Split Pic Photo Editor - Clone Yourself, Mirror Effect IG Edits with Filters + Snap Pic Collage Blender with Facebook Friends Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.

•Bug fixes and performance improvements
•Special IAP discounts
•Save 50% when you upgrade to Split Pic Pro!

//Thanks for making Split Pic one of Apples Best Apps of 2013!

//Pleasurable updates coming soon:)


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The Original Cloning App with over 15 MILLION satisfied users! Now with COLLABORATIONS!

Split Pic divides your camera into several sections with 6 different layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a flawless looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between the photos to give it an artsy feel. The possibilities are limitless!

∆ First select your layout. Adjust the split bars to where you want them.

∆ Snap your pic! Pictures shoot from left to right or top to bottom. You can also add images from your library.

∆ Adjust your images. Readjust the split bars if you like, zoom in/out, or adjust your photos so they line up better.

∆ To blend or not to blend, it’s up to you! You can blend the images together to look like one photo and fool all your friends or keep the sharp contrast and show off your artistic side.

∆ Choose from any of our amazing filters to get your Split Pic looking fly.

∆ Save it to your library or share it with friends! With our integrated social media posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or MMS is just a click away.

∆ Having trouble or want to give us feedback? Use the built-in mailbox to contact us directly!

∆ Need ideas? Check out our new Featured section to see what amazing images users are creating all around the world...maybe one day your Split Pic will be featured!

∆ COLLABORATE with friends anywhere in the world (heck even Mars if they have wifi)! Just take part of a Split Pic and select which of your Facebook friends you want to complete it. Way better than a postcard!

∆ The new NOTEBOOK feature allows you to save your work so you can easily come back to work on a project over time or make several combinations and choose your favorite!

Get outside and get creative!

- Capture a series of photos to tell a story.

- Clone your friends.

- Use the built-in timer and clone yourself so everyone thinks you have a twin!

- Melt faces together! Now that’s awkward :)

- Swap bodies with your best friend (even if its your dog).

-Play with proportions by focusing on multiple subjects in different sections.

We can't wait to see what you can come up with so be sure to post your images to Instagram and hashtag #splitpic!

EasyTiger Apps is made up of a Guy, a Girl, and a Computer please let us know what we can do to continue to keep bringing you great apps. FOLLOW US on Instagram @easytigerapps for dope images, updates, contests, and more. Special shout-out to all of our amazing followers and Split Pic Pros who are featured in the app keep on doing what you’re doing!


•No longer supports iOS 5, but seriously... that was like 10 updates ago!
•This is our first time adding in Facebook logins if something isn't working just drop us a line ([email protected]) and we will do our best to get it taken care of!

Customer Reviews


    by MonsterFlesh

    Love this :)

  • Amazing app!!!...But

    by DemonOfTheBloodyPast

    This app is amazing but it keeps crashing. For example I'll take one picture and the second picture makes it crash :( please fix it!!!!

  • Pretty shnazzy

    by JessyAnarchy


  • Loverdover16

    by Shellbell11516

    I love this game but is still hard thought

  • Great

    by Peytyndapanda

    I love this app not just only because its cool but because it has a lot of great supplies to trick your friend by saying "look I'm two people" or something like that

  • Love it!!

    by Taytayswifty22

    You should totally get this app!! It's so fun!! I think it's one of the best photo apps!! You should get it it's amazing!!

  • Splitpic

    by  Drybijbbdefgji

    Spilt pic is amazing I love it so much it can make me mad but I love doing my pics with!!!!:)

  • Very Artistic


    You can use your art and photography talents with this awesome app!

  • Cool!

    by emmph

    Love it! Fun to play with when im bored and feel like indulging in my artistic side

  • Fantastic

    by Cheychry

    Love this app. Haven't bought the full version but I most likely will in the future.

  • Split pick

    by Mezzela

    The best app in the WORLD!!!!! U need it.

  • Oh I love this

    by Karah1173

    One of the best apps ever omg I love it so much!!! I highly recommend this app!!

  • Love it!

    by Kinsey otte

    So clean and nice.

  • iPhone 4S Split Pic is Awesome

    by ShoreHooper

    I love this app. I am a photo fanatic I don't have my galaxy S4 it got stolen but even on this iPhone it works so good! I love this app but of course it's one of many. But only this one can - "splitPic" lol LOVE IT and EASY to use

  • Awesome update

    by mogleeboy

    These guys never cease to impress me. They've taken this app so far since version 1 it's insane! They're obviously committed to constantly adding value to these apps and for my money, it doesn't get any better!

  • Awesome

    by Babysara

    Love it

  • I love it, but...

    by Crabis

    ... I wish there was a custom split pic thing. So you could crop a picture exactly the way you want it to be. Overall, though, it's amazing!

  • Not saving my picture

    by Jessenia Platon

    Every time I try to save my picture it's blank on my Camera Roll or Instagram, please please fix

  • just 1 thing missing

    by djdeja401

    maybe i cant figure it out but i want to choose which frame i take photo with first. it kind of matters othewise my shot wont work.

  • It's great but..

    by Lulumae13

    It's a great up but to do one little thing like add a filter it cost. Honestly that's stupid. To me..

  • Nothing special

    by dioganhdih

    Crashed 3 times after I first opened it. All the frames and settings worthwhile you must purchase with the "pro account." Deleting now

  • It's DUMB !!

    by ScoobieeDoo

    Ok so Every Time I Go To The Notebook To Review One Of My Split Pics An Ad Pops Up Showing Something About The Pro Split Pic And There Is No Way To Get Out Of It ..

  • Horrible this ap is the worst

    by Mparish1224357223

    Freakin horrible

  • Ummm...

    by Rainbowwingedwarrior101

    I can't crop right!! Every time I try to put a picture in, only the top of the picture comes out, or the side, depending on the style you choose. I have tried to work it out many times but with the same results!! I don't recommend If you don't want to have this problem and please, don't spend you money because there will just be the same problem I had and you would have wasted your money on a app that doesn't let you crop right so you can't use the app!! What is the point of having half a picture? That wouldn't look good!! So please don't get it if you do not want to waste your money and face this problem!!

  • Don't buy it.


    I bought this app and I have gotten a grand total of two pictures out of multiple attempts. It keeps shutting down and kicking you off. You have to start all over again, just to be kicked off again. And NO RESPONSE from them when you complain. Don't waste your money...

  • Hate it

    by Sage bond

    I hate it. It is very annoying because when you put a picture in you can't even adjust it to the angle that you want it at. Very annoying. If I could then i would give it zero stars. Hopefully the update fixes everything.

  • Not working

    by Worthington1979

    Keeps crashing as I'm about to take a picture

  • Last update made it useless

    by beautiful~Love

    I used to have no trouble using pics from my camera roll or taking pics to use in this app, but now EVERY TIME i try to take a photo OR select one from my camera roll, the app crashes. I have an iPhone 4S on iOS7, and this app worked great before the last update. Now it serves no purpose at all because you cant even select a photo to begin making a splitpic.

  • Garbage

    by Jujuluvu

    You can't move the pictures......???? Only zoom?? You can't do anything with this

  • Great app

    by Savannah Man

    Lots of potential here. Love it most dearly.

  • App review

    by CriticTMZ

    This app is amazing. 5 stars. Bravo!

  • I absolutely love it!

    by Jaydub99

    Best editing app I've ever used

  • Way cool

    by Teresita13


  • To aweosme

    by I'm am single


  • Cool idea but...

    by leighelle

    ...it'd be nice if you could resize the photos after you put them in their frames. Y'all are making it really hard to line up the pictures correctly.

  • Splitpic

    by Katelin booker

    I love this app i use it to make neat pictures of me and loved ones!

  • Niiiiiiice

    by Biggalos919

    Very easy to use and lots of options

  • Great app!

    by TheTerminatrix77

    Love it!

  • Photographer101

    by Photographer304

    I love this app it is so COOL!!!I've been waiting for this app forever,P.S.I'm a photographer.I LOVE THIS APP!!!!You should get this app and I'm under 10.


    by ravensrawsome

    please update! crashes for the 4s! cannot use

  • Love it

    by Omg!Like its me

    I love this app!!<3 Download it now!!!...please

  • Perfect

    by Cdavidbutler2

    Lets you do very cool photo tricks easily and seemlessly!

  • This is great!!!

    by Rhonda1979

    I really like this app because my friends get jealous of the amazing pictures I take.

  • Good but needs one more thing


    It's good for photos but to be a great app make it work on videos too!But the rest is awesome!


    by Errm! DunnO

    I avent event split any pic since I downloaded it for over 2 months now , anytime I start and try to click on a pic it just crashes and I have to start all over again . Since I downloaded over 2 months ago I avent even been able to spit any of my pic . Big disappointment !

  • Maravilla

    by Castillo 007. 000

    Love it

  • Best app ever!!

    by Auschapman

    I've used this app several times for some amazing effects! You can't beat this app. I was working like a pro on day 1. Very user friendly!!

  • 0 stars for me!

    by Great game!:)

    I wish they would let u put no stars! Stop crashing dumb app!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Tordog11

    This is awesome app good qualities

  • Fix

    by Stoop

    Fix please. It would be a great app, but keeps closing while in use. Thank you !

  • Well...

    by Starz4me

    I heard its a really good app! But it keeps freezing every time I try to make a photo! By the way using iPad mini for it

  • Crashes a lot!

    by Beauty11yy

    This app is always crashing. Didn't even get a chance to use it

  • Fun app

    by vbsponger

    Would be cool to resize pics

  • Slipt cam

    by Lilsunnie

    I really like this app it's a good way of making creative pics

  • Bad

    by Hi kikoi

    Bad app

  • Frustrating

    by E.Stif

    When the app advertises that you should upgrade to the paid version, the whole app freezes! I don't know if it's just a bug or if that's how they force people to pay for the app, but it's disappointing.

  • Cool App

    by JenayD

    I recently started using this app , and it's so cool and really easy to use .

  • Love this app so so so much

    by Purplelover1D

    This app is amazing!! Its so fun and easy to use. I love it so much, I use it a lot. There are so many cool things you can do with it!!!!

  • Needs Improvement!

    by Trinidaddy#1

    Every time I try to take a pic, the app closes. That seems to never fail.

  • SplitPic

    by J-Baby Knight

    Love love love this app

  • Good

    by Reyana121

    Good app

  • Awesome

    by Christopher535

    This app is beast

  • This rock✌️✌️✌️✌️

    by This app is❤️

    I love this app

  • Love ❤️

    by joyce bayles

    I love it

  • #splitpicreview

    by smile_big_broo

    gr8 app

  • Amazing

    by Gemme a photo

    I love this app! I just made a pic for @waverider (Liam) on Instagram by using this app! Please look at it if u have Instagram~ @n_sharif12

  • ????

    by MugFace

    Just before I got my pics done you slap an ad over it that I can't even ex out of? Why would I buy a pic app if I can't even see how my pics turn out? What a bunch of BULL *****

  • Okay

    by Team Cullen 329

    I like this app, however I do think in the next update there should be an option to choose pictures out of your photo albums.

  • by Gossips.rumors

    Absolutely great app!!!!

  • The best

    by Cierra Stewart

    I have Instagram and this makes all my amateur pics look amazing.

  • Awsome by erittreuiujklhjklkjhftthrwqgioiggvnhddh,jcsw]<\styi

    by Shdjhdhfhdjhfhfhhvhhhvu


  • Needs work!

    by Mardels13

    Not impressed

  • So many ads!!!

    by Tyler2456

    Every time I go to press something a stupid ad pops up!

  • Good

    by harjar15_6

    Buy this app

  • Keeps crashing

    by Marlonauta

    I could barely use it. Kept crashing so I deleted it.

  • Pretty great!

    by haileyrose_14

    I love this app other than I would like to able to move my photos around once I've taken or chose them.

  • Awesome

    by JoseRobinson

    Its cool and works perfectly, download immediately :p

  • i recommend it!

    by Kat8211

    I love this app so much! It lets you make 2 or more you's in the pic! When i show my friends they're all like "WOAH HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?" And i tell them and they say thats its so cool and they're going to get it! I have no problems with this app! I love it so much! If you want to make more you's in a picture than this is the perfect app!

  • by

    I love this app. It so cool.

  • Love It!

    by 1thuggo

    Crazy how you can blend in the pics = Love It!

  • Awesome app

    by Kyaramarly

    Cool app

  • Aesome

    by Facebook famous(4,905 friends)

    I live this app it's so cool the only thing I don't like its that it has ads but the rest is fabulous

  • Sorry, don't like

    by VDxfd

    U have to become a pro to do the splitting with the pics and u can't exit out of the adverting! If you have money to become a member go ahead but I don't like it!

  • Ok

    by £{€~

    Needs more layouts. I try to take photos and it will not let me use the ones that come in the pro mode

  • Awesome app

    by Swagga gaga

    Download this app is awesome

  • Pretty good

    by little miss hunger games 12

    I you like making awesome pic this is okay

  • Has a few quirks

    by Anonymous125$6:5$&&(6

    Needs instructions and a timer but it's a really fun app with a cool idea

  • Great app

    by We are ham and chees

    This app is the best cam app I have ever laid my hands on. It is so awesome. Thank you very much for making it!!!

  • Awsome

    by Fun moma

    I think they should update and write down how to make cool pics

  • Awesome❗️

    by Turkey katinator

    This game is so much fun but I would love it even more if they didn't charge you money for the different packs. This game is very fun!

  • Needs work

    by Mostly frustrated

    Great idea. Poor execution. There should be an in-camera grid function. The ability to resize and move existing photos inside the pic would be useful.

  • Great app

    by Cowgirl0183736

    This a great app. I recommend this if you want to have a pic that looks like there is two of you.

  • Ugh

    by BayBayBella

    I hate how the ads pop up and you can't exit out of them so you have to end the app and start everything over again grrrrrrrrrr plz fix it thanks

  • Awesome

    by Ella&bella

    Really good app you should try it

  • Horrible

    by Cheer_from_bow_to _toe

    It keeps shutting down you will select a photo and it will shut down on you and someone NEEDS to fix it

  • Only for Facebook users

    by Jxiqinfkvo

    Can't do anything unless you have a Facebook

  • crashes every 2 pictures

    by Soccer*19

    i love this app and have it on my phone. but whenever i add my second picture on my ipad mini, the app crashes and i loose everything!

  • This App Rocks

    by Anaika229

    I dont know about you ✋ ... But I love the app.

  • I love it!

    by Wildwildflower

    Best app ever! It's awesome for Instagram and perfect for Facebook! It's amazing and I don't know what all the haters are complaining about. Haters gonna hate.

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