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∙New Statistics section for tracking improvement
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The #1 Speed Reading App on iTunes
Featured as an iTunes Staff Pick in Education & Productivity

Maximize your reading speed! Acceleread is the most effective speed reading course for the iPhone and iPad. Learn advanced reading techniques to boost your productivity and save time. Most people read at ⅓ their potential speed, plodding through text and wasting tremendous amounts of time. For most people, reading education effectively ended in 6th grade, leaving them ill-equipped for the demands of modern life. These elementary reading techniques cripple productivity and are a deep source of frustration.

Acceleread will train you to become a faster, more effective reader. Acceleread's Guided Course is uniquely generated based on your current reading level and desired performance goals. This personalized program is precisely calibrated to dramatically increase your reading speed in as little as 10 days!

You can also train at your own pace with our suite of powerful tools in the Acceleread Training Center. Acceleread lets you track your progress, share results and keep your new skills sharp.

Learn the advanced techniques you were never taught to turbocharge your reading effectiveness!
Unlearn old habits that are holding you back!
Learn to absorb more words at once!
Understand passages faster and more accurately!
Reduce frustration and increase your reading efficiency!
Expand your capacity to rapidly refocus!
Curb unintentional mind-wandering and eliminate skip-back!
Dynamically adjust your reading speed to match the material!
Increase your retention and recall to remember more of what you read!

Develop the techniques you were never taught to unlock your reading potential and blaze through text!

With the right tools, anyone can reach their reading potential regardless of their starting point. For the first time, this can be accomplished without the hassle of expensive and long weekend seminars, cumbersome manuals or outdated software programs! Effective reading is critical for success in today’s professional, academic and personal environments. Acceleread is a fun, accessible and engaging way to boost your reading abilities!

Acceleread is designed to help YOU succeed and is YOUR app. You can contact Team Acceleread at anytime with questions, suggestions, feature requests or just to say hi! Together we can catapult you to your full reading potential!

"Acceleread is the power horse of iPad speed reading applications."

Customer Reviews

  • Great exercises, clean interface

    by Ypdpydy

    I've just been using this for a week, but I've noticed definite progress toward maintaining comprehension at higher speeds--not only in the given tests and exercises but also reading on my own.

  • Awesome

    by Djemre18

    I doubled my reading speed in 5 days! Its amazing, very easy and it takes around 10 minutes a day... Buy it, its worth the money

  • Great app, trainer and best ebook reader

    by brp151

    Incredible app, absolutely worth the money. Best and little known feature is the ability to upload your own ebooks (need to convert to .epub and then strip them of DRM) to your library to use as your eReader instead of kindle app. I love reading books w the word flash or the column highlighter.

  • So far so good!

    by Velcovich

    I started with 151 wpm on the diagnostic. Right away after the first day I did 227 wpm with 100% comprehension with the easy horse passage. After about 5 days my average has been 338 wpm on easy passages as well. I am currently still working on speed and I am doing 412 wpm but suffering with 45% comprehension. Although it's low I'm still not done with the sessions, before I wasn't able to keep up with that speed and now I can follow up naturally. I'm expecting improvement on comprehension with time, hopefully it works out just remember to put in the time!

  • Very good app

    by Bobruli

    Have been using eyeQ. Unfortunately, I fell back to my old habit. It is good to have such an app on my ipad so that when I read, I can practice first.

  • Increased my reading speed by 120WPM!

    by Ortegaj1

    This app really helps. I started reading at 217WPM and after a couple of weeks of practice now I'm up to 337. It really works. Well worth the money.

  • I love it!

    by AJ <(*_*)>

    This app is extremely useful. Not only am I reading faster but I'm also ticking off my reading list by uploading the books to Dropbox. I've already increased my reading speed! I would give it five stars but the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I couldn't control the reading speed exactly. It uses a scroll to increase/decrease the speed and it bothers me that I can never land on the exact number I want. But I'm only ever off by 1 or two, but still. I definitely recommend this app.

  • Love it

    by ascension7

    Best reading app

  • Awesome

    by Jam Rose

    I love this app. It had increased my reading to twice as fast as it was, and I feel my comprehension is better than ever. I feel like I'm having more fun reading now because I don't get fatigued from being bogged down in the text very often. Great app and worth every penny! Will use it for many months to come!

  • bro... it works.

    by B0REDshorts

    I doubled my reading speed in one month...400 wpm!!!

  • Great App.

    by SCfreak3

    This app. increased my reading speed. I used the app with my ipad. Worth the money.

  • Don't cheap out on this one

    by NoMoreFkenNames

    First day I used it I increased my reading speed from about 100wpm to 200wpm. I'm on the third day now and I'm at about 390wpm. It really works, don't pass on this app!

  • Evolution of Evelyn Wood!

    by Lefty275

    Everything I forgot from Evelyn Wood is now back and getting drilled into me to be like second nature. Not using this app for the betterment of your life is just a sad waste. Everyone should be taught this as a child. I read 6 books last month and i remember them way better than usual!

  • Great!!

    by Hughbrt

    This thing works, I never realized the reading issues I had until using this application. My reading is improving bit by bit and I am loving it.

  • Great way to start the day

    by jraugustine11

    I use this app first thing in the morning. Not only does it do a great job of improving my reading speed, it also gets me ready for a long day of absorbing tons of material.

  • Great App!

    by Mtm35

    I've always been a slow reader. Within days, my speed increased. I'd recommend this app to anyone in a similar situation.

  • Good app

    by iWrite64

    Good app, but misses an important learning principle: the use of most optimized reading samples. Some (too many) of the selections in the available library use archaic or non-colloquial language, which does not facilitate maximal learning. The mechanism of the app itself is very well designed, but this poor reading selection is a poor blunder. For example, if the app only used French language reading selections, it would be of no use to me, an English reader. Using not optimized reading selections diminishes the power of the app, but it is not a bad app at all. With dedicated use, one can make good progress in reading rate.

  • Much increase! Many speed!

    by Beavx1minus1

    This is my first review of an app. Up until this app nothing I've downloaded has surprised me so much. I took a chance on it and it turned out to be one of the best designed and implemented learning apps I've downloaded. My speed has increased from 213WPM to 450WPM in under a week with what feels like very little effort. I've gotten as high as 540WPM but I'm not comfortable reading at that speed... Yet. Fantastic app, worth it!

  • Really nice

    by atarikg

    I have not really checked other apps in the market but right now but this app is really good and worth the money. I like the different type of exercises in it and I honestly see some dramatic changes in my reading speeds. I can now read around 320 wpm with almost 90% comprehension rates. And I don't this the only benefit of this app is to increase the reading but in fact it might be good for keeping focus at a constant rate and increasing it. Since you have to spend effort to read vastly changes words in the app, it increases your focus as well. I am a software engineer and reading is an essential part of my life and I guess I have finally found what I was looking for. This app can be a good life partner. Even if you are a speed reader already I believe you can find goodies from this app all the time.

  • Can't upgrade

    by David Gamson

    App seems good, but it won't allow me to upgrade to pro. Too bad.

  • "Power Pack" did not work

    by skaphan

    I like the app itself--very nicely done. However when I purchased the Power Pack to get full access on multiple devices, it did not work except on the iPhone I used to make the purchase, and the company only gave one weak suggestion as to what to do, which did not work. After that they ignored my subsequent queries.

  • Thoroughly Impressed!!

    by Recordmr

    I am thoroughly impressed with this app. It is very simple, fun and helps you easily track your progress. Thank you so much!!

  • Very nice course

    by Greg Kerstin

    The overall experience is easier to use on an ipad. Sometimes the buttons are untappable and take multiple attempts to start or close a session. My reading scores are inconsistent but I've only began to use this last week. Reading all the other reviews for this app is much quicker also, with my new techniques acquired from this app.

  • Great App

    by Mavrick is horrible

    This is a very good app, I only wish that it inter grated with Kindle or iBook store.

  • Great app

    by Coleman Family

    It's a really great app.

  • Great ^^

    by Isabella beauchamp

    I love this! I love to read, but always found myself distracted, especially during tests at school. I saw this app and was like "why not, I'm bored anyway" i started using it, and loved to way you use it, its very entertaining, and i love the story-lines, it's great, i highly recommend it!

  • Great app.

    by PWK the boss

    I've doubled my reading speed with it.

  • Improve the sight stretcher

    by ordamn

    The predictability of what the sight stretcher displays (counting numbers) makes it harder for me to tell how well I'm simultaneously taking in both sides. I think the tool would be markedly improved by allowing for there to be words where the numbers currently are

  • Do you think it will help you read faster?

    by Marc Papers

    This app or better called a course has helped me understand why I was reading slowly. It then steadily improved my speed by giving me tons of confidence. I read my entire series 6 study guide in 3 weeks and passed the test on the fourth week. Every chapter used to take 1 week to finish. It really works, go for it!

  • Good, but...

    by Salsander

    I purchased the Bundle which included both the iPhone and iPad to be upgraded to premium. The iPad was able to be upgraded but my iPhone application was NOT. It's still a great app, but I'm disappointed for paying extra money.

  • Phenomenal

    by TaylorJen27

    Best App ever. Go from a level 2 bookworm to a level 10 in no time =} I started at 250wpm and I'm now at 398wpm 3 days later with great comprehension. You won't be able to do it at first but stick with it and push yourself... You'll do fine.

  • Great

    by Ralexgolden

    Addicting and I feel like I'm on the bleeding edge of expanding my mind! Take my money!

  • Improvement in reading speed

    by P3tr0vsk1

    This app has really helped me improve my reading speed and drop some of the bad reading habits such as sub-vocalisation. Will recommend to anyone trying to improve their reading speed for whatever reason.

  • Kevin Dawson

    by Daw-dog

    The app layout is superb. I especially enjoy the guided courses, that have a natural progression feel to them, as well as adjust to your current wpm. Bravo.

  • Great App

    by Adam_wsu

    The app works for me. It delivers everything it promised. Great job!!!

  • Needs a list of story titles used in sessions

    by Bixby Truth

    I really enjoy this app. I've already noticed a dramatic increase in my wpm in just 3 days. (I just tested at 499 wpm, but that was in an easy level test) My only gripe is that 2 minutes is not enough time to finish reading most of the stories in the training sessions. It's kind of frustrating to not know how a story ends! Even though I've retaken some sessions, the stories never repeat, so now I feel like I'll NEVER know how to find them again. Can you guys list the stories used in your sessions on your website or something? Otherwise, wonderful app! I love that I can import my own ePub books!

  • A+

    by FiascoNation

    Perfect for everyone, especially college kids that have loads to read!

  • Great app

    by ganusky

    I love the new design it looks great on my iPad & iPhone. It is really helping me to expand my mind at 38, wish I had this when I was 28!

  • Awesome

    by Nofacsimile

    I have been looking for a simple yet sophisticated way to train. This totally nailed it!

  • Effective

    by Jeff B .

    While I've only used the app once so far, I was already able to see improvements in reading speed. The app does a great job of giving different tools to train your eyes and brain to read in a new way, rather than just spit words at you faster and faster. I used the app for about 45 minutes and improved my reading speed from 183 wpm to 291 wpm. I'm sure my progress won't remain that drastic, but it was definitely enough proof that the app works for me to purchase the full program.

  • Amazing app

    by Wilchesjr

    Worth the upgrade, still haven't finished all lessons but the functionality, and being able to import my epubs (dropbox) is remarkable, great app as it is and looking forward for the perks of future improvements.

  • Best reading app I ever downloaded

    by Scientific Historian

    I didn't stutter...

  • Great app! Worth every dime.

    by Rbrault

    After just one week I have doubled my reading speed. The first few days my eyes were extremely tired, but by the end of the week I was not feeling tired at all. Just like any other workout, the more you do the better you get at it.

  • Works very very well

    by acrality

    Well designed and very effective. Only takes 10 minutes a day and dramatic results are easy to see. And for only $5 to upgrade it's a steal. Only 2 bugs that are annoying: sometimes the same few words will flash twice in a row. This breaks flow rather significantly. The other one is that the continue button sometimes doesn't register when tapped. This really hurts when doing a speed test and you can't finish when you are actually done.

  • Excellent!

    by revjs

    This is an excellent app which is well-structured to provide exercises for increasing one's reading speed. The exercises are short and can be completed in minutes. I highly recommend this app for all ages.

  • Crashing Issue with Update

    by mhg5037

    I am a student in flight school for the military. We have A LOT of reading to do. I try to get in a ten minute session with this app every day. It helps tremendously! If only the payment was good for the iPad version as well... Nonetheless, THIS APP IS THE BEST OF ITS KIND! Thank you!

  • Don't Hesitate - Truly Great App

    by SamE.

    I use it every day. Has daily 10 minute classes, and also great ad hoc training programs. I recommend to everyone I think would be interested. Very well done app.

  • Good service

    by iSketch

    I had a question about subvocalization and the company responded quickly. The app itself is great my reading ability has improved. in comparison to the prices of similar programs this is a steal.

  • Great for kids and adults!

    by NTRSStudent

    As a slightly dyslexic reader, I would say this app definitely improved my reading and comprehension! I recommend buying the full app, so you can enjoy your own books.

  • Best in Class

    by Kelli Norris

    This app is polished, organized, and effective. Best speed reading product (digital and other) I've ever used!!!

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