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This build includes fixes and improvements for re-downloading previously purchased items.

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The Standard of Mobile Photography


Mobile images have never looked so stunning. Utilizing our innovative processing technology, VSCO Cam™ yields elegant results, previously unattainable on the iPhone.

Adjust the strength of Presets and Tools using the Precision Slider.

VSCO Tools allow for fine tuning, with the goal to complement, not define, your photographs. Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Crop, Rotate, Fade, Vignette and more allow you to define your look.

Compare your original image with the edited version by simply holding down on the image in Edit view.

Browse a stunning array of Preset Packs available for purchase in the In-App store. From vivid colors to faded black and whites, the store offers the best mobile presets on the market.

Separate Focus and Exposure Rings plus White Balance Lock allow for increased creative control.

Organize, favorite and filter your images using the quick filter navigation.

Multiple thumbnail sizes allow for a customizable image browsing experience.

Easily view your image data including location, date, preset used and more.

Import and export your images in high resolution without sacrificing any quality.

Easily share your images with friends and family via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Camera Roll.

The VSCO Journal is a wealth of creative inspiration, tutorials, interviews and more.

Join the VSCO community, discover other photographers and submit your images for inclusion to the VSCO Weekly Selects by using the hashtag #vscocam.


VSCO Cam™ is the tool of choice for creating beautiful mobile imagery.


To view samples and learn about other great VSCO products, please visit http://vsco.co.

*Full Resolution of the device's camera sensor. Not for DSLR images.
Vignette, Grain and Sharpen tools only available on iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5.
Thumbnail previews for presets only available on iPhone 5, 4s and iPod Touch 5.

Customer Reviews

  • Sensacional

    by Divino Lima

    App ótimo, tem vários filtros pagos que valem cada centavo

  • the best

    by Tory gooseman

    literally the best photo editing app out there, as far as filters go. each one look professional, and great with any photo. the layout is clean, and the app is easy to use. LOVE THIS APP ❤️

  • Amazing

    by Maggier39

    I absolutely love these filters. Gives my pictures a nice vintage feel.

  • Great Filters / Frustrating Interface

    by bluelunatique

    This feels like an amateur app trying to add professional features. The filters are top-notch but using them is frustrating. The filter's name appears in large, white letters over the center of the image every time you switch from one to the next. It is incredibly distracting and totally unnecessary. I'm well aware of the filter I chose without it fading into view every time I pick one. I can put up with having to import images into the app as it provides a convenient record of the images I've edited however it takes far too many steps to save the image back to the camera roll! I appreciate the ability to adjust the intensity of each filter but please add a live preview. Waiting for the adjustment to be selected rather than seeing it as you move the slider seems unnecessary as well. Looking forward to updates. Until then I will also be looking for a replacement.

  • No option to "Open in..."?

    by sharynjo

    One of my most favorite, most used apps! I know it's some kind of marketing technique for the developers not to add this option so VSCO could be the only photo-editing app people use, but please add the option to "Open In..." pictures to other apps (and vice versa, i.e. have VSCO Cam to be one of the options when pressing "Open In..." in other apps) because I use another app to store my pictures in the cloud since I do not like storing photos locally. It's a lot of work to keep saving pictures to the camera roll, upload to the cloud storage app, and then delete them on my local storage AND on the app. If people really liked VSCO Cam, they wouldn't even turn to other photo-taking/editing apps. And trust me, THEY LOVE VSCO. So please add the "Open In..." option. I know it will make a lot of your users happy (especially me!) Thank you for making such an incredible app. Looking forward to improvements. Thanks, VSCO!

  • An honest review.

    by Josie the Great

    I have had vsco since before this version existed, back when it was a different app. Since then I have bought and amassed a lot more photo-editing apps, but frankly, vscocam is my favorite app of the type and the only one I consider as a 'must have'. Other apps I own are after light, faded, landcam, mextures, etc. (great apps, but still vscocam remains my personal favorite)

  • gorgeous. minimalist. the future

    by Lydia Derfler

    app runs smoothly, beautiful interface, filters are perfection. A MUST!

  • by Amikafy.

    Great app overall.

  • Great

    by Joonbugx

    Love the filters and love how every picture is dope not just selfies like Instagram

  • Great Filters, but kind of disappointing

    by Justin Norman

    The filters this app offers are better than everything else I've tried, and there's plenty of room for expansion if you want to buy more. What I don't understand is why I have to add each photo from my library individually rather than just being able to browse everything on my phone as soon as I open the app (like Instagram). A way of resizing the images so that the whole image shows up on Instagram (a tool like the Instasize app) would also be nice.

  • Cam

    by Pandabanda1277

    I like it a cool app

  • Easy, beautiful, worth it.

    by Cakekat

    I use VSCOcam for all my iPhone photo processing. It has the best b&w feature I've ever seen in an app. Since I use it most days, I splurged on the big filter pack... And it was so worth it. Best filter app. Hands down. I use it in conjunction with some others if I need features outside of filtering, but I always start here.

  • Perfect app

    by Marcusbyrd

    I love this app! I use it all of the time. Marcusbyrd.vsco.co

  • Fantastic!

    by Woodymg

    I am so in love with this app. The best photo app ever!!

  • Love!

    by 123654789121110

    This app is seriously amazing! Love the filters. So hipster!

  • Absolutely In Love ❤️❤️❤️

    by CarleyDoesntKnow

    VSCO is one of the best, if not the best editing app. If you are to download the app I suggest buying the bundle pack of filters it's only 6$ less than lunch and it will really optimize your pictures. You also get your own website. The only suggestions I make is that for you to have an ability to group your filters for example a group for b&w filters, your favorite filters, color filters. That's my only criticism I only wish there was a way to group your filters

  • ❓❔❓❔

    by Misspdt

    The UI is not at all intuitive. Get. It. Together.


    by vargaskimberly15

    It's such a great app, I love it! everything works great!

  • Excellent

    by sirlapogkahn

    Hands down the best photo editing app I've used on the iPhone. UI is a bit awkward and weird to use in some cases though.

  • Great but

    by SunitaSierros

    This is definitely my go-to app for editing pictures- I just wish there was a blur option! Otherwise it's great

  • Fix it!

    by Coffeelovah101

    Please update it, it keeps crashing!!

  • Nope!

    by DrieStone

    As cool as the feature set of this app may be, the UX is horrible. I found myself trying to figure out how to do basic things. VSCO is trying to be too clever for its own good. I bought the launch bundle… I mean I tried to buy the launch bundle, but after tapping on the “buy” button a bunch of times without any response I gave up (until about 5 minutes later when it finally presented me with 6-8 dialogs asking me if I wanted to purchase the bundle). Additionally the camera feature is missing one of the “must have” features of any camera app, which is using the volume button as the trigger. I take 99% of my pics this way. Additionally I’m left to wonder what the icons at the top of the camera screen do (not clear at all). In the end, although the app seems well designed, and it’s obvious a lot of love went into it, it just went off the rails and no one thought for a moment about reigning in the design. This is typical form over function “lets simplify because it gets rid of the clutter”. As a UI/UX designer myself VSCO Cam gets an “F" on design and a “B" on features.

  • Can't use app

    by Melloves2smile

    There is a problem with my app. There are a bunch of blank pics in my album that won't let me delete it. Please help!

  • Doesn't load...

    by Iactuallyloveironman

    After downloading an deletion the app several times, the results are the same: the app won't load. It opens to a black screen, and then shuts down and returns to my home screen. Not sure why it won't work, I have an iPhone 4.

  • 最好用的调色软件

    by Paul Warkle


  • Love this app!

    by abiigraceexx

    Great filters but some people have way more filters than I do? I don't know how to get thee new filters?! Help!?

  • from 2 to 4 stars!

    by Alllexis

    the app is okay but a lot of the filters are harsh. they brought back the old filters and I am SO happy about that and they are not expensive! my complain is that when I GOTO buy the old filters it says "purchasing" but it isn't buying them... please fix!!!

  • Love, Love, Love this App

    by teaneedz

    I'm more of a text guy. I tell my stories with plaintext. But, I have to capture pixels in my social world too. #VSCOcam makes something that I don't typically enjoy doing actually a pleasure to do. It's fun and professional. Love this app. I also highly recommend the in-app purchases for presets/filters.

  • Amazing!!

    by Zeeztastic

    My favorite photo editing app... Hands down!

  • Очень хорошее приложение

    by Innessxes

    Качественные фильтры, гибкие настройки. За время использования ни разу не вылетало. Единственное, хотелось бы ещё фильтров☺

  • wow!!!

    by Mowilliams Luvr

    this app has blown me away. i dont take time to write reviews but this app was totally worth my time! i use this every time i edit, and it always turns out just how i like it! its simply perfection!!!! fave app everrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  • I love it so so much

    by §ĦǺŦЧĄ☂

    That app is so pretty it's make my photo so beautiful and make my Instagram cute :( Follow me in Instagram : xsuli If you have iPhone 5s with This app trust me the photo be so pretty :"(

  • Awesome app but...

    by iesaa

    It's making some of my photos turn black in my library. & I cannot even click on them to delete them, they're just there & I wish I could get rid of them because they're consuming space! Other than that AMAZING app & I love the filters!!!

  • Gorgeous photos

    by sprinkledmint

    Love that this app has simple tasteful filters. Lots of options for editing too!

  • Stunning

    by Celiinnneeeee

    Hands down best app for filtering. This is the only one I'll use.

  • great!


    it's my favorite app but it won't let me redownload the legacy pack

  • App won't load

    by BigBro15

    It keeps crashing and won't load :( ( using an ipod 4)


    by Mingo mck

    I can't even tell if I'd like the app because I've downloaded it 3 times already and it crashes immediately after open.

  • Love it

    by Gleek Angel

    Probably the best photo-filter app out there...I just am in love with this app

  • Favorite app

    by Juniorrr. Ramirezz

    I use this with every picture I have, it's amazing. I wish I could follow people on it instead of going on a computer for the grid. Can't wait for what's in store.

  • Beautiful and subtle

    by Krmoore7

    Awesome app, very intuitive and the film packs in it are great, I barely use Instagrams filters - just edit in VSCO and export directly to Instagram, super easy.

  • Just fantastic

    by Joshua McShane

    One request: add support for sharing to Flickr!

  • I stinkin can't figure out how to import a photo from your library

    by Cmott456

    I'm dying over here, sheesh.

  • Perfect.

    by Rihannaitalianavy

    So professional. Makes my photos look amazingly beautiful. Makes my Instagram look flawless and my pictures I take with my new professional camera. Go VSCO Cam.

  • Perfect.

    by Rihannaitalianavy

    So professional. Makes my photos look amazingly beautiful. Makes my Instagram look flawless and my pictures I take with my new professional camera. Go VSCO Cam.

  • I loovvveeeee it

    by vctc4636

    I'm really happy with this app, it's so easy to use and it makes my photos look amazing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to save the hassle of downloading photos into your computer and making simple edits.

  • Feedback /errors

    by _DopeBeezMe

    I like this app but I have problems. When I first downloaded this app it worked fine, now it always crash -__- PLEASE HELP !!

  • Very good app

    by Tha boss!:))

    Very good app, great filters and easy to use

  • Vsco app

    by Keryona

    I love this app it's best of them all can y'all create one with videos or whatever just askin??

  • App crash!

    by RRbunny

    Whenever I open the app it will pause for some seconds and then it shuts down. In other words, the app isn't working with me since I downloaded it couple of days AT ALL! What's the problem?!! Isn't there any update to fix it?!!!

  • Great basic photo editing app!

    by iFreeflight

    I've used a LOT of photo enhancement apps over the years, but this app is one of my favorites! Very simple to use and does a great job!

  • Great editing and more

    by dtkrash

    Definitely a great app to edit photos as well as it's ability to take control of the photos you take.

  • Brillaint. Amazing. Love it

    by Pamela Lebert

    OK THIS APP IS AMAZING. I love it. Everything works great for me. It makes my pictures looks awesome. I just can't it's awesome. Seriously great great filters it's great! My favorite edit app EVER. Honestly.

  • Why me???

    by Jaay Mafu

    This app crashes.. Haven't used it yet :'(


    by Kaylah Armstead

    i want more apps from them!!!!!

  • Great app!

    by gustavo magalhaes

    The best app for edition!

  • Bugged

    by Luis Quezada

    This app was great until one day it just started crashing every time I took a picture. Still can't get it to work. Please fix! Otherwise great app

  • Believe

    by Justin's girl♡

    Doesn't even let me open the app up. It just shuts off completely

  • So bad

    by carissadptr

    This vsco cam new so bad i think.. Vsco cam is better than now.. I need vscocam old

  • Best App ever .

    by Basicwhitegirl

    This is honestly the best app to get , it makes your pictures look like they were taken by a professional photographer .

  • why dont iphone4 have thumbnail previews?!

    by JoonAlice

    why dont iphone4 have thumbnail previews?! i need the thumbnail previews iphone4!

  • How the heck

    by Dewymann

    How the heck do i restore my purchases for the filters?! Please fix

  • The Best. None compare.

    by Myke Batez

    Everything about this app from the capture UI to the library features to the gorgeous and quality presets is just absolutely indicative of creativity. This app and the company behind it are major contributors to how I express myself creatively as a photographer. It's my favorite photo app for sure and probably my favorite iOS app overall. Love the latest presets. Keep me coming :)

  • Great

    by Hoochmama

    Gives me so much control when editing my pictures. Very simple; very effective.

  • Instagram filters are child's play

    by Andysmp

    This is the best photo editing app ever! It turns any photo into something amazing

  • VSCO Cam

    by Noisybutt

    Great filters! It makes the picture look flawless without the fitter overpowering it! The filters are not harsh! It's also easy to use. (⌒▽⌒)

  • Blur option?

    by Esterapukay

    VSCO is my favorite photo editing app. Absolutely love the edits, but I would loooovvveee to see a blur option for the next update so that we could have the option to blur out the background and have a main focus. Other than that.. The app is Perfect.(: follow me on instagram! @esterapukay

  • Needs work

    by Xpress1020

    App won't open up at all. It continuously force closes itself.

  • My app crashed and I my filters are gone

    by Andysmp

    My app crashed and I reinstalled it and all my filters I bought are gone. How do I get them back?

  • Ughh

    by Lilly vv2vv::;;(

    I loved this app but for some reason it stopped working on my phone? It downloads but the camera never opens on it?!

  • Great photo editing app

    by Cheerioboy25

    Love this app and it's my go to for final finishing on any photo taken with my iPhone. My only request would be an ability to copy and paste edits to other shots. I usually work with a specific set of edits and then tweak if need be.

  • Look!

    by Chaotic Skullz

    Great app. Dope filters & sh*t...BUT I CAN'T purchase ANYTHING!!! Fix please!!

  • Love it

    by minified

    Great app. Would love to be able to mat a photo on a square background though so when I share to instagram, it doesn't crop off non square photos.

  • Crashes

    by ctlokkk

    Cropping options should include unstrained ratio (crop freely). And after editing the photo, the app usually crashes when trying to save the photo to the camera roll. That is so annoying when you work so hard on editing for 10 mins then the edit just disappears after the app crash.

  • Fantastic!

    by icetail

    Absolutely the best photo editor I've ever come across on the App Store! I can't even explain how wonderful this is! It is PERFECT for what I do! The effects are so natural, but professional. Vintage, but classy! It's perfect! Every picture I've taken on my apple devices has gone through this app (that's 2,000+ on this device alone)! Every once in a while, when Photoshop isn't doing what it needs to do for my Cannon pictures, I'll send them to my iPhone just to use this app! It always has the perfect filter I need! Good quality, easy to maneuver, and spectacular results! Very, very pleased!

  • Awesome

    by Canyoncity

    This is my top 3 photo apps I'm loving it since day one, I just bought the bundle awesome filters, an easy way to edit photos in minutes.

  • Love this app but...

    by bluelunatique

    Would you please do away with the filters name appearing every time you change a filter! It is incredibly distracting! I'm well aware of the filter I chose without it fading into view every time I pick one. This is a five-star app if that gets fixed!

  • I'm awesome

    by Raphael 123456789

    I'm awesome

  • Amazing

    by NeverGuessMe

    The best app for delicate results on your pictures.

  • Beautifully simplistic, yet powerful photography app

    by arcurlyq

    I was initially not a fan of VSCO cam. For some reason, the design wasn’t that intuitive to me and I found it difficult to use. But after spending a few hours playing with the app and experimenting with photos, it quickly became one of my favorite photography apps. Once you get used to the flat design, the camera and editing functions are really easy to use. But where this app really shines is with the filters. Granted, you have to pay for a lot of the packages, but the money spent has been well worth it for me. I love taking pictures and the filters are an excellent way to turn ordinary photos into quality photography. The editing functions are also really nice and easy to use. I have a lot of photo editing apps on my iPhone, but I am quickly finding VSCOcam to be the easiest way to quickly edit photos. Nice job. Definitely one of my top used apps and I have been recommending it to everyone I know who is into iPhone photography.

  • Must buy

    by 000cheetah

    My favorite photography app on the App Store. The only problem with the app is the fact, there are so many presets I don't know which one to choose ;) Just kidding that's not a problem. They have so many and it looks so professional. I always go onto instagram and check out the hashtag of #vscocam or #vsco and am amazed. Must Buy!!

  • Unusable on ipad

    by unofrog

    Can't log onto gird. Renders objects on ipad too large or not at all. Basically no usable social features on ipad.

  • Zoom

    by Desireenye

    The app is great and all, but the only things I would add would be some of the filters from the original VSCO, and being able to zoom in or out.

  • Best Photo editing app

    by Bigtin100

    Has a great design and has great filters.

  • A form of life

    by imd23

    I can't live with it.

  • Superb

    by walkrob

    Excellent photography app. As an iPhone only photographer it makes editing photos and capturing light/focus of your shots a breeze! I also really enjoy the smooth interface ease of use.

  • Best photography app!!! But...

    by MarthaBat

    This is my favorite photography app!!! But it doesn't work on the iPad

  • Not that much...


    It's so fresh and clean .. But " apply " button is missing .. It would be great if added beside the effects.. Rather than apply the effect and return me back to the main page ..pictures resolution is terrible !!!!

  • Won't let me use my filters

    by Making art in my sexxx dreams

    Why can't I use any of my filters? After the new update my purchased filters don't work. All my pictures don't show up and I can't even use the filters I paid for. Please fix!!!

  • An amazing camera app!

    by Duhlinsss

    Hands down the best camera app!!! Love the filters and editing tools!!! A must have!!!

  • thumb up

    by ehsan1983

    great app!

  • Upload

    by Kaycem 13 8 0

    When I upload a photo that is edited with the editor that comes with the iphone the edited photo doesn't come out, the original photo does.

  • Shotty

    by Cindy Afonigut

    As in, the app crashes when I try to take a picture. I would love to use this app, but I can't even take images using the app. Extremely disappointing.

  • filters always perf but ..

    by DrawsomePOP

    I love love love the filters as always it's exactly what I need :) the only problem that I hope you could change (PLEASE) is that I want to pic a photo from my album and edit it not just have it directly taken at the moment then edit it :( If you could fix that I will definitely rate again with 5 stars and tell everyone to buy this perfect app :) Thankyou

  • Pretty filters in an ugly package

    by SouvlakiPlaystation

    Really phenomenal filters, and they give you a little bit of customization for them to boot. You can make some really subtle, beautiful effects with this app. The bad? Well, the UI leaves a lot to be desired, basically, and using VSCO can be clunky and counter intuitive at best. Cumbersome at worst. I feel like I need to take too many steps to access my phone's camera roll, and the journey isn't a particularly pretty one either. Once I've linked up with my roll I then need to "import" the pictures I want in to the app, apply my filters, and then SAVE the edited photos back on to my roll. Not exactly the smoothest process. You can also choose to upload your edited pictures to Instagram, though even this is annoying as the Instagram app isn't integrated directly in to VSCO. Oh well. That said this is still a great piece of software, and i'm looking forward to watching it improve with time.

  • Easy, quick, love it!

    by Jazzazia

    Many photo editing apps have so many filters that I often become indecisive on which one I want to use. Though this app only has 10 filters, each are different, unique, and you have the option to lighten the filter or leave it as is. I definitely recommend this app!

  • ugh

    by Alllexis

    the app is okay but a lot of the filters are harsh. they used to have much better filters but only the people who had it before the update have the old version now and it's much better. I bought all of the filters thinking they would look as nice as in the example photos, but believe me they do NOT.

  • Amazing but...

    by Roosiegirl

    It's amazing but there needs to be an app for using VSCO Grid.

  • Loveeeee

    by Brinaaaaa101

    This is exactly what I am looking for. No disappointments here!!!

  • Great app

    by Jay Vee

    Awesome photo app! Great for retro filters. Disregard any negative reviews because this app isn't for really colorful filters

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