

    by adrenaline soundwave

    I downloaded this app to be able to transfer my video from my iPad to any device where I needed it. The Dropbox app, unlike the google drive app, actually works for uploading video from an iPad. It also uploads fast, too!

  • Stopped working

    by Djs3634

    Beginning this week the app has stopped working completely.

  • LifeSaver

    by PathMax

    You want to stay organized, collaborate on projects. ONE THING NEEDS TO BE ADDED. FOLDER LEVEL PASSWORD PROTECTION THAT DROPBOX DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO. For example the program "LogMeIn" allows you to protect your computer by setting a password so that even if, someone at LogMeIn wants to access your computer, that they CANNOT access your sensitive documents. The NSA currently has almost unlimited access to all of my Dropbox data because I CANNOT secure it with folder level passwords, nor can I keep the Edward Snowden's working for Dropbox out of my data. Add folder & file level passwords to make it more secure!

  • Don't require location!

    by Rosecam11

    The main reason I use the Dropbox app is to access my photos and videos. With the latest update it won't let me upload those unless I give it location rights. I don't even give my camera location rights, so that's ridiculous! I also hate that the app would force me to confirm to keep uploading the pics and videos in the last version, but of course I don't know if they still do that since now I can't upload my pics and videos at all now.

  • Awful ...

    by EdBurr

    Installed OSX & tried to connect my wife's iPad with Dropbox .... everything stopped working!!! Easier to use iCloud for documents, spreadsheets, etc. Worked great before?

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by celenganbabi

    Though I'm not gonna use it, but thanks for updating Indonesian version :)

  • My most used app!

    by jde123

    I love this app and service. The new update with ability to select and upload multiple photos is just what was needed! Thanks for the outstanding product! Update 1/16/2014: terrible update. Lots if problems seeing menus...

  • Awesome

    by Jsss1

    One of my favorite apps, I use it across all my devices

  • What a piece of trash!

    by Luis Calvo

    Since I updated to iOS7 Dropbox doesn't let me open iWork files on my iPad or iPhone. It was supposed it would let me save space but at last I got to move my files back to iCloud! It is a disaster!

  • Preview issues

    by L&D-212

    Seems I can no longer preview .png or jpg files in folders without favoriting them 1st, that was ok for vids but it's an inconvenience for photos.

  • App Useless Now

    by bitwarden

    We used to be able to download PDF, ePub, and other files from Dropbox and open them in the application of choice. This is no longer available which make this app useless. The only thing I can do is send a link to my email, open it in a browser, then choose to open the file in the app of choice. This is extremely cumbersome and unnecessary. Fix this or simply take the app of the App Store as it doesn't serve any purpose at this it's current state. If I could give it zero stars I would.

  • New Icon

    by Will-2002

    The dropbox app is nothing compared to Box. Box has a very professional feel and smooth features. Dropbox seems messy and generic.

  • LifeSaver

    by PathMax

    I just upgraded from 3 to 5 stars: You want to stay organized, collaborate on projects. ONE THING NEEDS TO BE ADDED. FOLDER LEVEL PASSWORD PROTECTION THAT DROPBOX DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO. For example the program "LogMeIn" allows you to protect your computer by setting a password so that even if, someone at LogMeIn wants to access your computer, that they CANNOT access your sensitive documents. The NSA currently has almost unlimited access to all of my Dropbox data because I CANNOT secure it with folder level passwords, nor can I keep the Edward Snowden's working for Dropbox out of my data. Add folder & file level passwords to make it more secure!

  • Bugs and missing functionalities

    by Cuong Ngo

    Missing Functionalities 1. Rename option 2. Full screen Button 3. iWork 13 Support Bugs and Glitches 1. Upper/Lower Case Letters 2. Still loading files eventhough already saved to Favorites Please fix asap, my spring term is about to start soon. Thanks

  • Email as PDF?

    by Mac Muscle Nerd

    Great app only complaint is when sending documents (PDF) make it so we have the option to email as PDF instead of making a link. One more complaint is STORAGE give us a little more please. Thanks great app!!!

  • Excellent

    by ViciousGnome

    It does all what it promises, and it does it flawlessly. Compared to other cloud services you can upload and share big file sizes without paying extra $$$ for it.

  • Works supa good

    by @&1000$

    Works great!! Lots of people are saying they think that apple should make it so people with older versions can also have this app and it's true!!! Why not let older iOS versions use this??? The reason is they want you to buy newer products or update your old ones so I think it's a bit unfair.

  • Клас❤️

    by Ma$kara

  • Problem with larger PDF files

    by Shakespow

    Crashes every time I open a larger PDF file(over 1 mb). Never had this problem before on previous version of app and iOS 6. Please correct.

  • Not for iWork files

    by N-girl

    You can't open Pages or Numbers or Keynote files with this app. Useless.

  • If you love force closing this is the app for you

    by ALTA_SKIER!!

    Force close, force close, freeze, force close this app is GARBAGE shutdown every time I use it.

  • No iOS6?

    by AbramHerman

    I'd love to put this on my iPhone 4, but there's no way I'm putting iOS7 on here and slowing to a glacial pace. I like Dropbox, but since I can't use this app it gets a generous 1 star.

  • Cannot rename files?

    by Tao Tong

    In general, a decent app. Stable and useful, but it is unthinkable that it cannot be used to rename files!

  • Update doesn't work

    by Sun.Diego

    I edit a file on my iPad-3 with iOS7 and save it, but it is never updated. Are you guys reading these reviews? Do you even care?!?!

  • Very bad

    by Amiko Nakashidze

    Too many bugs, it stuck every time

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