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Seller: Tinrocket, LLC

December 18, 2013: Thank you! The response to Waterlogue has been extremely positive. This is a very minor update to 1.0. What’s new:

• "Minor fixes" related to saving and export

Waterlogue 1.0 is just the start—we have a lot of great ideas that we will be implementing over the next year. :)

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THIS WEEK: Apple Featured—"Best New Apps" (iPhone & iPad)
Wow! We became the #1 Top Paid iPhone & iPad app in the Japan App Store and #2 Top Paid iPhone app in US App Store. (Jan., 2014)
• “…Waterlogue is going to utterly amaze you, as it’s the first app I’ve seen that gives results that really look like a watercolor painting.” — Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac, Dec., 2013
• “Watercolor apps may not be a new idea, but Waterlogue does it in a gorgeous, intuitive way, and it’s quite a pleasure to use.” — Christine Chan, AppAdvice.com, Dec., 2013
• “Waterlogue App (from Tinrocket) looks awesome!” — Jack Hollingsworth, Photographer, via Twitter @photojack, Dec. 12, 2013
• “It goes beyond typical Photoshop watercolor filters because it has more visual intelligence, and more of the feel of the real paint.” — James Gurney, Artist and Author of Dinotopia, gurneyjourney.blogspot.com, Dec., 2013
• “Ever since digital imagery came into its own over 20 years ago, there have been attempts to mimic traditional media. Where others have failed, Waterlogue nails it.”” — PatrickSaunders.com, Dec., 2013

Photography, distilled

• See the world like an artist!
• Transform your photos into luminous watercolors.
• Use your watercolors to create an artist’s journal or notebook.
• Share you watercolors on Instagram, Twitter and other social media.
• Universal App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• From the creator of Percolator and Popsicolor for iOS.


• 12 pre-set styles to customize your watercolors by controlling wetness, pen outlines and color.
• Image export at high resolution
• Adjust borders, lightness, and detail
• Includes example images


Waterlogue runs advanced image processing software for the highest possible quality watercolor rendering. It produces wonderful images on any device that runs iOS 7, but your rendering times will be shorter on newer, faster devices. Below are the processing times for some typical devices:

iPhone 5s.....10s
iPad mini with Retina display.....10s
iPhone 5.....18s
iPod touch, 5th generation.....31s
iPhone 4S.....30s
iPad 3.....22s
iPhone 4.....92s

(Times are in seconds; Processing used example image: “West 14th street” at Medium size)


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 and greater. Maximum rendering detail and export resolution depend on each device's capability.

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Customer Reviews

  • Just what I needed!

    by spazzo chick! 8)

    I love this app! It's perfect, and so classic, yet whimsical. Love it. A big thank you to the creators of Waterlogue!

  • Great work

    by nola504

    Fantastic app, does an amazing job with animals and backgrounds. People however not as precise, But it looks just like a watercolor painting. Love it so happy I bought it. Must buy app

  • Creative

    by Catgram

    This app is awesome. It creates beautiful works of art from your photos. It is easy to use and the results are amazing.

  • Fun!

    by RhonF

    This is a fun app to play with. I also think you could use it to make unique and interesting gifts.

  • One app you'll be happy you bought

    by Hilary Leake

    So fun and turns pictures into art! Going to try to frame some!!

  • Worth Every Penny!

    by WatercolorObsessed

    I never write reviews on apps but the results you receive from this are stunning. I adore watercolor to begin with but it is amazing to see what this app does to some of my photos. Honestly worth the price! It doesn't work as well on people but that is to be expected just of the nature of watercolor. However, I highly recommend this app!

  • Amazing fun!

    by Xaunt

    Brilliant, ingenious, amazing fun! It transformed my pics into art good enough to frame!

  • Not Bad

    by Koolaid677

    All my pictures are turning out bland and not as good as the pictures they use. My daughters eyes come out black when they should be blue. There is no way to edit them. Not even a crop tool. But it does make the pictures look like paintings so not bad I guess.

  • Amazing!

    by Lolaruth12345

    I never write reviews but this app is awesome. Works perfectly and it so fun! I can't wait to frame some of my pictures!

  • Toooo Coooooool!!!!!!!!

    by Macgrandad

    Very Slick Program, brings a lot of fun to the process!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Probably my favorite app

    by bernardj

    This app works so well. It is easily worth paying for! Such a cool app!


    by Abyi1020

    I could spend hours on this

  • Love this App!

    by Christine Edwards

    Creates beautiful water colors from your photos, with several choices for coloring, contrast, and amount of detail. So worth the $2.99!

  • Amazed

    by HJC12345678910

    A new happy obsession!

  • Outstanding!

    by Fell4it

    I read a review on this app on Pinterest and I had to check it out...I LOVE this app! From scenic nature shots to animal & people portraits, this is so fun! Just get it!

  • I can't stop waterlogue-ing my photos!

    by Amberrrrrrr680

    Such a cool app. I've messed around with artsy iPhone filters before, but none come even close to the beauty and detail in this app. So worth the $2.99

  • Amazing! Still had glitches though

    by Maplesugar15

    My mind is blown by what this app can do. I am having trouble saving pictures specifically with the 'it's technical' filter. The bottom right side of the picture keeps getting cut off. Otherwise great app. I highly recommend!

  • Just WOW!

    by Pixelpusher636

    As an artist I pick up on the details. Trust me when I say this app is dead on. Amazing, Well thought out and currently my new fav. NOT a waste of money.

  • Excellent and Beautiful.

    by thezachnthebox

    It's a joy to use.

  • Fantastic!

    by Cmgfrench

    I have only had this app for a couple of hours and have already made over thirty paintings. They are just beautiful! My only recommendation would be to put in a crop feature so you can crop photo prior to making it into a painting. Otherwise I love the simplicity and the beauty of the finished product. Well done!

  • What a piece of Crap!

    by Mariah's word

    Worse app I ever bought. I had to erase it. I have twenty photo apps and I am a professional photographer. I deleted this app. It's absolutely worthless. I could drink paint and spew and do a better job than this excrement wiper.

  • Good

    by claytondb

    It would be great if you could export images at the same size that they are imported. I would love to be able to export large versions of my DSLR images and print them.

  • Great App!

    by GracieVespa

    I've been needing a jump start on some new projects and this is perfect inspiration! Thank you!

  • Painter

    by Syracuse1944

    Great fun!!

  • Better than the real thing!

    by CanonBeyReed

    I cant tell you how much ive paid & time spent trying to really paint with watercolors! So worth every cent & more ill buy anything this guy makes like this!

  • Better than the real thing!

    by CanonBeyReed

    I cant tell you how much ive paid & time spent trying to really paint with watercolors! So worth every cent & more ill buy anything this guy makes like this!

  • Amazing

    by KhaosT

    Awesome app! really impressed by it's effect

  • So addicted.

    by Waterlogued

    Can't stop waterloguing.

  • Design Heaven

    by The Creative Director

    One of the best creative tool/apps I've used...You will love this.

  • Very nice

    by GMLand25

    Well done. Looking forward to exploring its architectural applications.

  • Very cool

    by bdfox325

    Gotta hand it to the developer. This is a really well made app. It's pretty incredible how well it works.

  • Amazing!

    by Totally nuts

    Love this app and have printed images on digital watercolor paper

  • Amazing

    by Cannnnnnanball

    This app blew my mind away, the clear and vivid contrast of the colors were amazing, one of the best apps EVER

  • Love it!

    by floraltheory

    Brilliant idea for an app! Look forward to using it to capture a different view of my work.

  • Worth every penny (and more, shhhh!)

    by bloodandroses

    Fantastic! Superb! Don't even hesitate on the price, it's worth it!! So addicted to this app. If in doubt check #waterlogue tag on Instagram and view the LOVE.

  • Fun

    by Kath1996

    Great app!!!!

  • Needs full resolution saving

    by Nina T

    This little app can produce lovely results, but the images are saved at 1536 x 2048, which really isn't big enough for good sized prints. The metadata for each image suggests that finer control of the various parameters should be possible. Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to do that. It would be nice if there were and one could save one's own favorite looks.

  • Love this app!!!!

    by Katyboy

    So easy, beautiful and addictive!

  • Don't ever write app reviews

    by JayTova

    Downloaded over 1,000 apps. This one makes my top 10 list

  • A non mainstream app that will blow you away!

    by MacNash

    Simply wow! If you enjoy photo taking...get it!

  • A non mainstream app that will blow you away!

    by MacNash

    Simply wow! If you enjoy photo taking...get it!

  • Makes dull pics cool

    by Javier71088

    Buy it

  • So worth it!

    by muzik47

    This app is fantastic. I can't stop! Works flawlessly and the product looks totally realistic.

  • Great app, but...

    by RidleyFalcao

    More filters, please!

  • Crashes

    by hdmoore77

    Really cool app... tons of fun to play with. But it crashes EVERY time I try to save something. I will give it a well deserved 5-stars when it will actually save a completed photo... until then, this is just frustrating.

  • Just another tool

    by nmelkon2

    Just another tool paying $3 for another flavor of the week iphone app. Carry on.

  • In love with this app!

    by WendyC87

    Definitely worth the money, makes such beautiful watercolors I can't believe they aren't real! I loooove this app!

  • Best app I've used

    by Jed b79

    As a watercolorist I have to say this app gives me a run for my money and makes me wonder why I paint! But it also inspires me and makes me want to paint. It takes a great app to not only make you want to use it but to put down the phone and paint so you can aspire to be better then the app.

  • Great Fun

    by rsailer

    What a great app. Can make something interesting out of mundane photos. So cool! Easy to use! My favorite specialized photo editing app.

  • It's ok

    by Pravdax

    Seems like only neutral lens looks half decent, otherwise you get globs of colors that makes the picture look very vague and psychotic. Would be nice to have an option where we can scale some of the effects down or up per our licking. As of now, you get a lens and stuck with what it can do. And for the most part, only one or two effects look good or ok, all others look just plain silly and you lose the original picture details.

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