Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft Utilities App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Craig Kerns

Fixes issue with parts being backwards on the Preview. Pro Template searching has been fix.

Fixes issues with saving and with templates.

Fixes an issue with crashes when submitting to our database of skins.

We hope you're all enjoying iOS 7!

This update fixes a few launch day issues we had. Here's a little recap of what's new:

- Brand new design for iOS 7
- Beautiful 3D preview showing every aspect of your skin
- Brand new, beautiful icon
- Over 400,000 skins available to use as templates

Keep submitting your skins to our online database! Thousands and thousands of users browse our website through our apps and online every day. Maybe yours will be the next big hit!

Please email any comments, concerns and suggestions to [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

Customer Ratings

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230 Ratings
All Versions:
3776 Ratings


Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft is the most popular and advanced Minecraft skin creation tool for the iOS devices available. The interface makes it easy to create, modify and share your skins with the world using premium tools that are unseen on any other skin creator app.

NEW - Over 450,000 family friendly pre-made skin templates available inside the app! Over 1000 added everyday! No other skin app compares to that! (If you opt out of this feature, the website still works!)

You can create skins completely offline. This App requires an Internet connection only for sharing your creation. With Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft, you get more features and tools than anything else out there like drag to draw lines, filters and an auto safe to protect against device crashes! The newest version even brings copy and paste!

 That's why users have made this the #1 app for skin creation in the App Store!

New direct link to our free Papercrafts for Minecraft app to print your creations in 3D!

Features Include: 

- Drag to draw lines for fast skin creation

- Copy and paste from one part to another

- Auto save feature just in case your device crashes! 

- Upload and share your skins at

- Start a skin using custom pre-created templates 

- Find and load another user's skin and modify it for your own!
- Undo button to wipe away a mistake 

- Color filters like gray scale, sepia and much more

- Create heavy or light noise in areas of the skin's texture 

- Recently used colors are saved for easy access 

- Load a skin from a URL to modify

- Share your creation on Twitter or Facebook 

- Save and import skins from your photo's library

- Email your creations to anyone! 

- Change your Minecraft skin right inside the app 

What's next? Version 5.0 is coming.. and it's all new. Including support for Advanced Skins for the next version of Minecraft! It's so good, and will be released soon!

App Also Includes:

- This app has no access to your Minecraft account 

- Move your skins to your computer using iTunes file sharing 
- Create as many skins as you want!

- Universal app runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

#1 Ranked Utilities App in over 20 Countries (iPad)
#1 Ranked Utilities App in over 12 Countries (iPhone)

Nothing compares to this app. Download the only professional quality Minecraft skin editing app available today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft even better.

Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly.

-- Important --

This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Kinz mew

    This app is good overall, but the thing about this app is that u should be able to put this on the PE version. In the next update, please make this happen.

  • Awesome

    by Beto Serrano

    Its amazing. Will this be updated to the 1.8 format soon ( with diuble layers and stuff)

  • Minecraft Playstation editon

    by Ivanfrommwashington

    You need to add the skins to minecraft Playstation editon

  • Meh

    by Fyttr999

    Great app but add vests soon for the new minecraft update so we can make 3d skins but other wise GREAT!


    by Elizabeth Iurillo

    This app helped me create the top skins for Pixelmon minecraft and other blocky programs. Thank you skin creator for the best skins ever!

  • Great App!

    by LRedskins42

    Some people think it's for PE. But, Mojang has never added a skin editor. No apps can possibly change the skins of your PE skin. This app, is amazing! I made all of my skins and I love them! This is the best app out there for skins! Remeber, PC!

  • Great App!

    by LRedskins42

    Some people think it's for PE. But, Mojang has never added a skin editor. No apps can possibly change the skins of your PE skin. This app, is amazing! I made all of my skins and I love them! This is the best app out there for skins! Remeber, PC!

  • Just a reminder...

    by MinerMan12345

    Mojang added more features for making skins. I just wanted to remind you so you can update the app.

  • Ugh

    by Fruit ninja awesome!

    I love the app, but I spent so much time making a skin, and it crashed and lost it all....

  • Broke

    by Sagethebest

    I bot the unlimited works in progress and it only lets me have 2 works in progress fix please.

  • Ummm

    by Chicagoog

    The BEST skin creator ever I love this tried hundreds of others and this is the best one

  • Skin Uploading is down!

    by Lover of puppies

    Notch is working on adding more personalization to skins! please update!

  • How do I copy?

    by Blue bunny 307551

    I love this app but I just want to know how to copy. In the tool section it says copy but I don't know how to use it 0_0. Please help!

  • Best one out there

    by SwaggerNaught77

    Some idiots need to realize that Minecraft PE doesn't support custom skins yet, they will be added in 0.9.1 (The update after the next)!

  • Template

    by Ian play ipod

    When I went to the hat template I couldn't close. But it's still awesome

  • Excellent

    by sb613

    Great app and for those complaining about PE They can't do that

  • New skins


    I love this app. This is the only app I will ever use for my skins in MC. I rate it 5 stars. There is only one thing missing. The new skin database is out. There is a new way to make skins with armor type stuff for all body parts now. Would you be able to add this as soon as possible? Thanks and to all you viewers get this app!!!


    by FirestarMTR

    People! You can't use skins in PE (yet)! So if you say that this app is a ripoff cuz it doesn't work for PE... That's ur fault. The app is very good quality - can't ask for better!

  • Good

    by Horses Hand

    This app is fun but I am disappointed that I need to buy each skin I create

  • Good app but

    by Slayer of poop

    I was working on a skin that took so much time and then the app crashed and my skin got deleted

  • FIX IT!!!

    by Penguinlover1000

    I hate how it deletes my skins whenever I make a new one! I even unlocked unlimited spaces on the "work in progress" for 99 cents and it still won't save properly! PLEAAASSS FIX ITTT!

  • Terrible

    by Racoon dude

    It seems that whenever I work on a big project the app crashes and deletes nearly all my WIPs.

  • Fun to create but doesn't do what you think it does

    by jackiechico

    This app only sends a piece of junk to your photo album

  • Sad mom

    by Colin414

    My 8 year old just bought this app only to find out it doesn't work on the pocket addition. Very upset he spent two dollars on an app he cannot use. Please fix this problem, you'll have a lot more happy customers.

  • Bought this for a reason

    by Dustdil

    its a good app.BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS supposed to upload your skin TO POCKET EDITION!!!!!!!!THIS WAS A WASTE!!!!

  • Misleading

    by H.A.mineghost

    Waste of my money ok its a good app but I thought it was for P.E. But it's nice app don't buy if you don't read it carefully

  • COME ON!

    by Mar bug

    I am really mad that this is only for the pc and not for Xbox or pocket addition!!I wasted like $2 for this app and I am soo mad

  • 3D and 2D option

    by sharkgirl-13

    Ok, the 3D preview is super ANNOYING give us a 2D or 3D option.

  • DO NOT GET!!!'

    by Tis game suks

    Just don't

  • Wouldn't even give it one star but had to

    by I hate it's so fluffy


  • Junk

    by Racefans54

    Doesn't work for IPad or iPhone waste of money.

  • Minecraft pro skins

    by Katherine Sargent

    I dont think you should get this app because when you are put it on photos the parts of your skins are in different places

  • Decent

    by Crabapple pie

    Fun to make skins, but no 3D hat GUI and it deletes my skins when I am not using them. Please fix

  • Skin

    by Tristian-Lowery

    How do I actually add the skin that I created to me actual Minecraft Person?!

  • Doesn't work

    by Dude mcdoodleface

    I will be working on a skin and the game would randomly stop and wouldn't save

  • I love this app!!!

    by Railrider373

    I like how you can change you PC minecraft skin you can mace rely cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool skins

  • Skins pro creator for minecraft

    by Proopaholic

    DO NOT GET THIS APP! It charges you for EVERYTHING and it doesn't even warn you! Deleted

  • disappointing

    by jkekh

    REALLY wished you could use this for Minecraft PE!! :/

  • Great

    by Jon Kantner

    I’ll give this app a thumbs up for three reasons: it has a user-friendly interface, it is easy to use, and provides multiple skin export options even though I use only a few of them. The downside is that this app crashes often during skin editing. Also, the in-app purchases are really unnecessary; if you want to use a cool template, why not use the Steal Skin option to give someone else's skin a total makeover and upload it as your own? Despite the IAP garbage that is present, the only factor that would interfere with my experience is the app’s instability. Overall, this Minecraft skin editor is better than the crappy ones on the Web.


    by Technogeek129

    This app is TOTALY worth the money it may crash ( if u have a iPod 4g) from time to time but if u save rapidly it will be fine. U can upload your skin to your Minecraft account on PC and its just awesome. But I do ask can u plzzzzz and more options for making your one skin. Any ways this is thee best Minecraft creat your own skin app EVER!!!! P.S plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fix the problem that everytime I tap save it crashs. Plzzz I would be making a good skin the it JUST CRASHS. I have a iPod 4 Judy plzzz fix that bug. Bye!!!!!

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Minecraftking62

    This app has very few working features. More than half the app doesn't work!

  • It's great!

    by Puffin lover14

    I LOVE this app, but I would really appreciate it if this was compatible with Xbox.

  • Mcpe skins

    by Minecrafter2013

    Only way to make on for mcpe is you need to be jailbroken cause you need ifile

  • Works almost PERFECT

    by Uclaunicorn

    This app is great and allows me to make super detailed skins i couldnt make on the laptop i love this app so much and it works really well but when i want to send it through email it crashes. Oh and for all of you tht play minecraft PE, THIS IS FOR THE COMPUTER VERSION DONT GET MAD AT THE MAKERS OF THIS APP GET MAD AT MOJANG FOR NOT MAKING SKIN SUPPORT!! THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR PE! :3

  • Waste of money

    by Victoria's thought

    R u kidding me. I paid $2.00 for this app thinking that it was for the pocket edition. It should really say that in the description that it was for pc only. Don't buy it

  • Good

    by Zach1212 and through

    It's a good app but I think you should be able to see the skin before you buy it please make a update for it.

  • No don't get it

    by TheGeekedGizmo

    I wish I knew how to get my money back it's horible I have to pay for it then pay for skins and to upload it

  • 5 stars but...

    by Ally

    I loooove this app but when I look at skins other people made and then save the skins, half of the skins I saved were not in my works in progress! PLZ FIX!!!! I ❤️ skin creator!

  • 4/5 for technical issues

    by Bendavp1

    The app is amazing. I can edit my skin no hassle. One problem is that I had the app on my iPhone 4S and then I switched to the 5c. I re downloaded the app and tried to re download the slots feature, and the skin feature. It didn't work. Please if someone can teach me to do it. Thank you.

  • Awesome

    by Boplp

    Although it does not work for minecraft pe yet it is really fun and worth every penny

  • PS3 edition

    by drod2568

    Make it so u can use the skins on the ps3

  • It's for PC guys

    by MagicMonk123

    Great app. Totally worth $2.00 dollars. And for the guys who say "It isn't working on my PE", it's for stinking PC. I hope you already got that figured out but if you didn't I just wanted to say it.

  • Awesome

    by Kk rock awesome

    This app is awesome. It is worth what you pay for! But the only thing is I can't change my skin because I have pocket edition. If you can there would be no flaws at all in this at all if pocket edition was included

  • Pretty Awsome

    by titanslayer979

    I luv this app but please a feature where I can upload my skins to my XBOX 360 this is awesome app!!!!

  • 1-star'ers a message to them

    by Satisfied a little

    For those of you that rate this for 1 star because there are no PE skins, shut up. MOJANG HAS NOT ADDED SKIN SUPPORT! IF THEY DID, THEY WOULD SAY SO IN THE APP!!! AND THESE PEOPLE WOULD UPDATE IT AND SAY IT ASWELL!!! Ugh.

  • Yeayah I can make cool skins

    by Ilikeglobetrotters

    I DONT KNOW HOW NOONE LIKES THIS You can easily upload skins to account :)

  • Unhappy

    by Fluffy bunny 2.0

    Can not put skin in game

  • Awesome app but...

    by Ciara <333

    This is such a fun app but I think u should be able to get more color tones then the default ones.

  • Great!

    by SupeCoop

    This app is awesome! It's the main thing I use when changing my skin because I can change from anywhere using my phone! Also, I don't get why people buy this app expecting to get skins for pocket minecraft when it clearly says that it's for regular minecraft. If I were anybody smart, I'd totally get this app! PS: To anyone that's reading, pro templates and hat templates are totally worth the 99 cents!

  • Misleading

    by Ricedude2004

    Misleading app! You can upload it to P.C. Version, but not POCKET EDITION? Waste of my little brother's money. He downloaded this app believing that it can upload to pocket edition and he's only 9. It had a 4 star rating which convinced him to buy it, but I guess he did not know that this app was misleading him. Poor advertisement and does a hell of a great job tricking people into buying. Whoever made this application must of made thousands of dollars in which I bet over half came from little kids using their parents money to buy. The app is great itself with plenty of customization and great variations, but it's too misleading. Wish I can get a refund so my little bro can download something else. Overall, bad experience.

  • WHY!!! But, very good app thank you

    by The man!$

    This is… the best skin app in the WORLD!!! Very easy to apply to minecraft account. When I pass 6 wip slots though, it deletes the last one please fix it.

  • Really worth it!

    by Drummer1329

    I LOVE this app. c:

  • Good but not so good

    by Skaterdevile

    This is a good app and I know you can download your skin to pc but why can't you download it to pocket edition that is dumb

  • Skin crater

    by ??????!??

    It crashed

  • It keeps crashing

    by FinkleFam5

    When I'm in the middle of making my skin, it crashes and I loose all my progress. Please fix soon.

  • Mad

    by Jetdoc101

    Why can't you upload them to Minecraft pe


    by Lexpower42

    I love this app, you can create your own skins, upload them to minecraft PC, copy off of someone else's, and use templates to help you. I use this app all the time.

  • Please fix

    by Nickname.k.b

    The hat is glitched the bottom pice of the ha is glitched its making the hat face the wrong way

  • IT'S GOOD BUT......

    by Agpanter

    I love this app. But I need my money back because i don't have pc. Please either add pe or give me my money back!!!!!


    by Kajenkers

    It's a good skin editor, but it always chrashes when I'm making my skins so I have to start over

  • Great App

    by Cheezwiz135

    I've used this to change my Minecraft skin about 5-10 times. This app is great. I have never experienced any glitches, bugs, or crashes. Keep it up SeeJayKay.

  • Cool

    by Rardon

    I get to make any minecraft person I want to

  • Great but...

    by Killerskink13

    This is a great app for creating skins and I love the fact that you can upload your created skin to but I theirs one little glitch when you preview your skin it doesn't show the head???

  • Recent Colors

    by Saidepuss

    Its an amazing app but it needs recent colors because i always loose my colors than have to get them again but i always get it wrong and i have to start over again other than that its an awsome app

  • Mehhh

    by MarkSyfy

    It's a good app but it doesn't support Pocket Edition

  • Good but......

    by Usedtobesimsfan

    I wish i could upload my person into minecraft. I have an iPad so you can't upload it which is so stupid. Please make an update so I can upload it in the pocket edition for the iPad then I'll rate it 5 stars

  • Please kill me

    by Ramen Scourge

    I just wasted money on an app that makes me want to buy a pair of bowling shoes and then cut my feet off so I can't use them properly I wasted two dolla

  • Crashing?!

    by Da Boss882

    Great app I highly recommend it but why does it keep crashing I'm making a good skin and it crashes please fix that and I will give it 5 stars

  • Perverts

    by Erogon dragon

    Asking who I love

  • Good app

    by davidscurtis

    Finely I can change my skin easily :)

  • .-.

    by Unknown._.


  • Won't work

    by Game needs some work

    No matter how hard I try it doesn't let go into anything unless I slam my finger down on it.. And I can't get to any of my old skins.

  • HA HA... Needs Improvements.


    WELL, to start off it was just FINE before the new update. NOW I CAN'T EVEN IMPORT SKINS FROM MY PHOTOS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! I have a LOT of skins in my photos! PLEEZE FIX THIS THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I GIVE IT

  • But wait! Can't load onto PE?

    by Singleme

    Although it's a fun app. I don't why you offer it if you can't change your skin on the PE version. It's annoying that you can design all these cool skins and can't upload them to PE version if their game! I think " Notch" should go back to the drawing board and fix this problem. It's fair to have to pay for an app. the kids can't use in their games. This is why I give it 1 star

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