24me 2.0 - Automatic Calendar and Task Manager Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: 24me
  • Updated: Oct, 23 2012
  • Version: 2.2.5
  • Size: 23.35 MB

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Seller: 24me Ltd

• Invite your friends to 24me just became much easier. Try it via the Menu screen.
• Set separate default reminders for tasks and events (Settings).
• Call directly from the Note screen by tapping on the number.
• Location text automatically scrolls when it is longer then the size of the screen.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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24me 2.0 is the next generation smart calendar and automatic to-do list. It is the most advanced app to manage your life.

24me gives you a “heads up” about everything that’s happening in your day by intelligently connecting to your real life, reminding you about what is coming up next and *automatically* taking care of things for you. The ultimate personal assistant you always wanted, 100% free!

Featured by Apple: *10 Essentials * Apps for your New iPhone * What’s Hot * New and Noteworthy * Our Favorites *

From the Press:
•Forbes - “A super smart personal assistant, organizing all your events, to-do’s, and reminders for you“
•VentureBeat - “Automate your life with 24me”
•ABC.es – “The best personal assistant for iOS”
•TheNextWeb - “24me is an advanced personal assistant on iOS”
•Featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, PCMAG, CNET, Huffington Post and many others…

24me is the Next Generation Personal Assistant that works for you around the clock and makes sure you don’t miss a thing. 24me gives you the right information at the right time and takes care of things for you. By gathering all your Calendars and Tasks into one place, and by using advanced technology, 24me automatically generates your daily to-do’s and events, and completes them for you - just like a real personal assistant. 24me makes sure you are on top of things.
No more having to switch between different apps to try to complete a simple task. 24me is all about making your life easier and saving you time.

The way 24me works for you:
•Presents a beautiful view of all your calendars and tasks in one place – fully synced.
•Integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook exchange and Yahoo calendar – all the calendars that are on your iPhone.
•Auto-generates your tasks and auto-completes errands with a tap of your finger.
•Securely connect all your accounts to get reminders and alerts of your service providers, financials, and social networks so you never miss a thing.
•Reminds you when bills are due and lets you pay on the spot.
•Celebrate with family and friends on their special events – use 24me’s in-app gift store to send beautiful gifts or post greetings on their timeline.
•Finds you someone to run your errands (Pick up packages, shop your groceries, fix your ikea table, etc) and saves you time. (Do what you do best and outsource the rest!).
•Helps you navigate to a meeting by giving you directions, estimated driving time and a street view of the target destination.
•Enables setting priorities, labels, reminders, recurring events, and shared tasks/notes with friends.
•Use your voice to add your meetings, tasks and reminders while you are on-the-go.
•Share events, tasks and reminders with your family and friends with real time sync between all participants.
•Brings together your Outlook Tasks and your iPhone reminders to one place.

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■ support@twentyfour.me

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Customer Reviews

  • 24me Saves The Day

    by B-Eazy28

    24 me is constantly reminding me to complete all of the tasks that I need to accomplish in a single day. As a college student, keeping up with all of my assignments and group meetings can be a struggle. With 24me by my side, I never have to worry about missing a meeting or deadline because 24me is there to remind me if I forget! Great app!

  • Great App especially for students

    by howie710

    Check out the new update, the calendar and new way of organizing my reminders is awesome! As a college student who always has a million things going I found this app a wonderful tool. No longer do i need to switch between multiple apps to my reminders and calendar since it conveniently puts it all in one place. I love how i can also input my events and tasks into the app and then share it with others, which is perfect for all the group projects i find myself involved in at school. Everyone should start trying it out now!

  • Big Fan!

    by JeremyMuhl

    I easily forget things I need to do, and since I started using 24me (about 6 months ago), I have been way better at getting things done on time and remembering all of my to-do's. The new version is even better than the last update- I'm excited for what's in store in the future- every update so far has been great!

  • Get's better and better

    by Skunk smoker

    I love this app. This version improves on what was an excellent calendar/ to do app. I recommend it. The customer care is first rate and I love the street view view of appointments and meetings.

  • Best App!!

    by aisaacson5

    I use 24me everyday! It keeps me on top of my responsibilities and helps me organize my tasks in a simple way. I HIGHLY recommend this app for anyone with a busy schedule and no time to lose!

  • Great app

    by Byegone

    This is a really great app and the customer service is top notch also. I had a very minor issue where I could not access the notification center and they immediately answered my back concerning this issue and stayed with me until it was resolved. It wasn't a big issue, more of an annoyance. I just love this app though, it is very user friendly, simple, and smart! It does use the battery quite a bit on my phone, but the app is so worth it. Looking forward to a fix for that and looking forward to the iPad version! Love the app. TDavidson

  • Fantastic App

    by Howie sobs

    I am the kind of person that needs a way to keep organized as a college student. This app helps me manage my activities in a very cool manner. Its layout makes it very simple to use and I am very pleased with the updates that the app keeps making to make it even more efficient.

  • Awesome App

    by zachl11

    Although it may take a bit of time to get used to, the app is nothing short of awesome. It does a great job of combining all of your needs into one app and really helps simplify things

  • Incredible app

    by Llevy26

    Appreciate that everything I need to stay on task is in one place. Extremely simple to use and manage. One of the best to do list apps I've used. Love the update!

  • Business professional

    by Ttalon541

    Great app, I'm a business professional and I'm always fighting to stay organized. I have download every app on the market with no luck. Until now this app is what I have been looking for it is simple yet intelligent and beyond Beautiful compared to any similar app, it looks like a million dollar app. And the creator of this app reach out personally. That's customer service. I have never written a review but this deserved it.great job guy's, keep up the good work

  • Glitch with trying to add providers

    by mytw0b1ts

    When you go to add a "popular provider" theres a glitch where only a line of code displays instead of providers. Otherwise great update!

  • 5 star

    by JessEy20

    Good app

  • Great App

    by jeremyha lyle

    I have had this app since it first came out. Recently I saw the update and not the app finally made it to my home screen. With the calendar intergration this is a daily use app. I cant wait to see what other great things they come up with. Customer Service is also top notch. I emailed with a problem and within 24 hours I had a answer on how to fix it.

  • Amazing App

    by Kobe5050

    Been waiting for an app like this. It does everything, easy to use, super cool looking!

  • Love the UI and the convenience if this app! Lifesaver!!!

    by sherylMclare

    This app is just awesome! Beautiful UI, the automatic reminders and the ability pay bills and outsource errands is brilliant!!! I stopped using other apps to manage my schedule and I stick with this one, because 24me really get things done for me. It's super convenient having both my meetings and tasks all together and on top- it runs my errands. They have a great support team which answers emails so quickly that I was surprised. Great job guys!

  • Takes the Apple Calendar+Reminders to the next level!

    by John-NI

    I love it. In the past few months it became my main calendar and to do list app.

  • Awesome app!

    by Rebeca210409

    I love it! It's a little confusing to understand at first, but by far, the coolest app! Definitely download!

  • Really like this app but...

    by Tanji12

    I really like this app. I like how the calendar and task list are integrated and easy to use. I like the microphone feature....BUT when trying to share tasks the other person gets a notification. When they click review nothing is there. Worked fine at first and just quit working. I was drawn to this app for this reason. *****UPDATE***** Sharing works if you immediately accept them as they come in. If you close the notification without reviewing it they will not appear again. So I upping my rating since this is possibly a user issue? Would be good if a pop up states the notification will be removed from your alerts. Overall I love the app. It has helped me tremendously.

  • President and CEO

    by Anthony and Miss Cathie

    Best organizing and detailed app. This one is a keeper. Just cannot figure out how to permanently eliminate a daily task.

  • What a helpful app!!!!

    by Arbel246

    I tried so many productivity applications; however, this one is by far the most helpful and quick!!!I'm so happy I found it!!

  • Shady app, shady company.

    by lov3dnb

    My first review was in terror of this company holding my financial information hostage, awaiting a way for them to "let" me remove my banks info from their app. A small update did and I deleted it. Then, stupidly, I thought that the app got better, so I tried it again. Logged into my FB account, and now the app is unusable. It's stuck and a loop trying to update Facebook birthdays and never completes. When it failed I tried to delete my information from the 24 me application, and it would not let me so I logged on FB and blocked them from the site. Please don't support these types of privacy policy violating apps. They take all your information and can access it anytime you want.

  • Nice but I need more

    by bencruz

    This is a very useful app. But I need it with my iPad Air

  • It really works

    by mtutkun

    I like the design and it does what it says.

  • The App I Needed

    by npsych01

    This is the app I have been waiting for. I needed an app that combined all of my different to-do lists, calendars, contacts, bills, etc.. This app is extremely intuitive, easy to use, and adaptable. I started using it effectively from the moment I installed it. I look forward to future revisions too. I would love the ability to sync with other tools that I use. But, for now, this app has taken the place of the other two apps I was using and having a hard time syncing. This one seems to do it all.

  • Great UI, just needs consistent offline features

    by roadpoo

    Besides Facebook login being weird as well as sign up (says I haven't logged in when apparently the account is linked) AMAZING UI!. The issue is that it doesn't seem to keep me logged into my FB thus all my calendar data doesn't remind me unless I login or open it again. :/ Not sure how to sync data / keep it local so reminders come in even if I'm offline. Good parts: Calendar, list, great UI, all in one! I rarely rate apps but this is worth every megabyte on your iphone. Once that gets fixed great app!

  • Great App

    by Psisme

    Works right out of the "box" without a lot of messing around.

  • Good Idea, but can become frustrating

    by ksraj2013

    Lot of good features planned, but not all of them work. They should learn from apples maps mistake. Competition can pick up these unbanked ideas and make it work to their advantage. So the sooner the issues gets fixed the better potential for growth. Will stick with app for some more time.

  • Confused...

    by PpppurpleDuck

    I'm so confused. Is this a joke app?! Can't even open this. It just keeps crashing every time I try to open. Would be great.... I think.

  • App still needs allot of work!

    by Jtc11

    I can not add any bill or bank accounts! There isn’t any support to help you out with that!

  • 24 me kills the game

    by B-Eazy28

    24 me is awesome in helping me keep up with my day to day tasks. I find myself not forgetting to do everything that i need to get accomplished with 24 me by my side!!

  • Amazing application

    by Rakanggdhdhnsgh

    Guys this application is the best productivity app ever , download it and see how much it will help you remembering small things you forget.

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Archangel0925

    This app is truly amazing..it makes life so much easier. Great app, and great developers. They are very quick to respond to feedback and questions.

  • 24me is amazing!!!

    by Dingus18

    Love this new app! Changed my life for the better!

  • Best productivity app out there

    by Techrg

    I have tried many productivity apps and this is the easiest to use. The new calendar feature has made my life so much simpler

  • Great Version Update!

    by mollyha18

    24me version 2.0 is amazing! It takes away the stress of organization and helps me manage my everyday life! With the new calendar integration features, 24me 2.0 helps me put my different calendars together, so now all of my events are in the same place. 24me is truly getting better and better.

  • Good, but not great

    by Chago1

    This app has a lot of potential. There is something wrong with the app when you have the pass code enabled. It isn't responsive & and the screen is distorted for the first few seconds, for some reason.

  • Check.me integration is problematic

    by dcharleyultra

    App has tremendous potential. However, check.me integration is far from smooth.

  • Worthless

    by DarciRT

    Won't show anything from my calendar as I use google cal and has no option to add other calendars or access iOS calendars.

  • This app is useless

    by mp21rg

    This app is completely useless. It doesn't even support most financial institutions. I tried to add 4 banks but only 1 of them was able to connect and most of my local providers weren't available either. This app would be great if it actually let you connect to everything bit unfortunately it doesn't. Thumbs down for sure!!!

  • Great improvement, but a long way to go...

    by Stepherz12355

    This is the first time I've heard of 24me, and I'm actually quite impressed with the integration of things like bill payment, task reminders, etc. to a basic calendar app. The main reason I was willing to try this app was because it was supposed to be able to sync with my Google Calendar. After downloading the app it only gave me the option to sync with my iPhone's calendar and contacts, not what was actually on Google Calendar. It shouldn't be assumed that the Google Calendar is automatically synced with the phone's calendar, contacts, etc. I use my Google Calendar as a main hub for personal and business uses, plus as a way to keep track of multiple family members schedules. I have only my personal tasks and schedule downloaded to my actual phone. So being able to actually sync the actual Google Calendar, not just the assumption that your iPhone's calendar is synced with Google Calendar, would make this app much more appealing and valuable.

  • Love the way my life got more organized

    by Offirg111

    That's app is a life changer

  • Time for pleasurable moments with loved ones thank you to 24 me

    by KutiSushi

    The 24me app captures and supports the essence of ones life! With 24me you can live in the moment and enjoy the colorful experiences that you encounter each and every day! Life's purpose and focus are not my bills, grocery shopping list nor my to do list. With 24me I have reclaimed what life is all about. When was the last time you were not interrupted while working or spending time with family by your drowning infinite ideas on your to do list? I welcome all to 24me to reclaim your life! Let 24me reclaim and simplify your life !

  • The best productivity app out there!

    by Gigi Levy

    This is a must-have app. No longer separated to-do apps and calendar apps - 24me is the one app to rule them all! Finally I have all my events, tasks and reminders in one place with the ability to immediately act on them. Great app!

  • Beautiful!

    by News aficianado

    Fantastic UI, great features, and a brilliant concept. An app like this needs a polished execution, and the developers have more than obliged. Support for my bank and a connection for iCal gives it the 5th star. Well done!

  • Great app I just love it!

    by LikesToTravel1981

    I just love this app! I love the birthday options, it is easier to use than FB and the pay bills which helps me be on top of things!

  • Awesome app!

    by RJ 1999

    24me saved me after Astrid shutdown. The only things I miss are the templates you could make for similar task lists.

  • does not work

    by Kelvin Lu

    This app will waste your time. I entered a huge list of tasks and the next day when I opened the app they were there briefly, but then I was told to re authenticate so I clicked the Facebook link to login and poof all of my tasks were gone. What a waste of potential...

  • Love this App

    by ultimate_zc

    Very useful and a very friendly design.

  • Good app

    by Myboolababy

    I really like the convenience of this app!! It helps me to stay in top of things. Just wish it incorporates all the banks

  • SVM13

    by viksol13

    Просто супееееер!!!!

  • iPhone Calendar

    by Naghmoushy

    I would like it to sync with m Calendar automatically

  • Great Simplicity

    by The NYZity

    Im a task-maniac but im sure so does many other people. I tried over 50 different apps. Some are too simple and some are overly complicated. At the end of the day it is what works for you personally. To simple is not good to complicated is not good either, this app is just perfect in between the two. When you plan you schedule it will always get messy here & there, trust me I been doing it for years. Im a walking task-er ;) These days you want simplicity & clarity, fast pace & convince.. At least that what works for me. This app gave me all that i inquire. And not to mention... Customer service Rocks! Boooya! Tx. Ps if you having complications then check your preferences.

  • Meh

    by Kimfisher199129082

    I love that this app acknowledges the different times of day. I do not like that you cannot customize the app to make it more personalized. Ill keep this app on my phone a little longer, but if it doesn't update soon ill delete it.

  • Great App

    by Sue R 52

    I love using this App, use it all the time

  • Great Replacement for Astrid

    by JenZag

    I find it easier to use and am using it as a calendar, task list, and reminders. It needs some work on linking financial accounts though-several say connectivity problems and some accounts just aren't available to link.

  • Decent!

    by Ejaazi

    Works well for reminders that I don't want in my 2Do app.

  • Nice reminder system

    by HLV

    I have had this app for a while now and had forgot about until it had alerted me about someone's birthday I had added. I had just then been looking for a bill reminder now I do not have to.

  • Reminder app great but

    by Jashlock44

    I have been using this app for 2 weeks and the reminder is a great app but the bill pay needs alot of work it is based on the app "check" and even though I can go to the " check app " website on my computer and log in I cannot on the 24 me app and if the bank or institution you want to pay is not on there list you cannot add it. I will continue to use the reminder section.

  • Unfortunate

    by Davidojones

    Since I loaded last update (on 7/29) the app crashes upon launch every time so for the time being it isn't functioning. I hope it gets fixed. Great app otherwise.

  • Great App

    by rmbeyer76

    In a day when there are so many "To do" apps, a person has many choices. But I've found that 24me is right up there with the best. It distinguishes itself by being able to link not only friends but also financial institutions. This app will even remind you when to pay your bills! You can then pay them right from the app. It is a wonderful app and worthy of 5 stars.

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