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Fixes to the camera library!
Your newest photos are displayed first instead of the oldest.

NEW Fall Formula Pack!
12 new warm and vivid formulas created by the Mextures community that are perfect for your autumn imagery.

Various bugs squashed and screws tightened within the app.

As always, thank you for your continued support! We have some really fun enhancements planned for an upcoming release. We also appreciate the feedback/reviews. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on Instagram - @mexturesapp, @merekdavis.

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Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Also featured on Mashable, CNET, Uncrate, Cult of Mac, Fstoppers, AppAdvice, iPhoneography and more.

"[Mextures] is the most original photo-editing app for the iPhone that I’ve seen in the App Store in years." - iDownload Blog

Mextures is the best app for applying film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. No app is faster. And with a revolutionary non-destructive workflow, you can can make changes at any time during your editing process and then save your style for future use.

- 80+ Original Textures -
These high resolution textures have been made specifically for photographers by photographers. Tons of light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and gorgeous gradients. Most of these textures are created from actual 35mm film scans from various cameras, and a multitude of other natural elements. With 12 different blending modes, every new layer adds millions of possibilities to enhance your images and make them uniquely yours.

- Lightning Fast -
This app is fast. Get in, add a texture, and export in under 15 seconds. Faster than any other method of adding textures or light leaks.

- Infinite Layers -
Stack a virtually unlimited number of layers for beautiful blending effects. Move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of your texture layers and see the results in realtime with our one-of-a-kind workflow.

- No More Pesky Undo Button -
With a revolutionary new process, you can change any edit at any time. Change the texture, blend mode, or rotation of a layer even if you added it 30 steps ago.

- Formulas -
Once you've created a custom edit you love, you can save it for future use with Formulas. Save as many formulas as you'd like and evolve a style that's uniquely yours. We're also excited to showcase 10 iPhoneographers who have created over 40 custom formulas to help you dive right in.

- Inspiration Feed -
Get inspiration right in the app with a curated feed of some of the best images using Mextures.

Tag your images in with #Mextures on Instagram and Tumblr.

Suggestions or Questions? Reach us personally!

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing app

    by Edit junkies

    Best photo editing app out there. The textures contained in this app are amazing. The ability to switch between layers and add/delete layers is amazing. The endless possibilities of layers and blends ensures you will never get tired of this app or run out of creativity. A must have for photo editing!

  • Fun and original

    by Cakekat

    When used properly, this app can add a powerful effect to the right photos. I noticed one reviewer said something about it being for hipsters,---sure, I've seen examples of that. But a little goes a long way and there are just as many examples of it being used beautifully and without irony. I've found I use the grit features the most, and primarily on landscapes. And the app developers themselves even say, a little but goes a long way. Or at least something to that effect. Worth trying, I use it on about a third of my photos that I share.

  • Absolutely Love

    by iphotographerr

    I absolutely love this app. Ever since this app came out, it made using mextures so much easier. It's so worth getting and adds such a nice look to your photos (especially the grain pack

  • Love it

    by Needs more books

    Very good app. Easy to use for amateur photographers and has a decent variety of filters to choose from.

  • It's aight

    by Ehhddieeee

    Easy and fun to use. But I really wish that I could add a layer where I can type a caption on the picture. Fix this and I will give this app 5 stars

  • Nice

    by Canyoncity

    I recommend this app people if u in to photography, works great

  • Ball so hard

    by Sam Woods

    This app goes hard

  • New Textures Please!

    by oct.vry.own

    Love this application. Have used it for a long time now. Biggest issue is the lack of texture updating. It's extremely disappointing given the overall app quality.

  • Awesome!

    by Jensledge

    An incredible editing photo editing app. One of my top 10 favorites. Beautiful textures and light. Buy it now!

  • Amazing

    by Futurhythms

    Useful and powerful. Great app

  • now THIS is an app!

    by vraydar


  • The best

    by Shenanigan12

    I like everything. No problem so far. What makes it my favorite; i only pay once and get access to all the filters.

  • Winter formal pack

    by SarahHarrington2

    Why isn't there a new winter season formula pack?! It's making me angry and sad

  • First Class

    by geckonia

    Simply wonderful and intuitively designed interface. Results unlike any other app out there. A great one to have in your toolbox.

  • Love it!!!

    by Granny game

    Awesome app!

  • Amazing"

    by IPhone 5 BH"

    Such an amazing app, I really liked it a lot"☻ ♡

  • Must have photo editor

    by Pete Sake

    If you're unaware of who Merek Davis is then familiarize yourself with him, The fact that you can save your own photo formulas (multiple effects layered on top of each other) and also use ones other photographers have made makes this an essential for editing. Every option was tailored perfectly. App is worth the money. A++

  • Best Filter App Ever

    by Yaynuggets

    If you want to find a great filter app that will make your photos look totally hipster...look no further! This is my favorite photo editing app because of all the great filters!

  • Liked the old icon

    by Styles427

    Don't really like the new icon.

  • Fawking rad! Get this App!

    by Anthony Marrietta

    This app is amazing! Endless possibilities when is comes to Mextures! My creativity is not limited! If your looking for a simple, yet fawking rad way to make your photos look rad I really recommend this app to you people!

  • Worth the money until you realize it's useless.

    by matthew1423

    I love this app. Here's the problem though, when I try saving or sharing (4th Generation iPod) it crashes. What is the point of an app that costs like $4 if I can't even use it for its sole purpose. I hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later.

  • Upset

    by Upset Snapper

    I have iOS6.5 and the app gets to where I can crop it to edit, then it crashes. Want my money back

  • 4G Bug

    by Jess4evaqt

    Will be 5 stars until the 4g iPod bug fixes. I really love this app but it keeps crashing each time I try to save the edit to my library. FIX THIS ASAP!

  • What am I doing wrong?

    by KapLawStudent

    I find this app difficult to figure out and no better than the filters on Instagram. I wish I hadn't paid the $2 for it.

  • Very bad

    by Lillylillylillylilly9742

    Not what I thought it would be like... It always crashes my phone and i paid money for this app. I want a refund

  • Great Photo App

    by Phris

    Really cool ways of making your pictures stand out from the originals.

  • Nice app for beginning hipsters

    by Jonsyyu

    It's nice unless you want to control things like aperture/sharpness/temperature etc. It looks like an expanded version of Instagram. I have been using afterlight for a long time and so far have not seen anything better. There are a lot of controls and filters, I personally don't really go after the super hipsterish look. I also have picfx, which mostly has the same features as mextures. So unless you're a super avid hipster, already have several apps like afterlight and picfx but still want more, don't bother getting this one. It doesn't really add anything new. At the same time, if this is you first picture editing app, it's a nice start - it's easy to use (you don't have to bother about all the extra controls I personally like in afterlight as it resembles a little version of Photoshop)

  • Love it!

    by salllllykk

    Been using mextures for a long time!! So excited to have an official app! Good job! Best app ever!;)

  • Good but not great

    by Rachel-Ewok

    This is a good app. I like all the textures and it's easy to use. However, I use other photo editing apps and I don't think this app is worth the money for the amount of textures/gradients it offers. I think it's worth .99 not 1.99. If it had more variety in it's textures and gradients I'd feel better about spending the money I did.

  • My favorite app!

    by Patricklawler

    The artistic movement this application started is incredible and inspiring!

  • In love!!

    by magacn

    Gives you complete control... Such an intelligent app. 5/5 :)

  • Perf

    by ajfoniusz


    by Hereitgoesagain

    The best photo editing app out there by far!

  • Thank you so much..

    by xbeautifultragedy

    For literally being one of the best photo editing apps on the App Store. I've tried so many and a lot of them only turn out to be money scams. You pay for mextures, you get everything: the textures, the gradients, the grit, everything; you don't have to pay for extra filters and stuff . This app allows you to be creative while remaining simple and easy enough to use. Loooove this.

  • Nice but...

    by justinetobi

    Still has lots of bugs. Example when taking a photo then when asked to crop them or not the word "crop" is way below the screen. The words are way behind on the actual use, for example when starting all over again, the word cancel will just appear after you have already started all over again. Still haven't used it that much, just wanted to see the new filters, which are nice. But come on, I've used the app just for seconds and look at the bugs. Using iPhone 4s btw. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It appears that the said bug only occurs when taking a photo within the app not when choosing a photo from library.

  • Simply gorgeous.


    Thanks for creating one of the most beautiful, intuitive, and flexible image processing apps in the store! I've been using this app since the first release, and I can't even tell you how many compliments I've received on my instagram photos. Not only does mextures have a gorgeous library of filters, but the ability to create my own is what really sets this app apart. Good work!

  • The best.

    by InnaSamong

    Enough said! Its one of my favorites. It does everything with ease and alot to choose from. Thank you. Updated: still 5 stars. Thank you for making this app better and better, and yay for the new preset fall filters! God speed

  • My favorite photo editing apps can still be better

    by My_name_is_Skippy

    4th gen iTouch performance issues. This is one of my best photo editing apps I have, but not the best in performance because it usually crashes when i press the share photo icon! But when it lets me save, I get great results! Keep updating! The crashing issue when saving usually happens with high resolution photos.

  • Nice update

    by Cui Lexi

    As good as it used to be. Look forward to the future updates!

  • Best "filters" app I've ever used

    by Nighthawk327

    Wow, I am so addicted to this app right now. I was relying on a number of other apps that were evolving verrrryyyy slowwwwly (or not at all) to add interest to my art and photos, but none of them ever quite did the trick. Having blending mode options for every layer (and the ability to change them after applying) really made this app stand out. Great work!!!

  • Disappointing


    Great power and great potential but workflow is simply way too slow. You can't even paste a photo into the app, you have to meander and navigate through your photo library to locate the image you want to use. Exporting images once you've added a filter simply takes way too long. The filters are really good and it's a powerful tool but UX and UI are not conducive for speed. Aims high, but misses the mark.

  • Arguably the BEST photo app...

    by Sithithavorn

    This app is perfect for creating your own filters, whether you're feeling dark & edgy or bright & colorful. The possibilities are endless. You might need a bit of patience to really master enhancing your photos to the fullest potential. Until then, Mextures kindly lets us use our favorite photographers' own filters. This app is just brilliant.

  • thumbs

    by aris48

    Great app! make us creative

  • After the update...

    by A_afp

    I've had this app for about almost half a year and it's amazing but I just updated it and I press save to library, then I do so and the picture that I edited isn't in my library. Also I can't crop certain pictures and the app just foreclosures on me making me not crop it. Can I get my problem fixed but I use the app a lot.

  • Love it!

    by 1brittany_ann

    This is a great app! The best photo editing app I have!! It would be even better if there were also a MacBook version

  • It's alright

    by Mayjah55

    I only bought it cause it says you can edit videos as we'll as photos which is a lie! Waste of $2.00....

  • New Photos First

    by Anthony PIERCE

    The photo album now appears in chronological order. Thus if you want to edit a photo you took outside of the app you have to scroll thru ALL of your olds ones to get to it. That's my only complaint.

  • It WAS awesome.....

    by Portraitwerks

    but now it constantly crashes since the last update. Fix it please.

  • Thanks For The Update

    by baduung

    Love the new UI

  • Best Photo Effects App!

    by octar

    I love this app, the pictures always come out looking great!

  • Awesome

    by Haunted Islands

    I've been looking all over for an app that could do multi layering with filter channels... This is exactly it. Thank you developers, this is perfect!

  • Best photo editing app ever!

    by Minnieboonlada

    The new update is awesome. But I think the old icon was better. :(

  • Please please please

    by Notsmartenough!

    PLEASE... Reverse the order of the photo albums! It takes forever to scroll thru 4000 of my photos to get to the ones I'm working on today... It would be ok if I were reworking photos from two years ago

  • great

    by gyubrat

    Great application with beautiful filters-I could just use it for hours to see how many different effects I can get with this, and it's so much fun. My one peeve-it's disappointing how there are not basic editing features in this app- no contrast adjustment, no saturation or brightness adjustment, nothing. I think that if you add these basic functions, the app would be close to perfect. It has great potential.

  • Brilliant

    by must have coffee

    A phenomenal app, essential if you do photo filtering. The iOS 7 update should win awards.

  • Great

    by Bullet 5055

    Simple and beautiful.

  • Nice update

    by iMarvin97

    Wish it was a bit whiter though... Also sorry to hear about that app Alayer stealing your textures. I will not be buying that app Update it's been pulled from the App Store. To bad, it had potential

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