Disney Creativity Studio Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Oct, 11 2012
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • Size: 528.47 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

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Customer Ratings

Current Version:
295 Ratings
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703 Ratings


* Selected by Apple as a 'New And Noteworthy' Entertainment app!
* Includes amazing new features- more exciting updates coming soon!

Turn your iPad into an artist’s studio with Disney Creativity Studio. Let real Disney artists teach you how to draw your favorite Disney characters. An easy to use and intuitive instructional guide will help you perfect your skills to create amazing artwork that you’ll love to show off to your friends and family. Engaging activities like Tracing, Connect the Dots, Coloring and more provide hours of fun.

We’ve invited more of your favorite Disney and Disney Junior characters to join the fun!

Now, explore limitless creativity with your friends from:
•Monsters University
•Disney Princess
•Doc McStuffins
•Minnie Mouse
•Jake and the Never Land Pirates
•Sofia the First
•Minnie's Bow-tique
•Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

**GET THIS APP FOR FREE when you purchase the Disney Creativity Studio smart stylus that magically interacts with the Creativity Studio App. The smart stylus provides a fun filled realistic drawing experience through special features and tools like pencil, marker, ink pen, crayon and stamper!

Other Features:
•Interact with so many of your favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto.
•Over 45 unique “pages” of fun activities including coloring, tracing and connect the dots.
•Real Disney artists provide step-by-step instructions to draw your favorite Disney characters.
•An extensive color palette of over 30 colors available at your fingertips.
•Advanced software algorithms make your drawing strokes look lifelike and beautiful
•Save and share creations with friends and family.
•High resolution graphics compatible with iPad Retina Display

For FAQ, product support and additional information please visit ww.ekids.com

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app!

    by jm2304

    My 5 year old and 2 year old both LOVE this app.

  • AWSOME!!!!

    by Fluffy mixer

    IT SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is cool

    by I will think for the kids

    Well it isn't bad it is ok because there is more then one characters and this way you don't have to download a lot of games

  • So fun

    by Nghhhdchgcdh

    I love to learn new things but.........I LOVE TO DRAW verrrrry much

  • Boring but cool.

    by Fun11657810934

    So cool you can do enything you want.

  • Victoria Jimenez ❤️ it !

    by Victoria Jimenez 1121

    I am Victoria's assistant, her children enjoys it . But I think Victoria enjoys it most! Thanx DISNEY

  • Disney's

    by Homerito...

    Amazing app, tons of fun for kids!!! Amazing!!!

  • Amazing

    by My d show

    I'm nine this is a amazing game it has so much

  • Love it!!!

    by chacha8585

    Just purchased the iPad Air and this app is absolutely gorgeous. My kids love it!

  • Ok

    by GamerManDude101

    Not the best but ok... Needed some work

  • App is Huge in size!

    by BlenderBoy

    It's on a mobile device Not a desktop! 700M! Content is decent, need more assets to try before inApp purchase.

  • Eh.

    by ReaderzFakeDigest

    The app is okay....I think the base package could use a few more characters for the people who cannot buy the extra packages. Only two color-in Disney Princesses.

  • More videos please

    by Sarah Barnes

    I wish there were more teaching videos as in the intro video. I would much prefer to learn to draw rather than trace lines.

  • I Like It, But...

    by KND1000

    I like this app, but I hate in app purchases! Especially when it is a app your trying to teach kids something. I also dislike the fact that they don't teach us how to draw some other characters that you already have on the app like Sofia the first my 4 yr old wanted to draw her and she could not. Can you also add in Classic Disney movies like lion king, Aladdin , finding nemo, ect. Thanks

  • Ok

    by CassturrrMasterr

    It's hard , and all they want you to do is buy a pen

  • Great

    by Pinsple

    Fantastic app. The page doesn't go blank... You have to click the blue arrow. My 4yr old loves it!!

  • Awesome

    by LilDemon702

    My kids love it and I love it too. Keeps them entertained with parent approved content.

  • Best app ever

    by Gughgbjbbkbj

    My son is only 4 and he is drawing like a second grader it's so good he loves the app disney make more awesome app again I love how my son is learning how to draw an now he wants to be a art teacher or draw Micky mouse I love this app and so will you

  • Tutorial blue line

    by You girl doe

    The game is not letting me see the blue line to trace it. I can't see the line at all. Everything else is great it's just the line and the steps. I would love to play this game. Please fix it!

  • Takes forever to download, but still good

    by JoshJosh12

    If i could, i would want to make This app like ummmmmmm...a little less time to waste. ITS just a wierd version of waiting in line for a grand opening of a resturaunt

  • I don't like it

    by Mfg919

    It's to uncoordinated giving steps

  • Smart stylus does not work on iPad air

    by Not 4 iPad air

    The smart stylus does not work on iPad air however it works on ipad2. The details do not say it will work on iPad air so hopefully this app gets updated soon to include usability with iPad air . The smart stylus pen tip will write on iPad air , but the other features do not .(button to change pen selections does not work, eraser button does not work,no rainbow when shaking,etc...) If you only have an iPad air do not get the smart stylus until this app is updated .

  • I'm Angry

    by Erpvs

    I think this should not be for 2 year olds I can't even color in the lines because the brush is so big and it bothers me that I can't color in the lines. PS I'm 6 years old.

  • Ugl

    by Jkjmh

    This app said I to much apps so I deleted like 6 and it still said I had to much I have only like 10 apps .

  • Trash app and stylus

    by jingrl89

    App keeps deleting my artwork and doesn't even respond well to the stylus (which is a piece of garbage). My finger works better; don't waste your money.

  • IOS 7 break

    by WolfPackJudo

    Great app till iOS 7 broke it. The marker and crayon no leave ugly overlaps and pen lines throughout play. Kids loved it... Now ignore it. Too bad.

  • by Katniss5555

    I have MANY problems with this app. First, can you please have a bucket option, like to fill stuff in. Second, can you please make this app a little more professional? I feel like I'm playing a kiddie game whenever I try to draw. And third, IT WON'T UPDATE, I CLICKED ON THE UPDATE BUTTON BUT IT WON'T MAKE ANY PROGRESS UPDATING AND NOW I CAN'T GO ON IT.

  • Won't draw

    by ToxicArtichoke

    I can't get the desired color to draw anything, let alone the learn to draw is not working for me.

  • Learn to draw feature broken

    by Bull Martin

    The concept seems great and fun, but the app's learn to draw feature is broken

  • Bad

    by lanadelraymond

    The narrator say trace but the page is empty!

  • Coloring instruments

    by RavensBrokenHeart

    So where is the paint brush and all the different pens it shows in the picture? We have a choice of three and you can't really color the pictures with them.

  • Blank!

    by Am5m5

    The how to draw feature doesn't work! Very disappointed :(

  • Needs Fixed

    by Dgrayosu

    Guidelines don't work with ios7..very disappointed

  • Doesn't work

    by RougeSaber7

    It won't let me draw. Give It to Disney for making another "great" app.

  • Reference lines no longer show up

    by Vandygh

    Use to be a great app but now that the reference lines don't show it is no longer an effective learning tool. You can hear the guide voice telling you to draw the reference lines but their are no visible lines to follow. In app purchases are $0.99 but you don't find that out until the last moment before selecting buy.

  • Excellent App

    by Llanoapplr

    This is an excellent app. Lots of content in the base package, including fun drawing activities themed around Minnie, Mickey, Princesses, Sophia the First, and Jake and the Never land Pirates. Since I downloaded it only after iOS 7, I take it that the learn to draw videos do not work. I didn't even know I was missing something, though, as the learn to draw feature is still fun and interesting even without the videos. When those are restored, it'll be gravy for me. This will be hours of fun, engaging activities.

  • Not even worth downloading

    by Frozenwhales

    Way too laggy

  • Does not work

    by Luvlucy23

    Great concept, but app does not work. If fixed, could be great.

  • Please fix

    by Froggyfriends

    The learn to draw feature! Step 1 the lighter color doesn't work! Love this would like not to delete it!!!

  • Disney

    by Sushisjsjsjj

    Hey well I haven't actually got the app yet but downloading write now I can't wait to see all the fun and amazing drawing hopefully that I will be able to draw so excited about this app

  • Horrible

    by Blockerwiz

    The perm to draw doesn't work, and when you draw it draws away from your finger.

  • :(

    by ladihgt099


  • in-app purchace costs are 99 cents

    by GAC1013

    Except Deluxe Tool Pack,which costs $1.99

  • How much are the in-app purchases?

    by rtteachr

    My son loves this app and I would love to purchase some of the new content in the latest update. However, no prices are available in the in-app store or Apple’s app store of the content packs. It isn’t even shown as having in-app purchases in the listing. I am not blindly going to make an in-app purchase. Bad form!

  • Absolutely one star !!!

    by PraiseJesus

    You can install only in one device though you pay $50 for the pen and this software. Very poor support. No response from them at all.

  • Need more characters

    by Angzip

    I thought would be similar to the Disney Studios attraction about animation, but there is only a few characters to draw. I would love to have more characters on this app to draw like the muppets, bolt, monsters inc, etc.

  • not a bad idea

    by Spanglersamantha

    but would love a option to be able to only color in lines or a fill bucket option and more tip options

  • Average app Terrible pen

    by Dr5oul

    The app has a few cool concepts (learning to draw, multi-colored pen, etc), but it's not that great and I'm sure any kid would get bored with it in under 20 minutes. What's much worse, though, is the stylus. The reviews are right. You can't just press the screen normally with it and start using it. The reaction time is very slow. Try to draw a circle and you're almost half way around the circle before it starts drawing on the screen. So bad I didn't even have my kids try it. I just returned it.

  • 4 star app, 0 star pen

    by cmdnyc

    I thought it was my screen protector that was making it so hard to press to get to work, then tried it on my other device without one and same result. I used another stylus in the past that worked much better. I bought it so long ago, and finally installed it, now wish I could return it.

  • Giant Waste

    by Dataman77

    Terrible resolution, lots of pressure needed with bulky pen, immediate request to buy upgrades and only available for single device, not Disney quality.

  • Cool app, horrible pen

    by Diesector1

    Very frustrated with the stylus pen. It doesn't work properly. It switches to eraser without even flipping the pen. It does that a lot so it's pretty hard to teach my 3 1/2 yr old how to use it, when it's hard even for an adult. I may have to take back to Apple for a return. Disappointing!

  • Not good enough

    by Tu amigo

    Great app, but the pen does not work properly. You have to press SO hard to be able to draw something. You can only use it for few minutes, before your wrist start to hurt so bad. Very disappointed .

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