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Seller: Simon Filip

Here's what's new in Afterlight version 2.2

- An Instagram button can now be seen on the home page. Afterlight is now on Instagram at @Afterlightapp, follow and tag #Afterlight and we will feature our favorites.

- A light grey theme is now available for editing. Choose your theme in the settings, or swipe up/down with two fingers while editing to switch between the two color themes.

- A white balance lock for the camera mode.

- An automatic landscape mode is now supported for iPhone.

- There are 3 new wallpapers added to the Wallpaper Pack at no extra charge.

- Small bug fixes.

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Afterlight is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.

Download now and look forward to free content and app enhancements monthly!

Use any of our 15 uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease.

Afterlight has 27 fully adjustable Original Filters, 13 Guest Filters by various Instagram users, and the new Seasons filter pack including 16 filters.

Afterlight includes a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures.

Crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets.
Transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening.

We provide a list of 75 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. Now including the new Wallpaper Pack.

Tag your photos on Instagram with #Afterlight

Have any questions? Contact us!

Customer Reviews

  • afterlight effects

    by Ferris Wheel1314198

    it's good

  • I love it.

    by ibreanna

    Never ever change a thing about it! I love this app so so much

  • Lots of editing choices

    by Munly169

    I mainly use this app to brighten my photos, which it does beautifully. There are a lot of filters that are extremely fun and artistic as well. I definitely recommend this, I've downloaded so many and have it refined to three, this being one of them.

  • Among my few favorites

    by Dakota Bill

    I seem to find the upper tier of photo editors to be similar in features and function, making it difficult for me to settle on just one. This one is in the list of 2 or 3 that I use routinely. Should I ever decide to allow only one on the phone, it is a strong contender.

  • Afterlight

    by Joel Sandoval

    This photo editing app is the best app I have ever used ! &&' I'm grateful that you guys keep improving on the app so it gets better . keep it up !

  • The best

    by brigettel

    The best editing app ever but they should add a 3D filter!

  • by Happy_dogface

    This app is one of the best apps ever seen it makes all of you're pictures look wander full. This app also has some cool filters to put on your picture. I really really love this app.

  • Perfect

    by Hcodude

    I love this app it always makes the greatest effects on my pics

  • It is a photo editing app with inside purchase.

    by Aarochy_

    It's not bad, compared with the money you spent on it. You still could find any other photo editing apps which could be better when combined them together. Btw it has within app purchase.

  • The Best Photo App Ever!!!!!

    by Bruin256

    When I first saw this app I felt kind of funny about it because I thought it was like those other apps that don't give you much filters, etc, but I said, "I'll give it a shot". So I went to download it and then I tried it on a picture. I love it! There is a wide variety of filters to choose from and there are different things that make your photo a hundreds times better. There is also barley any in-app purchases as well. Great Job After Light!!!!

  • Perfect

    by Xxdanielleeempxx

    I love this app

  • Amazing!!

    by Bracesgirl

    This is the most used photo editing app that I use for editing, and believe me I have a lot of photo editing apps. This is defiantly worth the small amount of money you pay.

  • love it

    by tali

    love this app

  • Fix please

    by Deeeeeznutz

    Doesn't work after update

  • So beauty

    by Supernova1765

    Best photo edit app in world 10/10 would rt

  • Pics & editing

    by Haiti5

    Great app

  • My favorite

    by JackieBettie

    This is my favorite app to edit photos with! Love it!

  • Best Editor

    by Kevbillions

    My favorite editor to use. Great attention to detail

  • Phenomenal app

    by Ariel Rotz

    Literally my favorite photo editing application. The price is perfect for the app and the extra stuff. Love it!

  • My go to app!!!

    by Pandora <3er

    Best photo editing app out there! I seriously use it daily!!! It's like having a mini photoshop right on my phone:) I love it!!!

  • In app purchase

    by Goddezz

    I'm trying to get the instant frame option and it just loads & nothing happens! Fix this, so I can purchase my instant frames! And after it loads you have to just close the app completely cause it doesn't let you do freezes.

  • -Alex

    by akingak10

    This is a great app! It has great frames and it has many amazing filters! 5 stars! It's worth the 1 dollar.

  • Awsome

    by hsa mu na

    Work great!


    by Maurice Rosenbaum

    I don't usually buy apps. But I absolutely love this photo app. It allows you to do lots of different effects including switching the people in the photo from the left side to the right.

  • Best app ever made

    by Cupcake hello kitty

    Such a good app and so worth 99¢

  • Can't find a flaw!

    by @2_boy_directioners

    Perfect for artsy pictures

  • Perfect

    by Askdlf

    Get this app. DEFFINETLY worth 99 cents.

  • Great

    by AsamMia

    I use it on all my pictures. Turns out good

  • Wow!

    by yapepay0900

    This is an amazing app! Everytime I take a picture I like, I go straight to Afterlight! There's so many options and filters to choose from, I just couldn't ask for anything better! It is definitely worth the 0.99 cents! If I was looking for a great app to edit photos for instagram, twitter, etc., I would recommend this for everything. Thank you so much for making this app.

  • Not bad

    by talal zailaa

    Good but it's not Excellent

  • Awesome

    by Brandon Carter

    The only editing app you'll ever need!!!

  • By far my favorite photo editing app

    by Melamaguin

    I live to find the latest and greatest photo apps. This app gives you great quality from over 30 filters. You can add effects making photos look distressed any vintage. You can adjust the basics brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. and you can also add borders to the side of your photos for Instagram. I just learned that the other day. It's very simplistic, but great quality. The only thing I would suggest is an easier way to view photos with the filters. There are so many choices that you should come up with a way to show 2-4 of the filters on the photo to compare it. That is always the most difficult decision! Otherwise I'm not complaining. I love this app!

  • You REALLY

    by daaaaaaaafuq

    Get your $$'s worth.. And then some.

  • Fabulous

    by Atoyume

    This app is fabulous and fabulously cheap! This app should be worth more than 0.99!!

  • Best App

    by Sisilovesrice

    Definitely one of my favorite picture editing apps, great for tumblr pictures on the go(: I don't regret buying this at all!

  • awesome

    by the_swiz

    this app provides some awesome filters and cool themes and contrast, temperature, and many other things. I defiantly recommend this to you if you like photo editing.

  • Design

    by fresh2def/888

    One of my fav photo apps

  • FANTASTIC APP! but...

    by Crushers2

    I love this app and use it for almost all my pictures I post to instagram. I've been using it for a long time and absolutely love it, until I wanted to buy the in-app purchase. Everytime I try to buy it, it says my apple account is wrong, even though I am able to buy apps and music just fine. I just don't know why it is the only thing I cannot buy...

  • The best

    by ibonedurmomz


  • Love it

    by Jaeguar

    Afterlight is really an awesome app. Love all the features. Thank you. I would recommend it :)


    by YolandaBieber

    Vsco cam doesn't have as much different things you can do. Afterlight does! i love this app. all time favorite.

  • I love it but..

    by Shan5678

    I love this app it's the best one I have found. Everything in it is great and it makes my pictures look amazing. The only thing I would like them to add is different color borders instead of just white. Like add black etc. White gets boring after awhile and a different color will make the pictures stand out more instead of just white. But other than that I love it.

  • BEST!

    by Dewymann

    Oh my gosh the bugs are fixed and there are 3 more new designs and it has no charges! Im glad i bought the wallpaper pack. Afterlight is the best editing app ever hands down. All they need is texts and collage and boom!

  • The best app- professional


    This is possibly the best photography app out there and I am not even kidding! From dusty effects, light leaks, polaroid overlays, and countless filters, this is an excellent app for instagram, tumblr, portraits, and an alternative to the expensive VSCO. For only 0.99 it's definitely worth it. For The polaroid frames you need to pay an additional $0.99, but it's definitely worth it. My most used app besides VSCO.


    by Feb25K

    I like everything about this app except for the white layout.. That bothered me

  • Perfect

    by Rick Paraizo

    The best app for edit photos. Have nice filters.


    by MusicFlair

    I love this app, fun to use!

  • Lovely App

    by hitgurlxx18

    I love this photo editing app. I have all my friends addicted to using this app as well!! The quality that it edits the photos is awesome and they look professional :) Recommend to anyone who loves to edit their pictures, especially if you're trying to edit them without making them look tacky.

  • Great app but...

    by Soccer123⚽️

    It's awesome but EVERYTIME when I try to get the "instant film pack" frames it IS TAKING forever to load

  • Juan

    by Juan1191

    The Best!!!


    by Lester loves instgram


  • This is by far one of thee best photo apps on iPhone!

    by RickRossiZA

    Easy to use and it's simply makes photos look amazing! I love it! And it's ONLY $0.99!

  • Hands down, BEST EDITING APP

    by C-pig

    Every app can use some improvement, but if you're looking for an almost perfect app for editing, Afterlight is most definitely the best! If you wanna know if it's worth the money, it most certainly is!

  • Great app

    by Rickyreef

    Is an awesome app and have a lot of filters!

  • Perfect

    by Mchlbmbd

    This is my go to app for photo editing. It's just a buck. Get it!

  • Interesting but annoying in app purchases

    by Devlinx

    I like the editor. The filters are cool and easy to use. However, the way the in app purchases are set up make you press them accidentally. It is annoying to pay for something and then see that the better functions make you pay more.

  • Loosing my market share !

    by Ultimate.Image

    I'm a professional photographer. Photo capture and post-edits with this app are very well designed, efficient and really impressive. It compares well with many of the features I use routinely in Lightroom and other programs. Obviously, the entire depth is not found here...but very much is. And, it very intuitive and simple to use. Unless you're a paid professional processing complex assignments - this is the best I've seen. Unfortunately, it's an app like this that leaves all of us highly trained photographers dismayed. Thank goodness for our superior cameras and lenses. Nice work guys !

  • Love it!

    by LilCorndog

    I love this app! So many filters and so many options...I use it for pretty much everything.

  • Great app

    by Oleh Kvasnovskyy

    user friendly app. Very easy to use.

  • I Enjoy It

    by Two731

    As a Lightroom user that likes being able to control all of the details, I'm very happy with the amount of control I have with this app.

  • Best App

    by Janai Crudup

    I LOVE this app. it's perfect.

  • by emilyjuliette

    It's the best you'll find out there for effects for filters and shape cut outs!

  • Great product!

    by ict67211

    This is a really nice product!

  • After light

    by Xiiuld

    Please can you make an update where you can use your own wallpaper !

  • YAS

    by moneyboy7411

    My goto camera app


    by ellemich

    literally so worth the $ I can't even describe. YOUR PICTURES WILL LOOK FANTASTIC FOREVER

  • Best editing app in the App Store

    by Pweepwee666

    If you need a photo editing app, this is the one to get. The filters are beautiful along with all the light leaks you can add to the photo, creating beautiful photos.

  • You won't need any other app!

    by Cxlleen1


  • Love it

    by Loㅎ

    Easy to use, that's the best part about this app. I have no knowledge in photography but after using this app, all my photos look awesome!


    by jealous one...

    This is by far the best photo editing app that I have used! It's not complicated and it makes your pictures look amazing!! I love it!

  • Love it

    by B EZ BZ

    Best filters! I always get a good picture!

  • Good App!

    by TacoraMackenzie

    Good app! Lots of filters, fixes, frames, & light leaks. Simple & easy to use design. I just wish it had more features!

  • Best

    by Djskcicjendnfid

    Just do one thing download it and use it ! Thumbs up!!!;)


    by rawnaldoramos

    This is an amazing photo editing app with such high end filters.

  • Coming from a professional photographer and designer-

    by theDphoto

    This app is fantastic. Lots of filters, many image settings, all with slider control for more fine tuning. I find myself editing pics from my photo stream when I have the time. Can't beat the price - great for iPad.

  • Truly amazing!

    by a big platypus

    This is the greatest editing app I have ever used! It is by far the best quality and is fairly easy to use. I love every thing about it!!!

  • Crashing

    by Abby2344

    This is a great app besides the fact that it started crashing anytime I would press the "camera" button

  • Amazing. Must Have.

    by H00kerboo

    I'm obsessed. I've edited over twenty pictures in the last half hour.

  • User friendly & great results!

    by El Woodrow

    I love this app. It is intuitive and allows a novice like me to quickly produce great looking photos. You can start with a decent photo and with a few taps adjust contrast, brightness, color temperature, etc., and even tweak highlights, mid-tones, and lots more. The app also includes dozens of different overlay effects, frames, retro looks, and what-have-yous.

  • Love it!

    by Desijewel

    It's a great app I make cute pics of my little sisters all the time!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by mr.dsr7th

    Easy to use!i can have fun and I can bring it anywhere. Especially if your on the go and needed to capture life's special moments!!!!love it

  • Worth it

    by shazzbazz740

    I've had a lot of photo editing apps over the past few years and this is definitely one of, if not, the best. Worth the money for sure

  • by FollowMeOnTwitter@its_vivixoxo

  • Afterlight

    by Laolalalala

    Love this app especially all the editing

  • Great!

    by Hey! <3 peeps

    This app is great for editing pics! I love it !!! <3

  • GREAT!

    by officialyanielxxx

    Looks really nice. Will give it a shot. <3

  • Closest app to using film & darkroom

    by Howard aka SongDuck

    Truly an awesome app, I am back in the darkroom. Features are excellent, including a multitude of realistic effects. Crop photos, simulate various films & filters and more. GUI is nice & simple to use. But this is not a dumbed down photo app. It is a very powerful tool that can be used by anyone from amateur to professional.

  • Awesome!!

    by Lyrclta

    Love the fact that this has not only the standard set of processing tools (exposure, contrast, highlights, midtones, shadows, etc.), but also preset fun filters! Rich feature set and lots of fun!!

  • Awesome!!

    by Lyrclta

    Love the fact that this has not only the standard set of processing tools (exposure, contrast, highlights, midtones, shadows, etc.), but also preset fun filters! Rich feature set and lots of fun!!

  • Awesome

    by Ambxx

    Makes your pictures stand out. Lovely. Best app for photographers

  • Totally worth it!

    by Tiffanymcxo

    Most people don't like buying apps at any cost, but this one is way worth it!

  • Completely wonderful

    by Beth14<33

    No reason to second doubt this app

  • Love It!!

    by Cierra Jemison

    This app is perfect. I love all the effects.

  • Best ever

    by 7478219642



    by lovergirl#1

    I love the filters and options!

  • I love it

    by AverageHispanic

    This app is amazing i use it for everything

  • It is very good

    by Bianl

    It works like a charm it makes pictures look awesome!!

  • Love it

    by annannanniee

    I love this application.

  • Lots of functions

    by bgregoryk

    Good so far

  • amazing

    by LadiesRoyal

    This app has many cool features and effects to make photos look awesome. Many popular instaqrammers use this app quite a bit, including Acacia Brinley Clark!

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