1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet Productivity App Review (iOS, $17.99)


Languages: NB, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, HE, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: AgileBits Inc.

Updated in version 4.3.2:

* Fixed a problem which could cause an import from 1Password 3 to fail.
* Fixed a problem causing the rich icons to not show.
* Additional bug fixes

New and Improved in 4.3:

What's New

* Wi-Fi sync option is now available for syncing with 1Password 4 for Mac.
* Custom items icons added on Mac are now shown.
* Added new setting to change user-agent of the built-in browser.

What's Improved

* Better support for iOS 7
* Greatly improved initial iCloud sync performance.
* Improved search performance.
* Diagnostic information is now emailed as an attachment.

What's Fixed

* Fixed visual issues with search results on iOS 7.
* Fixed bug that where 1Password process did not terminate after Erase Data.
* Fixed problem where iCloud sync did not start automatically on the initial launch.
* Fixed bug where it was not possible to change the name of an item.
* Fixed sorting and indentation of folders when viewing them in the popover.
* Fixed crash when using voice over and generate password.
* Fixed crash when syncing with Dropbox.
* Fixed problem where sync status would always be shown at the very beginning for a few seconds when switching to the settings view.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
543 Ratings
All Versions:
3221 Ratings


◆ Winner of The Mac Observer's Editors Choice Award at Macworld/iWorld 2013!
◆ Macworld’s “20 Best Apps” of 2012 and listed in the App Hall of Fame!

Have you ever forgotten a password? 1Password can remember them all for you and keep them secured behind your Master Password. You remember your Master Password and 1Password will remember the rest.

Try 1Password today!


Every day there are new passwords to remember. They are often forgotten. Using weak passwords or re-using them makes it easy to remember, but criminals love it when you do this. 1Password solves all these problems.

- Generate strong, unique passwords for every site
- Protect your data behind a single Master Password
- Secure with military grade 256-bit AES encryption
- Cryptographic operations use standard iOS libraries to ensure no security gaps or backdoors
- Auto-Lock keeps your data protected even if your device is lost or stolen


1Password allows you to store a lot more than just website logins. With 1Password you can keep all your important information available at your fingertips.

- Create, edit and use many item types including: Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts, and much more
- Mark your most used items as Favorites
- Organize your data into Folders
- Attachment viewer
- Powerful search
- Customize items as necessary


1Password has a built-in browser. Surf the web, login to websites and shop online with full access to your vault data, all without leaving 1Password.

- Use Go & Fill to easily launch and sign in to websites with a single tap
- Fill credit cards while shopping online
- Fill address information during signup
- Browse multiple sites at once using tabs


1Password automatically synchronizes your data across all your devices.

- iCloud support on iOS means secure syncing with Apple simplicity (enabled by default for new customers)
- Dropbox support for cross-platform syncing including 1Password for desktop (sold separately at http://1password.com)


- Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
- Requires iOS6 or higher to take advantage of the awesome new features
(1st gen iPad and 3rd gen iPod touch do not support iOS6)
- Purchase once and use across all your iOS devices
- No subscription or other fees
- Available in more than 10 languages
- Visit http://agilebits.com/onepassword for more information


1Password has won many awards, including:

- Recommended in Apple's "Apps for Getting Things Done" Guide
- Macworld’s “20 Best Apps” of 2012 and listed in their App Hall of Fame
- Winner of the First Annual AppAwards in Best Secret Keeping App category
- TUAW Best of 2012 Awards: iPhone products

While we love these awards, we’re most proud of the fact that millions of people love and use 1Password.


We love 1Password and strive to make it the best it can be. We’d love to hear from you and see how we can make it even better.

Please tap "Settings > Help > Send Feedback" to report any issues or send suggestions.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app and service!

    by rpgo

    I started purchasing 1password for iOS and fell in love with the app. Later on, I bought the Mac Store app for my MacBook Pro and both together are flawless. As soon as you enter new information on one device, it is ready on the other. I also contacted them because I had an issue and their support is quick, detailed and useful. 1Password is certainly one of the best apps you could ever buy.

  • Best password manager, hands-down

    by Shame on you!!!

    I have tried several password manager apps, and this is by far the best. Beautiful UI, favicons for your logins, built-in tabbed browser that automatically logs you in... I immediately uninstalled all the others. Tech support was responsive when I noticed a bug in a previous version (they quickly released an update) and also when I had syncing issues (simple fix). Worth the price, you won't be disappointed.

  • Glad to see wireless sync back

    by partly happy

    Works great!

  • Worth it

    by metllicamilitia

    When you need a password, can't remember yours, or like me, have a unique password for everything, this is the app. I've even bought it for PC and Mac, love it!

  • Most reliable way to store secure information

    by Taylor5739374

    I've been using 1Password for years! Originally for Mac, and later on iPhone and iPad. I have tried a few others, but they were either too cumbersome to use or lacked support, sometimes the app just not working anymore. I can feel safe with my information in 1Password as it's been reliable and accessible to me for years. My only complaint is that the interface has not been updated with the new iOS 7 look, making it appear slightly dated. And, no, I have no affiliation with 1Password...just a loyal customer.

  • Very useful

    by dpb12

    Awesome for the tons of website passwords, but really it is set apart for saving important data, for saving all your serial numbers for the tons of different software, family data. There are tons of great uses for a highly protected data deposit location. Great that it syncs to computer app as well.

  • Still the best, even with the introduction of iCloud Keychain

    by SizS1ck

    I have been using 1Password for iOS and mac for a few years now. Before the introduction of iCloud Keychain this app was a must have for storing the 250+ passwords and account information I have. Now that iCloud Keychain is out it is still just as useful. iCloud Keychain has many limitations that keep it from making 1Password obsolete. iCloud Keychain can suggest passwords but they're not overly secure and if the site has some password character limit or issue with special characters than the iCloud Keychain suggestion feature becomes worthless. 1Password has the ability to generate secure passwords using special characters, numbers, letters of any length. 1Password can also store other types of information securely (not just passwords). I currently have credit card, bank, and other sensitive account informaiton stored in 1Password. I think iCloud Keychain has enhanced my 1Password usage and they have a great symbiosis. Get 1Password and start being more secure!

  • Excellent - Use every day

    by ski081

    This is an app I’ve had on my home screen for 2+ years. It is my secure place to store everything I care about - great job, AgileBits!

  • Finest App; Finest Support

    by END2

    I am a very discriminating user and want to say that this app and customer support experience is in a league of its own in terms of high quality. This company gets it and deserves all the tremendous press it receives. Keep it up, team!

  • Excellent !

    by RRDobe

    This app actually works! Buy it once and it loaded on iPad and iPhone. I entered the data and it appeared almost instantly on my second device. Add data on a device and it seamlessly synchs onto the other device. I totally love this app. Have well over 200 records working perfectly.

  • Icloud sync

    by Jerry@cloud

    I highly recommend this app .its totally secured . Good it's sync with icloud . Other password manager apps store on there servers and other place we don't know where our stuffs going .

  • Great platform but v4...

    by HighburyWest

    ...became a little buggy for me. Especially with the Chrome browser extension. Ironically it ended up pushing me over to safari because I had become so dependent on 1Password...in all the right ways of course ;-)

  • Dropbox Sync works now.

    by nvalvo

    Previously, I could sync my passwords among Macs (e.g. home to work) but not to my phone. New update fixes that. Recommended. Maybe a new icon for iOS 7, so it doesn’t look like garbage?

  • Still the Best Password Manager

    by Justin Norman

    Great features and consistent innovation are keeping this app ahead of other password managers. I'd love to get some more feature-adding updates without having to buy new versions each time, but that's my only complaint. The design should probably have an overhaul soon, and I expect it'll arrive before long. Looking forward to seeing new features that take advantage of the latest iOS.

  • Worth it

    by SteveinMN

    Great app; easy to use; lots of good sync options with desktop; world-class support. Outfitting all your iDevices does get a little spendy. But buying a BMW costs more money than buying a Dodge.

  • Most Useful App

    by Mac user 8888

    This app is a must on my iPhone... The ability to have immediate access to all of my passwords in a secure place is priceless. And, using Dropbox, it syncs almost instantly with my MacBook Pro!

  • Search & Sync Not Working

    by geekgirlweb

    A long-time fan of 1Password for OSX and iOS, I'm disappointed that I can't search and sync doesn't seem to be working properly via iCloud.

  • Awesome App! Excellent Customer Service!!

    by JuanIrlandés

    This app does a great job of managing passwords across OS X and iOS devices. Peace of mind with such a crucial part of living the digital life of today is key - and this app does just that! Need a web site password from your home computer while you’re on the run? Done! Need credit card info to place an order? No need to open your designer wallet - just use your digital wallet! Best of all, I received VERY prompt replies to my emails to customer service regarding from a previous version. (This was on a Sunday, too!) They went out of their way to make sure that, as a loyal customer, I was taken care of right away. Thank you, AgileBits Inc.!

  • Go-To password vault for the Applesphere

    by DaveOnTheRoad

    Solid and reliable functionality. The UI is in serious need of an overhaul to better fit into the iOS 7 design language and enhanced touch centricity. Mates up nicely with iCloud synchronization across iOS and OSX versions. I've been noticing that more and more apps seem to be stumbling with DropBox synchronization issues. While DropBox is a nice cross platform accessible storage bucket it's pretty obvious that third party apps who want seamless interoperability across the entire Apple Ecosystem (iOS, OSX, AppleTV, whatever's coming next, etc. ) are going to have to cozy up to iCloud or else put their own customers at a serious disadvantage. The sync war is over and we have a clear winner with iCloud.

  • Best password management app

    by M.Jaddo

    The title says it all.

  • Upgrade nightmares around syncing mar great app

    by Ramatsu

    When 1Password came out for iOS, I immediately got it so I could keep my passwords in sync across my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I've always loved the 1Password interface and feature set. However, one of the most critical features of a password db is cloud syncing across devices. This is where the AgileBits team has always really fallen short, and caused an ongoing litany of complexity when trying to upgrade 1Password on both iOS and Mac (which basically function as one product at the cloud sync level, so it's hard not to mention the Mac version in a review about the iOS version.) Previous to the current version of the iOS app, there were sometimes multiple flavors with the same feature set and compatibility ("for iPad," "Pro") out at the same time, and I actually paid a version that I didn't even need because the flavor I already had included the same iPad functionality as the "new" one; some versions let me use a shared database between devices but also let me use different passwords on each device, making it somewhat unclear whether my database was really secure or not. This iOS version is NOT FEATURE COMPATIBLE with the Mac version, which has caused me a ton of headache on the Mac side that still isn't resolved. And since this iOS version will not let you choose subfolders of your Dropbox, you have to share your entire Dropbox with any other device you want to sync 1Password on. All in all, while 1Password has been great, the lack of clear, user-friendly upgrade processes in what amounts to a multi-device password ecosystem has me finally ready to go look at other solutions. Which is a shame, because I love the operation of the app itself when it's actually hooked up to sync properly.

  • Awkward and Buggy

    by Onthe Goe

    After reading all of the positive reviews for this app, I decided to try it. However I find the interface confusing and partially inoperative. It is difficult to name and use folders in any way whatsoever, and often clicking on folders brings up a blank field with no selection, on my iPhone (5s) and iPad Air specifically, no matter how many folders I have made on my iMac and synced (and it appears that you can't make new folders on your mobile devices). It is difficult to categorize things in the manner that I want rather than the Categories provided, and editing entries or moving them to a different category is either not possible or awkward. I'm looking for a better app.

  • Did these app developers also design Obamacare?

    by tag1851

    I was pretty excited to see the good review for this app so I could put away my password book when it was downloaded. I found the time to download all of my user/password names, all 120+. It took several hours. I got energetic and decided to group some of the passwords into folders. I didn’t get far. On the 4th folder compilation, the app went blank, just a white screen. Turning off the iPhone & syncing the phone with the computer brings up the iPassword screen, but when you try to log in, the lock icon’s wheel just spins, and the app won’t open. I have over 200 apps, and this is the only one that has “imploded.” A great idea, but horrible performance.

  • Can't view stored images

    by @Spencer

    Went to the pharmacy today and needed to show them my insurance card. 1Password won't load it. Some images will show, but not all. Export to Dropbox; 0kb. Check 1Password at home, where it works fine...

  • Great

    by Fairgame74

    Great app, plus ton of info regarding internet security on company website. Keep those articles and reviews coming!

  • Worth every penny...

    by kilauea88

    Especially if you have the matching mac and/or windows versions.

  • Awesome.

    by David Q. Irwin

    This is the first app I install when I set up a new Mac or iOS device. I love the cross-browser functionality and the Dropbox sync, as well as the Windows version, when I am on my work computer. However... the app hasn't seen an ios7 update yet, and there are glaring UI problems. For instance, you can't see your username and password very well as you're typing them, due to the dark background and the small space you are typing in (anything past 8 characters [or so] is hidden from you). This is important. Similar problems exist in the HTML interface, which I load via Dropbox. For instance, there, I can't see anything until I click around a bit. Hoping this once-great app sees a bugfix release soon!

  • Not bad but...

    by TheComputerHack

    Some questionable decisions with respect to updates and synching among devices. An update on this app changed the folder it was looking to synch and broke receiving any new updates. Completely retarded- why would you change that if you weren't going to change it everywhere?

  • far and away the most useful app ...

    by Yesx....q

    I use this many times a day on all devices… worth it. And I "make" my clients all have this as well… it has saved hours just doing routine work, as well as avoiding a few messy situations where basic info was misplaced…. Do it!

  • Lack of Vault Support

    by DaddyofOne

    The lack of vault support for iOS brings this app down a lot. It’s very tough to get a secondary vault onto an iOS device. Please fix this — at least give us Wifi sync for secondary vaults.

  • Long time user

    by Ponxio

    1password is a great app not only for storing your passwords but also ensuring that your passwords are strong enough for modern online life. Indispensable !!!

  • Good app..

    by Nu||ity

    But update the keyboard already! That old ios6 keyboard is just so ugly to see on this nice app.

  • 18 USA dollars?

    by ndfspd

    Nice but worth 18 bucks...I don't think so! Always syncing with what I don't know. Update later after I use it a while.

  • Buggy application

    by tabaks

    If you go into your usage report and logs, you'll see that this app crashes all the time like it's going out of style. Yet, devs are doing nothing about it.

  • Pricey, but worth it.

    by nkcmr

    I have about 300 passwords, and they are all secure with 1Password. I've had 1Password for years and it has only gotten better since I've had it.

  • Good

    by Ahmo1985

    Best password app!

  • Best password manger hands down!

    by TamikSoz

    I've been an active user of this app for couple years now, and I absolutely love it. The best thing about it is the ability to use shortcuts to quickly fill in your login details or copy a password for your ash login. I've tried its competitors but they are nowhere near in terms of user experience and security level of 1password.

  • Indispensable, reliable

    by Reviewer.Anonymous

    We use for our family and it's been indispensable and reliable.

  • Great App!

    by 4304 3622 92

    I've used this app for a couple of years and it is fantastic! Regular updates & enhancements coupled with great tech support when you need it.

  • Great app: Must Have

    by pRin533

    I really like this app and it's auto-lock; it's really helpful. Everyone should get this!

  • App just hangs

    by IcarasX

    I can log in 1Password but then the app just hangs all the time after that.

  • Essential application

    by lbutlr

    This is the one application that everyone needs to have on their Macintosh and their iOS device. Syncing between computers and iOS devices is completely seamless and works perfectly all the time whether you're using dropbox or iCloud

  • The most practical app ever

    by LipstickJungle

    I live by this app. I use it to safeguard everything.

  • Please change the icon

    by FasterQuieter

    Still the best option as far as I can tell. 1 star off for not updating for iOS7. I can only assume that they are holding out for another $15 per user payday. I don't think that is fair given how new this app is. The app icon looks incongruous now and I've had to hide it in a folder, which is annoying. I don't think we should have to wait another year or however long it takes and pay again to get something that matches the current OS.

  • Must Have

    by 1947

    You need this app. I've been using 1Password for six years, and can't imagine managing my passwords and private information without it. It's my digital safe.

  • Poorly designed UI

    by Baratash

    I have been using 1Password for years. I had no problems installing this version on my iPad or using Dropbox to sync with with my other devices. The new iPad interface works great in landscape mode. However, I normally use my iPad in portrait mode, and the portrait UI is poorly designed. If you have a large number of passwords, it is difficult to scroll through them (unless you turn the device on its side). Given the cost of this software, I expected more.

  • I love 1Password and Knox!!

    by vallygally

    I freaked myself out when my laptop disappeared during a security check at an international airport. In my frantic negotiations with all spiritual beings, karma agents and jokers of the universe, I promised that if I got it back, I would change my password practices and generate lengthy and separate passwords for everything!!! Thankfully, it all worked out and I have kept my word. I also have multiple devices and use encryption and Macs and PC's, iPads and an iPhone... And NOT A PROBLEM!!! Bless you guys and thank you very much!! Your avid fan- Valerie Houghton San Jose, CA

  • A Must Have App

    by Mad Chipmunk

    Even with iOS 7's built-in password management, 1Password is a must have. I use it to manage logins, software license, and other information I'd prefer not-shared on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. When managing a lot of passwords, organization is critical. 1Password helps there as well. If you don't think you need a password management app, please rethink your position. Every week, a company is hacked. Knowing that, and understanding that the most common login ID is one's email address, it's inherently risky to use the same password everywhere. If you do, and a company you use is hacked, you're hacked. It's not just the one company. 1Password works. Your password vault is encrypted on Dropbox or iCloud. You can setup a unique password for every account you have. Does $15 seem like a lot for an app in a climate of $.99 apps? Maybe. You get what you pay for; it's worth it.

  • Good App...

    by Alex Pug.

    A bit buggy and some features missing. I have both the Mac version and this one. And for the most part they sync great. The app has crashed in me and my phone a couple of times. Also, no tags? Why not have tags instead of the folders tab?

  • Great update

    by zeroin123

    Heartily recommend this. If you're new to it, it's only 8bucks! Definitely worth it! Get it!

  • In desperate need of a make-over

    by Constantine Lignos

    This app desperately needs a redesign. Also cuts letters off whole typing in some of the smaller fields. The cursor doesn't move with the text.

  • Won't Synch


    I've used 1Password for any years, and until recently have been a very enthusiastic fan. Now after upgrading to the latest version, Dropbox synching doesn't work, and tech support has been completely unresponsive. Very, very disappointing.

  • Keeper

    by EdBurr

    Liked 1password until a friend showed me "Keeper". Keeper is so easy and user friendly, Keeper works better then 1Password going to websites. Keeper costs, but I believe it is worth the money to have it work so well.

  • Best Password App

    by spudsy1

    I have utilized several password apps. 1Password is the best available. Extremely easy to use and keeps multiple devices sync'd. You will not be disappointed.

  • Sync issues make you lose data

    by Tarabine

    Dropbox syncing does not work reliably. Have to always turn off Dropbox syncing to fix, losing my changes. What is the purpose Of the app if you can't sync properly?

  • Must-have Security App

    by TheRealStapes

    A bit pricey but overall it's a great app. Within [what seemed like] a matter of minutes, I had documented all of my accounts and reinforced very strong passwords for them all. No issues syncing to iCloud. This is a very solid tool and a must-have for security-minded individuals.

  • Oh dear

    by maranuna

    Wow! What a disappointment. I had iPassword for so long, with the only problem of it not syncing with the phone version. I've only had this version for a few days and I've been in the process of removing the near duplicates. However, the program crashes several times while I am working with it. Not just crashes but takes my iPad all the way down with it and holds it hostage for awhile. Completely unacceptable! Surely, this will be fixed soon, but it's one star for now.

  • Junk

    by PV Safe is easier


  • One of my most used apps

    by tpaclc

    The built in browser is great! AdBlocking would get five stars. ;)

  • Need ios 7 keyboard and bug fix

    by Sethlution

    When are we getting an ios 7 keyboard update? I expect more from an app that cost this much. Not to the mention all the small bugs that other reviewers have mention already

  • Where is the ios7 update?

    by yashrg

    The application seems to work alright for most of my use case scenarios. However, it is quite jarring to see the iOS6 keyboard pop up whenever I am trying to enter in new information on my iPhone. I wonder if an update is coming.

  • average user

    by so1923

    I have used 1 password for years to secure my hundreds of individual passwords. I believe this program is very inexpensive insurance to protect your passwords. I have individual random passwords for all sites and there is no way I could remember them all. 1 password retains all older passwords, allows you to create separate login for user name (bank and other financial), account for all software license keys and much more. Website has extensive detailed step by step instructions. Company very responsive to suggestions. I bought a new computer and had a minor issue and AgileBits techs responded and solved the issue. Others have written about all the “problems” with 1 password but as the average user I have not experienced these problems. The best insurance you can buy!

  • I revise my review

    by EddieNZ

    I previously wrote a negative review because of sync issues. All now resolved with iCloud sync--still dubious about the other methods. Glad I updated. New version looks and works fine on my Air, iTouch, and iPad Mini.

  • Continues to amaze

    by Oenai

    1Password 4 is really everything I've ever wanted in a password management suite and so much more. 1Password 4 for Mac is great as well. Tip for those of you leaving a few negative reviews lately… you can always restore from a backup if anything goes wrong. 1Password 4 for Mac automatically backs itself up, after all.

  • Beware if syncing with Dropbox

    by Retro Fan

    You don’t realize how vital one app has become to your life until it stops working as intended. We have 1Password (the latest version, all purchased through the App Stores) on every device/computer we own because we firmly believe this is the way to survive in this age of password overload. However, the recent version somehow broke syncing with Dropbox and no longer keeps everything in sync. Our desktop is now the version that has the latest. Mobile devices are all out of sync. So incredibly frustrating after knowing how smooth it used to work.

  • Unfortunate bugs make it useless for intended function

    by Jasonian.

    I'll mention just the most important one, the ability to generate secure passwords. I'd been under the impression that 1Password gave me full control over how it generated passwords. (The marketing text says it lets you "control precisely how you want your password to look.") What I've found is that * I'm limited to choosing password length, number of digits and number of symbols. There are no options for which characters to include or exclude, no ability to require some capital letters, etc. * "Pronounceable" doesn't allow for numbers, and only hyphens for punctuation, and are rarely actually pronounceable. * Often passwords don't adhere to the rules set; most often this is seen when a password is generated shorter than the number selected (11 characters for a 12 character password). The only reason I needed the app was to generate good, random, unique passwords using a set of defined criteria. It doesn't do that well.

  • Out of date

    by Latint81

    Please ios7 UI, integrate to " own " safari not your old obsolete browser . Fail fail fail please fix

  • Poor investment.

    by Flglades

    Cannot get it to work. Been syncing for some 8 hours and still nothing transferred. I was told it would transfer from older model to this new model. Don't buy it until it it much more user friendly. So now I am still using my old version. I am disappointed.

  • Waste of my money-Version 4 NOT Working

    by IdahoSAM!

    Very slow tech support. My first response from them was whether I had version 4 on both my Mac and iOS device when I stated it in the email that I had just downloaded it from the Apple Store. Can't sync between the two with icloud or dropbox. WiFi worked fine, but that defeats the purpose of maintaining mobility and FREQUENT syncs. My eWallet program worked very well for that. It was just hard to sync every day or so.

  • Extraordinarily useful

    by pbombach

    Everyone should use this app!

  • I wished for better

    by Double-Bonus

    Like many who have posted reviews, I found version 3 of 1Password to be a very good product. Little to no problems with functionality. I really liked the way info synced between all of my devices. But ever since they upgraded to version 4 it has been frustrating. I had version 4 on my Mac and version 3 on my iOS devices so I had to manually update each device. So I bit the bullet hoping that the syncing problems wouldn’t affect me and paid the $9.99 for the iOS version. I was wrong. My iOS devices produced an error message when trying to sync with Dropbox but would sync ok with iCloud, but according to Agilebits Macs and iOS devices can share info via iCloud. While each device works as a single unit, the sharing of data between devices just plain doesn’t work. Maybe those that find it working well are first time users and there is an issue that only impacts existing users. In any case, think twice before you pay for this app.

  • My most used app

    by Lawrence137474829

    I bought this app ever since owning my iPad and I am constantly using for logging in to all those sites that I visit :) Love it, the new version is even better!!!!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Musty rat

    I want to give this a good review since it's great when it works. But the current version constantly crashes. I mean like about every third time I try to open the app, it crashes and I'm forced to reopen it. It's very disruptive and ruins what has the potential to be a great app.

  • Love the app. Using it constantly

    by ivan.volca

    Although icon looks really weird compare to others on my screen. Looks outdated.

  • Decent app and good customer support

    by Artmind

    I’ve been using this app since it first appeared and am continually inpressed with how secure and easy it is to use. Also a shout out to the help desk- The customer service is wonderful! I had a glitch (human error) and Ben Woodruff solved it quickly and with a friendly manner.

  • Now… I like it!

    by B. Prince

    Someone recommended this app to me, but I never downloaded it. Then I had to use it for work. Now I love it. Between five and enabling iCloud Keychain, I have no password issues! Feature request: A gesture based login option would be nice.

  • 1password has gone down hill

    by T8Rtech

    I'm a longtime user and have owned many versions of the app on multiple platforms (PC/Mac/iOS) so am very disappointed. The functionality is great and the new additional option to use different browsers within the app are useful. Unfortunately the new iOS has stumped the developers who are unable to keep the app from timing out if you switch to another app, even for an instant. You lose your web sessions and have to re-login. Compounding the problem is that the quick login (short password) option is basically non-functional now. It is getting to the point where I'm going to stop using it because of the hassle.

  • One of my top 10 favorite apps

    by cammycat

    I really depend on 1Password. I’ve been a user since 1Password 3, and love it. I’m a creative developer, working with a number of clients on various digital projects (websites, social media, various Google services such as Apps and Adwords, etc.). As you might imagine, I have A LOT of secure data to keep track of. 1Password saves me so much time and brain power. Plus I love that I can use Dropbox, etc. to sync my data across all my devices (an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad). Their customer support is also top notch. Highly recommended!

  • iOS7 UI

    by s3NGz@I

    When will update to iOS7 UI? even keypad using old design now

  • Unbeliably frustrating

    by incoherent1

    I have the older version (1Password 3) for both iOS and Mac. I chose to upgrade for a few reasons, including the fact that they advertise an easy upgrade path. Unfortunately, this doesn't exist in practice. I've been working for days to upgrade my data and to no avail. Essentially, there's a documented bug (I've found it in multiple places on their support forums) where you try to import your data from 1Password 3 only to get a message "import_into_onepassword4" and then nothing happens. They claim this can be fixed through a number of steps, but this is essentially false. At the end of the day, they're selling an expensive buggy app that doesn't work as advertised. Skip this one until they get it fixed (if ever).

  • Great App!

    by Patrick Serrano

    This is a great app that helps me keep all of my passwords strong and complex, while still secure and mobile. If you're reusing passwords or writing them down then you need to get this app.

  • Ios7 update

    by Rakan A.B

    Need Ios7 update .. Fast as you can please ..

  • Works perfectly for me

    by DonPablo21

    My main goal for this app was a safe and reliable way to store passwords and related information, which could be accessed from my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This setup has worked perfectly for me for over a year now. Using the iOS version's built-in browser to access web sites using shared passwords also seems to work well, although I've only tried this a few times.

  • Good app

    by Roo9401


  • Wonderful Password App! 很棒的密码应用!

    by Tianyu Fang (tinyrain)

    It's a great app and it is worthy! Your data could be synced between your iPhone, iPad and Mac, which installed the 1Password app. For webmaster like me, it's friendly to save your database password in it. :-) But here is a problem, No iOS7 support?!

  • Works like a dream!

    by Pianomanaa23

    This app does what it advertises in spades!

  • Keep the old one

    by EddieNZ

    Works great on laptop. But syncing with devices is awful. Tried Dropbox, file sharing, WiFi over and over again, following all directions -- no success. Keep the previous version until you see clear evidence this mess is fixed.

  • Great app!

    by FlameofZion

    I'm a freelance web developer and I have a LOT of passwords and accounts for client sites. This app is by far the best for managing accounts and passwords. I use 1password for everything! Highly recommend it. If you are on the fence because of the cost, just get it. You will be happy you did!!!

  • Unstable, Buggy, Multiple Serious Problems

    by dot.mac

    After several years of using 1Password and investing a great deal of time in both the iOS apps and the Mac desktop version, I have to join others here in being disgusted. The iOS app frequently crashes — and badly enough that I've had to reboot my iPhone to clear its system. Dropbox sync has been unreliable for several months. Worst of all, I submitted a request to tech support regarding the Dropbox sync problem; it took several weeks for a response (as noted by others here). The advice from technical support has resulted in my wasting most of my day trying to get the iOS and Mac version synced. Fortunately I have backups of all the many databases, keychains etc. 1Password uses, so presumably I will be able to restore the app to some version of usability. In addition to hundreds of passwords, I have critical ID data, copies of docs etc. stored in 1Password. I will be looking for an alternative app that can import my data. If you use 1Password, I strongly suggest you sync your data, export the main database, and make copies of your backup files as the app is too unstable to trust.

  • Don’t Upgrade! If you pair with mobile devices

    by Progfumi

    Despite used to be fantastic app and many great reviews and still is. I totally agree with D-a-n-L. I also upgraded to 4.1 on desktop version. However, I lost the sync capability with my 1Password Mobile 3.7.2. So I had to upgrade to my mobile version to 4.3. My desktop license should transfer to my mobile upgrade without an additional expense. 1Password is pretty expensive to begin with but adding another $10 to any upgrades for mobile use is ridiculous and totally rip off. Dumping previous customers with this upgrade trick is horrible. NO BACKWARDS SUPPORT. While this may be the best password software combination on the market right now, I’m looking for alternatives.

  • I really like it

    by waikikiTed

    I really like this app more than I thought I would. I use Evernote for my notes and passwords so I thought I'd find little use for this app and it's potential redundancy. On a whim, I decided to check it out and have really enjoyed it. It seems to make password management much easier and less of a hassle than just using a generic notebook app. This was well worth the money. Good job.

  • Excellent password manager

    by TheBehr

    This app allows me to quickly and easily store my username and passwords but also helps me remember where I've put my information online. If you're like me, you sign up to so many sites that it's impossible to remember them all, let alone what password you used. 1password keeps me sane, and also allows me to securely record bank and personal info. I just wish there was a way to integrate it with Safari keychain for a pure experience.

  • I couldn’t live without it

    by Data rich

    I use 1P at work on a PC, at home on a Mac (1Password 4), and everywhere on the iPhone. In contrast to some of the negative reviews which are marked “helpful” often so sort to the top by default, I have had a very good experience. Admittedly I haven’t contacted technical support lately, but I did a lot in the early stages when I was figuring it all out, and I found their support to be exceptional. Fast, helpful, and willing to do whatever was needed to fix any issue. As far as buggy releases, that has not been my experience. 1Password 4 has been rock-solid, existentially beautiful, and “just works”, including with all my browsers. I sync all the 1Ps through DropBox as they suggest and that has worked flawlessly. As I think with all password managers on the iPhone, 1P cannot log you into a website directly in Safari-iOS. There is something in the iPhone setup that prevents that functionality, although it does work on the PC and Mac. On the iPhone, 1P has its own browser and logs you into a website through it. This is fine but inconvenient if you are browsing in Safari and then need to switch over to 1P. As I say, this is apparently true of all pw managers. In any case, I don’t log into websites on my iPhone very often. What I do need is secure access to the thousands of bits of data that I store in 1P, and the iPhone app gives me that. Drivers license data, passport, insurance company account and contact info, combinations, credit card data, etc. etc. I really depend on this app and it has never let me down.

  • Great.

    by feelgoodrvlution

    Simply great.

  • Glad to see wireless sync back

    by partly happy

    Search on the desktop OSX app is seriously too slow, but works fine on iOS.

  • One of my most useful apps

    by MarkTheMovieNut

    It simply works - all my data wherever I need it.

  • Why did I wait?

    by Ddfrx

    I was using MSecure and thought it couldn't get much better and then I got this. WOW. I bought it for $10 and it came with iPad and iPhone versions. The built in browser, credit card and personal IDs make shopping insanely easy. I haven't been screwed over by them but for the price I paid I'm psyched. The syncing with Dropbox and the intuitiveness/great design make this a real winner. Writing passwords on paper and Evernote seem like scribbling on cave walls now.

  • Don't know how I lived without this ap

    by Mattp4546

    I can thoroughly recommend 1password. If you know that you need unique passwords for every service but dread the thought of going thru the hassle of changing and recording the new passwords, the 1password system is what you need. Buy it before you start redoing your passwords, as it will even make it easy to generate random passwords. One of those aps that seem expensive at first glance but their value is very high in the productivity it will generate for you.

  • Not good

    by Al V1

    Since purchasing and downloading my iPhone and iPad continuously reboot without me touching either.

  • Awesome security app

    by evenprimes

    It saves all manner of passwords and sensitive data, has a built in browser, and cross platform syncing.

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