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Receive chat messages even when Skype is closed.
Chat messages now sync much faster across all your devices.
Improved HD video calls are now supported on iPhone 5S.

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Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand.

Join over 250 million people every month using Skype
- Get started with Skype on your iPhone and find your friends in an instant.

Call friends on Skype
- Enjoy free voice and video calls to anyone else who is on Skype and make HD quality video calls from your iPhone 5.

Talk to friends in an instant
- Instant message your friends in a flash plus send emoticons.

Video Messaging
- Stay in touch with friends and family even when they're busy or offline with unlimited, free video messages.

Photo Sharing
- Send photos on your iPhone directly to friends or family via Skype. There's no limit on the size of the photo you can send, so you can share a moment without reaching email size limits or paying expensive MMS charges.

Call mobiles and landlines
- Add a little Skype Credit to send low-cost SMS messages or call friends on their mobile or landline.

No WiFi? No problem
- Skype works on 3G* and WiFi – so you can stay in touch, even if you’re out and about.

Chat with anyone, anywhere
- Skype’s available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and even TVs. Whatever device your friend or family uses, Skype just works. Simple.

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- GroupMe

* Operator charges may apply

* iOS 5 or above.
* Send and receive video using front or back camera on:
- iPhone family: iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
- iPod Touch family: iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPod Touch 5th Generation
* Works with any H264 compatible devices, including TVs.
* This version works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch.

Customer Reviews

  • Notifications !!!!!!

    by Shamimaahque13

    Please fix the notification it doesn't make a noise or vibrates when I get a message and my phone is not on silent and the sound and badge icon is on so why isn't it working!!!!!!!!!! So angry when a freind texts u like an hour ago then when u go to the app then u get the message I've gone to the settings and notifications center like 30 times . Y ISNT IT WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh !!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Skype

    by Ghoulsbite

    Great service and even though there are one or two glitches now and again. I rarely have an issue with it!

  • Why all the hate?

    by NOVA808

    I've been using this app for a while, and I haven't noticed much wrong with it. The only complaint I'd have is that rarely messages will appear a few minutes late as notifications but that's pretty much it. Great app in my opinion!

  • Skype

    by Keep it up :) you rock

    I like Skype because i can talk to my friends

  • Skpe

    by Gameman1000

    There is an app like that??

  • Ideas. Please update

    by ShadowWolf1345

    Well first off, poor notification really please change that so it will notify me when my phones asleep. It only does that sometimes. As well you should add a way to share screens on the iPhone just like you can on the computer. Other than that the app is pretty good still needs more updates and stuff but overall pretty good. One last thing, sometimes after about 3 calls the audio gets really messed up and you can't hear people at all or it's really quiet I'm not sure if I'm the only one but it does get annoying.

  • I love Skype....But there's a problem

    by Fable_Vega

    Can't get any notifications now, and It doesn't wanna send pictures. Calls get dropped allot and it's really getting annoying.... Please fix this :(

  • Help please

    by ReneeHites

    I have a long distant relationship and skype is our way of contact. Some people do not have a computer to use skype on so there only way is the phone. Plus it's been doing a lot of drop calls lately since the update and my boyfriend and I are getting really frustrated.When a call comes through on my phn it disconnects my skype. There has to be a way to stop calls from coming through. I don't like getting disconnected from my boyfriend cause that's the way we sleep at night. Please help!

  • by Piercing_Freak

    Loses connection, text forever to connect to a call, and Sending pictures through the messaging take forever!! If fixed this would be a five star rating.


    by Polime

    This app is great, but whenever I try to call a group of friends i can't because I cant start group calls.

  • Great, but...

    by curranry

    Great app. It has taken over the instant message market. However with this new update, I can't choose to not has push notifications. Please give us the option! There is a reason I won't want to be notified when my friends bombard me at work or in class.

  • :/

    by LizzyGrace is the best

    I was excited to get Skype so I could connect with my friends face to face, but all I can see is the person I'm skyping and they cannot see me. When I click on front camera it pops up a little screen then disappears. There is something wrong with this app, because its not working correctly.

  • Good app just one thing missing

    by Saide24

    Love this app just one thing I would like added is the ability to host a group call. If you add this this will be the best app ever

  • Sometimes convenient, sometimes a bother

    by shadowfan36

    I've had this app for well over a year now, and over this time I have seen both the good and the bad of this app. For example, if you're on the go and you need to get ahold of someone who doesn't have a phone, Skype is a good way to communicate. It's also usually pretty fast when connected to wifi, and I generally encounter few problems with it. The problems I have encountered, however, include crashing upon receiving a message (and I do mean ONE message), delivering my messages 5-10 minutes AFTER I have hit send, crashing multiple times on trying to log in after a crash, and for some reason when I send photos on Skype, there is a big black bar off to the side of the photo that was not there before. I don't get why that's there or what purpose it would serve, especially since it crops out some of the actual photo. If one of the programmers for this app sees this comment, I would recommend the following: -Get rid of the black bar problem in mobile pictures -Try to fix the crashing problem -Give us notification settings. I can't tell you how many times my phone has died due to constant chat notifications in group chats going off all day. -Fix the message sending lag -I'm no expert in how well apps can be made, but it would be nice if you added the "Show Messages From _____" thing that computer Skype has. (Yesterday, last week, 30 days, 3 months, etc). As an active role-player, I enjoy going back and reading some of the logs like they are stories. Kinda hard to do if I gotta keep loading the last 20 or so messages at a time. -Give us an "Are you sure?" button in case we hit "Call" on accident but we didn't really mean to. You know, something to prevent confusion on the other person's end. That's all I can think of. It's not a bad app, it's not good either. Three stars.

  • Useful, but

    by Calm commuter

    Could do with less crashing

  • Chatting

    by Hark 1

    Plz in next update give an option like wen we send a msg, tat we can see a ( seen) msg, after they reciver sees it...

  • It helped to bring my family close to me

    by Dasilvap

    I am from Brazil, and this app made the communicate with my family easier and frequent. Before I found Skype 6 years ago, I had to spend a lot money and frustration with international calling cards, which most times did not worked at all. I was tired of wasting money and losing important details about my families life. Further, Skype helped me to stay connected to my families daily activities since I can send video messages and see them face to face. Also, the fact that I spend almost zero dollar to talk with them made everything possible and efficient. When I had problems to call friend and family members that lives in brazil, it was mostly related to her internet connections issues because Internet connection for cellphones in Brazil is very, very, very slow. There you would have to pay premium dollar just to have an average internet speed. I believe that Skype is a great app, and most issues are related to the internet connection on both parties. I celebrate the fact that Skype made my life easier and my family relationship better since the means that I used to talk with them before Skype was expensive and inefficient. Nevertheless, I can keep close communication with friends that lives in Europe in a more "private " environment compared to other social media tools!

  • Needs something.

    by Marlon Matheus

    It's good, but I think they should add the option to make a group call from here, it would be super.

  • I luv skype

    by I love gummy bears

    I have no problem with Skype plus I have Skype on my computer tablet iPod and this phone so as u can see Skype is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4 way chat

    by JakeTheG00Dman

    Make an update to where I can do a 4 way video chat on Skype on my iPhone

  • Notifications

    by A little bob

    Unable to turnoff push notifications. I only want to be notified while the app is open.

  • Piece of junk don't bother

    by USA Market issue

    This app is horrible I have it set for push notifications and I do not receive them it says your logged in when your not and you can't receive calls or messages unless your in the app itself this app is a piece of junk I have switched to facebook calling just cause skype is now useless on my ipod and I have amazing internet and my friend does too and the calls get dropped without cause the app is a piece of junk!!!!

  • So bad

    by T4it3n

    Not sync with desktop computer and iPhone. It's so bad and not useful.

  • Это просто жесть!!!

    by Danchik123321

    Уберите эти постоянно всплывающие уведомления, когда скайп выключен!

  • Always missing calls

    by #TeamOovoo

    I miss calls when I'm online and not. High inconsistency issues that should be resolved.

  • Calls dropped.

    by Pepolh

    On iPhone 5S with LTE or wifi, calls get dropped our sound is terrible quality. I can FaceTime the same person or use a different app and don't have those problems.

  • Crashes everytime I open it

    by Jg219

    Very annoying because I cannot even use the app anymore because it crashes.

  • Can't see other person


    I can't see the other person when I make a Skype call!!! Please please fix. And my brother has a jail broken iDevice and it won't work on there either. Please fix!!! Stupid if you have a jail broken device that it won't work!!

  • DO NOT GET!!!

    by Jr.1993

    Worse app ever! You will literally throw your phone because this app is so pathetic it doesn't work.

  • Unusable due to small font

    by tel6666

    There is absolutely no way to adjust the font size in this app. The text font is so small, It is virtually unusable for people with not-so-great eyesight.

  • this app is an atrocity

    by Matt9767

    extremely slow and buggy. worse every update.

  • Get rid of it...

    by BigDonJon

    Tired of Skype? Think it's the only option? Try using oovoo. It's so much better and nicer!

  • Receiving messages after app is closed

    by MrTimDuluth

    Receiving messages after app is forced closed, signed out, everything. No way to stop. Being that I sometimes use a work related account from my phone, I cannot stop receiving messages while sitting at my computer without uninstalling the app. Signing out does nothing. The closest thing I can do is set invisible, which is not an option because it actually marks your entire account invisible-- thus my coworkers believe I am not available, when in fact I'm at my computer. I really don't want to be burning battery on Skype while sitting at my desktop. Not to mention how this also becomes a huge privacy issue, when messages are allowed to show up I'm notifications with no choice to opt out.

  • Emojis & calls glitch

    by ! Nun ya

    If u have this and u click on the emoji and click on a face it takes u right back to the keyboard and u have to click on it for every face. U can only see the first 5 faces move. When ur skypeing most of the time this ringing starts and it's high pitched sound then u can hear ur self and it skips but when someone is calling u u can answer it but it takes a few minutes to install the video. This app is ok not great but ok.........

  • Poor reception

    by ajd321

    I can hardly hear the other person on the other line when I use Skype to call a mobile phone & vice versa. I find that I have to yell to get myself heard. This is very poor quality. Skype needs to fix this problem. Also, there's a lot of dropped calls.

  • ?

    by Aliftasterty

    Getting worse!

  • Bad user experience

    by AlekOleg

    Stop sending me pushes when Skype on my phone is turned off

  • Wow.

    by Chanceeeeeeeeee

    Despite many of it's other unfixed bugs, the most annoying issue is probably the text lag. Whenever someone posts a message and I am typing one, and I send it right after they have sent a message there is lag. There is lag right when I send a message, leaving at least one character left in the text box. It's extremely annoying, you think you could at least fix that. I don't know maybe you would at least test your app before throwing a new "updated" version out.

  • Too Slow!

    by Coon1338

    Got it to group chat with my 2 friends. Short single word responses took 20 minutes to send... Terrible...

  • Won't Work

    by Seanbess

    Everytime I try to go on skype, I can't message anyone or see that they're online. Please fix

  • Won't let me sign in on my iPhone

    by joe89345

    Wouldn't let me sign in on my iPhone. Says "unable to sign in, please restart your device and try again." You never just restart your iPhone. What in the world is Microsoft thinking.

  • Downgrade

    by Amandalinx

    I don't want to see my Skype messages when I'm offline. :/ stupid. When I'm offline I wanna be offline >_> Add group calling please

  • Phone calls dropping after 5 min or do.

    by Lior1223

    Since last update I cannot have a reliable call using skype in. The line drops after 5 min or so. It's not bandwidth related since the Vonage app handles calls just fine. Please fix.

  • Awful

    by Ljmarshalljr

    Too many drop calls and audio syncing is poor. Google handout, here I come

  • This is unbelievable.

    by austereCallant

    I receive notifications for messages when I am SIGNED OUT. Messages show notifications but won't load and actually let me see them in the chat box for a minute or so every single time. It's unbearable to the point of often refusing to Skype on mobile and telling my contact to just text me because it's just ridiculous.

  • Failing to Update

    by Row-Me-Oh

    This app now fails to update my messages on my mobile, as well as telling me that friends that are online aren't. PLEASE fix this app!

  • Still sends notifications when logged out

    by bigosaballer

    Even when the app is closed AND I'm logged out, it still sends me push notifications. That's no good.

  • Piece of c***p

    by BlueEnigma07

    This is the biggest piece of cr*p software ever engineered. Please fire all the Dinosaurs (product managers & dev managers) who are responsible for this piece of junk. I try to talk to my gf on Skype who is in India but this piece of junk drops the video calls 99.99% of times. I cannot talk for 5 minute straight. Also please fire the entire QE DEPARTMENT!! If you have one that is!!! miscrosoft you are Going to die soon... And you should !!! Only you can turn awesome products like Skype into the piece of sh*t it is rite now. Do t waste your time with this . The good old Skype days are gone.

  • Keeps signing me out

    by Orlieporlie

    Every time I close the app, especially for long periods of time, I get signed out and don't get notifications. It's very irritating please fix it.

  • I can't even get on

    by Jason36774

    Whenever I try to make a username and password it says "we do not recognize your username and password." I've tried over 30 different usernames and passwords and it won't work whatsoever

  • New update is crap

    by Sin-me

    Goodbye video calling. Now you can only leave a video msg.


    by SkyHeart2013

    I have been using this app for months but today it just decided that whenever I try to sign in it crashes on me. I've redownloaded it but it still won't work, and my pc version won't work either so I'm hopeless fix your stupid app!!

  • Had to delete app - notifications bug

    by Marcel Wass

    There is no way to switch off notifications in the new version. Even when app is closed and notifications are off. I had to delete it.... Please fix Skype team.

  • Not working over AT&T 3G

    by AlexeiTer

    Can't make calls over AT&T 3G network, only wifi works:(((( from now on will use Viber

  • great when it works

    by skwnrnkwkqkcrj

    which is rarely

  • Garbage

    by Alani2011

    Needs alot of improvement i don't know from where to start.

  • Terrible app

    by Mons190

    Skype... What... One of the biggest internet phone brands, and this is what you do for your iPhone customers? Bad.

  • This version is subpar

    by smilebonito

    This version is really impractical. I have to sign out of skype each time I exit. When I close the program I don't want to continue to receive messages. That's why I friggin closed it. THERE NEEDS TO BE A FUNCTION TO TURN OFF THE NOTIFICATIONS WHEN ONLY WHEN THE APP IS CLOSED.

  • Getting worse and worse

    by Devichan

    I love skype but it's not getting better but worse and worse..wth. My friends are online and it says they're offline and when they're offline it says they're online 24hrs. And I also didn't hear any sound or message saying the person call..I have to open the app to see it. Ugh!! About to switch to oovoo now


    by ParaNoiZe

    This app is so useful but it lacks major updates. 1. Sometimes not all of the contacts will show up and say "no one online" but it's just an error when there are actually people online. (I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that doesn't work). I have to wait a day just for it to work. 2. The most annoying one is that you CAN'T add more people to a voice call. So you always have to depend on another person to add someone and then add them to the call. PLEASE fix this. I rarely write reviews unless it needs a major fix and this is beyond the most irritating thing about this app. I do love this app but it could use some work. 3. Calls sometimes drop or people sound like robots with screeching noise. (Have to drop call and recall or close app and re-open). Besides these 3 major problems, it'd be a 5 star.

  • A necessary evil

    by The Mixtress

    I have Skype on my computer and on my phone. Neither application gets messages in a timely fashion. I have had a whole day between the conversation happening on my computer and it showing up on my phone, and messages will take half an hour to show up on my phone normally if someone sends me a message. If it wasn't the only way for me to keep in touch with some people I wouldn't use this program at all anymore.

  • No Autocorrect???

    by Gino Arizmendi

    I don't understand in what situation can they conclude to disable autocorrect entirely as the best option.

  • Meh

    by Redrusker

    Ever since I got hacked, I can't rely on Skype

  • Worthless

    by Alban011

    Keeps adding county codes & I have no need for it . I then make my contract in the format Skype wants it & I add the county code with the city prefix & it adds a one in front of it . Of course the call doesn't go through . The sad part it won't even let me remove the 1 but I to delete the whole number

  • Restarts all the time, laggy

    by Torikoolz

    I use Skype to talk to a lot of people and the most annoying thing for me is whenever I go to Safari or Facebook or some other app and I come back to the app to have to wait for it to start up again. Sometimes the messages are very laggy and the new notifications feature hardly ever works.

  • Horrible app!

    by Mariam_Melik

    This app is really terrible. There are so many things that haven't been fixed yet, like not being able to have group chats with friends. Also when signing into the app, it takes so long for me to be able to have a conversation with a friend because it freezes for like 10 mins. I wouldn't recommend downloading this app at all.

  • Bad call quality, CALLS DROP CONSTANTLY!!

    by hkmirabel

    This is one of the worst apps I've ever used. For the past couple years it's given me nothing but stress when trying to hold calls for more than 15 minutes without being dropped. Call quality is beyond awful with the constant cut outs -- which makes it virtually impossible to understand the other party. Video quality is almost as bad as the audio. It's pretty much unusable and definitely unreliable. This app is in dire need of being fixed.

  • Can't use Microsoft account

    by keishaun burroughs

    I can't log in with my Microsoft account anymore

  • Deleted

    by mely 13

    I hate offline notifications. If I log out, I don't want to be contacted. Please make this OPTIONAL

  • Fail

    by Xoce xtc

    Totally fail after acquisition by Microsoft. Have to delete

  • Skype should turn off when closed

    by Awesome guy o yea

    When i turn off skype, it means i want the app off. I have had to shut my phone off to avoid being spammed by skype notifications. I don't like this new message while offline system. At least there should be a way to disable it! And skype is also laggier than even before

  • Yes and no app.

    by Amber2448

    It works but it crashes after awhile, and it's really hard to hear people through headphones or normally. It takes forever to connect also. On wifi or not on wifi. This app needs some major updates. Will continue to use this app but I hope an update in the future.

  • Fix it!

    by WeedMakesMeHappy

    Problem #1: Messages take forever to send Problem #2: Constant crashes Problem #3: Random disconnections during calls

  • Group Messaging

    by Archmagnance

    Messaging a single friend 1 on 1 is alright but in a group messages I get spammed with about 30 messages at a time or even more sometimes. I can't keep a group conversation going even when I stay in the app. Messages don't show up until I try to do something in the app and then it freezes until it loads the messages and by then I'm lost in the conversation.

  • Audio

    by XmgJoeX

    When I skype someone the speakers start making fuzzing noises so then I have to turn off the external speakers at the bottom of my iPhone & use the regular phone speaker or sometimes I can't hear them on my end.

  • Ugh!!

    by Mooomoocows

    First i got annoyed then i got angry and now i am furious! Every time i try to text somebody, it sends me into a log in screen and then i get my texts late and so i dont know dat they r txting me so i dont even bother touching the app. And i dont ho on it for so long it logs me out AGAIN. And i forget my password and guess what? There is NO FREAKING button dat lets me send and email and do i cant go on at all and so i have to make a new account and give my new accoint name to my freinds. THEN when i finally set it up again it doesnt load my texts and i cant answer my skype calls!!

  • Messages bug you when the app is closed, and set to offline

    by CM651

    Really? Who’s idea was that?! When the application is closed, and even set to offline, I still get bugged by instant messages when I’m using Skype on my Mac. These last few updates have been the worst updates that this otherwise decent app has gotten. The only other thing I notice is that when I do sign in on mobile, it takes forever to sync all the instant message history from using the desktop client, which sometimes freezes the app until it finishes loading.

  • Delayed messages and more.

    by Mpearl92

    Delayed messages. Takes a long time for the join conversation button to appear if you drop out and come back in or switch devices. No notification when someone is calling. Weird echo noise of yourself when using Skype and multitasking.

  • Wht the fudge


    Last night my camera just stopped working and I was in the middle of an important meeting and I was frozen at there computer

  • Messages aren't showing!

    by teardrops34868

    I use Skype constantly to talk to my best friend and boyfriend at college and when they send me a message the icon doesn't come up or it will show they sent one minutes later. Honestly you should fix this unless you want people to resort to getting a new way to talk. Like oovoo.

  • awful lately

    by SierraViridian

    Messages no longer come through from my contacts, nor do they get sent. Well, they do sometimes, when I'm at my laptop which makes having the app pointless as I need it for the times I'm away from my laptop. It's gone by way of Trillian, unfortunately.

  • About to cancel my Skype phone number subscription.

    by Jay Jacket

    I live in the US but travel internationally often. I have a US bases Skype phone number. The last 2 updates have kept me from receiving Skype calls to my Skype phone number. I don't even receive a notification that I missed a call or have a voice message until I open the app. All the settings are set correctly. Please fix ASAP... This problem is effecting my business. If not fixed soon, I will be forced to cancel my phone number subscription.

  • Bad update

    by Pretender000

    What's with this alway on nonsense...

  • Better, but

    by Brockman D.

    It's better but there's a big which says that someone is offline when they're not.

  • Fix

    by Kwikzy

    I cant log in without restarting my device. It takes forever to log in. Usually, im able to accept files, now its just blank. It does the same thing when friends send my link! Fix! This is getting so annoying!!

  • Bad app

    by Wow I luv my birdies!!?!?$

    Call quality On phone is horrible, notifications rarely go off, messages lapse and take 10 minutes to deliver, sometimes they don't deliver at all. Not good when one account is used on multiple devices.

  • Horrible now

    by scottistoxic

    You had it working, now it doesn't. Get it together, Skype! Please!

  • WHY!?!?!?

    by The zombiefarmer1111

    Why can't you start a group call?!?!?!

  • Chats are unreliable

    by KuntryGrl

    When you chat with one or more people, our messages are delayed and sometimes stay in pending for long periods of time, never delivered to the person(s) you are chatting with. This is a problem!

  • Skype

    by Isaackoz

    It works perfectly fine... You can't add people to convos because your iPod can't host a call of multiple people because it uses a lot of ram. Just look in the settings and you can make it so you are offline when you're not on it. If it crashes: your device is old, upgrade to a new one. 10/10 great app!

  • Stop complaining!!!

    by Chieftain117

    Guys idk what ur complaining about it's completely fine to me no problems

  • Pending?

    by HappyThorn

    The new upgrade keeps making my chat pending and won't ever send. You gotta fix that

  • Group Messaging Lag

    by SUMav

    I'm always missing group messages with Skype. It kills the collaborative effort. Not impressed.

  • Really really bad!

    by Aneudysantana

    When I tried to create my own account and I put in my phone number, and it says phone number invaded

  • Online Conatcts

    by ajsattler

    I'm getting an issue that shows several contacts as being online when they are in fact offline. Fix coming soon?

  • On iPhone 5

    by JadeFeenix

    I'm not getting my IMs accurately anymore. I get the notification on the banner, but when I go to Skype, there isn't a badge notification nor an IM waiting for me. There isn't anything there at all, even though I have my notifications set properly. Sometimes, the text will not come up until hours later.

  • Why won't this app work correctly for chat on iPhone5?

    by Dre Rob

    Everytime I see a new update to Skype I get encouraged that it's finally going to work right for IM chat on the iPhone 5, but it actually seems to get worse. I get no notification of messages, shows me offline if I'm not directly in Skype even tho I'm logged in. Why is it so hard to get this app right on here?

  • can't login

    by 184376628483

    I can't log into my frecken skype account, I use Facebook for Skype and you can't log in through Facebook on the mobile version this is awful

  • Great When It Works

    by Justin Norman

    I'd say video calls function properly about 60% of the time for me, and they're great when they're working. Sometimes the screen will freeze or the audio will become garbled to the point of sounding unintelligible. If the developers could work out the kinks, this app could be great. Other than that, the design is solid, and the chat integration makes this much better than FaceTime for my purposes. Hope this improves more as it moves forward!

  • Whatsgoinonskype

    by Anonymous2001487

    Skype is great just like it has always been, but lately, I'm not the only one concerned with the numerous dropping of the calls...maybe its the connection between the distances, but isnt that what skype's for? Long distance calls? Been waiting for an update to fox this but nothing...

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