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Seller: Boy Howdy Technology LLC

✭ Fixed iOS4 multitasking bugs - timers should always fire now even when you jump out to other apps. Sorry about that!

✭ Retina icon goodness!

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"BUY IT It's useful and works!" -Tibu0083
"Grrrrrrreat App! A must have!" -BigHerc44

This app is a timer for Merlin Mann's Procrastination Hack, aka "(10+2)x5".

The idea is that you commit to working on a task for 10 minutes, not necessarily completing it, but doing something to move it closer to being done. When the timer ends after 10 minutes, you have exactly 2 minutes for a break to do whatever you want - read email, surf Reddit, whatever.

✭ Repeat 5 times to hack your procrastination into oblivion!

✭ iOS4 devices keep the timers running in the background!

Customer Reviews

  • It actually works!

    by LadyLenabeth

    I was a bit skeptical but this really does give me the pacing I need to get things done. Also, the sounds aren't really all that irritating, and you could use this in a professional setting if you just plugged in a pair of headphones.

  • Procrastination Hack

    by leogrrrl

    Love everything that Merlin Mann thinks about work! This tool is awesome.

  • Great App!

    by Htyne

    This app really helps me stay on track!

  • Procrastination

    by JJ81

    Good for getting things done!

  • Perfect for overcoming inertia.

    by GeraldShudy

    Especially on those tasks that repel you. Tap, and away you go! Chip away at your list! It would be nice if there were an option for more professional-sounding alerts.

  • Effective

    by Infiniteshi

    Very effective.

  • So simple, but so effective

    by Martha Lawless

    This is a great tool when I'm feeling stuck or unmotivated. The sounds are silly, but it doesn't bother me. I'm grateful for this little app!

  • Good but change alert sounds

    by Weez111

    The program works. I have to agree with the review below that the current alert sounds are stupid. Allow for users to select alerts and volume would make this better

  • Great

    by deuces335

    Used it for my hw and it works for me

  • Thank you!

    by Lalsjfjriejshwj

    Finally, a simple app that keeps me on track! Would love to be able to choose from different time increments, such as 20mins/5mins. Still great!

  • Enjoy This Apps

    by Hal Gal

    I am a serious procrastinator and it is really fun to use - good to have the structure! Would like to see more options to choose settings - ie- work 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or personal with optional setting for work & breaks. Sometimes 1 minute is not enough time to catch my breath! Highly recommend this app!

  • Good Tool

    by OliverTwistGirl

    A great tool to get you moving. Once I turn this on it becomes a game to complete all I can before the "rest" period. It is also a motivator to start again after the rest period. I normally only use a couple of rests, then I'm in work mode with no breaks desired. I really like to use it for house and yard work. App works as stated and is user friendly. I have had no problems.

  • Great app for procrastinators!!!

    by KProkop

    Keeps people on task. Great for students.

  • It actually works!!

    by Pissedoff6678

    Simple app, but if u follow the plan, (I) You can actually accomplish tasks throughout the day!!

  • This timer is just great,but....

    by Britewhitelight

    ....it needs a volume control. I'm using it on the ipad and when I try to turn the volume down on the whistles and cheers,it just stays constant. Everything else about it is great. Would also like to see an official ipad version,too.

  • It is fantastic!

    by ValtunesVII

    This app keeps me on track when it comes to completing those little annoying but necessary tasks that take less than 30 minutes to knock out.

  • Works well.

    by Maciasj

    Chronic procrastinator here. This works well enough, helps me stay focused. I recommend this app and the book "the now habit." Recommendation- allow us to change time intervals. I'd love to do 25/5 splits. 2 minutes of break isn't enough sometimes.

  • Super helpful

    by SarsUSA

    I put it on first thing in the morning, and it really helps me get started by knowing I'll have little mini-breaks. I look at other stuff on my phone, and I like the fact that the little reminder screen to go back to work jumps up. I wish it had an option for different alert sounds though. And I wish I could get it as a firefox add-on!

  • Brilliant.

    by vivfredtootell

    Thank you for the motivation I needed to get my darn homework done.

  • Good but also Ok

    by dev man

    The app works well. But if you hit the lock button on your iPod, it stops the timer from running properly.

  • Good app ruined by sounds - unusable in an office

    by Always Expects Things To Work!

    Great idea, very helpful but just not usable by anyone in a serious business environment. Disappointing. 5 stars for the app, loses 4 for the childish alarms.

  • PLEASE add a feature to allow you to stay in the groove

    by Red Rapunzel

    Ok. I set the timer. I start working. I am flipping a load of laundry into the dryer and starting a new load. I hear I am now on break. Ummmm, want to finish this... I am on a roll. I want my break that I earned. I know what I am doing with my break time. Looking forward to it. I keep working. I hear the back to work whistle. Ugh. Break gone. If there was a way to set it have an in the grove bank that break time button so when you were on a roll you could keep rolling and thus earn a larger break that would be awesome. It is stopping me when I need to finish up a task. Sadly not working for me:(. Will try it for my kid with his homework. Great idea, but please keep on working on it.

  • Useless

    by NickName20202020

    Very simple app that sounds an alert 10 times an hour: every 10 minutes (for work time) separated by 2 minute intervals (for play time). The problem? the alert tones are loud, annoying and unsuitable for a professional office environment. If the app allowed users to change the alert tones it might be usable in a normal office environment but as is you better be using it where no one can hear this app's ridiculous alerts.

  • An effective action tool! 

    by Listmaker 2011

    Great strategy for making a game out of getting things done when you feel stuck. I use it often because it helps me accomplish more, and for that reason it's worth every penny.

  • Awesome but small flaws

    by Hestonk

    As a timer app, it serves it's functions well!!! Please update app icon for iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G users!!! Fix some of the notification problems that we are experiencing and maybe add some themes or something to make it interesting or some animations etc... Please make everything in HD for the iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G users to enjoy! There is still some background issues that need to be resolved but excellent work!

  • Awesome but small flaws

    by Kdog1234

    As a timer app, it serves it's functions well!!! Please update app icon for iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G users!!! Fix some of the notification problems that we are experiencing and maybe add some themes or something to make it interesting or some animations etc...

  • Broken

    by GTDfanboiii

    Lates build is crashing on my iphone

  • Meh

    by arena51

    This app is better at reminding you to review it than the thing it's supposed to do. It would be better with use of push maybe. Also the graphics could be prettier.

  • I got me off my butt!

    by Zonies

    Thanks, great app. One suggestion- I wish the work/break time was adjustable. I would like 5/5 or 10/10! Please add that feature!

  • Works great but can't wait for update

    by CorbyMW

    The app works great for what it's designed for, but at times, the only thing I want to do during my 'play' time is play on my iPod, but it stops timing when you exit the app, not sure if this is Apple's or Bratton's restiction but would love to see I fixed.

  • Useful app

    by Monescu

    I wish I could have it running while I used my iPhone for other things, but I still get plenty of good use out of it.

  • Needs some work

    by A little frustrated

    I like the whole idea of this app...but you have to turn your anti lock off, you waste battery, and during your "play" yime you can't use your itouch because if you close this app it stops timing you. So it's a fine app...but it has it's problems.

  • It helps me do well in my new job

    by Minivan mom

    It's invaluable.

  • useful

    by Martinod4

    I like you app.. It is useful for helping get unwanted jobs done. I do wish you could keep the timer running when out of the app. That way I could check my email or facebook on my two minute break. Other then this I really like the app.

  • Finally

    by Justgothere

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! So many people are looking for a better way... That I easy... I am just looking to get it done! Whatever the task is that I have put off. This delivers!

  • Grrrrrrreat! App

    by BigHerc44

    A must have! Amazing what you can do working 10min at time

  • Simple and Effective

    by rochellemh

    This app really helps me keep on track. Two things to make it better would be a louder, more distinctive hours up noise and the ability to move between apps without losing the count down place.

  • Am I missing something?

    by Jen303

    Love the whistle sound at the beginning of each segment and the cheering at the completion! But the alarm doesn't go off when the iPhone's screen turns off. Do I have to turn Auto-Lock off every time I use it and then back on afterwards?

  • Great app for the extremely lazy and guilt ridden procrastinator

    by Tibu0083

    I love this app. It's like a contract between you and your time management head. You start the time and off to work you go even though you can pace yourself this knocks you back onto a timed schedule. I bought it thinking it wouldn't work but it does, just remember how precious wasted hours, minutes, seconds go... BUY IT Its useful and works!

  • Easy way to get started for the hard core procrastinator

    by Swan1019

    At first I was going to give it a lower rating because it was too simple and has no options to modify it. However, for a busy procrastinator like me who loves to fidget with everything but what I'm supposed to be doing, this is ideal. There's no excuses. Turn it on and push the work button. I can skip to the next work button if I want to skip the 2 min. play. It's a good way for me to estimate how long I've been working. Perfect for this procrastinator, although I am procrastinating by writing this review.

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