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Seller: Pixite LLC

- 6 new fragments
- Fix for crash on older devices

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The creators of Tangent (App Store Best of 2013), and LoryStripes (featured in 111 countries) introduce the revolutionary photo effects app Fragment. With Fragment, you now have the power to transform any image into totally unique, one-of-a-kind prismatic art you’ll want to share with everyone. Whether you’re looking to completely redefine and enhance your level of iPhoneography, or simply want to add a subtle dose of creativity to your pictures, Fragment puts the artistry in your hands.

It all begins with your images. Take your camera and compose a photo, or select from your Camera Roll. Once you have your image, the enhancing is in full effect. Unleash your inner artist and choose from a collage of inspired frames, shapes and patterns. Watch as your image is “fragmented” instantly into a myriad of prism-like glass pieces, thanks to a lightning-fast interface that works in real time. No lag time here, thank you.

Now dive in and manipulate at will. Rotate, resize, frame, drag, zoom, crop – Fragment is completely scalable and a true reflection of your imagination. Add colors and adjust levels. Desaturate. Blend. Blur. Invert. Or go for something completely random and tap shuffle. It’s all up to you where you want to take it.

Ready to share? Send your vision to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other photo enhancement apps with just a tap. Still going? Hit “Refragment” and keep creating. Simple, and yet so beautiful, isn’t it?

With Fragment, the pieces add up to something extraordinary every time.

Thanks to Dan Otis for the use of his photography in the fourth screenshot

Customer Reviews

  • Great Fun

    by Mdmello

    I really have been enjoying this app. I've only had it a short time but I know I'll be using it a lot in the future. Thanks for a fun app to create great photos

  • Incredible creative tool

    by vurnt22

    You think you know what this App is & what it does. You don't. I thought I knew. I didn't. Fragment is capable of so much more than you think. Get it. Explore. You'll find out.

  • iPhoneography For All

    by Jasmine Zarela

    This is a great app for turning your photos into art without spending hours pushing pixels. Just buy it.

  • Fun & Slick!

    by BeeSharpe

    Easy to use, stunning

  • FUN

    by Mindy05942168952578!

    Fun fun fun for the whole family fun...

  • Magical

    by GMano07

    Such fun easy to use and explore how to use this app, thanks creator !!

  • Great App

    by Cwrede

    I love this app it makes my pics look way cooler than they actually are.


    by Snnakshakhxbaizgaiha


  • Just like Tangent and LoryStripes...

    by Clurichaun

    The only limit with this app is your imagination and the patience it takes to play around and read directions when not understanding how to accomplish something, instead of believing and complaining that certain effects are not achievable. I cannot believe this was only a dollar because I have created stellar looks from the most crap and asinine pics imaginable :)

  • Great app for the money

    by luisss1411

    I really love this app and I think it's more useful on outdoor pictures. Not on selfies. The only thing is that it might be a little complex for some users, but its ok

  • Fun and fluid

    by yodeling aodl

    I love this app. I've had so much more fun with it than I expected. It's nice to see a photo app focused on effects beyond trying to emulate aged film.

  • My favorite photo app

    by Falexis

    This is the first photo app that I regularly use. It’s unique take on photo editing in a very crowded space. Filters are finished; fragments are where its at now.

  • Nifty.

    by N3mesis85

    Surprisingly easy to make fancy effects on your photos. even for a casual iphoneographer! Anything that is THIS easy to use and can make it look like I spent hours photoshopping is totally worth it, imo.

  • :)

    by Smiiiiiiii

    Amazing app!!!

  • Easy peasy

    by Kboettcher

    I love this app. It's very easy to use. You can be as creative as you'd like, or you can let the app help.

  • Beautiful

    by Kashmoney20

    Take the time to understand the effects and what not and simple pictures can become quite stunning! Great app :)

  • Love this app

    by The-empress

    sooooo awesome! one of my favorite apps... you can see some of the stuff I've done on my Instagram... empress_ezker

  • Amazing

    by Captain Poodles

    I've never seen anything quite like this. Amazing app, definitely buy.

  • Awesome iphoneography app

    by dorsey888

    One of the most entertaining and cool iphoneography apps out there. I highly recommend Fragment for anyone wanting to create amazing artwork from their photos.

  • Loving the new shapes

    by dillon9378

    I love Fragment because of the effects and the new shapes make my favorite app even better.

  • I didnt like It

    by BeaDosParanaue


  • Quite asking me to review your app

    by slappytowntown

    Will devs ever stop this? Cool app, btw

  • Nothing like it

    by VictorBee

    Incredible effects I've seen nowhere else. Incredible interface and super easy to use. I'll get lost in Fragment, no doubt about that.

  • Nothing else like this in the App Store

    by Terwilliger917

    It's like creating your own kaleidoscope to view your photos through. LOVE IT!!! Shuffle feature is awesome!

  • iPhone 4S

    by BubbleTina

    Keeps crashing. What's the deal?!

  • Love it

    by Emamally

    I was skeptical at first to try it out,but I'm so happy I did now it is one of my favorite apps.

  • ok

    by marco tuvalorenzo

    this is ok app but not much of use

  • Pro Level Abstraction

    by vurnt22

    Works best on later iOS devices. Extraordinary textures.

  • Captivating, inspiring, and stunning

    by Mikekoobs

    To have the most fun with this app you must first pick the right photos. I like to take wallpapers/photos from various apps then use the generate random effects button. Then, I'll "re-fragment" the results to make it look even better. Happy fragging

  • Awesome

    by Canyoncity

    One of my favorite apps in my phone right now.

  • Pixite apps are awesome

    by Blishblash12

    Well designed with tons of possibilities, this, along with the rest of pixite's apps, is great for editing in a new way

  • Loves it

    by Leo751

    Very unique. The editing is nice.

  • Great app!

    by Lmjcastro

    I love it!! La volvería a comprar!

  • Great.

    by lavadiamond

    No doubt a great buy. Great effects, awesome layering, and fun and easy to play with.

  • Awesome !

    by Chels466

    You can create awesome pics with this app .. It lets you explore photo editing in exciting new ways

  • Easily a $10 App

    by Awe.Some.App

    Well done and worth more than the asking price. This app embodies the potential of graphic design and the iPad. It's just lovely to work with.

  • Very cool and creative

    by Jaeguar

    I love this app. Brilliant idea and exceptionally executed. Love what I can do to my photos. Keep up the awesome work. Highly recommended *****+

  • Love

    by Shewli Ghosh

    I wasn't expecting much but after buying the app I was inspired! My normal pictures have turned into amazing pieces! A must have for photography fanatics

  • Crashes

    by Kkpreston

    I'm giving it 1 star because it continuously crashes on my iPad. My iPad has the latest updates.

  • Crash Happy on 4S phones

    by DeanPhD

    I haven't been able to use the app at all. Every time I load a photo from the camera roll or try to take a picture it crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app a few times with no success.

  • Amazing app

    by Claszi_Corey

    This app is amazing! You can do so much with your pictures the possibilities are endless I def recommend it if your into photo editing

  • Most fresh photo app out there

    by Nathaniel Giltner

    I find myself taking pics with fragment in mind. Makes art that is as interesting as you can come up with. Most fresh photo app out there.

  • I love it

    by SkinnyPaleWhiteBoyAdam

    Although some controls will be difficult to use, due to being touch sensitive. I really love this app and hope they continue to come out with more apps like it!

  • Album covers for days.

    by Anastasia Encarnacion

    The fact that I'm even taking the time to write a review should show how amazing this app is. Now, I write music. I need album covers. And I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on photo editors. Fragment allows me to produce that abstract design I've always loved. And for the price it's offered at, I don't see why anyone would pass up this opportunity. Especially if they love new ideas and/or new-age-ish design. 5 stars for sure. The only thing I hope for is that Pixite comes out with add-on content!

  • One Star for asking me to review

    by eleanayoo

    One Star for asking me to review. Repeatedly!!!

  • Fun and easy

    by Izlo

    Easy to make boring pics exciting


    by (o:)

    I have several photo apps and this one by far is the best. I get so into creating exciting and interesting photos with this app I loose track of time. If you don't have this is a must get!!

  • Like Tangent + Decim8

    by TheBoyEclectic

    Fragment is a truly inspirational image manipulation app that provides much of the control available in Tangent combined with some of the controlled randomness that Decim8 infuses into the process. This is a powerful tool with great potential that is truly fun. You can use it for glitch art as well as for more controlled effects. Enjoy!

  • Sorda kinda...

    by volleyball_chick

    I love love love this app!! Best editor I have ever worked with!..Just wish they had it for the iPod 4.

  • Amazing App!

    by Ryan Roberts

    This app is definitely the only of it's kind. I have yet to see another app that does anything remotely similar to the things that this one does It had a simple and easy to use interface and creates amazing photos with ease!

  • Very Satisfied

    by River Mon

    Thank you Camera +, finally an App that got it right the 1st time! I've used this App since day 1 and every update just makes it better and better. Professional quality photos every time... Thanks again!

  • Love it but for one thing

    by KrisMcKenna

    I can't seem to save what I'm doing to come back to later. Otherwise I love this app with all my heart and soul.

  • Awesome

    by Zzzeliaaa

    So artistic and awesome

  • Nice app!!! But upset with the random function

    by datadj

    The app is very easy to use but most of the times the random button create irregular and pointless images.

  • Just get it

    by Kristin Haacke

    This app is so fun just to mess with pictures on. I love this app.

  • Awesome!

    by O.21.S.

    Awesome app!

  • Love It-But Needs Updates

    by WishfulCreative

    I would really like to love this app- but I get such frequent crashes that I can't give it a high rating. The author should get big points for functionality; there is a fantastic choice of effects, filter-like elements and a sense of customization that you don't get from many photo editing applications. However, this version needs an update to fix the issue of crashing while attempting to open an existing photo from my camera roll.

  • Awesome app

    by AdamasTX

    Very fun!

  • Killer App!

    by Hector333

    Yet another winner from the guys over at Pixite. Can't wait to see what's next...

  • Fun

    by Innommable

    Fun and easy to use! Love it!

  • Crashes!

    by Jadelunar

    I just bought the app and I can't get it to run. It crashes as soon as I load a photo and hit next. What a scam.

  • Crashes constantly!

    by AlwaysUnbound

    I would love the app if I could actually use it! I can't even edit one picture without the entire app crashing and freezing up my phone! Please fix!!!

  • Okay

    by Randomguy720

    This app isn't amazing, I just doesn't have very many features and isn't really worth the money as other apps are

  • ALWAYS crashes

    by Jonc20

    I haven't been able to get past cropping the photo I chose... Each time, I get a spinning wheel and then a forces close. EVERYTIME. I'll review again if it works.

  • great

    by Shortfellow

    I just got it and already lots of fun thanks

  • Great idea!

    by Sir Picasso

    It truly is an amazing idea and they make it very easy to use but I can't save larger resolution (3000x2000) photos without the app crashing on my iPad. I really hope to see an update that might help with this! But other than that seriously get this app!

  • NOT READY....

    by Poof2subdivision3x

    I'm afraid this one was pulled out of the oven too soon. I won't even tell you the crap it's putting me through.

  • Fragment

    by ozzport

    This app is so much fun, I highly recommend it. It's easy to use & the stuff you can make with it is endless. I am getting more creative than I ever thought I could be. Can't put it down!!!

  • Awesome!

    by N1CKxP

    Fragment simply can make a boring photograph fun and exciting! It's really worth the 99 cents!

  • Excellent.

    by BriannaJoyfinn

    Worth more than a dollar. Glad I got it for such a stesl!

  • Love it!

    by JamSlaps

    Turn any normal photo into a mind blowing one with Fragment (if you know how to use this app properly) I use Fragment along with Tangent and Lorystripes to edit my pictures and they look incredible and professional. You will not be disappointed by this app!

  • Astonishing.

    by ArcticArsonist

    I'm going to use a picture I took and edited as an album cover for my music. Incredible app.

  • Great style

    by Servin44

    This app is easy to use and provides enough levers to tweak your photo to a custom feeling piece of graphic design art.

  • So so

    by qbavoo

    Nothing special. Honestly... I feel like I lost a dollar...

  • W O W...wheeeeeeeeee!!!

    by Betsy Marks

    It was my lucky day! I went to App Store to look into a totally different app and this one caught my eyeballs...I've been having so much fun it is probably ripping a hole in the very fabric of the universe...

  • Fun, fast and robust

    by Ramador565

    I'm enjoying this as a nice alternative to apps like Decim8. Lots of fun and the random settings generation is excellent as an initial starting point for further manipulations.

  • Rad

    by Ashaads

    Love it!!

  • Eh

    by User123oo

    I regretted buying it's not very useful seeing as it only does one thing. It does do what it says it does, but i can never seem to get my pictures to look good like the examples.

  • Incredible Control

    by Han5Frit2

    This app allows placement/rotation/sizing of the any of the numerous effects. Then a second panel provides access to adjust contrast/temp/blur/saturation… Really, a very nice tool.

  • Pretty cool

    by Brick Jansen

    Fun and easy to use. Great for nudie self-pics.

  • You Will Not be Disappointed!!

    by Codi J.

    Just download it , you'll love it :)

  • Great.

    by Key-yawn-&-on

    Wonderful app. Love the randomizer and the inspiration section.

  • AmaZzing

    by Amazingg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome app

  • Please fix

    by ntklp

    It's crashed on iPhone 4S


    by marissakayy1535

    i dont know if its just because i have an iPhone 4S but it keeps crashing. i upload the picture then it just crashes. seems cool, but i wouldn't know. definitely not worth the money until they fix it.

  • Haven't even used it yet

    by brittany parrella

    and I know I love it. It's downloading right now.

  • Fun gadget

    by Buddanbr4

    I take a photo I took and pop a random fragment on it and when I see it later in my cloud screen saver I am joyfully reminded.

  • Thank You Great App

    by Cody Falkosky

    Amazing! In an update it would be awesome to pick a second photo to fragment over the first

  • Great!!!

    by GreenKidd

    Awesome app. Love the fact that it has a shuffle option!

  • Amazing!

    by Filmmaker24

    Another great design app!

  • Great app!!!

    by logansan

    All ready addicted to this. Just keep adding fragments it's really crazy what you can come up with

  • It keeps crashing

    by Dance Biscuit

    I love this app, but it's been crashing every time I'm editing or saving a photo. Please fix this!

  • Nooice.

    by John Ladd

    It's pretty dope.

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