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Languages: English

Seller: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

- iOS7 bug fixes (audio related)
- Parental Controls Added!

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Learn your ABCs with Dr. Seuss in this interactive book app for young readers! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. From Aunt Annie riding an Alligator to the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, learning to read is an unforgettable adventure with Dr. Seuss!

Explore the Story:
- ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration
- LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
- RECORD your own narration & share it with others
- SELECT a scene with easy-to-use navigation
- KEEP kids in the story with parental controls 

Designed for children ages 2-6


The Reviews Are In:
- "Superb implementation" - Wired
- Featured in "Best Education Apps for Kids" - iPhone Life Magazine Oct 2011
- "Highly recommended. Encourages (kids) to make connections with sounds, letters and their meanings" - Appmodo


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Customer Reviews

  • Abc's

    by Me Me Monica

    My 18 month grand baby loves this app! Highly recommended

  • Not so great

    by moze21

    I purchased this for my son because it's a classic and he's just starting to read. Unfortunately it's filled with bugs and glitches. My son is four and even he is annoyed with the app. Should have stuck with a hardcover, I suppose.

  • Love the interactive features!

    by corib1216

    Perfect bedtime book for my niece & nephew...they loved it.

  • Wonderful children's story ... digitized

    by Mike Wylde

    This is really well done and a favorite of the youngsters in the family. Story can be read to the child or the child can read it themselves. If narrated, the individual words and letters are highlighted to help children relate the written words to the sound each word (or letter) makes.

  • Very good-small room for improvements

    by Owvan

    Poor color choices on some letters. Can't see changes when touched or read. Very small issue though. My kids love it!s

  • Great!!!!!!

    by sgtweb

    This app really help my daughter, especially when on the road trips.

  • Love the app

    by JaimeNHuffman

    Great app! My 22 month old loves it. Nice graphics and detail!

  • Great apps

    by mvb13


  • worth every penny

    by Daniel Anderson

    Great app for reading and alphabet practice

  • Great bedtime reading

    by ElZilcho

    This is my son's reward for a smooth bedtime and incentive to turn out the lights... Thanks!

  • Great App

    by 32Mike32

    My daughter is 14 months and she gets glued to this app. She even says some of the letters.

  • Like this one

    by chadgniffke

    My 1 1/2 year old loves this book and I enjoy it too:) Highly recommend !

  • Grate app

    by Saifur khan

    I love it my kids love it

  • Wonderful!

    by Bdb111

    Need more book apps like this!

  • Review!!

    by Chelly9708

    My daughter loves it!!!

  • Great entertainment

    by ClayMeisman

    My kids love it and the options for interactions are just right

  • Great!

    by Riseld

    My 21 month lives it.. We've been reading evry night and now he expects it as a night routine.

  • Love it

    by Swscas

    My autistic son loves this!

  • A+

    by DrJeanValjean

    Kids love it.

  • Fantastic

    by Vays mom

    Keeps my baby, hubby and myself entertained

  • No sound

    by L2345MAC

    Can't hear the sound!

  • Love it!

    by Nadia504

    Great app! My two year old loves it!

  • Great app

    by Manyhats22

    This is perfect for my one yr old

  • Great app

    by Man7y7

    Love it, my kids love it. Great price for story time. Wished they had lots more titles.

  • Very Fun and Educational!!!

    by Banks30

    My nephew owns my phone ever since I downloaded this...

  • Max's Mommy

    by John Draper

    My 1 yr old son loves the pictures. He pulls out my iTouch to "read" this book all the time. I really like when you put it on auto play, the words light up as it reads the story so it helps children learn word recognition and builds reading skills. Love love love this app!

  • Dr. Seuss does it again!!!! Thanks for a great story book, my autistic son loves it!!

    by Xcuzy

    There are few books that hold his attention for long periods, this one does it!

  • Very educational! Terrific teaching tool.

    by Teacher/Mom

    This book is a fun way to learn letter recognition, letter sounds and letter names. It is such a funny book that the child desires to play with it repeatedly and easily learns their letters.

  • Delightful

    by Klover Cain

    I really don't know why people were complaining about these apps. They are awesome. You can read the story and tap on anything in the screen and it will say what it is and pop up with the word. You can also touch any word and it will say it. As a die-hard "real" book fan, I can't say enough good things about this.

  • Perfect

    by dave45988

    My 3-year old loves it and easily navigates the book!

  • Doll

    by Dallis12345

    Love it!

  • Good book/app

    by Jcook8

    Our son loves to read so this helps us so much when we are out.

  • My kids love it

    by Momof4onespecial needs

    They want to watch over and over.

  • Great book app for kids!

    by Lisanash24

    We love the interactive dr seuss apps, great for all travel!!!

  • baby loves it

    by fdzdvl

    my baby can play for hours, great for long trips

  • Great book!

    by Haaarrrrryy

    It's easy for my son to read and he loves it!

  • Is great book!!!!!

    by Mikelimon


  • Slow Down, Ms. Cheerful!

    by Mathphobe

    Please please please re-voice this wonderful book. The reader goes slowly through the letters and then whizzes through them so quickly that I can hardly follow them, much less my 2 year old. I love the idea of this app, we own the book, and I'd like to recommend it to every young ESL learner, but not until it is re-voiced with somebody who doesn't zip through all the parts where slow & steady is needed. Sorry, Seussers!

  • Granddad

    by 67Mustang

    Enjoyed it with my granddaughters.

  • Dissapointing

    by DlP12

    Not worth buying this app! Boring! My son didn't like it, It's a waste!

  • Disappointing

    by Prodes111

    After reading the glowing reviews I expected the kind of interactive program that Random House folks developed for this book in the 1990s, with little animations that pop out or move. Alas no, this is not much more than an electronic version of a book. I can read the book to my kid myself; I want something that invites him to participate.

  • Great app

    by Deltadoc

    My son loves this app.

  • For my baby Sis

    by Exkimo

    I loved these when I was young, now my sister does :)

  • Loved it!

    by tgk0224


  • Very good

    by 立十


  • This is not the

    by random user 67

    What a disappointment. The living books CD rom version done way back in the 90’s had all kinds of added animation. If that is what you are looking for, this doesn’t have it. Epic fail on implementation.

  • Dr. Seuss Books

    by Nic84#

    My 4 month old LOVES these books!

  • Clever

    by WordWonk65

    Terrific and engaging. My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves it! Way better than a pop up book. A great way to foster her love of books while she learns. Just get it!

  • Big Disappointment

    by Shining Eye

    I have to assume that reviewers giving 5 stars have never seen the wonderful Living Books CD-ROM version. Both my children learned their alphabet from that CD, of which this app is only the palest shadow. A major, major disappointment. PLEASE, when you're finished making easy money from this knock-off, go back and redo this title as a complete implementation of the CD version. I don't care if it's 100MB and costs $20; I would gladly pay it.

  • Very satisfied, my son really enjoys it!

    by Newyou123

    This is a great story and difficult to read as a parent. Much easier to use this App.

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