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- Fix major bug on ios7

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For the first time, post your videos DIRECTLY to Vine!

If you upload your own custom vines, you add a wide array of special effects to your arsenal: You can add fades, wipes, and sound effects not recorded with your phone’s onboard mic. Also, you can use cameras that record in much higher fidelity than a phone.

Some Viners are already using this technique, adding reverse motion, scenes from video games, and even trailers for movies.


* Videos shots using other capture devices

* Videos edited from other apps

* Videos shots back in the days when Twitter and Vine did not exist

* Get rid of lost connection issue

Customer Reviews

  • It's alright

    by Ericclick

    It's good but sometimes it cuts off the vine so you can't really see it please fix this

  • Ms.

    by Cane Sinclair

    Wish this app had the same uploading options as vine do I could tag my followers and post simultaneously to other social networks,

  • It's a good start

    by Red Dot Blue Dot

    Having to circumvent the cropping from an iMovie edit is easy if you download your vid to Instagram first, but we shouldn't have to do that. And the app crashes constantly because I'm sure they're getting inundated with posts. Hope you can get that fixed too soon! Good luck app team! But all and all, you can get your custom videos posted one way or another and that's exactly why we downloaded this app in the first place. You have to admit its a good start!.. :)

  • Awesome

    by Damngeorgie

    Works amazing!!

  • Fix

    by jay123123

    Don't know why this happened but all of the sudden my videos are uploading and cropping 3/4 of the right of the vid. Please fix

  • Good

    by Lillytexas

    Fun and works in the beginning. definite recommend. but now for some reason it's not letting me upload so idk


    by H0ckeymaster


  • Fantastic

    by latin prince

    Best app for Vine!

  • AWESOME!...so far..

    by Haley ❤️

    I was kind of spectacle of buying this from all the bad reviews. But I took the chance and bought it and it works great! Uploads it right to my profile. No problems at all! I definitely recommend this! It's awesome!

  • So Far So Good.

    by Bigdaddyayyy

    This app is working great for me, I was kinda worried about buying it since there's a lot of negative reviews, but I took the chance and bought it, :) My vine is : vxalmighty You can see the videos I've posted with this app there :) Hopefully this helped some what? Let me know on vine if it works for you.

  • Cool

    by Jody20133333


  • Needs Update

    by Daneck911

    Every time I try to post a vine, it doesn't even post at all. Also when I tried posting a vine, the cropping was messed up. Please fix it!

  • Good, but a little pricey

    by Hornettackle58

    So far the app is great, the only I could complain about is the price. I think about $1.99 would be a suitable price, but thats just me.

  • Weird force close

    by Thefinderofgoodmusic

    The app works great however when I try to upload a video SOMETIMES it does not let me and force closes the app please fix and I'll give five stars!:)

  • Update!!

    by Omaar'

    It tells me "error" network connection lost

  • Vine

    by Dimbo Christopher

    It uploaded but it was a little cropped out

  • Tagging people

    by Jaybirdfly

    I love the app, works great. Only problem is I can't tag people. I try the @ and name but it don't tag them. How do I tag someone??

  • Great app!

    by Kenney d

    No problems! Worth the money!

  • Great App!

    by RunningPenguinFilmsCEO

    Totally worth it for serious Viners! Works like a charm!

  • it stopped working??

    by ayyy lmoa

    so I've used it for a couple of weeks on my account sexpinosa and all of a sudden it won't upload. please help or something bc it won't work anymore!

  • worst app ever!

    by DannyV85

    a ripoff app!! hardly works, crops things out, logs me out! I also think it hacked my Vine password because my account is now blocked!!! do NOT buy!!! I want my 2.99 stolen back!

  • Uploading

    by Mrswagerr

    It won't let me upload a video for some reason

  • Rip off!

    by miki2390

    This app is such a rip off. It only allowed me to upload two vines from my videos and then after that stopped working. Do not buy this app total rip off.

  • No good

    by Jacee98

    Doesn't upload :/

  • Network connection

    by cortyy

    It keeps saying network connection and not letting me upload anything! All my other apps are currently working fine! Please fix because we all paid for this app!

  • Has bugs

    by Mondo159

    First bug was "lost connection to server" I then uploaded it to instagram and was able to us the copy video but then I get ANOTHER bug saying I have duplicate of it and I can't use it. Differently needs to be updated again!

  • fix this!

    by Wchdoxms

    I just bought this yesterday night. it worked the first 2 times but then now I try to upload another one there's a huge black stripe on the side and it crops half the video off.. I regret paying $3 dollars for this please fix this!

  • Come on

    by Kathy Gundling

    You guys really need to work out that cropping bug/: and enable better quality uploads.

  • Save your money

    by Nava1998

    It cropped my video and you can only see half .. Everyone is having this problem. Now it won't even upload anymore..

  • Sucky

    by Chcolateeeee

    I was trying to upload a video to vine but it doesn't load all the way and it leaves me where it trying to upload and won't let me go back to the beginning. The first video I uploaded worked perfectly fine but now it won't let me upload.


    by real Joe Cracker

    Remove this bug

  • More expensive, less features

    by Duncyd

    Just go get the other app that does the same thing for 99 cents. I deleted this one because I uploaded a vine once as a test and now it will not let me post that same video again even on a different vine account.

  • Sign In

    by AuBrey Smooches

    Why can't we sign in through our twitter account like the vine app. Mines isn't made under an email so i can use this app and i paid $3 for it.

  • Network connection lost

    by Omullin

    Every time I try and upload a clip that error pops up.doesnt happen w any other app and my Internet is fine.please fix!!

  • This app was good...

    by shkitkat

    It worked for a good time, I uploaded vines from my camera roll, and there was a cropping problem, but I didn't mind it too much. But now it doesn't let me upload vines anymore. I am hoping this is just something that can be fixed, because this is the only app that worked, and I spent money on apps that were just garbage. I really love this and I hope it will update soon.

  • It's not uploading to my profile!

    by Edenguy123

    I got this because I wanted to edit my Vines better and everytime I try and upload it it says uploading then goes till half way and just disappears. When I check my profile it hasn't uploaded.

  • Doesn't work

    by AmandaMarquez

    It worked ONE time for me and then just stopped uploading my videos. Waste of money.

  • Needs bugs fixed.

    by teepauljay

    Needs an update badly.

  • It's pretty good but…

    by Bama-1


  • Rip Off..

    by Sjames1515

    This really pisses me off because I paid money for this and everytime I upload a vine it moves left and you only see half of it. Really frustrating tbh.


    by GamerGuy337


  • Lost all of my followers?

    by Tyler69698181

    Did anyone else lose all or a lot of their followers??

  • Nada

    by Do me in butt

    Just sits there loading. Waste of 3$. Avoid!

  • Don't waste your money

    by SundulaRight

    Horrible sh*t don't even work

  • Terrible!

    by JessilovesJesus!!

    Worst app ever! Won't even upload my video!!! So bad don't waste your money or time

  • by Sioux Sioux

    I onlu gave it 2 stars because I like that I can post to vine, but when the videos post there all messed up and weird. And the app always looses connection! To many bugs.. Not really worth the money..

  • really?

    by mmsanett

    this application doesn't work. doesn't even let you upload it to vine. super annoying.

  • Nice!

    by Hoppykiiiinnss

    Ok actually my videos aren't uploading so..... Someone help.

  • What's with the cropping?

    by starwarsguy4427

    The idea for this app is great. I wish I'd thought of it! But when I used the app for a Vine, it cropped out half. Why is this happening? Can you please fix this? Thank you!

  • Seamless

    by mawpeterson

    Works like a charm

  • Angry

    by Sarahmichelles

    This app doesn't work. My vines do not upload at all. They say they upload but when I check my account they are not there!! Waste of money

  • Its cool

    by Jrelentlesz

    It works perfectly with my vids but its havin a slight issue uploadin it onto vine but its a good app. I used it multiple times on it.

  • Not sure

    by Beast000008

    I am not sure about this app. It's the only app that let's you upload. It would be perfect and I would gladly suggest it to my friends and family but it pushes the clip to the left. I would prefer if I could show the entire clip and if that gets fixed then this would be a great app.

  • Not uploading

    by Pjpooman

    Every time I try to up load it doesn't go though but still really good app!

  • Please update.

    by jnkeller

    I would have given this app no stars, but it wouldn't let me. I paid $3 for this app and every time I post a video onto vine you can't see it because it moves the video to the left. Please fix this, it is really annoying. I have been trying to figure this out for over an hour now and I am absolutely flustered. Also, whenever I go to post a vine it says this is a duplicate of a recently posted vine. This is very annoying because I work really hard on making vines to post onto my account and end up getting frustrated and deleting them because they won't post and I loose followers. I am very disappointed. Please fix this, until then I will not continue to use your app. Have a good day, thank you.

  • Smh

    by Steviejayjaystevie

    Every time I try and make a caption the app says there's an error like as soon as I tap to start typing.

  • by JabariSafari

    It's iight...thanks.

  • Disappointment

    by Cesar Mosquera

    Like many others, I decided to buy this app to try it out for myself. I saw a lot of bad reviews that were disheartened but I figured I should give it a shot. I bought this app yesterday. I had the same issues everyone else is having. First my video got cropped, then I got the duplicate error message, and finally, videos won't even upload at all. It just freezes and does nothing. In conclusion, I lost $2.99 and I yet to use the app as it claims is suppose to work. Thanks for nothing

  • Perfect

    by EliteSparkZz

    This app is great!

  • Great

    by ❤❤❤❤

  • Refund

    by Xc3?6

    It's not working

  • Works better than the other one that's out

    by Jebajeva

    A lot better.

  • Network

    by Abehn22

    I paid like 3 dollars for this and I can't even upload a video because it just says network error..

  • Best App in the Store!

    by asdTECHguy

    This is honestly the best app!! Please keep this app paid for so people don't turn this into Instagram!! Thank you for making this!

  • Doesn't work

    by Bulldogs are cute:}

    It won't let me upload them when i have a caption DO NOT BUY THIS SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Disappointed

    by Irinak1

    Crops out the videos and if you delete to re upload it wouldn't let you cause it's "duplicate" Starting to think that I could've used my $2 for something else..

  • Good app

    by Bombatomically


  • Read before buying!!!!!

    by Hiddlestoner heaven

    This app is not working! Not worth $3 it crops out half of my vine every time I try to post!

  • Vine Uploads

    by TheBaae

    It's alright hope it uploads videos when I want it to /.\

  • 4/5

    by J.r. Gaskins

    It was working fine until I tried to upload an edited a video it just loads up a little bit and then cuts off. Idk how I would fix this.

  • Won't let me upload??!

    by Jadaaaaaaaaaa

    I go to this app, & it I press upload & it says uploading, and then it goes away & never uploads. PLEASE FIX THIS I PAID FOR THIS THANKS

  • Please FIX

    by 3D 1G

    I love that I can upload But it cuts out so much and it's not HD!!

  • This needs to be fixed WASTE OF MONEY

    by Erica Mataconis

    I don't get why it's cropping my video and pushing it of to the left. The first time I saw it posted, I deleted the video. Now, I go to try it again and it won't even let me post it! It says it's a duplicate. How!? I deleted it! So even if the cropping problem does get fixed, I wouldn't be able to post it anyways!

  • Good

    by YannieBelle

    I have wanted to edit stuff for a while.

  • Too bomb

    by angelomg2008

    Its amaZing

  • Does not work

    by Xiacexi

    Gets stuck on "uploading". Waste of money, demanding refund.

  • Works

    by rustyhill91

    Does exactly what I need it to do!

  • Disappointed :/

    by SurfingTheCrowd

    App needs to be fixed. Doesn't upload the videos. When you attempt to upload you either get the "Video is a duplicate video/already been uploaded" error (which is definitely not the case) or the "Network error" message and then it crashes.. Same thing happens when my friend tries to upload on hers too. She somehow got hers to work once but the video was cropped & you could only see half of it. Really would like to be able to actually use the app eventually..

  • Awsome

    by Abihoran_xoxo

    This app is awsome it's fat and easy I really love it thx

  • Won't Upload

    by willhangten

    I would happily give this app 5 stars if it worked. After selecting, editing, and uploading my video, nothing shows up on my vine profile. Can't believe I wasted $2.99. Will change review if the app works.

  • I want my money back

    by clintm

    It doesn't work. Thanks for STEALING MY MONEY

  • Great app for vine

    by Chika63845

    Love that I can upload the videos in my albums to vine!!

  • Idk

    by Jonny NP

    Was working fantastic the 1st day but now when I try uploading a vine it stops uploading and I can't do anything wth? Help

  • Cropping?

    by Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I have a problem with half my vines showing up. Like it cropped it out. Then sometimes when it tries to upload it tells me something about it's a duplicate, when I haven't even uploaded another remotely cloned of that or close to it. :(

  • Doesn't work.

    by Master soupy

    it's saying that the video I've uploading was a duplicate, although it clearly isn't. I don't see any of the filters or other features other than uploading straight to vine, and even then it doesn't work. can't believe I spent $3 on an app that didn't reach my expectations AT ALL.

  • Nice

    by Qattano

    So cool app, love it!

  • Great app

    by Gfertgofgggyfugdgj

    I'm so glad I found this app!!

  • Good 4 Nothing!

    by B@by Blue

    I downloaded this app yesterday and haven't been able to upload one video. I keep getting a "network connection lost" error message. And I even tried different networks but keep getting the message which tells me that its not the network connection but the app itself. If it were 99cents I wouldn't have even bothered with this but for $2.99 this is completely unacceptable. BlueChiZz74

  • Luv it

    by Theevan2233


  • It's not working

    by Rob12345678284672

    I tried to upload a vine but it won't work!!!

  • Center

    by 127bella

    I like it but when I post it, it's off center. Please please fix that!

  • Upset

    by Scampaz

    Everytime it says its uploading . its almost done and immediately it just stops please fix it

  • Won't let me upload!

    by Kfern94

    I loved this app at first, but now it won't let me upload! Whenever I press the button, nothing happens. It won't let me go back either. I've tried restarting my phone, but it still won't work. Please fix!

  • Fail?

    by NyanCatForevs

    Every time I try to upload, it says "Fail, duplicate of previously uploaded" and I haven't been able to upload one thing to vine yet. Please fix this and I'll change my review.

  • Crops it when uploading to vine?

    by Coolio woolio

    when i upload a video to vine it crops out half the video, how can I fix this?

  • It worked great but...

    by TaylorLape.

    I doesn't let me upload anymore it just cuts of in the middle and freezes my phone, please fix this

  • I can fix the bug

    by MikefromStockton

    Many people have problems when it crops the video on a picplaypost video. When you save to camera roll on picplaypost press minimize size, not optimize quality. It will work way better.


    by @Makenziepowell_

    I was very happy with this app, but now it doesnt work. I have tried multiple times a day to upload something to vine but it doesnt work. The loading cirle stops half way than disapears, and the app freezes. Please fix this asap!!

  • Well....

    by Emmyboobearrrrr

    Well... It worked for a day, then I've tried using it today and it says "lost connection" or "time requested out& and it's making me really mad. Other than that the app is fine

  • Good

    by Poopoopoppop

    Great App. Simple and to the point! It does what it is supposed to do!

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