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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Former App Store App of the Week, Diptic helps you create and share beautiful photo collages.

"A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story." - Macworld

"Diptic's well-designed interface, simplicity, and thoughtful balance of features make it a delightful app to use." - TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Over 3 million downloads

• Create Diptics with photos from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook or Flickr, or – if inspiration strikes – take a photo on the spot with your device camera.
• Save Diptics to your device, send via email, or share by uploading directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (hashtag: #Diptic), Tumblr or any app that accepts JPGs.
• High-resolution export for pixel-perfect images.
• Import multiple photos at once and swap photos between frames.

• Choose from 179 layouts (additional layouts are available as in-app purchase). Combine up to nine photos in a layout.
• Customize your layouts to better fit your pictures by sliding interior frame lines or moving joints along the line.
• Create rectangular Diptics (great for printing) with Expandable Layouts (in-app purchase).
• Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply background textures.

• Choose from14 filters, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation.
• Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos.
• Personalize your Diptic with a text caption. Adjust the font, style, color and size of the text.

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @dipticapp
Instagram: @dipticapp
Facebook: facebook.com/dipticapp
Flickr: flickr.com/groups/diptic
Monthly photo contest: diptic.tumblr.com

Customer Reviews

  • My recommendations for a new update

    by BishowBarbieta

    My recommendations for a stunning new update is to allow adding (GIF) Photos "moving pictures" that sure will be a cool update, please and thankyou.

  • Love it

    by Asu2011

    I've been using it for a few years and always been impressed. I just wish we had the option to make rectangular photos instead of always square. But I use this app to export directly to Instagram.

  • I use it often!

    by Queep12

    I use this app for most of my posts on Instagram. I'm not very tech smart so this app is very easy to use. I am able to add a different twist to my photos.

  • Needs update

    by Nancy_valdez330

    Loved the app. But it seems like lately it has not been working well for me. When I save the photo to my camera roll it does not load the new photo correctly. It actually comes up blank when I review it. Please update the app so I can start using it again

  • iOS 7 filter removal

    by Yuri_darling

    I really love this app but lately I've noticed that when I take photos with an ios7 filter on then try to edit them in Diptic, the app removes filter. It's a small thing, but it matters enough to me that I'm probably going to switch to a different collage app.

  • This App Does What it Says

    by Gregory Lewis

    I love it. I use it all the time. I highly recommend it.

  • Awesome app

    by Miraclegirl10

    I've been wanting to use this app for the longest time because I use collage apps like crazy!!! Best one ever

  • Everyday

    by ot4ever

    I create some kind of picture EVERYDAY. I created my picture Xmas card with it, everyone loved it. SO SO easy. Can't miss

  • My first and only photo app

    by The Creative Crackerjack

    Love this app, just saw the video version in "best new app" section. Great job guys! Keep it up! :)

  • Not loading

    by Toni Bee

    Layout boxes not loading photos. Please help. Been a few days now and I really like this app.


    by steven shekaj

    This app is perfect if you like making a collage of your favorite pictures, it has sports themes, hearts, and lots of cool crazy shapes. It WAS worth the 99 cents.


    by Gil1924

    It's fully customizable and comes with several layouts. It is easily manipulated even from my iPhone. I love the pics I make. Excellent for spoofing friends

  • Love it!!!

    by Macd90

    Great way to put things together

  • Cooool

    by Cole Elizabeth

    Awesome app! Only complaint is it would be nice if you could add more than one text box.

  • The best collage app out there.

    by Fozzie323

    This app is easy to learn and awesome. I love it!

  • Almost there

    by Juniorrr. Ramirezz

    There's another app similar to this that has video and that is really cool but this doesn't have it so it made me mad! Please see if you can add video. Also can you redesign for iO7? I would be in love if you can also make it edit your videos and stuff. Thanks

  • Awesome! Excellent!

    by 5shfhdhehhehe

    Great app, love it!

  • Love it

    by LovelyR

    Nice way to make a small collage !! Truuuu

  • Wonderful helper!

    by Lady wasp

    This app has been a great help to arrange pics for my blog, a family calendar and just for myself. I would highly recommend spending the .99¢ for the extra features. With these you can customize your groupings any way you want. Warning: it is so much fun that you can accidentally spend hours arranging your pictures with this app!

  • My Creativity Soars

    by apgrard1

    This app is so much fun and has so many options to make anything you want! I can't imagine not having this app when editing photos for fun!!!

  • Won't save pic

    by minnie922j

    Was good now crashes

  • Neglected

    by ameliabee

    Instead of ever updating this app to iOS 7 standards, you neglect and abandon your paying customers and create a new redesigned Diptic that we have to pay for all over again. Super disappointing.

  • I have the pro

    by The Mellowseeker

    When I edit photos via my iPhone photo app it WILL NOT transfer the edited photo but rather the orignal. Please fix this bug.

  • Diptic

    by prince sulley

    Works well

  • Works and works well

    by Krylonultraflat

    Most recent update fixed issues I'd been having with crashes on an iPhone 4 and using large images transferred from my SLR.

  • Nothing Else Compares!

    by Richè

    Out of all collage apps downloaded DipTic has been the only not to remain on my phone! Love it!

  • Awesome app

    by Crysaita

    Fun way to make your photos memorable and creative! Use this all the time love it!

  • Love it but...

    by juless_5

    Please fix this! Whenever I take a picture with the new iOS 7 iPhone filters built in to the camera, the filters disappear whenever I use diptic, please fix :(

  • Adjustable

    by elijane23

    The only collage app I've seen that can adjust its grid. Great! :)

  • Needs to update iOS 7

    by tfigs

    Nice app but needs to be updated for iOS 7

  • Diptic

    by Happymommy1128

    Great for my scrapbooking photos to make smaller versions


    by anna mcallister

    app crashes almost 99% of the time so it's pretty worthless. I would never recommend, not sure why apple would allow this on their site?

  • Excellent app.

    by LookIntoMyEyees

    Always thought it was a bit ugly (The UI) but that's not to say that this app isn't amazing. It is. It's simple and quick. Please so redesign it for iOS 7.

  • iOS 7

    by bintangsugita

    I love this apps. Please redesign for iOS 7 ✌️

  • Simple & effective

    by Twozeronine

    It gets the job done, mighty well too!

  • Used to be great

    by Sguughu

    This app was my go to application when it came to putting my pictures to make a collage. I used to have no problems until a week ago or so when I would insert the pictures, and save the image, the image was only blank boxes with no pictures inside. I tried multiple times and had the same problem each time. I am updated to the newest version. Hopefully this problem gets fixed soon.

  • Need video!

    by imtheclassnerd

    Allow us to upload videos, too! Once you add that, itm be perfex

  • Disappointed

    by Killaa Skeez

    Within a few minutes of buying this app I instantly deleted it. It says "Photo & Video" but when I go to my camera roll - my videos are nowhere in sight. & I checked my bank account to see if the money was taken out - & it wasn't. So what are you using my card information for? If anything is taken from my account without my knowing, I will press charges.

  • Won't upload photos

    by Lovely&la

    Every time I open the app and choose a layout it won't let me upload any photos. I press on the screen to prompt uploading a picture and it's useless now because I can even put any pictures up. I've updated it and it still won't let me. Please fix or I'll have to find a different photo app to use.

  • Very useful for photographers

    by J Me In The Box

    I use this app to add text! I guess the only thing I would ask now is a way to "un-square" the frame to maintain the original images's crop to be used with Instagram and I would also like to be able to export in full resolution beyond the 3264 x 3264! My photos are closer to double the dimensions and would definitely benefit from that!

  • App is great, not working recently after last update

    by Borabill

    Version 6.1.3 - iPad 2 As of 9/11/13 - after many attempts of rebooting the ipad and re-installing Diptic, I cannot load pics into the quandrants other then single set. Anything other then single, it will not load the pics. Help!

  • Love it!

    by Draytriiii

    Use it for collages of all kinds. Nothing like it out!!

  • Awesome

    by AyCupcakeYou

    The user interface is so easy and it's so easily to make cute collages

  • Additional Feature

    by Nikki Placheta

    I love the app. I always use it for photo collages to post on Instagram. I know there's always apps to make a collage for video and photo, but it would be great if Diptic had that feature to complete their editing app.

  • You need this app!

    by rymacguy

    I've used it since the beginning, I don't know what people mean that this new sleeker version is anything less than fun & easy. It took me 3-5min of poking around to figure out, max. This app instantly gives you ability to make much more coherent, easy to understand, and fun emails, text messages, twitter & Facebook posts. Everyone always asks "wow, how'd you do that so fast" when I instantly text them a side by side comparison of what we were talking about. Before & after, this person looks like that person, or hey here's 8 pics from the concert in one great collage cause who sends 8 individual photos? It's sounds cliche, but you won't believe you got along without it for so long. Also has a desktop companion app!

  • Diptic

    by amr22

    Excellent photo cropping app

  • Great app

    by Twinks2

    Just what I was looking for

  • Love diptic!

    by Sally B

    Great fun app!

  • Great app

    by mamoru.ito

    I came across Diptic after some readings from website and seems like it's one of the best layout app I ever used. But, I'd suggest that the rotating and resizing the photo can be a little bit easier because I always in a loop of selecting the photo rather than editing them. And to add few more basic filters like BW.

  • Awesome app

    by Cutterofcandy

    Easy to use and makes you look like you are a genius.

  • Awesome

    by HaNoman72

    Amazing and easy to use

  • Intuitive

    by VivaVegas'11

    Easy to use without much instruction. Really fun app :)

  • Love!

    by Kate Jackson

    Been using for over a year! Love the ability to post to Instagram and then to FB, twitter and tumblr! Great app a must have!

  • Slow

    by dayzzz

    The app is alright but I found myself only using it to crop photos into a circle and each time i oponed the app, it made everything go slow so i always had to turn my idevice off and on afterwards.

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