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Experience a totally new way to share today. Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They'll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen - unless they take a screenshot! If you want to share a Snap with all of your friends, add it to your Snapchat Story, where each Snap lives for 24 hours until it disappears, making room for the new.

The images might be a little grainy, and you may not look your best, but that's the point. It's about the moment, a connection between friends in the present, and not just a pretty picture.

The allure of fleeting messages reminds us about the beauty of friendship - we don't need a reason to stay in touch.


Please note: even though Snaps are are deleted from our servers after they are viewed, we cannot prevent the recipient(s) from capturing and saving the message by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device.

Customer Reviews

  • Notifications

    by hcky freak

    Snapchat needs bug fixes again, it doesn't notify me when I get a snap anymore and the notification sound is enabled. Please fix, I use this a lot

  • by tiffanyexohex

    My favorite app by far but I'd love to change my username.

  • Fix please

    by Aloha'onalani

    I love the app but I can't make any videos with sound anymore when my mic is on it freezes

  • Update needed

    by Lelelouwho

    Please update this app to include different colors for the "drawing" part. I can't be very creative with the limited colors I have.

  • For Evan S.

    by CelebGeb

    sell it while it's still a popular app...fads die out...~45% of ~6 billion dollars will last a lot longer than the popularity of this app

  • I love this app but...

    by Aubs777

    I absolutely love this app it is amazing but the only thing that I don't like is how my friends can send me the text in bold white letters and I can't I can only use the original letters I ask them how and all they tell me to get the update when there is no update available for me.

  • Good app

    by Bheda4

    Can you make it so that u can pause during a video and keep recording. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

  • Love it

    by Very super fun

    Love it I wish that there was a timer so you can set it up to take a picture

  • Update

    by Asdfghjkl_life

    Can you please update the Ipod quality. After you take a picture, it ruins the picture quality.

  • Crashing

    by Brookyloo

    I loooove snapchat, but today, every time I try to go into the app it crashes and doesn't let me even go to the menu to open up snaps. I've been receiving snaps all day, but when I want to view them, the app crashes. It's really frustrating.

  • What happened

    by Tempkay

    This app Was one of my fav until the update. Now when I click it automatically shuts down. Now it won't even launch

  • Fun but poor

    by Junk_kid_517

    The app is very fun and a good idea and a good way to talk, but it is the worst app i have as far as production. Constantly crashing, and the snaps wont always open, and it freezes.

  • It's good but ...

    by EarthToRegan

    There needs to be something done about the stories !!!!! I have like 3 people who post stories and I can't see them and their names never go away in my recently updated . I've asked them if their "only friends" can see their stories is on . And it is , but I'm a friend of theirs and still can't see them !!! It's annoying !!! Please fix this ASAP

  • Snappin is fun!

    by $!!!!!!@$!!!

    I really don't like how it does not let me see my own story and how it does not send me nonifications and how my emojis don't become big when my font does ....but it is a really fun way to keep in touch wih my friends

  • Profile Pictures needed

    by Yana Kroytor

    It would be really great if there was profile pictures with the usernames so you know before hand who you are snapchatting...having to say random people send things and knowing who it is would be fantastic. :) make that in the new update!!

  • Refuses to update!

    by Dominolisso

    Snapchat is awesome , but for some reason snap chat will not update! I can't change the text , or for that matter even make my text bigger , alls I have is a little bar for my writing . Yes it gets old . I love snapchat but I want something new to have fun with .

  • Good for what it is

    by Stevoisiak

    It does what you think it dors

  • LOVE IT, Here's a Suggestion

    by Noé_Amor

    I love using my snapchat. It's a quick and easy way for me to talk to and send silly pictures to my friends. I use it everyday. I've only really had one problem: it lags REALLY bad. It's the slowest app I have on my phone. Whenever I take a picture, it takes about five seconds for the app to register that I've taken the picture, and when I try to type a message, I've already got my message typed before it starts to show up on the screen. My only suggestion for this app is that users be able to access their photos both ways- not only saving photos to albums, but using photos from an album to send to someone or post to my story. Other than that, I absolutely love this app!!

  • BUG

    by me12344689422

    Why aren't my snaps sending? Fix this. It's been doing this for about a week now. I have service, and wifi, but it takes forever to send. Then it says it can't send and to retry. Still doesn't go through.

  • Best friends

    by Paige78

    You should put a setting to allow the user to declare if they want their best friends shown or not or allow them to privately snapchat a friend with out everyone knowing. Since this is a private picture sending app.

  • Accounts being hacked

    by Sammiechan

    Peoples accounts are being hacked and are sending ads as snapchats. Please come up with a solution to this.

  • Logging me out.

    by Gabewy2017

    Every couple minutes my snapchat logs me out and I keep having to log back in. Slightly annoying, but I can deal with it until you guys fix it.

  • Colors

    by Robotsss

    I love snapchat but for the iPhone there needs to be more colors for drawing! There is no black for iPhones. It really hinders my snap drawings. Please fix it. Thanks

  • Fun

    by 66andi

    It won't let me view replies they don't even appear like I never got them

  • Please fix!

    by Babypunter;3))5

    I'm having issues sending videos to my friends and posting them to my story, I can send just pictures but not videos!

  • Bugs need fixing

    by Jbc blessed

    Currently can't view or let alone use my snapchat. I tried deleting then downloaded the app, nothing changed. Also tried turning my phone on and off, snapchat still continues to not function right. Please fix.

  • Problem with video

    by MelodyMiller

    I love snapchat. I recently bought a newer and proved phone ever since then I cannot send videos or add them to my story.

  • Help!

    by Taytay312282

    Well snap chat is wonderful but when I get snap chats it won't let me open them I've tried logging out and logging back in or deleting and reinstalling but still does that same thing can u help

  • Videos

    by Kbvgirl

    It WILL not allow me to open videos no matter how many times I restart my phone. Fix it! I'm so fed up with it!

  • Great app

    by ManuelDiaxB

    I really find this app excellent, but I would change the app icon

  • Need to fix it :)

    by Alibanna23

    A lot of problems, most important is crashing & sometimes i can't send a snap !! It should be better since the last update ..

  • It could be improved

    by Cocoro1230

    It could be improved massively if you let the snaps ever sent and received last. In only 10 seconds the image vanishes. It should be able to be seen repeatedly. Please take this into the next update. It would make the app a whole lot easier to use

  • Bugs

    by HannahAnderson7

    My snaps won't go through. Major big that needs fixing. When I try to send them, it will try to send then they disappear from the list. Please fix.

  • Glitches need a little work

    by jenny_lil_bit

    The new MyStory would randomly delete my post or it wouldn't post at all. It would show up for less than a minute, and then just delete.... Please fix this.

  • Bug!!!

    by RockerRachh

    Love this app!! Buy having some issues with it. It will not let me view video snaps! Super lame!

  • Loved it until I was hacked..twice

    by Immissemily

    My phone number was hacked from the app the first time and I received texts from several random people so I removed my number from the app. Then I was hacked again through my snapchat account. They sent snaps to almost all my contacts until I realized and deleted the app. I loved snapchat, but it wasn't worth the lack of security for me to keep it.

  • Great app

    by Gymgirlie77

    Very fun and useful, but you can not change the username without making a whole new account and regaining all your friends. That would be a lot of work so hopefully they will add this necessary change in the new update.

  • Ehh it's okay

    by SchultzyF

    It's kind of a fun app. But the biggest problem I have is I have 26 people in my contacts if I try to send 1 mass snap to all of my friends it will only send to 13,14 of them I'm not sure why it won't send it to the other 12? Kind of annoying but overall fun way to pass time

  • It's fun

    by Chipmunck24

    It's a fun app but I can't view videos that are sent to me

  • Security nightmare

    by James H. III

    If you wish to have your iPhone compromised, download this app. The developers seem to be unapologetic and extremely slow in patching known vulnerabilities.

  • Snapchat

    by Lucasomatic1

    Great app!!

  • App not working

    by abby.day99

    My snapchat just doesnt work. I open it and it freezes and doesnt do ANYTHING. Its just a black screen. I dont know what to do.

  • Obviously a great app, but...

    by BajaManiac

    It's biggest problem is the way that it sometimes does and other times doesn't automatically play your paused music after you send a video. It should automatically start playing again only if you had your music playing when you began recording the video!

  • Great App

    by brendonru14

    its 5 star app. try it out .i had lot of fun with it..

  • I just wish I could change my name

    by DudePerfect=Legit

    I live this app the my story is a nice feature and I love how the snapchat team has it set up. But I wish you would make it so I change my name

  • Mrstealyogirl96

    by Mrstealyogirl96

    Having to hold the button to record is annoying.

  • Soo fun

    by Red velvet cupcakes! Yumm

    Great app to keep in touch with friends!

  • Videos

    by swagisme:)

    Why won't my videos send ughhhhh

  • Wont get notifications

    by Zdevil09

    Sometimes i wont get the notification that i got a snap... Needs to be fixed

  • What should I put for a name?

    by AoT fan FOREVER

    Wouldn't it be weird if you had a anime name and your friends had their name?

  • Double snaps?

    by Big_Hickey

    Sometimes when I send out a snap it will send duplicates. Sometimes you don't want them to see it twice, it's also annoying. Not a huge deal but if it could be fixed that would be awesome!

  • Advertises

    by Okokpoop

    I keep getting added by advertisement people.

  • Love the app but change something.

    by bkporter68

    I love this app, but, I would like for the color of it to be changed from yellow to purple or something.

  • Happy but not anymore

    by Casey Reeve

    I've been happy with snapchat but until recently (the other day at a hockey game) when I try to open it, it keeps sending me back to my home screen. I hope it's just a bug issue, I really do enjoy the app

  • W. T. F.

    by Sæłñçžÿįøeœ

    I can't look at videos

  • Bored :P Snapchat me

    by Goodnight boy 45

    Imma guy 16 Snapchat me I need girls to snapchat Also if you like to get horny, that's good(: Snapchat me 16+ (Girls Only) NO GUYS My snapchat: djantsoldier

  • eh

    by Frabble12

    I love this app but since the update, it won't refresh good and it's just lagging


    by Reanna2542

    ok so here's the thing... When I watch stories and the stories have videos I want to save the videos they put my cousin put a video of me at the party and I wanted to save them but all I could do is screenshot it it's not fair! If you let me save the stories people put ill rate 5 stars

  • Got stuck

    by SnowBunnyHB

    It's never done this to me before but me and my friends were snap chatting each other and out of no where snapchat stopped letting me open the chats I was getting


    by AmyTheRebelChild

    Great way of communicating but lately all of my friends and me send ONE photo and then when it's sent it double please fix!!!

  • Snapchat me!

    by _andrew06

    Caribbean boy looking for some boy action... ONLY BOYS SC: miguel8.0

  • Snapchat

    by Jusjas123

    How do u find friends on snapchat

  • Booo

    by Lidsay

    I hate how I can't see if the person I want to add is that actual person. They need profile pics

  • Like but...

    by Olivia Nordquist

    I'm having issues viewing snaps. I'll press it but won't play and then it will start to play but won't show then I can't view it again

  • :)

    by RileyLiza

    Snap me? xrileybear f 18 :)

  • Love it but...

    by Farryn Balch

    I love snapchat and have been using it for some time now. I have never had any real problems until recently. Friends send me videos and I cannot open them unless it is from another iPhone. I just noticed this and thought it was just that person until today it happened again with another. So I had a friend send me one off of her iPhone and it worked fine. The ones I can't open however aren't from iPhones. It's very irritating!


    by KaatieRae(:

    Heey everyone! You all should go follow me on Instagram! I follow back 100%.(: Katie_Rae_01

  • Needs cool fonts!!

    by Daddy's Girl3

    Fonts and stickers would make this app 5 stars :()

  • Upset


    This is a GREAT app but lately I haven't been able to see any snaps from anybody since the "update" I don't appreciate this please fix it


    by Dis is Stephen

    Doesn't let me open some and sends duplicates and crashes so glitchy

  • Update ASAP

    by Kirbzzzzzzx

    It won't let me watch videos that Have been sent to me.

  • Video Trouble

    by carlshmarl

    I can't record a video for longer than 6 or so seconds? A message pops up that says cannot record video. Please fix, otherwise great app!

  • Username Change

    by Nickilynnminaj

    I love the app but, i want to be able to change my username from the app because i didn't know when you make it that is your permanent username.

  • Snaps sent and received

    by Awesome 27164

    Snapchat is great but you guys should add something so you can see how many snapchats you have sent and received from another snapchater

  • One problem

    by Awesome chick568

    I like snapchat but whenever one of my friends sends me a video it always crashes! My whole screen turns blue & then it restarts my whole phone!

  • Troubled

    by Quoteluver17

    It makes me uncontrollably lick myself and have seizures. Btw my name is Jack burns

  • Please fix

    by Emo.'<3

    Snapchat crashes a lot, and it also won't let me see ANY videos. Please fix these both.

  • Negative...

    by Kdndnjxujfnndkdkfnf

    Negative... And B&w... Do not work for me. Any ideas?

  • Upgrade

    by Justin.west1995

    I would like it if I could make the typed messages people send me with the pics so I can read it cuz I can't read it now cuz it's to small I'm legally blind I shouldn't have to rely on people to write it big I would like to set it to be big every time


    by Henry Ulett

    I hate this app so much I can't see any videos at all it doesn't respond when you press on it

  • Problems

    by Ggrkdjehsj

    I can't pull the picture down ti see who has seen my story, and PLEASE make it easier to take screen shots!

  • Snap chat me(;

    by KikMe(:

    Snap me at liickmee17 I'm bored and wanna try out my new snap chat with anything and everything(;

  • I'm literally the only person without the extra colors.

    by JBryEkard

    Oh, and the filters. I don't have those either. I have the most current update, and my friends can back me up on this when I tell them and they take my phone to show me how to fix it. Except they can't fix it either. Sad day. Otherwise, snapchat does everything else I need it to do, so sure, 3 out of 5 stars.

  • Needs to fixed

    by McCheesy

    3 notifications came up and then I opened them and nothing was there, fix it

  • Okay

    by Live2kick7654

    It used to be amazing and really good, but now I am getting no fixations for snapchats but I can't open them and they won't show up!


    by H0rneyKitty

    Like are you people really saying they are sick people for creating this app?? OF CORSE IT WAS MADE FOR SEXTING! and tbh it's an awesome idea. and at least people are less likely to screen shot when they know that you will be notified. so if you don't like it, delete it.


    by H0rneyKitty

    Like are you people really saying they are sick people for creating this app?? OF CORSE IT WAS MADE FOR SEXTING! and tbh it's an awesome idea. and at least people are less likely to screen shot when they know that you will be notified. so if you don't like it, delete it.

  • Great app but mines messed up

    by Dlkfrecvf

    I love this app! However mine has been crashing for the past few days, so I can't wait until there's a new update :)

  • Changing username

    by The scramblest

    I really hate my username and think you should be able to change it! Without having to delete it and start from scratch! Instagram lets you! You should too!!!

  • Please Read.

    by SPONGEBOB12321

    Snapchat was working just fine 3 days ago. Lately, it hasn't been. It notifies me that someone has sent me a snap, but when i launch the app, it doesn't show up at all, no matter how many times i refresh. Please fix.

  • by Jojo63jkh

  • Crashing

    by Ozelius

    Crashes every time I try to open. Just started. UPDATE PLEASE

  • Weird

    by Qgroessl

    Repeatedly logging me out. And I can't view a story that's on there.

  • Doesn't work

    by BuRt0n167

    I have iPhone 4S the app doesn't open anymore just immediately closes out. I've already tried turning off my phone many times and closing it out, it didn't help. Please fix this bug!!

  • LOVE IT!

    by Jsbsisbdydfkdbeowpmspdbgr


  • Why?

    by Mikeybickyms

    Can't hear anything on snapchats or ones I make

  • Eh it's ok

    by Little Miss London

    I can't get the emojis to get bigger on the special text. Instead to gettin bigger, they get smaller and at this point I am not thrilled with the app. Besides that, it won't let me in anyone. Every time I click on the app it shuts of and I am back at my home screen. Not only has it been hacked, you have bugs and it always crashes. Those problems are for amateurs. Fix it is all u can say. Fix it

  • My snapchat won't update??

    by jack roberson

    Snapchat won't update on my iPad mini or my iPhone 5 which are both updated to ios7... It's weird everyone else has this mph thing and a diff text box looking thing but mine is the same ole thing......

  • Great app, needs some improvement

    by 13max2000

    I love this app. I just want it to be able for you to snapchat pictures from your camera roll to people.

  • Used to be good

    by Hallucenate

    I liked everything until the part where i cant put music anymore during the snap. :/ please fix , maybe its only me.

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