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Fixed a few issues

• Borders are now optimized and shipped with the app.

• Localization updated for Russian, Korean, and Portuguese.

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Over 9 Million People Love InstaSize!!

"One of the Top 10 Instagram Companion Apps" 

"One of the Best Apps to Post Rectangle Photos on Instagram" 

"..Clearly the best app around! It doesn't diminish pic quality like other apps. Highly recommend this app." 
- Red Sun Multimedia

"..Now I can post full-sized photos without cutting off important parts of the photo. Great!!" 
- Fiona L. 

We've changed InstaSize to give you an even better instagram experience than ever before! InstaSize is still the easiest and quickest way to post entire photos on Instagram without cropping. We've just added a few more features that will make your photo's that much better.  



Easily import photos from your albums or take a photo directly on Instasize. Click the InstaSize button, then share and BAM! your photo is ready to share on Instagram. 

By using the layers option you can easily add awesome filters, overlays and typography to your photos. 

You can choose from a variety of amazing fonts with the ability to resize and rotate your text! You can also have multiple text layers so that you can have a unique picture!

We have seven beautiful packs (much more to come later) of filters and overlays!. By using one of these great filters and overlays, your picture will truly stand out from the rest! 


Use the Stitch option to create fun collages with our frames. The quickest and easiest way to create a collage for Instagram. Just pick a frame and add your favorite photos.


Shipped with 100 backgrounds, this feature, combined with stitch, filters and overlays, allows for many creative combinations. 


Tired of seeing ads? Go ahead and upgrade to the ad-free version, found in the settings. We promise to remove the ads after you purchase.


Add a custom hashtag to all your photos exported to Instagram. Custom hashtag can be found in the settings. 


Choose the option of exporting your images at either 612x612, 1500x1500 or 2048x2048.

Sharing has been simplified. After you are done creating your masterpiece, just click the Share button on the menu. Here you will be able to share to Instagram, save to your camera roll, Twitter, Facebook and many more. 


Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to hear any news or updates about InstaSize. We also like to shout out cool photos so don't forget to use our hashtag, #InstaSize.

Download InstaSize today and experience the best Instagram companion app on the iPhone!

Customer Reviews

  • Borders

    by lovethefollows

    Really really good app, I just wish the Christmas borders would go away! I want some valentines day borders!!

  • Great app

    by Asdfghjkl!!!**=%^]{}

    It's a great app!!

  • InstaSize: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by aannggeelliiccaaaaaa

    YAY FOR ME FINDING THIS APP!!! I used to use whitagram to post pics on insta that would show the entire photo but I was so tired of the standard centering and I saw that people were using this app but I didn't know what it was called or how it worked. I assumed that people I followed had opened a picstitch collage but only filled in like one photo for the pic stitch that allows for two. (half and half) if that confuses you then not to fear!!! I eventually found this app and I love it! you can make the photo of your choice as large or as small as you please and the filters rock and make your pics look hipstery:)

  • A diffident 5 star app

    by Fuckloveplayflappybird

    I absolutely LOVE this app! More than I thought it would! I use this app almost every single day! With all the great features you can make your pictures look amazing. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves to edit there photos! My most favorite part is the border decorations you can put around your photos!!! Love this app so much thank you!

  • Excellent!

    by Ejaazi


  • LOVE It!!❤️❤️

    by Krazikatsz

    Love this it works with Instagram perfectly.

  • Umm

    by Gdhgdddrtygdxssjjh

    Ok I honestly love this app, I wouldn't last a day without it. But.. Could you please fix the crashing? It keeps closing on me and it's really annoying and as I said I would NEVER delete this app, but please fix it.

  • Best way to get I cropped images ready for Instagram

    by Justin Norman

    I wish it had a few more useful filters in the vein of vscocam but this app performs its title function perfectly. Well worth the money if you want to show off your whole photos on Instagram.

  • Good

    by OliverClozauth

    Very good app easy and fun to use


    by kfossum.advisor

    The filter section has it because you can push "none" in the first position, but the other layers do not have that type of button or an undo, back, etc. Please take a look and add that because it's a pain in the....IG Bionicgram for my images

  • Práctica y muy útil , el complemento ideal para instagram

    by Joelcomputers

    Es excelente

  • by Hdkdvdjvfbchdjsh

    I would have gave it 5 stars but when I tried to upload the video my the sound from my video was gone.

  • How to undo a filter??

    by yeginli

    After applying an overlay how to remove it? I don't see an option for that isn't that a bit weird? And after selecting an overlay the selected one is not highlighted and you don't know which one you just applied. You edited your photo and want to transfer it to your camera roll.. you choose it and nothing happens! Not a pop up like "done" or "transferred" or similar nothing happens on the screen, I had to go and check my camera roll if it was really transferred... so it is like the developer "forgot" to put these important details? Overall a nice app but not very user friendly, need some work to be done.

  • Insta size review

    by Ok

    Instasize is fun and easy to use in social media and to get really good looking pics

  • Awesome

    by Steven Meier

    I have a bunch of different photo editing apps but in my opinion, this is my absolute favorite. Two thumbs up!

  • by

    Best photo size editing app ever for Instagram

  • Amazing app

    by Cameron Peterson

    Finally found a app that will allow me to post full size pics to Instagram. Love it!!

  • IV

    by IvLove

    Awesome AP! Love it!!

  • LOVE!

    by ashley4154

    I use this app at least once a day! It has so many features to edit your pictures. I love it!

  • Apple ID login

    by flp momi

    I love this app. I use it all the time. It's perfect. My only issue is that I have to enter my apple password EVERYTIME I open the app. What's up with that? It gets kinda annoying.

  • This is a horrible app! It will not let me put two pictures on it!!

    by Nelson6676


  • I can't find good backgrounds!

    by Jbowman16

    Well,most of my friends have pictures with really pretty background,such as,chevron and cute Aztec designs. I always ask them what app they use and they tell me "instasize". I have this app and I look for those type backgrounds & can not find them! I don't know if something is wrong with my app or what! But it really makes me mad!

  • Destroys photo quality

    by St. Regis

    When you use it to make a photo square, it just ruins the quality and the image loses way too much clarity. There is an option to change the export size but this does nothing. Horrible app. I've used it many times but then decided to just crop my photo because it's not worth it making it look like I shot it with a flip phone


    by  LostInTheStars

    Fix it guys/girls. I want this to work. Keeps crashing as soon as try to "instasize". Also, when clicking on photo library, have it default to the most recent pics not the opposite. Once it works. I'll surely give 5 stars.

  • Seems like it would be cool...

    by Crysta Frost

    If only it would stop crashing. It's basically unusable to me at this point. Hopefully it will be updated soon because I really would like to use it. It also fails to download the in-app purchases. I try to hit "restore" and it crashes or it just won't download the content.

  • Rubbish

    by 03739782373891582

    Could the ads get any more annoying? The UI is great, but you guys ruins it.


    by guillerminalala

    Fixx .

  • by Dhyfvv

    Love it

  • yes

    by ejejhejehfjfjeuifbxks18


  • Very Great

    by Clark the Blur

    Only app I use to keep original size on Instagram. Awesome.

  • by jessiidaniellee

    I love this app so much. I use it on pretty much every picture I put on IG. The only thing that could make it any better would be more choices for the borders.

  • Love the app but now I have a little problem

    by Juliana Guerrero

    I really do love this app it is by far the best for my Instagram and photos but for some at reason now it's starting to crash on me :( please fix this it's the only problem I have with this app now it use to be flawless but I still like the app just please fix the crashing.

  • Awesome!

    by Moon-lit-ocean

    Every part of this app is awesome! Love everything on it!

  • Finally things fit!!!

    by ziahsmommie

    So happy I finally found SOMETHING to resize my photos for wallpapers for my IPhone 5!!!

  • Love it

    by ac dancer

    I love the app but the only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that when I try to "pic stitch" it won't let me add another photo. It says add photo and when I click it nothing happens; it won't give me the option to select from my gallery or camera and it's very frustrating.

  • Love it!!!

    by Kswag1210

    Works so well. I'm obsessed.

  • Amazing

    by Pinpoint Precision AutoD

    Works perfect. I am a professional auto detailer and this app makes my pictures come to life. Awesome app.

  • Great, but overlays don't show up

    by Doyajimithing

    Awesome, but pls fix the light leaks, retro, and vintage overlays.

  • Well designed & Completely useful!

    by Arash Asghari

    Thanks guys for this great app, keep it up!

  • Great!!

    by helloimjvo

    Very useful


    by Softballqueen2727

    This app is great!!! Love it!:)

  • #instasize

    by gigglebutt18

    This app is great!! You can pretty much size you're picture to any size! Its great for instagram so you can still post those awkward shaped photos. :)

  • Problems problems problems!

    by amanda contreras

    Keeps shutting down when I try to change the picture! Please fix! Other then that, good app!

  • Excellent App

    by Tahira West-Sylvan

    This app is well made and very easy to use. I'm thoroughly impressed. Thanks so much.

  • Excellent!!

    by Macrj12

    This is the best app of its kind. Definitely this is a must have app.

  • Update

    by Lexieluy

    Update from the Christmas stuff but I love this app

  • Great app

    by StarrChilds

    Love it

  • Wifi

    by mthree1908

    This is a GREAT app… not on wifi. Instasize keeps crashing when I'm only wifi. I think i may have a problem

  • Question Regarding Filters

    by John Dominguez

    Every time I use Instasize and want to use the app to post multiple pictures with different filters but when I post one picture that has a filter in the collage and post another picture and add a different filter it alters the first photo. Please fix

  • Love it

    by Soccer_girl_1105

    AMAZING. I love this app so much!

  • LOVE IT!!

    by Svksgkama

    I love this app. There isn't a watermark, and you don't have to upgrade to get all the filters and stuff. Must have! Best one yet!!

  • Crashing

    by Chamii0827

    It keeps on crashing while im using it in my iphone 4 with the latest ios. :( pls fix it need an update

  • Awesomesauce

    by mommyrox05

    This app is RAD! Love love love being able to make pics that would normally be to large to post fully to Instagram fit! Would def recommend!

  • Awesome!

    by 4&me

    It's a great app!

  • Finally!

    by lovehippz

    Since the day of the iOS7 updates I have wanted a way to show the entire picture that I set as a background now I can finally do that! Thank you!

  • good job

    by Huks615

    its simple and it works. love it.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Nicoleawesome

    It's so cool

  • Good basic editor

    by fromDeanna

    Lots of great fonts and does the basic stuff like collages, border colors and patterns and text, but I'm really looking for an app that changes the width of border lines. These borders are thick, and I can't change the width to make them disappear. But the app is easy to navigate and is very clean looking. Just wish there was more editing functions.

  • Best Instagram App

    by Lark light

    @fallendogma15 Don't even look at the comments, just download it dude! It's awesome.

  • Instasize

    by RaquelAa

    I loved this app before the latest update. I do not like the new borders ! Please bring them back! They were what made me love this app.

  • Fantastic!!!

    by Maggier39

    I absolutely LOVE this app. It has such amazing backgrounds to choose from with a variety of looks that you're trying to go for.

  • What happened to the wood borders?

    by Nikiiham

    Love the app, but what happened to the wood borders??? Gone! I used them a lot. Please bring them back!

  • Love it! But needs one thing...

    by this_nerd_alex

    I love this app so much! I use it for every one of my Instagram photos! I love the background option you have. I would rate it 5 stars, but there isn't an option to implement your own borders...

  • Good

    by Bella Kirby

    I love it. It makes my pics look really cool and amazing. So you should get its great

  • why

    by Rattan 1268995

    it's an awesome app but today it started not letting me add borders ? why?!!

  • Great app

    by stevensjl40

    This is a great app which I use frequently. It's a very handy app for when you want to upload full photos. Big ups to the producers.

  • Instasize

    by __shaylalove

    I love it❤️. But the only down fall is , you can't flip your pictures if you wanted to.

  • Great

    by Jadensmithbaby

    Gives your pictures a nice look and worth dowbloading

  • Its Great!

    by Rocha1990

    I love it. It makes my pictures stand out more and better quality.

  • Good but needs fixed.

    by Lexi 16:)

    My borders won't work. :(

  • Really Good!

    by Tekoka

    I use this app everytime.

  • My favorite photo app!

    by RemyMay1

    I use this all the time. Especially since the crop feature no longer works for me on the latest version of IG. Love the variety of borders and frames available.

  • by N@tedog

    Great app. 4 stars because the border colors are limited. I wish there was a color wheel so you could pick the exact one you like. Otherwise, perfect.

  • FINALLY!!!!

    by Open feit:A.anuu

    OMG, I hate Instagram crop and this is like amazing. It's everything.

  • Amazing!!

    by Zbc33

    I freaking love this app! I use it almost every single time that i want to post a pic on instagram :) i highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get the whole picture to show on instagram, they also have filters and collages which make it a whole lot easier for us... Overall great app

  • Great

    by Sawdust847

    I like it, but get rid of the ads........

  • Great but...

    by _tatas-

    It's a really great app I love it so much but it would be even better if you gave the app a color palette so we can choose which color we want. Then it would be an absolute 5 star rating for me!!!

  • Godo

    by _pereiravitor

    Great!! Follow me on instagram _pereiravitorr follow back

  • Great!

    by LaurenPSIloveyou

    I use this for almost every single picture on my Instagram. It's fantastic and I love the edits!

  • Perfect.

    by Matthew Berritt

    Loads fast. Stores to camera roll. Zero complaints. Very minimal ads. Love it!

  • Great app!

    by SDJ99

    It's a great app i love the borders but every time i choose the pic it crashes please fix!

  • Useful

    by sapien 

    I got an iPhone 4 and started using it like crazy. If want to use Instagram, then get this app for it or you be lost.

  • by Kalysta.

    I love this app! There's nothing bad to say.

  • takes up too much space

    by jameswenzel

    inexplicably takes up 300mb after borders and filters have been downloaded. you don't get much say in what it downloads. I may just have to switch to Squaready until this is solved.

  • Fabulous!!!

    by Mary McCauley :-)

    This app is so great now! Works great thanks! Follow my IG: libby__mcc thanks!(:

  • Follow me

    by Lizzy_lizz1

    Follow me in IG @elizzzybeth1 I follow back.

  • Perfect app

    by TheRealCocaineTerra

    This app is the best! I love it!

  • Great app

    by CatsevoIX


  • Instagram

    by Fantasia

    Follow me

  • Awesome!!!

    by Wawan Supriyanto

    Love this app Follow my Instagram @kanan_kiri

  • F.a

    by farik.alieff


  • Best out of there

    by Psycho Pato

    I personally love it. I get crashed sometimes, but not a lot. Needs more borders. Simple ones

  • Best app I have

    by Lauren is amazing(:

    This is honestly the best app I have. I LOVE the glitter borders. Many other options of borders. there is something for everyone. Love it. It's the best!

  • New to IG

    by Taija <3 T.I.

    Follow me @me_amo_blondie

  • Awesome!!!

    by WaliBee

    This app is awesome not only for instagram but also for any other app that allows picture posts.. I love the selection of borders, it adds serious depth.. The filters are a tad weak but I have other apps for that. Only problem I face is crashing on occasion ... Fix this problem in the next update, and I'll be giving a 5 star rating.

  • Works well so far

    by MStock96

    Follow me: MStock96

  • Help!

    by Sydneeliz94

    Is this app not compatible with iPhone 4S?

  • Love it.

    by ATR.

    Finally! Been looking for a good app, I can finally post full pictures on IG.

  • Awesome App !


    It's great. Follow my Instagram page to see how it looks : @__destinnnyyyy_

  • I love it! But...

    by ShaniaG2014

    This app is awesome and I love it! But since the last update I can't get my overlays to work.. I use them often and it's quite a disappointment not being able to use them.

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