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Languages: English, ID, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Roberto Nickson

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- New Font: Lunchbox
- New Light FX
- Performance Improvements

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Add beautiful typography, apply stunning filters and photo effects, and add an ever-growing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos and share them to your favorite social networks!

The app was designed with you in mind. Making it fun and effortless to edit your pictures is our goal.

PicLab Features:

• Typography
- Choose from a wonderful collection of fonts from some of the best designers in the world.
- Easily resize, rotate, and adjust the opacity of text.
- Multiple text layers to create beautiful typography
- Add drop-shadows to your text.

• Photo Filters
- Apply one of our 20 gorgeous (and super fun!) photo filters - with more on the way.

• Photo Effects
- Adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, blur, and exposure of your photos.

• Overlays and Masks
- Choose from a collection of over 100 (and growing) shapes, borders, overlays, textures, light-leaks, and more to add that extra flair to your photos.

• Theme Customization

...and More!

We can't wait to see your creativity in action with PicLab! Use the hash-tag #PicLab on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to share your photos with the community :)

Have fun!

- The PicLab team

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Zeydez

    Love this app

  • Fun

    by Stasiprift1991

    Wiked fun n convenient on the go I love it

  • Very good

    by Katierbug

    I really like this app. I could never get my photos edited the way i wanted then until now!

  • App review

    by Sharkbaiiitxo

    Awesome app best I've found so far for pic editing

  • Great

    by BillBiLLDaKiiD

    Awesome app!

  • Good

    by Larbear5staks

    Ok. Not as good as some but pretty good

  • App review

    by Klkkkkkkkkkccccccccccccccccc

    It's great and I really love it. I can do all my editing in one app and the only downside is you have to pay for the extra fonts and other things. Also something that's really annoying is that that app just crashes randomly while you're working and it doesn't save your progress so you have to restart from scratch.

  • :-)

    by Clay904ton


  • Review

    by Zoozamred

    I recommend

  • Best!

    by Flood97


  • PicLab

    by Taco Τhe Man

    Its a good app to use if you like edit pics

  • Awesome

    by Roy ortiz

    This app is very cool

  • PicLab

    by meka_boo_131

    I love this app

  • Gewd. Very gewd

    by Cloeybeelol

    Good app. Come with good effects. Just not a lot. Good for photo editing.

  • Loveeee

    by Austins babygirl ❤️

    I love this app ❤️

  • LOVE

    by Kaleyjhd

    I absolutely love this app! It makes me so excited when I get new pictures, because I could write a story on top of it. It's just so great. I think everyone should have this app.

  • Cool

    by Powdrill

    Awesome app

  • Okay

    by Mati Luv It

    It's a pretty good editing app. A little hard to add (good) text, but it's fine! :-) 4/5

  • Effing

    by SerPantsonfire


  • Nice

    by xonicolemarie


  • Buggy…

    by Creeper37757

    When I first open it, it just crashed while at the same time, it asks if it can send me push notifications and when it asks if it use my photos.

  • Pic lab

    by Brookster(:

    Great app I love it.

  • Swag

    by D1bound


  • Great app!

    by Taresa Golden

    Lots of options

  • Goodddd

    by haaaaaiiiiiiiii

    It has very good features to use on your photos

  • Good

    by ETWRYE

    This app is great and easy to use.

  • Great app

    by Italia2491


  • Not too shabby.

    by Wannabephotog

    The basic is fun to play with. But for $2 I'm not mad at it.

  • Best one

    by Nignogniggymane

    Best combinations of colors and designs of any pic editor

  • Nice

    by Negro8912

    Love it

  • Best pic app

    by Alice Abah

    Love this app!

  • I love it yet I'm very annoyed by it!!!

    by Ashley_rox

    IT KEEPS CRASHING EVERY MINUTE! I paid $0.99 for all the backgrounds and i want my money back if you don't fix the crashing thing! I loved this app so much but now I just want to bang my head because its so frustrating how I loose all my work in seconds. PLEASE FIX IT PR GIVE ME A REFUND! Thanks(:

  • Amazing!!

    by Love to slice

    OMG this app is amazing!

  • Very awesome

    by Snargl18

    Pretty diverse and easy to use

  • Ack!

    by BoniDutch

    I love! Other than the App freezing every now and then. Great filters and wonderful fonts!

  • Good all

    by Heeennrryy

    It could be a little better but its a great app

  • Great app

    by Badpup82

    Great app to play with when bored

  • Love

    by Tbird

    I Loveeeeee this app

  • Best app ever

    by Jbowers2013

    Last app ever I love this app I can use it very easy the pics come out very good

  • Love it

    by Dharti4

    Easy to use and worth it

  • Awesome!!:)

    by RileyBug:)❤

    This is by far the BEST picture app ever!! I would definitely recommend!!:)

  • Great app!!!!!!

    by Lauren_taylorr1

    It's amazing

  • Love it

    by IanPowerz

    Love this app

  • So creative!

    by FlutterFallA

    I like how you can make the border into a heart so when it's Valentine's Day, it could be made into a card or something.

  • Pretty good

    by lovely521


  • Ya

    by Gkvislvlckd


  • Love it

    by Pocketfrogs44

    One of the bast editing apps I have

  • Jehdieb

    by Innocentrose

    It's a good app!

  • Great photo app!

    by BaileyDuperon

    I love this app - there are so many great features that really allow you to explore your creativity when it comes to photo editing.

  • Good

    by Pebbles3658

    It is a very good app

  • Good app!

    by geek-chic;-)

    It's a great editing app

  • Loveee this app!!

    by Caroliina....

    I downloaded this app a long time ago but now I realize hoy awesome is it!!!! The best editing photo app ❤️❤️❤️

  • by Layne Stubbs

    Easy to use. The pictures look great. It has in app purchases that are totally worth the $$$. Where has this been my whole life?!

  • Love it

    by Jacqueline Troupe

    Great! Love it!

  • Best editing app

    by I love myself :):):):):)


  • Good

    by Marie lovely

    I just got this app but so far it's pretty nice.

  • Love it

    by Sydni4180

    I love the features it's awesome

  • Very cool app

    by Dlwade81

    I really like the simplicity of this app. Very cool

  • Very good

    by Vhhhb

    Very nice app!

  • Pretty amazing


    I love this app and I most likely always will. Amazing filters and text fonts. Can't figure out how to do black color.

  • H


    Love it

  • Amazing

    by Liza143

    This is a great app especially if you want the tumblr look

  • Amazing ness!!!

    by Someonetoyou345

    I love this!! This is a must for your phone!! A mixing filters,textures, borders and more await you!! The only downsides are you have to pay moolah to be able to use everything. Also whenever you exit out of the app you lose all your progress. Still a great purchase though so please get!!!!

  • Great app

    by NatCat815

    Fun app to use

  • Great app

    by The great cornhoolio

    I love this app. Great for sports edits and everyday life

  • Cool

    by Fochizel

    It's cool...

  • Awesome!

    by Harmon14

    All of their filters are amazing. Being able to add text with good fonts isn't too shabby either! Definitely recommend this app.

  • Great app

    by Megggggggoooooooooooo

    This is the best pic editor I've ever used !!! I love it so much ❤️

  • Love it

    by kjene

    This is a great editing app. The only thing I recommend them doing is making larger pictures be editable. Is that a word lol? Only square shared pictures fit. Ones that aren't must be cropped.

  • Great

    by Jay moneyyyy

    This is awesome !!!

  • Ehhh

    by Kale2673

    It's pretty cool but only awesome if you by it

  • Hehe

    by JJhernandez3

    Good asf!

  • Good

    by Raylynne38

    Pretty fun


    by #awesomeisme!!!

    This is a great app

  • Pic lab

    by Serperior Made

    Amazing app

  • Totally fabulous!

    by SelfieNation


  • I love it

    by Leenabear2397

    I've been looking for a new editor :)

  • Amazing!

    by Kristinle

    You unlock filters by writing a review.

  • Cool app

    by Nadia the champ

    Love this

  • Thugg

    by NeedToDoBetterGta

    I love it

  • It's awesome !

    by Ruben_A14

    Good app & I like the effect & fonts

  • Awesome

    by Starsha Malek

    Just what I was looking for!

  • Amazing!!

    by Neva2001

    I love this app! It makes my Instagram pics look great!

  • Review

    by Shanemoseley1234

    Solid app !

  • Love it

    by Kaybear2013

    I really like this app!! Worth it

  • Awesome!

    by sarahelovely

    Love the filters! Great photos!

  • Good

    by Jmkjmk24


  • Awesome

    by Music_Queen13

    Very good app

  • Rave!!

    by Reindeer07

    I love this app so much i rave about it all the time EEK!!

  • LOVE!


    100% in love

  • Really great app

    by Nicoleeecm

    This app is so awesome I love it. It creates a lot of cool designs sometimes it will spazz but not very often. I use it ALL the time

  • This app is amazing

    by Treknishion

    You can do almost anything with this app

  • Thumbs up

    by Bkdavill

    Great app

  • Dychenslzodbfyhebsnxkvohrxouebduz:&,4$;!;8pq

    by Sydnjcksgajdheb


  • 2014

    by Bama4500

    App is awesome

  • I love this

    by ⚓Harlsberg⚓

    It helps with a lot of mi IG pics

  • Great!

    by Lullymiguez


  • Very cool!!

    by Jesus Rubio

    Prettyyyy cool app!! Learning to use itt!!

  • Awesome

    by Shorty mic shirtpants

    Love all the different things you can do with your pictures!!

  • Good app

    by Nickname11904

    Good app

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