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iOS 7 and some minor fixes.

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The Groovebook offers you the most inexpensive way to create a personalized photo book with pictures you take with your iPhone.
For only $2.99 a month including shipping and processing, Groovebook will send you a beautiful 4.5" x 6.5" photo book each month.
The photos will be perforated for easy removal so you can share with your friends and family, and they include the location and date the pictures were taken. In a few taps, select and download the photos you want for your monthly book and Groovebook will print, perforate, bind and mail for only $2.99 a month including shipping and processing. You can also send additional books to family, friends or business associates for only $2.99 including shipping and processing.

Customer Reviews

  • So happy

    by Loudog04

    Like others, I experienced difficulties making my first upload, losing progress, having to start over, slow response time. After 30 minutes or so it went through. This was a couple of days after seeing it on shark tank. What an amazing idea! Judging from these posts many people thought the same. A couple of weeks later I get an email saying they are overwhelmed by the shark tank response and are working hard to increase production to meet these new demands. Makes sense. They did just advertise their entirely awesome, but small, company to literally millions of people. And the point of being on the show was to grow their company, which they are in the process of doing. Their sales obviously skyrocketed because of that night, so they need to adjust accordingly. Cut them some slack! Their production and customer service will improve as they catch up. It's only been a few weeks! Today I received my AWESOME Groovebook and I can't wait to be getting them every month. It was everything they advertised. If you bailed because you got miffed about the slow app, lack of responsiveness, or amount of time it took to receive the book (in the very month it went on shark tank) then it's your loss!

  • Love!!

    by Ka994

    So easy so fun so cheap so AWESOME!! I love sharktank and I love grooverbook

  • Finally!

    by Pigs killer

    Took 14 days for my book to come, but I'm happy to say the book looks great, and so does the quality of the photos. Will definitely order more! :)

  • Love it

    by Ward, j

    Okay. Haven't had any issues with app crashing. Have received four books so far... And although not all the pictures are clear or a little fuzzy... Most of them turned out pretty good. I'm not really sure their printers are to blame as most of these pictures are taken from our phones without flashes. The pictures that were taken with flashes came out very clear. For $3, 100 pictures, I'm very pleased. Better than keeping my photos on a hard drive or my computer and never doing anything with them. Keep up the awesome work and the awesome prices Groovebook!

  • You get what you pay for

    by Alecia81

    I ordered my first Groovebook on Jan 21st. I received it in the mail today (Feb 10th). It takes a while to be delivered. The picture quality is not good. Some of the pictures looked good, but many of them were lightened up way too much or too red. I compared a couple with pictures I printed from my printer and I could tell a major difference in the color. The idea and concept are very neat, but the print quality is just not great.

  • SO thankful for this app!!!

    by BekahB6

    Love this app!! Groovebook makes printing pictures (precious memories) so easy!! Just got my first book today and LOVE it!! Will be telling everyone about this app!! Thank you Brian and Julie, great product!!!

  • Awesome app!!

    by Amanda Lock

    Like everyone else- I downloaded it once I saw it on shark tank. I love it! Uploading was quick and easy. Picture quality is worth it to me for $2.99. I will continue to be a repeat customer. :-)

  • Fantastic

    by smoothpuppy

    Very low cost, effective, great idea. No issues with uploading or selecting multiple copies of a single photo. Quality of the printed books is good. I really enjoy this app and the resulting books.

  • Ok : /


    This is a really cool product and I can't wait to get mine but if you order it I'd reccomend not to do It right now because since they've been on shark tank they've been really backed up. The product is good but the reason I rated it so low is because I ordered it over a month ago and it still hasn't come and it said it would come with in a week

  • Thrilled with this app!

    by Smcollins23

    Like most people I saw this on shark tank. I downloaded it right away. It only took a few minutes to get all the pictures loaded. Shipping was delayed a week or so because so many orders came in at once. I just got my first groove book in the mail and couldn't be happier. The quality of the pictures are wonderful. I mean to only spend 2.99 for 100 pictures is great. Plus how often do you print your pictures from your phone. So many times I'm out without my camera and all I have is my phone. So thrilled to have an easy printing option now!!!

  • Great App

    by JagerDog721

    Wish I would of had this app 5 years ago. When I daughter was born I said I would get on Snapfish & print pics. Well 5 years later and they are still aren't printed. Love that I can just do this from my phone. I got my 1st book with no problems. Love it. Now I am currently going back through my FB & saving old pics for my future books & plan to keep getting books.

  • Love my first Groovebook!


    It came in less than two weeks after uploading at the start of January. I really like this service - great price and great photo prints!

  • OMG loooove it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Cassy000008

    This app is definitely worth 5 stars. I just got my book today I waited about to 2 and a half weeks & let me just say it was totally worth the wait.i am so satisfied with it the quality of the photos are great & I like how you can tear them off easily btw. I'm definitely gonna keep uploading photos each month. I honestly recommend this(:

  • Wonderful

    by MusicLover9194

    I just received my first Groovebook and I am delighted with the results. The app was fairly simple to use- I didn't have any problems with the upload. It took around 6 minutes on a wifi connection, which I thought was fairly reasonable. The process of receiving my book took a while, but that I believe that this was due to the large influx of orders they receives after watching shark tank. The pictures are beautifully printed on glossy paper and even my irregularly sized photos look great (I tested out some Instagram shots). The book had an adorable cover and the photos tore out quickly and easily. Overall I think this a great deal. For 3 dollars a month, this is a fraction of the price I would be paying if I used another company- I am a huge fan. I definitely recommend this app if you do a lot of scrapbooking and photo crafts. The price cannot be beat.

  • Loving it!

    by LCDsound

    After a bit of a delayed turn around time (due to the shark tank airing), I am super pleased with my first groovebook!! The print quality is great! And for 2.99 ya just can't beat it!

  • Great app

    by Dee&m

    So far so good. So easy, great prints...

  • I LOVE IT!!

    by Valloyd1

    I got my first one today!! I can't wait to do my next one! People do need to be patient, yes it took 2 weeks, yes it's slow downloading, yes, some pictures are not the best, but it could be mine, but YES it is worth it!! I posted it on my FB and told all my friends to try it!!

  • Love this product!!

    by Juley0129

    I saw Groove Book first on Sharktank and immediately downloaded the app. I received my book yesterday and I love it!! I have been showing all my friends. Great quality product!

  • Growers is in the heart.

    by lacy247

    Love love love!!!! I'm hooked. Telling everyone I know about this!!!

  • Easy and great pictures!

    by Mdye13

    For the price and convenience this is AWESOME! I finally have new pictures up in my house and storage on my phone! Plus they make great gifts!! :)

  • No Groovebook Received

    by Dry cement

    I love the idea of this, and I was so excited once I got the app! I uploaded all of my pictures on the 10th of last month and submitted it. I have yet to receive my groovebook! And it is already time that I should have submittedy pictures for this month! I am really disappointed! I hope I still get my groovebook but will probably never repurchase.

  • Poor quality

    by Monkeymrm

    I love the idea of this. Loved the book too but the pictures are printed on super flimsy paper & the quality is very poor. All photos have a reddish tint to them. It's not my photos either. I printed some & compared. It's groovebook. I'm hoping they are just overwhelmed & I can give it another try down the road.

  • Terrible service

    by CoastieJoe81

    I signed up the day after it aired on SharkTank. A month later and I haven't received my first book, after the initial email said 7-10 days. The second said 14 days. And now it's been a month. Canceling the service this afternoon

  • Get your groove back

    by Evbree

    I got the app like so many others after watching The Shark Tank. After several long waits I was finally able to upload some of my pictures. The app continued to be difficult to use (long wait to upload, some pictures unable to upload) I was still convinced that the app was a good deal, until I went into my account settings only to find out my information got mixed up with someone from Chicago. Needless to say I wanted to cancel my subscription ASAP, as I was in fear of my cc information being unprotected as well. When I wrote an email, I was told I needed to wait 72 hours for a response. I cancelled my cc because I did not want to take the risk. Groovebook is a great concept, but they need more work to be ready for mass market. I won't be a customer until they get it together.

  • Issues uploading resolved themselves

    by Amanda218

    ***UPDATE*** it's been nearly a month and I still have not received my book. I have made numerous attempts to email the customer service department and have never received a response. Not sure what to do now, just feeling screwed. ------ Last night I tried for hours to upload photos and it either gave me an error message that my connection was lost or it wouldn't upload them. However, today when I opened the app all of my photos were uploaded and I was ready to move onto the next step. Not sure what happened between last night and today, maybe the network was just too busy or they had too many orders from being on Shark Tank. Whatever it was, my book is ordered and on its way!

  • No support

    by ssff22

    No idea if they are sending me pics at all. The app tells you nothing about shipping. I might have pics on the way? Not sure. Canceling if/when I get my 1st batch.

  • Not Happy

    by Ashleyraexxo

    I was extremely excited to receive my first book. However not one but two books arrived. They both had the same photos in them, and after checking my bank account I realized I was charged twice. I did not order or want two of the same book. I don't think I will be ordering from them again.

  • Cool idea but horrible service!

    by Bubba's momma

    It's been 19 days since I ordered my first book that took 3 days to upload.... No response to my emails and no book. Horrible customer service! Great idea, but a crapshoot implementation.

  • I want to love it.

    by Rchl6313

    This is a great idea. It was supper easy! But the pictures look horrible. Blurry and very poor quality. I don't understand they look fine on my phone. I wish I didn't have to cancel.

  • One Month Later - No Groove Book

    by PcIre

    Like the title says...Don't waste your time.

  • Beware of glitches- 53 pix N my book-NOT mine

    by Renni10

    I ordered right after Shark Tank, book came today. There are 53 pix of another family in my book, including children. Groovebook is non-responsive, told me to "throw them away and send them a DM". This is a BIG problem in my book, no pun intended. Does this person or someone else have my photos? How could they have possibly overlooked such a HUGE 'glitch'? Additionally, the lack of concern Groovebook is showing, is very telling in itself. Do they REALLY think people are OK that they are getting photos mixed up? With privacy being one of THE most important issues people have concerns with, I beg to differ. If you have no problem with your privacy or your personal photos possibly being mailed to a complete stranger, then by all means, go for it.

  • Garbage!!!

    by Plump nasty

    Stay away! They took my money over a month ago and I have yet to receive my product. They tell me to reinstall the app. I have done it three times. They took my bank info and my pictures but are not honoring the contract.

  • App Has Too Many Bugs

    by ebmalz

    I've put in my address at least a dozen times just to see it disappear. I've tried multiple times to update my credit card and it just says Data Missing. I uploaded 100 photos but no book. I have sent them an email to their technical support and am hoping to hear from them in a timely manner. So far, nothing.

  • Poor quality photos

    by Kaiteedid1987

    I just cancelled my subscription after 1 groovebook. I didn't expect high quality photos but these were just awful. The color was way off. My old crappy printer could print off better quality. I was really excited about groovebook but it just isn't worth it.

  • My contact info was changed to Simone else!

    by Wildstar1266

    Disappointed disappointed after waiting forever almost 2 days to upload my pics I've waited almost 3 week and nothing. Do I check my account and there is someone else's contact info instead of mine. Now I fear that my kids pictures are in some weirdos hands. Of course my credit card is correct and has been charged. I've emailed their customer service still waiting. Great concept but a data screwup of this nature is not acceptable.

  • No book, no response.

    by Gamekkkk

    I uploaded my photos the day after show aired on shark tank. I still haven't received my book not a response after multiple emails. Lousy company that can't handle the business or even respond to inquires.

  • Total POS

    by Anne Gormely

    DONT DOWNLOAD THIS SCAM APP!! I got no book at all. The the app took all my credit card info, but had wrong name and address. Don't know who got my book, but I received NOTHING. They don't answer your emails, they ignore posts on their Facebook page. If you try to update to correct address it keeps reverting to somebody who lives in Florida. What a scam!! I now have to cancel my credit card because I have no idea what these idiots are doing with my information.

  • More than frustrated!

    by Mdh86

    I cannot understand why I have not received my book! My mom and I ordered our books at the exact same time on January 10th, she got her book less than a week later. Mine never came. I emailed the company and they said it would be here shortly.... No book. Several of my friends ordered there a week after I had and they all received their books! What is going on? Now I'm nearing the close date for my second book and not sure if I want to continue since I never received the first. So bummed since I was thrilled when I found out about this app. :-/

  • Not setup for success

    by Skha94

    I saw this app after watching it air on shark Tank and immediately thought it was a brilliant idea. However, I wanted some assurances that my personal information would not be compromised so I made a simple but direct inquiry two hours of grovebook and to this day I have not received a response. My wife and I recently celebrated the birth of our first child, it's against my better judgment I went ahead and sign up for an account and uploaded my first 100 photos. To this day I have yet to receive my first groovebook, furthermore I have been billed for the service although I had entered in a promotional coupon code. What next matters worse is that I have been billed for the service and oddly enough I was a blue I get a random email from Groovebook indicating that I had canceled my account. I have no such record of making this request nor have I received any response back from Groovebook for my first inquiry or any subsequent inquiry as to the status of my Groovebook or my "supposed" account cancellation request. I have no confidence whatsoever that I will ever receive my Groovebook nor will I receive any sort of follow up on the request of my account. This company has a long way to go before I can be on par with professional services such as shutter fly or Vista print work this depression at the end of the day I think the subsidize cost of 2.99 sounds great but it's really a lot more trouble than it's worth it if you can get it to work it at all

  • Still hadn't got it :-(

    by Dennis Raether

    I order my book and I still have not received it. Pretty upsetting because I see where others did it behind me and they already got their book. It's upsetting when they already take from your account not that it's a lot of money but it's the principal of it all. The owners said on T.V they wanted everyone to enjoy their pics well I haven't!!!!! If I get it soon I'll see how it is and may change my opinion

  • Bad quality

    by CJ863

    Looks like something you would achieve at home with photo paper and a low-quality inkjet printer. Book edges were not aligned at all. Serious quality control issues here. Beware!

  • Very disappointed!!

    by Mckenzie Johnson

    I don't write reviews on apps ever but this one needs one buyer beware. Ordered my first book on January 10th and I have not received it. I have emailed multiple times with no emails back. I have sent an email also canceling my subscription with no response. They can just charge 2.99 a month forever I guess because there is no way of stopping it besides email. I am soooo mad

  • Crashes!!

    by mikeonbass

    Please fix the crashing problem. Can't even open it.

  • I wish this worked!

    by Brit009

    I LOVE LOVE the IDEA of this app and want it to work so bad! BUT... it doesn't. Hard time uploading, won't save my address (but it did manage to save my credit card, go figure) It won't close my book because it says it is not time yet? I have no idea if I have one coming in the mail or not. I did this while Shark Tank was airing (Jan. 10) and I still haven't received one. I don't even know if they have my address to send me one. I fill out my address and it says "Info missing" but it won't tell me what. I am holding out hope that ALL of these issues will be worked out soon, because I would love to get one in the mail each month!

  • Wrong book

    by Ang

    My first month after downloading groove book and I'm already deleting my account. I was pretty excited about getting a book of pictures every month until my first book was filled with a family I don't know. I received a book full of pictures of a family from Maine, I had their address, name, and knew what they looked like. Thankfully I'm not a creeper and won't track them, but I still have no idea who has their hands on my book. When I emailed shipping support and told them about the issue, they told me to destroy the book and my correct one will be sent out ASAP... They also said "production has determined there was a printing error" if that's the case, why didn't production catch the issue before the books were sent out. They did not say sorry about the issue, they didn't even offer to comp anything. I'm telling all my friends and family to stay clear from this app. I have no idea who received my book, including my name and address.

  • Still waiting...

    by ksampayo

    I ordered my first groove book over three weeks ago and I'm still waiting to get it in. There is no way to track shipping or see where it is in the shipping process. Has it even been printed yet? I don't know, I wish I could tell you. There are definitely quite a few things they could do to make this process earlier and the product better as a whole. I just hope my book gets here soon and that the pictures are of good quality.

  • Shipping needs improvement

    by Pigs killer

    The app is a great idea, but it has been 11 days and I still haven't received my book.

  • Jury still out...

    by Chefgal2

    Got my first Groove Book. I am not counting myself a fan yet. I will give them one more try. Extremely poor picture quality and color is my main gripe. These same photos have been used in Shutterfly photo books, so I know there is no issue with the original as they were taken with my iPhone. We will give it one more try, but when I just went to look at photos to upload I saw that lots I have not chosen were checked. Yea... Pictures of my time sheet at work. There seems to be no way to undo them.

  • I'd Delete it If They Didn't Have My Credit Card Info

    by Myeye Liska

    Thought this app would be a great, cheap way to get my photos printed from my phone. It turns out it's a great way for them to get my credit card info and then have an app that won't allow me to sign in and get what they're going to charge me for every month. I sent them an email 9 days ago and got an automated response that they try to get back to people within 72 hours. I think 3 times that number is being quite patient; especially when they have my credit card info and can just start charging me but I don't have the luxury of getting what I'm paying for. Ridiculous, irritating and disrespectful of their customers. They need to get their act together.

  • Love love love it!

    by Genelynnu

    I am a huge shark tank fan and I saw the episode where they had the groovebook! I immediately fell in love with the idea and the price! I was a little worried at first about the quality of the photos but they all came out beautifully! I just had my first born daughter and it is a great way to print the hundreds of photos I have of her for cheap! If you're skeptical about this product, I think you should know that I have never written a review on anything EVER. No matter how much I loved the product. But the groovebook impressed me so much that I could not not write a review! Thank you so much Groovebook.

  • Years from now we'll love groovebook!

    by Tonyswifey

    Years from now when we look back at these little gems and think of all the photos that could have been lost on our old phones and computers, we owe the folks at GROOVEBOOK in a BIG way! One if the best ideas ever at a price that doesn't take a shark bite out of your budget!

  • Still waiting...

    by Nyjets11

    I can't really give the product an accurate review because I haven't gotten it yet. It's been almost a month since I placed my order and all I have gotten was 2 emails telling me they were delayed on shipping. I can understand the overwhelming response from Shark Tank but would you think about that ahead of time? I'm pretty disappointed and I'm hoping it comes soon. If the quality isn't up to snuff when the product finally gets here I may consider getting out...

  • I Never Received My Order!!!!

    by Cutestlittleboysmommy

    I placed my order on January 12, 2014 and I received an e-mail that they got my order and my GrooveBook will be shipped soon. Today is February 3, 2014 and STILL NO BOOK!!!!!! I have tried to e-mail this company (since there is no phone number I can find to contact them) and I immediately get an automatic response e-mail saying that they are overwhelmed with orders and they will contact me soon. I just sent ANOTHER e-mail today. I am very disappointed with the customer service (or should I say lack of customer service) that this company claims to provide. I would love to let you know what the book is like, but obviously, I have no idea since I never got mine! My credit card sure was charged!!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed!!!!!!!!!

  • Groovy

    by Algjwc

    So far I love it!

  • Greaaaat app!

    by melissamartin8989

    I love this app! Just got my first groovebook a few weeks ago! And it's awesome! The quality is great! It's fun! And good price!! Great job creators!! :) :)

  • Pictures are not 4x6

    by HarveyD821

    I love this product! It's true, the app needs more work, but the real reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because I had to trim my pictures to fit my 4x6 frames. They're too short on the long side and too wide on the short side. I'm surprised I haven't seen this mentioned in any of the other comments.

  • Great idea. Not so great app

    by KariJene

    No contact info for support. Emailed support 3 days ago still no response. Takes forever to upload. Then often it double uploads my photos. No way to tell the status of your ordered books. I ordered my first book about 10 days ago and I have no way to tell if it's shipped, lost or just not coming. I see a lot of potential for this app. Just right now it needs tons of work. It would also be nice to be able to click on the photo to enlarge it to make sure your printing the right one. And it would be nice to be able to move your pictures into different folders instead of having hundreds of pictures all in one place.

  • Awesome

    by Me1312553

    I love it. I mean it's 2.99 so don't expect photo shop quality but I threw some in a frame and they do look presentable. My 8 year old daughter loves the first one that we got last week. She has been carrying it to all of our family members houses showing off the random pictures. I will definitely be keeping our subscription.

  • Groovy for me!!!

    by Uwgrad253

    I love this idea. People need to consider the popularity Shark Tank did to this app. I saw it and immediately downloaded it and started while they were getting bids from the Sharks. Anyways, got 3 books out of the 12 I ordered and I'm happy with the finished product. I did get someone else's pictures but it's ok and no big deal. They sent me an apology letter and 2 credits for new books. But I don't need that, I get that mistakes happen and I love the app. It's genius and I'm sure after more updates, it will be totally awesome.

  • Groove book

    by Tedfygt


  • Great App, Great Product

    by soundjock

    It's affordable, easy to navigate and looks good. I just got my book in the mail today and absolutely love it.

  • GrooveBook

    by Edsel1234

    Groovebook was on Shark Tank, so I loved the idea..and have received my 1st book and absolutely amazed..Love it..then my brother passed and this has been extremely helpful in making copies of all his pictures..The quality is subperb!!! You won't be disappointed..A must have!! Thanks Groovebook for helping me out..Look forward to receiving my pics. every month..

  • Love this app

    by Olesyay

    I got my book and I love the quality, how easy and Inexpensive this is!! Great product!!

  • Great idea but poor picture quality


    I love this idea and I love my book. However, the quality of the photos is very bad. I really want to keep ordering but I am hesitant because of the quality. Is there any way to get better quality of the photos?!! Please say yes so I keep being a customer!!!!!!

  • MUST HAVE app!

    by Crystallu1

    Just got my first groovebook and it is adorable! My pictures are such great quality at an unbelievable price. I showed it to my mom and she literally thought I paid 50 bucks for it. I did not have any problems uploading. Everyone should get this app because it is amazing! I will be buying many more!

  • Poor communications; great idea

    by Mrs Karns

    I haven't even received mine yet and I'm already disappointed with the communications of this company. Once you buy there's no way to track to see where in the process your order just says 10-12 days and you give them your credit card info but they don't charge it until the ship I guess because no charges have showed up yet. Just seems sloppy. Shutterfly or other album apps I've used tells you where it is in production but I guess for the money that's why they have a bare bones operation. I will update review with quality of book when I receive it whenever that may be. And also I had absolutely no problems with's your wifi speeds folks.

  • Good deal!

    by single speeder

    I love this! The price is great. The prints are decent for the cost. The upload is quick and easy. No problems there. A few of the pictures have fallen out of the book but I am not sure if the book Is meant to stay together or if the intention is to remove the prints from the book. It would be helpful to see the history of what I have ordered and get an email confirming the order went through. I would also like to be able to arrange the order of the prints in the book. One other thing is that I wish I could order books from my computer. I would order many of them! Overall, definitely worth the price and fun to look at the books!

  • I can't get it to work

    by Cat4hand

    I can't get it to work

  • Still waiting...

    by ToriXP

    I was told three weeks ago my book would be here in 7 -10 days, over three weeks and I am still waiting. Starting to think its a scam

  • Brilliant. Zero Disappointments

    by LindLeighAR

    I was so excited about this app when I saw it on Shark Tank. It took 3 weeks for delivery, but I finally have my first GrooveBook! I'm impressed. The quality is equal to any other printer I've used for phone pics, only these arrive bound in a handy album. The upload time is a tad slow (<15min for 100 pics), but the end product is worth it. The only recommendation I have right now is for the option to choose the album's exterior pattern.

  • Honest review

    by bpuckett87

    I am giving 5 stars based on overall value for the product. Printing quality was average, but not bad. The book is quality and well done. The app is easy to use. All these would normally get a 3 or 4 star review from me, but the photos being stamped on the date taken and the price are outstanding. Great idea and overall product. If you're looking for studio quality prints might not live up to your hopes, but if you're wanting to capture memories consistently, easily, organized, and for a great price I would check it out.

  • So where the heck is it?

    by witners

    I ordered both books quite a while ago, I have received no communication, and there is no way to contact the company. It has been over a month, and I still have not got either book. They did debit out the money though. If I get the book, I am very happy with Groovebook. The app is great, the owners seem truly nice, but where is my book? I will update when and if I receive my book. I am thinking they are running slow and overwhelmed with orders...

  • Where is my book?!

    by Love/Hate it

    Ordered a book and waited excitedly and patiently. Still haven't received it and my next book needs to be ordered in a week. Tried twice to reach out for help with no response. Unfortunate because I had high hopes. Guess I need to cancel and hope for a refund. I guess the positive is I'm only out $3 if not. Boo

  • If only

    by Memizoe

    After three weeks of checking my mailbox daily for my grovebook, it has finally arrived. Just as I suspected, depending on the quality of the photo taken determines the quality of the printed photo. The majority of my pictures came out great and some not so much but that's not the companies fault. This idea is great, however because I don't take a lot of pictures, I most likely will unsubscribe. If they provide an option of using the app without subscribing, I surely will recommend it to all my friends and family.

  • Easy, Cheap, and Good Pictures

    by Meushell

    It's easy to pick pictures. I do wish we could take a closer look at them within the app itself. I used my photos app to do that. Going back and forth is a bit of an issue. Click "Done" in the Review (picture selecting) section before switching aps. Otherwise you will have to select them again. Uploading wasn't an issue for me. If it stopped due to the phone going into sleep mode, I just clicked "upload" again, and it would continue where it left off. I got an email confirmation as soon as the order was closed. It took two weeks to get my first book. The quality of the pictures depends on the quality of the pictures I selected. A close up on my son's face was great. Very clear. The colors seems slightly off, like they've been enhanced a little. Like a blue shirt is a little bluer. The date and time isn't on the picture themselves. It's on the page above the perforated line. I like it this way myself.

  • Like it.

    by CoryChass

    I love the idea. The app could use a UI upgrade... It's a bit boring. But I decided to give it a chance. Uploaded all my photos and a couple weeks later I got my book. I want to keep in mind it only cost $2.99 but I'm a little disappointed with the print quality. It's not the best. But it's a cool idea and I'll keep using it.

  • Crashing!

    by MikeFromConcord

    Great idea, but if you can't open it, what good is it?

  • Promesing but poor customer support

    by Aaodao

    Open account and uploaded pictures 3 weeks ago. No sign of pictures and I am unable to get anybody to respond to my e-mails asking for support. The idea is good and I would be very happy to continue the service, however, if I do not get a response to my request for support by the end of this week, I will cancel the subscription and ask for my money back. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT SET UP

  • Where's the book?

    by Lynienu

    Updated pics almost 3 weeks ago. Have yet to receive the book. App kept quitting mid upload. Perhaps they aren't ready to handle large volume. Great concept poor execution.

  • Good, but needs a little work!

    by Rendezvous180

    I wanted to wait a little before posting my review. My first experience downloading the pics was AWFULL!!! But I tried to be understanding. I knew everybody was trying to do the same thug I was after seeing it on shark tank. My next simi complete is how long it took, I ordered the book on the 7th & finally received it today (3 weeks later, contrary to what there site says 10/12 days) But again I understand they are under an enormous amount of production right now. The only other issue I have, is wanting and needing to have access to drop box, Facebook, & others accounts like that. I will continue to use the app, I think all cons will get worked out in due time!!!

  • Great value

    by Dj in az

    Good quality product. Took about 2 weeks to get book delivered. Make sure you are connected to wifi vs cellular data as cell data May time out, but otherwise I couldn't be happier.

  • Great idea, not great product

    by sdefriese

    I received my book and was disappointed with the quality of the photos. Both mine and a friend's book were filled with grainy photos and the contrast was way too high. Don't get me wrong, I luvs me some contrast, but I don't need their help. Also, the pictures were slightly too large as borders were often cropped off the page. It's a great idea and I liked the form factor, but the implementation was lacking. Also, my friend's book came unglued almost immediately. I unsubscribed and my friend is going to, but I would happily re-subscribe if these issues are addressed. The app works well, but I wished it was available for the Mac as well.

  • Wow!!! QUALITY! EASY!

    by Pinning addict(2012)

    1. Seen it on shark tank and immediately downloaded the app and uploaded my first book. 2. My husband also downloaded the app and uploaded his book 3. We got our first book in within 3 weeks from submission 4. QUALITY is AMAZING! For 3$ you can't go wrong 5. Cheaper than ink or developing film! 6. EASY to use! To access all of your pics (most of mine are streamed to save space) go to info and select albums... I figured this out when I completed my SECOND-book! 7. Wish there was a way to make multiple books within the same month. I would pay the 3$ each!! Just got a few years of printing to catch up on. 8. Delivery could be faster! 9. The ability to write a caption would be great! So books can become gifts :-) 10. This would be wonderful if I could use it on the PC! And get the book shipped elsewhere. Thank you GrooveBook! We are forever loyal as long as quality stays and price stays!

  • Takes forever

    by Charlie Groene

    I ordered a book just over a month ago and still haven't gotten it!!!!! I really dont know if it is even coming or what but they take way too long!!! When i ordered it it said it would take about a week... Way off, i still haven't gotten it. I love the concept but u guys gotta get it together!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love it! Brilliant!

    by Nicoleeamer

    Finally a way to print my pics cheap, quick and easy. I am in love.

  • Excellent for the value

    by Georgi-Whoa!

    Great app. Simple and straight forward. Disregard the negative reviews regarding Facebook and Instagram integration (just save the photos to your device ... Done!). I've found the UI could be tweaked a bit but ... come on! For $2.99, this service is a no-brainer. I've yet to find any place in which one can go to have 100 quality photos printed (and shipped) for this price.

  • So much potential

    by Lapier

    I need to be able to choose which album to pull my photos from!! All my pictures are on photostream. Please fix so I can stay subscribed!!!!

  • Groove Book - Not So Groovy!!!

    by Yvonne Brenner

    Picture quality is a JOKE. You get what you pay for!!! Great concept - but they need some Costco quality printing machines. Very disappointed!!!!! Give it 1 star only because I have too!!!

  • Great concept, faulty app

    by Debdeb12345

    Review updated 1/26/14 --- DO NOT download this app! You enter your credit card information directly in the app and there is ZERO support. Note that there is NO phone number to reach them!!! I have been emailing them for 2 weeks. Never received a response or a Groovebook. Found out about them on SharkTank. I should have known it was too good of a concept to be true. This company is shady and can't deliver what they promise.

  • All it does is crash.

    by Mo07080901020304

    I can't even get in. Just keeps crashing. Almost a week now.

  • Unsatisfied to say the least

    by A. Odette

    Working on my first Groovebook, the entire app closed and I lost all progress I had been working on. I actually finished the book on the 9th of January. I had made the book to have at my daughters 4th birthday party on January 26th. Figured since Groovebook quoted 10-12 days for delivery, there would be plenty of time to receive the book. I've emailed twice with no response. My daughters birthday is tomorrow. Sunday. No mail will be delivered. Did not receive the book or a response to either of my emails. Would've been cool had it worked. Would've been a lifer. No thanks. Get it together, work out the problems. Become professionals. Then, maybe. But not now. Will spread the negative word. Empty promises! Terrible company!

  • I received SOMEONE else's pictures!

    by Ahsmith1108

    I normally never write reviews but honestly if I'm not the first person to receive someone else's photos then how many times is this happening! It is a BIG deal bc it's pictures of my Children being exposed to strangers and it's a very scary thing!! It seemed like a really good idea but I doubt I will do it again! :( one plus would be the picture book I received seemed very put together just wish they were my pictures and I had a phone number to contact instead of just an email!

  • Needs better instructions

    by Momof5k

    After seeing my friends book today I finally took the plunge. Upload is rather slow but no big deal. My only issue right now is the lack of instructions. There is nothing to tell you what to do once the upload is complete. I had to call my friend who informed menu needed to click in information then close this book. How would anyone figure that out? Please fix this issue. Can't wait to get my first book!

  • Love it!

    by Pattycake81384

    After seeing them on Shark Tank, I downloaded the app and ordered my first book. I am quite pleased. I love the fact that the time and date are printed on the perforated edge. The paper quality is lighter than I would have liked, but I can't complain given the price. Can't wait to get my next pix downloaded. I am a new grandmother and this is absolutely perfect for me. Thanks much!!!!

  • Horrible quality!! Not even worth $3

    by Reviewer123456790

    I was super excited to get my first groove book, but extremely disappointed once it came. They horrible quality prints. You might say well it IS only $3 a month but it's not even worth that. I wonder if they showed the sharks the same prints as they send out to their customers?!?

  • Disappointed

    by Rach235

    Love the app and price but have waited over two weeks to receive my first book. Still waiting!

  • Great app

    by Chely123

    Love this service!! Very inexpensive!!

  • Worth the price!

    by Pridepuppy

    The book is nice and the pictures look pretty decent. I noticed some of the photos didn't come out as I had hoped and the quality really depends on how the picture got on your phone. For example, a few I had saved off Facebook were degraded in quality but still better than some I had actually taken on my iphone. So I think the size and quality of picture matters a lot more than I had hoped. Still, the pictures aren't terrible and the price is great for the amount of pictures you get. I love that you can tear them out and they have the date and time stamped at the top. Great for framing or locker/work station walls...great for sending to friends and family as momentos. I will use it to send baby pictures to family for sure!

  • Too many unanswered questions

    by Magsmagia

    I, like many others, downloaded this app the night it aired on Shark Tank. What a great concept for getting rid of the over 1,000 photos I have on my iPhone! I uploaded my first 100 and closed my order. Then I wanted to go back and select the album I just created and have one sent to both my mom and my dad, but there was no option to view/select any previous album created. I then created 2 more albums and wanted to get one of those sent to my parents like I said before but, once again, there is no option to choose which one to send to them. I also was waiting for a point where I would choose which cover my books would be bound in, but it never happened. I emailed the "support team" and got an automatic reply that said "we are working hard to answer all your questions and aim to get back to you within 48 hours". It has almost been 2 weeks with no additional email received, so I resent it again just a little bit ago. Their "FAQ" page answer none of the questions that I have. They need to allow their customers the capability to go back to select previously made albums for reprint. They should also have it set up so that once you select an album to print and ship, you should also be given the option of who to ship that album to. I also think they should let us pick the cover for it to be bound in. I had high expectations for this app and am hoping the few books I have coming will be fine. Would be nice to see some modifications to the app that allows you to do more of what I previously stated. I am hoping that the support team replies to my second attempt at contacting them.

  • Awesome app

    by Dulciejo

    Just downloaded app and set it up. Absolutely no problems uploading pictures. Can't wait to get my first book. Thank you for designing this.

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