1 Second Everyday Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Cesar Kuriyama

Introducing 1SE Crowds! A place where like-minded souls worldwide can contribute 1SE Snippets to themed communities. Be a part of the big picture.

Stay tuned for another update to address audio and video mashing issues affecting some users.

+ The Share Button now automatically saves Mashed Videos to your Camera Roll, which has native options for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc...

+ Added a link to 1SE Support Forums via the Settings area - check here for application Announcements, FAQs, and additional Technical Support if needed.

+ App settings now include a button to re-run the one time timeline cleanup process from the last update.

+ You may turn Crowd Notifications On/Off in the Settings Area.

+ Various bug fixes & UI tweaks.

+ Please note that our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the addition of the Crowds Area of 1SE.


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Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…

FEATURED by Apple, Fast Company, TED, CNN, BBC, & countless more!

For over 3 years now, I've been recording 1 second every day, so I'll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, that I've passionately developed an App that will make it extraordinarily easy for anyone to do this too.

Reliving every single day of my life at age 30 in 6 minutes has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day count.

When I turn 40, I'll have a 1 hour compilation that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I'll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life.


+ The App accesses any videos currently in your camera roll & sorts them by date. You can also record your moment directly from the App.

+ Setup friendly reminders so you never forget a day!

+ Keep multiple timelines! You could have one for yourself… for each of your kids… your dinner… what you wear every day… etc! Looking forward to endless creative interpretations!

+ 1SE Crowds! Submit a second from your life to videos made up from hundreds of us... Let's view life from countless of perspectives!

+ Chosen seconds back up with the app in iCloud (if you back up your phone with iCloud)

+ Compile any given amount of time desired—the last month, year, or just select a start and end date.

+ Once you've selected a day's second, you can remove the original video from your camera roll. The App copies the second and keeps it within the App itself.

+ Your seconds are privately held on your phone. You never have to share this with anyone if you don't want to. The primary purpose of this App is to help you remember your own life. Sharing is optional.

Customer Reviews

  • Happy sort of...

    by mrshurts

    I love the idea of this app and taking a video of my family everyday. However the app is glitchy, which seems to have been fixed recently. My biggest complaint is how much space it takes up on my device. My final video is a great snapshot, but I'm ready to delete the app so I can stop managing my space all of the time!

  • Needs a little more

    by Mariana vv

    I seriously love this app, i have one suggestion though.. Sometimes instead of a video i use a photo and whenever i do, you hear like static when you play the whole thing together.. So you'll be hearing like me talking in the videos then BAM static cause its a picture.. So we need an option to put like music during pictures or something cause that ruins it

  • Great idea & great app

    by Phthalo28

    Just started this in late January, & so far it's all gone without a hitch (iPhone 5 w/latest operating system.). When and if it starts to crash & get buggy, I'll review again, but right now it's a fun part of my day.

  • Just needs a little more

    by Rosco24

    I just started using this app the other week and think it is a great idea. The interface is easy to use and the calendar helps organize everything nicely. My only suggestion would be (and this goes against the title of the app) allowing us to change the amount of time we devote to one day. Even if it's only to 2 seconds. There are some days that deserve more time than others. Add that feature and I'll change this to 5 stars.

  • Best customer support experience ever

    by DhuShaHabi

    The customer support is as stellar as the app. Never had a technical issue ever (just human error) which the 1SE team was patient to walk me through!

  • Just do it- it's great.

    by Bocasdeltorro

    Great concept. Well thought out app. Good follow through with improvements and bug fixes along the way. I just finished my year using this app and can't way to show off my finished video. Thanks so much for the creators for giving me a framework to capture a year of memories. If you can get into the habit of doing this every day you end up with a great present to yourself, your friends, and family!

  • Really good one..

    by Bilalaslehli

    I really really love this app, great idea..

  • Loved every second of my past year.

    by Soyner

    Just finished up a full year with the app and I am so grateful for the final video. It’s something that is not only fun to watch but will serve as a great memory bank of my family’s past year. I highly recommend taking the effort and completing as many days as possible because you will definitely enjoy the final outcome.

  • I love this app!

    by 163MPH

    It changed the way I view the world and forces me to try to seize the day!

  • Super easy to use!

    by Andalusiana

    I love that my moments can be summed up into a convenient little movie!

  • Amazing way to remember my day to day

    by Svelick

    :) I love this! I look forward to everyday finding the most exciting thing I can to record. It really has helped me open my eyes to make sure that everyday I'm doing something that I will want to remember. Thank you!!

  • Love this app

    by jrb3000

    The most recent update was great for me. Fixes some issues I was having and added some features that look cool.

  • Beautiful

    by Noesteg

    Great app, both looking and functioning. Can't wait for my first year to be compiled.

  • Loved it until it was gone.

    by singingaway

    I continued to use this app daily since January 23rd of 2013. It was a great app and I loved being able to look back on my life with the touch of a button. Yet, slowly but surely, the app started to run slower and slower because of how full it was. Now, just recently, the app was deleted at random from my phone. I am not sure if it was because of the space it took up on my phone or if the update with the "crowds" somehow made it refresh. Either way, everything I had recorded for over a year is now gone. The app is a wonderful idea, but this should not have been an issue with an update.

  • Great app and update!

    by Benjamin Winchell

    Not sure why there are so many negative reviews, but my 1SE app works great (ios7 + iPhone 5). Also the new addition to Crowds seems like a great idea, and am excited to see the first compilation releases at the end of the week. Also it's not that annoying to have an intro screen giving you the option for "Timeline" and "Crowds", as it takes an extra half second to go to either one. I think it's a good reminder that Crowds is there. Keep up the good work on the app, and people give some love to the app as I know many of you do (I have 14 friends doing one now).

  • Love this app, love the idea

    by Teon77

    I watched his presentation on Facebook on this so I got the app. Choosing one videotaped second of each day piles up pretty fast. I can see my relationship get better, I remember snippets of people and events, can't wait until the year ends. A must have if you have children. Time is something we can't get back, with this you can, even for a second.

  • Amazing app!

    by andzuck

    1SE enables is easy to use and provides me with an amazing ability: the opportunity to compile my life into a movie. Right now I have a whole entire year's worth of video!!! The only thing to watch out for when using this app is the amount of space it takes up (it gets pretty big pretty fast). There is an easy solution, though, and that is to back up your content and compiled videos into iPhoto or some other program on your main computer. This app is most definitely worth it's price!!

  • Love It!

    by Maecarl

    I love this app! Great idea!

  • Great app

    by 1secondeverydayfan

    My world-traveling cousin turned me on to this app and I love it! I look forward to looking back on my year, come next year. I just think this app is brilliant…it is such a great idea, and will be meaningful to every one who uses it in unique and wonderful ways. AND - it's a steal at only 99 cents! Well done all the way around.

  • Different days

    by Richelle____

    Please make it possible to add videos that were taken the right day but added to your phone a different day. I started this back in July and because of the shaky reviews I decided to just email them to myself and wait until the app developed a bit. I'm sure other people have the same issue when they ask someone to send a video days later.

  • Delete this app from the store

    by horansiktet

    I spent a good 5 months with this app and enjoyed the concept of editing down the 1 sec moment of every video, everyday. However this app was terribly architected, ran slow and ultimately when they released an update I hadn’t asked for in Dec, 2013 all my 5 months worth of editing was just gone in a heartbeat. Fail in planning, architecting and everything and ignorance from their support. App store you should delete this piece of s**t product.

  • Tttte

    by Vhjjfdre

    It lack and i can't do anything with this fuk app useless!! Turn my money back!!

  • Love this app but most recent update crashes

    by Nathan Ackley

    Everytime I open app I crashes now. Please fix I was just about to finish my full year......

  • Update

    by DonPixi

    App is still crashing every single time when I try to start it

  • Crashing

    by Peter Sy

    It keeps on crashing on startup. It says "updating your calendar" then boom, its gone.

  • Doesn't work.

    by emilymarie86

    Even though I have videos on my phone, whenever I try to create a compilation in this app it says no videos are available. I've emailed technical support with no response. It'd be nice to either get my money back or get a working app...

  • Latest update crashes on Timeline/Crowds screen...

    by Awe_35

    iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4 crashes about a second after displaying what looks like a choice screen between crowds or timeline options whether my phone is online or not. I also have been unable to export a video from last year with continuous sound through the entire video. As best I can guess, videos taken after the iOS 7 upgrade will play audio when viewed on the phone, but the exported video loses audio on videos shot after that upgrade. LOVE the idea of this app, but would prefer a simple, stable app over one with bells and whistles I will likely never use... Please?

  • No customer service and buggie

    by Sad to use this app

    I've contacted customer service twice and haven't gotten any response. App stretches out photos and video so it's disproportionate. Very disappointed as I'm already invested in the process and my movie looks like crap. Boo. Please answer your emails. I even sent you a screen shot of the problem.

  • Crash

    by YakInTheBox

    Bought the app when it was first released, hasn't worked the whole time, crashes every time I get on it. Contacted support, they were helping, but they quit contacting me.

  • Brilliant idea with a terrible app

    by Jacob boer

    Like many, i watched the TED talk and thought this was a brilliant idea to share my life with family and friends. I have been fighting and tolerating the constant glitches in this app for over a year to maintain my video project because I believed it is worth it. However the latest update to the program has left me unable to access the program anymore or edit my videos. Save your time and save your sanity by passing on this app. The tech crew behind it can't get their act together.

  • New Crowd Feauture

    by jlewis41

    Cool idea for Crowds I guess but stop asking me to pick between Timeline or Crowd every time I open the app! It's annoying and needs to go.

  • Update

    by DonPixi

    Since I installed new update my app doesn't work any more.I have 5S iPhone,and app is crashing every time when I try to start it

  • Stop ruining a great app

    by BigBlock409

    This app was incredible when first released. The idea was simple and it just worked. Later updates introduced massive bugs that made it unusable, now you're obnoxiously pushing users to sign up for "Crowds". STOP ruining what was a fantastic app in the beginning.

  • Great idea but...

    by PhotographyFreenzy

    It's an amazing Idea and the first few weeks I had the app, it worked fine. I loved looking back on certain days or creating compilations of clips taking over a certain period of days. But for the past week whenever I load in a clip for the day it was taking and snip the video, it freezes up and I have to hold down the power button for at least 2 minutes for my phone to finally restart. If they could just get this one problem fixed that would be great. I have the latest update.

  • Ad at the end of each video?!?

    by skytraveler

    This app adds an advertisement for itself at the end of each video. Very poor taste for a paid app.

  • Terrible

    by THE210show

    When it loads every time I select something it doesn't do anything. Than a thing pops up saying I have to activate location services for the app but when I go to the location services there is no option for that app. Don't waste your money on this get a different one.

  • Best way to reflect on memories

    by Rufio311

    I love this app! I used it most of 2013 and compiled my first year of snippets together. I love going back and watching it again and again. I love most the idea of recording 1 second to help me reflect later, rather than losing the opportunity to enjoy the moment at hand. Thank you!

  • This app is awesome!!

    by photodude1978

    I use this app more than any other app! Every single day!

  • Good

    by Dicklikespussy18363

    I like

  • Quirky

    by spasrme

    I cannot get this app to work properly. It doesn’t allow me to set location preference and constantly shuts down. Have tried to contact support with no response. Even though it’s cheap, don’t waste your money!

  • Good app

    by Nwgeorge98

    Good but you can't delete videos out of camera roll or they are deleted off the app

  • Great concept

    by Yogitalk Steph

    Love this app! My boyfriend completed a full year and it was so magically to relieve the whole year. I'm doing it now for 2014 and can't wait to see where the year takes me with my app! Thanks for this awesome idea, concept and the love it shares ❤️❤️❤️

  • Get it and use it!!

    by AndrewLane22

    This app is amazing! But more importantly... The concept is freaking revolutionary. I just finished my first year of recording and it was an incredible journey. The app made it crazy easy to organize and cut all of my clips into a masterpiece. When I had a support issue, I literally got a private message from the creator of the app to help get it resolved. Cesar and the 1SE team are top notch and the app is beautifully designed and simple to use. All I can say is... get the app and use it!!!

  • Great idea.. Sound doesn't work

    by Grace Barry

    Like many before me have said.. This app is a great idea but it is still working out the kinks!! Maybe if the sound in the app got fixed (once and for all) this app would be more worthwhile.. :/

  • Sound issues

    by Beareatcabbage

    Sounds do not work correctly starting from October. Video is completely useless unless unless you watch it from your iPhone. Sigh..

  • A great idea that went wrong

    by Naveen1989

    Idea was great but execution & support were worst. I brought this app very next second I heard about it but as I started using this app I started getting problems which were never resolved in the update that they released. I still wanna use this app, if they make some improvements in the future.

  • Time to delete the app

    by Chalacas

    The app never worked at all entirely. Kept getting the message Media Accessed Denied. One the camera video did work...it actually went over the 1 second recovering. Huh? The video never showed up on the calendar then the app crashed. No buttons on top were operational. So disappointed cuz I love the concept.

  • Great idea, not great execution

    by Dools32

    Was pumped to try this out only to realize that ONLY horizontal videos and pics work. If you use pics or videos in the vertical view (which most of mine are), they show up really funky...stretched out to make a vertical picture horizontal. Hopefully they fix this!!!

  • Note: if you have an iPhone 3, the app won't work...Needs something better

    by sailsofsilk

    I originally bought this and used it on my iPhone 3 and all the features worked except the ability to make a compilation--it always crashed when mashing snippets. Fortunately I had better response from customer service than some of the other reviewers here--my message on their Facebook page was quickly answered, and apparently the iPhone 3 just doesn't have the power to be able to run an operation like that. Fortunately I also have an iPad and although I had to update my iOS I finally have the app and it works extremely well. Compilations created in seconds. I'm happy with the iPad experience, but just wanted to warn people about my experience with the iPhone.

  • Works great, great support

    by P Carn

    This app works great, and helps you remember every day of your life, compiled into a video to share! I've gotten prompt responses from support.

  • Just simply awesome.

    by The goulz

    As above.

  • Are you out there tech support?

    by Martyb14795

    I upgrades my app and lost one of my timelines. I haven't had anyone from tech support respond. The concept of this app is great, but the lack of support makes it very difficult to use.

  • So Frustrating

    by Poptartsicle

    This is one of the most unpleasant app experiences I’ve ever encountered. After a year of constant crashes, lagging, slow responses, and a myriad of other problems, we get one measly update that barely scratches the surface at correcting the problems. Now, a year later, we have movie files that don’t work, and no help in sight. The fact that this is a paid app is shocking, because the support for it is horrible. This could have been a great app, but unfortunately lack of support and updates from the developer ruined it. Save your money and edit 1 second clips in iMovie or some other video program.

  • Sound delayed in upload

    by Waste paint

    Worked fine until I just updated. Now I can't post to facebook without the sound being delayed/cut. Tried 5 different times. Works fine in my iPhone photos. But doesn't after uploaded to site. Please fix!!

  • Love this app

    by Jami Johnson

    Just mashed together my 2013 video and will treasure it forever. This app is outstanding and has been a great way to reflect on the little events in daily life, in addition to the bigger ones. The output is totally worth it, but there are still a few little quirks (occasional freezing and by the end of the year, it takes up a lot of space, but these aren't insurmountable). Looking forward to creating a new video through 2014, and strongly recommend this app.

  • So addictive!

    by Amber Echols

    Everyone who sees my one second videos immediately downloads the app! I love the idea of compiling trips or events into a quick montage and it's a fantastic conversation starter. I find the app to be very easy to use, the hardest part is picking only one second to use each day!

  • :(

    by lonely2308457

    I'm so upset. I spent like an hour working on this app and got the update and everything and my sound cuts out on October 7th. :( I can watch it fine on my phone but when I put it on my computer the sound stops working. :( As of December 29, my sound still doesn't work correctly and I really wish to share my 5 months of seconds with facebook, or even just watch it myself on a bigger screen on my computer. PLEASE RESPOND TO US! I am not the only one having this issue!!!

  • Poorly thought out

    by Emily Egbert

    App takes up way too much storage. Facebook upload doesn't work. App doesn't save any of your information if you delete the app and the download again later. This is stupid. Users should have an acct where their previously made videos are stored. Waste of time.

  • Fun idea but...

    by R G

    1) absolutely no tech support. Three different questions over three months of ownership have gone unanswered. 2) don't use the camera that come with the app. Use you iPhone camera, and here is why: I took a video with the app video camera last night and tried to post it for yesterday's video. But for some STUPID reason, the app doesn't read the video on the day it was shot. Rather, it reads it the day you try to use it. I don't have this problem when using video taken with the iPhone. 3) somehow the app dumped three compilations, six days of video, and all the thumbnails vanished and turned orange. 4) there are other apps that do this basic thing- I would suggest playing around with those before committing to 1SE. They have a lot to figure out not the least of which is responding to customer requests for help and advice.

  • One of my all-time favorites.

    by mouseskull

    A friend turned me on to this app in March, and I immediately fell in love with it. The latest update makes it faster and better. I use this app every day and I love the way it challenges me.

  • Working well after last patch

    by Arloyola

    This app alone is enough reason to get an iPhone, that's how awesome it is. Still needs to be more precise when selecting the second. It seems to move back few millisecond after the second is tested. Also does not play Vine videos in the right aspect ratio.

  • Update was okay

    by James Guan

    Latest update fixed the majority of the problems I was having but the sound cuts out now at some points in the video when I upload it to certain websites. Please create a way to back up the app other than icloud! Dropbox would be great!!!!!!

  • Terrible support

    by tinasays

    The idea of this app is great, but execution is terrible. They fixed some things in the recent update, but now I have missing seconds from the first quarter of the year. I've emailed support without response each time. So frustrating especially since I backed this project on kickstarter!

  • Thank you for the fix!!!

    by JenLou

    SO much better and more stable. I just went back several months and pulled in videos and pictures that previously had caused the app to constantly crash. I want to say too that I contacted the maker of this app about my frustrations (it is my most treasured app and was causing me so many ARGH!!! moments). He wrote right back and explained what was going on. I appreciated it so much. Thank you to Cesar and his hard-working team. I have had just one crash since the update, and closing the app or refreshing it seemed to stabilize. I love the zoom feature on the pictures!!

  • I don't like advertising

    by xr280xr

    Cool idea, that's why I bought it. It's like an extremely brief diary. The UI is very basic and only works in landscape orientation. What I don't like is that every movie you make seems to be required to end with a One Second Everyday advertisement that is, ironically, like 4s long. I don't expect this from a paid app. Another big problem is once you've selected a video or photo for a day, you can't go back to having no content for that day. Another small issue I've found is the scrub control jumps back quite a ways each time you preview the segment it is highlighting. Meaning if you liked what you saw, well, sorry. It is no longer selected. With some small enhancements, this could be a 5 star app in my book.

  • Painful wait between releases...

    by JWL21

    But... I have to say the wait was well worth it... I think almost every issue that I had with the previous version (prior to the iOS 7 release AND the problems that occurred due to iOS 7) seemed to have all been fixed. Each update has increased the usability and functionality, but this most recent one had outdone all the previous ones. There is one thing that I think needs to be handled at some point... how to deal with long term space issues. In a little over 2 weeks, I'm going to have hit the 1 year mark. At this time, the app is taking 2.4 GB of space. I don't see how it's going to be feasible to have more than maybe one or maybe 2 years worth of videos before storage usage affects continued use of the app...

  • Excellent!

    by FinalAsgard

    The latest update runs very smoothly and adds back the date stamp on the video! I couldn't be more pleased with it.

  • Just Amazing

    by @cadeh14

    This app changed my life in more ways than one.

  • Love the new update

    by Beth in Minnesota

    And you're so thoughtful to do something more than the standard 'swirling rainbow of death' thing. I loved reading through the update. :) And I love this app. Have turned several of my friends on to it. Keep up the good and thoughtful work.

  • Loved the stuff you wrote lol

    by Nelson Neuberger

    However, I left my phone on for more than three hours updating the gallery. I've only been using the app for about two months. Please fix, thank you! It also stripped my clips :/

  • Great App!

    by jrb3000

    Latest update is great! Fixed a ton of the issues I was having. Up and away from here!

  • Not working

    by Ornella1996

    Faster but when i chose to mash up my seconds the video never appears

  • A beautiful piece of work

    by Svjc

    It's been over a year that I backed the idea for this App on Kickstarter, since then, it's played an integral role in my life. For the uninitiated, the idea is pretty simple, each day you record a video of a moment that was meaningful to you. Then you choose a single second from that video and compile the seconds together into a larger video that illustrates your life. It's said you can tell a lot about a person from what they carry in their bag, 1 Second Everyday transcends that notion by presenting life through another's eyes. If you dedicate yourself to the app by recording the people you love and the places you visit, you receive an work of art that is truly rewarding.

  • Great support! Works awesome!

    by MSTRCRZ

    My file size is growing and I need a new iPhone but a great app! Support comes through! Great major update too! Lasted through changeover to the 5S. Almost at the one year mark!

  • Oh man I love this! And thanks!

    by Redreeve

    Thank you! I'm one of your 20$ backers And this app has really changes the way i see things now, I tend to now pay more attention to my life and enjoy it much more, thank you for creating this app and I hope my contribution helped you out! Love the new ios7 update

  • Great update

    by angpung

    Thanks for the update. All the processes are much faster - from app opening to compilation. The missing date issue is also gone. I am definitely continuing to use the app on daily basis.

  • Excellent idea

    by Joe Clay

    This latest version completely fixes a number if issues—error pop-ups, crashing, snippets taking forever to save, black seconds—and it's a ton faster. My only regret is that I didn't get to see all of the update screen because my device display was dimming and when I touched the screen it went away. :)

  • Great fix in the latest update

    by annefenwood

    Awesome new look and working a lot better. Previous issues with no date and frequent crashes appear to be fixed! I wish there was a way to mash a previous video together with the one I am currently working on.

  • 1 Second to Crash

    by Soapage

    I think its called 1 second because thats time interval it takes for this app to crash

  • So many things wrong

    by Geoff_L

    Crashing is almost expected every 1 minute. I wish I was exaggerating

  • Good potential but crashes

    by Killa Hank

    Crashes every time I add a new clip. Also wish there was a way to delete compositions. I tested the feature on a few days but don't need to keep it forever.

  • App crashes when organizing one second clips

    by Samoan Sene

    It keeps crashing! Please update/fix bugs. All my friends are having similar issues

  • Fix bugs!!

    by riddimvybze

    Freezes and crashes all the time!! It's very annoying

  • Very slow, not spontaneous

    by Me Michigan

    Very buggy.

  • Good idea, horrible app

    by EddiEdward

    I like the idea and how this app helps you to manage your "moments". But the performance is the worst... It feels kinda slow but kay, it is video editing. What is an absolute no-go is that this app crashes my iPhone every now and then. Besides that it feels overall buggy sometimes. My biggest problem is that paid money for this app and it seems none of their developers care about the problems. Also is this a kickstarter project which collected a lot of money... I used this app for 2 months now, but I will finally delete it now. It is just not worth using it. That's just my few cents...

  • Great idea, horrible execution

    by AgentRedfield

    It crashes constantly on iPhone 5. Unusable.

  • by NateMaggio

    Incredibly buggy. Crashes often. Slow to load. That being said-- still a favorite app. Still use it all the time. Just wish the tech side wasn't terrible.

  • Crashes

    by Justin Kadis

    Crashes every time I try to use the app

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