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Seller: Facebook, Inc.

New in 2.2.1:
• Schedule photo posts
• Bug fixes and performance updates

New in 2.2:
• Optimized for iOS 7
• Tag other Pages in sharing tool
• Tag people in comments

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Current Version:
817 Ratings
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45988 Ratings


Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place.


• Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages
• View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages
• Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips and reminders
• View your latest Page Insights

Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from whenever you are.

Customer Reviews

  • Could be better

    by Hjnbc

    I appreciate having access to my page on my phone.

  • Great app, wish it did more.

    by Sheepishowl

    I would like to be able to do more on my page with this app. Particularly share posts from my business page to my personal page. Otherwise it's decent and I have no problems with the app itself.

  • App

    by カジャル

    App won't open

  • Great app. I wrote a review. Now leave me alone

    by Foomanshoe

    Great app. Now shut up and quit asking me to rate your app.

  • It's good, but...

    by Courtney S (=

    There are some things that need to be fixed. For example, every time I try to upload a picture to my page, the app just closes out and the picture doesn't get posted. It hasn't done this before now, and perhaps it's only my phone, but it gets to be very annoying. Also there are quite a few features that this app doesn't have that are on PC. If these problems were to be fixed, I would rate 5 stars.. but for now, no.

  • Very helpful

    by Beforeandaftonfarm

    Makes managing Facebook pages easy

  • Reseña

    by Armería Aguada

    Muy buena, pero quitaron las encuentas y no se puede subir videos desde el app.

  • Good app, one complaint

    by Jacob Matthews

    I would love the ability to "like" other pages from this app. Trying to tag/mention other pages from mobile but can't because I'm not able to "like" them from anywhere but an actual computer. Thanks!

  • Archie

    by Archie Kurdo


  • Getting there...

    by Sever The Feeling

    This app has come a long way from the first release. I look forward to more improvements.

  • User friendly

    by Ashleysh22

    But I'd like to be able to view newsfeed and other pages and comment on them as my page. I can do this at a computer so why not on the app!

  • Super Easy

    by William Cunningham

    Opened a page up and using this app made it super easy to do!!!

  • Super...except...

    by Vroom95

    I use this frequently because I like to keep the personal page separate from the business page, but I would like to stream the newsfeed from this app as the business name, also I would like to post time post pictures.

  • Jess!

    by Brandon Ryer

    Love it! Love everything about it!

  • Pages

    by Debbie Turfitt

    I love it

  • Pages App

    by DBellamy

    Great app! I'm able to easily access my pages.

  • Great app but needs more depth

    by Ty Shippy

    Myself being a bar manager, I feel this app is missing a lot of the functionality that you don't receive from having a personal Facebook account.. And I'm not able to edit the website of my Facebook Page account to make it more convenient for my customers...unless I'm not seeing it and others are.. But overall, 4 out 5, great job and congrats to the developer(s)!!

  • Must have!!

    by Umaster

    It is very EASY! Must have..

  • Works great

    by DeltaOhio

    Wish there was more options for scheduling posts. I should be able to reschedule a post already scheduled.

  • Great needs work on notifications

    by Fox3ls

    Great for managing pages, but it keeps saying I have notifications and I don't.

  • Good idea in theory

    by Want a refund bro

    The pages manager app is a good idea in theory, but it fails in implementation. I like that I get a notification when someone posts on my page's wall, but the app loads so slow it's faster for me to go on a computer and go to my page to reply. So basically, all the app is useful as is as a page comment notifier.

  • Waste of Space

    by Brandywatson79

    The app is basically worthless for running business pages. It crashed every single time I opened it & the information wasn't correct (page likes, notifications, etc.) You can't edit posts and basically all that it's good for is...well, nothing. Don't waste your time & phone space.

  • Awesome features that you can't do on desktop!

    by TrentMC

    I love the feature that allows you to schedule posts down to the minute. Desktop only let's you go in 5 min increments. Nice.

  • Pages name

    by Fffggsome

    This app is good but the app won't let me change the name of my page that I want

  • Let me tag my people

    by Carmengis right

    Not fully functional to me. Have to go back to my personal to tag people I would like to see my stuff !

  • Does what I need it to do!

    by soulamonglions

    Works well. User friendly. Does what I need it to do!

  • Could use more features

    by Shifthead

    Like others, I find this app to be lacking features. For basic posts, it's adequate but I get that same functionality with the standard Facebook app so there's not much incentive to use Pages.

  • Pretty Good

    by LovelandRealtor

    I use it daily. Easy to post but very slow reloading & always get same notice multiple times on who has liked my posts.

  • Big fix?

    by Hnc993

    The app needs a possible bug fix. It will go days without my being able to open the app on my phone. Very frustrating when my phone is the only way I can access my page unless I am home at my computer.

  • Great app

    by Beeman29732

    Great app still crashes some

  • Does what it says

    by Jakdkgqux

    Good app, useful, does what it says...

  • Hair by Elizabeth

    by Elizabeth Quesada

    I just love to be part of the small business in Facebook pages !! I get a lot of clients in Facebook !! In love!!;)

  • Much better

    by Nurselnels

    I love the new scheduled posting ability.

  • Ya Pages

    by Adam Palermo

    The recent improvements have made a drastic change. Keep improving please.Overall a good app with a few rooms for improvement.

  • Meh

    by Serracat

    It's a great concept and loved the opportunity to have a business page; however as stated in previous reviews...you can't edit after you post. I have to delete really quickly then repost...ugh! I really hate that I have to pay to advertise on FB but you pay networks on TV to advertise and so on and so on. It's ok I think for the advertising one pays you should offer more features! Keep working it out! :)

  • Very nice app

    by Iron Rupe

    Easy to update and track the page.

  • Go slow!!!!

    by justin816

    Horrible, app can't keep up. If you are going too fast or posting large amounts of content. Will crash every time. Maybe 1 out of 7 uses will it work without crashing.

  • Awesome and easy

    by Playinwithhorses

    Excellent app! Makes posting for our small business a breeze!

  • Useful but needs more opptions

    by Marie93

    I really like the convenience of the app but editing posts are a pain. It's for administrators so should have more variables for adding content to make it look and feel more professional especially from mobile devices like iphone and ipad.

  • Wish you could edit page app

    by Tom sous chef Tom Tom

    I would like to be able to: •search for (and 'like') other facebook pages • create/update (and upload the photo!) for an event page • upload and position profile photo • tag other facebook pages in posts That would be great, 5 stars. Thanks!

  • Bleh

    by AJrComedian

    Could be better at notifying me of messages and comments. Tends to not allow me to receive notifications from people I'm not friends with on Facebook.

  • Half & half

    by NikkieLynn

    I'm constantly on the road so being able to check my fan page is a requirement but the limited functionality of the app makes it frustrating. I can't see the statuses of pages I'm following so I still have to use a computer. Change that aspect of the app and you have a five-star winner.

  • Pages

    by Shadow Luxen

    This is an awesome app for managing and being an admin, I highly recommend it!

  • Kaula Rascha's Model Page

    by Kaubear

    My modeling page has went up in so many likes that I did not expect! I only model for fun, but the support is amazing !!

  • Love it but....

    by Fella4Christ

    I use this app all the time and love it. Don't understand why it freezes on pictures from my pages so much!! Does it on the iPad too. Really aggravating.

  • Love it but....

    by Fella4Christ

    I use this app all the time and love it. Don't understand why it freezes on pictures from my pages so much!! Does it on the iPad too. Really aggravating.

  • Good

    by violamusik

    Enjoying it

  • Nice app

    by HolySpiritFilled

    I like it. It works. Needs more tools and options but overall it gets the job done.

  • Very Convenient

    by Lucindanne

    I have several Pages in FaceBook, and Pages helps me to go directly to my Pages, and to manage them.

  • Very helpful

    by BeerDoc69

    Use this daily for my restaurant with specials and other goings on.

  • Great app

    by FlippyFiStax

    I just wish you could edit a post from It.

  • Needs tweaks

    by Aubomobile

    Does the basics, but for a super small business (like mine), it would be really helpful if I could tag myself in my posts and be able to include photos when I schedule a post. It seems silly that there is currently no way to do those things with the app.

  • Better And Better!

    by alysco2003

    Since my last review, considerable improvements have been made. You're listening to the people! Much appreciation for the capability to schedule posts and photos! MAJOR PLUS!

  • Great app. Love scheduled photos

    by okriatic

    This app makes my job soooo much easier. Keep up the great work!

  • It does it's purpose

    by Krysta|iz€

    It works.

  • It's good

    by Mark Friedrich

    Just started using it. I like that you can schedule posts.

  • Really. Good.

    by Canno1277

    First. Time. I. Used. Woooooo. Perfect on one thing is don't show me exactly how many Like. And. Comment I have in May. Post

  • No complaints

    by Allsosweet

    It gets the job done on ALL my pages.

  • Very satisfied

    by M. Luster

    I love it!!!!

  • Very nice

    by Facepad

    It's nice to be able to have a separate place to deal with stuff for/from your pages. I just wish I could upload more than one photo at a time without creating an album.

  • Great App

    by LA Jefferson

    I love being able to manage my pages without having to go on Facebook as it is so distracting. Pages allow me the ability and ease to focus on the business I have to do on FB instead of the fun.

  • Fb apps

    by Woooofy

    Thanks for this wonderful app. Its very helpful and easy to use. Keep it up. Thanks!

  • Daha iyi olabilir

    by bariskeskin

    Desktop versiyona göre çok kısıtlı... Haberleri Edit imkanı vermiyor

  • Horrible

    by soraia fernandez

    I wish it was faster. Its extremely slow and to admin other pages its really hard and confusing to Do.

  • Muito bom

    by Breno Fonseca

    Adoro esse App

  • Sweet App!!

    by Innova video

    Love it!

  • Missing the "Search" option

    by NinaBBC

    From a smartphone u can't BE one of your pages with ease and navigate in FB, so it would be great if in this FB Pages App you could SEARCH (magnifying glass). I would like to search for others' pages and "Like" them while BEING my Page identity, but you can't do that with this app. annoying.

  • Using for a business page..

    by Atomic Fitness

    Great app for iPhone to manage a FB page for your business and still have your personal FB profile on phone. Makes switching them back and forth so much easier and also has great tracking tools for your posts and likes, etc...

  • Works well!

    by MrsTlj

    I would have given this app the extra star if it had a few more features and updated quicker. But, overall, it's a great app. No real complaints.

  • Love it

    by Jacobjskabxoansbkan

    It's very convenient and slows me to track what everyone is doing on my page

  • Like it a lot

    by Coffeesnob38

    Makes managing my page easy

  • Great.

    by Seth Hendricks

    Works well to separate my business page from my personal page. I would like to be able to see the breakdown of "views," "like," "unlikes," etc. I would also like to be able to search for others through my business page.

  • Makes pages uploading easy

    by jmerachele

    It makes loading things to your different pages great and quick. No more logging in and out

  • not good

    by zackie

    My icon constantly shows that I have new notifications. I can't edit posts. when I get new members I can't see who they are for a week or two. Just a number of problems with this app.

  • Improved since first launched but lacks a few more functions

    by whynotmomdotcom

    1) when scheduling a post, it doesn't allow me to add a photo. 2) why is it that we can edit posts from personal profile & not fan page? 3) let my fans see my posts! Not all of us small business owner have the budget for ads!

  • Great App

    by Bitweaver

    Great app for managing your Facebook pages. No complaints. Do almost all managing on mobile now.

  • A Great Tool for my business

    by Labby Family

    I do use this app frequently to post about my business. I never have problems with it. It's very easy to use.

  • Better than a computer... Mostly

    by Wendy Lava

    I love being able to open right up to my business page. One thing this lacks as well as on a computer is being able to directly write people who have not written to you yet. When comments are left asking questions I should be able to start a conversation without it being posted publicly. Especially if they have liked the page already.

  • Like

    by Desiree Hart

    I love my page. Great way to communicate with Facebook people. The only thing I don't like is there is no share button. Plus no way to add other people business to photos that I have. Other then those thing I love it

  • Quick access to pages!

    by Kelly Weaver

    Goes straight to your pages. I like it!

  • Love it, really useful

    by sarahds684

    I use the Pages app to manage two pages, a veterans page & my personal business page. It makes it so much easier to post and interact with the page's patrons. Never had any technical problems (so far).

  • Good one

    by Napaojj

    Speed to publish some work

  • No Longer garbage

    by 8carroll

    Much improved. Does pretty much everything but manage ads.

  • It works fine until it doesn't

    by Perfenkel

    Every few months, this app will just stop working. I'll open it, wait while it loads, and then it will just close automatically. It never recovers once this starts to happen, so I have to delete it and download it again and hope that it works. Sometimes it does.

  • Truly Exceptional

    by Kojo Acquaah

    If you manage one or more Facebook pages, then the Pages app is a necessity for you. I use it everyday with ease.

  • Love it! Needs edit functions on iPad

    by IBGT

    Please add edit functions & tags to the iPad Version.

  • Pages limitations

    by OkieOrangeblood

    If king for a day I'd change two things immediately. 1) I would create an "insert hyperlink" option on posts. As it is know you can put in a link but the address shows up in the post, not the page icon that does when you post to the page from a desktop. 2) I'd allow admins to either post as page OR themselves!

  • Writer

    by A Restless Patriot

    A great way to keep up with pages as you're on the go, even a scheduler to use!

  • Lujo

    by Samm503

    Excelente para trabajar :)

  • Meh

    by Dayvist

    It works.

  • I love it!

    by Debbiecar

    I like being able to load pictures from my phone! Being able to see how many viewed postings is very helpful!

  • Helpful App!

    by Bwalker51

    This app makes posting a quick status or picture easier when you are on the go!

  • Allow us to tag and schedule photo posts!

    by Spam nation

    The pages app seems to be behind the times compared to the functionality provided by the desktop

  • A little better

    by LaMoria

    But still missing stuff: Can't edit posts once they have been posted; Can't pin posts to the top;

  • Great app!

    by Yogaspace

    I love being able to upload videos straight to our Facebook page

  • Needs a little more

    by Cre8withcare

    Not being able to schedule posts with photos makes it lacking. I do like the fact I can manage all my accounts in one spot and it's not difficult to see our stats.

  • I like it

    by XI XD

    It's really helpful.. :)

  • Good Enough for Basic Page Management

    by Justin Norman

    I'm a bit puzzled by the inconsistent appearance of Facebook's growing collection of apps, but this one works solidly for performing basic functions on the pages I manage.

  • Love

    by Nubbins123

    Tho convenience of using it on my phone while I am away from my computer. Thanks Facebook!

  • Great app!

    by Fer19dog

    This is a great app.

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