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Two-way HD video calls are now supported on the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.
Receive chat messages even when Skype is closed.
Chat messages now sync much faster across all your devices.

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336 Ratings
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Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. There’s so much you can do, right from the palm of your hand.

Join over 250 million people every month using Skype
- Get started with Skype on your iPad and find your friends in an instant.

Call friends on Skype
- Enjoy free voice and video calls to anyone else who is on Skype and make HD quality video calls from your iPad 4.

Message friends and send photos in an instant
- Instant message your friends in a flash, add emoticons and even photos.

Video messaging
- Stay in touch with friends and family even when they're busy or offline with unlimited, free video messages.

Call mobiles and landlines
- Add a little Skype Credit to send low-cost SMS messages or call friends on their mobile or landline.

No WiFi? No problem.
- Skype works on 3G* and WiFi – so you can stay in touch, even if you’re out and about.

Chat with anyone, anywhere
- Skype’s available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and even TVs. Whatever device your friend or family uses, Skype just works. Simple.

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System requirements:
• iOS 5 or above.
• Send and receive video using front or back camera on iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini.
• Works with any H264 compatible devices, including TVs.

Customer Reviews

  • Ipad skype

    by @mimibofficial

    There should be a share screen for apple products. I have an ipad and share screen don't work on there please add it on !!

  • Multiple people

    by Moj the crafter

    Me and my friends think that there should be a way to talk to at least 5 people at a time.

  • What Should I do?

    by Addennjkdenvjrenf

    I got a message from my friend who past forward it from skype stating that if you don't forward it to 15 people your account will be deleted and it also says to not copy+past the message to the person who sent you it. I don't have 15 People on Skype. What should I do?

  • Notifications Repeat

    by Juella Baltonado

    While I like the notifications in the background, a lot of the time, the notifications show me the messages again another time.

  • Need update

    by Ldotgeneral

    It will be nice if you can send video messages that is already existing and your tablet or iPhone (etc)

  • Needed update and fix

    by Gir-gir444

    Alright so while this skype app hasn't always been the best, it usually has been able to do the job it is intended to do: keep you in contact with friends/family. However there is one major update that I feel is required if they truly want to make this app better and that is allowing the ability to host from your iPod/iPhone/iPad. My group of friends and I always have a hard time trying to get a call going with each other when one of us is basically forced to be stuck to a computer just so the rest of us can talk (none of us are commonly one a PC). Such an update really shouldn't hurt this app so I don't understand why it has taken so long for them to add this yet. Another detail concerning the last update is that there has been a crash issue with anyone who I try to send a picture to from my iPad. Once the picture is "sent" it crashes both our apps it when we come back on the pictures are now stuck as "1 second left" in its download which never finishes. Even though it has a few glitches in it, what app doesn't? Definitely some things I would like to see improve on this app however I can still say it is my most used app. :)

  • It's okay

    by Josborn8

    Crashed twice when syncing my chat histories. So, -1 star for that. Another star docked because no file uploads for group chats. Otherwise, it seems to work fine.

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    How do I add a phone #

  • Add group calls

    by Woehlercoster01

    I know that you can join calls that already started but i want to join my friend's call. I have an ipad mini and he has an ipod. He is always talking to his friend (who also uses an ipod) so we cant talk together. I wish that more than two people can talk at once.

  • Update to allow me to add people to calls

    by JDhshsbdbsj

    This is a very nice app. However, it would be very handy if we were given the ability to add people to the call instead of asking someone with a computer to do it.

  • No issues

    by Turdburglartom

    I have talked to my wife in Colombia from the US with zero issues and clear voice quality. Ty for making this possible :)

  • New update

    by Mustafa94khalid

    Problems with this update are many I dont recieve notifecations for new messages and other contacts seem to appear offline while they are online it needs fixing

  • Bug

    by Soulsupernova

    On my app I have done these things Checked it Closed it Reinstalled it And the end result is absolutely nothing I removed that contact but the message that I've been added to a group won't go away please fix.

  • Plz fix

    by This never works on my ipad

    The same message says when I try to call Someone it said connecting all the time >:(

  • Next Update

    by Mannnyman000

    You should put A group Chat Plz

  • Log in delay

    by Kellie Reynolds

    Please fix skype because I have a very difficult time logging in because I can enter my password and it won't even sign me in. I have to uninstall then reinstall the app. It's very frustrating. If this issue is fixed I'll happily give a better rating

  • Noo

    by Nhaod

    Keep the messeging when u close skype.

  • Fun but

    by Gygyusjvuysgdid

    I like it but can you add share screens on the ipad and iPhone and iPod touch please :) and add group call

  • Best app ever

    by Abceci101

    Yay! It's Skype my emotion for this app is...

  • I only have one request

    by ******

    My experience thus far has been great...using Skype subscriptions has saved money vs phone service. My only request would be to be able to see remaining subscription minutes from within the app, instead of having to go to the website. For a number of reasons, this would be far more convenient.

  • Terrible update

    by 101arg101

    If you don't have Skype already, then you just missed your chance. The new update that's supposed to give you notifications whenever Skype isn't running is stupid. It's buggy and doesn't work all the time, but when it does work it's one of the most annoying things ever. There's NO way to turn off the background notifications, or just notifications from messages. So when I have my iPad and my computer on, I need to restart my iPad or disable all notifications from Skype.

  • The app simply doesn't work

    by itsCheriii

    My skype app just simply doesn't work. And it's not me. I will send a message and the message will never, ever send. It is a never ending string of "pending"s and "initiating transfer"s. Nothing ever sends or receives and I'm unable to get calls even when the person is telling me their calling me, and when I try to make a call it never goes anywhere but connect. I am so frustrated by this app! All I would like to do is simply communicate with my friends, yet it seems that's impossible , at least for the moment. Please update!

  • No Group Chat

    by Cjmast14

    I use skype all the time on my ipad and I hate that you can add people to a call. I always to get people with a computer to do it. There need to be an update

  • Werid

    by Awesome christopher

    Waste of time

  • usability reaches rock bottom

    by Mcdroid

    somehow the new version achieves the impossible: making the UI even less usable than before. Want to see a list of your online contacts ? 3 clicks. Want a dense list of your contacts, can't do, enjoy the big tiles Have notifications and cannot find where they come from? Yes indeed. etc... Thanks for making the transition to google hangout easier - the decision at least.

  • by Pinkflacko

    Skype is becoming more and more crap. It tells my friends I'm offline when I am -__-

  • It's money

    by Want to kill my ipad

    It costs 10$ every min and time you call someone!

  • This 'update' renders the app useless. zero stars

    by Jed Calloway

    The app crashes immediately upon opening. It has become completely useless. Both on my iPhone and my iPad. I deleted it from my iPhone and reinstalled. Same problem. As soon as it opens, it crashes shut. Please fix this ASAP!

  • Zero star

    by Paulrdm

    The update will allow me to sign in only once. After I logged out, i tried to sign back in again but it wont go through.

  • Poor app

    by GMan451

    Hangs at login, lots of bugs. Unusable.


    by TheNagawas

    Skype has a latest feature: You receive messages even when the app is closed. Meaning that anybody can see your private messages appearing on your lock screen. There is nothing you can do to prevent this, even if you log off and close the app. Unless if you totally disable the notifications and then you won't receive any, even when you need them.

  • Not opening on home screen

    by Ivh001

    The app only works if I go to the App Store and open it that way. It's not letting me open it on the home screen at all since the last update. It keeps saying waiting under it and hasn't changed since. Please fix!

  • Skype

    by Mad at Skype!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡

    I don't like skype because every time I put my country code and my phone number I kept popping up a little ad that I didn't like so I threw my ipad and I got really mad.I even tried to search it up on google and it seems like a lot of people have this problem.

  • No Facebook login portal

    by Cskevinwang

    You can't login with Facebook account. Waste of money buying skype credit! And it's nonrefundable!

  • Not good

    by slarrarte

    Yeahhhh, this update really blows.

  • Trash

    by CaioVictor21


  • Merge Facebook

    by FB Merge

    I can't believe that Skype for iPad will not let you merge your Facebook contacts!

  • Can't even carry on a conversation!

    by Tiana2

    The picture usually starts out ok, then turn so pixelated that you can't even make out anything. Not only is the picture terrible, usually requiring us to try to call each other back (which doesn't even really work) but I we can't hear each other consistently. We're constantly asking each other to repeat what was said. Skype is acting worthless.

  • Skype bug: group message delays

    by SSEKC-

    I have been using Skype on a computer, iPhone and an Ipad for many years. After the latest release I see a very specific bug. I am in the industry so I know what to look for. Problem: The problem is when a message is sent in a group chat. The mobile devices do not update in a timely manner. I have seen up to 1 hour delays. On computer group messages are OK. Note: 1 on 1 chats are working fine across all three devices.

  • Broken push notifications

    by WinDeveloper

    What did you do? Now notifications are broken even when the app is running. Did anyone test this change? Doubtful. Haha, the iTunes test bed.

  • What happened

    by flowermoses

    This app is horrible. I get notifications three days after. WHY? It doesn't matter if it's open in background or closed .. It never was like that before. Please this needs to be fixed .

  • Hate the new notifications

    by Allamoe

    Really annoying that Microsoft enabled notification even when the app is closed. Miscrosoft does not allow you to turn off the notification. This app was useful until they did this.

  • ZERO STARS!!!!

    by Nice work2345

    Skype is broken!!! There needs to be a zero star rating allowed specifically for this update!! Previous to installing this update I had not experienced a single dropped call. However, following this latest update I have had at least fifteen dropped calls within the past several hours. It seems to me Skype needs to quickly fix their app. (Polite understatement) An app that boasts calling features should be able to handle a call. Now that we all have a firm grasp on the objective of this so called app, someone ought to fix it with that as their primary goal. Dropping calls is not the goal of this app, just in case there is any confusion left at design and programming head quarters.

  • Horrible

    by MattRawrz

    I used to use skype all the time on my phone and it was impeccable and now skype for iPad is absolutely horrible with voice calls crashing 24/7. It crashes almost every 30 seconds

  • Block

    by Krubbie

    There is no block button to block a contact. Please update that.

  • Awful, awful, awful

    by Jwatts8643

    I leave the app running for work. All of a sudden today I get 10 notifications from 9 different people from messages back in early January? Do me a favor Skype.....when you put out an update, make sure it's well tested.

  • Won't run in background

    by Brewerzfan

    Skype will not run in the background on my iPad. My contacts see me as offline. I should not have to open skype multiple times in a day. If I could give 0 stars I would. The makers of Skype don't seem to care as this has been an issue for at least 2+ years and they have done nothing.


    by Adancer21

    You need to fix this. Anytime im in a call with my friend or someone, it lets me call but then within a minute it will crash. It is very annoying and im starting to hate this app. It comes to the point where i delete it and get it back but it doesnt do anything its so annoying and u people need to fix it. I cant be in a call more than a minute with out it crashing. I used to be in calls for hours but now not evn a minute

  • Needs improvements

    by Aimeymn

    You get absolutely no notifications of I coming video or voice calls, you have to leave the app open now to get those. Also takes forever for a call to connect!!! Please fix!!!

  • Las notificaciones son molestosas

    by Felipsr

    Una vez que uno cierra sesión ya no deben aparecer notificaciones eso es lo incómodo como usuario... Debe haber una opción donde se pueda desactivar esa opción push mala actualización

  • No way to manage favorites

    by V. C. Gg345

    I see no way to mark an existing contact as a favorite in the iPad app. Contacts marked as favorites in my Skype account on the server do not appear in the favorites list on the Skype iPad app. I see no help or documentation about favorites for the iPad Skype app anywhere in the help pages, or on the web, or in the Skype forums. This app appears to be the last priority for the Skype team.

  • Need a way to save videos

    by duell Feury

    We need a way to save the videos that were sent to use on here and we need the videos to expire.

  • Video

    by HerrBaggs

    After the last update video quality went down. I used to be nice and clear, now my family is all blurry! Come on fix it!

  • Worse after last update

    by I see donuts! Mmmm

    I receive no notifications on messages or calls if there is little to no communication. If I leave skype up for 5 minutes it logs me out so I am constantly signing in and out. Please fix this!

  • any of u Apple Clients Expect Apple 2 allow Any App 2 work ^ FaceTime?

    by VegasShamrock

    Apple has it's brand to protect and unfortunately what that means- We will never have the Ability to Skype or use any other Apps to have smooth person to person conversations! Since Monopolies are supposed to be illegal and Apple finally won over Windows to allow Docs to be compatible a few yrs back, just maybe Windows can do the same w/ Skype; BUT UNTIL THEN, DONT WASTE UR TIME!

  • Messages never send/receive. Why market as a messaging service?

    by MistressSpectra

    I seem to have this issue across all platforms. Messages never send and I can never receive messages. Skype used to run well in the background. I could go to other apps and have a notification appear to tell me I have a message. Yes, my push notifications are on. I've double-checked them all. I've noticed that if you send a message after a message, the first one will eventually send and you'll eventually receive a message. But otherwise Skype never works.

  • Skype update is currently broken

    by Paperjoey1

    I used to love Skype, but for the passes week or two Skype has been broken on the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and I'm not sure about the computer. Please fix it!!! The notifications never pop up and the messages always pop up hours after they are actually said even if I have the iPad open when it is written. Also Skype has always been freezing and crashing in this time too. Even though I have perfect connection with my wifi my messages are always pending and take a long time to pop up for me and the group members. Skype is broken and it would be great if you can fix it with an update. FIX ITTTTTTT

  • Bad...

    by Snailboat

    Doesn't give push notifications. Crashes 8/10 times Makes chats that I've hidden reappear, and makes chats that I want to talk in disappear....

  • Bad quality

    by Sc8898

    It's just unusable. The video quality is horrible the audio lags and when it doesn't lag it's choppy and not understandable, it's gotten so bad that now I just use FaceTime for all my video calls.

  • No notifications when running in background

    by S2345566

    Its no more notifying me of new messages when running in the background, and yes i did enable that in notification center, so plz fix it asap!

  • Hate the update

    by taishi363

    Showing notifications while the app is off is the worst! At least have an option to turn it off!

  • Fix it

    by Ghada G.

    Pleeeeease fix it's soo slow,,,i get the notification , but when i open the app the message is not there , and sometime i don't even get the notification and again it is soo SLOW , HELP.

  • Bad to Worse

    by _WolfSpirit

    Before Skype had to be open in the background to get notifications. Now, though the update is supposed to give you messages regardless if it's open or not, it doesn't give me a notification most of the time when it's open in the background and never when it's closed. Also, sometimes when I open the conversation screen the other persons message is cut off. As in it's like the page needs ti scroll down more but it can't. Therefore I need to click out of the conversation and back. And I STILL have the issue of pending messages. I'll send something and I need to wait anywhere between a moment to five fricking minutes until it says sent. I really loathe how MIM turned into Skype... It's overall much worse than before. And to the person complaining about notifications interrupting Skype. Don't you dare speak for "everyone else" many people updated so they CAN get updates outside of Skype. How about doing this little, basic feature called "go into your ipad settings and turn off Skype notifications" Absolutely. Brilliant.

  • Update fail

    by Erlbs

    The old version was working fine, but this update ruined the app. It is constantly 'connecting' even when all apps are having no trouble, making it utterly useless. When it did briefly connect, it didn't send any notifications. Went from a great app to one not even worth having. Please fix it, pronto!

  • iPad Skype directory doesn't work

    by Feketecigany

    I personally always enjoyed using Skype on my windows, but iPad version just not the same, it doesn't display any contact search, I tried everything, giving up.

  • It's alright I guess

    by Soduhcute

    One thing I dislike about this app is the not having the ability to multitask. I mean it can but apparently the caller will just see a frozen still on my end. And also the chat. I would like it if the chat wasn't a bubble that just pops up and covers the person you are video chatting with. It ruins it. Other than that, I hope the app improves. Till then I only use this app when I'm in calls now. Not video chats.

  • Overall bad

    by Topazfur

    It's LAGGY I can't join group calls, it's slow, the messages don't load for me I don't get notifications, the messages I send are always pending, I can't start the call in groups, I have no control, I want

  • Laggy, hangs, tries to load messages from a month ago

    by Saphical

    I don't get why this app keeps getting worse and worse. I'm tired of it freezing up and crashing while trying to load messages I received in 2013. There are no options and every update just makes it worse. DON'T DOWNLOAD.

  • Call DROPPED!!!Please fix!!!

    by Bad reviews giver!!!

    Call dropped almost every single minute!!!!! Please fix it!!!!!

  • Used to be ok. New update ruined it.

    by Pleasefixthis

    I never get notifications or sounds anymore. I have to be in the app for it to even consider delivering instant messages. There should be an option to force IMs to sync. It's unacceptable that it takes so long for mobile messages to get to me. It's called instant message for a reason. Not "takes 8 minutes to sync even when you're connected to super fast wifi" messaging.

  • Horrible!!!,

    by I would give it a -3 stars

    I can't even make a video call.

  • No video

    by SSN87

    Video chat through Skype used to work fine until the latest update. Now video will not function.

  • Sound is peaking

    by AbdullaJa

    Audio crackles can be heard. I first thought it was the iPad air's speakers but it even peaks when using headphones.

  • Latest version is crap

    by Amberimp

    i have NEVER had problems with skype crashing until now!! added 'updates' were on previous versions of skype but now it just crashes every time i switch windows or send a photo!! so tired of this!! i used to get ALL my notifications when skype is closed, now im getting half of them if at all, its laggy, slow, and keeps putting me on offline mode!

  • Worse

    by Blue-Jae

    I was excited when I saw the Skype update but it only made things 100000x worse. Messages not going through, or not showing up for hours (6 at the most so far), calls dropping constantly, I'm not getting badge notifications or notifications at all. It's extremely frustrating. Please fix it

  • Skype for iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1) Crashing

    by Vortex_360

    For some reason Skype is now crashing on my iPhone. However, it works relatively well on my iPad 3, which is also (iOS 7.1). Skype needs an update in order to fix these issues ASAP.

  • Messages coming through when closed

    by lala1only

    I use Skype on my iPad, computer, and phone. I hate that messages still come though when I close the application because I'm not too happy to have everyone read my messages when they pop up all the time even when I close it to prevent that. Really wish I didn't update this. It's really annoying now

  • Random Static & Crackles during Calls

    by MICKLE!!

    This latest update, which I've now tried on 3 different iPad Airs, has resulted in crackling sounds to be heard randomly throughout the calls. It doesn't happen on my iPhone; it only happens on the various iPad Air tablets that I have. No matter what earbuds or headphones I use, the problem continues.

  • Crashes on crashes on crashes

    by Emily Halstead

    This app crashes for me ALL the time on my iPad. I have gotten in the habit of booting up my laptop as a backup option anytime I'm on skype with my iPad; I just anticipate that I'll very likely need to switch to my laptop in order to successfully video chat with someone and not lose the call every two minutes.

  • Terrible update!

    by merhault

    You guys managed to make it even worse. Now I get thousands of notifications even when the app is closed and I'm seeing the messages on the desktop app. How is it that there's no sync between them? That's ridiculous in 2014

  • Update

    by Jojo9594

    Every time since the update I can't txt no one and when someone texts me I don't get a notofication pls fix it now or bring back the old one!

  • One features kills this update

    by scarletpimp

    Getting messages when the app is closed (forced closed) is way irritating, this needs to be a preference setting. Otherwise having skype on iPhone, ipad, computer, xbox, leaves you in notification hell. Now I have to log out of the accounts when not using that device. This is nuts.

  • Laggy and no notifications

    by AmmyTeruSu

    It's super laggy. I'm in several group chats when when they're all talking at once, the app is so laggy that it doesn't even register my typing and won't show the messages until everything has calmed down. I've had to ask someone in private chat to remove me from the group until everyone stops talking several times. And this has been going on the past several updates. On top of that, in this new update, I'm not getting notifications. The only notifications I get is from the group chats, but whenever my boyfriend tries to talk to me, I don't know until I check the app. I've checked my notification settings and I should be getting them. It's not that I have them turned off. Please fix this. This is a nightmare.

  • Unsatisfied with Current Update

    by Sa1inay

    I can't easily see which conversations have been updated. Skype has a small 2 in the corner, but none of the conversations have any indication of new activity so I have to click on each one.

  • New update blows

    by Alvee1111

    Locks up all my chat room messages... Forever to load, and yes i have cleared my ipad. Please fix!

  • Worst company

    by Scre this

    Dont even bother downloading your password wont work and its nothing but a hassle screw microsoft

  • Bug

    by Bsara24

    There's a bug in recent update, the messages that show in notifications are no where when you open the app. Plz fix this ASAP. Thanks

  • Bad as always

    by Palinhe

    Same bugs, no notifications, no realtime...

  • Fix the messages

    by Geoboy0201

    I love to skype, but sometimes the messages don't send. They just say "pending". What is it waiting for? I have wifi so does the recipient but they don't send please fix this.

  • Can't sign in to skype

    by Gir24478

    I can't sign in even though my pass is correct

  • Messages not appearing

    by BrendanGibson

    A lot of my business is done through Skype calls. I've missed numerous interviews with people due to not receiving messages that they are available to chat. Messages either never come or come days late. I've even had messages not show up for an entire month. The simplicity of the app is great, but it's timing that is the biggest factor for me. Please fix.

  • No notifications

    by 321go

    Getting notifications only sometimes now. Never got them before. Clearly an improvement, but can we get it working consistently? I'm running on an iPad air. Would really like to see support for the split keyboard. When I split the keyboard, the new message area goes down to the bottom of the screen and is hidden by the split keyboard. Please change. App has nice card system for contacts though. I'm a fan of the current UI.

  • Connecting BS

    by Midytheimp

    My friend can call me and I get the calls but I can NOT call him. It always says connecting and it never goes through. Come on Skype! Get your butt in gear and fix your problems. I dont think anyone really cares about anything else but call quality and services.

  • Horrible update

    by Dawgpwnd

    They made chat worse with the update. Messages are stuck "Pending" and your chat doesn't refresh until you type a new message.

  • No video

    by HFiers

    Skype for iPad use to work great, but now there is no video output or input. Many others experience the same. Camera does work, so there is a major glitch in the app. Solution may be to download Skype for iPhone on you iPad. Others say this works. Please fix Skype for iPad!

  • Bad update, please fix

    by France1976

    Before the last update I used to get notifications when the app is open in the background, now they said u can get notifications when it's closed but I don't get any msgs notifications AT ALL!!! Not when it's open or closed, doesn't even ring sometimes!! And it takes a day to sync over the iOS devices!!! Please fix or at lease bring back the old one!!

  • Skype not what it used to be

    by Cassiel007

    This was a great app but since Microsoft takeover and with the most recent update, it has deteriorated. Skype tried to close my account with a $10 credit because I hadn't used my account in a year. Now the app has no sound. My in-laws can hear us but we can't hear them. This doesn't happen on my Nexus 7 so it seems to happen Apple devices.

  • I Want to Go Offline

    by nikpetrovic

    What a stupid last update features! What's wrong with you guys? This was the greatest App.

  • F"""n appppp

    by bob_kamikaze

    This new update worst shiт ever. List of opened contacts chat restored every time i open fuкin skype from tray even if i close all them before. Also this closing gesture - swipe left i think you skype programmers create by your self because it is working like a sнittу windows - freeze lag etc or not works even. Total experience from ipad skype - very bad. Are you wrote this sнit using Dephi? Not funny.

  • Awful update

    by Renapoid

    It has a tendency to give me a banner notification or lock screen notification for a message, but take a ridiculously long time to actually show the message in Skype. It can't be an internet connection issue if the notification actually shows the message. Not to mention, badge app icons don't work with it anymore. Otherwise, Skype won't stop force closing/crashing.

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