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● Brand new awesome look
● Photos from Camera or Library
● Passcode lock
● Rapid Search
● Easy Sorting
● Timestamps
● Dropbox export
● Lots of other little goodies...

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Auto-organized with color code / category

Perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Debriefings, Brainstorming, Quick notes, To-Do Lists, Planning, and more.

Awesome for Work, School and Daily Life.

Type, record, or type while recording/playing, also add in photographs and capture everything. This is the quickest & most effective notes app available

========= APP DESCRIPTION =========

Super Note helps you create notes very rapidly and make voice recordings during, as well as add photos. The notes are color coded so you can find them instantly and you can change the note color/category on the fly. You can also set future alert reminders on individual notes.

Recordings & Photos are built into the note and can be made any time - you can take notes & photos while recording or while playing, and you can pause/resume to add new recording sections to an existing recording.

You can also transfer your notes to other people or to your computer using email, WiFi, or dropbox.

========= APP FEATURES =========

---- TYPED NOTES ----
● Text notes with built in recordings & photos
● Color coded note templates
● Topic related note templates
● Copy / Paste / Spell Check / Languages, and everything else you'd expect from a great text editor
● Swipe left/right to switch to other notes

● Sort by date, category, or alphabetically
● Rapid search with instant search results
● Change color / template on the fly

---- RECORDINGS ----
● High quality audio recordings
● Recording works also when device is locked
● Recordings are built into your typed notes
● Record & take notes at the same time!
● Pause and continue your recording session
● Playback recordings while typing

---- PHOTOS ----
● Add photos to your notes
● Capture from camera or choose from your library
● Photos are auto-attached to your typed notes
● Take photos while recording / typing

● Set reminders on your notes
● Alerts pop up even if app is closed

---- SECURITY ----
● Passcode protected

● Download to computer through WiFi
● Export to Dropbox
● Send to yourself via email

---- iPhone, iPad, iPod ----
● Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad
● Tested & certified on all product models
● Built using Apple recommended methods

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by Team*Autism

    I'm loving this app! Only thing is, I want to be able to send my recordings in texts instead of email and I can't figure out how to do it...can someone help me???

  • Amazing!

    by Nataliv6

    So easy and organized, I record all my trainings on here

  • Works for me

    by Daphne-Char

    I got a part in a play and was looking for an ap to help me learn my lines. This one worked great for me. The only thing I'd change is being able to delete a part of my voice recording rather than the whole thing.

  • Great Memo-er!

    by Nobleccentric

    Works delightfully well and is very sharply designed.

  • Thx

    by Amir Ghassemi


  • Fabulous

    by shaundaworm

    I have been using SuperNote for two years the new up dated version with the color-coded tabs are great. Although I wish I could video my math professor.

  • So far so good!

    by Krista N. Mitchell

    Works well for me, happy with the quality of recording and the ability to share through dropbox

  • Supernote

    by Waycoolgal

    Awesome awesome awesome. So easy to use, quality recording, and works great with Dropbox.

  • GREAT!!!!!!!

    by Move it man

    I absolutely love this app I was a BlackBerry guy for a long time and used their memos for everything and this has definitely replaced that and more.

  • Cool App

    by Odious###

    Very handy app. I use it all the time. Good job.

  • Nice

    by App alatian man

    The app has asked me to write a review and I have only used it twice. Unfortunately I can not give you any thoughts on the app and so it could be bad or it could be good. Until I have had a chance to use the app you should refrain from asking for a review. It could have been reviewed at five stars. Now it will only receive three. This is a review not based on usage.

  • Missing Catch

    by RedRumRumRed

    Converted this from 3 years with catch notes, works the best & most efficient..great job!!

  • Tried them all

    by Staci12345

    I have tried almost all the note-taking apps, but this one is my favorite by far! You can record voice memos & add photos.

  • Awesome Note Tacking App

    by Acetolman

    This is a very useful app to have if you need to take notes or keep track of meeting content. Very user friendly.

  • Very useful!

    by Highdottle

    Very good app, records and organizes well! Totally suggest it to whomever requires to record stuff as notes and meetings.

  • Best app I have ever downloaded !

    by Brighteyesblue22

    My grades have gone up tremendously sense getting this app !!!

  • Great app

    by Donavon Dilling

    I'm an EMT student and found this to be a great app. Allows me to study anywhere. A good buy.

  • Great!

    by ptquelet

    What are the main issues is that it turns off when there is something like a phone call. I really like this app and I can record almost anything.

  • Good

    by Robbyfan


  • Great App, Incredibly Useful

    by Audrey...

    I use this app in every single one of my classes and its fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone in college.

  • Good !

    by Ncksgjvfffgjjdhjjgf


  • Great app!!

    by Jacob Schwertfeger

    Exactly what I needed to keep organized on my iphone.

  • Finally developed

    by Odicous

    Finally fully fledged app. Great job

  • Great application

    by Jose Valiente

    Great application for recording important class discussions.

  • Very Workable

    by Pmkula

    This app seems to be one of a kind! Very workable app that easily save its material just as easy. One of the few apps that actually does what it says it can do.

  • Yes!!!!

    by Missy Gypsy

    My own notes programmed into my phone sometimes delete. This is why I purchased it. I never have to worry about missing notes ever again!!! Very happy with my purchase!!

  • Excelent notebook

    by Petra Marko

    I like it a lot! Very nice graphic and user friendly app. Recomed to everyone, who are busy and have a lot ideas. Petra Marko CEO ExtravaDansa AT-SK-CZ-UK ltd the entertainment production house

  • Loving it

    by Selecta Kalashnikov

    Able to organize my bible notes & lessons

  • Favorite

    by janpuppy

    This is by far the best note taking app I have found. The ease of transferring notes over wifi and via Dropbox make it 5 star. I love that the screen can be off and it still works.

  • Favorite

    by janpuppy

    This is by far the best note taking app I have found. The ease of transferring notes over wifi and via Dropbox make it 5 star. I love that the screen can be off and it still works.

  • Love this app!!!

    by Pennlo

    Exactly what I've been looking for in a recorder and has the added bonus of including pictures!!

  • Great app

    by Quickcf

    Great app

  • Love this app.

    by DJisthemanstan

    This app is perfect for recording all situations. It has saved my gpa and my butt in court against a lying law enforcement officer. I recommend toying with it while it's recording before saving serious files.

  • Super app!

    by Liveholy4God

    I use this app everyday!

  • Excellency

    by mortizcpa

    It has become in one my best tools for work and home. I write down in it everything I need to do and all my plans at shot and long term. It's amazing.

  • Best program ever

    by Bubbling brown Rn

    Loving this!!! Proved productivity and less stress

  • Great App

    by SiobhanHill

    I love this app. I'm a recording secretary for two boards and this app makes my position a snap. One improvement to make it perfect for me: the ability to speed up the playback speed. Thanks

  • Fantastic!!!!

    by FeatherNeck

    This app has helped me tremendously academically. I easily listen to lectures on my commute to and from school making it easier to learn. Two thumbs up

  • Great App!!!!

    by TP48

    Easy to use and is very organized. I can find recordings with ease since I can store them by category.

  • Audio needs fixing

    by Bschwarzenbach

    Love the app, but audio quits when you rotate or adjust position of iPad when using it. It would also be good if you could pause and restart the recording feature without making a new document. Looking forward to trying the drop box feature.

  • Great App

    by Kawenakolina

    This is a top quality app! I use it regularly in my weekly meetings - the recordings are so crisp and clear as if it was directly tied into the sound system. I used it this weekend in a large auditorium setting and the recordings were just as clear. Definitely recommend this app!

  • Works very well!

    by Eric84103

    Easy to use. Takes a minute to figure out. I wish the time stamp showed time of day rather than recording time.

  • I use it everyday!

    by DurbinACC

    That is the best way to tell how much I like it. It is practical and useful and you should try it if looking for something like this.

  • Wonderful

    by Lets learn

    Great, great, great for notes and recording. Meet all expectations. Just need a way to organize group of notes in folders.

  • Super note

    by Hope C

    Great app, I love it

  • Awesome

    by Jake's thought

    I really love this app and it really helps me with a lot of stuff and ITS PERFECT!!!

  • Finally deleted this crap

    by nkmower

    I started recording lectures with this app and became committed to it before I realized how much I hated it. Why the hell does the recording stop if you change the orientation of your iPad, playback stop too when orientation is changed. the latest “updated” layout is terrible and buttons look faded out as if they are unavailable. Go figure. In playback the progress bar is too small and scrubbing is very hard to fine tune (this is a problem with all recording apps, I want a playback progress bar tha is as long as possible for precise scrubbing to a location in a long recording). I would also LOVE as 15 second or 30 rewind button as found in some apps. Really, it’s hard to explain why I dislike this app so much, but I finally deleted it and am happy.

  • Love this app!!!

    by cprano

    I use this app daily and I really couldn't live without it! I use it for meetings, classes, and voice lessons! I love that I can send messages via email too!!

  • Really Helpful for School

    by Emmaabigail

    Great app to record lectures! Love it!

  • Has some issues in day light

    by Ctmiami1948

    I tested this app inside the house seemed fine. I got it to catalog trees and vegetation. When using it in day light you can not see the options in the black option bar on top is has no contrast, is all black impossible to see. Also if ones takes more than one picture on several days you can not see the dates of the pictures inside the application. Has the potential with minor improvements to be very usefull

  • Review

    by Gjdatjfyg

    Clear cut to the point easy.

  • Good program

    by gman the reviewer

    Good program for work!

  • Perfect for my needs

    by Kayreesa

    This app is super helpful for long lectures in college and I love that it allows you to save photos and notes too!

  • Helps me pass RN school!!

    by Gmnstix8


  • Getting better and better.

    by Bobofer

    It took me a while to figure this out and I'm still not an expert but it seems to practically do it all. I've used recordings, pics and notes.

  • Great App

    by Diaconate086

    No hoops to jump through in familiarization here. From researching through outlining, composing, to practicing the final oral presentation; this app is the toolkit. Highly recommend.

  • Great app.

    by Ejbee

    Wish there were better ways to categorize notes ie. alphabetically by subject, additional folders (rather than note type).

  • Cyberdude

    by Starman1k

    I've been using this app for a month now and so far it has been able to do almost everything I've needed. If you added a couple more category tabs and the ability to add video it would even better.

  • I like it

    by Bellsontop

    I like the recording feature with time stamps. Some times I'm too lazy to type so a quick voice note does it. thanks super note !

  • Awesome!!! Duh!

    by Enzo3971

    Fantastic tool for work.

  • Good

    by Keith 900000

    Download it. It's good enough that I use it everyday. Needs a little more options for reminding IMO

  • Amazing

    by amcabrera


  • Good app

    by Rylorax

    Simple, but it is a significant improvement from the "notes" app that is standard on the iPhone. Easy to keep notes organized with color coded tabs. Loses one star only because I'd like the ability to add custom tabs and the ability to choose how, other than by date, to organize them.

  • Perfect for Musicians

    by Bubbinator293

    I needed an app for recording song ideas with annotations and lyrics and this is perfect for that. Some other apps I found to be either too messy (evernote) or lacking a particular feature (voice memos). This app has everything I need. If you are a musician, especially a songwriter, then you should download this app. Period.

  • This is a great program!

    by CoolR0b

    I use this in my work. I am asked to come and observe my customer's processes. I use Super Note to make notes and the recorded messages go right into my reports. It has been a fantastic tool!

  • Supernote

    by awesome music person

    I don't like how it stops recording while I'm using other apps. Or how when you try to restart the recording, it glitches and deletes the former recorded audio. But other wise it's a good app.

  • Great app

    by thegirl.

    Love being able to record the lecture while taking notes. What about syncing devices? Would be wonderful if I could import the professors slides as a PDF to write on while recording lectures. More of an all in one.

  • Great app.

    by Valazing

    Love it, great app for school. I like others different categories of recording to quickly indicate if it is for class or pleasure. Only thing I don't like is sometimes it will crash if you are deleting old recordings that you don't need anymore.

  • love this App

    by Vdperei

    Great for meetings note taking!

  • Account manager

    by Ckdroz

    SuperNote is very easy to use. I use it for quickly recording meetings and time stamping any important parts. I love that it is very easy to upload to dropbox and share between devices. I wish it was in MP3 as a native recording so there would be no need to convert for putting it in iTunes. Love that you can attach pictures easily to a note.

  • Note

    by T939393


  • Works well

    by Jabedwards

    I'm using this app to record lectures in my nursing classes & so far, so good!

  • Love the new look!

    by Nicole_lalalah

    The new look of Supernote is so much better. A much sleeker style. Love it!

  • Excellent App...easy to use as well!

    by salesdawg

    Great app for notes, memo's and meetings!

  • Works.

    by Guild C

    It works great exactly what I need for class.

  • Great app

    by Justme2again

    Great app. Easy to use and a very helpful tool in fast moving lectures. Love it!

  • Love it!

    by Overwhelmed Bride

    Well worth the minimal cost. Has everything needed.

  • Fix color of top tool bar for 5stars

    by Mandygrl02

    Love the app but you can hardly see the top tool bar, I'm happy I can now send my recordings to Dropbox now!

  • Highly useful app

    by Greeneben

    I record all my class lectures, and I use it all the time to make better notes.

  • Great app!

    by Angeliz p

    So far I love it! I like the recording feature and then I can pass it on to my Dropbox or have it on my iTunes. Studying for me just got a lot easier!:)

  • Great app

    by Xxxfn

    used daily for written and audio notes only feature I'd really like added is a "download all" option

  • Excellent

    by KDeezee100

    Simply Excellent app, the addition of the record enable was pure genius.

  • Fantastic Note Application

    by Der3699

    I think the best feature is how quickly and accurately it can produce voice to text. I will write entire emails into a memo and send them directly from this application. Saves a ton of time.

  • Cat live without

    by Katya_27

    As an actor, this app has proven invaluable in helping me memorize lines. I love it.

  • Great since the update

    by mancosninja

    Since they upgraded it now is awesome for lectures you don't have to worry about stopping the recording if you turn your ipad anymore love it!

  • New world of acquiring notetaking

    by Yukyuk Guru

    At 60 I still take Adult Ed. Courses. I would like to see smaller keyboards so data entry could be faster, more consumer friendly introductions to the product. How do you get it to print other than emailing? I want to see the sort function be more hierarchical.

  • Very happy

    by DDDmax

    I really enjoy this app and all that it can do. I wish I would have found this sooner. I would refer this to everyone I meet, Thanks to God above all else.

  • Great in a Meeting

    by JeanMkey

    People talk faster than I can type or hear. It's great to have an app that let's you go back to the actual conversation when you have to be certain what was actually said.

  • Love it!

    by bsoff33

    This is definitely one of the best app I have on my phone.

  • Great app (only one change needed)

    by Blippity blam

    I really like this app because it allows me to keep typed notes and voice recordings in one place. I downloaded it because the pre-loaded apple voice recorder kept crashing/failing/turning off automatically. The only thing I would request is that the developers update it so that the iPhone and iPad version can sync over the cloud. Currently you have separate notes in two places instead of the same notes if you open the app on the iPhone or the iPad.

  • EXCELLENT app, except...

    by YoshiBird

    This is an incredible useful app, and it's by far the best recording AND note app on the market. Love- how you can site the quote by pushing the button, telling you the minute/second mark exactly. Needs- An update that let's you draw with a stylus for note taking, rather than simply typing. That'd be ideal for interviewing. All in All, great job. Thanks!

  • Awesome

    by Lydia Thompson

    Love it when I don't have a pen or paper I can take quick notes anywhere!

  • Good stuff

    by Ritsuc

    With anatomy lecture and lab it's a perfect way to keep my notes pictures and recording together. Time stamp is nice, I wish it would jump me to that time in the recording when I click the stamp

  • Super note

    by sdl1962

    A great app, I record all of my test reviews in theory for cosmetology and I pass all of my tests with great scores !!!!!!

  • awesomeness

    by iLuvMuzik11

    this app is really useful when I'm in my lectures. I can record and type that way anything important i could just record and playback later.

  • Outstanding !

    by RichR40

    Great update !

  • Great!

    by Beatstix

    I like this app. However, the only complaint I have is, you can't copy and paste from this app to any where else and sometimes the keyboard gets in the way of the typing. Other than that it's great! Especially now that the notes are in alphabetical order. :-)

  • Helped me get through nursing school

    by ckayj

    App is easy to use. I record lectures then listen to them in the car or when getting ready in the morning. It's been great. No issues with this app.

  • Love it!. Amazing!. Perfect!.

    by MzHulk416

    I highly recommend this app to any student!. You could record your lecture and take notes at the same time. If you miss something the professor says, no need to worry, you could always go back and listen to it again. No need for big note books filling up your back pack. Simply the device which has the app and your book. <3 I would have paid more for the app, it's worth every cent!. *** I absolutely love that they improved this app by giving you the option to add pictures to your page. Perfect 10!. Couldn't ask for anything better!.

  • Useful tool

    by Evanprea

    Love this app! It is useful for recording and taking notes and is very intuitive.

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