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Stuck in a rut and don't know what's wrong? Considering spending hundreds of dollars on therapy to help "fix" you? Need a boost to make life feel so much better? Don't hesitate another minute! Give yourself the 30 Day Challenge and start living a Better Life today!

Customer Reviews

  • Worst app ever

    by RgCastro

    Its the most useless thing. I just hated it...

  • Needs some minor tweaks

    by KittsFamily

    Need to see previous days, ability to make a note!

  • Graphics are sub-par; motivational platitudes are cliche

    by MandyJoBo

    There are too many similar apps in the App Store for this app to compete with. It's below average in the graphics department, and the motivational phrases are trite. Some people might like this. I do believe the sayings are mostly true and beneficial to know, but I think most people who care have already heard them before, and has probably downloaded an app for it as well. Give it a try--it's free. That's why I give it 2 stars.

  • Frustrating!

    by MoonSmiles

    Who doesn't want a better life? I've seen a couple of decent tips, but you are only allowed one per day. The "Prev" button rarely works, so if you miss a day, you're out of luck. I can live with one-a-day. But each one should be numbered. So if you see #1 on Sunday, #2 on Monday, then skip Tuesday, #3 should appear when you open it on Wednesday. As it is, I'd have to write them all down, and wouldn't know that I was done until I had 30 suggestions. Content is worth 4 stars, but I'm subtracting 2 stars for the poor presentation.

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