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Seller: Pocket Pixels Inc.

Juxtaposer 3.0 is the biggest update since we first released the app over 5 years ago! We've kept the fun and powerful editing you've come to expect, but added a great-looking new UI, a new icon, and many of the features you've requested. We hope you'll love it.

High resolution output
- The original resolution of your background image will now always be preserved, even if it is a 40 Megapixel photo!
- We will also automatically increase the output resolution when the background image is low resolution, but the top image is not. So everything will look nice and sharp in your saved image.

Image Editing
- New adjustment sliders allow you to change each image's brightness, saturation, color temperature and more. This makes it easy to create natural looking composites from photos taken under different lighting conditions.
- You can now undo everything, including stamping, image adjustments and image replacements.
- A full suite of blend modes and an opacity slider allow you greater control over how the top and background images are combined.

Brush Monitor
- The new brush monitor feature lets you see what is under your finger while you paint.
- You can turn the monitor on and off in the Settings menu.

Loading and Sharing
- Load images from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa and Google+.
- Load PNGs with transparency as the top image.
- Share your finished image on Dropbox, Instagram, Google+ and Picasa (in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr).

- We've added a Stamp Manager that helps you view and manage your stamps.
- Stamps can be emailed, saved to Dropbox and exported as transparent PNGs.

Customer Ratings

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65 Ratings
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3149 Ratings
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Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into creative and fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface.

Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Remix your pets into a mythical creature, swap a statue's head with your friend's, or combine photos into surreal and beautiful works of art. Juxtaposer has the power and features of a professional creative tool, but is simple to use and just as importantly, it's fun!


- Short tutorial videos will turn you into a photomontage artist in no time.
- Your composite images are exported at the full resolution of the background image, even if it's huge (40 MP+)!
- The image adjustment tools let you match your images' color and lighting, and fine-tune the look of your creation.
- Zoom in to work on fine details with pixel-level accuracy.
- Add elements from as many photos as you like to your background image.
- Load photos from your iPhone photo library, or from Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Picasa.
- Share your photomontages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or Picasa. Email them, or save them to your Dropbox.
- Save your cutout images in the Stamp Manager for later use. You can also share these "stamps" with friends or export them as transparent PNGs.
- Undo any edit. Experiment safely, you can always get back to where you started.
- 20 blend modes (like Multiply, Screen and Overlay) let advanced iPhoneographers create unique effects.
- The "red mask" view mode (last screenshot) shows you just the top image with the erased parts in red. It is helpful when precisely cutting out an element.

* WhatsOnIphone.com: "The application works incredibly well and makes an otherwise challenging process simple and fun. It blows my mind that you can do such things on an iPhone."
* TUAW: "This $2.99 app is a lot of fun, as well as one of the best-executed compositing tools for a mobile device that I've ever seen."
* IphoneAppReviews: "Pretty much everyone, at some point in time, has had the uncontrollable urge to take a friend’s photo and do something truly evil with it. Juxtaposer is an awesome photo-editing tool that can make that dream a reality!"

Customer Reviews

  • The best app ever

    by EA-oso

    This app is The best, it let you do amazing things by mixing two or more pictures. Very accurate app ... Is worth to buy... Please make an ipad version !!!!

  • Coolest photo editing app!

    by Colby8408

    I love this app! So many cool creative things can be done with it!! Takes some time to get it looking right but the results are awesome!

  • Excellent

    by Alana805


  • Super

    by Lolomgnoway

    I love it it's so easy to use and it makes me want to enjoy editing totally worth the money ! One little thing it should have is masking though , other than that I L O V E it

  • Saved my bacon

    by Sunnyflorida

    Daughter desperately needed a family picture and we had nothing that she could use. I downloaded this app and 20 minutes later it is ready to go. Super easy to use. Love it and THANKS!

  • Keeps flipping my image

    by Colby8408

    I love this app but every so often when I add a third layer it turns one of my other layers sideways... How can I fix this?!

  • Great app.

    by ⚡luke⚡

    I got this app and it works great but... There is a glitch when you save the image to your photo gallery on an iPod 5 it flips everything randomly. Please fix it. Thank you.

  • Amazing!

    by Nriakxnddnjxjxjx

    Totally worth paying for, but i'd add a few more features, like changing skin-ton would be nice. Other than that, a great photoshop app. and btw Follow my IG for a spam 4 spam

  • Amazing

    by Jelly...bean

    This is the BEST hand held photoshop app I have ever seen it has every perk you could think of thought of best ever so so so worth it


    by Lucky pilot

    Been using this for a few years, and have to say this is by far the BEST photo shop app you can get, especially with the newest upgrades. If you want to play with photos - GET THIS. Waiting to see if juxtaposer can help me doctor some videos.

  • Love it!!

    by Trenity

    I love this app so much it's the best for really top quality edits!!

  • if you thought is was great before...

    by MartyMcsupahfly

    the ios7 update is simply amazing. without a doubt the best photoshopping kinda app on the App Store. the new layout is beautiful and the new features work perfectly. again, the results are fun and it's simple to use too. love this app.

  • Best app

    by Dreau man

    This is an epic app, Just like actual photoshop, But I would love more word fonts for my album covers, Defiantly buy this

  • Best photoshop style app

    by Dark5oul

    This app can make hilarious realistic style pictures and has many great tools. Love the app. Worth every penny.

  • Bring Back the Old Icon

    by Fontanafox

    Love the app but bring back the dog head!

  • Awesome

    by Hkakjfjs


  • The update

    by 0memichelle0

    Before the update, I rated this app with 4 stars. This update fixed all of the problems I had with the app. I love it way too much!

  • Best Photoshop App ever !

    by 14ninjapanda14

    So this app is perfect! I always use it to make some cool pictures. I originally found superimpose first but it kept crashing. I looked for another app like that and found this one. After thing about the price for awhile I finally decided to buy it. (Woah , I think it was $2.99?) and this app was amazing the second I got it. With the new update it's even more amazing!! To much moneys thought lol

  • Years of use. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

    by DeaninNewport

    I have had this app since my iPhone 3G many, many moons ago. The app has always been solid, and the ease of use is at a level I have not seen on any other photo manipulation app. I would like to see an iPad version, but if that doesn't happen, I will gladly continue to use this app. Effin' Awesome!

  • Perfect

    by Brooklyn203

    Great for editing on your phone, gets the job done and easy to use. It's worth the purchase

  • Juxtaposer

    by Upset Hal

    When I tried to save my project or email it, the software changed the image. I tried emailing customer service twice with NO RESPONSE!

  • needs help

    by alanyt

    I was hoping it would work as smoothly as the demo. But on the iPhone there is no way to rotate the top or bottom photos separately. So when you save the image you don't get what you are looking at in the app. The images remain in whatever orientation they were taken in on your iPhone. The bottom image may be horizontal while the top remains vertical even though it looks fine in the app. You don't find out until you save it. There is also not a way to delete a stamp without leaving the page and replacing it with a whole new photo (only to start over again). If they can fix these issues I would recommend it but as of now save your money.

  • Imagine alignment?

    by Shalaco

    It drives me absolutely bonkers that when you add two versions of the same image they aren't automatically lined up. Or that you can't just *poof* push a button and have images of the same size overlap. All the other features seem great, but I'll stick to Image Blender so I don't have to painstakingly align pixels.

  • iPad???

    by Saint0327

    Five different iPads released & this app still hasn't adapted. What a piece of garbage! There are too many REAL iOS apps to drop $3 on this crap.

  • Definitely get this !!!!!!

    by Zen_n_Texas

    This is now the best App for superimposing images onto one another that there is!! After a massive and all encompassing update it does it all!!! Import-export Stamps (to/from Camera Roll, Dropbox or by email) !!!!!! New sliders that allow for all levels & types of correction= light, shadows, tint, saturation etc.! The soft erase brushes have always been better than Superimpose and now everything else is toooo!!!

  • Fun App

    by rainneparis

    Love the upgrade! Takes some practice and patience, however.

  • Amazing App!

    by Stefshu

    This is not only fun- the images can turn out very professional-looking

  • I've used this app for 4 years...

    by Awesom3Gamer

    And it doesn't disappoint. I love it!

  • I LOVE this app!!! (but...) And a story of how this app led to love!

    by Seed Sower of Women

    I really loved my best friend's wife. She was the hottest woman in the world, 5'7", 103 lbs and long blonde hair. She loved her husband so I gave up hope I'd ever find anyone as amazing as her. But then I found this app. The gears turned in my head and I decided to put my best friend's head on another guy's body. His name is Andy. I took a picture of a couple sharing a romantic dinner at a very nice restaurant and substituted the stranger's head with my Andy's. The resulting image looked perfect and seamless. It looked like Andy was fooling around on his wife. One day I went boating with Andy, Wendy his wife and a few others. While Andy was water skiing and no one was looking I slipped the photo of Andy with the other woman in his wallet. After boating all day we went to eat. When the check came Andy had already left the table to use the restroom. So Wendy fished through his wallet for enough cash to pay for the meal and the waitresses' tip. While looking in his wallet she found the picture I made. You should've seen the shock on her face! She looked stunned and in disbelief. And she also looked very angry. When Andy returned everyone was getting ready to leave and Wendy sternly told Andy "Who is she?" Andy stuttered and mumbled a few words but then Wendy really went on the offensive. She accused Andy of playing around on her and to please just leave her alone. Andy was of course in complete shock. No amount of words could convince Wendy that Andy wasn't with another woman. Pictures don't lie! It was obvious poor Andy didn't know what hit him. While he was still stumbling for words Wendy asked me if I'd drive her home. I said "Sure!" While she walked out with me she called back to Andy, "Please don't come home!" Andy and Wendy lived about an hour away so I had her all to myself. My plan worked so far. Wendy was obviously upset and she even cried. I stopped on the side of the road and gave her a big hug. I told her I understand and I'd always be there for her. She really began to open up to me, and like the great friend I was, I gave her a lot of support. When we got to her house she leaned over and kissed me and told me how much she appreciated me. I told her I understand and that a gal had messed around on me too. We had something in common and I could tell she wanted and needed more, like a good, understanding friend she could trust like me. On her way out of the car she told me "I wish all guys were like you." I told her thank you and said "If you ever want to talk to someone you can always call me." She told me thanks and then walked to her house. Just as I walked through the door to my apartment I heard the phone ringing. It was Wendy! She was crying and I reaffirmed how I would always be there for her. Our calls increased until I offered to take her to lunch and talk. She said "Sure, I'd love to be with someone I could trust." I told her she could always trust me. After lunch things were very different between us. I could feel how she was getting very attracted to me. Sensing her attachment I asked if she would like to go out some time and Wendy said eagerly, "Yes!" My plan worked! Wendy stopped seeing Andy and she began seeing me. Six months later we got married and eleven months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were in love and we never looked back. Later we learned Andy began drinking, lost his job and was on food stamps. But that didn't matter since Wendy and I were building a happy, loving life together. She will never know the picture she found in Andy's wallet that fateful day was a fake. I'm certainly not going to tell her. It would be cruel to tell her that and the last thing I am is cruel. Thank you Juxtaposer for opening up the door for me to have the woman of my dreams. It will be the third anniversary Wendy and I will be married next week. I think I'll take her to that elaborate restaurant where I took a picture of two strangers and then put Andy's face on another man's body. As they say, all's well that ends well and Wendy and I couldn't be happier. Little did I realize when I bought this app that it would open up the door to the most amazing love story in the world. In an ancient proverb it says true love will always come to those who patiently wait for it. In my case I gave it a 'little' boost. (More good news: Andy just finished his fourth rehab and he seems to be doing ok. We don't talk but I get my news through mutual friends. When not in rehab Andy lives in a halfway house so I'm glad he had a roof over his head.) I'll keep you posted on any updates to my story. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS... This is the perfect app to superimpose images. It's easy to work with and you are only limited by your imagination. The paid version is well worth the small cost because it allows you to save each session so you can go back to it later. It also has more brushes allowing you to fine tune the edges between the background and foreground pictures. Ive only been using this app a few days and I have already created pictures that look so real. You can also resize and turn the foreground image making positioning it a snap. As a graphics artist I consider this app to be an essential tool in your creative arsenal. UPDATE REVIEW AFTER 1.5 YEARS: I'm disappointed with the resolution of the stamps and with the image. If you want to add 2 or more additional images to the original image the images before the latest ones get so degraded they are almost unrecognizable. ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: Please add resolution to ALL images! It sounds like an easy fix. If that would slow down the operation of the app at least let the user decide! Just blending 2 images is okay but adding a third or a stamp degrades the image dramatically. Please fix this!!! Thanks. Update: 12-19-13: The resolution problem I described above has been corrected!

  • App now freezes

    by LawCockyDawg

    Love this app but latest update needs a fix. This app freezes every time I try and load a photo from my camera roll. Please fix!

  • Fantastic app

    by Some guy 123 123

    A really well done app.

  • Terrible apps!

    by Bunda3

    Bought this app yesterday and it's useless, can't upload photos to the app whatsoever! I want my money BACK!!!

  • Great Update!

    by Geforcer

    I've always loved this app! Now it's even better!!! Thanks for the great refresh!

  • Awsome app

    by Chocletbeautystar

    This is a wonderful app I love it!!! Now..if we can get it for iPad also,I'll erase every other app!!

  • I now need no other photo editing app!

    by Benjamin Grant

    I have had Juxtaposer for 3 years, and it is a must have app for any serious photo editors. It is the ONLY app that can truly photoshop, and with the 3.0 update now you can even edit more. With enough creativity you can create anything via this app (and google image).

  • Great but

    by Aldjdkdnekem

    Please make an option to remove the grey box from the editing interface! Sometimes it interferes with me seeing the big picture.

  • My favorite.

    by DJMSIII

    Great app. Great control. I would like to see a SMOOTHING TOOL so that the edges of the top layer can appear smooth. Photoshop has such tool as an example. Thanks devs. Love the app!

  • My favorite.

    by DJMSIII

    Great app. Great control. I would like to see a SMOOTHING TOOL so that the edges of the top layer can appear smooth. Photoshop has such tool as an example. Thanks devs. Love the app!

  • Awesome App ~ Made More Awesome by Update

    by RickyEGB

    Have had this app since day-one and have always loved it! The new update is just gravy … sweet delicious gravy! This app is a must-have for all non-techy fun-loving photogs…! So easy to use, hours of fun just to mess with, truly one of the greatest photo apps ever! Try it NOW, you won't regret it!

  • Amazing

    by Liselim

    Although I did like the old icon more with the dog on the mans body the new update is fantastic. One of the best apps out there

  • Amazing.

    by Itsbrandonok

    I've had this app for years... Man is it good. And this update made it even better. Thank you for this awesome photo editing app!

  • Best!

    by Archer777

    The best in app store!

  • Port for iPads

    by RSVideo

    Out for 5 years, why not port it to iPads. Not very practical to work in Portrait mode on iPads, when working on these devices no matter how great the app is, I'll always choose a "+" app.

  • The First & The Best

    by JustinTheIgnostic

    This is the first and best photo editing app, since 2008, and it still possesses features that no other app offers.

  • Amaaaazing.

    by Sunnitigs

    I've been using this app for a while, and in the past it's been alright, but this new update is amazing. So easy to navigate, so many more editing options, way better quality. Thank you so much!

  • Awesome update!!

    by Brizzle730

    I think I will find myself using this more!! I remember getting this when it first came out...

  • Best picture crop

    by Great Dane a running

    Great app great update

  • My Fav

    by Ottoiris

    So much fun. Let your creative juices flow. If I could have only one app this would be the one. The update has made this even better. Thanks so much team.

  • Could Look Better!

    by ScottySauce

    Long time fan of this app and we finally got an update but it's just plain ugly for the beautiful iOS7. Needs work. So much great stuff out there so keep on keeping on!

  • Love Juxtaposer

    by Ajumma Fan

    I LOVE THIS APP. It is what i use for working with layers. Now that it has been updated, it is more amazing than ever. I rarely review an app without being asked, but this update is so incredible that I just had to give it a five star review, right away! I often use Juxtaposer with Photogene, which I also love. Get this app!

  • Dog.

    by NowhrGrl

    Why did you guys change the app icon look?!? I loved that doggie on the mans body.

  • Tablet support welcomed

    by Smart Hair

    Please add native iPad support.

  • Wow!

    by denbee

    This update made my day. I thought this application was dead and that we were never going to see an update. This update is great and I use this app all the time. Thank you so much for this update! I use it for all of my instagrams, check them out @bennzel

  • Love this.

    by Joseulise

    The new update gives this app a refreshing feeling. Still good as it was!

  • Great app!

    by Flamingplatypus7

    I've had this app for years and have used it for Christmas Cards and various other things... Great app! I will miss the dogface icon though :(

  • Me

    by John Roche

    Love it. The best app in the world.

  • The best got better

    by KingTaco619

    This app has been on my iPod and then iPhone since day 1, some 5 years ago. It's always been solid, functional, fun and sturdy. Never crashes, great interface, great support. The new features take it even further into the realm of "necessary apps for photo editing". The new filters and opacity options are welcome additions and the brush management tool only enhances what was already a top notch interface. Great job. This is how updates are done.

  • Thanx a lot

    by Pap1106

    This app is the best now Thanx a million I love it Thanx for responding Thanx for adding more cool tools Thanx

  • Awesome review

    by brianmatute

    Great update

  • Still solid after 5 years!

    by ipodfreek

    You cannot go wrong with this app. I have made TONS of awesome images with this app over the last five years. The new 3.0 version that will drop soon is fantastic. The control you get with the brushes is second to none. If you love to manipulate images, this is your app.

  • This Needs A Update!

    by Franky moya

    You Guys Should Make The Second Picture To Erase Be In The Same Position As The Bottom One So It Would Be Way Easier. Please Help!

  • Ok

    by Cobra7276

    Ok this app is pretty amazing!!!! But if I want a more advanced app I would recommend super impose! U can change the color and save masks

  • Best app


    Best photoshop editing app for iPhone

  • Good.

    by Koolkat7890

    Great app, easy to use, but $2.99 is ALOT. I'm really regretting buying this because superimpose is better and has more options and is only .99¢ Good app if you want to spend the extra money.

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