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Languages: English

Seller: Joseph Riquelme

New Minor Features:
1. Higher resolution videos!

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Publishers, Business Development, Marketers, and Advertisers can reach Joseph Riquelme at [email protected]

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949 Ratings
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3150 Ratings
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Videoshop is an easy video editor with fast editing tools and a vast array of special FX for enhancing your personal videos.

1. Music: Integrate songs from your iPod to your videos.
2. Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments.
3. Slow motion: Adjust video speed to slow or fast.
4. Combine: Merge multiple clips into one.
5. Subtitles: Type your own messages onto a video.
6. Voice overs: Record your own voice over the video.
7. Sound effects: Choose from several sounds effects, such as farts, explosions, laughter, and more.
8. Animated titles: Introduce your videos with animated titles.
9. Filters: Select from several Instagram-inspired filters to enhance the visuals on your videos.
10. Transitions: Choose from 6 transitions to animate between video clips.
11. Photos: Create stunning slideshows.
12. Share on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or by E-mail.

Publishers, Business Development, Marketers, and Advertisers can reach Joseph Riquelme at [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app but

    by GrinGamer

    This app shrinks your videos if you use a camera. Uploading rectangular videos to Instagram doesn't fit the whole box.

  • Awesome

    by HALOplayer1117

    The app is really fun to mess around with

  • Very good

    by Mahboicharles

    This app is perfect for making videos out of pictures and editing already existing videos. It's like PhotoShop for video files.

  • Amazing

    by Yianni30

    This is great!

  • Awesome

    by Tina Rivera

    Just what I needed to instantly create fitness vids for my blog and IG. 5 thumbs up!

  • Awesome app

    by Dadof8

    Easy awesome app.

  • HogfishTattoo.Com

    by HogfishTattoo

    Great app, it's awesome well worth the $2.99 A+++

  • 10 STARS!!!!)

    by Motaborabooks


  • Amazing!

    by Mitchell✨SaiHay

    This app is overall amazing, the only flaws I've seen were one, and that's the fastest speed, it skips. Please fix!!

  • Great!

    by Teyshaaaa

    I used this for my project

  • Everything I need

    by 3030preditor

    This is worth the price. It will do everything an expensive software will do

  • Everything I need

    by 3030preditor

    This is worth the price. It will do everything an expensive software will do

  • by Oun zynga

    I like it

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Coolcort10

    Hope you guys will like it when you download this app, not that much stuff butt besides that it is fun an amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best app ever

    by Swagginchickeegek

    Besides the fact this app takes up quite a lot of data, this app is the best app I have used. Undoubtedly can't be topped. $3 is such a small price to pay for an app you won't regret keeping.

  • Love it!

    by Hindsfeet

    This app is lots of fun. Love the filters. Love that I can quickly edit and add videos together to make video memories of my kids.

  • I love it

    by The

    It is a wonderful app

  • I Love This Thing

    by N

    Love it

  • Videoshop

    by Major25

    Great app super easy to use

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Angeladenverco

    Great for quick editing and easy to use!


    by Lolipop11234

    I really like the effort put into this app, but on my phone the audio wouldn't work. I tried to add music,sound FX and voice but none would work and my video would just be silent. Please help!! I spent 2.99 on this app and I am very disappointed that it didn't work.

  • Cannot save video on camera roll

    by luvmyifone

    The video came out really nice. After all the time spent creating it to my liking, it will not allow me to save it. It starts the saving process and less than half way it says it cannot save. Fix it and I will change my rating.

  • Awesome Video editing app!

    by Oztech9

    This app is very amazing! I think that this might be the best editing app anywhere! I use it to make my vids funnier and even upload them to upload! I'd recommend this to people who like to do uploads on their mobile devices! Great job guys! :)

  • Good

    by Austin11111111

    Very usefull

  • Nice not bad

    by RandomManTime

    I like this app a lot but it glitches all the time witch is very annoying but still it deserves a 5!

  • Worth your money!

    by 4guysllama

    This is a wonderful app! It is totally worth the money.

  • Yep

    by JChris40

    Did what I wanted it to do. "Everything looks better in slow motion" Dave Chapelle-

  • Favorite photography app

    by Flexico

    Fun and easy to use

  • Love it!!

    by Alannah513

    This app is perfect!! It has everything I need to make a music video or even a tutorial. It is definitely worth 3.00!!

  • Good.

    by Cj_leach

    This app is really good, the only problem I have is when ever I try to record something it will let me record but when I push ok it force closes every time.

  • Get it

    by Jr thurston

    Better than I movie

  • Awesome app

    by Marc00loose

    This is an awesome app it's super cool and so easy to use and fun to work with !!!!!

  • Okay I will give it five stars but ...

    by CrazyDave4.0

    This is Fantastic video editor there are so many options, voice overs, music video and picture options fantastic the only thing I it needs are more transition variety and the ability to edit the photos you use within the app and it would actually be perfect

  • Good picture but crashed first 2 min I used it.

    by Sdfinch

    Don't get this. It's to much of a gamble.

  • Love it

    by Macwaffles

    Use it all the time

  • So So

    by WZRDno1

    Its alright but i wish it had more options


    by Avp963

    I love this app its great with editing videos

  • Great but...

    by ChaoticChaos

    This is my favorite film-editing app, but I would like a few new features... 1) I was recording and I noticed that the screen was too tiny, and my other videos were a good full screen format. There needs to be an update where you can change the size of the video frame. 2) new fx 3) visual fx

  • Hash

    by Hah)274562!


  • Awesome.


    Love this app.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Nigee4545

    Almost perfect, but on the iPad 4 you aren't able to record audio on the video as the option allows you too.

  • Good

    by Thatman184


  • Neat

    by TedBundysIguana


  • REALLYYYYY cool!

    by Shayxx5

    It's just perfect. Can't say more.

  • Good but has flaws

    by Madmaenic

    The app is good except a few things. Be warned that if you use a copyrighted song that you pick out of your iTunes account, you won't be able to share it on Facebook. I took all that time to make it and once I posted it for my friends and family to see, it got removed due to copyright infringement. I assumed since the app ALLOWS you to choose a song out of your library, that they already had that part taken care of. I am now permently banned from uploading ANY videos into my Facebook. Also, with the text...I couldn't figure out a way to delete and edit what I had Already typed. I wanted to change the wording on one of my captions and it didn't give me a delete or edit button. It only allowed me to change the length of time the text stayed on screen. So I ended up having to redo the whole thing. Other then that, I enjoyed it.

  • I love this app

    by Dhkvuxhcmv

  • Great app to have

    by The app tester™

    They should add a copy clip, but otherwise a great app to download and spend your time on!!!

  • Great App!

    by Zerosk8er1010

    Good job developing this user friendly app.

  • Awesome

    by Tjstone556

    I love it

  • Awesome!

    by HannieBananie1996!

    This is an awesome app that allows you to put in as many video and picture clips as possible and add many music clips and voice recordings plus it has sound effects :)

  • Nice

    by ndjcusyshdjfkivov


  • Amazing❥

    by Cookies are the best of all

    I love it

  • Love it!

    by Vee619

    Definitely recommend it because it is so easy to use and fast. So happy I bought it.

  • Great app

    by Fjkbcxhkcd

    I record my parkour stuff and edit on this there's slomotion tranx add music add your voice make it no voice or music add photos with videos and it's awesome (:

  • Really nice

    by Sadfootball

    It's helpful with adding my vines and stuff like that

  • Blah

    by Jon stud

    Ok after a thousand requests I'll review, great app I use it all the time. So I get asked all the time to make a review. Buy it and review it immediately so you can enjoy it..

  • Great app

    by The angry bird fan

    This is the best video editing app out they're for a tablet/smartphone if you don't have it already get downloading!

  • Help!

    by HATER YAL

    My video i was making all the sudden started getting glitchy and then the app shut down! I tried going back on and doing that video but it won't work! I shut off my ipad, turn it back on, STILL NOTHING!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • Video beginners,

    by OetaS

    This is a perfect little app for beginners. My kids are having a blast with it. -kids are7 and under. :)

  • Sports vid edits

    by Best ranked #1

    I love this app because I can use it for sports vid edits. And it's really easy!

  • exactly what i needed

    by JewboiiMcnasty

    best video editing app out here

  • Review

    by JdaddyMacbitchh

    Its really dope

  • :D

    by Jazzy Piinkz

    I really like this helps me a lot with my you tube videos! JazzyPiinkz :p

  • Awsome

    by dhevin_mostdope


  • Good, could use s few more features

    by PalouseDogs

    Worth the 3 bucks, but I would have paid a couple more dollars for a few more features. Mostly intuitive. It took some time to figure out how to edit text. It appears you can only adjust time. If you touch an existing text box and then Text, it allows you to edit that text. However, you don't seem to be able to delete a text box entirely. Features I'd like: Ability to size and place text Ability to fade in and out between video clips. Transitions are abrupt. A bar explicitly showing the time in the clip or video.

  • Awesome

    by Julie who loves her freinds

    This app is so cool I love it

  • Fun

    by Ninjadaredevil

    Was good at first, until it crashed, crashed more and more, then wouldn't even open, then erased my iPods memory, fix immediately now!!!


    by Beatriz Hutcherson

    Best app ever! Works flawlessly.

  • Fabulous App!

    by King Nor

    Smooth transitions effortless video compiling

  • :-)

    by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzlara

    It's pretty cool!

  • Love for

    by Seed 121223

    It's great , it's fun , slow videos down , make videos faster' love it

  • Great App

    by Tru Storii

    Does what it needs to do

  • This app is SICK

    by Jman1902

    I have been looking for the perfect video app and I've finally found it.By the way the makers could add a little more options with the text like how long it stays on the screen,how it comes on the screen,wat color it is,the size of the letters,the shape of the letters.But other than that this app is perfect.

  • Awesome

    by Mrs.Styles26

    To be honest this is the bet app you could ever buy there is transitions, you can add music, mange the time and everything I'm so glad I came across it and it was easy to learn how to work it

  • Please let us edit text's font color style and position

    by Zheng-Yu YANG

    Please let us edit text's font color style and position Support dropbox so that we can import videos and pictures and voices into video shop

  • I like it!

    by BBHAVER

    Fairly easy and straight forward to use.

  • Nice app


    I love this app

  • Youtuber must have

    by LoveTheLads

    It's great. No flaws I can see. It's what any major youtuber MUST have. Thus app has made my halo series much easier with the cut action filming. And the way you can add voice in is amazing. I would like to ask if you would make a way for the music to Fade out when you wanted it to and not go through the hole song. Thank you.

  • It was great and easy!!!

    by Dancin305

    Amazing !!

  • Awesome

    by Machila1979

    Love it!!!

  • Some flaws BUT EPIC

    by drake and eminem rock

    Epic but has some flaws.

  • Nice

    by Hihgigvegekjvbkvhdvbehvd

    Great app worth it

  • Soooo fricken fun!!!

    by Swarbnuh


  • So fun!

    by Carsonski2000

    This app is fun and easy to use. I love it!

  • Easiest app ever!

    by Lgraves217

    I wanted to add captions to a video and this app was incredibly easy to use. I attempted to launch iMovie through my iPhone and it was a bit much for what I was looking for. I am glad I found this app.

  • No

    by Hellokittybabyk

    When I save it to my camera roll it never saves!!!!!! Ever. Please fix

  • Fantabulous

    by SpicyMarysalsa

    This is fantabicious

  • Love it

    by Carlos Javier Rivera


  • Best App EVER!!!

    by eiramana57

    I absolutely LOVE this app.

  • Nice and easy

    by Sonnyboy1618

    Works ok if it crashes it saves progress

  • Mrs D

    by Monababy

    Love the ap!

  • Love it!

    by PressMr

    Very easy to use:)

  • I love this app but..

    by Yvonna andDancer

    This app is a dream and supper easy to use everything! BUT... Every time I try to do a voice over it works fine until I try to save the changes than my iPad mini crashes! After a few times of trying and getti he same results I restarted my iPad mini and tried again with no success. Because of this I bump my rating down to a three): APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS IN THE NEXT UPDATE (:(:(:

  • Awesome!

    by Sir Cameron of Rivendell

    Great for making short films, love this app!

  • Easy and user friendly!!!

    by SomeMisterDude

    Feel in love with this app, cheap and effective. Cut, add, music, voice overs!? Great app

  • Best. One problem...

    by App store owns

    Please make it to where it doesn't crash when you add a "voice" (voice recording) over a video

  • Imovie vs. Videoshop

    by Disha922

    This app has more stars than Imovie and iMovie is an awesome app but seeing this app with more stars and a lot of features it proves that's Videoshop is better than Imovie

  • Pretty good

    by Polkinghorn1999

    It's the best app I have found for video and pic editing. Very happy with it!!

  • Amazing

    by This cap is FunEy

    I love this app great for making cool videos

  • Great App 4 Creating & editing

    by Salo0om-95

    I like this app a lot cause it can do whatever you want for the movie.

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