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• Get to the goods. Easier access to the FileSpace to review Office files: instant productivity!
• Knowledge is power. See all Word, Excel and PowerPoint create, edit, share, and review activities.
• There's always room for improvement. Fewer bugs. More stability.

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**"A must-have killer productivity app" as covered by Time, HuffPost, Fast Company and Mashable.**
**7 million downloads, 60 million documents created**
CloudOn makes Microsoft Office® (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) files more accessible and useful by letting you edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere with complete functionality. Unleash your productivity.

You can also connect to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Hightail account(s), and send or share files with colleagues and contacts via email directly from the app.

With CloudOn you can:
• Create, review and edit Microsoft Word® docs, Excel® spreadsheets and PowerPoint® presentations on an iPad or your iPhone.
• Rich editing and creation on your mobile devices - insert charts, images, equations, SmartArt, clipart, tables, shapes.
• Beautiful documents - format fonts, paragraphs, styles, themes and layout.
• Quickly review docs - spelling and grammar, track changes, comments, annotations and rich markup.
• Analyze and visualize - view and create charts (including pivot, bar, line, area etc), add formulas, filter and build rich spreadsheets and workbooks
• Make your presentations spiffy - rich themes and colors.
• Add convenience to presenting from your mobile device - Microsoft Powerpoint presentations with animations and transitions timed to the second
• 100% compatibility with Office files - open, edit and (auto) save Word files, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations without worrying that they will break

• Seamlessly connect to and access Microsoft Office® and Adobe Acrobat® documents in your cloud storage provider account(s), including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Hightail.
• Open documents, spreadsheets and presentations from your email accounts as well as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive on tablets and phones.
• Organize your files - Copy, paste, delete, rename and move files across folders.
• Sit back and relax - all your files and docs are saved automatically giving you the comfort that you won't lose your data.
• View virtually any file type, including Microsoft Office®, Adobe Acrobat® and Images: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF.

SHARE and SEND docs
• No more versions - work on the same doc with colleagues.
• Use the FileSpace to add context to your work - view all the activity on any given doc including edits, actions, and notes.
• Or if you prefer just send a link to the file by email!

AIR PRINT docs (pro feature)
• Print Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and Powerpoint Presentations.
** CloudOn is free to use for all. Some features are available through CloudOn Pro @ the introductory offer of $2.99/month or $29.99/year. **

CloudOn - we bring your documents to life.

Customer Reviews

  • Slow but ok.

    by Mikijo12457

    It's a very slow program to use, and in order to use the track changes you have to pay for a subscription, which I don't mind paying for. BUT if I'm going to pay for it I don't want to pay every time I log into CloudOn. Which is what is happening. Also if I'm paying for it I don't want glitchy and slow.

  • Good app for Microsoft Office

    by KarlJN

    Does just what it claims to do. And you can't beat the price and cloud storage integration. A few functions are only available if you pay for Pro. Probably the most noticeable are tables in Word, presenting in PowerPoint, and printing. In addition, it gets laggy at times, but overall performance is quite good. I wish it had iOS native autocorrect.

  • Decent app

    by Reasey-kupp

    Useful for creating and editing resumes on the fly

  • Good app!

    by Liliy2099

    I love this app! It saved me from not getting behind on my out of class assignments. If you need Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, then this is your app right here! If your like me that has a lap top at home but your college requires you to use these programs and your laptop does not have them, you can just down load this app to you phone/iPod/iPad or so forth and "Waa laa." You can also do your work from where ever you are! Awesome right! You don't need to go through the hassle of buying the programs to install them.. Though this app does not have all the qualities and ribbon options you would get in a computer, but it works great just for simple assignments! It also gives you options in where to save your documents and files.

  • YAY!!!

    by Christina_Nicole166

    LOVE IT!! Thank you so much guys! <3

  • Awesome

    by cjmm401

    Perfect for a college student. Especially if you have a keyboard for your ipad.

  • Awesome,

    by Kaye35

    Truly awesome app to keep up with all going on @ work & play! Highly recommended if you need your documents, photos, etc available everywhere.

  • Awesome

    by luis BUSTAMANTE

    Amazing app. Get it. It's awesome

  • It WAS working...

    by Reshiram68

    The application was working perfectly fine until I attempted to highlight a paragraph in Word. Now it's hardly responsive to my touch at all, as the tabs don't work anymore.

  • Eh...

    by Spen2800555

    I like it but it's pretty glitchy and slow

  • Cloud on

    by Cgzuxyibxff

    This is a great app you don't need wifi to go on there

  • Edit Excel and Word files on the go!

    by thorne_47

    CloudOn is a great app! It make is very convenience to use excel on your ipod on the run. This app contains great functionality and is easy to use. The app allows for the editing of excel, word and powerpoint files on the go. This App is a must have!

  • Life Saver

    by BackupGAMEFREAK

    This app saved me from failing my Roundtables

  • One Small Issue

    by meyaoyeow

    The only issue I have with this app is that I cant edit a document I create in the app. I see the blank document but my keyboard doesnt show up and nothing registers on the screen. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!!

  • Very well done.

    by Furyofcrow

    Simply amazing. Has word,excel, and PowerPoint with all options. Very easy to create, manage, and edit files. Also I liked the fact that you can link it to Dropbox, skydive, etc so that it automatically saves your files and changes there as well. Very satisfied.

  • Its a good app if just one tiny thing worked right

    by Brandavhotpod198556789111

    It does a fantastic job of editing microsoft word and interfacing with google drive awesome. It does typing and auto saving perfect too. However, there is one tiny thing that would go from 3 stars to 5 stars, and that is to have the ability to copy a file and then change that copied file and it not update the original too! I lost an entire paper because when i did a copy and pasted it to a different folder and wrote a whole new document off the old template, I went back and the original was changed to the one i just edited! Also, what does the duplicate option on the context menu do? As far as I can see nothing, it just flashes my screen and then nothing happens. Could you please get the ability for me to copy a file and then edit it and it be a different file on its own? I use a lot of templates so I NEED this feature ASAP.

  • Love it!

    by musicfiend_92

    Easy to use. Interface is appealing to the eye. Great app.

  • Great app with continued improvement

    by swinky78

    I continue to be pleased with this nearly essential app. I highly recommend it. Full disclosure: I am a consumer who participates in CloudOn's Connection.

  • Very Useful Tool

    by Amanasro

    I can access my DropBox files and make changes on from iPhone or iPad. Love the convenience!

  • Love this

    by Shelley. Belle

    My computer broke down and had only a couple of hours to finish my Finals paper. This had Microsoft and I was able to type up my essay on my iPad. Saved my grade. I'm so happy :')

  • Big problem

    by sfdcc

    Once the program starts to work it's great. BUT...when I start a new file there is typically a time period in which the keystrokes don't register on the page. Since my primary use of this app is for meetings, I've taken to try to start a file 15-20 min before a meeting starts but even this is not foolproof. Once it decides to kick in and respond (which is highly variable) it's great...but by that time I've missed most of the meeting. So until this is fixed it's rather useless.

  • Awful, waste of money and storage space

    by Nisot007

    Firstly, the office softwares look somewhat grainy, rather that polished. Secondly, the app lags terribly, up to the extent that it is basically useless. I try to type, but nothing comes up on the document, when it does, there is a 3 second delay. Most times, it doesn't even respond to my touch, as I try to scroll down or up. Terrible, just terrible.

  • khickster

    by Khickster55

    Could not get this program to work with the bluetooth keyboard.

  • Monthly fee???

    by Carolyn Willingham

    just found out that the app has a monthly fee AFTER you pay to upgrade!! What the heck! This wasn't disclosed anywhere! I want my $$ back!

  • This App

    by Tayboo =)

    When I Tried Signing Up It Kept Saying My Email Is Fake

  • Don't update!

    by Rd86421

    This last update no longer allows you to run PowerPoint in slideshow mode UNLESS you update to the cloud on pro version which has a monthly fee. The update description does not disclose this. Very disappointing.

  • Crashes

    by Rawr01920192

    App freezes a lot and deletes all of your work!!! Steer clear of this app! Terrible!

  • Very serious lag

    by I just want to comment

    I love this app it really helps but it lags a lot and sometimes deletes all my work good thing I have back up please fix the lag.

  • Does not work unless internet is super fast

    by Dawoodsd

    Please fix! Every time i want to use the app, it takes forever for it to load or does not even open unless the wifi is at certain speed :(

  • Works with complicated excel spreadsheets

    by C141medic

    Downloaded this app when it first became available. The improvements are excellent. This is the only app that I've found that will open my work excel spreadsheets properly and also allow me to edit and save them. It's as if I was using my laptop at home. Excellent app. I do agree with other reviewers though that there should be a standard and a paid pro version rather than asking users to pay monthly or yearly fees. Otherwise, excellent app.

  • Awashlover

    by Awashlover

    Thanks sooo much that's exactly what I was looking for!!! :D it's cuz I don't have a computer in my house so I want to practice and you know study for the computer class for school so thanks so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and a lot more I'm glad I found this app

  • Good app but....

    by Jsouldb8

    It's a good app but I feel that he writing is kinda slow, is it just me?

  • Cheating app

    by Patrick2050

    This app May potentially steal your account information.

  • Good app, but...

    by Dragonmage7

    It's a fantastic app with great functionality, but it is SUPER laggy. Really slow, probably to do with the required internet connection.

  • Don't get

    by KadeDrako

    Nothing like Quickoffice pro and whats up with the monthly fee?

  • A time saving app but needs more improvement

    by *FOD*

    An easy to use application. Works great with my skydrive. Please add more options and a review button.

  • I can edit Word Files!

    by Lowertech

    I never thought I would be able to write those words! I had almost given up! This amazing little app connects to your DropBox, Box, Google Drive and Sky Drive to access, upload and allow you to do complex editing, etc. It is typically laggy (hence 4 stars), but I am more than willing to wait if I can edit those files! I appreciate this app - I would pay for it. If they bring out an upgrade for $, I'm on it! Update: Suddenly I received an email, "sharing" a private document from Dropbox! Granted, it was shared to me and was my document, but it was a shock to see that Cloudon was sharing it at all! I have closed my account and removed the app. Who knows who else it might decide to "share" with!

  • Awesome

    by luis BUSTAMANTE

    Greatest app ever used. Can't live with out it!!!!

  • Finally an App that is MS Word compatible

    by Mikeyznsacto

    Finally an App that is MS Word compatible. Like using my native Word and maintains all formatting. no exporting importing like other apps. A few minor nuisances or missing things- Sometimes it's slow to respond since it runs live with constant save. Missing Thesaurus and Apple bluetooth keyboard shortcuts don't work well. The biggy of no import export or emailing to myself is worth all of that. It runs directly from my file in dropbox. Of course no offline work but hey? Love it.

  • Potential

    by  Mike.L.

    This app could EASILY be a #1 selling app for $20 in the app store. Great interface, mimics actual Office suite. HOWEVER, it doesn't support retina and it REQUIRES INTERNET. So what if I need to write on the bus or train? You're probably SOL. If the developers can make it so that you can create and sync later, I'd pay big bucks for this app. For now, my laptop is more useful. But hey, if you don't have a laptop and you want to use this at home, this is the best app out there.

  • Starts working well, then zip

    by Ross66921

    Downloaded this and it worked awesome. For about a week it was nice. No issues. Then, tonight nothing. Timeouts. Errors. Etc. f'ed up. Just make it work......not difficult. But apparently it is difficult to make something that somehow times out after a while.

  • Lifesaver

    by ezmattyb

    This app works wonders for my career. Does exactly what I need it to do!

  • Still going strong

    by Pikaso91

    Great App, helps me out whenever I need to gain access to my files where ever I may be!!! New update working fine for me!!!

  • Started Out Great But Now ...

    by LuAnnE612

    I have a lot of use for this app and for the most part have had no trouble with it, using Dropbox to my advantage to create then share documents with my co-workers/peers. However, recently I either cannot type a new document without ineffective long-term clicking until a letter or number appears or I get an error message about a 'glitch' disconnecting me from my network. Eventually the document wakes up and begins accepting my keystrokes. Since I use this app for work, time is critical and the delay in creating new documents is a problem as well as the drag time to get the document done. I recently upgraded to pay for this app monthly for enhancements but see no difference yet, appears the same as before. I'm hopeful more than just I am having this problem (not that I'm wishing anything on anyone!) but at least I'll know that there'll be a patch (update) for the issue, if indeed there is one. Thanks - do appreciate the app, but would appreciate it more if it played nice!

  • Good but Some Unreasonable.

    by GlitchinGaming

    This is a good app I've used it in the times of my needs but since I've updated it I've noticed that you want over $10 on to preview it ? And to also add animations.. I know it's better than. Paying $500 for the real version, but really I'm deleting this app because the animations and some other features I need for my assessments but yet I can't afford. I thought this app was good...

  • Cloud On

    by 19ya71

    Love the multiple app sign-in

  • Recommendation

    by Nathan the man

    Instead of having to pay monthly or yearly for the pro version you should create a CloudOn Pro version and charge some money for it other then that it's a great app for my school work and other things I need it for.

  • Want download

    by Thawing

    Just pay for this app and it want download. Please fix or give me my money back.


    by Smellie32

    I am frustrated beyond reason. The new update deleted all of my documents!!! This is unacceptable. I want my money back!!

  • Love this app

    by bkl8181

    does what I need.

  • Please fix

    by Miss heada

    I loved this app. But now suddenly it won't load. Please fix!!

  • Laughably bad app

    by lanny Thomas

    If you had some form of typing Tourette's syndrome, you would have less mistakes than this app creates for your documents.

  • Too small

    by Tam toe

    App is good except it seems to make documents that I edit through the app, too small to view on my PC.

  • Issues with External Keyboard

    by BostonMarki

    I love this app but can't use it because it won't connect to my external keyboard. The keyboard works with all other apps, but not this one. I updated the app with the bug fix that was supposed to correct it, but I still have issues. This is really disappointing, since I love the app but need it to work with my Bluetooth keyboard.

  • Opening file

    by Sflt0922

    On iPad. When opening certain file it either doesn't open or opens a completely different file. Please fix for five stars.

  • Cloudon Availability Issue

    by Hsb47

    December 27, 2013 update seems to have resulted in making CloudOn unavailable either through the app or the website. The web site log on is a redirect to a down load page. The app log in never gets past the "Loading Workspace" meter. Quite disappointing considering I just signed up for the Pro service.

  • New user but very happy

    by MSH30

    Super happy with how easy and accessible this app makes editing Office files!!

  • Not what I expected

    by Cybotic

    This app was promoted as a way to use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But many features are locked up in the Pro version. And you must subscribe to the Pro version. With Microsoft, you buy Office once and get permanent use of all features. Using CloudOn, my projects are held hostage if I don't continue paying the ransom.

  • Cloud On

    by max safai

    Great app, but to earn the last star fix the image quality on documents. Then I would consider it flawless.

  • Cloud On

    by max safai

    Great app, but to earn the last star fix the image quality on documents. Then I would consider it flawless.

  • Bad app

    by Gracp

    What happen to this app it worked great. I recently down loaded the new version. It stinks!! It doesn't let me edit on a consistent basis. It's also unstable. It will show me my edited page and my page previous to that blinking back and forth. Please bring back the the old version!!!

  • Avg Joe

    by S(g)R

    Nice app. Lots of great features

  • Very poor

    by Gibby12134

    Not sure what happened.

  • No longer loads


    What happened? I used this to keep track of my tech school students grades. Now it just says loading work space on my ipad which is version 6. It still works on my iPhone that is version 7. But the screen is too small for my spread sheets. Now useless.

  • Deleted

    by Chadicool 

    I found this app when i was looking for something that i could use in college on my ipad. It worked great at first, and i was super impressed. but now it doesnt work, and best yet, it deleted all of my notes i typed for one of my classes. this app is unreliable...if you're planning on using this app for anything remotely important, BEWARE.

  • Latest update is terrible!

    by Chaco910

    Since the December update, I am unable to open any files! The app will not even open!

  • Cloud on

    by Edubb44

    It is not letting me share a very important ppt I need for school!!

  • Useless since update

    by Cowboy Joe 22

    Have used this program for a year. Was great but now they charge it is not worth the cost.

  • So far so good

    by BarrySullens

    Just reinstalled after deleting app months ago. Updates since then make the app more practical and beneficial for me. Just tried share by email. I like the approach they've adopted. That is the way I wish Dropbox share by email worked. I haven't put CloudOn through all it's paces yet, but so far, I'm more impressed than some of the other reviewers appear to be.

  • Great app with continued improvement

    by swinky78

    I continue to be pleased with this nearly essential app. I highly recommend it. Full disclosure: I am a consumer who participates in CloudOn's Connection.

  • What the hell happened??

    by Vzorzoli

    I have used this app since December 2012. It was great for making files and emailing them through your apple mail center. That way you could email people using a specific email rather than an icloud email or whatever you used to register CloudOn. Now, you cannot, I repeat CANNOT share your files. They'll tell you that you can but the document doesn't send, the actual "send" button isn't clickable/tappable, and your recipient doesn't receive anything. The google drive option instead of Dropbox has the same issue. Also, this app is incredibly slow. You switch to another app and come back and you have to reopen the file from the start page. It's a pain!!!!

  • Sloooooooow, unresponsive

    by The dawg2131

    The "word" program is honestly terrible. It wasn't great from the start, but it's gotten worse. It's completely unresponsive, slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, and randomly highlights and deletes whole lines of text without me seeing. It seems to just have a mind of its own. It's 2013, this is completely unacceptable. It shouldn't take 2 hours to write a 2 page paper because I have to keep going back, re-writing, editing, and pausing for cursor and prompt delays that seem to take a year-and-a-half long for each time. Please re-code and update the "word" program!!!!!!!!!

  • Poor since the latest update

    by 14 carlitooo4

    Frequently fails to load documents. It's very frustrating because this app used to be extremely useful.

  • Heavy User

    by Vgentry43

    Love this app. Use it all the time.

  • Privacy Concerns...

    by JC3513

    Is it truly software hosted on a VM (hope not)? Dev should promptly clarify any security precautions taken to to protect user privacy. Other than that,...yeah a bit network sqeamish and sad that it cannot read text files. I've never lost my data in DB, and that would not be a good thing if it were to happen. Glad I read other reviews finally,..I'll search for an alternative.

  • Arabic language

    by Mariam412

    The arabic language very bad in this program ,, please solve this problem !!

  • No excel hyperlinks!

    by Blahdhddnhec

    This app allows me to do everything except the one thing that I desperately need: the ability to create a hyperlink to another page within the same excel document. Please, please, PLEASE fix this!!!

  • Life saver

    by Cassandra9222

    This app is amazing for me. I am a nursing student and use this to study as all of my added information in the notes section of PowerPoint is available to me. This app also allows me to add and change my notes and is much more functional than other, more cumbersome apps (such as iAnnotate) that I've tried. My only complaint is that the app can be slow to move between slides and pages on documents. This is definitely tolerable and will not keep me from using the app.

  • Excel not good

    by iPwn More

    This app uses a sort of Microsoft office emulator to edit documents. Office suite on this app isn't very good for iPhone. Buttons are too small and it's either slow to respond or not very responsive. Tried editing a spreadsheet from my google drive and couldn't view columns A-D. Couldn't even scroll to those columns; the spreadsheet began on column E.

  • Ok

    by God of cookies

    This app needs to be able to be used without wifi. If that were the case, i would give it 5 stars. Otherwise a very good app

  • Bugs

    by Dr. Bunsen

    This app highlights a portion of the text when you hit the delete button and try to delete a single character. Please fix! It is incredibly annoying and difficult to write using this app when this happens all the time.

  • Great App

    by thorne_47

    CloudOn is a great app! It make is very convenience to use excel on your ipod on the run. This app contains great functionality and is easy to use.

  • Awesome app if you don't share files

    by Kcgodlyman

    I've been using CloudOn for a little over a year and have been very satisfied with all I'm able to do with it. That said, I must admit that with the most recent update I can no longer share files reliably with CloudOn. In the past it was a simple mater of tapping the file icon, choosing send link or send file and then telling CloudOn which person to send the file. Considering how solid this app has been since I started using it, I will be very surprised if this issue continues much longer. The fifth star will be added when I'm able to send files.

  • Bugs

    by person 1234678

    This is a good app, but it has a tendency to highlight text automatically and delete it when the delete button was pressed to only undo a single character PLEASE FIX THIS as it makes it a great struggle to type anything on this app

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