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- Minor bugs fixes.

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Wish to get thousands of LIKEs on Instagram? InstaLikes is your ultimate weapon to make it come true! No cheats from zombies or artificial followers but only sincere LIKEs from your real friends!

How to make it come true?
STEP1: LIKE your friends’ photos to earn Coins.
STEP2: Spend some Coins to encourage friends to LIKE your photos.
STEP3: More photos you liked, more LIKEs you will earn.

Get thousands LIKEs by simply like other’s photos and gather followers in a blazing speed!
Yes, you want InstaLikes!
Have a try for fun and it’s FREE!
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Customer Reviews

  • good but too many bugs

    by Annalise.paylor

    too many bugs, a bit expensive

  • Very nice

    by Socballer

    Well done app been using it every time I post a picture on Instagram !

  • I Can't Log In

    by jazzarcinas

    I love this app, but please fix whatever it is that's hindering me from logging in.

  • Good App

    by ALAQ19

    This is an awesome app, but for some reason it wouldn't upload anymore of my new pictures. I signed out to see if it would fix it, but now it won't let me sign back in again. It keeps saying some error message! Please fix it!!!! That would be great!

  • Like

    by Kevin03Puertas

    Yeah like deez app

  • Love the app but..

    by CaseyLove22

    Very glitchy. I logged out and it is saying I can't log back in because I apparently disabled.. Can this be fixed?

  • it's not working

    by Imadorableandiknowit

    this app is so good you're able to like and receive likes very fast but it is currently not working. I can still pictures but I can not receive them. fix your app!

  • Awesome app!

    by Gampiii_fitnessboiii

    Awesome app out there! boom!!!

  • Good

    by Game lover5

    I deleted it by accident now it will not let me log back in I am getting so mad please fix

  • Love this

    by Kakayy

    Download it !!!

  • Ok

    by LoreRDG

    It's really an amazing app, but there are many issues. It keeps crashing and whenever I want to "get likes" non of my pictures show up no matter how many times a redress or start the app. Plus to the bugs, it cost to many coins for just a small amount of likes. And most of the time it says it's an error and I could not like the photo.

  • Great app

    by Ghoib

    Great app for likes it messes up a lot though but still a very good app

  • Crashes

    by Ineedaname

    Crashes a lot :(

  • Error it does not log in

    by Smd_hoe21

    When I try to log in it says an error accured , and it crashes and does not log I'm please fix it ,

  • Glitch.... Please fix it!!!

    by bree1253

    Wth???? I was using the app and I've used it before so many times and I love it. But now it isn't letting me sign in or see my pictures that I want to get more pictures on!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix it!!!!!!! Idk if it's a glitch or there's something wrong with BOTH my phone and my iPad. Soo, yea •_• please fix it.

  • Slow doe

    by The Doctor cause why not

    Gets what I need but just extremely slow

  • It stops working

    by Nicamami78

    It stopped working after a couple of weeks please help

  • Hesiod

    by Kasie bird


  • Awesome

    by brendan shafton

    Best app

  • Amazing

    by thatcorrectguy100

    Best app for followers

  • Unhappy.

    by rose

    there's an error saying "client disabled"? i respect the terms. :|

  • With

    by Jadabuddah

    Won't work again can't log In


    by Roseytas27

    Every time i long in now it says its disable

  • Doesn't even work

    by Spells lover

    I'd pay for extra boost on my likes & it won't even like my pictures...

  • Horrible, needs improvement badly

    by kearrra_69

    It gets you a lot of likes but it takes forever to get coins and it lags really really bad and it loads slow

  • Instalikes

    by keishadanielle

    I deleted the app and reinstalled it because it was acting up, and now it's not letting me login. Every time I try to login it says "error client disabled" and I have 8,000+ coins left that I bought but it's not letting me login. I want my money back!

  • Too many bugs

    by Arbiter0000117

    Until this gets fixed your stuck with a 1/5

  • Not happy

    by Tree on mpuntain

    I wanted to log my instagram account back in this app but it keeps saying error and it's making me mad

  • It WAS great

    by Chrissy_fredrick

    The update broke it so I can no longer log in. It continuously takes a me to an error page >:(

  • Won't let me login

    by Phil_annoyed

    Ever since I updated the app and purchased coins I am not able to log into my Instagram account. When I try to it says {"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"}. I know I am entering in my info correctly. Please help me.

  • Stopped working

    by Mscandycake

    I was very satisfied with this app until today, its tellin me that "client disabled", i couldnt access it abd also lost over 2400 coins.

  • Isn't working anymore!

    by 000000anne00

    Gives me client error every time now! FIX this! Used to love this app!

  • no

    by casssssassssy

    too many glitches and sometimes the app won't open.

  • Ugh

    by Mr.GuyWhoCanShoot


  • This use to be my favorite app

    by Allyxis

    Ever since I updated it it won't let me login this was one of my fav apps they ruined such a great app

  • Won't even let me log in

    by CutiePie17!

    It says the client is disabled and won't let me log in.

  • No

    by Desertbird

    I can't log in it says client disabled

  • Broken

    by ikochan98

    I just spent about $10 but not working!!!

  • fix that .

    by Kasey .

    i really like this app but i deleted it cause it started lagging and i thought if i downloaded it again it wont lag but it doesnt me logg in it says something like error 400 . please fix that

  • Was great until I updated...

    by luvalesia812

    This was great until I upgraded. Likes come really fast and don't drop. Decently priced too. Now I get an error code 400 when I try to add my Instagram back because right now it doesn't show it. Please fix!

  • It stopped working for me!

    by Choasain

    I don't know what to do it won't even let me log in anymore

  • Great app

    by Hipstertwerkk

    This app is awesome! I love it, I use it everyday! This app works soo good! But now it stopped working and this pops up everytime I login {"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"} Plzzzz fix this ASAP!

  • Ugh

    by Madi-Moody

    For the love of god fix the bugs! I had been using this app for awhile and it had been great, but I logged out once because it started saying "like failed" and I tried to log back in and it kept saying error user disables. This app could be so popular if you just fix this! Also, the fact I have to like 75 photos in order to get 50 likes makes no sense, why not you like photos and you get the same amount of likes back? Just please fix the bugs and I will gladly rate this app higher than two stars.

  • Horrible

    by Dkdownbx

    Needs to get fixed

  • Need Help

    by EliasB001

    Why can't I log in?

  • Good but..

    by Monii_cx

    It stopped working for me, my pictures aren't showing up for some reason. I tried logging out but now it won't let me log back in, other than that it was working great before, good app when it works.

  • Blocked me after have hundreds of coins saved

    by Heiwgdksbs

    For no reason I've never unliked a picture that I got off there.

  • Error

    by Wedgewoe

    It doesn't work right now I'm not sure why it gives an error message

  • Doesn't Load After Purchases✋

    by Madi_Taylorr

    I got the app and it worked awesome but then after I purchased coins with money on my account it stopped loading my pictures. No matter how many times I refresh or restart the app it still doesn't work. And the likes were coming in really fast when I first got the app, but now it takes about 45 minuets to just get 25 likes. If you get it I wouldn't purchase any coins in the app with the money in your account because the app will stop loading your pictures. PLEASE FIX IT!

  • Login

    by Juheyde

    I've been using this app for awhile now, never gave me any problems. I have over 6,000 coins & it's not letting me login. It says "client disabled" what does that mean? I don't want to delete the app because I payed like 6 bucks for all those coins & I don't want them to go to waste. What do I do?!

  • Oh

    by Savannah Reggero

    I payed for coins and wanted 400 likes and got NONE.

  • Why this happen

    by Flappybirdmaniac

    So I got this and I got 75 coins for 50 likes and it's been almost 20 mins and I haven't gotten a single like. Is it internet? Or not but either way if I don't get my likes I want a refund of my coins please and thank you.

  • Update: no help.

    by Jessasian

    Every hour it only lets us like a certain amount of coins. And since the update we can only like 30 per hour hour an it was 40.. Why would you do this? terrible app doesn't get coins, please let us have more coins...

  • Yeah

    by kc1998!

    This actualy works

  • ?

    by OMG_ItzTreyvon

    So , i bought 25 likes for 50 coins , and my likes didn't come in like it said it would ? Please fix. Other than that this app is perfect.

  • Love

    by Diego Benitez


  • bom... mas/ Nice... but

    by qasthibg

    tem que arrumar o "send coin" não da pra enviar coin para os amigos... need fix the "send coin" problem, i cant send coins to my friends

  • Error?

    by Cody yea buddy

    I try to sign in I get a thing that says forbidden

  • Great app

    by Hgoode0812

    I love this app it's cool. And a good way to get more likes

  • I'm in love lmbo

    by Seddog

    Best app ever!!!! Where has this been all my life

  • Instalikes

    by Alyleebabii

    I like this app.

  • Hell Ya

    by HairBlakeWilliam

    Flex 2 didn't reload coins!!!!

  • Nice

    by Jacobd11544

    Muy bien

  • The best

    by Snorkeldnlawd

    Best app ever I get so many likes now!!!!

  • Good

    by Llkkjhb


  • Good app

    by Reagan =D

    This app helps me get more likes and I enjoy that

  • FABULOUS APP but now there's a bug

    by Badabababa! Luv it!

    It's a perfect app, I love it. But recently there's been a bug and I can't even do anything on the app. Please fix this

  • Keep up the good work

    by Brandon$ellers

    Keep the app functioning correctly for me

  • Great app


    I love this app it's great you get the likes really fast

  • It's great but there's and issue

    by Meh1423

    It does it's job but it's really slow for me when I open it. It take for freaking ever to load. When I press like, it's takes a long time to go ok to the next picture. And the amount of coins are higher than last time. What the heck. It's has so many bugs and it's slow sometimes. I recommend it if you're able to put up with crap.

  • Love

    by Asp_K


  • Not to much..?

    by katieluvsbobq

    The app is great for social media popularity :) I think it's kinda dumb how it goes only to 30 likes now. It should go to too 100+

  • Meow

    by Meowkenzie

    I think this is a great app

  • One of the best app

    by Panchu babbly

    It's simple , no cheating , no wasting time , loved it

  • Good!

    by XxmaybabyXX

    Love it !

  • Ehhh

    by Sydforschurr

    It's okay

  • Good....for a while...

    by Stephen (Insayn)

    I love this app so very much as it meets my needs and does exactly what it says it does. But, just recently, the app crashes on startup, and it is impossible to get into it Loves the app while I could open it...

  • :)

    by MikaylaLewis

    The app wont open up all of a sudden. But overall good

  • Bene

    by Lindsey<321

    Instalikes è bene ma è non veloce.


    by Great working apps

    Omg it's about time I found one of these apps that actually work ! The likes come instantly ! Best app ever

  • Instalikes

    by Ejsanchez21

    Am I the only person who doesn't get my likes

  • fantastic

    by KINGinPARIS

    Very gooooooood App I love it

  • No likes

    by Soccakid9

    It's been 20 minutes and I still haven't gotten the 200 likes I requested...

  • Like it a lot

    by Glaringfuture1

    Like it a lot and very useful

  • Best out there

    by stu4blu

    Love it

  • Kool

    by Xemoizme


  • Instalike

    by Yessssssssssi

    I love it! I get likes pretty fast! :)

  • Needs improvement!!

    by Emilefire

    This app needs a major bug fix , everytime i try to open it it crashes on me . Now i cant even use the app .

  • Swag

    by If hahahaha


  • Graet

    by Ak2killa


  • account

    by Dakakckdowkqndb


  • WOW

    by kiefer brazier

    This App Really Works!



  • Way too slow

    by Time to Update

    Needs an update. Super slow to go from one pic to the other. Keeps freezing and closing on its own. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE

  • Amazing!

    by J_maria7

    Works great and I recieve all the likes I want! Recommended!

  • Instagram

    by KenzieRC

    @omq_turtl3s Plzzzzz. I'm following back the first 100 people who follow me Right now

  • It was great until...

    by taylorrr77

    When I first downloaded this app, it worked perfectly. It was easy to use and easy to get likes. The new update completely ruined it. When I go to the app now, the screen turns black for a minute and then goes to the screen but it freezes completely. Please update this again so it works! It's such a great app but not so much when it doesn't work.

  • Awesome

    by MelissaAlexander

    Great app

  • Missing coins

    by Alexiorene

    I'm missing 100 coins can you please give me them

  • Bad!!


    When I first got this app, it was perfect, but now it constantly crashes, it's laggy, and super slow!

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