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Languages: English

Seller: Sylwester Los

- fixed problem with font list
- fixed problem with status bar
- few other bugs fixed

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ArtStudio is the most comprehensive, sketching, painting and photo editing tool in the App Store. Completely re-designed from the ground up the new ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun! Using advanced drawing algorithms this is the fastest and most precise version of ArtStudio to date.

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"It doesn’t matter whether you’re a skilled artist or a newbie; ArtStudio for iPad is for you." 5/5
"This is what PhotoShop Mobile wishes it had been."

- flexible canvas size, max: 2048x1536(iPad 1), 2592x1936 (iPad 2), 2448x3264 (the new iPad)
- support for any device orientation
- 16 tools: select, pencil, wet paintbrush, dry paintbrush, spray, dots, eraser, smudge, bucket fill, gradient, text, clone, heal, blur/sharpen, dodge/burn, eyedropper
- 450 HIGH QUALITY BRUSHES (150 free, 300 paid) divided into 30 groups
- custom brushes, max size: 500x500px
- select tool: rect/ellipse/lasso/magic wand/by color, add/sub/intersect, contract/expand/round corners/border/...
- text tool: over 150 system fonts, support of external TTF fonts (just upload .ttf file in iTunes using File Sharing), special text layer to easy edit text
- palm rejection
- favorites list to quickly access user's favorite brush settings
- fully customizable stroke settings: blur, flip, size, opacity, spacing, fadeout, squeeze, angle, speed-size, speed-opacity, random flip, scatter, jitter-spacing, jitter-angle, jitter-size, jitter-squeeze, jitter-opacity, jitter-hue, jitter-saturation, jitter-lightness
- support for bluetooth styluses
- symmetric drawing
- guidelines, grid
- shapes: lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons (open, closed)
- layer options: add, duplicate, merge down/visible, delete, lock alpha, show/hide, link, name, reorder, opacity, blending modes
- layer masks
- layer/selection transformations: move/scale/rotate with multi-touch, flip, rotate left/right, fill/erase
- distort (skew, perspective etc)
- 21 layer blending modes: normal, multiply, add, difference, screen, overlay, hue, saturation, color, value, ...
- import from 'Camera Roll', camera, iTunes, clipboard
- export as JPG/PNG/PSD to 'Camera Roll', email, clipboard, iTunes
- multi-touch navigation with unlimited zoom
- undo/redo with almost infinite number of steps
- image resize (none, bilinear, bicubic, lanczos interpolations) , change canvas size, crop
- 40 filters: gaussian/motion/radial blur, sharpen, unsharp mask, add noise, render clouds, edge detect, border/vignette and more
- Elastify filter used to make incredible distortions
- adjustments: brightness/contrast/exposure, hue/saturation/lightness, color balance, temperature, shadows/highlights, CURVES, auto contrast/colors/white balance and more
- video tutorials


Customer Reviews

  • Best. Thing. Ever.

    by Umbrella cats

    I have never in my life come across an art app as beautiful and amazing as this!

  • Very Brilliant

    by *_Pheonix_*

    This app is by far the best artistic app I have yet to use. Very versatile and with all the options I could want. Thank you for making it the best.

  • LOVE THE APP.........ArtStudio for iPad

    by Beacon37

    Keep up the good work. I love this app because it's just like Photoshop and I have learned a few things on this. I enjoy having this app. I hope there's going to be more tools for this app. Well anyways, whoever gives a one star, you just have to be patient and learn this app. Read the users guide and get it downloaded to your iPad. I'll be waiting for the updates. Thank you.

  • Drawing

    by Snowh8ter

    I totally love this app and I can't draw but, I drew this, lol. I had fun with this.

  • Love it.

    by Krazykittehs23

    I love using art studio. It took a while to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. It rarely crashes and I love the features it offers to me.

  • Just awesome

    by Naaaachy

    Love this app. Truly amazing

  • It's the best art app here

    by RandomPerson456

    But it constantly crashes. So you can imagine my frustration when it crashes right in the middle of something. Well... Thank god for auto save when it saves right before a crash.

  • Wow

    by Ihos12345

    It's like photoshop but on iPad version. Really good.

  • Very impressed!

    by Pdog84

    I have downloaded other apps for drawing and rendering but this one is very good especially for the price. Very impressed!

  • Very impressed!

    by Pdog84

    I have downloaded other apps for drawing and rendering but this one is very good especially for the price. Very impressed!

  • Very impressed!

    by Pdog84

    I have downloaded other apps for drawing and rendering but this one is very good especially for the price. Very impressed!

  • Where were you hiding all my life?

    by RitaFireWalker

    I love it! It's the app I was dreaming of.

  • Perfect

    by Gengenius29

    Perfect app"!

  • Great!

    by DBlues46

    Just so useful! Thank you.

  • Best $4.99 I have ever spent

    by Deirdre46

    I love this app! I am having so much fun learning what I can do with it...though it can do so much it may take me the rest of my life.

  • The Excellent Art Studio!

    by Luvme....

    Yes. Indeed It Is! Thanx to You I can believe in my imagination once more. Especially now that I have such fine tools! Thank you.

  • Inspiring

    by AnnetteSK

    I have used this app to plan my landscaping project. Took a picture of the area, then drew in my ideas. Saved a lot of time, effort, and frustration.

  • Working with ipad

    by Jim Shields

    This is the app I was looking for. I love the way my intuos stylus works with it. I would like to see a dropper tool (for matching colors) and some more brush options (alcohol marker would be sweet) but even without those features it's a great app that will be so handy at home. Now I don't have to drag out a bunch of supplies and a big mess to keep my kids out of when I bring my work home. Love it!! Looking forward to updates!

  • Love

    by Yukio's Kimberly

    Better than photoshop. Drawing on the iPad couldn't be easier. Great results.


    by JaceBurger

    Bought this a while ago and I use it ALL the time. Whether you're just editing a picture or drawing a masterpiece, this is the app for you. It's got loads of cool features and it's totally worth the money. BUY IT

  • Art studio

    by Emily18aby

    I went of it for a second and came back on and when I came back on ALLLLLL of my work had been deleted...

  • Wacom pressure sensitivity to brush size....

    by Pondpilgrim

    Not working. Tech support says oh yes it is and again I say oh no it's not. iPad air iOS 7.04 wacom creative Bluetooth stylus. Time to move on. Procreate, Art Rage are options that do work. My rating is based on the response to my cry for help.

  • Outstanding App

    by LA Got FAITH

    Self explanitory - Smooth & Professional, Skys the limit......... Great Job

  • Photoshop for ipad

    by Lando the epic

    Amazing app works just like Photoshop except it doesn't ask for first born if you want to buy it. Ten bucks or whatever is allot less than 600. Love this app

  • Best painting app for 2014

    by nrc studios

    More control and options then procreate. This is one powerful painting app. 6 stars.

  • I need a therapist

    by TheWordofKrist

    Spend all of your money on apps! It makes you feel like you are accomplishing something!

  • Jolie

    by Jolie Steen

    Love this app.....

  • It great

    by PandaKaza

    It a great app but I'm having trouble because ever time I draw on it. It go to a different spot. Please fix it or upgrade it.

  • Love it

    by Lalalalalalmaam

    In love with this app!

  • Excellent painting app

    by TahlenRi

    This works incredibly well. It is smooth and effective even on my first gen iPad! Absolutely phenomenal.

  • Stunning App

    by Chelsea8403

    Great App with tons of features! I'm so happy with my purchase, way more than I expected!! Great for doodles, projects, custom artwork, and photo editing.

  • Great Painting App

    by Yogi n Boo Boo

    As close as you can get to an authentic painting experience on the iPad! Thanks for creating this app. Love it!

  • Amazingly intuitive interface!

    by Tttcccaaarrrlll

    Best fun to play with. They thought of everything.

  • It's okay

    by Dragember

    I got this app to work with Wacom's intuous pressure sensitive pen and my iPad air. The app seems rather glitchy as far as picking up on pen sensitive or general input. As for pressure sensitivity and setting the pressure sensitivity, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

  • Excellent App!

    by BrickDaddy

    I love this app. Of all the iPad painting apps I have tried (and Ive tried a lot) this one is definitely the most capable. Its like using Photoshop but with the ability to do believable painting. Its layering system is great and its brushes work really well. It has good typography functions (Which some of the other apps do not) The three best painting apps for iPad are: Art Studio. Artrage. Procreate. All three are good for different reasons and worth buying. Buy ArtStudio. You will love it.

  • One of the BEST

    by Jaeguar

    January 2014 - Just had to come in and tell you that this app is the best graphics app for iPad and iPhone. Really amazing. I use it daily. *****+ I love this app and everything it can do. It is by far way better then photoshop and that right there is saying a lot. Keep up the fab work. Highly recommended. *****+

  • Awesome

    by 12344245962

    Best drawing app ever

  • Mr.

    by ArtGuySkip

    New iPad. Same Art Studio and I love the results.

  • EVERY autosave should be accessible

    by PixelatedProgram

    I love this app, but I just now lost a VERY good drawing and couldn't retrieve it from file sharing thanks to autosave. I clicked "Import Image.." Trying to get some reference colors from a previous drawing, thinking it would just add a new layer. Instead, it made a new file, not even asking "Do you want to save the current drawing?" Or anything before it opened. And I found somewhere on a forum where you could get retrieve the previous save through file sharing on iTunes, but by the time I did that, the only existent autosave file had already updated to the current image. The only ways I see a solution to this is to either A.) ask if you want to save a drawing before importing ANYTHING, B.) keep ALL autosaves somewhere where they can be accessed in-app, or C.) both. I hope that the developers/creators see this review and include these ideas in a new update. I'm pretty sure many artists would appreciate it.

  • Problems on iPad air with Wacom Creative Stylus

    by Nothappydisappointed

    Loved this app on iPad 2 but on my new iPad Air not so much. Lost my first real work completely with no undo and even the saved version disappeared. Also the pressure sensitive stylus feature did not appear in Settings at all. I am running the 5.16 largest version of the app with the latest version of the IOS. What gives?

  • Great app

    by AcyII

    Best art program I've found. Except for unexpected crashes I'd recommend it. It literally puts thousands of brushes and paint at you fingertips.

  • Better then PhotoShop touch, iDraw, etc...

    by App lover 2013

    I have photoshop touch, and it's ok for graph design stuff. This app is awesome though!! You can even export the file as a PSD which I find very useful! This is by far the best graphic design app for the iPad! I would recommend this app to any graphic design artist. This app is better then iDraw, PS touch and any other app for the iPad! GREAT APP!!!

  • Amazing

    by alissart

    This app is incredible and it's only five bucks! I would highly recommend this app to ANYONE with an iPad and stylus. Great airbrush Love all the various options for each brush Opacity/Size sliding bars Custom colors Edits photos as well

  • This app is so awesome

    by alizmyers

    This app is awesome I just love it so much it is probably one of the best app on this App Store

  • One of the BEST

    by Jaeguar

    I love this app and everything it can do. It is by far way better then photoshop and that right there is saying a lot. Keep up the fab work. Highly recommended. *****+

  • Exceptional App

    by 23 Martinis

    Love the app. You guys have done an outstanding job and the ability to use my Wacom Intuos is just one more reason to love it. If I had one thing to wish for within the app it would be the ability to easily access transformation options from the toolbar on the side of the GUI. Other than that, it's literally perfect. Great job!

  • Great app

    by scrimKen

    I have used it on my iPhone with great results. It's even better on the iPad. I would recommend it for any serious artist.

  • Give these people an award!

    by Paula Kidder

    Best image editing app for ipad... PERIOD!

  • App

    by BaileyRugRatz

    It is a good app, just have to get use to it first.

  • Great!

    by teachernan5

    Excllent app!

  • Have to keep resetting pressure sensitivity.

    by Alchemancer

    This is a fantastic and very feature rich app. Perhaps the most so I have yet found in fact. But I keep having to go through the tool settings for each too and re-enable the stylus pressure sensitivity for size and opacity sometimes after reconnecting my Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus. Very very annoying. Also I would be nice if those settings weren't disabled when the brush is reset. I often want to reset everything else about he brush except the pressure sensitivity I want to always stay enabled. Other than this issue the app is well worth the $!

  • Photoshop style

    by lucky bambina

    As an illustrator I have been searching for a drawing app - I have unfortunately paid for quite a few crap ones and the rest were meh. This app mirrors adobes layouts, the options and controls are unsurpassed and there is no lag at all. Love it.

  • Impressive

    by Shivan Latchmiersad

    Wow... I am surprised and very impressed. Only thing, I save all my work at "untitled" then whatever I actually want to name it. It's just so annoying to have to delete "untitled" everytime... But still, excellent app, bravo.

  • Very Good App

    by Rich-Minneapolis

    It's a very fun app to use, pretty smooth, a little laggy at times but hey, for an iPad app this is pretty good for editing and creating images. I love it, I recommend it.

  • Wonderful!

    by ~D!no

    I'm a musician and wordsmith - not an artist. ArtStudio has nearly every feature I've found in any photo manipulation app along with a fantastic array of drawing tools, allowing me to bring any creation I can imagine to life despite my lack of skill. I've been using ArtStudio for a few years, and have never had a crash or issue. It was beautiful on my iPad 1 and it's even better on my iPad 3. GREAT app!

  • Photoshop to-go!

    by BeautifulBirdFly

    This app is great, it's like photoshop on the go!!!!!!! As an art student, I can now draw and paint wherever I go! However, I'd imagine you can only get the best of this app by using a tablet or iPad (something with a bigger screen). A phone would just be way too small. I have a mini iPad, and it works great!!

  • Awesome app!!!

    by pwnsc

    This is my most used app besides Facebook!

  • Bravo!

    by AbbiBear

    I use this app all the time! I never have had a bug or problem with this app! This is the best digital art app! Thank you! This is officially my favorite app!

  • Art studio latecomer

    by PB skin

    Such a neat and fun app!

  • Nice

    by Tadiwa14

    i love this app now my iPad has become my art studio for real. Thank you.

  • Great app

    by Luv4ink22

    I haven't seen a drawing app this good ever

  • Loving it so far!


    Just started learning my way around. Will need much more time to give proper feedback. So far loving it!

  • Very useful app for photo restoration

    by stluisrey

    Tools nicely laid out. East to figure out and use.

  • amazing!

    by NatalieCabral

    I am so impressed with this app!! So many features and tools...

  • money well spent

    by Huitrebgf

    I will make this simple, get this app! Ignore the nickname, got tired of trying to find one that had not been used yet :)

  • Wonderful!

    by Lexi10333

    GREAT app. I'm still relatively new to drawing with tablets, since I've just gotten an iPad mini. But I must say, wow! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Keeps getting better

    by Wassup will

    This app is amazing and just keeps getting better. The new interface makes everything handy and accessible.

  • 10/10

    by J0shD0g234

    This is hands down the best art app I have ever used! It is like having a portable art studio in the palm of your hands! Good Job

  • Best app ever.

    by Kellycats99

    This is by far the best art app I've come across on ipad. No doubt about it. I spent a lot of time and money trying out other ones too. Could take some time to discover all the features, but goes quickly for people already experienced in photoshop or other art apps. Love it. It's like a complete photoshop and painting app all in one. Sooooo perfect and I use it daily! Update: still love this app to death. Thank you.

  • Excellent

    by Health Professional

    The most versatile and powerful of the reasonably priced photo editing apps. Lots of apps set filters and crops images. This is an actual photo editing program.

  • Love it

    by Deann Martin

    Very easy to use! I love it!

  • Some kinda pixel pusher

    by Goin 2 slow

    LOVE this app, Spend way too many hours on it... Best!

  • Amazing!

    by Really?Nickname%taken?

    I've had Art Studio on my iPhone for 4 months and just downloaded it onto my new iPad. This is an amazing app! I'm making sketches of my grandchildren that actually look like them! There is so much more to explore, too. Who knew that I could draw?! Love Art Studio!

  • Great app!!

    by Victoriavdj

    One of the best drawing apps.

  • Love it

    by Impresses

    Don't really have anything to add to the other reviews. This app is well worth the 5 bucks.



    Has many functions like photoshop! Great find for digital artists!

  • Simply the best!

    by Broiler

    I've been using Art Studio for years now and I realized I haven't been using its full potential until I purchased all of the brushes!! Now I'm able to paint realistic fire, smoke, rain and other textures that just make it even better!! My only suggestion or request really would be to have an eraser that would basically add back the original image. Some Apps allow you to swap 2 layers and then when you erase the swapped layer, it paints back the part you messed up. The other Apps I've seen do the same thing except you don't have to swap layers. I hope I'm making sense! This is by far the best Art/Photo App there is, period!!

  • Best out

    by asheppard

    Great as always and even better in iPad mini w retina. Very little lag, unlike other drawing apps

  • Best App Everrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    by I Loved It Its The Best!!!!!!

    Thank You I Now Have A chibi darwing app!! this makes it more easier than 'YouDoodle'!!!

  • Photoshop for iPad

    by Jae5

    If you are looking to do Photoshop like art work on the iPad you have downloaded the right App. With the ability to do Photoshop like effects and have Photoshop like controls, this is the App for you! This App won't disappoint and with a Stylus this App does wonders. I was able to create preliminary art work for clients in the matter of minutes. The biggest feature being the capability of having layers. I've yet to run into an error where I couldn't add a layer so layer away and edit what you need.

  • Great App

    by mambroo

    This app is perfect if you love to edit

  • So many tools!

    by tycoonthetiger

    I'm definitely loving all of the features! Even for someone who is not an artist, there are so many tools you can use to make your works better!

  • Best painting app in the AppStore!

    by Fanmann3

    I originally got ArtStudio when it was brand new and was not very impressed. I eventually deleted it. I recently decided to reinstall it and see if there had been any progress made in its development. So glad that I did!!! I have a lot of art apps and this is by far the best out there. Any artist or art enthusiast with an iPad should get this app! It really is like Photoshop for the ipad! I love it!!!

  • Awesome

    by Laguna12345

    Awesome! Stop looking for other apps you found right here.

  • Practical

    by Kritzia Lopez

    I use it for on the go media content production it's so practical I can't work without it. Love it.

  • I loved the app but after today's update...

    by KoalaGCF

    After today's update it tends to crash a lot, I was going to give this 5 stars but with the crashes give it a 3 because after restarting app a few times it works then crashes again after I save or export an image...

  • Bravo

    by Doc786

    A most comprehensive app. Bravo

  • Love It

    by Lovesummers

    ArtStudio is wonderful. Now I no longer miss Photoshop Elements.

  • I don't think this art program can beat for the $$$

    by Venomlaced

    Pros 1) lots of layers vs other apps limitations 2) copy, paste, flip horizontal, vertical 3) work with one layer or many 4) full working Wacom intuos support 5) robust interface with small learning curve 6) unlimited brush variations 7) I find something new I like about this program every day Cons 1) no windows version available 2) I had to go through a lot of apps to find this one 3) habit forming and you will loose track of time while using it

  • Great!

    by Dave Lundberg-Kenrick

    Great app. Tons of features (layers, masks, filters, great brush tools, etc.) Sadly, no pen tool, and no PSD imports (it does export PSD), but it's still a wonderful app.

  • Awesome app!

    by Caseylynn1

    Easy to use. Tons of stuff to play with very cool.

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