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Seller: Egos Ventures, Inc.

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# Discounted for a very limited time, Reg $2.99 #
A revolutionary new way to take panoramic photos and videos, HANDSFREE!
– Steve Wozniak: ”Unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time!”
- TechCrunch: "The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013"
- The New York Times: “Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012”
– Gizmodo: “Coolest thing we’ve seen an app do in a while.”

▶Cycloramic PRO VS Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama
The Cycloramic PRO version is the Premium version of Cycloramic Studio. The inApp purchases for 4XHD ($1.99) and White Label($.99) are FREE in the PRO version


~ The Highest Panorama Resolution available (up to 40MP) with Access to full resolution originals.

~ Panorama Photo to INSTAGRAM Video converter (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p resolutions).

~ An award winning set of photo editing and enhancing tools (Powered by Aviary) for both Panoramic and Regular portrait photos.

~ The Easiest GUIDED panorama capture (visual, sounds and vibration cues)
###(iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/iPad)###

~ The ONLY app that turns your phone into a true HANDSFREE panoramic camera.
###(iPhone 5/5S only)###

~ No Ads, Free 4xHD Mode (Reg $1.99), Free White Label (Reg $0.99)

Crop, Rotate, Flip, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, Enhance, Sharpen and Blur. Also Draw and add Text and Stickers.

Large set of photo enhancing Filters and Frames.

▶ PANORAMIC Photo MAKER (up to 40MP)

GUIDED MODE (iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C)
- Simple, fully automated, 1-touch interface
- Visual, audio and vibration cues
- Ultrafast stitching powered by Dermandar panorama.
- Immersive 3D Viewer
- Access to Originals: The original pictures (up to 14 pictures for a 360 degree panorama) taken for each panoramic photo are individually saved and available for processing or export.

HANDSFREE MODE (only works with the iPhone 5/5S)
Just hit GO and your phone automatically rotates 360 degrees while taking multiple pictures, instantaneously stitches them, generates the panoramic photo and finally opens the panorama and immerses you in our 3D viewer.

Cycloramic will spin your iPhone 5 to shoot a 360 degree video Handsfree!

Convert any panoramic photo to a 15 sec panoramic video.
Choose from 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

▶ PANORAMIC 3D and Multi-Touch Viewer
Viewer optimized for wide format pictures (magnetic borders, fast inertial panning, scroll bars, fast zoom in/out).
Immersive 3D viewer.

Tight integration with Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
Also Email, Text, and camera roll export.
Invite or gift app to friends.
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Featured in Petapixel, ABC News, NY Times, Gizmodo, CNET, Lifehacker, TUAW, TechCrunch, LA Times, The Telegraph, mac4ever, Le journal du geek, Presse Citron…

If you are not 100% satisfied or need help please contact us at [email protected] and give us a chance to help you.

Enjoy the app!
The Cycloramic Team.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing, but...

    by Jenny Thenor

    Like many others I saw this on Shark Tank. But I think the only thing this app needs to be fixed is a higher vibration or something so the phone rotates more.

  • Awesome

    by Pfshorty

    I was shocked to see that truly works, truly is worth to buy

  • Amazing!

    by Dilbarsc92

    Works flawlessly on glass

  • Coolest App Ever!

    by Omar messi

    Some people are getting the jist that this app is the coolest app ever no matter on what platform. Even if it's not moving just give it some light taps with your finger. Works best on granite! WORTH IT!

  • Shark Tank Success Story

    by Firerescue0504

    My top 5 favorite camera app!! Occasional hiccup but 9/10 amazing and blows my friends away!!!

  • Neat when it works.

    by Walker821

    Neat app, but doesn't work sometimes on very smooth surfaces. The thing I hate the most is that I have to take my iPhone out of its Otterbox to attempt to make it work. Don't like doing that at all. :/

  • Works amazing!

    by astroameen

    The thing is though, the app crashes frequently after taking a picture. Can you guys fix this please?

  • Great party gadget

    by LMTny

    This is such a fun little gadget! I read lots of review on here and learnt that I had to remove the case for it to turn. I did that first time around on a wooden table. It did exactly what it did on shark tank. The I tried it with a case on a marble floor. It turned but very slow. The rubber got into the way. But without the case, it turned very fast. The only thing I wish is the photo can appear larger on the phone. But I understand the limitation of the screen. But overall, such great little gadget to show off in a party!

  • More vibration power

    by Reed604

    Needs to have more power on the spin for lifeproof cases. They don't spin because of the weight. If it is fixed it will be one of THE BEST APP


    by Eljefekone

    This app is great. It works on every flat surface and the panoramas are prefect. Great app!

  • Doesn't spin

    by Apps4ever:)•••

    It is a great app but it doesn't spin for iPods

  • Amazing app

    by Tzvi Filler

    This app is very nice and is one of a kind, however it still has some bugs with crashing, not sure if it's my device or not but please take a the bugs, thanks! Also if you can please make the vibrations work on all surfaces that would be great!

  • Incredible app

    by Cptcrap

    Saw it on Shark Tank, had to have it. Worked perfectly on my first attempt with an iPhone 5 on my coffee table. You do have to remove the case, however it's a small price to pay for this level of innovation, in my opinion.

  • Freaking Great

    by 3Footman

    I love it. Works most every time. Sometime the surfaces do come into play but you can work around that. It's great for parties and vacations and outside shots. Quit your whining. Great app.

  • Awesome app! Next big thing!

    by GeeC123

    Awesome app & next big thing for photos. Yeah u have to take off your phone case but it's worth it. Very high quality pictures!

  • Works as promised.

    by CAROLINET80

    This app works just like it is described. Some mention they are bothered by the watermark (which can be turned off in the settings-Pro version). It worked on multiple surfaces for me without a problem! Biggest advice I can give others is to take the time to go through the tutorial so you know how to work the app correctly!

  • Really cool

    by Susan

    It is really cool and useful, but it doesn't work on my iPhone 5C so I had to switch it to my moms 5. I paid $2 for an app I can't use!

  • Decent

    by Darunion

    It's an okay app. Wasn't worth the price as I feel the built in panorama ability is superior and does a better job stitching images. Wish there was a refund button.

  • Good... But..

    by hankosky

    It's a good app! However, even tho you paid for the app, It still has ads and a watermark.

  • Cycloramic Pro

    by Patbbb

    Complete waste of money. Don't bother. Some of the app works other options do not. Does not switch between front/rear camera.

  • Very Disappointing

    by Wejj

    Like everyone else, I watched this on Sharktank. It absolutely does not work. Tried on every surface possible. Do not waste your money.


    by Dhariane 123456789

    I hate this app! Wasn't clear enough that you had to have a iPhone 5! Waste I time and Money?

  • App crashes a lot

    by Rscrspytrt92626

    The app crashes a lot and when it does work with my iPhone 5 sometimes the camera doesn't make it full circle.

  • Awful

    by Salvador Prieto

    My iPhone has fallen many times while rotation to take the panoramic picture. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Not worth it....

    by Gerson - Miami/Brasil

    The settings are easy ... I selected 90 degree and it was taking forever to finish, turning 360 degree for what? Taking so long that my family couldn't wait to finish one picture. I would like to get the same product showed at Shark Tank TVShow. Can I have my money back. Not plan to use at all!

  • Works, kind of

    by TJC1256

    If you turn vibrate on under sound settings it will work. However, the picture quality isn't that impressive and the videos are jerky.

  • Got suckered in...

    by mamameow86

    I got suckered in just like everyone else! I guess i need to try it on glass...its a cool idea but I'd say just do it yourself.

  • Won't open

    by Leah e2000

    It open I've went online to see how to open it and nothing helps as far as I see

  • Good idea, Bad App

    by Inthebeging99

    The phone doesnt work on most surfaces. It borders on false advertising as ive never gotten the phone to spin all the way around. Great concept but if it doesnt work its a stupid app, add a cost of $1.99 and you get a 1 star app that is almost useless.

  • Who will license this crap?

    by ByronCapcom

    Reminds me of an ad I once saw: "Awesome car, runs great, needs motor." This crap doesn't work. Great concept, poor execution. For $1.99, I'll come to you and take a panoramic. Put me on Shark Tank (patent pending)

  • It had potential... But it failed

    by chrisrankinpharmd

    I thought this was a really neat trick to show friends but the app fails to work on most surfaces. I got it to work on a glass surface, but the phone did not complete its rotation. So what ended up happening was that the phone just kept vibrating. It's somewhat frustrating. I would not buy this product again.

  • Not great...........

    by iPro31

    Why not great?? Because it's never ideal. 360 app way better!!

  • Does NOT spin 5s

    by SneakyScammers

    Yeah, the pro version won't even spin my 5s no matter what the surface is!

  • Bummer

    by JohnnyParr

    Like many others I saw this on Shark Tank. With my iPhone 5 on a glass surface with vibrate on in auto mode, the app snaps an starting pic and the iPhone brilliantly begins it's 360 degree journey. However the circles that are supposed to align and cause a stop sign and subsequent picture snap and flash is very flakey. After 10 tries, I had zero success. Sometimes the circles came close with no stop sign and then moved away from each other even tho tho phone was moving as expected and sometimes when there was a stop sign no pic was taken. Getting the phone to do this is huge but the app needs work. I purchased both versions in hope of seeing success but it's not there yet. Fix this fast please because if it worked as on Shark Tank would be cool to show people!!

  • Cyclomatic pro

    by Barbara Krieger

    Only works with I Phone 5 !!!!

  • Terrible

    by Nolyad

    Using an iPhone 5s. The app can't make it through a full 360 without stalling or vibrating in the wrong direction. Using on a flat metal table and granite counter top.

  • Want my money back

    by DDman01

    This does not work for the 5c that was not advertised so please may I have my money back


    by CBG7gamon

    Unless your planning on walking around with a smooth tile or mirror in your pocket to set your phone on after you take it out of its case in order to take a pic then don’t buy this app. Only spins on very smooth, clean and nonporous surfaces.

  • Downloading!

    by Joe1973Fire

    Im having a hard time downloading! It gives me error everytime! Please fix that!

  • Don't risk your phone

    by khareldn

    On a completely flat table, it was taking a picture, then, it suddenly fell with screen facing downward. I deleted the app.

  • does not work

    by bikerva

    worked once - could be great if it worked

  • Not as expected

    by Mrcoolcom

    Definitely not worth the money . Doesn't work on most surfaces and takes forever to actually take the picture

  • Cool but crashes

    by Hihoian

    It's cool but when it's finished rotating it freezes the app and it won't save it so I wasted my 2 dollars. I kinda want my 2 dollars back.

  • frozen app

    by want return of my money

    i have a 4s. tried taking a 360 degree picture. all i have is a out of focus picture with a spinning blue circle. nothing i have tried to stop it works.

  • READ the REVIEWS before purchasing

    by Lesia Capazo

    Purchased after watching Shark Tank just like many others on here. Thought it may be fun to use when having friends over. Well, forget that. It doesn't work on ANY surface in our house. Wood, granite, countertop.... Just like other reviews said, it tries to spin and then it turns the other direction after failed attempt . YES, taking the case off is a pain in a butt, but even that would have been fine IF it worked. The presentation was very deceiving and untrue in a way. When they asked the entrepreneur if it needed that stand to work he said, it would work on any hard surface. Nonsense! That guy clearly wanted to cash out on Shark Tank fan club like myself. And those of you who write that it works perfectly and why are we complying at all about having to take the case of the phone and such, well, I dare you to post a video of YOUR iPhone while taking a picture with this app!!! If it requires a certain quality surface, it should say so and not deceive the costumer who thinks they are going to put it on any hard surface and watch magic happening in from of their eyes!!!

  • Crap-oramic

    by Landon_Nashville

    Auto-rotate does not work on my iPhone 4S. Wish I could get my money back.

  • Does Not work on anything but IPHONE 5

    by Cowboycctx

    If you don't on the IPHONE 5 do not buy this product. The Iphone 5C and IPAD will not work with this app, at least the vibration does not work. Wish app store had a refund policy.

  • Meh

    by Zero man77

    Didn't work for my 5s

  • BUGS!!!!

    by ZenMasterJoonHo

    Crashes allll the time! Cant edit photo without it crashing!!

  • Absolute P.O.S

    by Paulusrothus

    Save your money. It work only occasionally and as of this moment it completely freezes. Highly user unfriendly. You would think they would work out the bugs before they put it on the tv show shark tank. Great idea but that's about as far as it goes. All flash no substance.

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