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- iOS7 bug fixes (audio related)
- Parental Controls Added!

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From near to far, from here to there, funny things are everywhere in this interactive book app! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. From riding a Wump to boxing a Gox, what funny things will you encounter?

Explore the Story:
- ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration
- LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
- RECORD your own narration & share it with others
- SELECT a scene with easy-to-use navigation
- KEEP kids in the story with parental controls 

Designed for children ages 2-6


The Reviews Are In:
- The #1 Book on iPhone - June 2010
- Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review, June 2010
- "A lovingly rendered version of the original book!" - Just Another iPad Blog


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Customer Reviews

  • It's Seuss!

    by jceaves

    Faithful to the original, plus it has music and narration if wanted. Nicely interactive too. Good work.

  • Dr Seuss books

    by Timnabttl

    Grand kids are spellbound

  • Good fun


    Good fun

  • Awesome

    by Worldtravelchick

    Love the interactive book! A blast for my toddlers!

  • Great App

    by Antw1-S

    I like the reading options in the beginning and that all it takes is a touch for my son to figure out what something is. Also I was surprised by the length. I started it on the read to me mode and it seems like it was reading for a while unlike the other audible books that cost more.

  • Lorax

    by K's gram

    My granddaughter age 6, loves this and other books on the go. It's easier accessing them on the phone. Thankyou for making reading fun and easy.

  • Great app

    by Maria McLaughlin

    My grand daughter just this book. It's always the one she chooses when it's her bed time. This is very handy when she wants someone to read her a bed time story.

  • Narrator could be better

    by Cazsidee

    The book itself, of course, is fantastic. The narrator, though, is lacking. Perhaps it's because I know this book so well, but she really doesn't seem to put much feeling into the reading. However, the kids love it, and that's really what matters.

  • Awesome

    by Gina ;) 1974


  • This book is great for kids.

    by Jigsaw1229

    I read this to my daughter and she enjoys it. But man it is so simple it's hard to read. Lol.

  • Great

    by Piyali

    My baby loves it

  • Omg

    by barbiebreath

    I love this book. I read it all the time when I'm bored. It taught me how to read and spell.

  • 4 year old enjoys it immensely

    by Dr. BPW

    My son enjoys the ability to have the choice in how he interacts with the story. Great user interface. It's a Dr. Seuss story...nothing else needs to be said.

  • Long, but good.

    by Hals81

    I didn't realize how long this story was, but my kids sat and listened really well, it kept them engaged!

  • Voice is distracting and un-Seussian

    by cea68

    App is fine, but I find the female voice reading the story to be remarkably un-Seussian. Somehow the voice is wrong for the material - it should be a little quirky and irreverent. Instead it sounds like an overly-polite customer service rep.

  • Excellent

    by Malissa17

    Fixed the no sound by putting the rotation option on settings as mute and putting the lock on the unlock position..why I have to do that is still annoying but I only do it for the lorax and 1 fish 2 fish.. Great 3 year old loves it..

  • Great app

    by Cook street

    Love all dr seuss' apps. My son loves his books and loves the touch the pictures function. Awesome job

  • Too slow

    by Ekleizm

    I wish it had a speed setting, my kids and I find it is too slow as every picture and page zooms out for every sentence. It looks great but I find myself using the paper book because of the tempo.

  • Absolutely Awesome!

    by Cinypoo

    My 2 year old LOVES this book/app. I think I'm going to send it to friends as a gift.

  • Dr seus is the man

    by Jennut4

    Best childrens book in a perfect app!!

  • Wonderful

    by ozma of oz

    All the Seuss books from this company are awesome! More More please!

  • Classic that my kids love!

    by Curtis Cordell

    It is a wonderful book with three different reading options it is great learning tool for any parent.

  • Cute!!!

    by nglniles

    My daughter and I love it!

  • Awesome!!

    by Kiddo79

    These books are great for my special needs son!!

  • Would recommend, narration is a little slow

    by Great value, educational

    Great interactive book. Helps with word recognition by saying and showing a written word when child taps on the subject. "fish" on a picture of a fish etc., also there are many words that a child can expose himself to by tapping different parts of an illustration.

  • So good!


    It's where books,tech and imagination meet. Great job. My little boy loves it.

  • My kids love this!

    by Mg_mama

    We haven't read the book version of this title but my 14m n 5y love it!

  • I love this app.

    by Tr'3

    I love this app. This is a great tool for parents with toddlers. The option to have the story auto play and read to my son is a great alternative to watching tv.

  • Great Book

    by SnackOps

    Works great and my daughter likes to self read and tap the words.

  • Dr. Seuss

    by Formykids2

    My daughter loves this!

  • OM books

    by Jacqui E.

    These book trump angry birds and just about every other book/game app on my iPad at bedtime with my 3yo and 5yo boys. We got the all but the Cat books and 1fish 2fish are their FAV.

  • Great

    by cloud885

    Works great, never crashes.

  • Awesome, VERY WELL DONE

    by Stickflea

    Kids are captivated by these OM books. Who am I kidding. They have my attention too.

  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

    by Mb1928

    my boy loves it!

  • One fish two fish

    by Tam pines

    Not as interactive as I the other Dr Seuss apps which I have purchased. Expect to see more activities.

  • Great take on an old classic

    by Warszawianka

    I loved this book as a kid and now my daughter loves the iPad version. We enjoy reading it together and exploring all the words and sounds on each page. Great fun!

  • Great book :)

    by Lea Snedden

    For the price this is a great book. We enjoy this together as well as our 5 year old all by herself. Would recommend this classic book.

  • Wish I could rate it higher

    by Brent Cabrera

    By far the best app I have purchased for my daughter to date. The creators have done an amazing job of converting the books. I will continue to purchase the great products that they release.


    by KGreerPutnam

    Love this app!

  • Loved IT!!!

    by Squaremouth


  • Great "Book", great fun for kids!

    by Diogo Maia

    : )

  • Xoxoxo

    by Kathies

    Lots of fun! My 3 1/2 year old loves it!

  • Interactive reading on the go

    by catgmac

    This is a great integration of technology with the simple pleasure of reading to your children. I only use the "read it myself" feature. I love how it has subtle background sounds fitting to the context and how it zooms in and out of the original Dr. Seuss illustrated pages. It feels like an animated version of the book to my voice. My 2 year old twins LOVE it!

  • My son love them.

    by bowlinra

    Son can't get enough of the Dr. Seuss and Little Critter books

  • Excellent

    by ljarroyo14

    Very addictive for my five year old!

  • Great

    by Chucky2009


  • navigation and pace of app needs wrk

    by ionbrain

    get a real child and try this app and you will soon see the flaws.. revamp the controls

  • needs fixing

    by Jesse Tharin

    This is not bad at all in read-to-me mode, but is a very difficult mess of confusion when you're trying to read the book to the kids. It has it's own pacing that you're forced to follow and navigation is a continuing puzzle as it doesn't follow any discernable pattern. Sometimes it scrolls up when it gets around to it; sometimes it scrolls down, and left, and right, and sometimes it waits for you to change pages. You can't tell which! This makes for a very choppy reading. Since other, newer reading-aloud story apps flow very differently than this one, they fixed their layout errors, but avoid this mess if you like to entertain your kids by reading to them. Jesse

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

    by Mom and Day Care Owner

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!! I use it for my own 20 month old and with children in my day care up to 4 years old. They all LOVE it! I highly recommend! Beautiful colors and reading and works perfectly.

  • Excellent!

    by Joymet

    My favorite book as a little girl, and now my son's as well!

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