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There have been a few bugs crawling on Over's floor, including one affecting iPad users that was driving all of us crazy. Well, we put on our stomping boots and went to work.

Let us know if we missed any; write us an email at info@overllc.com or send us a support ticket at over.uservoice.com.

In this version you'll find:

-optimization for iOS 7

-iPad keyboard bug fixed

-a new font baked right into the app: OREGON

-sharing via text message on iOS 7 devices

Thank you for your support! We are amazed by what you have made with Over. Amazing mobile creativity!

Warm Regards,


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“This is a fantastic idea!” —Jason Fried of 37 Signals
"We’re obsessed." —Brit+Co
"Instagram suddenly got a lot more interesting." —Uncrate

Over is the app for adding text and artwork to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, Over features standard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artwork combined with a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality, and immediate sharing ability.

Features Include:

EXCLUSIVE FONTS & ARTWORK: Over features unique, beautiful fonts and original, eye-catching artwork from a variety of artists.

MAKE SOMETHING AWESOME: In Over, you’ll be able to discover artwork perfect for outdoor adventures, add handcrafted icons for any occasion, design with geometric font awesomeness, say “Happy Birthday” in style, present challenging and inspirational words, and much more.

EDITING: In Over you can nudge, size, fade, copy, and center your artwork and text, tint and crop your photos, and stretch your text. Pick from among plenty of color choices to make your text or artwork pop, or blend in.

SHARING: When you’re finished with your picture you can share it directly via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Path, and more. You can even send it as a postcard.

INSTALLING YOUR OWN FONTS: For you pro users out there, we allow you to install an unlimited number of fonts for use in Over...for free.

SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you run into an issue with Over, simply shoot us a message from within the app. We’ll work with you to resolve quickly any problems that you have.

MARKETPLACE: Our in-app marketplace showcases several exclusive art and font packs for purchase or even free download, with many more to come.

FUN: Over is fun. It allows you to express your creativity on the go. It’s that simple.


You can check out our community of mobile creatives at the @over Instagram account and, we hope, be inspired by what others are making with the app.

How People Are Using Over:

"With Over, I'm thinking more like a publisher, with my photos telling stories instead of just being 'something to upload.' It's a great way to improve photos." —Chris Brogan, President of Human Business Works

“Over is fantastic because it lets me add a bit of personality behind my photographs.” —Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

"I use over to make extra special birthday wishes for my friends on Facebook"

"Over gets me off of my computer, I can make stuff here that I used to have to make with Photoshop"

"My kids don't talk yet, but now the photos of them do!"

"I used to pay people to make graphics like this for my Facebook page"

"I make slides for presentations"

"I'm expressing myself in a different way, Over has made me more creative!"

"I add text to photos of my products and post them to Pinterest"

"My Instagram pictures are far more popular now that I can put nice text on them"

"I print the pictures I make for scrapbooking"

"I like to make encouraging & motivational pictures for my friends"

Customer Reviews

  • Fix!

    by chunkycholo

    I type something then I change the font, I realize I don't like the font and I want to change it again. But I can't I keep pressing the font button but nothing happens.

  • Wheel not responsive

    by stangmatt66

    Cool app to add logos, decals and text to your pics, but the navigation with the wheel is horrible. Button presses are rarely registered, cannot click save at all to save my pics.

  • Versatile and easy to use

    by rotorres72

    Fantastic!!!! No issues!!!! What did we do before over?

  • Totally awesome

    by 4nikons

    I love adding the artwork & text to my photos, it gives them an extra wow factor. I especially LOVE the new Valentines artwork, totally awesome!

  • Great for social media types!!!

    by Alissachu

    So much control and so many options! They give you such great fonts at first too that it doesn't feel like a rip off. Totally worth it!

  • One of the best mobile editing apps, hands down

    by shellysunshine

    I use Over almost daily. It has so many great features and beautiful design. There are tons of beautiful fonts and hand-drawn overlays that can snazzy-up any photo.

  • Amazing

    by Aaaaaaaaaasthddnd


  • Favorite!

    by ohhlisa

    This app is perfect!!

  • Bought

    by Fix app ASAP!

    I bought the overgram that's $1.99 but had to reset my phone. Do I have to pay for it again? Or can I have my purchase restored? I really like it, but I don't want to pay for something I had previously. If you could reply and let met know? I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Over the moon about this app!

    by austinbychoice

    I love how easy it is to make a picture into something really special... I'd love more fun fonts and fewer of the traditional ones with multiple versions. Totally worth the buy!

  • As good as it gets

    by felixfelicis42

    I've never experienced such an advanced use of typography in an app, I'm very pleased. Got this on sale and it was such a steal! I cannot wait to see if this app makes iOS a veritable graphic design platform.

  • Thanks!

    by aJayersz

    my friends send me their pics and i send them back all edited. they love it

  • It's sincerely a great app!

    by Zahralikesremotes


  • Great App!

    by Netnavigator

    Having lots of fun with this app. Always with a witty pun to place on pictures....

  • I love this app

    by Softballfreak110

    It's easy to use. Just try it!

  • Over is easy to use

    by 11ferrets

    Very easy to use and works very well. A bit of a one trick pony, you can add your own text in a variety of fonts, or add cute predesigned text. You cannot use this app to edit the pictures it is just for adding text and small designs, but it does very well.

  • Great app!

    by Eric Shaffer

    It's awesome!

  • Basic Shapes pack?

    by Junkmonkey

    What happened to the basic shapes pack?!

  • Amazing

    by cya3679

    Best app for editing photos by adding fonts and font artwork. Highly recommend it to everybody!!!!

  • Beautiful app.

    by H-Dan

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

  • Buggy, poor use of notifications

    by pdx tech guy

    A lovely app that crashes often and is marred by its use of notifications to push new IAP content rather than alerting me to anything I'd actually want to know.

  • Great!

    by Mandgirl123

    Great app!

  • Perfect

    by Truthful review :(

    Amazing, high quality text. Perfect for watermarks!

  • Helpful to personalize photos

    by BeepBeepBoyz

    It has a lot of nice fonts and colors. I did not find it extremely user friendly right from the get-go but using it a little while you catch on. Also wish the in app purchases were just one purchase, not a lot of little purchases. I haven't purchased any of the extras and still have found it very useful.

  • by Anastasia Forbes-Heslop

    great. easy. fun. no complaints.

  • Love it!

    by DW7474

    Love it! East to use and nice UX

  • Great program!

    by Mjonczak

    Extremely easy to use; very helpful with adding info to pictures in your Camera Roll.

  • Versatile and useful

    by Howard aka SongDuck

    I absolutely love this app. Great feature set, GUI and easy to use. It can be used for many purposes requiring adding lettering to a photo. Personally this app enables me to make professional looking digital music "album" covers. As a songwriter and musician this ability is well worth buying this app and the inexpensive in-app packs.

  • This is an amazing app!!

    by NormalGenes111

    Get it!!

  • Love it but..

    by CBreezy0106

    I love this app but there's a virus that won't let me use the fonts

  • Hh

    by irlanddi


  • Here's what you can NOT do with this app:

    by bbecker2

    1) Use more than one image (no overlapping or multiple frames. One picture, that's it). 2) Rotate an image. However the pic appears in your library, that is how it appears in here. 3) Draw on an image. 4) Place ANY graphic on an image that is not provided in their free sampler library or purchased in their store. 5) Use more than one font/style/color in any single text box. 6) Orient text in any fashion other than horizontal. 7) Adjust opacity of an image. I could go on. I fail to see anything this app brings to the table which would allow me to look past these glaring shortcomings. In other words, I don't get it. There are a bazillion other apps out there that do so much more.

  • Radical Design !!

    by Botaiban

    Write with an ease on any photograph you choose in very radical we'll chosen art and fonts!!

  • Beautiful Elegant & Excellent....

    by Te'Sins

    I wish I had time to review all my apps but some apps are so great you absolutely have to...this is definetely one of those apps. I can honestly say it might be my favorite app out of literally hundreds. The design is elegant and efficient...super easy to use, yet robust! This is not an app to sleep on. I have made money designing on this app and the results are definitely something that looks like I used 87% more effort and wayyyyy more expensive software (yes "software" as in "it had to be designed on a computer"). And the best part...in-app purchases are priced to mKe it a no-brainer...you get beautifully designed fonts (not to mention you can actually load your own). What more is there to say? It's fantastic! But it!!!!! Nowwwww!!!!

  • Amazing app

    by Kbenoit

    Great interface!

  • Push notifications for advertising.

    by BMG81

    Using push notifications for promotion is just not okay. 1star / delete.

  • Cool beans!

    by Rosy salsa


  • Mhm

    by sempersnow

  • So much potential

    by Ca11s

    I really like the idea and artistic creativity of this app. It has so much potential to be great. But it is plagued with problems. Crashes frequently, numerous glitches creat a frustrating user experience. When it works it is great. That just isn't that the majority of the time.

  • Pretty

    by Gabriel Cordova

    Very clean, easy to use.

  • Great app minor bugs

    by linda hart

    Love the app and art work but it does shutdown from time to time

  • Great app-so fun!!!

    by crimsoncatcrusader

    Love to personalize my pictures using this app.

  • I'm enjoying it a lot

    by Scott Smith

    It took me a while to find my muse with this app, but now I'm really enjoying it! I like that it can share so easily with other social networks, especially Pinterest and Instagram. The option to broaden the spaces between lines is more useful and effective than what you first might think. It's a solid app with loads of space for creativity.

  • Great app

    by swmlvh

    I love this app- it's beautifully designed. Nice fonts & cool artwork. Wish list: more colors.

  • So simple adds such distinction to images

    by lambertfamily

    This is one of the simplest and tastefully done apps to add character to your pictures, updated regularly and added value packs available frequently. If you want to add personality or text to your pictures, this is a nice fast way to do it.

  • Great app

    by BoiDarkly


  • Super buggy

    by redpinto

    Ever since the iOS 7 upgrade, Over does not work well in any manner. Very difficult to import change type, or save.

  • by CrysJV

    Adds great pizazz

  • Intuitive and fun

    by fraplady

    Creativity within bounds so you don't waste time trying out a thousand effects.


    by Ljp17

    Listen, I have never bought an app over 99¢ because frankly, I'm cheap as hell...but I was MORE than happy to "splurge"(

  • by Anna Renee

    Love this app!

  • Missing one thing

    by LaidBackDanny

    Everything is good BUT, I wish I can rotate "titles" or "artwork".

  • Must HAVE APP

    by SatchelandPearls

    This def my top got to APP! Your pictures will look as beautiful as mine! If you don't have it- GET IT! Don't miss out!!

  • Over is great

    by inspired_kisses

    I love this app and what I'm able to do with it. I can't wait for more updates and overlays!

  • So useful

    by greengolatino

    This app is ultra handy for customizing photos. We use it quite a bit for blog pictures and other photo sharing.

  • Really useful!

    by Micheleonelonly

    This is a great app. It has really added that "something special" to my collages. I like the fonts they have available and the selection of colors is exactly what my other photo apps are missing.

  • Good but not worth $2

    by Bummin801

    Bought the app which seems silly to buy for two bucks but did it anyway and you still have to pay for more fonts!

  • Simply Perfect

    by caseydilla

    Beautiful App and easy to use

  • Fancy pants

    by Juan Getto

    Sweet ap, grt for band flyers

  • Very Good Program

    by Steve Sykes

    I use this program before I complete photos in Instagram. Very usable and professional program.

  • Fantastic

    by Eccomimimi

    Me Likey !

  • Love!

    by Montazhjawn

    Buy it now! Absolutely love this app. Easy and fun to use. Great suggestions, help and Instagram fees to follow. Great job guys! Way to bring back a great consumer driven product with great customer service.

  • Awesome!

    by Unomane

    I use it a lot for my pictures!

  • 100% Satisfied

    by Safouder

    Been using it for a months now , very useful and easy to use especially when I bought the new Packs I was so satisfied with them they have every icon and word you need to get your creativity out :D

  • Awesome

    by Stuffsh


  • Stylish

    by Heygee88

    Beautifully work but only work with English. However still the best!

  • Amazing

    by IG| _teenage___runaway_

    It's like heaven !!!!

  • Would recommend!

    by J. Ventura

    I had been looking for an app that was easy to use for titling my photos, and this app does it. It comes with enough fonts to meet my needs and more can be added. My only "issue" is that after saving the picture, it doesn't close. When you open another one the previous title remains but is simple to delete...it's just confusing. I would definitely like to see the ability to add a frame. It would be a five star app for me if frames were included and it had a close option.

  • Ughh I hate the bug.

    by TC2911234556779

    Over is awesome and I would always use it and be happy about it. Lately, over has been acting up, I put hard work into making photos, and when I try to save, the app closes without saving the work I did for over 20 minutes. Please fix. Otherwise 5 stars.

  • Used a couple times

    by Rjlinsj

    Cool app and the effect was nice. It is easy to add text to images. But that is pretty much it.

  • Good app, never crash.

    by GAB98

    It does what it saids it does, and that right there it is a huge leap on the app World.

  • Hands down!! Super awesome!

    by Kel1st

    Very slick app to enhance your pictures! Super smart UI and use of the small screen. As a creative professional always on the lookout for some kool, fun and useful app--this is THE ONE! great job guys, really!! I will be upgrading now!

  • Great!

    by Sean3318

    Great app. No glitches, never closes out on me. Reliable and amazing.

  • Buggy

    by CaptianChaos

    Love this program when it works. Unfortunately, it's not working today when I actually need it

  • Wheel Functions do not respond

    by DJ BLVD

    I love this app, but the latest update has a major bug in functionality. The wheel functions on the right menu do not respond well to the touch. It takes a whole lot of luck to get one of the buttons to work.

  • Looove

    by Rosiedianaa

    Great app ❤️

  • Disappointing experience

    by Missklotz

    I really want to love this app but it's clunky and hard to use on my iPhone 5S. Exporting to Instagram you never know if it will crop right so I find myself going back and forth. Hard to edit elements, you tap the text and a shape gets highlighted instead. Not many artwork options in the paid version, you have to purchase more. And when you export to Instagram, it adds a long caption to the photo plugging the app and the designers. Pain in the you know what. Would not recommend this app.

  • Love it, but size problem

    by Dakotafaith4076688

    I've had the app for a while now and I love it! I like all the artwork and editing tools but whenever I try to make the word smaller or bigger, it just disappears like it was never there and I can't bring the word back to size without starting everything over. Even the artwork does this!! This is a amazing app but I haven't used it a lot since this started happening. Please fix this!!!

  • Why can't I rotate text?

    by Colts4u

    Great app! 5 stars if I can rotate the text. Seems odd I can't do that. *Update* Rotate text please

  • Clunky and Unreliable

    by SalamanderMike

    If you hope to edit text that you already created, it's nearly impossible to re-select it. I had to pretend to Add new text, select the old text in the pop up menu, then cancel out of that option in order for the Edit function to work for the selected text. Cumbersome. The Edit screen should have options for which text to edit. If this was the only issue, it would have been a three star app; however, it became a one star app after it wiped hours of complex (cumbersome) editing I had done. I took a break, but left the app open. When I came back, all my work disappeared to a reset mode.

  • Unexpectedly useful.

    by .KeyMaker

    Pretty much excels at everything it promises to do. One suggestion though: add filters! I have to open instagram first to put the filter on then open it with over.

  • Great app

    by Pretty Lil Thang

    Exactly what it says it is but it's a great app

  • Awesome

    by Bjs2o13

    Really practical and professional quality

  • Over

    by Cindy @ living in a hoop

    Love this app!

  • Good text over Photos app

    by Theguru420

    Even on my iphone4

  • One of my favorites

    by Jaeguar

    I love Over!! Use it pretty much daily. Highly recommended *****+

  • Great app, but...

    by nightwing365

    I was doing a project with a lot of text and right as I tapped "save" it crashed on me forcing me to start all over. Could you either fix this problem, or, better yet, just add a button to save it as a project? Sometimes I'd like to go back and make adjustments without having to completely redo the project.

  • Love it

    by MrsDMickey

    Fantastic app and totally worth the two bucks

  • Crashes All The Time

    by iLoveLiveUnique

    You have an account on Instagram showing all these cool ways of using it, but it crashes all the time if you try to use multiple words. Please fix. Had his bug for a long time.

  • Great App

    by JO_GOTTi

    Looking for a easy way to add text over personal photos then this is what you've been looking for!!

  • So fun! Easy to figure out... But

    by Cjthi

    A lot of times when I add a pic from my cam roll, it loads into the app in its previously unedited version... Losing the cropping and adjustments that I had actually made and saved to that pic . That's kinda irritating! Otherwise super fun and way easy to use! Aloha!

  • Love it!

    by Dafnana

    And it works great for me! Play around with it a little to learn the workflow and there's no trouble whatsoever. I really do love this app. So much fun! Great job you guys :)

  • Easy, quick, & fun

    by Dj Clo

    Groovy little text over app. Hip fonts and a decent selection of colors. Would be nice to be able to rotate text and possibly a larger selection of colors or ways to manipulate the color. If there's a way I just haven't stumbled upon it yet.

  • Great

    by manueltrump

    Great fonts! Layout ... Love it! It's great on my iPad too!!! The update it nice...

  • Fantabulous

    by DKendrick2

    Omg I luv dis app!

  • Over

    by Allissa23990

    This app is rad!!

  • Love it!

    by Depreciative

    This app is amazing. You can choose photos right from the home screen. You can choose different fonts and font sizes and there are a variety of fun little stickers to add to your photos as well. Best font app I have. Totally worth it.

  • awesome app

    by 1s@d6url

    easy to use app...must have. so loving this app, great for 4, 4S & 5 Iphone(^_^)

  • Love it!

    by MaryaC

    Great app.

  • Love it

    by Westexasteno

    Works great.

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