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Seller: Happy Bits Co.

Videos are now looking better than ever! Plus general quality improvements you are sure to love :)

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Send videos using Kik Messenger!

No size limits, super-fast and FREE :)

- Select any video from your camera roll
- Record a video of any length with a built-in camera
- Instantly send video to any phone using Kik Messenger

Email: [email protected]
AnyVideo for Kik was made with love by Happy Bits Co

Customer Reviews

  • Dope

    by Emc_drewr

    Love this app get all them twerking vids in Hahahaha kik me @ emc_drewr

  • Great app!

    by Cmac 96

    Could use a lil more quality but other than that its perfect

  • Love!!

    by Sarahbelle72

  • Good app but

    by Kaitlin 2

    When I select a video, it makes my flash turn on. Like a flashlight. It's really weird. Please fix that and it will be a great app!

  • Amazing video

    by princesssweetness

    Awesome I love it

  • Great app

    by Gfhfshhsfhxefhsg

    Great app

  • Amazing

    by Michelle4241990

    I love it that i can add videos of and length to my kik chat

  • Epic

    by aprilrp

    Love all the fixes, and the overlay is awesome.

  • Question

    by Mijejdndjeje

    When I send the video does the other person need the app to watch it?

  • Video kik

    by Tropicalfriut

    It's ok could be better could wrk faster nd it could already come wit the kik app but it's dope

  • great app

    by Almesba7


  • Food

    by Kik rob1277

    It's ok

  • Love it

    by Dhdjeje

    I love it

  • Hmu

    by Star6437983

    It's cool to be able to send videos to your friends

  • Awesome app

    by Rixboy

    Does what it says!!! Cool app

  • Great

    by Stumpy246

    Works great!

  • Good

    by Meg 1234657890

    I like that you can make it as long as you want !

  • Cool and gooooooood!!!!

    by Eartheagle10

    Its cool to take pics and video

  • Good app

    by Gshddjdkdhchsu

    Needs better quality

  • Love It

    by Carlos White

    It's so fast and easy to use.. I love that I can send my pics and videos quickly and easily!! Thank you so much!!!

  • No

    by Sz96zz

    It won't let me see videos anymore it says that the app isn't up to day but it is !! Please fix this soon!

  • -.-

    by Chris Irby

    This sucked it took forever to load

  • Crashing bug needs fix

    by Pink star on the moon

    Can't have the app open for 1 minute before crashing. Needs to be fixed.

  • Great

    by deanandcon


  • Kik video

    by Shaunie123_

    This app is AMAZING

  • Uhm

    by Dee2412

    This app won't let u send videos it'd like "can't send videos at this time"

  • Add me probie616

    by Probie616

    Love it hmu girls

  • Add me probie616

    by Probie616

    Love it hmu girls

  • Good app

    by Djxskxxmsixiaosidbf

    I like the app but you can't delete videos from the home page.

  • Great App!!!

    by Alexrms50

    This app is amazing with high quality videos that are uploaded so fast it's unbelievable!!!

  • Annoyed

    by notfunnytakeitoff

    It let me record the video but then there was just no way to send it! Didn't work. Don't download.

  • Kik video


    I love this app!

  • Not working.

    by kat2223

    I have an iPhone 5 and whenever I try to take a video, it doesn't stop recording.. Works for one video but after that, I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Please fix!!

  • I like it, but..

    by wolfmadisyn

    i like this app but when you send videos its not clear its like blurry.

  • Kik Video

    by HisGirl_xoxo1226


  • Great!

    by @princesss_kaylaaaaa

    Never write reviews but this app is great! I use it daily and the improvements have helped so much!

  • Awsome app!!

    by Karely2310

    This is an awsome app!!! I love it!! You can share videos with your friend!!

  • Finally!!

    by AGDlover

    The video quality is way better than before.

  • Great!

    by Nononcentz

    I luv it u can make vids however long u want :D

  • App keeps crashing.

    by LoveTheTHC

    It might just be my iPod, but every time I prepare a video to be sent, the app crashes when it try's to open my kik

  • Love it!!!!

    by LINK#117

    This app is awesome!!!

  • cool

    by Dvcfg

    i like it .-.

  • Hi

    by Jazzy1465

    I love this app I can record videos for as long as I want!!!!

  • Love the new look!

    by edogg4646

    It’s great!

  • Gr8

    by Rokobased


  • Kik video

    by Tarisna

    I love this app it just wen my freinds/BFFl send a video it about 4/5 mins long but my point I's she didn't even say nun

  • Kik video


    Every time I make a video or I get one it freezes up on me! not real happy about that

  • Hoodrat

    by saxiizz

    This app is confusing and i cant use it

  • Works great!!

    by MusicloverKaz

    Simple, clean, and runs smooth. Goes real well with kik. Keep it up, and thanks.

  • 5 stars

    by Ms. Ivy. Nv

    Easy peasy!! You'll love it too

  • Video kik

    by Dimplee K

    Absolutely love it

  • Awesome

    by Nicole4u15

    It's great to be able to send video now to all my friends

  • Mr

    by tberkut

    Great application .

  • Ehhhhhhh

    by Namor baron field

    At first I loved it, it was an awesome app that any kik user should have. But now idk, it's been taking a lot longer to load up to the point where it just isn't worth waiting anymore. If kikvideo producers could cut the loading time it would definitely be back to five star app in my opinion.

  • Sharing videos made easy!

    by jloehrer

    Video uploads are fast. Supports videos of any length. Nice sceen layout. Simple and intuitive.

  • Great addition to kik!

    by mikebiglan

    Seamlessly add videos to kik conversations without restrictions. And easy to use too.

  • Fantastic app

    by tonyxiao

    Liberates my camera roll. I can finally send videos of unlimited length via kik!

  • Great app!

    by Wbm99

    Love this app! I use it all the time.

  • Love the fixes

    by Vyb

    Look fancy! and big Yay - the uploads are sooo fast. I don't typically write reviews but I'm so happy that I can finally send my videos for freeeeee. Thank u

  • Nice!

    by MB22999

    Thanks for the fixes

  • FAIL

    by CurlyAfroLuv

    Everything I try to send, it always says FAIL FAILED FAILED FAILED. Well guess what, app creator? YOU FAILED TOO.

  • Decent app

    by De Jae

    I really like this app and it comes in handy quite often. But majority of the time I find myself not even using the app because of how mAny times it fails to load and send videos. Like 2/10 of the videos I choose to send will actually send to whomever it is I'm trying to send. Good app just needs some work.

  • Gahakapd

    by Besionansk

    De aregi

  • Hgrrrr

    by Rawrrrjajsbajnzaj

    It's a good app c:

  • Cool and gooooooood!!!!

    by Eartheagle10

    Its cool to take pics and video

  • Awsome

    by Layra

    Awsome app love it

  • Awsome

    by Layra

    Awsome app love it

  • Nice

    by Jxjzn$.

    The video kik app isn't a waste of time or space it's very useful for people like me and my friends who love expressing our thoughts but don't want the things we say to be taken the wrong way through text and that's were video kik comes in it allows us to express and about enfices in the things we say so I really recommend it.In my opinion it runs very well with the kik app and if commingles flawlessly

  • Crashes

    by Amoah25

    Every time I try to upload a video it crashes at 39% every time could you fix this.

  • Good for what it does

    by AZ_Chiver

    I've gone through other apps and this one is definitely the best that I've used period. I highly recommend it!

  • My kik is amazing part two


    Forgot my other review that Kik video app is amazing because you can send videos your friend and she's awesome so that's unattainable and Cel-Sci that you guys

  • Wack!

    by Z3R0life

    Yeah sure you can send vids. But it looks HORRIBLE! Fix That Problem And Maybe I'll Redownload The App

  • Awesome !

    by Mr_Tortuga

    Its great that we could now record vid through kik !

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