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Seller: Shutterfly, Inc.

• New Save button: Now you can save your work at any point.
• New 10x10 photo book size: One of our most popular book sizes is now available in the app.
• Optimizations for iOS 7 and bug fixes.

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A new chapter in photo books. Shutterfly Photo Story for iPad is an easy and fun app that lets you make a photo book you can hold, hear and share. Tell your story with photos, text and audio, and easily order your book or share a digital version. From Shutterfly, the leader in photo books.

Making a photo book has never been easier
• Just touch, swipe and tap to create a photo book anytime, anywhere
• Get your photos from anywhere, like Facebook, Instagram and your iPad photo stream
• Create your photo book online or offline
• Smart Autofill will instantly arrange your photos for you
• Easy and fun, an app the whole family can use

So many ways to tell your story
• The only photo book app with sound, record your voice with 30-second messages you can add to each page.
• Instantly share a free digital copy of your photo book, with the recorded audio messages, through Facebook and email. Note: You don’t need to download the app or have an iPad to view the book.
• Order printed photo books in a variety of sizes, from $19.99. Printed books will come with a QR code you can scan to see and hear the digital version.

About Shutterfly
• 100% happiness guaranteed or get a full refund
• New to Shutterfly? Sign up within the app, and enjoy free, unlimited photo storage.

Customer Reviews

  • Easy to use

    by Banaheax

    Very easy to use. Great app! Gave it 4 stars because I would like to see more text only page options and the ability to edit the size of a text box. Otherwise excellent app.

  • Ok - this is what I was looking for

    by PackManny

    I absolutely love the Doodle feature. I’ve been looking for that special something to personalize my books and this is it. Keep the updates coming. How about some more new styles?

  • Photostory

    by Trinkethenry

    Compared to other products available, this one is really good! One issue I have is not knowing how many times I can share a book before I get the msg that says maximum is reached...and then not knowing what the duration is before I can share again.

  • Need more options

    by Cruzanposse

    I like this app and I've been using Shutterfly for many years, so my hoard of digital photos can easily be uploaded into my photo books. What I would like to see added is the option to mix themes. I want to be able to do a travel/vacation theme on one page and birthday celebration on the next, all within the same book. I know you can do this Shutterfly, impress us some more!

  • Great!

    by Erinblaire

    I love to scrapbook but giving this as a gift is so much faster and easier!

  • Ok, needs work

    by joyfullmom

    I like the many options for page layouts and for book sizes, which are lacking in other photo book apps. However this app is not user friendly. Many times it drops my photos onto the wrong page and I have to save it and go back 3 or 4 steps to correct it - which on the iPad isn't easy. That being said, I did place an order. If my book arrives in good condition, good quality and on time, I will increase my rating

  • Love Story Book for iPad

    by CaMatherne

    This app makes story books a breeze to make. Wish I could have grabbed photos from others' fb pages like I can on the website. That would have been making a book for 6 friends on a trip easier.

  • So so

    by Nick make not taken

    Could be better

  • Happy to find it. It COULD be great.

    by Mntrst

    I'll definitely use again, but wow would I pay more if a few things that definitely could be improved (and maybe it's just me, but if it is, then there needs to be more instructions): 0. The ability to shrink pictures so you can get the whole picture in the frame. Inevitably I am unknowingly cutting out something. This quadruples the time it takes to make an album. 1. A page autofill that doesn't crop the pics. I want to select a group of pictures that I want on a page, whether it is one or ten, and I want it to figure it out. (See how iPads do this with the 'photo activity' in photos). On that note, if it could do a 'collections' view like iPads do with locations and dates, automatically, I'm So in heaven. 2. A book option for 8X10 that is portrait versus landscape. 3. Fix the save button glitches. 4. The ability to change the book style after creating a book, without changing the page layouts. 5. The ability to add text to every page like a footnote. 6. Make the cover easier to figure out, and fix the glitches. Thank you for offering this, even as-is!

  • Love the app, would love to sync more with website

    by LauraLeahC

    I am so glad I found this app! I can now create photo books during my morning subway ride, as long as I've loaded all the pictures I want to use ahead of time. What would make it even better is if there were more options when going between the app and the website. I'd love to work on books I started online through the app and vice versa, rather than just be able to view/order copies.

  • Good, but flawed

    by Kellynpenny

    I love being able to make photo books on my iPad. With that being said, this app has flaws. Please add more layout options. Also, the save function seems to work only when it wants to. I would have rated this higher, but I have lost hours of work that I supposedly "saved", only to find it was not. I have even ended up with books printed with mistakes, as when you change text, it seems to always revert back to the original. Very frustrating. Please fix these issues & make this five star!

  • Limited book styles

    by Book styles

    At first I loved this app. Finally I can use shutterfly on my iPad, and where I want to use it. I hate being stuck to a desktop computer. However, after making a few books I miss all the added details of adding more backgrounds, stickers and placement of words and pictures. I miss all the books styles. I wish I could make any book in the PC version.

  • Love it!!

    by jaimalina

    I love this app! Finally I can make albums while I am waiting for my daughter at dance. I used to never have time because I was always out. This app makes life so much easier!

  • Good, but could be great!

    by Starspangledlady

    I just finished my first photo book using Shutterfly. I have been a Creative Memories customer in the past, but...had to find another source. I really wanted to be able to use my iPad, so I chose the Shutterfly Photo Story app. I did a 70 page book in about 3 days--I've been snowed in, so I worked on it almost all the time. As another reviewer said, it works well, except when it doesn't-- sometimes can't get it to swipe to another page, or it freezes, or some another annoyance. Still, there aren't many choices for an almost custom photobook on the ipad. I would like to see lots more layout choices and possibly the ability to design my own pages. Maybe some embellishments too. These are available on a PC, but not on the ipad.

  • Great!

    by Jigsaw Annie

    Really had fun creating my personalized photo album! Easy to use.

  • Love love love!

    by Sweetpineapple

    This app is a lot better than I thought. Finished my first book with absolutely no problems. Will be making more books for sure! High Five Shutterfly!!

  • Needs improvement

    by mammamia292

    I want to give this app 5 stars, but am somewhat frustrated in using it. I love being able to create books from my iPad, but cannot always get the app to do what I want. It sometimes closes in the middle of my working on it, sometimes doesn't respond to what I am doing. I would also like to see more backgrounds for pages on this app. I will continue using this app, but hope to see improvements and fixes in the future.

  • Getting there.....

    by Ironboss350

    So excited to be able to create a photo book on my iPad and I can't wait for some improvements. Just ordered a book, will write a review after I see my completed book. Can't wait!

  • Simple & Easy

    by Careivan

    I love this app! I was dreading using the website on my laptop. I was so happy when I found out they had an app. It made the task of creating a beautiful album not so tedious. Easy to use! Thx Shutterfly!

  • Shcarver

    by Shcarver

    Wonderfully easy to use - and so convenient as an iPad app. No longer tied to my desktop for creating projects. Thanks!

  • Terrible

    by Andrew Nelson

    Cannot use all the styles of books that are on the web site. Limited. Pointless. Makes me not want to ever use this service again. Looks like a quick attempt at making an app.

  • Please Fix!!!!!

    by Sexy_Hips

    The app keeps closing and NOT saving my work after I hit the save button multiple times. Please fix because I would really love to finish a photo book so I can order one and see how good the quality is.

  • Useless

    by SarahM2283

    This would be a great app if it stopped crashing every time I tried to add photos. Pretty useless. Very disappointed.

  • This does NOT connect you to your projects made elsewhere

    by Jkbury

    I could not access the project I had been working on on my desktop. Not useful at all. I will be deleting it.

  • Nice and easy

    by Pinky 89089

    Very nice app, easy to use

  • Get it right

    by Mcs houston

    SF puts out a good product, but I can't believe how hard it is to get there. Ipad app is useless and website is so confusing.

  • Very easy to create

    by Elon3

    I love this app. It's very easy to put your photo book together. The reason I only gave it three stars is because you are limited to only a few options of photo books. Way more options on the actual website but they take them away from you once you go in from the photo book app.

  • Putting together is easy

    by Suzzj

    Wonderfully easy to use. Haven't yet ordered a book, will update after I receive the book. But putting one together has a lot of creative options. You can change how many photos on each page and whether you want anything written on the page.

  • Love it!

    by Mamvik

    I love this app, it's so easy! It literally takes minutes to make my book. And now they have my favorite 10x10 book size too. Awesome.

  • Not integrated

    by MaryPat5

    I have used Shutterfly for years online. I downloaded app to my iPad. Looks like it might be useful and work well, but I cannot access my ongoing projects or photo albums already uploaded to Shutterfly. I thought if I logged into my account, I would see my photos and projects. Not so. Disappointed.

  • Not what it could be

    by AJ121212

    I was very excited to see this app, as I use Shutterfly on my PC and have been waiting to be able to use it on my iPad. For some reason, they only offer a few choices for photo books, none of which was what I was looking for. Need to fully integrate all products from Shutterfly store in order to get more than 1 star

  • Once I figured it out....

    by daddybear41

    twas pretty neat. Hope it comes out well printed... it is a fun thing to do....time consuming but fun.

  • Photo Story

    by ccns53

    Great to be able to capture our photos in a story base that is easy to use and fun to review.

  • Great app for gifts for parents

    by Allnicknamesareraken

    I just received the book I ordered for my parents. It looks great. It was quick and easy to put together and my kids also recorded audio with it. Can't wait to give it to my parents.

  • Great for Gifts of wonderful memories!!!

    by Locomama68

    I love the quality of these wonderful keepsakes. Everyone I've shown has loved these. Very fast shipping.

  • Love the new book sizes!

    by JohnAnjin

    I recently updated to the latest version and love the new 10x10 book size! I just ordered a new book in this size for my Grandmother's 95th birthday. Can't wait for it to be delivered.

  • Great App to make PhotoBook

    by narenbhojan

    User friendly App to create a PhotoBook. Can easily add Photos, make changes to my Pictures and Preview it before ordering .

  • What I've been looking for

    by PackManny

    This is the app I've been looking for. Easier to use than the website and books created in half the time. Wonderful!

  • Waste Of Time!

    by hmwrlybrd

    Extremely buggy. Spent several hours making a photo book for my daughter and was never able to order it. It would say it was saving to Shutterfly but keeps crashing. So, many hours wasted for nothing, and no special photo book for my girl. Sad! :(

  • Misleading

    by The Chelsinator

    Can't actually edit from an iPad. And none of your previously saved projects show up. Complete waste of time to download.

  • Easier than I thought!

    by 2b4me

    I was concerned when I saw the instructions for creating a photo book on my iPad but decided to give it a try. I was able to follow the directions and take from my photos on my PC to create a shutter fly file and from there it was trial and error until I got what I wanted. I actually enjoyed it and though probably still not an expert, I think the finished product will be good.

  • Mostly Convenient

    by Cryshayn

    Touch editing was useful; however, the app is overly sensitive at times.

  • Pretty good app, not perfect though

    by Lycheeice

    I think this app is pretty easy to use. It's more responsive than working on the web version. However, I wish there are more layouts that we can use. On web version we can put a lot more pics on one page (only up to 9 on the iPad app). Also, would like more flexibility with adding texts and removing arts from a page. I prefer the iPad version so tolerated the limitations. But it'll be great to have the full feature.

  • Terrible

    by Chelssssea

    So slow, ridiculously hard to use. Not user friendly. I've been using this app for 3 hours so far and I still haven't gotten all my pictures uploaded. Waste of time.

  • Nice and easy

    by Gildagirl

    First time to use this and I was very pleased. My book turned out was easy to use. Would have liked a larger variety of backgrounds but I still love it!

  • Great App!

    by MMG Soap

    Easy to use. You upload multiple pics from your iPad. Drag and drop simple for creating a book. I was able to upload 50+ pics and put a book together with titles and memorable moments in 30 minutes. App never shut down! Highly recommend.

  • LOVE

    by Hbateman4

    This app makes making books so easy! I just received my first creation and it is fabulous!

  • Shutterfly photo book

    by stacydobe

    Wow! How easy and fun was that! Shutterfly arranged the photos from our Paris trip and I made just a few adjustments to the placement. Then we added our text and voila! Love this. And it was just what we needed to be able to use our I pad photos. We are a " house divided" with Apple and PC and this helped solve a big problem in all of the transferring.

  • Eh

    by Gabi145

    I think this app is a great idea, however I would like to see a copy/cut & paste function. Also with the limited selection of layouts, it would be really great if you were allowed to mirror image a page layout (flip from left to right) or add/delete a photo or text box in order to provide more options.

  • Disappointed

    by branfish

    I love shutterfly. But this app not only shut down over and over but the app is not what even opens the custom books, it takes me to safari for that. I can open it on my own in safari. And it warned me up front I could not edit in the app. Very disappointed.

  • Happy with app

    by Dolphin614

    I got this app a few days ago and it was awesome. I printed an album out and gave it for a present and it came out goo

  • Ok

    by Erin Rud

    Ok so the problem with this app is that I got this good deal on an American Girl photo book and I looked all over for it and it wasn't there! I went to the website and I didn't have an adobe flash player. So this thing just made me really mad. So hopefully they fix that. Otherwise the app is great. From, Erin 10 year old

  • Crashing app

    by Thepellmell

    I spent hours creating my photobook. When I was ready to order the app crashed at least ten times. I went to website to proceed with ordering the photobook but it redirected me to the app -which continues to crash. Looks like I'll have to borrow a PC to place my order.

  • Costumer service amazing

    by Dley80

    This is app is okay. Great idea but needs a lot work. Shutterfly had to send me 3 different 71 page books 2 with leather and a padded cover. I don't have a PC so I was limited. The costumer service was the BEST I've ever dealt with!!!!!! So helpful. I will use shutterfly again to make a book just hope they improve the site!!

  • Photo book

    by carola11

    I downloaded the app and used all the promo codes and have put together a calendar, holiday cards and a photo book for little or nothing. This is an awesome app and the photos always come out really well. I was able to save my work and go back to it later and edit. It is easy to use and if you save the promo codes from the emails they automatically save to your app. Excellent app. I will be making other things for family as it is so cheap once the promotional codes are applied

  • App is nice

    by Harleysmom78

    I love using the app but it would be nice if u could design your photo book the same way as on the computer instead of the basic books you have on the app. Please let us use all features that your website has for ipad it would make life easier, I wouldn't have to sit at the desktop all day and night and could design on the go on in bed while watching tv. You would get more sales from me that's for sure.

  • All right, but could be great

    by Very happy parent

    I would have to say that it is alright. The app could be better though. First, it was very easy to put together photo book. However, I question the quality of the pictures if they were taken from my photo stream. Once I receive the book, the pictures were of decent quality. Where I think the app falls short, and could improve quite a lot is with the digital media. It is nice to be able to record the audio message, but to hear it one needs to uses QR reader, and then you cannot see the pages full screen. It would be nice if one could access a full-screen version of the book. Even if one could access a version of the book that is seen in the app when you're creating it will be better than the options currently available. It will be easier to view pictures in the book full-screen. At this point, I feel that the audio messages are a nice addition, but could be implemented much better. I also feel that the digital sharing could be much better, if the book layout was more amenable to viewing on the iPad once shared. Hopefully, shutter fly will continue to improve the app.

  • Great app!

    by BreaDawn11

    Great for a Christmas gift! I love it!

  • So impressed!

    by Emers2

    I never write reviews but this app is so amazing I had to! I made a book for my family for Christmas and I was thinking how hard it would be yet it couldn't have been easier. Also when I had a few questions about a few of my pictures I called the support people and they couldn't have been more helpful and polite. Plus the shipping on just standard got here a lot faster than I expected. Overall great app and a great present for Christmas!

  • Frustrating

    by Katiemomdad

    I thought having this app would be brilliant... But it keeps erasing photos from layouts. I have to "unhide" the photo as it is still listed as being used in the layout-but it will have been removed and the layout changed. Still some bugs for Shutterfly to work out for sure. I also wish there were object/stickers to add to layouts. Guess I will have to create books online instead of via app.

  • Pretty good

    by Diggy quatro

    Works ok...few bugs and annoyances but overall ok.

  • bummed

    by mom2mg

    I was excited when I saw this app because I don't have a lap top and hate being tied to my computer when making a book. I am frustrated after trying to figure this app out all day. I can't edit my text. I have to type blindly, because the text box pops up past the top of the page while I'm typing and I can't see it until I click "done". If I have a typo, I can't fix it. And since you can't work on books made in the app, on your computer, there is now way I can fix my typos. Hope they make improvements because this is a great idea!

  • Finally for the iPad

    by Gigi!99

    I'm glad to be able to create photo books on the iPad. I've been a Shutterfly user since 1999. Their service is great and products wonderful! I was sad when I couldn't do much from my iPad, but now it's just like on the PC! Wonderful! Photo books are the best when you're a grandma!

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Rose2060

    I'm trying to add photos and during the middle of clicking through photos, the app crashes and I restart the process only to have it throw me back off.

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Rose2060

    I'm trying to add photos and during the middle of clicking through photos, the app crashes and I restart the process only to have it throw me back off.

  • Worst App. Great Customer Service.

    by Kevaltieri

    This not a well thought out app. There is no visible save button. It supposedly auto saves your work however after over 2 hours of working on an album with over 20 pages the app crashed losing all my work. The customer service lady was very nice and gave me a credit towards the album. Much appreciated however I still had to start all over. She did tell me to upload to Shutterfly every couple of minutes and this would save my work. She was right until I went to make a second album ( 3rd if you count the one that was lost). Next night decided to give the app another shot so I started a new project. Couldn't get the album to upload to Shutterfly. 16 pages later and I am back on the phone with customer service. No luck again saving the album. Had to use my PC and start all over! #1- who makes an app like this and doesn't have a save button? #2- you can't access the project you started on the app in the shutterfly website to edit. Anyway, worst App. Cost me a lot of wasted time having to redo my work and Shutterfly a lot of money having to credit me because they didn't create a saved button.

  • Horrible app

    by Lost book!!

    Beware this app make be great at making, but it doesn't save properly and you waste all this time making it and you can't even order. Horrible! It doesn't sync to your account online or any external server. Called customer service and they can't find it either. So annoyed!

  • Great idea but...

    by Kuglette

    Kept closing and deleting hours and hours worth of work, there's no auto-save (or save button), and you can't edit from once you start creating from this app. Took me 3x as long due to all the errors and random deleting of all my work and uploaded pics. Will never use again.

  • Very frustrated

    by Eidemgirl

    I've spent many hours on my photo book and it will not let me purchase it. It times out. Also, I can't work on it from my PC since it doesn't show what I've done from the iPad app. This was supposed to be a gift for my families for Christmas. I'm afraid I may have to find another website all together.

  • Awesome!!

    by Jimmy2507

    I've ordered 3 photo books and a couple of coffee mugs from shutterfly. They were all put together great and delivered to my house about 5 days after I ore decreed them. Very satisfied!!

  • Great App

    by New Celiac

    I was wary of getting this app after reading the reviews, but have had a great experience with it. The system never shut down, I was able to frequently revisit and edit my work, and it was easy to use. Shutterfly has terrific sales regularly if you receive their emails. This is a wonderful way to put a meaningful gift together!

  • Good idea but too many bugs

    by Princess Babyskin

    This app would be very easy and user friendly to use if it weren't for all of the bugs. I worked on a project and once I was completed try to order it kept giving me messages that is was going to 1139 minutes to complete. At that point it would just sit there. After canceling the order several times my screen flashed and suddenly my book reverted back to when I had first started even though I had saved and uploaded. No more book, hard work a waste. Another issue I experienced while working is that you upload pictures but they appear to be blank and it won't let you use them in the project. Shutterfly has a lot of kinks to work out before I will ever use this app again.

  • Good but not great

    by jessiekate88

    I love that there is now an app to be able to work on my projects on my ipad, however, my biggest frustration is it keeps not saving my work. It's very hit or miss on whether or not it will save. It gets pretty frustrating having to do the same work three times. Hopefully this will get resolved soon, but until them this app is a bit subpar.

  • Fun, fast and easy

    by PackManny

    This photo book maker has really proven itself to be a fun and fast way to make books. It doesn’t take me nearly as much time as it does on the web site. Really nice. Thanks!

  • Easy to use

    by Attie 252

    This app took me less time to use than the full version of shutterfly

  • I'd use it again

    by Lilly-a-dee

    Really I would give this app 3.5 stars because its better than I thought but not mind blowing. I really like that I could do JUST about everything on my ipad. It would have been fine but I did open it on my pc and it was a lot easier. I like the backgrounds and the build it yourself tool. I had trouble checking out so I called customer service and they were very very helpful. I wish I hadn't needed to call but props to good service. I would use this again & probably tell my friends its solid.

  • Very good app

    by Led203

    I found this app very helpful and easy to use. I just wish there were some "advanced" features like maybe resizing text boxes or adding custom art Thank you Larryd

  • Easy but not enough details

    by countrystrikes

    It's good if you have all the pictures you want in your Shutterfly albums, Facebook, iPad albums, etc. and want something simple. Not so great if you have a lot of photos you want to use on your Shutterfly Share site. (No option to pull photos from share sites, even though the website lets you use those photos when you make the book on the computer.) Also missing all the great tools, designs, etc. that the website has.

  • So far, so good...

    by Mr Bails

    I am in the midst of creating my 12th book. This is the first book i have made using this app. My books are usually 80+pages and loaded with pictures. The app isn't as awesome as the website, but I like the convenience of working on the project when not connected to the Internet, and love sitting on the couch instead of at a desk. I can also work on the book while my daughter is at dance practice and it saves all my edits. So far, the only bug that has been irritating me is when I try to move a photo to another spot on a page, often times the page turns on me and the photo is inserted on the wrong page. I am a little worried that I will run into problems like the other commenters when I try to order. So far, so good.

  • Limited Selections Make It Useless

    by Apollokid

    This app is so disappointing because you either use it to make your iPad book or you don't make a Shutterfly book on the iPad. They have a fraction of the selection and functionality of the computer version. Get with the times, Shutterfly...not everyone wants to get on a laptop to build your books.

  • Buggy

    by :(!!!!!...

    Keeps erasing what I create. Not intuitive to use. Cheesy layouts that you can't customize to make usable. Very poor design all around.

  • Can't open saved project

    by Diverds

    Was really enjoining this app building a photo book for the grandparents. Spent several days working on it and then one day it just stopped opening the project. Every time I tap on it I get a window that says "Oops something went wrong please try again". Same message over and over. Looks like I can at least finish the book on the website but it was much more enjoyable to work on the iPad while relaxing on the couch. Now I will have to finish at a computer.

  • Frustrating and Full of Bugs

    by Powhatanmom

    I was unable to get my text to show on several pages and could not check out on the app. Kept getting error messages regarding contacts. It wouldn't save my shipping address. All in all a great idea but poorly designed. Pretty disappointed.

  • Awesome

    by Mvhfdsruh

    All i can say is my own personal experience. Got the app. Used it to make photo books and was happy with the results! So easy!

  • So disappointed :(

    by firstrevieweverr

    I worked on a photobook for my son's birthday for 2 months, adding pictures as I went along and perfecting a photo album of his first year. After about 100 pages and 500 pictures I loved how it was turning out. When I went to add pictures one day my book was gone...out of no where! It always saved after every update. Needless to say I am so frustrated and do not have time to recreate the album as it was. The shutterfly representative had no explanation. I am just not sure why this app would be useful if it does not properly save. Who creates a photobook and is ready to order without coming back to it. So so unbelievable disappointed.

  • Great and easy

    by Qbnmama

    I think it's a great and easy to use app. I hate sitting at my computer to make albums especially small ones that are less time consuming. So sitting on my couch with the iPad is great :) The only thing I wish I was able to do would be edit between iPad to computer. I can only view what I have created on iPad from my computer and vise versa. Oh and the ability to see the date the picture were take would be good too! I like to put my pictures as chronologically correct as possible. I'm 3 years behind on making my albums haha so I forget when thing were taken.

  • It is ok I guess

    by Stephanie Barker

    It seems to skip around a lot, not doing what I want, but what it wants. Will finish my project on the computer not iPad.

  • Frustrating

    by CreativeinMilton

    I love shutterfly. But this app doesn't meet my expectations. There are no elements. You cannot change the book style. They do not offer many options in pages. You cannot go and choose a background that is not part of the book design. And there doesn't seem to be a way to delete or name a book. The pros I though through this update, that I'd be able to open the now available custom books I made on my pc (which has since crashed, so I'm down to just an iPad) but you can only look at the covers. Very disappointing for an avid photo book maker. This app should mirror the website's options.

  • Love!!!

    by stephanieraesorensen

    Fun and easy to use the app, but it does crash occasionally and I am slightly disappointed to see there are more options for customizing the book online than on the app. Otherwise great!!

  • Great at first & then not so much

    by TTE8

    I've been working on my daughters baby book and have randomly lost progress 3 times already. I have uploaded to Shutterfly each time and somehow it's not in it's entirety. And I can't edit my photo book from a PC through my Shutterly account. Needless to say I am extremely frustrated. Only recommend this app for small projects

  • New version deleted my photo book!

    by Barnowlclub

    I had worked several weeks on a wonderful photo book only to have it disappear with the app upgrade. The file should be able to be read by all versions of the app, or the user should be warned before updating! I hope future versions address this important issue.

  • Problems

    by Khdujryxh

    There are all sorts of problems with this app. Most of my pictures were missing, or would disappear. I would make a page then go to another page...then go back to the first page and it would magically look totally different then how I had made it. Also, you can't seem to choose your own layout. I really like Shutterfly and will continue to use the PC version, but wish I could use the iPad instead.

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