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Seller: ERCLab, LLC

► Improved device discovery on our Desktop Apps
► Updated our native Windows Client with "Photo Show" support
► Fixed bug with Google Drive plugin for video download
► Other fixes and improvements

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Photo Transfer App allows you to quickly copy photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC using your local wifi network.

With over 10,000 positive reviews in the App Store, thousands of happy users and millions of photo transfers, this app is an indispensable tool for your iOS device.

Features include:

► Easily transfer pictures and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Windows or Mac Computer

► Upload photos and videos from your PC or Mac to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - Photos are saved to the 'Camera roll' album

► Quickly move photos from iPhone to iPad and viceversa

► Transfer HD videos in from iPhone or iPod Touch to your iPad and viceversa

► Transfer photos & videos in all directions over Wifi (Device to/from Computer, Device to/from Device)

► Preserves photo metadata in all transfer directions (EXIF information, location, etc)

► Transfer photos in full resolution, photos are not reduced in quality as with other apps

► Transfer photos between iOS devices using Bluetooth (Transferring videos over Bluetooth is not supported)

► Transfer photo files in RAW formats from iPad to computer and vice versa

► Use any web browser on your computer or new FREE desktop application to quickly transfer between your device and your computer. Free desktop app available for Mac and Windows computers

► Works with web browsers running in Windows, Mac and Linux computers

► Backup all your photos and videos to your computer using our desktop application

► Your photos and videos are transferred directly from device to device using your local wifi network. They are not stored in an external server and they never leave your local wifi network keeping your photos safe

► Pay only ONCE to install this app on your iPhone and iPad (as long as the same iTunes account is used on both devices)

► Web Services plugins: Upload and download photos from Google Drive, Dropbox and Flickr. Available as in-app purchase (iOS6)

Requirements & limitations:

* To transfer photos from one iPhone/iPad to another both devices need to have this app installed. You only pay once when both devices use the same iTunes account to purchase apps

* Access to a properly configured wifi network is required for this application to work. Some public or private wifi networks may be configured to block communication between devices preventing the transfer connection to be established

* When transferring videos from a newer device model (like an iPhone 5) to an older device model (like an iPad 1) the videos may be resized so it can be played by the receiving device. Videos are resized to the maximum video playback resolution of the receiving device.

* Dropbox, Google Drive and Flickr plugins require a device using iOS6 or iOS7


You can see some videos of how the app works on our website:

And our support forum:


Customer Reviews

  • Brainless App

    by BLK MB 2009

    Doesn't require any tech skill to easily transfer and file your pictures to just about any device. I highly recommend.

  • Thee BEST!

    by CharliDNR

    This is the BEST $2.99 I have ever spent! My grandson, Levi, is terminally ill and we (me and/or Grumpa and sometimes our cat, Trucker) make a goofy video for Levi every night to encourage him to eat his yogurt and drink his milk. It is hard to hold the iPhone and make the video so we use the iPad. But we want it on our iPhones too. So this app is the shiz! LOVE IT!

  • Just plain works-

    by Kc:3

    Something that's easy to use and does what I want. Thank u

  • Great app for novice

    by Junkinben

    Perfect everytime and fast! My first app to use and it was a snap.

  • Awesome

    by Bcb7991

    Excellent app. Allows you to transfer photos in specific albums quickly and efficiently which is extremely useful as the idiots at Apple didn't think to make such a feature in the photos app. Highly recommended.

  • It's good!

    by DP7xv

    Once it's connected it works well!

  • Great for a tech dummy like me

    by sbitzig

    Seriously simple and easy to use. I'm sad I've waited this long to figure out how to get videos on my computer. Best $3 I've spent in a long time.

  • Life saver

    by 21mic21

    Best ever, worked great and user friendly

  • LOVE!!!!

    by Jlynn9999

    Best app!!! It is simple to use and makes transferring photos between devices a breeze!!!

  • Perfect love it

    by Louisiii23

    Great app. Exactly as described and works awesome with the pc or Mac desktop apps.

  • Great App

    by photonman

    Very easy to transfer photos from my iPhone to my windows computer. I installed the Photo Transfer App on my computer which makes it easy

  • Works Great

    by Person674825482647

    Perfect every time! Works well with iPhone, iPad and PC over home network.

  • Easy to use and works fast.

    by Yeppers man

    Excellent app to transfer photos and videos between computers and devices. Has never crashed and would recommend to everyone.

  • Easy to use

    by Palmer31512

    This app made it very easy to transfer videos from iphone5 to computer when I tunes would not download.

  • Great!

    by marchitos

    No issues after transferring a few hundred pictures. User-friendly and works fast.

  • Nothing Better

    by On the road reader

    Fantastic! Didn't know anything could beat sliced bread. Works perfectly. Love it.

  • If only it had a better interface

    by P.mousse Esq.

    As far as getting the job done, 5 stars. A few tweaks of the interface would make it so much easier to set up. I feel like I have to figure it out again every time I use it.

  • Terrific app!

    by Pjsc1109

    Great app for quickly transferring large or small amounts of pictures from one phone to another!

  • Absolutely Great!

    by Ronald Carruth

    What a great app. My iPhone was filling up the memory with pictures and I wanted to transfer them to the home computer. Super easy. Super fast. Great investment. I'm a happy camper in just a few fast minutes.

  • Nice

    by Jr Rafael

    Muy buena la APPS me gusta necesitamos updates

  • Save your $2.99

    by Kkbaby01

    Terrible app. Pictures carry over but what a mess.... You'll have pictures but not in any type of order... There's pictures that I know for a fact where taken on the same day and they are 4 different places...great app to move a few pictures --not for mass transfer

  • eh

    by Nymalby

    crashed a lot and didn't put my photos in order

  • O M G !!! Amazingly Great App!

    by ipadempress

    Updated review - I gave this app 5 stars before. I still find the app great but, it keeps ASKING FOR A REVIEW! I've already reviewed this app. If they removed that FLAW I will change back to 5 stars. I just downloaded this app and it works FLAWLESSLY! Great job! Isn't it great when you get QUALITY apps like this! Makes your "magical" device more magical! I love it more and more each and everyday! You guys ROCK the most! This is the "Angry Birds" of photo and video transfer! There is no better app! I just can't say how much I love this app! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you

    by TinkerSays

    After image capture deleted pictures off my phone I finally, after 2 days, got them back with third party apps & a lot of luck pushing the right buttons. No luck needed here, it just works. Thank you! No more hoping things go right backing up my pictures. :D

  • Great app!

    by Golfer McGee

    Easy to use. Great price. Seamless integration and transfer. Highly recommend.

  • Best choice

    by Gadgetki

    Best photo transfer between iPad and PC, I can upload and download both.. Easy to use. Highly recommended for everyone

  • Love it

    by Carrie Stutsman

    This is the best app for sharing photos from my PC, iPad, and iPhone.

  • Transfer app

    by PotterotterIII

    This app makes me feel so computer savvy, it's so simple to use! It sends photos/videos pretty quick from one device to another. My only problem with it is it doesn't let you know what pictures you've already sent over. When I lose my wifi connection and am unsure of what photos have been sent already, I have to start over, unsure of what I've already transferred to my iPad. It gets kind of confusing. But other than that it's a wonderful app and incredibly useful!

  • Extremely useful app!

    by Ufufnfcnfjsih yvjsn

    Easy to use, and helpful for transferring photos and videos between all my iDevices and iMac. Have not had any issues with crashing, seems fairly intuitive, and as long as there's a strong wifi signal, everything transfers over quite smoothly. This is one of my most productive and often used apps.

  • Great App fast and easy to use!

    by R808T

    Sent photos to my iPad using Bluetooth and worked like a charm. No more texting or emailing myself the pictures and having it take forever.

  • Great app that makes it very simple to transfer photos

    by Lewal

    Makes sending and receiving photos between my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and PC a breeze. It allows me to move pictures I take off if my phone (only 16GB) so I always have memory available for more photos and videos. Additionally, this app has continued to improve over the years. Keep up the good job guys.

  • A+++

    by Gregvaw

    It works as described, what a pleasant surprise. Thanks

  • Excellent photo transfer app!

    by ArtTeach71

    This app does exactly what it claims it does-- quickly transfers pics from one device to another. Supper way if sharing pics!!

  • Crashes on my iPad and iMac every single time

    by gordonf238

    After it transfer photos, it crashes on my iPad Air and iMac (latest generation) every single time. Their tech support advised me to reinstall on both machines. I did, problem persists. I don't see where all the 5-star reviews are coming from.

  • Awesome organizing tool

    by kelly180

    SO easy and functional. Makes organizing photos easy to do on a regular basis. I take a lot of photos on my phone and I only have 16gb, so I run out of space quickly. This app makes it quick and easy to upload photos and videos in a few minutes. Awesome!

  • Will not discover read on Mac

    by Marklck1

    This app will not discover read on a Mac the windows version it does on the Mac only can read from http.

  • 5 stars no caveats

    by Smtfish

    This app solves the problem of transferring photos to and from my iDevices fast and easy while allowing me to retain decent control over my personal (albeit boring) data and avoiding the opaque nature of icloud.

  • Simple, Effective, Quick

    by Hilariously fun

    Over my normal WIFI it works great to move my iPad pictures to my Windows PC. Great value for this app. Nice Job

  • El Senor

    by Gatornapper

    Couldn't be better!

  • Fantastic app

    by KanKat73

    I hate that there is no USB port on the iPad. This app solves the problem for photo and video transfer; quick, intuitive, easy to use.

  • User Friendly Photo File Transfers Over Home WiFi

    by typhoon stroller

    User friendly and easy to use. After you load the application on your IPAD and download the application on your PC, photo transfers are simple to manage after your device is recognized. Easier to transfer than via ITunes.

  • Works great

    by Bosque Bill

    Easy to move one or many photos between phone and my Mac. No more dealing with iPhoto - hooray!

  • Awesome

    by qwerty ytrewq

    Rare that an app is both powerful and easy to use! Well done.

  • Bueno

    by Kunowa


  • Worthless Junk App - no support for video

    by DJ Lee

    Bought It, Tried It, skips all videos that are .MOV. Worthless Disappointment. How the heck do you sell an App that doesn't support .MOV in 2014 ? .MOV is a very old and well established Apple standard format supported by all devices. Developer needs to fix this please. 80 percent working is still a 20 percent failure.

  • Great App

    by jeremy Burr

    Life saver!

  • Wow - transfer w/o iTunes sync

    by JayHutch

    This app works just as it should. GREAT app. So frustrating transferring files if one device has no AirDrop capability. I'd give it 5 stars (and I never do that) but the receiving device only sees the album of the sending device, not the actual file. That threw me at first afraid I was downloading entire album. But it only downloads what the sending device has picked. No worries about security as you must authorize the connection before it happens. Just what I was looking for!

  • Excellent App

    by Fedscribbler

    Works as advertised. Apple should supply with iPad.

  • WAS Incredible

    by Jaeguar

    Not sure what's going on after update but it is not transferring all the photos when it says it does. Sadly I lost a ton of pictures I took and already deleted before realizing this. Used to be my favorite app...Cannot recommend until it's fixed...

  • Excellent App

    by Memadx

    Easy to use and provides a perfect local backup method.

  • Great app

    by GypsyBro

    Great app no problems. Worth buying...

  • Love it!

    by GK313

    Great way to transfer video from phone to pad. Stoked!

  • Even for Dummies:)

    by Captjlh

    This app is the best app to transfer pictures and videos from one device to simple!!! Pick the pic or video and your off and running.. I recommend it for whoever might be intimidated by computers or apps..easy easy easy!!

  • Very useful app

    by Catzip

    Use this a lot to transfer to/from iPhone, iPad, and windows PC. Works great!

  • Best Photo Transfer App

    by TGIF007

    Being an aspiring mobile photographer, I was looking for an app to get my photos over to my iPad for post-processing. I found this with Photo Transfer. It can't be any easier. Select photos on iPhone - receive on iPad. Period. No quality loss, very fast, and very simple to use. I would highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a transfer tool between devices.

  • The best for transferring between Windows and IOS devices

    by ALDAPodHead

    This app can't be beat if you live with Windows and IOS PCs and devices. It's seamless! Probably my favorite app of all.

  • Best app ever

    by Reyessun

    I was having the biggest problem getting my pics transferred from iPhone to tablet and this made it all simple a child could do it! Thanks for making this app is the best!

  • Fantastic!

    by Liuba13

    Super easy to use! And i love that the transfer is so quick. And for $3 bucks it was totally worth the $.

  • Best file transfer app

    by Kathy Streib

    This app is so easy to use. It's the best way to transfer photos from your phone to your computer

  • Incredible

    by Jaeguar

    Nuff said Jan 2014 Thanks for the update so love this app :)

  • Not Bad

    by Gunslinger1051

    This actually worked really well between my iPhone 4S and Windows XP. Downloaded the app on the laptop per instructions when I downloaded the app on the phone and it interfaces not only allowing me to put it in my documents file but also loaded into Picasa as well.

  • Photo Transfer

    by AzHunter57

    Super simple and works great. Love it!

  • Love It!

    by Sierra AD18

    Works and does exactly as advertised. Very pleased.

  • Great app!

    by VANOS7

    Finally something that is easy and quick!

  • Grrrrrreat!!!

    by Dhpettit

    Works like a charm! I am tickled to death with this app. Easy to use. I downloaded about 6 gb's of photos and videos to a flash drive in short order. Now I can fill it back up with more photos and videos of the grandkids!

  • Best on Market

    by Sutter11

    Ease of use makes this the best photo/video transfer app on the market, bar none.

  • Love!!

    by Pinkpoodle1293

    So easy to use & really simplifies the whole process-no more cords! Yippee!

  • I love this app.

    by deborah4923

    Definitely one of my favorites and most often used. Absolutely flawless.

  • Love it!

    by Bella 121212

    Finally an easy way to get my pictures backed up!

  • Not what I wanted, wasted my money

    by Township Resident

    If you want an App that let's you interface with your iPad to transfer photos from your PC to your iPad, then skip this App. You actually have to go to your PC and select the photos that you want on your iPad. If I'm going to sit at my PC to find photos that I want on my iPad, I might as well as use the cable connections. I have a wifi and both my PC and iPad are connected to it, so this App was a huge disappointment, a waste of my money.

  • Best app

    by WeeraGA

    Great app it work very fast....

  • Veronica

    by jarochis

    Love it

  • Great app. Works good on iphone

    by Cyndilouh

    Works well. Deep options but simple.

  • Great app

    by MAM453

    Enables a straight forward way to transfer photos from iPad to PC.

  • Works as advertised

    by dww108

    This app does what it promises. Transfers photos and videos from one device to another or to your computer. I use it to transfer photos and video from my iPhone to my iPad and it does so quickly. If your WiFi is fast enough, this app will work. It isn't for full length movies or anything like that. But photos and videos of just a few minutes transfer just fine.

  • Wonderful

    by SBCee

    A great time saver for moving photos from one device to another. Pretty much works flawlessly.

  • Easy and straightforward

    by greymont

    Step by step instructions help you to always know what is happening.

  • dont loose any more pics

    by yabadabadoooooooooooo

    for me a 48 year old that has not caught up with the latest cloud applications, this app is great to down load to a pc and then to a USB ..... take to a store to print

  • Best transfer app!

    by Straciatella Jo

    Allows quick transfer of photos to and from devices. Perfect for getting photos off of your iPhone/IPad without losing quality !

  • Photo App

    by Gocincy

    Simple, quick and easy

  • Very simple

    by Buck2525

    Found this App to be very simple and easy to use.

  • 5-Star App!

    by Sherry S

    Terrific app. Makes transferring photos a breeze! Have had NO issues no matter which way I choose to transfer. Highly recommend.

  • Deceptive

    by JohnJL031813

    Does not say need app on each device so to be useful, really costs twice price. Never frim these people again!!!

  • Easy

    by Captjlh

    This app is the best app to transfer pictures and videos from one device to simple!!! Pick the pic or video and your off and running.. I recommend it for whoever might be intimidated by computers or apps..easy easy easy!!

  • Hangs when transferring larger videos

    by SouthernGypsy

    It hangs up anytime you trying transfer a video that's over about four minutes in length but works OK for short videos and for pictures.

  • Easy Peasy

    by 808DKahuna

    This app/program is to easy... something must be wrong? Luv it! Highly recommend it.

  • A MUST Have

    by Duck007

    This should come preloaded on any idevice. Super easy to dump all of your photos and videos from your phone to your computer at FULL resolution! Don't settle for compressed video emails!

  • Medium Like

    by jabccb

    Great App for downloading pictures, but terrible at downloading movies. Need to work on the movie part. Stalls and locks up at the end of each movie. Have cancel and restart.

  • Fast and Easy

    by TROLEX7

    Fast picture and video transfer over WIFI and even Bluetooth! Very easy to use. Just transferred 250 pictures and 6 short video clips from my Iphone 5s to my Ipad 2 in less than 5 minutes!

  • Exactly the App I needed!


    This a perfect App if you want to move a bunch of photos, videos, etc from your phone to another phone, computer or iPad. It's simple and works great!

  • Good App!

    by The original speedcat

    This was recommended by my iPad chat group. It does what it says! I found it to be pretty easy, even for me, to get my devices reading each other. I have been looking for an easy way to move photos to my computer. For some reason I have found iTunes bulky. But this is great, I can set up my albums that I want the photos to move to, click a button or two, and voila, they are downloaded. I do wish I could move more than 100 at a time, but I am happy to be able to move them so easily in the first place. I still love this app!

  • Totally Awesome!!!

    by Saddleup58

    First off, I never rate apps. I was skeptical to purchase this app, but I was desperate to transfer my camera roll on my iphone tiny new Ipad Air! This app transferred every photo without a problem! They all transferred quickly and look great on my new ipad!! Thank you for this great app!!!

  • App not needed

    by Aeodkvblah

    Don't get me wrong, this app does exactly what it says it does with great ease and precision, however, with the "AirDrop" option on Apple devices with ios7, this app isn't really needed. AirDrop pretty much does what this app does, only even easier. So if you're like me, a person with all updated apple devices, this app was not needed.

  • Best Ever App!!

    by Keetaun

    Easy to use!!!! Love it!!


    by PHOTOFLY5

    This is a very easy way to transfer pics AND VIDEOS between my iPad and my desktop PC. PERFECT !!!

  • Terrible ...error code 303. Ripoff

    by Nittyeich

    Terrible ...worked at first but then gives "error 303" and the App folks will not respond to my email to support

  • Program works

    by Dennis Speer

    This program makes up for the poor function of the ITunes photo management

  • Super-useful app!!

    by RickWild

    Easy to use, first off. I much prefer viewing and esp. editing photos on my iPad. But shoot most photos with my phone. This app allows for quick and easy transfer of pics from phone to tablet. Very useful!!

  • Fantastic easy to use app!!

    by Happy runner girl

    App is super easy to use. Photos transfer easily between devices. Love it!!

  • Great job !

    by SRB42

    This app saved my cheese in upgrading from iPod to iPhone!

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