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Seller: D-Link Corporation

1. Support new D-Link Cloud Cameras
2. Support resolution switching in Cloud Cameras live view
3. Support ePTZ in Cloud Cameras live view
4. Support Day/Night Mode switching in Cloud Cameras live view
5. Support Motion/Sound Detection settings for Cloud Cameras
6. Support SD Card Playback for DCS-942L
7. Support half-duplex two-way audio feature of DCS-942L
8. Support D-Link Cloud Routers

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Now you can view live video of your home or office on your iPad anywhere, anytime using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. An elegant four camera monitoring dashboard lets you see and hear what's happening at home or office in real time, without being tied to a computer.

You can also save snapshots to your iPad or Photo Stream and quickly share with your friends and family. No more guessing what's happening while you're at work or on vacation, all you need is a mydlink-enabled camera and an iPad and you’ll always be connected to what matters most.

For more information, go to or

- Watch up to four cameras at a time: For multi-view, the focus camera provides live streaming, and other cameras provide snapshot.
- Switch cameras on-the-fly through the monitoring dashboard
- Save snapshots to your iPad or Photo Stream
- Touch and drag to move your view around for non-PT cameras. Pinch to zoom in/out.
- Toggle camera's view modes between Night mode, Day mode, and Automatic mode.
- After initial settings on the mydlink website, you can enable/disable motion/sound detection from the app for supported cameras.
- You can talk back with 2-way audio support (for DCS-942L)
- SD Card Playback (for DCS-942L)
- Remotely monitor and configure your Cloud Routers
- Access and view your camera's video feed through your NVR.

This app is compatible with the following models:
Cloud Cameras: DCS-930L, DCS-932L, DCS-942L, DCS-1130L, DCS-2132L, DCS-2310L, DCS-5211L, DCS-5222L, DCS-5230L, DCS-6010L, DCS-7010L
Cloud Routers: DAP-1160L,DAP-1360L,DIR-140L,DIR-505L,DIR-506L,DIR-600L,DIR-600LW,DIR-602L,DIR-605L,DIR-605LW,DIR-619L,DIR-626L,DIR-636L,DIR-640L,DIR-645L,DIR-810L,DIR-820L,DIR-826L,DIR-836L,DIR-840L,DIR-845L,DIR-850L,DIR-855L,DIR-860L,DIR-865L,DIR-868L ,DIR-900L,DIR-905L,DSL-2770L,DSL-2870B,DSL-2890AL

Requires: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Note: Note: For Cloud Storage support, please download the mydlink Access-NAS app.

Customer Reviews

  • This is the version you want.

    by Interface Wiz

    This is the version you want. I never could get the more expensive D-Link++ Viewer to work. This program starts rapidly and doesn't ask you for a password every time (unlike the desktop version).

  • One Suggestion...

    by minpinmax

    Please allow App to also support Portrait Mode.

  • Great Product!

    by Radbadad

    As of 12/22/2013 and most recent app: we have 3 cameras and use MyDlink to monitor. Each camera has unique IP address on my network. Keeps me home when we are far away.

  • All working except SD card playback

    by Nmmcknelly

    Everything works great on my DCS-942L except SD Card playback. This feature works fine in the Lite version, it just doesn't look so good on the iPad. When it's fixed I'll bump my review to 5 stars. Thanks for the new (working) features.

  • Works ok, not great

    by Asdhlfgbgfbjtfbjyf

    Works ok to view cameras, kinda slow when switching between cameras. Can't view SD card MP4 recorded video when encoded in h.264 on the iPad app. Hope this is fixed soon. Works fine on iPhone app.

  • Wifi access doesn't work

    by WestSideRick

    Works great over 4g, but not over wifi at all.

  • Doesn't work...

    by Chaasm

    With this latest update, the MyDLink ap now works with my DCS-2332L Cloud Cam on my 3rd gen iPad. Glad to see the myDLink engineers were busy working on a fix! It all seems to work as advertised now! Thanks!

  • Mydlink+ with IPAD2 and IPhone 4S

    by Iplaysoccer2

    Works ok with ipad2 and better now with iPhone 4S. Controls are different on iPhone 4S as you can control light/dark part of the camera. Still trying to figure out notification setup....really need to simplify set ups and control features... Much room for improving control, sound etc...hope to add the more advance dlink camera complete security....

  • Crash over and over

    by foxysvt

    It is a great app every 30 seconds it works on my iPad...then it always crashes yet the lite version never crashes... Multi view is the reason I spent the .99 to buy it but it does not run a live view on both cameras just a live view on highlited one...and a still shot on the other....very disappointing... I will rate higher if they ever fix the crashing issue on the iPad...until then...I have no choice but to use the free lite version.

  • Needs work.....

    by skygunner27

    No matter how I try and configure the 5222L, it lags when I view the live video on a mobile device(Note 3 & iPad Mini Retina). On a PC or Mac live video is fine. I have tried everything in camera's config portal and I have a 22/2 connection. It still lags locally via mobile apps. Please fix asap!!! Video playback via SD card works fantastic. The 5020L camera works perfectly via mobile app regardless of OS.

  • Screwed by D-Link

    by I urn rkson

    The software does not support the camera. I had it up and working at it second-home for one day and it went down. Tech-support is worthless. This is a terrible app and a waste of money on these cameras. I bought 3 for $400 put them in the second-home 400 miles away it doesn't work. I am out $400 and tech support is non-existent.

  • by Good hndz

    What good is buying a D-Link camera, setting it up, and getting the app to view/control it if the camera cannot connect or isn't viewable nearly 50% of the time I try to access it??? I originally bought this as a nursery set up and it worked great, but lately the D-Link network and viewing reliability has been so poor that I can no longer trust it in our nursery. How sad is that? Even if I had the camera for security purposes, what good is it if you cannot see the camera with any level of reliability???

  • Does not connect to 4 of 6 cams

    by SkyfieldAngel

    What a bad app, took forever to see two of 6 cams. Video not even a video. Does update a pic every 4 seconds. Really bad

  • Useless

    by Bines0101010

    I paid for this? I can't do anything with this app and when I hit the help button I get nothing this app is the biggest load of crap!!!

  • Poor Audio

    by abrauda

    Paid for this for my two iPads since we use a DCS-942L for our nursery camera. I had been using the myDLink Lite app designed for the iPhone on the iPad and it was cumbersome. I thought I'd try out the one designed for the iPad since it was only $0.99. Looks good, but you can barely hear the audio from the camera with the volume turned all the way up. The iPhone app has great audio on the iPad. I don't get why this app would be any different.

  • Worst app ever

    by Georgeluk

    The app hangs up and freezes. I can't access my camera from the iPad. What a waste of time and money. You would think the folks at dlink would develop better quality. What a shame.

  • No longer works

    by ThomasDravecz

    Am using the dcs932l cameras and as others have reported can only access the first camera I select. If I change anything the app freezes. Wish u had a backup. Please fix..

  • App Freezing

    by Fix coming?

    Do you have a patch coming for the app freezing as soon as you try a second command after connecting to the first camera? Please advise

  • Extremely disappointed

    by Pam 12

    Spent .99 to buy an app that does not work at all. The camera comes up. I click on it. The video comes up and immediately freezes. That's when I can get the app to open in the first place. It continually crashes upon trying to open it. Worthless. Refund please

  • Clunky and Broken

    by okjeff160

    App is horribly clunky and only works sometime. When it does decide to work you'd better not try to use any of your camera's features because the app will freeze. Don't waste your dollar.

  • Latest update not good

    by Thrifty Christy

    This app worked great until the latest update. Now it takes forever for the images to appear. Fix this NOW!

  • Poorly executed

    by nickdanieldesign

    In my opinion the app was not fully thought through. App should support multiple viewing the cameras at the same time.

  • App freezes

    by Craig Moser

    The app freezes every time I switch cameras or select any button in the UI. Seems lots of folks are having the same problems but no response from DLink support. 1 star for poor user experience & terrible customer support.

  • Crashes after iOS6 update

    by Wailynpd

    Every single time you update one thing on this app, you break five other things. I guess I should learn to hold off until every two updates you put out so I can skip the broken version.

  • Very disappointing

    by DeBois Family

    Not at all happy with this app. App doesn't work 90% of the time and when it does I can only view to my 4 cameras. Sounds like the support team has some work ahead of itself to get this app to work right.

  • Dissatisfied

    by Cheetah_lvr

    I upgraded to this app and it has never worked... Very dissatisfied.

  • Poor Quality

    by PfVal

    This app is terrible! The newest version will not connect to give me a picture of my house!!!! The earlier version worked 80% of the time, but the newest update has never worked!!!!!! I am very dissatisfied.

  • Its v slow nd doesnt work at all on ipad

    by Shaziaiqbal

    Does not work and v slow

  • Doesn't work - hangs on camera change

    by Jjd2010

    Sadly this seems to hang if I change to another camera. I have 3 cameras and switching to another hangs the app. Hope it gets fixed soon I use this app all the time... Nice new features hope I get to use them.

  • Update messed it up

    by BeMaddox

    The app was working fine until I downloaded the update. Now it freezes up if I try and switch to a different camera or go to multiple screens. When it was working, it was five stars.

  • Dlink Customer Service = Horrible

    by Dlink 5020l

    Come on Dlink, this app hasn't been updated since October of 2012....despite that you have no problem advertising the app on the side of products that this wont even work with (i.e. DCS-5020L). Two emails to customer service with no response...

  • MyDkink+ does not work on my iPad

    by Papa786-55

    I installed my myDlink lite on my iPhone 5 and it worked. When I installed on my iPad it did not work so I bought myDlink+ and it does not work. It cannot connect to my dlink cameras.

  • Fix the app

    by Radu43

    Not working at all. Can't tab on the camera.

  • Needs updating

    by 40 yr old pilot

    App functions but has less capability than iphone app (poor form guys). I bought the IPad app to get more, not less. New product line released but not supported: i.e. 2332L. Again, poor form Dlink. Suggestion for Ipad users, buy the iphone app until this gets updated. I've had it over a yr and that gets routinely updated and functions most of the time. As a pilot, I don't need it to be sexy, I need it to work every time... -annoyed and want my $1 back.

  • No Work!

    by Silex840

    I have the original iPad and I can't click any of the icons to view. What a waste of a $1! Should have bought a hamburger.

  • Not compatible with latest dlink cameras

    by chezbriand

    The iPhone app works, but for some reason they haven't updated the iPad version! I bought a cloud camera 2350 and it doesn't work with the iPad!!!

  • Horrible

    by Lee45102

    Doesn't work at all on my iPad. You would think with as many negative reviews that they would fix issues. After all I paid over $100 for my camera.

  • Mydlink +

    by Dlinkisjunk

    This app is junk. You can't even call this a toy. Waste of my 99 cents. I wish I can rate this a zero star and not a one star.

  • App does not work

    by Tom Tanous

    Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this app. It is junk won't even start up. Seriously they need to put some resources behind this app and satisfy their customers they have. I like the cameras just wished they had a better app.

  • No support for DCS-5020L

    by ampsarus

    I guess D-Link doesn't care to keep this app up to date

  • Mac?

    by Mac??126

    I paid a lot of money for these cameras and I am unable to view the feeds on my ipad and my MacBook Pro...please fix this issue

  • No DCS-5020L support?

    by gobbledygoo

    This app works well for my DCS-932L but it doesn't support the DCS-5020L yet.

  • Constantly crashes

    by GlideRocks

    Loaded this yesterday. Crashes constantly, typically right after I select the camera I want to view. Dlink needs to fix this app, or it should be removed from the store as it simply does not work (as all the other reviews agree

  • DL932L cameras don't work with this app after firmware updates.

    by ooAntixoo

    I have had this set up for well over two years. When I first got the cameras everything worked perfectly. Every now and again it wouldn't connect but it worked 90% of the time. At one point I was forced to update the camera firmware because the entire system was down for 2 days and I thought that might fix it, this was before I was aware of the regular interruptions of service that plague Dlink now. So basically after the firmware updates the 2 cameras stopped working for this app I paid for. After multiple firmware updates on the cameras and this app they didn't fix any problems. Now the main site no longer works on Mac either because they are too lazy to make the site work on safari with the current java updates. So a Mac computer doesn't work on the main site anymore and I can't modify anything at all now. Originally I had two of the three cameras hooked up. After my daughter was born so I took on moved it in her room and added the 3rd to the network without updating the firmware and that one works with the app. I used this set up as security originally, But now I have a child and attempt to use it as a monitor. This app has not worked in over a year. This is total

  • Another joker

    by panda222a

    I bought your product and now you want another $ to use it on the ipad.

  • Crashes after few minutes on iOS 6 and iPad 4

    by YourBad

    Fix ASAP. This is unacceptable as I use this as baby monitor! Still crashes on iPad 4?!?!?! Zero Stars for a paid app!

  • Horrible Product

    by JTinTulsa

    Worthless camera and software! Took it back the same day I bought it from BestBuy. This camera and software might work fine for Windows folks but if your and Apple person with and iPad and Apple routers, doesn't work at all! Hell, I couldn't even find a place on the app or website that would allow me to register!! There are way better products on the market than this piece of junk!

  • Terrible

    by Pixeechant

    This app works on my iPhone5 with no timeout issues. But on my iPad, it hardly ever connects, I don't hear sound until its 20 seconds from timeout. They fixed the timeout issue on the iPhone, why cant they fix it on the iPad? I need the cameras and App to work. Will have to find another brand of wireless cameras that do the job. I also bought the 4.99 app and THAT can't even connect to my cameras. Both waste of money. Looking elsewhere.

  • Fix the timeout issue!

    by Alexandra Marshall

    This would be great, but it times out after a minute. I never had this issue with the free "lite" version. Please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worst App Ever

    by Eneuf

    Don't waste your time or even 99 cents. App simply does not work on iPad "3". I'd give zero stars if that were allowed.

  • Pretty crappy. Signal doesn't work for iPad.

    by David Cruz

    Try downloading the iPhone app for the iPad. They rip you off since the iPad app is 99 cents and doesn't work but the iPhone app is free and does the trick.

  • So Frustrating!!

    by Psteaches

    We have been using this camera and app for about 8 months now as a baby monitor. The whole experience has been very disappointing! The app and the network that supports the app has been extremely unstable. It works about 50% of the time for one reason or another (We have both the iPhone and iPad application). Every time they have an update, problems are pretty much inevitable. After months of being frustrated with this product, we have decided to get something with another company. What a waste of money! I just don't understand why Dlink can't seem to get it together. If you are considering buying this product, please look at the numerous negative reviews and reconsider.

  • No HD viewing ?

    by Z06Norway

    I have mydlink Lite on iPhone5, it let me select resolution streamed to the device, but this paid app does not ? Give me HD and I give you a 5 star. What's the point of having good camera when you can't see the quality ?

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