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  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Glide
  • Updated: Mar, 21 2013
  • Version: 1.5.6
  • Size: 8.79 MB

Languages: Arabic, English, HE, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Glide Talk Ltd.

• NEW! Videos send MUCH faster!
• NEW! Clear chat history
• Performance + stability improvements

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167 Ratings
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The fastest way to send + receive private video messages.

“The current hot name in video messaging is Glide” - Forbes
“It’s incredibly simple to use… It worked seamlessly over 3G” - NY Times

*** Featured by Apple in Great Free Apps, New & Noteworthy + What’s Hot ***

COOLER THAN TEXTING - Don’t write about what you’re doing. Show it!
FASTER THAN MESSAGING - Friends can watch your video AS you’re recording!
EASIER THAN VIDEO CALLING - Send videos without scheduling. Watch live or later!


• 100% FREE!
• One-tap video messaging
• Chat 1-on-1 or in huge groups

• Easily add friends by sharing your PIN
• Send + receive as many messages as you want
• New! Video filters, including 3 from our friends at Aquafina FlavorSplash

• Rewatch messages whenever you want
• Share your favorite moments on Facebook and Twitter
• Videos are saved to the cloud so they don’t take up space on your phone

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Swaggger86

    Love it!

  • Good

    by Ravelove1

    Good app

  • Lightning fast

    by Faith's Momma Bear

    Amazing app! This is the next big thing


    by Mzkutie2012

    I luv sendin videos msgs on here to my friends n family best thing eva nxt to facetime!!!!! Dwnload nw u wont regret it

  • I love this app

    by Davin Barto

    I absolutely love this app, it's more personal the texting, more personal than calling, and it's exactly like Skype but better because you don't have to wait around for the person to call you or you call them you just send it like a text message but it's a video, and you can look at the video message and respond whenever you want so you don't have to worry about always being on the phone or computer like Skype.

  • Great App

    by Sneakergurl12

    I'm mad I didn't have this sooner. It makes it easy to talk to a person directly but indirectly. You can say exactly what you want to say and not have to wait a long time for a response like when you send videos via text message. This app is awesome!!!!!

  • Love It

    by Very yummy bananas

    Easy and effective

  • Really Fun!

    by Deathslash the Dragon

    Really cool! It's great when I want to communicate with friends and family. Makes it very simple and easy to use.

  • Love it!

    by Heregome530

    This is a app that helps a busy person like me, make things more simple by taking out texting. Thanks!

  • Glide

    by Rod1470

    Love it

  • Great work Glide

    by Clayton Dennis

    Thank you Glide for this wonderful app. My business is now booming with a 150,000 yearly profit margin. I have now made Glide mandatory for all my employes. Since this decision there has been nothing but profit made with my company. P.S. Thank you to all your developers for there hard work & determination, a customer for life....

  • Great

    by Victor Jackson

    You should try it

  • 5 star

    by tiffini1974

    I rated this app a five star

  • Awesome

    by Christineeerbebe

    I absolutely love the idea of this app! It's fun and convenient!

  • Amazing

    by N.frias

    Great app... Love that we can group chat. It's awesome. Just one small issue. I have to keep closing app in order to make a new video. Other then that. It's great. Please fix glitch.

  • Notification glitch

    by Tena88

    I liked the app until I switched to iPhone! I do not get any notifications for the app whatsoever. I have to find out a week later that I received a message. Please fix this on iPhone.

  • Amazing


    I love it but its a lil slow sending videos.

  • Glide

    by Freddie Bob Jr III Sr

    Was a fun and cool app at first but now its annoying. Im not connected to facebook but it still notify me when a facebook friend joined.

  • Awesome App

    by Micashai__

    I love glide b/c i come in handy

  • Pronutz

    by Lord RoGue


  • Virus?

    by trembld1

    Looks a little sketchy: someone I haven't spoken too in six months sent me a text asking me to join. I didn't open the link but found the app in Apple Store. Accesses all of your contacts?

  • Glide

    by 40marie

    Great app but sometimes I look crazy lol

  • Glide

    by Blaque96

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this!!!

    by Nina 74

    The messages are sent very fast!

  • Glide is great

    by EverythingIsAwesome

    It helps keep everything in touch! Me and my big cousin love it we talk almost every second on it you have to get it!!!

  • Wonderful

    by Lurchey

    Truly a app worth having brings a new level of video messaging to the board you will be surprised how to keep up with friends and love ones

  • Love it!

    by JDLee723

    Easy to learn and love the idea of video chatting with my family and friends that aren't close by!

  • Very good

    by INVSTG8R

    This is like a poor man's video chat or "Face Time". Love it.

  • Glide

    by Robert James

    I love it. God Bless.

  • So far excellent!!

    by TG Music

    Lots of thought went into this. It's smooth and a unique way to communicate with family and friends. And it's fun too!!

  • I love it !!

    by Mommi Dearest

    I really enjoy this app because I can chat with my family in North Carolina alllll the way from the Jersey Shore !!

  • Unorginized

    by Allyfdrghyuuuutcvdgjjgt

    I made a video to send to one freind and it sent to everyone how emmbarrissing!!! Hate this app.

  • Love it.

    by Druiie

    Glide is the perfect way to keep in touch with your love one. Mostly definitely the best communication app yet.

  • Review

    by APA Leaguer

    I really enjoy glide. Easy and simple to use.

  • Quicker, no wait, no strings attatched

    by Bella cutiepie

    Way better than skype or oovoo! Great app!

  • LOVE this app

    by Allll meh

    It's so fast u can text send video messages I love get this app right know

  • Awesome

    by Yessica Meza

    This Is a awesome app

  • Great app

    by jwozniak

    This is awesome

  • I Just Love It !!!!!!!!!!

    by Phase Point

    It is so amazing I absolutely love it!

  • Love it

    by Duyhreuos

    Very neat!!

  • Better than texting

    by Peggysue6270

    It's better and safer than texting just it still freezes at times....

  • Love it!

    by Hopefulgrl9

    I just love this app! It allows me to easily see my friends and families expressions while texting. No more misunderstood texts. I would have given five stars but sometimes if texting a lot, you'll miss glides and have to exit the app for the messages to register coming in.

  • Really Great!

    by The Morgan Ashley

    I started using Glide as a result of my long-distance relationship, and it has been an incredibly convenient way to keep in touch. It doesn't crash, either, which is always a plus. :)

  • Great

    by Thumper6024


  • Love it

    by Mustafa A Akbar

    It is a Great app love it all of my Friends are on it keep up the good work

  • It's ok

    by Oh killer oh bowy

    It's ok

  • Thankful

    by God vessel36

    All I can say is that I love it.. U dont have to do all that texting and u can see that person face who you are talking to .. So my advice to many if u don't like texting all the time well download glide to your phone and I promise u that u will love it and all of ur family and friends will love it as well.. Thanks glide for this invented this its an whole lot of fun

  • Love it!!!

    by breena33

    I absolutely love this app so convenient!

  • The

    by Kidlitenin

    Work out some of the glitches and fix it so you can erase messages whether you sent them or received them and it'll be great.

  • Love it!!!!

    by Imatwin2

    This app is great!!! Great update to work with ur phone contacts now and not just Facebook !!!!

  • Helps me stay in contact with my Sister!!!!

    by Olenka Llanos

    I'm not a phone person. I actually hate being on the phone. This is a really easy and clear way to stay in touch with friends & family.

  • This app

    by Lalabug2341235

    This is the best app for video messaging...besides tango I love this... It's fast and amazing

  • by russellm9

    Great alternative to talking to my long distance gf!!

  • Wazzzzzzzam lol

    by Smileyj20

    This app is really the best chat app!

  • Great App!

    by Tarhl4life

    This a great app and easy to use.

  • Hmm

    by ElReyJay


  • I Absolutely Love It!!!

    by Misstotalpackage

    This app is awesome!!!!

  • Nearly perfect

    by Demetrius Brooks

    I fell in love with this app almost instantly. I only wish there was a better interface and distinction for sending text. Adding an option to send files would make this the best communication app available.

  • Bueno

    by Wondy1221

    Me encanta

  • Love love love it

    by PamelaB660

    So easy to use and my grandkids and I can sent right now in the moment video of us

  • Fantastic!!

    by Pricey199531

    You got me hooked. Was using another app, but it clogged up my memory on the phone. This requires nothing in terms of memory space! Excellent way to keep in touch with friends and families!!!


    by Vicnsty

    So easy an a fun way to hook up with Frds an family!! I'm already addicted!!

  • Deleting account

    by Nenee24

    How do u delete your glide account

  • Glide on over

    by Dtaylor1270

    Love it. Easy way to stay in touch with friends and family.

  • Amazing!! Way better than skype!!

    by Fearferrai

    This is the best it gets everyone! A must download!!

  • Great App! Just fix the freeze glitch!

    by NikkiNickz

    Great App! Love I can connect with family and friends ! Just wish it wouldn't freeze up so much ! If that was fixed this would be a 5 star rating !!

  • I Love It!!!

    by LaLaB619

    Love Love LOVE this app. It's totally AWESOME!!

  • Sweet

    by LesbianT

    Follow on Instagram king___sweetness I'm a gorgeous southern girl (-: love glide

  • Love

    by Jneshiiiaaaaaaa

    I love this ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love it!

    by With one eye open

    Great app! Especially when I wanna see a special someone at any given time, distance couldn't ruin that. A few bugs need to be fixed but so worth the install


    by Bregirl10

    If u don't have this app u got to get it it is the bomb

  • Reality Star of MOMs GOT GAME on OWN

    by Pamela McGee

    This is not a paid endorsement. This is the hottest thing out! I LOVE IT! It is better than Instagram.

  • Skype without the commitment!

    by Princess CoCo the 37th

    Easy way to stay in contact with anyone who may have a super busy life. Allows for contact whenever you're available. You don't have to sit at a computer for hours skyping, filling minutes of the conversation with distractions and deadzones. Glide allows for you to send your precise thoughts after you've decided when and what to say! Thanks to the Glide staff for reconnecting me with amazing friends!

  • I love it !

    by Maiineypooh

    I love this app but i think it should be an upgrade as far as you can choose any video to save to your library.

  • Awesome App!

    by The firecracker heat

    My sister lives miles away across the country and with this app, I feel connected with her! I feel like I'm apart of her everyday routine! Glide is great for even just saying hey to friends you can't see all the time!

  • Great idea

    by DJLMonte

    I love it and it's fun !


    by Kayla-G5

    This app is so amazing it's better than vine and kik and Instagram even oovoo they need more apps like this

  • K

    by chila1209

    Good app

  • Glad

    by Tinalovingherfamily

    I love it

  • Glide

    by Willie Smith

    Glide is cool running man

  • This puts snap chat to shame

    by Soundsonictribe

    I am having so much fun with this .... I understand that snapchat has a different purpose than this in some ways ....but i have stopped using snapchat And replaced with this !

  • Glide

    by Ash got swag

    It's odee fun ^___^

  • Glide

    by La, Production

    I love it a great way to send a video Message to friends an family

  • Love this app

    by Melissa Grisolia

    Love this app. Great when work on project with people who can't always be around. And it's fun to play with

  • Great way to communicate!

    by ThousandsofYou

    This app is very beneficial for keeping in touch with people you can't see regularly. It's give you the options of discretion and creating keepsakes with the ability to keep or all video chats. The videos send very quickly. This is a great app!

  • Just the best!

    by Blue Waffle Lover

    Best thing I have seen in a while! Cuts down on the texting and serving.

  • The Best

    by Shiishaw

    It's just so personal, I live far from my family and when we use Glide it helps when I miss them the most The picture is clear, and it's very user friendly....Stop shopping for a video found it right here GLIDE IS THE BEST

  • I

    by @lashae_devincii

    This app is great!! It is super cool & very easy to use!!

  • I love it

    by Vicaaay

    It's great


    by Krummit

    I'm half of a long distance relationship and my fiancé has a droid. We were having trouble finding time and the right app to video chat. You guys rocked it. I like it because I can keep the messages or delete them AND it doesn't disappear if I tap on the message by accident. Thank you thank you think you. We were both in tears because we found this app. LOVE IT!!

  • Cool

    by Ashley Jena'

    So Far So Good

  • Accessing Contacts

    by kkn07

    I should not have to share my contacts in order to use the app...not worth it!

  • Not good

    by 94_kev

    When I wanted to Chat it does work

  • Constant notifications whenever someone joins are a pain

    by myMobibleNickname

    Of course you could turn all notifications off for the app, but then you wouldn't get notifications when someone send you a message. There needs to be a setting to make this app less annoying.

  • Love it

    by Monkey diaper women

    It's a good app!(: it needs filters tho especially when ur not looking ur best

  • Great video chat

    by acspade

    Nothing is better I just wish I could hear thru my blue tooth

  • Lk

    by Robert6-22-01

    This app is the best

  • Hi

    by Mama-ameme

    This is so nice

  • Code

    by Lonelyldove

    Downloaded the app put my number in and waited for my verification code to be text to me and it never was. After the tenth try I selected the option to be called and never received one.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Sebastiani

    Love love love!!!!

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